A Quran for all Occasions

Why not tell Barack in plain English and in Arabic that his request for expanded war powers to go after Mr. Nobody “wherever they are” will be taken under consideration as soon as he shows some serious initiative to defeat Islamic terrorists where they’re beheading today? It would also be useful if Barack could bring himself to say the words “radical Islamic war on civilization.”

The universal Quran does not call for respect and recognition of other faiths…however we or any given Imam or Barack hisself for that matter, cannot point to an ideology that preaches tolerance, love thy neighbor or peaceful coexistence. Is it remotely possible the radical interpretation we hear about may be more literal than they are letting on? They don’t even coexist peacefully among themselves. Barack has gone bezerk insisting that terrorists are not of the Islamic faith but they, whoever they are, deserve our compassion and (for lack of a better term), a financial, moral and civic bailout.

The Muslim Brotherhood has spawned killer divisions with a different name and degree of ferocity to suit each confrontation front. The undeniable common link between all of these organizations, that Barack claims are not Islamic, is their imperative to kill Jews, convert all infidels to Islam and impose Sharia law globally; I guess we can call them independent contractors.

So far not one instance of an atrocity to coerce conversion to Catholicism or Judaism has been recorded…but you never know…Barack has warned us that these radical organizations strongly resemble generic radicals causing random mischief, like Jews for Jesus, UNICEF and Catholic Charities, so we should keep an eye on them…just as long as we don’t keep an eye on Muslims…As soon as we solve their career conflicts they will sheath their knives and holster their guns and go among their bretheren to do good works…if they are not too busy working.

The genie is out of the Quran. The ISIS Barack et al call ISIL is so successful that the Media provides free PR for every little thing they do to endear themselves to civilization. Obviously they love children; the ones they don’t molest are trained to kill before they are taught which hand to eat with and which to clean up with. No better way to teach self reliance. We entertain detainees until we set them free, healthier, happier and more committed to peaceful endeavors than ever, while the violent extremists actually capture POW’s, obviously a misnomer, since we are not at war. They parade these POW’s around in iron cages to prevent some sadistic fool from waterboarding them and rather than releasing them into a cruel and hurtful world they immolate or behead. I’m sure they would do both if they could.

“We are not at war with Islam and as long as I am president, we never will be.” Solution; remove Barack for cause, hold him accountable and punish him accordingly. Then we can get on with the business at hand. Amen.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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