Tell Me a Story

Men have devoted entire lifetimes to “seeking the truth”. It seems we are always “looking” for the truth. That indicates that most of the stuff coming our way is fudged…skewed…misconstrued…We wait for weekly statistics on a whole array of economic indicators…but there doesn’t seem to be much anxious anticipation for the inevitable “adjusted” figures that follow a week or two later…We’re winning a war but the enemy is gaining territory and attracting recruits.

Once again civilization is confronted with a Religious War…A religion that admittedly lies and encourages liars has declared a fight to the death for world religious dominance, they say. Judea Christian tenets call for tolerance and we are beset by a religion that preaches intolerance. But this isn’t your everyday run of the mill religious war; it is more like a war against religion and the progenitor is really a political entity. Wherever their armies conquer they install a government which enforces obedience to a religion; which turns out to be the most restrictive and effective form of population control ever devised. The tax collector meets little resistance when the second request comes in the form of mutilation, whipping, confiscation or other subtle forms of persuasion.

Somehow I don’t believe that the ongoing military struggle between Islamic terrorist organizations and civilized societies meets the criteria we normally associate with Religious wars. The Muslim Brotherhood is not merely proselytizing for converts to Islam, it is determined to transform their enemies’ choice of government as well. Before a request to convert to Islam is proffered, demand is made to accept Sharia law parallel to existing civil laws which effectively establishes a foreign (Islamic) society on sovereign soil of host nations. Their target is every nation that accepts or can’t prevent immigration of non assimilating aliens. I sympathise greatly with the people of Ukrain and other nations Putin is gobbling up but perhaps one of Putin’s incentives to keep the Muslim invaders from his doorstep. Perhaps that is why Barack doesn’t sleep well.

These hordes of marauding terrorists topple governments and were never so successful until the genius of strategies put a double agent in the White House. In hindsight, how many small and even egregious irregularities did we overlook or contend with to elect the first black president, (who has nothing in common with our African American heritage). How many suspicious signs that we chose to ignore should we have stopped to consider? Where did Barack learn to speak Arabic fluently? His mother didn’t speak it and he did not spend much time with a variety of Muslim fathers. Was he educated in Indonesia or indoctrinated? His family tree is a history of liberalism and communism…Without Barack Obama the Middle East would not be the hell hole of insurgency and house of horrors it has become.

Our military command in Yemen defending our Embassy was humiliated and another Embassy fell to the hands of Islamic Terrorists, something no real American president would accept without severe retaliation. Barack insists that his policies are winning a war he will not call a war, against Muslim Terrorists he will not identify. He tells us ISIS will lose but puts forth a scenario for Congress’ consideration that has no victory plan attached. His spokespersons speak of heroic accomplishments in denial and opposition to military commanders who dare not speak freely until they are retired for quite a while. How are we not outraged at the numbers of patriotic, honorable servicemen of high rank who have been relieved of duty, retired or transferred to lesser posts under this regime’s management?

It is not a religious war after all. Perhaps ideological would fit better, but we are merely at war with a blood thirsty ambitious movement that has found a better way to undermine our strengths and weaken our defenses. Their goal is world domination by one government and one religion suits their need to control millions of humans under the thumb of overwhelming government force. Lacking a country or base of operations of their own they created one out of the nations in disarray cowering in fear of the most brutal and horrific acts man is capable of and are defeating us with cunning and unconventional tactics. They have convinced us not to field an army…an American Army would decimate these savages…and their man in our House insists on maintaining the status quo until the trouble makers tire and find other amusement.

Our best and brightest minds continue to call Barack inept and other terms that describe anything but the obvious. He, Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro, is single handed destroying us from within…with malice aforethought.

In only six years we already have young Americans who don’t know a democracy from an autocracy or a turkey burger from a T bone steak. They will not defend what they don’t understand and they won’t miss, as we do, what they never had. In two more years it will be even worse and unless we get a dramatic change and re education on steroids, Socialism will be very hard to give up to become an entrepreneur.

It behooves the older generation who went to school when they taught us to be patriotic and we had to know who George Washington was, to demand that the Constitution be restored as the bible for less government and more self reliance.

It is not a Religious war but we had better cling to our religions if we want the fortitude to destroy an enemy that resides in the White House and is marauding their way to world dominance…and no religion will survive.


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