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One Nation One God

I never thought that my support for Israel would require that I convince American Jews that their destiny, not only as Jews but as Americans, is tied to the fate of Israel. My support for Israel is a natural extension of my love for America out of the principles we share and my empathy for an entire race that has been victimized for centuries which does not compute with my Christian mores. Their vilification is contrary to every personal experience and relationship in my experience with fellow Americans who happen to be Jewish just as I happen to be a Christian. Their tragic odyssey is all the more poignant for the betrayals they’ve endured time and again, in nation after nation by former neighbors and fellow citizens, as governments disenfranchised them en mass.


And the persecution is far from over. According to Islamic prophesy, Christians and Jews will share the same perilous fate and the road to that prediction is paved with Fascism, martyrdom, murder, anti-Semitism and subjugation for all, unless we join forces now in an offense to preserve our Judea Christian American legacy. Do not for one moment become complacent in this America.


According to Obama Israel’s calls for unity, common sense and support amount to back ground noise…while he is supposedly busily intent on America’s best interests. Muslims do not differentiate between Israeli Jews, American Jews or Jews anywhere. Only American Jews dally in that fallacy.


According to Obama Israel is one of our best allies in the Middle East…I am hard pressed to think of another. Perhaps “off mike” Obama will favor us with that secretive bit of intelligence.


According to Islam and repeated by Obama, it is slander against Islam to believe as Christians or Jews do. If we slander them they are entitled to reparations. Here are Obama’s exact words.


“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. (He is speaking here of Christians, Jews and all who simply do not hold with the prophet of Islam). Yet to be credible, those who condemn that slander must also condemn the hate we see when the image of Jesus Christ is desecrated, churches are destroyed, or the Holocaust is denied. (A lie to smooth ruffled feathers and sound Christian-like.) Let us condemn incitement against Sufi Muslims, and Shiite pilgrims. (Not all religions and sects?) It is time to heed the words of Gandhi: “Intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit.” Together, we must work towards a world where we are strengthened by our differences, and not defined by them. That is what America embodies, and that is the vision we will support.”


The assumption of absolute power is made by those who embrace absolute corruption while they dictate thought, beliefs and ideas others must adopt.


Remember the words of Barak to the United Nations Council….the same lips that told us America is not a Christian nation. These are not the words of a Christian, born again or not…these are the words of a self described Muslim…Words intended to plant the seeds of radical change that portend the imposition of a false God…a new world order.


My Jewish compatriots listen and watch carefully…A Muslim has just told the United Nations that Christianity will not be practiced in the America he envisions and works to attain, but he had no time to meet with world leaders to advance America’s objectives. Must I spell out for you what that means for Judaism? Heed the words of the Koran…it not only condones, it subscribes to and recommends lying as a means of achieving the Islamic prophesy and murder of those who resist.


Obama’s quote is a cleverly concealed ideological lie…It equates the Muslim Jihad with Christian condemnation of the hate-inspired words and murderous deeds of Muslim leaders and Muslim Terrorists. Christian and Hebrew theology does not engage in slander, hate speech or proselytizing by persecution and intimidation. Our humanitarian objections to Islamic threats are intentionally mis-characterized as slander by Obama and the Muslim radicals to create the impression that Muslims and Christians share equally in those tactics. It is a bold faced, unequivocal lie.


England has incorporated Sharia Law in Parliament and has completely forfeited their identity. There you see the model for political victory through faux religious demands and the overwhelming of their financial and economic infrastructure from within. It is spreading through Europe like a plague and is infecting America like a parasitic invasion.


Truly we are in a religious war and if we had the conviction of our faith we would stand united for our religious heritage and denounce the Islamic invasion as blasphemous…An Islamic invasion accentuated by the election of an Islamic Muslim president, the co-opting of the free press and most of media. We must win the Judea Christian Faiths against Islam war and our economic political woes will become miraculously manageable and far less threatening in direct correlation. Islam declared war but did not tell us how it would be waged; yet it is the fastest growing religion in America and monster mosques are being built obtrusively and defiantly. It is not growing by conversion; it is growing by invasion. America on the other hand is weakened and diminishing by every measure of national consequence, not by coincidence.


In that vein consider this. Obama may not be able to close Gitmo but he is surely trying to empty it…We are about to release 55 “detainees” including Sadam Hussein’s bodyguard/chauffeur…Is it our intention to replace Al Qaeda’s key terrorist losses? Will we provide them with body armor and AK 47’s? Will they have the option of going back to their old outfits or staying in America as our cannibalistic guests? Either way we can be assured that they will rejoin the war on infidels, as the attack on our embasies bears out. To them incarceration was a continuation of Jihad; it was not suspended, nor did we reeducate or convert them or diminish their ardor. They return to the battlefield healthier, stronger, better fed and more determined than when captured, astounded by our stupidity.


Ahmadinajad’s insane rhetoric is now joined by a more subdued but equally offensive rhetoric of Egypt’s Pres. Morsi, who, thanks to Barak, enjoys the highest political post in the Middle East of any member of the Muslim Brotherhood, except perhaps for Barak. Morsi now joins Barak in admonishing America for our culture and our inconsiderate, disrespectful treatment of the Islamic people of the sand region. Obviously profuse apologies are not appreciated or acknowledged; soon perhaps we will be told what self inflicted punishment may abate their wrath and Barak will undoubtedly accommodate them.


Do not be misled by the burning effigies of Barak; that is not representative of the political forces that hold sway. The leaders who do hold sway are beholden to Obama or vice verse; not the people they and he condemned and betrayed. Obama has primarily betrayed this nation and whether he is the Judas Goat or the executioner should not concern us. He is the embodiment of evil and the enemy within. Listen, watch, remember. There are no coincidences in politics, religion or war.


Our vote is testimony to our patriotic commitment to the restoration of the Constitutional Republic, founded on Judea Christian principles we are entrusted with; or do we contend that the change embodied in total transformation is the legacy we want for our children. Vote to preserve and pass on the kind of government our forefathers endowed to us.


God Bless America,





Demagogue caca belies the revolution

I don’t have much to say about the DNC Convention. I found it impossible to stay tuned for more than a few minutes at a time…but I can sum up my opinion with two words; Demagogue caca. My rule was to listen until I heard a lie, take a 20 minute break and repeat.
The emotions I come away with are not what I expected. I feel sad, listless…disappointed. I rationalized that not all of the people in attendance are starry eyed, uninformed, misinformed, misled, mis-led, dis-informed sycophantic liberals; innocents being led to slaughter with food stamps, free contraception and other seductive bribes, beckoning us to partake in the bonanza of new found rights we know as entitlements and are begrudgingly paying for. Some, like the Vice President and Secretary of State (not present), advisers to the president, certain trusted politicians and of course radical left wing Czars, are witnesses to the treachery, architects of the deception and part of the strategy to elect this fraudulent dictator in waiting, at any expense. I should say at our expense. They have chosen sides and the people are the pawns that are expected to provide the finances and liquidity that supports their own betrayal. A gallows properly built is an expensive contraption and the executioner dictates that the condemned pay their fair share for the materials and labor.
Like the loving bride of a compulsive liar and wife beater the complicit left defend their leader with lies and crimes of their own, praying that if they please the master the beatings will stop. They are to be pitied yes, but it is also incumbent upon those who have knowledge to cause intervention before the victim is mourned on a cold marble slab. Such a morbid slab awaits the Republic unless full disclosure, unmitigated honesty and uncalculated exposure of the cabal is forthcoming and accepted by the masses and a united, forceful resistance is mounted in time. Willing or hapless, the abettors must be repatriated or punished; the Constitutional Republic is at stake. The marauders are in full battle regalia, issuing liberty-robbing edicts, redistributing funds, confiscating wealth, realigning our alliances, circumventing due process, denying our Judea Christian heritage, vigorously attempting to disarm the populace as quickly as possible and weakening our First Amendment Right in all of its complexities in a modern world. The defenders are rallying a reluctant, too comfortable, largely unconvinced, somewhat liberal population. We are attempting to waken a sleeping giant by belling the cat, but wake him we must.
Nevertheless the revolution has begun in earnest and the forces of evil have wisely decided to hide behind these same innocent but duped civilians, like terrorist combatants calling for collateral damage and the death of innocent children, to gain a momentary sympathetic advantage. Their liberal sympathizers have been indoctrinated and promised great rewards for their blind loyalty. The indoctrination of the masses sympathetic to the promises and lies, forces a breach between neighbors and friends, who not unlike the Civil War families find themselves on opposing sides with strongly held convictions and differing opinions. The brainwashing techniques they have fallen victim to would have them convinced that opinion trumps fact and facts are distorted by the opposition to sway their opinions. When confronted with facts that condemn their ideology and expose their leader they respond with programmed opinion. Their argument is that they are entitled to their opinions the same as we are. Responding that we have facts that threaten the Union falls on deaf ears; or is it that they believe we deserve the fate they are handing us?
The Conservative side simply believes that facts are indisputable and opinions are distractions which prevent unified preservation for all.
The culprits who know or should know that the presidential edicts Obama has signed negate all of the hyperbole about budgets, jobs, foreign policy, health care or taxes are betraying a nation that allowed them to realize God given freedom. These edicts make the wars we are fighting on foreign soil futile, sinful and wasteful and a crime against American humanity. The real war is at home and if the Republic doesn’t survive our troops become lambs on a sacrificial altar with no providential salvation or reward in sight.
Total transformation was not a mere idiom or provocative term…it is the reality of intentions actualized by an ideological, calculating cabal, intended to replace Capitalism with Socialism, the Republic with a Fascist State and liberty with dictatorship. The cabal is very satisfied with their progress as indicated by the economy, the number of edicts successfully imposed without opposition or recognition and the adoring masses that hang breathlessly on every treacherous lie they spit. If they retain power by election the deceit can go arguably undetected and supported by their victims for at least another four years; if not…who knows? It is masterfully ironic, bold and demonic; to borrow a metaphor from James Bond they are the cabal that loves us.
Democrats and liberals who might accidentally come across and read this article may regard it as hate speech and if so it will engender hatred in return. I assure you that this is not the case. This is a love letter…love of country, love for my fellow man and love of our Creator. If you can accept that you may first have a chance to open your eyes to the reality around you. You have already lost many freedoms. All of your freedoms are at stake. The rules of engagement have changed. The enemy has set the trap and you, my dear friends and fellow Americans are the bait; the prey is the Republic we love. Put aside your liberal concerns and blind faith in promises not kept. Realize that hope and change is a metaphor for a new order with the same old prescription of ineffective, tainted medicine. They will take everything we own, everything we have created and everything we can earn going forward, run it through their sieve and leave us the sediment. You are either part of the solution or part of the problem. We will not cede our freedom without a fight. On whose side will you be?
Remove the cabal. Disarm Obama not me. The Republic I love belongs to our children and their children. How have we preserved it for posterity…or have we let it slip through our fingers like mud in a slurry, never caring for the gold that went with it.

Don’t Pray For Peace if you Don’t Prepare For War

Folks, Fear, respect and Peace.
I don’t take my flag down at night. I don’t live on a military base so I leave my flag up 24×7. If it shows signs of wear and tear I replace it.
After 9 11 I expected to raise it to full mast this morning but when I heard the news that two of our embassies were attacked and four American lives lost I decided to leave it at half mast. I’m now thinking that I will leave it at half mast for the rest of Obama’s presidency.
When the war in Iraq was going on we got almost daily reports of casualties as the left wing media kept score like an umpire at a sandlot baseball game with no score board…The Afghanistan count is a bit more fuzzy but available with little effort. The thing is the enemy is growing bolder and more belligerent and with the attacks on our embassies it is evident that Islamic hatred for America, Christianity and Judaism is escalating in the Middle East. Do you believe that non-assimilating Muslims in America are not sympathetic to Muslim attacks in Syria and Libya? What does that bode for our future?
In Obama’s speech following the attacks there was no saber rattling…lo, there was no saber. I’m sure the perpetrators are quaking in their sandals with Obama’s sole reference to a vague retaliation…”they will be brought to justice.” Makes your blood run cold.
Of course with no loss of life in the Cairo attack we’re just grateful and see no reason to mention the incident. As one cleanup company says in their ads, “It’s like it never happened.” Am I to take from this that if the only attack was on the Cairo Embassy, it would be business as usual, the fortunes of war and what’s a building and a flag between friends, and call it a day? An embassy is a piece of America in a foreign country. American soil is sacred. It is no different at an embassy than the Alamo or the Twin Towers. America was attacked in Cairo and Obama has no outrage or concern to express. His tapioca speech about the Libyan atrocity didn’t contain outrage and only mediocre, and I opine, feigned concern, tepid at that. I know most Americans are outraged and concerned and for now all I can do is keep the American flag behind my home at half mast. I mourn the lives lost, the lives we will surely lose and loss of the American sense of sovereignty and dignity. The spirit of don’t read on me is lost in the contempt our enemies show for our meek posture in world affairs. The admonition of the Rough Rider to speak softly and carry a big stick has been inversed. Obama is all talk and if he had a stick it would be pointed at us.
Other nations don’t just fear a strong America they respect and appreciate a country too well armed to attack but like a gentle giant can be counted on to come to the aid of all who seek democracy and freedom. Fear and respect go hand in hand in life from which love, great alliances and lasting friendships are born. Today I fly my flag at half mast and perhaps, just perhaps, my shoulders are slightly less squared.
Obama promised total transformation. If those words didn’t put the fear of God in you then by golly I don’t know what will. You don’t transform or change something unless you know of something better. Obama knows Socialism for the sake of Fascism and he is satisfied to nurture our decline to that end.
There is a battle ahead and that is where our energy must be directed so let’s pull our shoulders back and see the job through. Obama must be defeated with resounding effect.
The election is our weapon of choice. Vote like your life depends on it.

The Seeds of Deceit

There is a flaw in human cognizance. Some say you can’t be hypnotized
if you refuse to submit to the will of the hypnotist.  If that is true
how many democrats willingly relinquish their consciousness to the
flavor of the day? The flaw is that people want a hero to rise up and
lift their burden of responsibility to self govern and provide for
their basic needs so badly that they are willing to be mesmerized into
believing the most disingenuous frauds who promise utopia on earth in
exchange for adulation and subjugation.

I fully expected Bill Clinton to end his speech with, “In closing, I
want everyone to drink from the Kool Ade I’ve prepared for you and
we’ll meet again in the next world and I will feel your pain and love
you and pick your pockets in eternity.”

During the entire speech Obama was behind the curtain totally amazed
at Bill’s interpretation of facts, saying to himself, “I was right.
Sol Alinsky is right! I can do no wrong! The world is full of idiots!
I own the Clintons! I am omniscient!”

Half the signs in the audience said “middle class first!” and Bill
Clinton was selling them a bill of goods about an all inclusive
party…equal results for all…they rose in unison ignoring the
disparity. Me first is all they heard.

The forefathers began the evening slowly turning in their graves and
ended the evening spinning at warp speed, unable to shag the barrage
of lies and omissions spewing glibly from the lips of the silicone
president in retirement.

“Arithmetic” he claimed, is the new idea demo-cretans bring to
Washington. Joe Biden beamed and nearly dislocated both arms
applauding. Joe Biden, the scholar who gave us the mother of all
contra-indicated pearls of wisdom, “You have to spend money to get out
of debt” must be a mathematical genius. An Arithmetic lesson that
failed to include the sagacity of borrowing as much as you can to give
to companies on the verge of bankruptcy, selling technology
unacceptable in the market place, to distribute to illegal aliens
invited to dinner and asked to stay for dessert and immunity, to
contribute to Muslim causes in the Middle East pledged to our
annihilation and bail out foreign banks and countries that will never
repay the favor…or the money.

Bill Clinton and the old Democrat Party are fixated on Arithmetic. The
new democrats, the Alinsky-Obama fascist wing of the Party, have no
interest in Arithmetic…(invented by Muslims by the way); they are
imbued in ideology. Arithmetic can only complicate matters.

But Bill Clinton is an inspirational speaker who can turn daylight
into darkness at noon and just when his audience is acclimating to the
darkness…at the stroke of midnight he tells you the sun is shining
brightly and everyone puts on their dark glasses for
protection…effectively blinded to the truth.

Clinton opined that the Republicans plan to lower taxes lowers
revenue, increases debt, sacrifices important (liberal) programs and
military readiness and ends up adding to the national debt.

Sticking to simple Arithmetic, let’s test Clinton’s honesty, resolve
and consistency with a simple question. Assuming we tax all of the
people 100% of their gross income…(I’m trying to lean the numbers in
Clinton’s favor), how long will it take to pay off the national debt?
Assuming in fairness that we maintain all of the Social Programs and
entitlements the Obama camp, liberals and other democrats would vote
for?  Here’s a box of chalk, a 200 hundred year calendar and 200
hundred yards of clean slate blackboard. I have one condition. Before
attempting to solve this intricate arith-mental problem take a healthy
swig of truth serum.

While Bill is busy struggling with that timeless, highly complicated
Arithmetic problem I will admit to you privately that it is a trick
question. Sensible people know the answer is never. Bill Clinton knows
the answer is never but he loves to contort an issue and hasn’t
anything better to do these days. Even Barak, the undeserving
beneficiary of glowing praise from an unlikely protagonist, (who
doesn’t know there is no love lost between these two self serving
politicians?) knows there aren’t enough taxes to be had even at 110%
to make a dent in the problem. To Obama it isn’t even a problem, even
though 110% taxation is appealing. The answers and historical facts
notwithstanding there is an insatiable appetite for entitlements which
they know suppress recipients’ ability and eventually their motivation
to become self sufficient…establishing a permanent and growing
voting bloc for democrats and or dictators.

Because Arithmetic has no place in the management and dynamics of a
free market society until the wealth and comfort provided restores
economic stability, then and only then it is practical and logical to
use simple Arithmetic to balance the budget. That is something Harry
Reid and the Democrat controlled Senate knows as fact and the
principle reason they refuse to carry out their legal responsibility
to produce a budget. It will expose their reckless trajectory for what
it is…reckless, immoral and un-American.

Arithmetic is not the discipline that leads to a fair and accurate
assessment of the realities of life, commerce and governance.
Capitalism is uncomplicated and incompatible with Socialism but is
indisputably the only discipline a Republic embraces. As the free
market grows the economy expands, people are lifted out of poverty,
the middle class thrives and socialism loses its jaded appeal to the
masses. The ratio of taxes to revenue should be monitored to maintain
productivity and provide government with sufficient funds to
efficiently perform its limited duties; not more. That’s how America
is legally bound as a Republic and that’s how it must work in the
future if we are to survive as a functioning Constitutional Republic.

The Republic derives its order of authority from the Creator, the Lord
God Almighty who was absent from the Democrat platform and then added
back as an afterthought and general outrage.

It doesn’t matter who votes; it matters who counts the votes. (Joe Stalin).

For instance, take the vote on the Convention floor to put God and
Jerusalem back in the Democrat platform…They tried to get the answer
they wanted three times and then the vote counter declared the
winner…God and Jerusalem are back in the good graces of the Democrat
Party…Half of the Democrats who lost their voice cried foul and were
politely told to shut up and sit down…The official platform is now
better positioned to win the Jewish and Evangelical vote and Obama
took all the credit for little do they know the Lord can’t be voted in
or out…

If you are not mesmerized vote to remove Obama and maybe Bill Clinton
will sing a swan song. The lies and bifurcation are thicker than flies
on an open honey jar on a hot day in July before the barn is raked.

We are a Constitutional Republic. George Washington was the father of
our country and the leader of our army. Wooden teeth were the art of
the day and surveyors had no modern equipment. Irreverence may be in
vogue but it is never in good taste.

God bless america.

Dictatorship by the Numbers…

Folks If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks
like a duck it is a duck.

The Health Care Bill represents a government takeover of over 17% of
the U.S. economy. If it is fully
implemented that percentage will grow as the economy shrinks…If a
government has intentions of establishing a dictatorship, controlling
the economy and national liquidity is a fundamental step in that
direction. The Health Care Bill is merely a Trojan Horse the Obama
administration will attempt to ride to that destination…Do not
consider the Health Care Bill in a vacuum, but consider with it the
other initiatives this administration gives highest priority, that are
as necessary or more so to establish a dictatorship.

Before every democracy falls to a dictatorship the population must be
disarmed. The Obama administration works tirelessly within the system
and against the system to nullify the Second Amendment. So far they
have been successful in banning certain types of weapons as well as
ammunition without which a firearm is a clumsy bludgeon. Direct
assaults on the Second Amendment have met with strong resistance on
many levels and the latest strategy is to negotiate a small arms
treaty with the United Nations making it an international matter. It
failed on the first attempt but Hilary will be back very soon to try
for consensus and get it signed ASAP. Even though a treaty of this
type can be easily undone by a new administration; it is inherently
illegal. Hilary would seek the presidency in 2016 if Obama is
reelected and 2020 if not.

The next most important step toward dictatorship is to control
elections so that the semblance of a democracy is in tact but the
results favor the dictatorship. Some doctators run unopposed. Obama’s
Attorney General is suing on behalf of the government to abolish state
laws that require photo ID and other proof of voter eligibility and
are winning those suits. Relaxing or eliminating border patrol
effectively floods our polls. The elimination of documentation
requirements means these illegals can vote as many times as they are
rewarded for their vote, in multiple districts. Neither is age a
barrier to an illegal alien with amnesty and food stamps. These voters
do not fall into the undecided category.

Controlling the airwaves and other media is critical. The ability to
interfere in communication between citizens is critical. Legislation
has been proposed and I believe versions of it have passed that allow
the government to shut down the Internet.

Congregation of citizens must be controlled. This government has
prosecuted or interfered in the “unlawful congregation” of several
unsuspecting farmers, pastors and health food advocates in remote
areas of the country but are mum when Muslim spontaneous prayer
sessions disrupt traffic and business in urban settings such as lower
Manhattan and midtown Manhattan.

The Secret Service now has in their discretion the ability to arrest
any protester causing a distutbance in the proximity of a presidential
appearance. The crime is a felony and is punishable by a minimum of
one year and a day in Federal prison.

Making Religion less accessible and influential has been a constant
initiative of this president subliminally, visually and legally.
Religious Congregation and influence is a major deterrent and fear of
all dictators. Obama has been posing as a Christian while the proof of
his Muslim affiliation is overwhelming. He presides over a Muslim
ceremony at the end of Ramadan on White House grounds every year and
has extolled their doctrine and beliefs publicly while denigrating
American Judea Christian heritage. Ever notce that the WH dog doesn’t
ride in the same airplane with the Obama’s? Its agin Muslim law. Of
more concern, especially for our military forces and regional
supremacy in the Middle East, Obama has given funds and the weight of
the presidency to put the Muslim Brotherhood in positions of power
they have never been able to attain before. Israel is at risk and our
financial interest will be impacted heavily. We are about to commit a
billion dollars to Egypt for their stabilization….and the
destabilization of Israel.

A dictator stays in power more readily if he makes his country
dependent on other nations for military and financial support. That
means reducing the size, defense and strike ability of our Navy, Air
and ground forces which is an ongoing process and will soon be an
accelerated process.

A man who becomes president of the United States and flatly proclaims
that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are problematical documents
that have the order of authority backwards has no intention of
honoring the oath of office. His motivation to claim the presidency is
not only suspect but narrowly confined to a few options, none of which
are aligned with the best interests of a Constitutional Republic. In
effect he is the enemy. Every activity listed above demonstrates his
stated objections to our founding documents and the solutions to his
dilemmas. He rules by presidential edict.

American liberals Independents and democrats who support this man and
his record do not deserve the comfort and benefits of a Constitutional
Republic and are voting for its demise.

Remove Obama by any and every option available to us. Disarm Obama not me.


Rosh Hoshana and Contemplation

Folks; A time to contemplate, reassess and act..

Jimmy Carter, generally known as the worst president in memory if not in history, actually expected America to be better off under his brand of Socialism and appeasement…Jimmy is invested enough to believe in Socialism for Socialism’s sake and liberalism as a government virtue.

On the other hand Barak knows full well what will happen to America under his brand of Socialism…Socialism as a means to impose Dictatorship or Fascism and Liberalism as a means of finding acceptance for redistributive policies; ie; votes..

True to the Communist manifesto Obama will never let a serious crisis go to waste. After the 9 11 murder of our Ambassador and 3 attaches in the attacks on our embassies, Barak impatiently responded to Mitt Romney’s measured comments as being unmeasured, made his requisite appearances on TV and a 40 minute half hearted speech and took the tragedy on the stump where he could turn it into blood money for his campaign and secure the sicophants’ votes that cling to him like barnacles on a wooden shipwreck.

On the heels of another nasty humiliation to Netanyahu Obama left Jimmy Carter and the media to make excuses for his behavior and ran off to pass his hat in Las Vegas, the city Americans should not waste their money in…Reportedly a crowd of 8000 attended, realistically my guess is 4 to 5,000. That often used excuse that the White House follows the president is hackneyed and ludicrous. If the president has grave affairs of state that are obviously prescient and trots off to a campaign stop his priorities are skewed and his attention is diverted by the immediate demands on his time. The White House is not a house trailer and the staff a president should confer with, like Congress, I hope to God are not traipsing behind the entourage he takes on the campaign trail.

Will this ultimate slap in the face and rebuke of the Israeli Prime Minister cost Obama the Jewish vote? Incredibly, no. At a discussion group I attended Tuesday my attempt to review the history of Muslim Terrorism in America was met with hostile claims from several Jewish participants calling be a racist, and comparing my views with Hitler and anti semitism. The hatred I felt from a couple of those nice Jewish ladies was palpable and if looks could kill I would have achieved room temperature 20 minutes into that meeting. At the crux of these attacks and accusations was their defense of the president they love…Barak Hussein Obama. I was merely the symbol that represented George Bush, Republicans and Conservatism. Go figure.

I have been a strong and active supporter of Israel since Ben Gurion. I have felt a kindred relationship with American Jews since I was old enough to know that they suffered needless and hurtful indignities just for existing; attempted extinction for being Jewish. My Wall Street stock broker dealership in the 1960’s was known as the underground passage for Jews, especially Hasidim, to get licensed and become registered brokers when other firms turned them down because of their traditional dress and appearance. I tried to singlehandedly put the Uptown Athletic Club in Manhattan out of business because of their anti Semitic policies, cancelling my membership when I learned that Jews were given a hard time there. I have and will continue to stand with anyone who is the victim of unfair prejudice and Jews have had more than their share of that. At 80 I’m just beginning to learn that there is a degree of animosity among Jews of different sects perhaps beyond my historic reference.

My belief that Islam must be held accountable for the terrorist acts committed in the name of Allah and that all Muslims should state and demonstrate their dissent and distance themselves from the teachings that encourage, support and celebrates murder, should not incur the anger and wrath of the Jews that will ultimately suffer the most from Islamist Jihad. Nor should any American deny me the right to speak out and against a Political Religious movement that is sworn to convert/kill Christians as well. I am a Christian and my faith requires that I stand against those who would destroy Christianity. The Constitution requires that and more of me as a citizen, regardless of what our leadership thinks or says. It is not nearly enough to put down rebellions, denounce terrorism and prosecute individuals who actively participate in Jihad or terrorism. Not by a long shot. If you don’t kill the dragon the dragon will kill you. It behooves Jews and Christians to openly pit our faiths against Islam. It is counter intuitive for our government to intentionally mitigate Muslim culpability for atrocities at home and in the Middle East.

Rosh Hoshana begins in a couple of days. It is the celebration of the beginning of a new year on the Jewish Calendar. It commemorates the day of creation of man. A sweet New Year is ushered in with apples and honey and I believe a Tsimis here and there. No better time for Jews to contemplate their history to plan for our future.

I wish all my friends and neighbors a sweet Rosh Hoshana. May Christians and Jews pray together for the survival and continuation of Israel on a humanitarian level. May all Americans denounce hatred inspired violence in the world and put tolerance aside where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness requires the action of men of good will. Prayer supports action; it does not replace it.

When we ascribe to the term “radical Islam” we provide a shelter for those who are guilty of hatred and murder to point a finger at others and claim they are not radical. It is time for Islam to identify radicals, not us. It is time for Islam to denounce and amend a Koran that subscribes to murder and violence. It is time for Islam to bring Sharia law into the 21st Century, align it with Civil Law the world has long ago adopted and set it aside as finally redundant; it is not compatible with the human precepts of equality and justice in its present form. It is time for Jews to lessen their concern for fairness when our concern is survival of our Faiths and the lives of Americans…The survival of the Republic and our Judea Christian heritage, that is what’s at stake.

A good and peaceful New Year to all.


Stupidity is Cyclical

Folks, The next election is a no brainer and we have many
overqualified voters.

As an aging American my biggest fear is that after a lifetime of
conservative votes, long after I’m dead and buried, I may be voting
for Democrats. Cremation won’t help. A tombstone disclaimer won’t
help. A living will won’t help. It’s very creepy as I get older to
feel that Democrats are tracking my life expectancy, limiting my
treatment options if I get sick, submitting my case to a death panel
if I need resuscitation, just so they can get my vote after I kick the

I’m seriously thinking of setting aside a fund in my will to take out
ads, maybe buy a billboard every four years to remind everyone I’m
dead and shouldn’t be voting. Of course that’s a very optimistic
outlook which assumes America will survive as a democracy and
democrats will still want my vote. With 16 trillion in debt and plenty
of Kool Ade to go around what are the odds? When otherwise normal
looking Americans who have enjoyed the benefits and bounty of
Capitalism for a lifetime of raising kids, vacationing abroad, dining
out twice a week and drinking top shelf imported vodka vote for change
it makes you want to scratch your head with a pitch fork. When
otherwise normal looking Americans vote for a pig in a poke and the
national debt goes through the roof in direct proportion to freedoms
lost, jobs lost, sovereignty gone and neighbors looking cross eyed at
one another you have to wonder if they ever knew the difference
between Socialism and a Constitutional Republic…Maybe the problem is
that dead people vote the same as they did when they were 9 to 5-ing
it on terra firma…with their eyes closed.

A couple of fairly liberal guys are heading our way, hanging on to the
back of a hook and ladder rescue truck, telling us not to lose hope
just yet. Romney and Ryan. They claim they can turn things around
before I buy the farm and those ungrateful bastards that voted away my
freedom and my kids’ legacy will get their jobs back and live to sell
out the greatest nation again the next time Jack the Ripper shows up
asking for our country’s hand in solemn matrimony; just for the sake
of change.

The way it pans out the same demographics will be in play in 2012 as
in 2008; only the dumbest have lost their appetite for hope and change
and will mercifully abstain in apathy and the silent majority will
dutifully vote their blind conservative interests and this clumsy ship
of state will turn right once more, radar still inoperative, home port
16 trillion miles away. Lesson learned? Ask Ronald Reagan, Abraham
Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin…

When the Constitution is amended to eternalize the nation as a
functioning Constitutional Republic ask me again. Until then I guess
we’re destined to vote democrat in absentia for decades to come. At
least I’ll be in good company talking about what almost was and what
could still be if only entitlements didn’t get in the way every 230
years…Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin and me.

For now, watch the conventions with discerning interest, listen to the
debates and judge the character, intelligence and motives of each
player on the stage. Carefully consider your options, what is best for
America, for your family and for your narrow idiotic self interest and
on November 2nd, 2012 go the the polls and vote your conscience. Pay
no attention to the corruption, lies, betrayal, ineptitude and
treasonous activities of the last 4 years…This is an important
decision that will have a profound effect on your future, the future
of your children and grandchildren. Yep it’s a new day and we must
choose wisely. Decisions, decisions, decisions…Freedom or slavery?
Bankruptcy or solvency? The Lady in the Harbor has an excuse to not
see. The French shipped her over here blindfolded. What’s your excuse?
I’m addressing the liberal sycophants, pompous elitist democrat pseudo
intellectuals…who discuss the logic and thought process of the
forefathers as though they can now sit in judgement and correct their
errors; and it always boils down to the same tired, failed socialist
tricks and trials, lipsticked and rouged, trotted out to destroy a new
generation of gullible, lazy, entitled youth and render the
Constitution irrelevant.

The Lord, in His wisdom and mercy limits our time on earth and
promises eternity only after a trial of our patience, fortitude and

God Bless America.


Unite or fight

Obama promised total transformation…Americans ate it up…Americans
who are too young, too detached or too unaware of what they were
asking for or agreeing to. The truth is that 90% of the change Obama
was threatening already took place gradually over the life of the
country and Obama merely presented himself to a preconditioned
electorate and assumed the role of transformer; president of a United
States of America no longer willing to defend the Republic from
foreign political ideology.

He came to power telling us that we are not a great nation, that most
other nations justifiably have the same claims of greatness, that our
heritage was inflated, our Judea Christian foundation a myth and our
form of government no longer viable in a global economy. He laid us
out like a bunch of children caught filching crops in a ripe cornfield
and we let him berate us and aggrandize backward nations and rogue
religious organizations.
He continues to claim victory in the face of utter failure, impose his
will over the objections of political opponents who have been neutered
and marginalized and we the people squabble over minutia and
insignificant distractions while our liberty is finely ground in the
gristmill of presidential edicts.

Most Americans never lived in a dictatorship or under Communism or
Socialism and they wouldn’t know Sol Alinsky Rules for Radicals if it
was a Boston cream pie and they were slapstick comedians in a
vaudeville side show. Life goes on as usual for the most part, except
for those days when your paycheck, if you happen to be among the 40%
employed, has a surprise deduction or two and you have no
recourse…or your five year old comes home from school one day
wearing a brown uniform and calls you comrade daddy…subtle things
that make you wonder if it’s safe to speak in public or go to
church…subtle things like getting a visit from a few uniformed
robots who want to know why you weren’t at the town square when the
president was speaking…You might get a clue that things aren’t the
way grampa said they were when your neighbor’s wife is stoned to death
in plain view of her family and her husband’s latest wife…Most
Americans can’t imagine such a world…and can’t believe that the
classic behavior of the man they voted for should have them in dread
fear for what may come as a result of their passive acceptance of anti
American free speech; free speech that calls for the annihilation of
Jews or the violent denunciation of independent opinion…subtle…

Has your opinion of various groups been affected by the divisive
policies of this administration? The answer for every one of us is
yes, my friends. The hate speech from elected officials and pot heads
with podiums has evoked emotions so strong that Americans are
demonstrating in support of or in opposition to that hate speech or
free speech. We all have opinions or reactions far stronger than we
did a mere 4 years ago to similar stimuli. It started with Democrat
vs. Republican then Liberal vs. Conservative and grew to a fever pitch
with lies and accusations against the peaceful Tea Party movement and
for the destructive Occupy Wall Street movement. We are all expressing
visceral opinions on political and social issues that would have
evoked a shrug a few short years ago or perhaps a letter to your

I appeal to liberals, democrats and so called Independents…Put your
country first…You are playing with fire when you allow yourself to
excuse behavior from your leaders that you denounce vehemently from
ours. Before you tell me both sides are guilty consider this
undeniable fact. The Conservative factions in America are basically
resisting the total transformation that would render the Constitution
and our heritage irrelevant. The liberal left has bought into the
entitlement society and refuse to apply common arithmetic analysis to
their new found philosophy. Accept this transformation and you will
soon begin to experience the heartbreak of forced mediocrity, imposed
ideology and punishable self determination.

End the revolution before it begins…Denounce Fascism which is now
trying to pass as Socialism. Denounce Socialism because it is not
compatible with entrepreneurship. Save the Republic…it has saved us
for centuries.

Disarm Obama, not me. Demand Obama’s removal for cause; we have many.

God Bless America,


A Comprehensive List of Obama’s Recent Executive Orders

Folks There is no other discussion required.

This sets the machinery in place for martial law, internment camps and
arrest of opponents if he goes to the extreme. This is Obama’s
statement of arrogant victory. Remember why the Second Amendment is so
important. Pass this on.

A Comprehensive List of Obama’s Recent Executive Orders

There have been over 900 Executive Orders put forth from President
Obama, all taking place in only his first term. I have compiled a
choice list of ‘Emergency Powers’, (a pathway to government seizure)
executive orders: Look these up and read these in full for yourselves:

* Executive Order 10990 allows the government to take over all modes
of transportation and control of highways and seaports.

* Executive Order 10995 allows the government to seize and control the
communication media.

* Executive Order 10997 allows the government to take over all
electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels, and minerals.

* Executive Order 11000 allows the government to mobilize civilians
into work brigades under government supervision.

* Executive Order 11001 allows the government to take over all health
education and welfare functions.

* Executive Order 11002 designates the Postmaster General to operate a
national registration of all           persons.

* Executive Order 11003 allows the government to take over all
airports and aircraft, including commercial aircraft.

* Executive Order 11004 allows the Housing and Finance Authority to
relocate and establish new locations for populations. (Research
“Agenda 21”)

* Executive Order 11005 allows the government to take over railroads,
inland waterways, and public storage facilities.

* Executive Order 11049 assigns emergency preparedness function to
federal departments and agencies, consolidating 21operative Executive
Orders issues over a fifteen-year period.

* Executive Order 11051 specifies the responsibility of the Office of
Emergency Planning and gives authorization to put all Executive Orders
into effect in times of increased international tensions and economic
or financial crisis.

* Executive Order 11310 grants authority to the Department of Justice
to enforce the plans set out in Executive Orders, to institute
Industrial support, to establish judicial and legislative liaison, to
control all aliens, to operate penal and correctional institutions,
and to advise and assist the President.

* Executive Order 11921 allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness
Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of
production and distribution of energy sources, wages, salaries,
credit, and the flow of money in U.S. financial institutions in any
undefined national emergency. It also provides that when the president
declares a state of emergency Congress cannot review the action for
six months.

This is in no way the vision that our Founders had for this country;
in fact, it is quite the opposite: The Constitution was designed to
KEEP the government from taking control. It is more than clear from
these executive orders that the current administration is helping to
shape a government control and takeover of the key institutions in
America, food, energy, transportation, work, banking, and health.
These executive orders force us to submit to international regulations
instead of our own Constitution (without your representative in
Congress being able to have any say).

It is time to demand our elected leaders start protecting America, our
sovereignty, and our Constitution–not Government control. This is not
a partisan issue!!!

Tell me, if you hadn’t read this, would you even know about it or any
of these Executive Orders? So, now you know. What are you going to do
about it?
Answer: What the Founders provided you the freedom to do: VOTE!!

This sets the machinery in place for martial law, internment camps and
arrest of opponents if he goes to the extreme. If we go meekly shame
on us. The Second Amendment provides us with the ultimate solution in
the wisdom of our forefathers.

Pass this on.
Has he missed  anything????

“Treason Among Us; Secrets of the S.E.C” Book Trailer


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