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Let me start by thanking everyone who sent a contribution for Talia’s
transplant and medical fund. The Bennardo family has asked me to
please extend their warm appreciation for your generosity and for the
much appreciated and gratefully accepted prayers and love. You have
been very generous and please accept my personal gratitude for all
your support.

Talia is now on the official national waiting list for a kidney donor.
Her parents, Andy and Josephine, were tested yesterday to see if they
are qualified donors so we are waiting for those results. Talia is
keeping up with her school work and is proving to be a real trooper.
She must spend 10 hours a day on Dialysis and tomorrow morning she
will undergo a surgical procedure to repair a hernia in her stomach
they believe was caused by the  Dialysis. We’re confident she’ll do
well with it and I’ll let you know how it went in a few days. Your
prayers are most welcome.

Meanwhile our fundraising is going on and I am truly amazed and proud
of the community support. MaximLife has organized a Fair on Talia’s
behalf on Sunday April 7th from 1 PM until 4 PM or when the band goes
home, as they say. It will be in Boca Raton in the shopping center on
Spanish River Boulevard bounded by Dixie Highway and Fifth Avenue.
Admission is free and there will be booths with something for
everyone, from sports memorabilia, music memorabilia, health and
wellness products and much more, including a children’s play area with
a Bounce House, face painting and an Arcade Bus. I will guess your age
and weight where I will sell some of my books, again all proceeds for
the fund. Your age and weight may fluctuate with the size of your
donation so be warned and be generous. For a small fee there will be
cooking demonstrations and wine tasting in the shops on site. We’re
hoping for a great turnout so if you’re in the neighborhood be sure to
stop in and listen to the music, have some fun and support Talia in
any way you can.

If I may prevail on you at this time please consider making a contribution now.

Follow this link to contribute on line:

Better yet, make Checks out to: “Talia Bennardo kidney med fund”
                           Please mail to: Mrs. Bennardo c/o Talia Bennardo
                                                    5730 Aspen Ridge Circle
                                                    Delray Bch. Fl 33484

A joyous Passover and Happy Easter…


Too Soon Ve Grow Oldt; Too Late ve Grow Smart

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry voiced “conditional” support for
the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, saying Washington was “steadfast
in its commitment to achieve a strong and effective Arms Trade Treaty
….” “We will not support any treaty that would be inconsistent with
U.S. law and the rights of American citizens under our Constitution,
including the Second Amendment.” Politician double speak for “I’m
doing the exact opposite of what I’m telling you but you’re too dumb
to figure me out.” We’re not fooled John. Just to be sure, J.K.,
promise you mean what you say, then I’ll feel safe even with you and
Barak running around making treasonous deals…I promise.

Johnboy…You ignorant so and so…and you are either ignorant or a
treasonous conspirator in league to change the form of government we
have, or likely both, there will be a comeuppance in America and
pipsqueaks like you will be held accountable, so help me God.

Details won’t get in your way but your attempt to use the United
Nations to disarm us is inconsistent with every American definition of
Sovereignty, the spirit of the word sovereignty, the spirit and
meaning of the word infringement, blatantly unconstitutional and
unenforceable. Look up the reference to infringement in the Second
Amendment; it doesn’t distinguish between idiots like you torturing
the meaning of the Second Amendment or sticking it to us through a
foreign organization…even one we support practically single handed
despite their disdain for our positions as a matter of policy. P.S.
Only two countries in the world have citizen’s rights to bear arms;
Israel and America. We’ll consider this “Treaty” after Israel signs
up. Good luck with that.

When you tossed the medals you didn’t earn over the White House fence
you showed the same disdain for their value that we who believe in
America hold for you.  Would that I could toss you over a fence…only
problem is no matter which fence I choose the recipients on the other
side will no doubt toss you back.

Now I’m reduced to name calling, but folks if you want to know what’s
wrong with America besides our own indifference, John K is the poster
boy for politicians who think they are above the system and know
better than the people who stupidly sent them to Washington. Barak
scooped him up because he knows a good co-conspirator when he sees
one; look who he picked for V.P.

Let’s make some changes.

Stand and Be Counted

Of course we don’t know how we will react in a given situation until we are in it but I’ve lived long enough and been in a few tight spots along the way so I can say that I am reasonably sure I would not go to the gallows quietly.

I would risk dying on the path for the unlikely odds of making a getaway, or at least maiming a few of my captors before I go. My dad used to say it is better to live one day as a lion than a lifetime as a sheep. Others will judge the lion in me but no one will ever say they heard me bleat.

Now I find myself, along with 300 million of my compatriots, being prodded, furcated, pushed, steered and cajoled on a sure path to Islamic Socialism. The loss of the Republic is assured as long as we are willing to discuss the degree to which it has been compromised. We are not suffering the fate of death by a million paper cuts…we have endured a million saber slashes and our response is to argue whether the wounds are paper cuts or saber slashes, copious amounts of blood and pride notwithstanding. 

I now realize that we are likely going to talk this great nation to death before we rally our troops, muster our courage and take matters into our own hands. The call for Americans to “take back our country” resounds across this land from shore to shore and border to border. Like the old saw about the weather, everyone talks about it but nobody does anything about it. The multitude of patriots who now see clearly the peril before us is staggering. We are no longer a silent majority, or a radical minority. The hue and cry has reached fever pitch and is approaching mass hysteria. Still we do not act; we call for more resolve and determination.

On his way to the White House and during his early occupancy, Obama fired more shots across our bow than the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard combined in their entire history at sea chasing bad guys. We were appalled, he was emboldened.

He ignored the High Court, circumvented Congress, punished his detractors and rewarded his sycophants blatantly and brazenly. We were indignant he was encouraged.

He insulted and dismissed our allies, gave comfort and aide to our enemies. We were dismayed. He was fortified.

He told us he did not want our guns and that he believes in the Second Amendment even as he unleashed every arrow in his quiver to deny us our guns. We’re indignant and recalcitrant he’s more determined and adamant than ever.

We are now convinced that what was evident from his day and a half in the Senate to his lies and denials on every aspect of his biography including his choice of religion, that his only consistency is to take the positions least likely to benefit America and most likely to benefit our enemies. We are fighting mad and he is confident that our anger will soon be abated by any number of distractions and crisis’s he is most willing to provide.

It is confounding to me that the majority of Americans, including most politicians and pundits are still engaged in a political debate between left and right, Democrat or Republican. The sink hole will swallow all who curiously observe the slight indentation in the earth that ignore the possibilities until it is too late. Barak Obama, disguised as a Democrat, is not concerned with political affiliations of the jobless, the disenfranchised, victims of taxation and confiscation or those sacrificed on the field of honor as our defenses are diminished. The Republic is being transformed along with all who reside here legally or illegally, pro government or anti government. The surviving entity will not be elected and he will not represent the people.

If we argue over the size of government the type of government has long since been decided. The Constitution is not ambiguous and clearly defines the roles of the people and the role of government. We cannot treat it like a salami and believe that no one will miss one teeny little slice but that has been our attitude and permissive behavior since George Washington refused to be king. Every word is pertinent, intended and sacred.

If we still have the will to live in a functioning Constitutional Republic we must take the appropriate actions to restore what we have or secede and start over. I opt for the latter knowing full well it is the most difficult to achieve but cognizant that it would be the least costly in lives and sovereign solidarity. We are Americans joined by a Constitution. I pray we will not become Americans divided by ignorance.

End the revolution before it begins. Disarm Obama not the electorate. Protect your Right to have and bear arms for the reasons intended in the Constitution; to defend against tyranny in government and enemies from within and from without. Right now the enemy within came from outside our culture and society and we must act.

God Bless America.



God’s Law and Our Rights

I have an opinion and a mission. Belay the opinion and
save the nation.

It is politically incorrect to speak one’s mind or express unpopular
opinions these days. To our shame as a society it begets charges of
racism, homophobia, anti Semitism or anything that discourages the
free exchange of ideas and demonizes the opposing message and
messenger. Actually even opinions that are widely held are
unacceptable when voiced, if they disagree with vocal liberal
minorities or the current administration’s agenda. The Right to free
speech has been co opted by the reigning intelligentsia who exercise
their free speech to suppress ours. The not so intelligent
intelligentsia would do well to realize that they can’t curtail
someone else’s free speech without jeopardizing their own. (nor can
you take away my guns without endangering your life). Every action has
a reaction.

If my comments below engender name calling my point is well taken.                                             
The majority of Americans arguably of course, are still conservative
and probably always will be. Conservatives are simply Americans who
have not allowed themselves to be indoctrinated or re educated.
Civilization itself is the refining of Conservative ideals.
Conservatives, along with many liberals I might add, know that
marriage is intended exclusively between a man and a woman. The bias
begins by demonizing Conservatives as radical right wing extremists. I
will only accept that label if someone comes forward who did not have
a female mother and a male father; someone with no belly button I
presume. No takers? Then my belief in that regard at least, is the
norm, not the extreme. An extreme position therefore, is when civil
authorities take it upon themselves to expand the parameters of
marriage, a sacred rite, to include same-sex unions, because a small
minority of Americans clamor for “fairness”. “Fairness” is the
catchword for Socialism and socialism is patently and grossly unfair.
Institutionalized fairness is always unfair to most of the electorate.
In case you don’t accept the Garden of Eden as the beginning of
mankind, show me two monkey’s of the same gender who have produced an
heir, unless you believe we are descended from worms. Only a man and a
woman can produce a child and marriage has provided the best possible
environment for that child for all warm blooded mammals, with rare

Those who claim to be egalistic and eminently tolerant are quite the
opposite when dealing with opinions that don’t jibe with their
unfounded conclusions on sex and marriage. This minority contradicts
mores and religious principles which date back to the Garden of Eden
and demand that we replace our Judea Christian teachings with their
ill-considered new ideas. These are the empty barrels of society that
ignore any precept that supports Conservative thought; which is
actually embodied in the Constitution. It is a mere baby step from
there to consider the Constitution a document that has outlived its
relativity and is subject to interpretation. Ironically the erosion of
our principles is effected by the very people who rely on the
protections found only in the Constitution. They ignore or take for
granted the fact that they are able to postulate in a manner and on
topics that would be heretic in many ancient societies and some
societies in existence now. Would homosexuals demand equal rights in

If same sex couples wish to raise children let them be called
guardians and the children can be called wards or step child. If a
couple wishes to be united legally I respect their motive and support
that amendment to the scope of legal unions and wish them all long,
loving and gratifying relationships. I hope every state in the union
respects their wishes and creates a legal solution that provides every
legal and personal protection they seek. We are all God’s children and
He loves us all equally well. Evidently He did not plan the same roles
on earth for every one of His creations, despite the liberal idea of
equality between the sexes. To pretend that two people of the same
gender fulfill the roles of two people of opposite gender is demeaning
to all of us, regardless of sexual orientation. Seek your purpose in
life and embrace it. Let’s face it; mister, the man sleeping next to
you is not your wife. Madame; the woman you love and admire is not
your husband. This does not mean you do not embrace the companionship,
mutual support and love a meaningful. permanent relationship has to

States that have developed a liberal bias will ignore the
physiological and human reproduction elements of marriage with the
purpose of creating families and grant activists, some well meaning no
doubt, an opportunity to blur the lines of faith, gender and societal
parameters. If religions will bless these unions they have my full
support, but I stop short of extending the rite of marriage to same
sex couples. Let’s be honest with each other and true to our human
design. Every human being knows that were it not for the natural union
of man and woman we would not exist. Nobody’s mother was a Petri dish
and I hope most agree that a child is better off when he/she refers to
the woman in the house as mother and the man in the house as daddy and
that first of all he/she lives in that environment. I do not doubt
that some same sex partners make better parents than some heteros but
nurturing instincts have nothing to do with the family unit or the
human condition. Nurturing requires elements of environment, love and
education. Parenting has the added ingredient of the relationship
intended by nature.

There is a difference between men and women just as there is between
the gay and the straight. We should embrace and celebrate that
difference and mankind will be richer for the contributions every
human being can make. Those contributions are stinted when we oppose
Mother Nature and let man or governments interfere in these roles and
we are all lesser for it.

These are not merely my opinions they are, to one who believes in God,
His laws. In a nation founded on Judea Christian principles these
beliefs are preeminent.

The erosion of our character and moral structure as humans and as
Americans is politically motivated. Judea Christian principles must be
discredited and subverted when a government strives to replace free
will and self motivation with laws and rules. It serves the purpose of
a cabal that is imposing Socialism to install a much harsher regime,
usually a dictatorship or as I believe to be the case now, Islamic
Fascism. Gay marriage and a million other sub issues are merely
distractions. The only argument worth having right now is whether we
want to restore this nation as a functioning Constitutional Republic
or prefer to accept the decline of our society and the government it
will subject us to.

I object to everything Barak Obama stands for. I object to the fact
that he does not stand for the same things most Americans take for
granted; our Rights. I object to transformation and fundamental
change. As Americans we need to right the ship and if we do so the
arguments over borders, gender baiting, racial baiting and fiscal
responsibility will be resolved to the extent they they ever can be on
this earth. End the bickering. Demand that Barak be removed for cause;
we have many. Restore America as a functioning democratic,
constitutional republic. It is how we were born as a nation.

Wishing Don’t Make it So.

Obama is the most predictable obfuscator in history. Americans are the
most gullible optimists in history. Obfuscation is not the same as
lying but to obfuscate with great effectiveness one must perfect the
art of prevarication. In other words it takes a lying SOB to make you
doubt your lying eyes.

While it is true that Israel is the recipient of approximately 3
Billion a year in a support package it has nothing to do with obama
administration policies. In August 2007, the Bush administration
signed a “memorandum of understanding” that outlined a 10-year
framework for U.S. military assistance to Israel, according to the
Congressional Research Service. It calls for incremental yearly
increases in foreign military financing to Israel, exceeding $3
billion by 2017.

The Obama administration has met that obligation but to listen to
Barak it is his initiative. In fact Barak’s only initiative in
providing military and financial assistance in the Middle East is to
balance the tables and provide as much assistance to the Muslim
Brotherhood as possible, considering the resistance from Congress to
aid an enemy.

His visit to Israel and a show of camaraderie between Benjamin
Netanyahu and himself is just that…a show. If you want to see
Obama’s real “blooming admiration and friendship” face pay close
attention to his demeanor in the presence of Shahs, Emirs and Russia’s

Consider this. In Biblical accounts and in every political instance in
history, evil always presents itself disguised as a benevolent spirit,
a friendly snake or a non threatening entity of one sort or another;
never forthright or unmasked. Socialists, Communists, Fascists and
Dictators are always reformers, freedom fighters and benefactors. To
plunge a knife into your opponent’s heart you must first get close
enough and not be suspected of treachery. (Et tu Brute?) What prompted
this visit to Israel? Was obama repentant for his shoddy treatment of
Israel (Netanyahu) in the past? Did he offer an apology? What was
accomplished by this visit? Did obama bring more aid, a strategic plan
to protect Israel from her enemies? Did he use the occasion to condemn
those who threaten Israel with death and distruction? Realistically he
used the platform to tell us that any impression we held that their
was antipathy toward Israel or discord between Benjamin and Barak was
a figment of our imaginations. He left out “so help me God” but that
was to be expected from the man who cannot be truly associated with
any God, except perhaps Mohammed.

If you insist on putting stock in Obama’s words please be consistent.
His anti Israel and pro Islam statements far, far outnumber his lies
to put us at ease.

Israel, please take the necessary steps to defend yourselves.
Americans are with you but for the moment America is not.

God’s Secret War

On which side will you fall; God wages war as only He can. His is an eternal war of evil versus good, and the human race is very much engaged but few, if any of us, fully recognize our roles. Nevertheless the Lord decides how, when and if we are involved and we decide on whose side we reside.

I have come to believe that the battle ultimately will be decided by God’s chosen people, the Jews. Their never ending battle is with forces that see them as a threat and seek to marginalize, ostracize and indeed annihilate them entirely. I have come to believe that these hateful souls will never succeed and in the end the vindication of Jews will bode the return to Judea Christian moral values.

Consider that the Qur’an endorses and many Muslims embrace Jihad, if not actively at least sympathetically. Jihad calls for the conversion to Islam of all infidels with certain conditions attached. Where Jews are concerned, however, conversion is not an option; they are to be murdered in cold blood and the Muslim who contributes in this fashion will be rewarded in the afterlife. (Brace yourself Ahmed; unless you have an asbestos hide revelation will bear some disappointing realities in the hereafter). The fact is that proselytizing by force is the inhuman device that defies all of God’s laws which ordain that man is blessed with self determination and free will. Islam is dedicated to the task of converting, enslaving or killing every human being on the planet who opts for death over the two alternatives…unless of course they are Jews.

Judaism on the other hand is the only religion I know of that does not proselytize. You can voluntarily convert, but it’s not so easy and the long and short of it is you are either born a Jew or you’re not. Assuming you meet the stringent requirements and are accepted into the Jewish faith, your progeny go to end of the line; they are not born Jewish.

Among the Arabs who are Muslim there are Nomads but all Islamic Muslims relate to the Middle East and Mecca and it is their lifelong commitment to make the pilgrimage to Mecca. I believe that the vast majority of Muslims, even among the most devout, have no interest in Jihad and practice their faith with love and kindness toward their fellow man. I also believe that I do not have the knowledge or mental acuity to discern which Muslims are into Jihad and which are the peaceful ones and to tell the truth I don’t see that as my problem. It is a fact of life that millions of Islamic Muslims have embraced the Brotherhood or the antipathy they exhibit to achieve the goals they have set; the retardation and elimination of all other religions by force and intimidation. Good Muslims must decide for themselves how they deal with that reality.

The rise of the Muslim Brotherhood has been denied and ignored by most of the free world for decades but the worst offender in that regard is and has been the United States, despite countless attacks on our personnel, citizens and assets at sea, on foreign soil and in America. No administration has gone nearly as far as Barak to deny their intentions, protect their criminals and combatants and support their agenda verbally, financially and militarily. As hard as Obama works to provide comfort to our Islamic enemies Americans work equally hard to defend Obama’s Islamic agenda. At the same time Americans and people worldwide pray for intercession and wonder aloud why God has allowed this departure from grace. It is the blessing of free will and self determination that is a two edged sword amid our troubles and insecurities. If we had unbounded, unconditional faith in our Creator our fortunes would change dramatically but that is a work in progress for most humans. For some, agnostics and atheists, the work has not yet begun.

Our foibles prevent us from clearly understanding what is really expected of us if we intend to stop America’s decline and reverse our fortunes. There is consensus among conservatives that America has strayed from our core values so it is logical that we must reestablish our link with our Judea Christian heritage, or be swallowed whole as collateral damage in God’s secret war. The war between good and evil, between Jews and Muslims will decide the fate of all God’s children.

It is more likely that Jews were dispersed throughout the world to suit God’s purpose, than to believe that they simply were abandoned and destined to be the Remora of the human race, attaching themselves for a journey but never a to be the host. In fact Jews have been a dynamic force for human expansion wherever they settle, creating wealth, culture and inventive ingenuity. Their insatiable appetite for education produces professional practitioners in every field of endeavor but they are also a people of wit and humor, entertaining and producing entertainment. It is the Jews who demonstrated at their peril the benefits of capitalism wherever they took up residence. They were respectful of the countries that accepted them, quickly became self sufficient, adapted the ethnic traits but kept their Jewish heritage, uniting Jews globally despite their adopted languages and diverse customs. Through the centuries the Hebrew tongue remained a constant and the Yiddish language a communication form with sentimentality and unique expression; and despite the fact that they do not proselytize eventually their presence offended dictators and Czars who prosper and rule with far less objection when the masses are less ambitious and remain uneducated or educated by indoctrination and narrowly controlled information. The Jews in their midst are the antithesis of the ideology they preach.

Every dictator is a capitalist; they all enjoy massive income in comparison to their most successful subjects and the control of an entire population gives them cheap labor and high profits in the form of embezzlement, taxation and confiscation. Ironically capitalism is their enemy and those who teach or spread capitalism are persecuted and shut down.

From the day that Barry Soetero was chosen to be the face of transformation he has amassed a considerable fortune and it should be obvious to all that he has never shown an inclination or talent for capital accumulation. He has no talent and as an attorney was largely a reformer or rabble-rouser. He and his bride lived in a condo until they were discovered and the money rolled in along with a majestic home and property to boot. The road to the White House was paved with gold and unbridled arrogance, power and deceit.

Isn’t it ironic that Barak found it necessary to inform America of the grand contributions Islam has provided to humanity and the important role played by Islam in the development and history of America. Thank God it wasn’t a very long dissertation. If he had chosen instead to regale us with the contributions Jews have made to America’s culture and development he would no doubt still be talking. On a worldwide basis Israel’s contributions to mankind are uncountable. Israel is only around 65 years old and the list of medical advances, devices and medications patented along with engineering and manufacturing exceeds the combined total of the entire rest of the world. Israel is a model of entrepreneurship and capitalism at work only they cannot be expelled from their own country. Instead many countries, with the United States in the forefront, are working to convince Israel to cede territory enough to make them an easy target for military aggression and their final demise. America, a nation founded on the principles of Judea Christians laws, blessed with untold riches and the gift of self determination, and has an obligation to clean house and return to the principles and values that enabled our greatness. Obama’s ominous phrase of “you didn’t build that” is untrue and demeaning in a country that prospered on the fruits of capitalism and entrepreneurship but this nation could not have been born, could not have succeeded for this many years without the hand of God and His laws governing or early development. This nation has turned its back on God and sides with Muslim aggression. Today we are aiding and abetting the emerging Sharia compliant countries providing money, tanks, planes and most of all moral support. There is a large contingent of American Jews who do not understand that their people thrived on capitalism and entrepreneurship when opportunity was scarce and reserved for their hosts and now unwittingly side with liberal ideas that feed the forces that would destroy Judaism.

Islam grows by forceful proselytizing and is now seeking to dominate the Middle East militarily by subterfuge, revolution and control of nations in the throes of rebellion and mass murder. Their ultimate objective is to amass overwhelming force with the specter of Nuclear bombs, to finally eradicate their nemesis, if not the smallest nation on earth, only the size of New Jersey; only 1/640th the land mass occupied by the 22 Arab States, every one dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

So what is God’s plan? The scenario that is coming together will fulfill God’s promise to Abraham. Islamic Muslims fear Israel for good reason. The clash of the Titans will decide if the God of Abraham will deliver on His promise and unless Islamic Muslims can prevent the prophesy from coming to pass their God will finish a poor second and they, not infidels, will be relegated to the fires of hell and the trash heap of history. Whose side will you be on? The Muslim nations that have not progressed in two thousand years or the Nations of Abraham that have spread art, culture, education, medical inventions, scientific discovery, civil law and the value of religious devotion worldwide? Israel will not be defeated and their victory will vanquish Sharia compliant Jihadist motivated Muslims from all the nations they suck the life from and we will not hear of the rise of Islam for another 2000 years. Kill the head and the body falls.

I prefer not to take chances with by salvation. I choose a nation of people who have traveled far and wide yet remained unified. I choose a nation of people who remain faithful in the face of untold suffering and overwhelming odds and emerge undeterred. I choose a nation that has the weapons and power to destroy their enemy but shows compassion, restraint and patience beyond human endurance. I choose goodness over evil. I pray that Americans make the same choice and gather our wits about us to remove the enemy in our midst and restore our faith and cognition of The Creator’s place in our daily lives.

End the revolution before it begins. Demand that Obama be removed.

God bless America,


Perhaps We Have Found Our Leader

We have much to be aware on the Ides of March.

In America few of us have ever heard of the humble Cardinal from Argentina, now Pope Francis 1. What we learned since he was sworn is testimony that leads me to believe and pray that he is the right man for these times.

A Pope has daunting responsibility. He is the Pontiff of the Church and Head of a Sovereign City-State, the Vatican, with over a billion Catholic subjects spread worldwide. Each succeeding Pope brings a unique aura to the Papacy and their personal demeanor, priorities and views affect global religious and political trends. People of all faiths to some degree have opined on what they believe should be on the Pontiff’s agenda in his lifetime. When a new Pope is inaugurated it can be expected that the Church’s faults will be revisited and people will speculate on the chances of really doing something meaningful to repair some of the damage done.

I share most if not all of the concerns, especially over abused children and the protection of pedophile priests. I believe the restrictions on marriage for the clergy should be lifted worldwide. But I have another concern; one that I believe holds the portent of life and death. The Church should speak out forcefully against the Muslim Brotherhood and their policy of Jihad, condemning the organization that preaches persecution, Dhimmitude and forced conversion.

Islamic Jihad is part and parcel to the Qur’an and by any measure is an uncivilized precept but as a tool of the Muslim Brotherhood it opens the potential for mass murder to achieve a political victory. I have nothing against proselytizing; most churches seek converts but do not attempt to rob potential followers of free will in the process. From all indications Islam is not concerned with free will to a great extent but the Muslim Brotherhood encourages the actual murder, taxation and or enslavement of all infidels. In the end the Muslim Brotherhood has a political goal which takes precedence over any religious soul saving ideology and they have shown for hundreds of years that they hold little value for life. Jihad is their intimidating wedge and bludgeon.

The new Pope can and should be a strong influence to give Catholics and all Christians the moral strength to reject these tactics even in the face of great bodily harm or death. It is of equal importance that Christians stand with Jews, fight fire with fire and not allow the Creator to be subjugated to false Gods or any people to be marked for annihilation. Unless we begin now to expose and recognize the threat to civilized society these Muslims intend to wreak on humanity we will be late to summon up the courage needed to put the cork back in the bottle. Muslims are well aware of their weakness and that is the cause for their extreme sensitivity and animus toward any outward attempts to reveal their true nature and intentions. To them I say “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” For every one of mine you take I demand 10 in return. I do not believe they respect any other posture among their foes. I am not the foe of the Muslim Brotherhood or any member of Islam by choice. It is they who have openly declared war on all infidels. I am merely reacting to their stated objectives.

If you think that Socialists cannot gain popularity with the use of candor, a Religious/Political organization that has bad intentions and recommends to all of their followers that it is best to lie to win a political advantage will stop at nothing to achieve their radical goal of total domination; it is so written.

I will pray for this Pope, especially in view of his humility in asking for our prayers. I will pray that among his pressing priorities he recognizes the prospect of his flock being subjected to Holy War and not be adequately informed or prepared.

Obama’s removal would be an important first step toward the ultimate rejection of the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Fascism. Call for his removal by any and every legal means available to us; for in the end…revolution is not the legal option but it is the ultimate cure for our inattention to the affairs of state and the neglect of our Judea Christian heritage. This government of the people, by the people and for the people has very little concern for the will of the people.

God Bless Pope Francis1; America needs a strong leader and who better than The Servant of the Servants of God. The man we call president does not have our best interest in mind.

In the interest of full disclosure, for those who don’t know, I am a Roman Catholic and a product of St. John Bosco Salesian Brothers middle school in New Rochelle, N.Y. 6th Grade through first year of high school. I completed 2nd-4th year and was graduated from Fort Hamilton H.S. in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, N.Y.




ideology does not change with tactics

3 12 13Folks,

All that is required to see the truth in the Middle East is to remain consistent. The Middle East is being transformed simultaneously with the United States. I admit that I underestimated Barak. I knew from his first words that Transformation and Change are dirty words and would bode us no good. The rule to not fix what ain’t broke is eternal and the U.S. may have strayed from our founding promise but we weren’t broken. We were at a cross roads, if you will, and a strong leader dedicated to his beliefs could have taken this country either way. We could have made a renewed commitment to our Judea Christian principles and Conservative values and by now we would be well on our way to balanced budgets and economic stability. Unfortunately for us the radical left saw our vulnerability and got to us first.

What I failed to see was Barak’s greater vision or that his transformation program included the Middle East. Now as events unfold it should be obvious to all that the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood was part of the grand plan from the onset. Recall Obama’s first acts from his new seat of power. He not only visited Middle East potentates, he showed them great reverence and deference. Contrast that behavior with his treatment of the Queen of England; a shoddy, truly embarrassing gift and unbecoming familiarity from Barak and his bride to the Queen and other dignitaries.

Now Karzai the corrupt may be the epitome of evil but if you think he’s stupid the joke’s on you. We were barraged with every talking head in existence yesterday telling everyone who would listen that Karzai is a mad man, delusional, crazy and off his rocker. Hagel however was careful to treat him respectfully and assured him (and us) that the U.S. was not playing footsie with the Taliban as it was not in our best interest or the Afghan people’s. Hagel…have you come to any conclusions on Hagel’s competency for the job or his views on politics in the Middle East? Karzai is far more competent his job than Hagel is at his.

Karzai the fool sees the writing on the wall. Nothing will stop the Taliban from filling the vacuum we leave behind and Karzai will abscond with his ill gotten fortune and go live in lonesome luxury if he gets to live at all. The die is cast, he knows it, Hagel don’t got a clue, and Barak is merely waiting until the last domino is in place before he flips another country to the Muslim Brotherhood. From Hagel’s point of view it’s just another little problem for Israel; no love lost there.

What a lineup we have to defend our country. Barak, Kerry, Hagle, Napolitano and Holder are our starting five; the opposition is being mugged under the basket, tripped on fast break and blood-drawing fouled before the blind ref’s very eyes. Karzai is delusional because he is so dumb he ‘s trying to avoid the fate suffered by dictators or presidents, who while the rob their countries blind manage to keep the Muslim Brotherhood from legitimizing their bid for Sharia political power; until Barak the Savior was given the formula to transform half the world.

Look for a clean sweep in the Middle East ere long. Syria is on borrowed time and now Karzai smells the cyanide in his coffee.

The new Barak tactic of wining and dining his victims before the kill is simply that. The weasel is still a weasel and no deal will be achieved that doesn’t raise taxes, save obama Care or give Barak an unfettered right to spend. He’s going to need a whole lot more money to keep his Muslim Tribes from cannibalizing each other after they control the Middle East nations and get up the courage to decimate Israel.

Don’t fall for any of it. I believe, in my heart of hearts that as BHO likes to say, when push comes to shove, Barak will side with the losers he already has. Israel will emerge as the victor no matter how many Arabs punish their people with Sharia Law; and that is their Achilles heel anyway. The fanatics that wage Jihad are not as numerous as we are led to believe. Subjugated people will not fight with abandon and dedication if they have nothing worth fighting for. The one thing that motivates men to achieve their greatest potential and to overcome great odds is freedom. Once Americans end their brush with Islamic Fascism and crave their freedom, Obama will be cast aside and the Middle East will implode from death, hatred and tragedy. We will see the rays of a new dawn on the horizon if we want it.

Reject the movement that Barak represents; Barak has been exposed on every level of his existence. He is a fraud in our midst but an effective tool for his movement. All that remains is for us to believe what we see and not believe what we are told.

God Bless America. End the revolution before it begins; disarm Obama not me. 



The World’s Greatest Hoax

The World's Greatest Hoax.

The World’s Greatest Hoax

I’m glad to see that some Republicans are not letting the administration off the hook on Benghazi. The officials from Barak to Hilary and down to the last man on the scene are involved in a mass cover up the likes of which this nation has never seen and no legitimate president would tolerate much less orchestrate. Every principal character has lied with impunity despite the fact that as they looked the cameras in the eye they had to be aware that no one believed a word they were saying. As for the survivors, who could provide invaluable information on the matter, it seems they have been put into a witness protection program; protecting the liars at the top, essentially. My torn and tattered flag remains at half mast, lest I forget that America is not honorably represented, good men are needlessly sacrificed and our country itself is mortally wounded.

The Benghazi debacle must not be looked at in a vacuum. It is an event that follows a pattern which should lead every American to suspect Obama’s motives, modus operandi and his loyalty. I say modus operandi because it is not easy to silence every single player involved, down to the lowest man on the totem pole; that requires a degree of cooperation that can only be achieved by intimidation.

I don’t believe that a mere president can exert that kind of intimidation without undue influence from associates behind the scenes with independent tentacles dedicated to a common cause. There is a Svengali behind the scenes that even Obama dares not cross; not that he has any inclination to go against the cabal. When you examine the decisions that Obama has imposed on the rest of us, including Congress and even the Supreme Court, the results of his agenda are chilling. Perhaps I am the only one reaching these conclusions but I seriously doubt that. I think people with a platform know when to stop opining or risk losing their credibility. I assume I have nothing to lose that I don’t willingly offer if it serves to wake America to the perils we are facing.

“There are no coincidences in politics”. Those were the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who played a major role in changing America from the ideals envisioned in the Constitution. Never the less I doubt that he would approve or participate in the Obama world vision. Not if he were to realize that world vision embraces a strong element of Islamic Fascism.

Let me start by quoting Obama’s own words. “When push comes to shove I will side with Islam.” I don’t speak for anyone but myself when I say that those words are sufficient for me to call for his immediate removal; which I did even before he uttered those traitorous words. Call me what you will but Obama has spewed many an indictable phrase which should have resonated as suspect, even if you are not inclined to draw the same conclusions I do.

When the Commander in Chief says that our wounded veterans should pay for their own health care and use terms in doing so that show an utter disregard for the sacrifice and suffering these heroes undergo for their country, he earns the title of Commander in Sheik and is not worthy to inherit the impeccable legacy George Washington created.

Is the sweetest sound on earth the Muslim call to prayer? Really? Has America ever shown arrogance or been dismissive or derisive toward her allies? Evidently Barak was not raised in our America. The America I am part of has shown the greatest respect and cooperation to our allies and even our former enemies, I might add. Doesn’t it give you pause, to say the least, when the President of the United States harbors those thoughts and actually mouths those words in public? Does anyone buy the garbage that Islam has a long history of contributing to the formation and growth of this nation? George Washington wasn’t a Catholic but I don’t recall hearing about Muslims at Plymouth Rock, the Alamo or….ah wait…there were some Muslims I recall doing their darnedest to change the architecture in N.Y.C. and on the second attempt gave us our second day that will live in infamy.

I believe I do not belabor the point if I connect a couple of other notable dots. Osama Ben Laden could have been taken prisoner on several occasions over an extended time period. As a prisoner treated according to the Geneva Convention rules nobody gives a rat’s rear about except us, he would have provided insight and invaluable information not only about terrorism, warfare tactics and preparedness, but to my mind, of equal or greater importance, on the strategy and intent of the Muslim Brotherhood, the purpose and ultimate Jihad agenda. He could not have survived 10 years in blissful cohabitationif our efforts to capture him were not somehow sabotaged. Despite appearances to the contrary, our Special Forces are not inept, unless by design. In the end, when his presence and arrogance began to stink up the place it was important that Usama be eliminated to avoid interrogation but keeping his stature as an icon among his people intact, creating a martyr as a result. We killed him single handed as I heard tell and them some unknown entity provided him a dignified Muslim burial at sea, careful not to desecrate his body or his memory in the eyes of Jihadists, terrorists, and Islamic supremacists. On board ship Americans were forced to follow the Muslim rituals required under Sharia Law, and we did so. When his remains were committed to the deep blue sea our American sailors were restricted to their duty stations or quarters; infidels should not witness the passing of a great Islamic leader. If history is recorded properly future Americans will know that the day we created a martyr for our enemy was not a proud moment for us.

Almost forgotten after years of possible imprisonment or house arrest, one Suleiman Abu Ghaith has been taken into custody due to the vigilance and commitment of the Massad, Israel’s Special Op division, thankfully beyond Obama and his minion’s influence and intimidation. Usama Ben Laden’s son in law was held in high esteem for not returning the chattel or having her stoned in the public square. But I stray. This joker was the Senior Communications Officer for Al Qaeda. Our loyal CIA operatives and commanders (assuming Barak hasn’t purged them all) would salivate for the opportunity to delve into the mind of this prime enemy combatant. If given my druthers I’d water board the S.O.B before each meal and not feed the Bastard unless he coughed up some salacious goodies with the excess water. From my perspective, this capture must have produced a few beads of perspiration on Barak’s brow when his bosses hit the panic button. (This where it comes in real handy to have Eric Holder as your partner in crime). Sully was read the Miranda Rights; end of problem. That buttoned his lip unconstitutionally but effectively and we’ll never hear the sweetest sound on earth…Sully spilling the beans before evening prayers. Just as though he was an American citizen he pled innocentand asked the court if he could also take the fifth, like a real American. 

Anyway, Obama’s flunkies are out in front of the story just in case, telling us in matter of fact tones, that Sully has been out of action so long he couldn’t possibly have anything relevant to offer. Besides, his role in Al Qaeda is greatly exaggerated. If he wasn’t Usama’s son in law we probably never would have heard of him. No big deal. Al Qaeda always chooses a nobody to send an important message; to give notice, if you will, and so a nobody we affectionately call Sully dropped the dime on Sadam Hussein before any of us knew he was marked for extinction; then we obligingly humiliated the one man standing between the Muslim Brotherhood and recognition as a head of state. “Sadam has got to go” was like a verbal drone that spelled disaster for a madman so madmen could come to power; thank Barak Hussein (call me Barry) Obama.

I hope you see the underlying objective to give aid and comfort to our enemy; the one Obama says is not our enemy or that we can’t use a verb or adjective to describe whoever or whatever they are.

In the same mode and with Muslim ascendancy still a priority, our home grown American hater, and now Secretary of Defense, John, “I voted against the bill before I voted for it”, Kerry, just gave the Muslim Brotherhood a $250,000,000 pittance to hold them over until we could clinch some real bucks for them from the International Monetary fund. Just a token of our esteem and some gas money for the tanks and planes Barak gifted them. Not to worry; Barak will actually pay a personal visit to Israel just to show them we have no hard feelings because they wouldn’t turn over the Holy City to Barak’s buddies.

The beat goes on my dear fellow citizens. These are not the acts of a United States president with a vision for America’s future that is even close to compatible with a government by the people. His is a vision of Islamic Fascist, Sharia law, one world government. His castle in Hawaii will serve as world headquarters. We will submit or face the consequences.

I haven’t given in nor do I believe the American people will submit to this outrageous plan for our future. We are Americans and our heritage will take hold in us and the future of our children will dictate our actions. Reject this impostor and claim our country, warts and all; the imperfect democratic Constitutional Republic we are proud to own for posterity. Depose, eliminate, reject and remove Barack Hussein Obama so he can go back to being Barry Soetero and we can go back to being a democratic Constitutional Republic.

End the Revolution which is inevitable unless we act, before it begins. Disarm Obama not me.