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Are You a Reporter or a Repeater?

The pipeline deal was vetoed as promised and the commentary after the fact was predictable. The discussion centers on Barack’s motives, his political agenda, his lack of vision, his commitment to alternative energy and what Republicans can do to win over a few more Democrat votes on the issue, instead of recognizing a pattern of behavior that is consistently contrary to the survival of a Constitutional Republic, a civilization or a free market economy. There is sophomoric consternation over a decision that doesn’t make any sense, when it does make sense… but the inevitable conclusions are politically incorrect and a bitter pill for any American to swallow. Barack has successfully transformed America from a Constitutional Republic to a dictatorship.

Barack’s pretext of making decisions that will stir the economy and put Americans back to work or his resolve to defeat ISIL and defend America are just that…a pretext and a device for him to continue his destructive policies as long as possible. Talk is cheap and actions are costly when they don’t correlate to the cheap talk. He is not called on his dictatorial attitude because he owns a cadre of politicians who will follow him to the gates of hell and beyond and a media that hangs on his every word to report verbatim his contentions of success and Republican interference; not reporters, repeaters.

Ever since he gave illegal aliens the benefit of his edict to remain as special class non citizens, he has been trying to eliminate any remnant of border protection, while clamoring for funds to protect the border. His illegal and ill conceived attempt to reconcile America with Cuba is only a veiled attempt to open and new route of ingress for illegals; he has paid with our integrity and has been repaid for his efforts with total disrespect. He has invited Syrian refugees to partake of our bounty with no interest in vetting the candidates. His intimidation of Democrats to hold the line on his unconstitutional amnesty edict is beyond rationality, but successful. He intends to open the floodgates with no accountability and we are supposed to believe that radical Islamic terrorists will not take advantage of the relaxed precautions. Is it any wonder that the threat level has escalated to insane levels of direct confrontation, including the intent to hang the President of the US, invade the Vatican and attack our shopping Malls. The ruthless murders, kidnappings and mass beheading of Christians are an affront to human decency and civilization but Barack’s response is, as always, tepid.

Barack’s actions are a stark contradiction to his words but his declarations of success in the face of dismal failure ignore reality and dare us to contradict. No one; not Susan Rice, not Nancy Pelosi, not Barack or his puppet, John the traitor Kerry, believe for a second that America and the world is a safer place because of our savior BHO, with less death than in the history of America…they know we don’t believe it either; it is just a confirmation of their power; they are dictating what we are to believe regardless of our witness. Now that Barack is willing to pull back the curtain and give us a glimpse of his real persona we are still not willing to accept what we see as reality. He has no respect for our intellect and no longer cares if we recognize his words as bold faced lies. His justifications for the pipeline veto are insulting and sophomoric…it will only provide temporary jobs…we haven’t had enough time to study the impact…prove he is confident in his ability to be the emperor with no clothes…impervious to criticism, unconcerned with facts and figures and nothing deters him from the dichotomy of his words and actions. But more and more his words and intentions grow less disparate.

He defends his secret negotiations with Iran which are certain to provide Iran with the time and latitude to develop a nuclear bomb and has no response to Iran’s open, ever increasing hostility toward America and Israel. His prejudice and intense dislike for Israel and Netanyahu have become a public embarrassment, yet his sycophants in Congress do not hesitate to back his betrayal of an ally in favor of a relentless Islamic enemy. He lies, they swear.

I’ve said it almost every day for years since the 2006 election which I still believe was not legitimate. Barack is not an American president. His loyalty is to a foreign power, obviously in the Islamic Muslim camp. Can someone please not ask me to prove my allegations and in view of the insurmountable evidence, instead prove to me that I am wrong? Not all of the examples I sight are circumstantial…the results of his policies are painfully evident and his outspoken decision to run this country by edict has changed the political climate and altered the political process in this country, perhaps forever.

I see no political will in Washington to preserve this nation as a functioning Constitutional Republic. Those who wish to change the direction of the country are smothered and discredited by their own colleagues. The founders of this great nation were very clear and encouraged us to take matters in our own hands when all else fails. If the next election doesn’t provide the hope and leadership desperately needed to restore this nation, all else has failed. Will we submit to the inevitable or take matters in our own hands?

Barack Hussein Obama may be the incarnation of evil, he may be the anti Christ or he may just be an Islamic Fascist lusting for power the submission of the United States of America to his will can provide. Perhaps he’s just a clever politician who actually believes what he preaches. He is not a legitimate American president.

Demand that he be removed for cause, held accountable and punished accordingly or our children’s children will never be free to attain their highest potential, speak their minds or develop legitimate opinions.

I would rather see the revolution begin by Congress recognizing the transformation Barack spoke of was his total control of the 3 branches of government and withhold all funding of this government until we restore the balance of powers; than to have it start because Congress funds a dictator’s every whim.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


What’s Yours is Mine and What’s Mine is Government Property

There’s something to be said for professional prostitution. After all it’s a cash business and politicians should not have a monopoly on the trade. The point is that any form of entrepreneurship redistributes wealth legitimately. Entrepreneurism was the first lynch pin removed unceremoniously by the anti Constitutional Republic movement in America. When government takes from thee to give to me the taking will exceed the giving like water going downstream until it meets a whiskey still; then the crops downstream tend to shrivel up.

Redistribution of wealth takes many forms but it is the antithesis of free will and self determination. The problem is we don’t call it what it is when it stings us. The problem is we should learn to regard government borrowing, spending and lending as confiscatory inducements and reject, but seldom do; at least not before it suffocates us. As long as Socialists can keep us believing that our taxes are for the common good they will tax to the max and spend beyond our means. When the “common good” exceeds the common wealth, desperation leads to bolder confiscation. That’s when socialism gives way to Fascism or other repressive ideologies that repress free speech, self defense, religion and deeded ownership. When the limits of mathematical reality are surpassed governments topple or become oppressive and rebellion hangs over the nation like a pall. Like Cuba, where the country itself is a family business and the citizens are involuntary contributors; disarmed, impoverished and in fear of government. A nation becomes a prison when your mode of transportation is an inner tube.

How much government spending and borrowing do we actually get to approve? or would we approve, if asked politely? In the entire lifetime of your entire family tree, assuming all the leaves are middle class, you could not spend in total what Barack spends on one vacation with his entitled family on one single vacation to his “hometown” state Hawaii, which cannot or will not issue a legitimate birth certificate with his name, his parents’ name and the name of the hospital exactly right. But I digress. The point being that Barack and our money have no limitations; we can’t print fast enough and we certainly can’t add value fast enough to keep pace with dilution. 100,000 unemployed Americans can’t contribute a whole lot to the general fund.

Free Community College? First of all its not just Community college they want to give away, it is total education. Governments like the one we are suppressed by and all Communist, Fascist or Socialist regimes, love to give away education…it makes indoctrination a cinch. Everyone hears the immediate response to give away proposals, that nothing is free, but that tune doesn’t play to a tone deaf dependency generation. If Jose isn’t paying it certainly is free; the details are not his concern.

Paying the bill to provide free stuff, especially education, is the easier part of the hard pill to swallow. The real cost comes later, when government educated robots wave their degrees at employers who by then have few other job candidates in line; socialism is institutionalized and employers hire entitlement babies who believe that they are entitled to the job, a piece of the action and a say in management…even if they have to be heard through a union delegate or government representative. When the indoctrination of the masses is in full swing Democracy becomes a sham; the majority of those who vote share the same opinions or will vote in their own narrow self interest and that’s how dictators get elected. Of course a smart dictator counts the votes anyway, so little is left to chance. The mere fact that people believe the dictator is corrupt is intimidating enough and the “intimidated” vote for the status quo rather than risk losing a job, a family member or a body part. It all starts out rather innocuously. Free education and the concept of free stuff leads to confiscation and confiscation is the hallmark of dictatorships.

One way that government cut out the middleman is by passing a law that gives banks the authority to issue bank shares paid for by the deposits you were counting on to pay some bills. Just a twist from the audacity of government to bail out banks with your money…what the heck; let the banks bail themselves out; they already have our money. Just a small graduation from allowing banks to count deposits as an asset. Basically the bank has a balance sheet entry that says we have an IOU. When you deposit your hard earned money in a bank it becomes the property of the bank, technically, so if they do get in trouble, and the day is coming, it will be a generous act on their part to issue you a few equity shares and make you a partner in their sinking ship fund.

Confiscation, confiscation, confiscation. Let me count the ways…What was Obama’s economics professor thinking when he suggested your IRA could be contributed to the government and paid back in dribs and drabs when you’re too old to enjoy it? You guessed it; confiscation, which is really what Social Security amounts to. First a seed is planted. “The government considered and then rejected the idea of federalizing your IRA.” One night it happens and we are told it will be a great deal for us once we get used to the idea.

It was confiscatory tax policies that led to the American Revolution. It is confiscatory policies that depleted the middle class today. Most people today who still consider themselves “middle class” are talking about their customary social status. The comfort of middle class security once enjoyed by working Americans has been destroyed by socialist confiscatory and redistributive economic policies. Home ownership decline is in direct proportion to the diminishing middle class population; and it has declined as predicted.

America, without a middle class, is like a Bentley with a lawn mower engine that doesn’t even cut grass.

Barack isn’t the architect of mediocrity and lowered expectations for nothing. He has an end game in mind and there is no end game we can aspire to that starts out by dismantling a successful model.

Remove Barack or wait to find out what he has in mind…if you dare.

I remember a painting on velvet of an American Indian with a tear rolling down his cheek. Now I know how he felt.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

A Quran for all Occasions

Why not tell Barack in plain English and in Arabic that his request for expanded war powers to go after Mr. Nobody “wherever they are” will be taken under consideration as soon as he shows some serious initiative to defeat Islamic terrorists where they’re beheading today? It would also be useful if Barack could bring himself to say the words “radical Islamic war on civilization.”

The universal Quran does not call for respect and recognition of other faiths…however we or any given Imam or Barack hisself for that matter, cannot point to an ideology that preaches tolerance, love thy neighbor or peaceful coexistence. Is it remotely possible the radical interpretation we hear about may be more literal than they are letting on? They don’t even coexist peacefully among themselves. Barack has gone bezerk insisting that terrorists are not of the Islamic faith but they, whoever they are, deserve our compassion and (for lack of a better term), a financial, moral and civic bailout.

The Muslim Brotherhood has spawned killer divisions with a different name and degree of ferocity to suit each confrontation front. The undeniable common link between all of these organizations, that Barack claims are not Islamic, is their imperative to kill Jews, convert all infidels to Islam and impose Sharia law globally; I guess we can call them independent contractors.

So far not one instance of an atrocity to coerce conversion to Catholicism or Judaism has been recorded…but you never know…Barack has warned us that these radical organizations strongly resemble generic radicals causing random mischief, like Jews for Jesus, UNICEF and Catholic Charities, so we should keep an eye on them…just as long as we don’t keep an eye on Muslims…As soon as we solve their career conflicts they will sheath their knives and holster their guns and go among their bretheren to do good works…if they are not too busy working.

The genie is out of the Quran. The ISIS Barack et al call ISIL is so successful that the Media provides free PR for every little thing they do to endear themselves to civilization. Obviously they love children; the ones they don’t molest are trained to kill before they are taught which hand to eat with and which to clean up with. No better way to teach self reliance. We entertain detainees until we set them free, healthier, happier and more committed to peaceful endeavors than ever, while the violent extremists actually capture POW’s, obviously a misnomer, since we are not at war. They parade these POW’s around in iron cages to prevent some sadistic fool from waterboarding them and rather than releasing them into a cruel and hurtful world they immolate or behead. I’m sure they would do both if they could.

“We are not at war with Islam and as long as I am president, we never will be.” Solution; remove Barack for cause, hold him accountable and punish him accordingly. Then we can get on with the business at hand. Amen.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

World War Three and the Islamic War Room

Every warring army has a “war room”. It’s where top brass gather to plan the next attack, where to place defenses and to develop a strategy for success.

Unfortunately America doesn’t really have a functioning war room. The Commander in Sheik has seen to it that our military operations are blind, we have no eyes on the ground, deaf, we are not questioning prisoners or engaging informers, and dumb…We allowed an incompetent, arguably, or a mole it seems, to dismantle our chain of command, national defense and misdirect or minimize our strategic offensive.

The enemy, on the other hand, has an active war room, located at 1700 Pennsylvania Avenue, which is where their strategy to diminish our capacity and resolve to engage or respond was hatched and policies are implemented to carry out the strategy.

World War Two was fought in the Atlantic Ocean, Europe, Africa the Pacific Ocean, Japan and parts of Asia…The war declared on civilization, specifically all religions but predominantly Christianity and Judaism, is not confined to any Continent, Ocean or race. If you are not Islamic Sharia compliant there is a blade, bullet or rock with your name on it no matter where you live or work…Except for the fact that not all named enemies, (infidels) of Islam are fighting back, or can fight back, it seems to me that this is indeed, World War Three. If it isn’t I am interested in knowing what element is missing.

Germany and Japan committed indescribable atrocities, including but not restricted to beheading and genocide.

Islam is making that inhumanity look like schoolyard roughhouse. The genocide of Christians precedes the planned elimination of Jews but only because strategically it makes sense. When Christians are no longer an obstacle Jews will be killed and the Holy City returned to Islam with far less resistance. This is no time to engage the Israeli war machine head on.

Formal declaration of war has been expressed a multitude of times and it is done in the name of Islam for the sake of Sharia. The aggressor is an organization called the Muslim Brotherhood that has cleverly and ingeniously led us to believe there are many factions with one goal, but not necessarily committed to one another. We in turn stupidly allow ourselves to be focused on the terrorist of the day; the one most brutal and aggressive at the moment.

Unless we take this threat as seriously as we did the Japanese and Germans, (with a side of Mussolini Fascism) this enemy will continue to eat our lunch. War was declared and is being waged globally to the best of the enemy’s ability. This enemy is Islamic Terrorism and we know full well who the Wizard is or are; the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran. World War Three is no less a danger to civilization than World War Two was…And we are fighting it like a clash of tribal leaders instead of a matter of life and death.

Remove Barack; hold him accountable and let the world see that we punish him accordingly. Then the radical Islamic threat can then be defeated and Islam can clean house just as the Catholic Church did when it had to.

God bless America; a request we can only make if we restore our Judea Christian heritage.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Don’t Forget to Say Mea Culpa

It is a social faux pas and most embarrassing that not one Coptic had the good manners to apologize for making the Terrorists behead them.

Thanks be to Allah, (may I say Alahu Akbar?) that we have a forceful Commander in Sheik with the common decency and good sense to apologize for us all. Please heed his good counsel on how to avoid a beheading in 10 easy lessons. It is inconsiderate and demeaning for Christians and Jews to deprive the underemployed, who are simply acting out because they don’t have good jobs…Hear me out Detroiters, jobs are coming to you as soon as you behead a few insensitive Rabbis and priests.

Obviously the next major threat we face is from the one hundred million (100,000,000) Americans, mostly Christians and Jews, I fear, who are dangerously close to acting out their frustrations. I hope they don’t waste time and energy beheading liberals; it is a futile exercise to lob off the least useful organ they have.

I’m just a simple businessman. In business Barack would have been canned long ago for 1/1,000th of the behavior he displays as Commander in Chief and President of the USA, even if he was Chairman of the Board, of any company I was ever involved with.

The fear that nations are now reaching the point of no return and putting their heads together to decide how to go after the nameless enemy and Americans, polls be damned, are ready to fight, has Barack swinging from the bleachers…”don’t kill my people” is the mantra from Barack himself and every pin head mouthpiece he shoves in front of a podium.

It is time for us to find out why the outrage has finally reached the man in the street, despite the media blackout, and

Barack is still insulated from repercussions. The next idiot that tells us that Barack is up in the polls should get a pole up where the sun don’t shine. I don’t believe Americans are that stupid or have abandoned their faiths so that the Islamic threat is of no consequence. Something more sinister and with far reaching tentacles is controlling the reaction of politicians and citizens, to a now naked assault on our culture, morals, institutions, economy, Constitution, military, sovereignty…you name it and it has been diminished, transformed redefined.

Has Obama achieved anything but failure for our benefit? Has failure deterred him from his impossible demands? No elected official, operating under the laws and rules of a civilized society could get away with his outrageous demands, claims and actions. The answer is that Barack is operating with confidence that he has no reasonable right to. The answer is that something has occurred in America and we will not be privy to the new rules until they are imposed on us with the threat of repercussions if we demur.

Wake up, rise up and demand answers. Your Congressman is not telling you what he thinks is going on…but his worst fears may be realized because they have no confidence in our ability to deal with harsh facts. In fact, the only solution left is in the hands of the electorate.

Jobs for Islam before jobs for 100,000,000 unemployed, disenfranchised Americans cannot tell us more emphatically where Obama’s loyalty lies…and that is cause for removal, accountability and just dessert.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Shovel Ready Jobs for ISIS

“You can’t win this war by killing them”. Believe it or not State Department Spokesperson Marie Harf went on to say that “ISIS can be stopped if we just create jobs for them”. I’d larf at Harf if it didn’t make me barf.

Would it be any different if Barack took to the prompters to tell us we must not kill Muslims who kill Christians and Jews? Hold the phone! That’s exactly what he said!

If you don’t win a war by killing the enemy somebody please tell me why we haven’t figured that out for ourselves, 2,000 years ago? And since you are so sympathetic to Islamic 2nd century culture Barack, why not tell them to defeat us by not killing us? Beheading is so disconcerting and misunderstood.

In fact Barry’s jobs programs are a dismal failure. He has created lots of jobs for terrorists but the problem is they have to keep killing to stay employed as butchers and grave diggers. It’s a vicious circle; if we stop killing they will kill us all, and in a perfect world with no Christians and Jews Arabs tend to look inward for fresh blood. A grave digger’s work is never done.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, Barack is trying desperately to end unemployment by stifling job creation and flooding the country with job seekers who don’t really want to work, since they are looking forward to an IRS windfall.

Seriously, if you think Barack’s programs don’t work, have another think. Over at Fox they are completely befuddled by Barack’s inability to see the error of his ways too. For me it is a no brainer for which it has been said I am uniquely qualified. Maybe I am the Tin Man but if Barack is on our side you will have a tough time proving it in a court of law…besides it is much easier to accept the conclusion the facts hold forth.

Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, is not on our side…never was…Just like he was never a Christian. I guess he knew how dangerous to one’s health being a Christian could be…Maybe he’s a Jew. No, that’s too short a hop into oblivion according to the Quaran…and Barack knows his Quaran. We’ll just have to keep on guessing.

In the end we are no better than Barack in some ways; he won’t name the enemy either. The Tin Man will, since it is a no brainer…Barack Hussein Obama is the enemy; Islamic extremists are the activist enemies and Islamic Muslims in denial are the passive enemy. Shoot me…Don’t behead me, there’s nothing up there.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

The Maze That is Our Minds

Everyone knows that smoking stunts your growth. Sooooo, in order to insure that every American has the ability to achieve his or her (or its) full growth potential I will recommend that Congress immediately pass my Bill so that every American receives free cigarettes as soon as they come of age or reaches the age of consent…six.

Barack is not against guns…he told us so…he even likes to do a little skeet shooting from time to time…he told us so….until Rep. Marsha Blackburn challenged him to a Skeet competition…He does not want to take our guns from us…he told us so…No agenda pursued by the Attorney General and Administration lawyers has had greater emphasis than the assault on the Second Amendment. To keep us safe it is best that we are rendered defenseless.

Barack will not allow America to engage in a long, drawn out never ending war. To defeat the unnamed enemy Barack would require a three year plan that will hamstring the next president and never confront the unnamed enemy with overwhelming force; or embarrass them by calling out their name.

We will cut off the enemies’ sources of revenue. Anyone caught contributing anonymously to the Terrorist fund will be severely punished…anonymously. We will not bomb the daylights out of the oil fields because it keeps the enemy up nights worrying that we might. Psychological warfare was outlawed by the UN so the Muslims don’t keep us guessing…they behead without reservation.

America must achieve energy independence. We can achieve that goal in 100 years or more if we switch to alternate fuels and replenishable energy sources before we have the transportation modes and infrastructure that don’t use fossil fuels. If 100% of Americans, including every Democrat, want the Keystone Pipeline, that doesn’t take into account the feelings of illegal aliens…They have feelings too. Barack will veto any pipeline Bill for the good of the country…part time jobs don’t meet government expectations for American workers unless they are part time jobs forced on them by government policies. Barack is looking out for us.

Barack will be the first to tell us that he is not a dictator…What a sense of humor. To prove that dictatorship is un American and un Constitutional Barack will use his mighty pen and phone to stick it to us for the next two years. By that time Americans will know first hand the agony of living under Communism and will vote for Democracy….of course Barack’s pen will make voting futile by then.

The first rule of economic stability is “never a lender nor a borrower be” . To live up to Ben Franklin’s sage advice Barack will pay off America’s boundless debt by unfettered borrowing…you may disagree but this system has not been proven wrong; it simply needs to be carried out to it’s fullest potential. We have never taxed enough or borrowed enough to prove Barack is right but he is correcting that as we speak.

Clinging to Religion and guns is unAmerican. Barack is in the process of supplanting our Judea Christian heritage with a religion that knows what to do with people who pray to the wrong God and worship guns. He’s replacing Chaplains in the military and on our Universities as fast as he can with Imams. Prayer rugs will soon be mandatory military issue. Our soldiers are under orders not to shoot their weapons unless they are first shot at and killed; in which case a prayer rug will be a handy thing to have around.

Barack made a curt, perfunctory speech denouncing the beheading of US Journalist James Foley and then played a round of golf before the sun went down.

In our civilized society we call that insensitive bad taste. In the Muslim world it is called celebrating a victory.

Barack made a hilarious video of selfies, acting the buffoon and demeaning the office of the presidency, by any measure of gravitas the office might warrant. He engaged in that nonsensical frivolity immediately after the notification of the death of aid worker Kayla Meuller.

In our civilized society we call that insensitive bad taste. In the Muslim world it is called celebrating a victory.

We may never know the truth but of the several interpretations on the decision to kill Bin Laden, the one that rings true for me is as follows.

The administration ignored requests for approval to capture or kill Usama until the requests were urgent and could possibly be made public. The first acknowledgement was a request for patience, as were one or two others. Finally Leon Penetta advised Barack that his assignment originally covered the possibility of finding and dealing with Usama Bin Laden and he would act on that authority. Credible sources have been leaked that hold Valerie Jarrett responsible for the indecision and delays.

The entire operation was viewed in the White House by personnel close to the administration, including Hilary Clinton, who was mysteriously left out of the decision making process.

Bin Laden’s room temp remains were secreted aboard the USS Carl Vinson, operating in the Arabic Sea. His body was treated with all of the honors and respect a fallen Muslim hero would be accorded; bathed, swathed in cloths and committed to the open sea in a ceremony befitting high ranking Islamic figures. Except for the personnel needed to assist in the preparations and protection of the rite, all enlisted seamen on duty were ordered below decks and not permitted to witness the Islamic ceremony.

In our civilized society this would be deemed disrespectful to the thousands of deaths this bastard was responsible for and unseemly for a Navy ship to be used for such a distasteful and unpatriotic purpose. His remains should have been interred in an unmarked grave to prevent the potential for aggrandizement.

In the Muslim World this would be considered a celebration of life for a fallen heroic martyr.

What motivates Barack Hussein Obama? If you still don’t know you are clinically incapable of processing facts or recognizing fiction. You may have succumbed to the numbing indoctrination that says if it is wrong it works, if it works it is wrong.

Demand that Barack be removed for cause; we have many. Remove him by any and every means available to us, hold him accountable and punish him accordingly. For God’s sake, our sake and the sake of liberty.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Tell Me a Story

Men have devoted entire lifetimes to “seeking the truth”. It seems we are always “looking” for the truth. That indicates that most of the stuff coming our way is fudged…skewed…misconstrued…We wait for weekly statistics on a whole array of economic indicators…but there doesn’t seem to be much anxious anticipation for the inevitable “adjusted” figures that follow a week or two later…We’re winning a war but the enemy is gaining territory and attracting recruits.

Once again civilization is confronted with a Religious War…A religion that admittedly lies and encourages liars has declared a fight to the death for world religious dominance, they say. Judea Christian tenets call for tolerance and we are beset by a religion that preaches intolerance. But this isn’t your everyday run of the mill religious war; it is more like a war against religion and the progenitor is really a political entity. Wherever their armies conquer they install a government which enforces obedience to a religion; which turns out to be the most restrictive and effective form of population control ever devised. The tax collector meets little resistance when the second request comes in the form of mutilation, whipping, confiscation or other subtle forms of persuasion.

Somehow I don’t believe that the ongoing military struggle between Islamic terrorist organizations and civilized societies meets the criteria we normally associate with Religious wars. The Muslim Brotherhood is not merely proselytizing for converts to Islam, it is determined to transform their enemies’ choice of government as well. Before a request to convert to Islam is proffered, demand is made to accept Sharia law parallel to existing civil laws which effectively establishes a foreign (Islamic) society on sovereign soil of host nations. Their target is every nation that accepts or can’t prevent immigration of non assimilating aliens. I sympathise greatly with the people of Ukrain and other nations Putin is gobbling up but perhaps one of Putin’s incentives to keep the Muslim invaders from his doorstep. Perhaps that is why Barack doesn’t sleep well.

These hordes of marauding terrorists topple governments and were never so successful until the genius of strategies put a double agent in the White House. In hindsight, how many small and even egregious irregularities did we overlook or contend with to elect the first black president, (who has nothing in common with our African American heritage). How many suspicious signs that we chose to ignore should we have stopped to consider? Where did Barack learn to speak Arabic fluently? His mother didn’t speak it and he did not spend much time with a variety of Muslim fathers. Was he educated in Indonesia or indoctrinated? His family tree is a history of liberalism and communism…Without Barack Obama the Middle East would not be the hell hole of insurgency and house of horrors it has become.

Our military command in Yemen defending our Embassy was humiliated and another Embassy fell to the hands of Islamic Terrorists, something no real American president would accept without severe retaliation. Barack insists that his policies are winning a war he will not call a war, against Muslim Terrorists he will not identify. He tells us ISIS will lose but puts forth a scenario for Congress’ consideration that has no victory plan attached. His spokespersons speak of heroic accomplishments in denial and opposition to military commanders who dare not speak freely until they are retired for quite a while. How are we not outraged at the numbers of patriotic, honorable servicemen of high rank who have been relieved of duty, retired or transferred to lesser posts under this regime’s management?

It is not a religious war after all. Perhaps ideological would fit better, but we are merely at war with a blood thirsty ambitious movement that has found a better way to undermine our strengths and weaken our defenses. Their goal is world domination by one government and one religion suits their need to control millions of humans under the thumb of overwhelming government force. Lacking a country or base of operations of their own they created one out of the nations in disarray cowering in fear of the most brutal and horrific acts man is capable of and are defeating us with cunning and unconventional tactics. They have convinced us not to field an army…an American Army would decimate these savages…and their man in our House insists on maintaining the status quo until the trouble makers tire and find other amusement.

Our best and brightest minds continue to call Barack inept and other terms that describe anything but the obvious. He, Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro, is single handed destroying us from within…with malice aforethought.

In only six years we already have young Americans who don’t know a democracy from an autocracy or a turkey burger from a T bone steak. They will not defend what they don’t understand and they won’t miss, as we do, what they never had. In two more years it will be even worse and unless we get a dramatic change and re education on steroids, Socialism will be very hard to give up to become an entrepreneur.

It behooves the older generation who went to school when they taught us to be patriotic and we had to know who George Washington was, to demand that the Constitution be restored as the bible for less government and more self reliance.

It is not a Religious war but we had better cling to our religions if we want the fortitude to destroy an enemy that resides in the White House and is marauding their way to world dominance…and no religion will survive.


Suicide Bombers Unite

What we are witnessing is an encroachment and exponential expansion of terror. The politically incorrect among us say with some reservation, that ISIS is winning the war of Terror; they are not exactly right. We are losing the War of Terror is more accurate. ISIS is only the most visible and active branch of the enemy we face, not the whole entity. We are slow learners. Barack should be interpreted correctly. His reticence and absolute refusal to name the enemy is as revealing as screaming their names from the roof tops. To us there should not be the slightest doubt…the enemy he will not name is Islam and Islam is the enemy we face.

Like a distant storm headed our way, the sound of thunder and lightning in the distance rumbles louder as it nears us, until the crack of lightning and boom of thunder follow as if one ignites the other and our hair stands on end as the air is filled with static electricity and we do fear for our lives in that moment…

Terror was a word that held little meaning to us Americans…We read of atrocities and clicked our tongues on upper pallets tsk, tsk, tsk, it is a dangerous world, “out there”. They even have the nerve to attack an American ship or barracks every few years and we said, “Thank God we live in America; it’s a dangerous world “out there”. Look around you my fellow Americans; it is now a dangerous world right here.

Who is this woman in the White House called Valerie Plame? I don’t recall seeing her name on a ballot anywhere. Why did she, of all people, see fit to tell us that she was born in Iran, of Muslim faith, but as an American she wants to see a more Islam-friendly America? Was America unfriendly to Muslims? I don’t recall seeing any as I grew up or in my business career…If I did, I didn’t think anything of it…Being of Italian descent, the people I complained about most were Italians who were giving the rest of us a bad name. Muslims, Buddhists, Southern Baptists were exotic and interesting…We had our private prejudices and still do…Reform Jews are not crazy about the Hasidic and vice versa…Nigerians went to war with Biafrans, the Avenue U gang couldn’t go to East New York without risking life and limb…Colonel Hubert F. Julian thought Sidney Poitier was “too black” to play him in a movie…that’s the way the world was, is and probably always will be, but we never had an ideological hatred for anyone, not the working stiffs of America. But little did we know, Islam waited for the time they could make their move; kill us all and rule the world…that’s the way it was, is and probably always will be. More Islam-friendly means less of us and more of them and us becoming like them or dying for not…Who is this woman in the White House called Valerie Plame?

Who is this stranger that locked up his past in court protected fashion and became the President of this great country? I remember him telling us he was a Christian…Odd how he praised Islam and attributed great false accomplishments to a Religion he felt obliged to tell us we were not at war with and never would be, as long as he, Barack Hussein Obama was President. He did not tell us that Islam is not at war with us. He bowed to a Saudi King and told us that the sweetest sound on earth is the Muslim call to evening prayers.

In the six sick years this regime has held sway I do believe most Americans have come to terms with the fact that Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, is in fact, Muslim. After six years of denial someone actually referred to his Muslim schooling in the country of Indonesia…You could have knocked me over with a feather. Not that I didn’t know but it is rather astonishing to hear a Muslim speak without lying; even a spokesperson doesn’t speak truth without consequences or an ulterior motive.

As I said almost six years ago, the election was merely the backdrop or vehicle for an invasion. Barack swept the 2009 election with a lot of help from illegal contributions from sources unknown and the marvel of electronic ballot box tampering. He said to take his word that the contributions from overseas were small denominations legally contributed but don’t ask to see the records. The Christian who has not been seen in Church since Reverend White had to unpack his bags and re-read the dis-invite to Washington, without skipping a beat or a word of apology, explanation or confession, presides over the highest Islamic Holy Day of the year…the feast at the end of the Ramadan fast. Daddy would be so proud.

George Bush’ war was a fiasco and George Bush a patriotic embarrassment. Barack would make it right by clearing our righteous asses out of there and through the Arab spring would welcome the winter of discontent. The Muslim Brotherhood would rise from the ashes, the Middle East would don Burkas and bury Arabs by the hundreds of thousands and with each Muslin advance Barack claimed American strategic victories, until the dark clouds and thunder have us huddled in masses wondering where our country went. I’ll tell you where it went.

Four score and twenty years ago times three, give or take, an imperfect union produced a perfect document by which to elevate man’s greatest potential and free him from the imperfections of central government. A Muslim Imam watched in horror and muttered, this Judea Christian enclave will not last… Islam will be the iconoclasm that survives it. And every hundred years or so they attack civilization with renewed spirit and hatred that has molted through the centuries…and civilized people put them back in their ghettos to lick their wounds and rethink their strategy.

A suicide bomber gives his life for a reward of earthly pleasures in the spirit world. If he survives his mission he did it wrong but the point is, fanaticism knows no bounds and rationality does not exist where radical thought prevails. Barack Hussein Obama has the most dangerous job in the world. Like most dangerous professionals he makes it look easy. His job is not much different than the suicide bomber’s. Destroy and be destroyed at the same moment of truth. Barack may have been willing to die for his Islamic Fascist ideology but now he smells success and believes he will survive all the indignities he puts us through and even live to rule the American Caliphate. He has zero respect for our intellect.

With radical Islam in a frenzy of atrocities and feeling quite indestructible at the moment, there is not a scintilla of pretext. World domination by overwhelming ferocity and inconceivable atrocities is the method; Call it Jihad if you wish but I prefer not to dignify this abomination with a noun. Never has the Islamic lust for world domination been so close to fruition…They are a dominant force on two and a half continents and the other 3 1/2 continents are in a frenzy deciding how to deal with this advancing menace. They have one man to thank; the Commander in Sheikh, Barack Hussein Obama. Barack can hardly contain his smug satisfaction and now feels compelled to comment on every atrocity, every act of terror with forceful denials of the facts; facts we can now feel, see and taste. The Muslim attack on a Kosher Grocer in France, killing Jews and bystanders was a “random act of violence”. The word Muslim never crosses his lips when Muslims behead, rape, humiliate and torture thousands; only when he praises them for their vast contributions to civilization. Thunder and lightning follow with sickening suddenness and Barack frees murderers, deals with devils and punishes innocence.

As the Muslim quest for world domination gains momentum Barack more openly every day interferes in the politics of foreign governments, softening the underbelly of democracy and doing his bit to make the world over in his …Plames…Iran’s…every suicide bomber’s ideal. One government…one religion…one last gasp for liberty. Do not get on your high horse and blame the murderer…your Christ was no better.

There is but one enemy and all civilization must deal with it. Islamic dreams of world domination insure civilized people there will be no rest unless we identify and destroy every one of them. Call them by name but do not dignify the differences they divided themselves with. Taliban, ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeda, Iran, Obama, Boko Haran…they are all one and the same political movement, using religious fanaticism to intimidate their way to power. They are religiously sworn to our destruction and total transformation as one. But so were Japan and the Nazis and the radical Islamic Terrorists are no Germany or Japan…they have proven to be craven cowards when confronted by determined opposition that will overpower and punish them severely. When we replace their agent who has been drawing us away from the scent they will be defeated soundly. All we need to do is open our eyes and accept what we see; the enemy is in our camp…our Judea Christian camp.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


Is It Time to Dump OPEC?

I am not an expert in the field but I say yes. I also say that concerning prominent issues like oil production, free college for soda jerks, retroactive SS payments for illegal aliens or even taxes and confiscation, is like changing burnt out light bulbs on the Titanic as the life boats are being lowered.

A president who either creates or exacerbates our problems, refuses to protect us and denies almost catastrophic failure, is not a president; he is doing the things any enemy in the enviable position he is in would do; he is defacto or per facto the enemy he cannot name or harm. He is the president who, when faced with growing public and internal pressure to change tactics lashes out at American and Christian immoral equivalency with stunning historical inaccuracy; again; the enemy’s contorted justification for religious, political and inhumane crimes against humanity.

Political correctness has no place outside a cocktail party and even then those who tiptoe around inconvenient facts and honesty at a social gathering are not held in high esteem when the party’s over. The most dangerous man in the world is the man who set the Muslims loose to make a mad grab for world domination by terror against civilization. Toppling dictators was the most difficult obstacle in the way of Islamic Extremism and Barack used the influence and might of this great nation to accomplish that feat. If it was not to the benefit of Jihad please explain why the “Junior Varsity” is the dominant force in the Middle East today and growing in scope and resources even as we speak.

Yet Conservatives and disillusioned (citizens, not politicians) Democrats who claim they eschew political correctness, still go out of their way to avoid the obvious…I don’t. They blame Obama’s policies and not Obama as if there is a difference. From the very beginning I have said and will continue to say that Barack Obama is pro Islam to such an extent that no Muslim can do any wrong; worse than that by half is the fact that he is anti American, anti Christian and anti Semitic; to such an extent that he assists the Jihad movement with every fiber of his being and uses the office of the president to further Islamic ambitions in word and in deed. Those who hold Islam responsible are punished along with the victims of Islam.

Barack’s animus toward Netanyahu is only symptomatic of his agenda to compromise Israel; which is the long term evil intention of the enemies of civilization; the Muslim Brotherhood and every Muslim organization that has sprung from that unholy organizer. It is no longer denial of the obvious, he is openly full tilt against Netanyahu, even more obvious than the petulant displeasure and purpose he exhibits toward Putin. Putin, ambitious and warped though he may be, had not earned Obama’s reprisals until he made it clear that Russia and the territory it consumes will not tolerate Muslim coexistence.

But what is Israel’s crime? In fact their crimes are identical; neither country will tolerate Muslim-Islamic expansion but in Israel’s case they are the embodiment of all that Islam detests and is sworn to annihilate. Barack will never condemn that iodeological fact or the actual daily aggression to achieve that aim.

The disgraceful tolerance of anti Semitism at UC is further indication of the sympathy for Islamic demands cultivated by Barack. Islamic Muslim Jewish hatred has become quite fashionable among elite student bodies and they view the war on Israel as justified for the alleged crimes Israel perpetrates against its neighbors. A perfect example of maleable student opinion being molded by indoctrination of a foreign nature.

Kerry bearing gifts of band aids and Twinkies to people desperate for guns to defend themselves against ISIL, seeking a strong ally to lean on continues to degrade our credibility on the world scene. It is politically incorrect and probably political suicide for these nations to express publicly what they know in their hearts and intellectually. America is led by an enemy of civilization; time for us to man up and see the world as it is.

Barack has run out of scapegoats. Today’s events are too horrific to blame George Bush or even Israel; so horrific that Barack has finally reverted to the Islamic Jihad story line, which tells me and should put every infidel in the world on notice as to who Barack Obama really is…Christ did it.

We know what Christ did. He left us a legacy of Judea Christian justice and moral principles we had better begin to restore.

Barack must be removed and held accountable now.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”