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DYI Government

Let’s roll the clock back 5 years or as far back as you need to. The point I would like to make is that the movement to restore America or take back America should have started a long time ago. If we saw the error of our ways when first we strayed off course America would be  a different place today; unquestionably the world would be vastly different as well. Five years ago we certainly would not have elected Barak Obama…not to the presidency and not even to the Illinois Senate. If our house was in order we would be alert to any attempt to take from us the most successful form of government known to man that precious few humans have ever been privileged to experience.
When the Federal Reserve came into being had we gathered our Constitutional fortitude then, we would have impeached Woodrow Wilson and reset our political ideology to reflect our conservative values.
But here we are; 2014 and the most radical anti-everything we ever stood for president presides and after five years we are just beginning to come to a consensus over his flagrant lying protocol…that’s what it is, you know, a protocol to influence our judgement and millions of Americans are second guessing their religious heritage, moral values and work ethic. 200 years of indulgence and compromise rather than strict adherence to our unique free-market based Constitutional Republic tenets and the parties that dominate our political landscape have both lost their identities. Democrats have totally capitulated to mean spirited liberalism openly embrace socialism and wealth redistribution and the Republican Party cedes to them incrementally on every issue that erodes the free market economy, the Bill of Rights  and the order of authority we are governed by. Fiscal responsibility is redefined to accommodate lascivious spending and Judea Christian principles are sacrificed to accommodate religious intolerance. Both parties have a doomsday destination; one is on the express track and the other on the local track; choose your poison.
The most recent betrayal by the Republican Party that claims to uphold our Constitution and Conservative values is the sudden concern to reform immigration. The Democrats calling for “comprehensive” reform, code for amnesty, and Republican Congressmen are tripping over themselves to assure us that strict border control is the foundation and prerequisite of their legislation…and the illegal aliens that have made our home theirs may or may not have a path to citizenship; who cares? They are way ahead of themselves claiming that this is a bipartisan issue, overdue for determination and a  final Bill will be fair to everyone concerned. Everyone except law abiding Americans and the forefathers and the rule of law need not enter the conversation. Nevertheless the shaft will be delivered with deftness and accuracy, big business will reward the traitors and we will all be proud that America is a country with a big heart and compassion for all. Cheap labor trumps sovereignty. Cheap labor that votes trumps democracy.
Term limits would give our representatives less incentive to cater to special interests. It may be the most obvious, simplest reform to begin with but we have screwed ourselves by idolizing career politicians…The longer they stay the more highly we regard them and the less likely they will vote to end their illustrious careers. The result is a plethora of bad law enacted for all the wrong reasons that we pay for with our labor, our blood and our freedom. Then we reward the source of our suffering.
How do you determine the clean end to pick up a turd by and is it possible to restore a country that has been off the tracks practically from it’s inception? There are countless grass root organizations, each with a pet project intending to cure our imperfections…I love the patriotism and I will never discourage any initiative that seeks to right a wrong. All of them must be addressed and every one is important but not one of them will make a discernible difference in the inevitable death spiral we are in. The list is eternally long but for every bad law that is repealed dozens are enacted. To borrow a term from the enemy, we need comprehensive reform, but I use the term literally. Perhaps it is time to start over. Secede, attack, start fresh.
An America that reformed itself 100 years ago would not have a Federal Reserve redistributing wealth on a grand scale; 50 years ago and we would still have entrepreneurs sharing risk and creating a middle class; 20 years ago and we would not have built a dependency society; 5 years ago and we would not be at war with the Muslim Brotherhood undermining our economy, our Middle East relationships and religious heritage…If we organize today however, we can commit to get back to our Constitutional roots and take the drastic steps needed in drastic times.
Start by removing Obama, holding our representatives accountable and restoring a free market economy with no Federal Reserve micromanaging our demise.
God bless America.
Guido —

The Greatest Recovery since Lazarus

Today I offer this translation for those of you who have not learned to speak “cabalese” the international language of Fascists, demagogues and “wannabe dictators” engaged with a cabal.

Rather than bore you with a line by line parse I have boiled the entire State of the Union address down to its essence so that the least politically astute can understand what we were really told last night.

“Even after four years of recovery”…there are no vital signs. That is what should have come through if the speaker spoke English.

The operation was a success…but the patient died. That would be a little too hard for even the least optimistic of us to bear…Unfortunately that is the literal translation.

Stop whining. The economy is doing great…Market’s up, unemployment is down, we’re printing lots of new greenies to spread around, the rich are richer and I’m ten times richer since I got this job…

…Hello big business…earnings are up…now start hiring; I’ve done my part and then some; the rest is up to you. We’ll raise the minimum wage so that all your new employees will participate in the American dream. Tell Congress I said don’t question my answers…

You young healthy Americans stop messing up the grand plan. Everyone sign up for my health care plan and hook your elders and friends too, so I will control the economy and we can write a new Constitution…To save paper we can write it on the back of the obsolete Bill of Rights.

Why am I not treated to a ticker tape parade down Broadway? I’m ending the wars, what’s left of the military is coming home to food stamps, the Muslim Brotherhood reigns supreme in the Middle East and I have single-handedly changed the way wars will be fought for all time to come…they won’t. I have given new meaning to the element of surprise when engaging the enemy…we will withdraw when least expected and declare victory. When the enemy attacks we won’t be there. Lesson learned…if perchance any of our people are left behind when we leave…so be it.

Write this down. Our new policy to deal with enemy combatants…don’t get mad…don’t get even. What we do best is leavin’; they’ll soon get tired of beating a dead horse.

Trust John…Iran will stop building nuclear bombs or else…They haven’t seen a stern finger wagging and tongue lashing…it’s coming…so help me Allah. If you can’t build a bomb in six more months I’ll give you six more. Tell congress not to question y answers.

Israel…we’ve got your back…in case you were looking for it…We also have other parts of your anatomy…now turn your head to the Left and cough…feel better?

As a show of good faith let me pledge to cooperate with Congress 100%. They are a do nothing bunch of tea partiers with no new ideas and I pledge not to pressure them for the next three years. I have a pen and a phone and they trump the Constitution and Bill of Rights and I can write checks with no balances. Tell congress not to question my answers.

Cynical me? Perhaps; but it is what it is…You can’t have all the symptoms of a bad cold and call it a cuticle bruise. He has done every single thing he would have to if his intention is to rule as an Islamic Fascist autocrat. I just connect the dots.

Barak must be removed by any and every means available to us, charged with the crimes he commits and dealt with accordingly.

Our only concern should be the preservation of the Republic and the restoration of the United States of America; that leaves no room for coddling.



The Hole (in the) Truth

Any red blooded American with a pulse knows that the state of the union is going from bad to worse and today it may not be as bad as it is going to get but it has never been worse.

Nevertheless tonight Obama will give us his version of reality. We will be subjected to a long dissertation on liberal solutions to socialistic causation by an ideologically driven prevaricator…the first lie being the blame on Republicans for the obvious, undeniable flaws in our economy, the dog-do on his shoe and our general welfare…and the companion lie that this administration is succeeding despite Conservatives’ “baseless” opposition and phony scandals. We are not to believe our lying eyes or Conservative dogma; instead believe in the presidential pen being mightier than the Congressional sword…

What is incredibly ludicrous to me is that the speech will be discussed in agonizing detail ad infinitum and the critiques can be written in advance by a three year old…Liberal Democrat sycophants will rate the speech…and Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians and Constitutionalists will berate the speech…each to their own ideological preference; they will be discussing seriously a liar’s smoke and mirror, switch and bait, three card monte terpsichorean demonstration that doesn’t say…”while I’m up here BS’in’ the daylights out of you the country is being transformed more to my and Michele’s liking.”

Barak will not be telling us the real story of the killing and Islamic burial at sea of his idol, Usama Ben Ladin. He won’t disclose the motive behind the betrayal of Israel. You won’t hear a word about the relaxing of the military dress code and facial hair regs. There will be no light shed on the disgrace at Ben Ghazi…He will portray his NSA eavesdropping policies on Americans as Constitutional, patriotic, heroic and non intrusive…He will remind us that Obamacare is the law of the land and getting better every sickening day. He will have the effrontery to stick to his spending and borrowing agenda come hell or high…destitution. His imaginary list of accomplishments as president of the United States will not include his support of the Muslim Brotherhood and he will not discuss his greatest failure; his failure thus far to outlaw gun ownership in America but he will remind us that “something” must be done to end the bloodshed. He may even tell us once more that he is not anti Second Amendment, just for comedic punctuation.

Listen to the liar if you must but spare me the political analysis. The bottom line is and will be the ongoing total transformation and fundamental change with politics as usual a side bar distraction from the Islamic Fascist agenda; it should not distract us. Barak must be removed and the only initiative that makes sense for that purpose right now is the Veterans’ March on the White House on May 16th. Be there; if not in person at least in spirit. Taking back the country will not proceed unsupported by patriots.

I yearn for the days when the State of the Union speech was just another presidential opportunity to rally the troops, shore up the base and brag about consequential or inconsequential political events of the preceding year; political exaggerations and bloviating; not ideological deceit and betrayal. Transformation and fundamental change is the betrayal of a nation…no political party we now recognize will escape the devastating results.

Every God fearing American can play an important role in our restoration simply by clinging to our guns and our religions…Two things the Muslim Jihadists cannot overcome. Stop the Muslim Brotherhood and the Obama steam roller to Fascist domination will be run to ground, hog tied and branded for what they are.

God bless America.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


Odds and Ends Add Up

I worry that some pundits who don’t seem to understand at this late date what motivates and drives Barak Obama may know more than they let on. When one after another they repeat that Barak hasn’t been able to work across the aisle to get things done, do they realize that Barak has got more done in 5 years than every Democrat before ever dreamed of? Not even FDR could conceive of a plan to ignore the Republican dominated Congress, co opt the Senate, rule by decree and get the majority of Americans to agree that Congress is to blame for doing nothing. We are essentially transformed as forewarned. The Alynski-student-dictator in Barak considers working with Congress an admission of weakness and in a police state the main guy never lets his guard down. Barak’s claim that he has tried to work with Congress but they have no fresh ideas is just part of the tactical strategy to inure the public to an all powerful executive branch. Once that is generally accepted who will notice that there are no branches in a Barak empire?

Eventually the Democrats and effete liberal elitists who do his bidding will realize that in the political scheme of things their role is to make Barak look omnipotent; not to think or opine without first getting the party slant on what to think and how to opine. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed that when commanded or given the opportunity to speak they all use the exact same phrases. When commanded not to speak they answer all questions with a party line statement. Dictators have no party loyalty; the party must be loyal to them. If a Democrat breaks ranks with the regime he can expect the same maltreatment any Republican who poses even a mild threat gets. More often than not a wayward democrat is given several chances to restate his faux pas or as many as it takes to get back in line. A Republican has one shot and then the media will expand, expound and grind his ideas into pulp fiction or just pulp; and the impression the left wishes you to take away is all that is left.

Recently Barak invited the Vice President to a photo op to prove that dumbass Joe was still in good graces around the Oval Office. Pathetic Joe has been missing in action for several months when it comes to restating Obama’s statements; a job most VP’s relish as their moment in the sun. In Fascist double speak the public exposure was a signal that Old Joe was all but pronounced DOA; but we dasn’t notice. I’m sure Joe noticed long ago that there are several unelected, mostly undetected denizens who have Barak’s prime attention and influence public policy more than Joe ever could, more than any elected official expects to. Joe still handles the ceremonial stuff where the insiders figure he can’t do much damage. PS: Joe has a nasty side that few citizens have ever been privy to and I’ll bet dollars to rupees that Joe is tame as a kitten around Barak and every one of his Tsars because he knows what’s good for him.

Here’s a flash the average American isn’t on to. The Reverend Martin Luther King was a Republican. The Democrats eschew the Reverend title and refer to him as Dr. Martin Luther King because they would strip this great man of his deeply embedded, religiously imparted traditional Conservative values. We are supposed to see their Doctor King as a one dimensional man whose only concern was equal rights for black Americans, in sync with the Democrat myth that they are the champions for black equality. Nothing could be further from reality.

The Reverend Dr. King was for all humans’ rights and answered his calling to elevate the black society to eliminate injustice, with dignity, political savvy and compassion. That is where injustice in America was most visible and prominent. I believe that if in his time there was no racial tension or racial inequality in America the Reverend Dr. King would be as prominent and revered for his contributions to Social Justice as he is today.

Our State Department must have been warned of a potential reaction to some real or imagined slight to some local radicals in Russia. Not on Obama’s watch. Our Naval presence is intended to give second thoughts to anyone who would attempt to harm our Ambassadors of good will and American individualism. We will do whatever it takes to be sure our athletes are adequately protected and safe from hot heads bent on violence for no apparent reason or some utube film…Too bad Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty couldn’t or wouldn’t play ball or jump high enough. Perhaps had they demonstrated some level of athleticism Hilary and Barak would have realized the importance of their protection and survival and sent a couple of our warships to intimidate the delinquents…or let the military handle terrorists without political interference. For my money this show of concern for our Olympic athletes is touching but underscores the absence of command in Benghazi and what appears to have been intentional betrayal of the men on duty…hence the betrayal of America.

Family values. I admit that since Barak revealed his true nature, (that would be five years ago), I have adopted a certain Alynski tactic. Specifically I have no qualms about repeating a rumor that shows Barak consistent with my opinion of him or I feel he is capable of based on that opinion. Notably you may recall that Harry Reid accused Romney of tax evasion right on the Senate floor. That was knowingly telling a lie hoping it would go viral and do permanent damage to the reputation of the candidate. It is not what I do or subscribe to. I merely pass on rumors, I don’t initiate. I believe that Barak could dispel such rumors by doing something he is proven ideologically adverse to; tell the truth.

Now the Enquirer and some British rag reported that the Obamas have agreed to go their separate ways after the next election. Divorce is in the offing. It seems that it has come to the attention of the First Lady that the Secret Service has been doing for Barak what they have famously done for JFK and Willy Clinton; cover up. If Danish pastry PM Halle or Thai PM Yingluck, Pu to you, is an indication of Barak’s taste he’s doing better than Willy Boy by a long shot and even JFK if we leave Marilyn out of the equation and don’t mention Barak’s Larry Sinclaire.

Well Barak has contributed his fair share of firewood to the dismantling of family values in America and this (if true) is of course a direct deposit. (If there is a pun worth taking credit for in there I accept). The venerable Enquirer account claims that Michelle is the Plaintiff but I can’t help wondering if Barak didn’t just take the Muslim option; walk around the bride three times saying I divorce you and you are in splitsville. The paper went on to say that Michelle will hang on to the kids and stay in Washington and Barak will reside in lonesome bachelorhood in Hawaii, of all places. Perhaps Kailu Beach? Perhaps when the charade passes by Barak will take up residence in his $35,000,000 gift worthy of a Potentate, get away. Or will Michelle demand halfies? Or will a gift to the president of the United States of America, while defiling the Oval Office, belong to the people he betrayed?

Fodder for the grist.

For 50, 60, 70 years or more there has been a clandestine movement to defeat America economically and morally from the inside. Barak brought that movement into the open and challenged us directly for the ideological future of America. We will likely end up as an Islamic Fascist-ruled nation unless we the people restore our Judea Christian principles, preserve our religious heritage and reject the liar in the White House for his treachery.

There will be a march on Washington in May. If you can participate it is your patriotic duty to do so. Go to Save America Foundation: Patriots in Action for particulars. It looks as though we may be taking back our country.

God bless America.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


Are You a Betting Patriot?

A prize fighter sat in his locker room, applying the mandatory tape over his own knuckles before putting on the gloves. He hadn’t really trained and wasn’t familiar with all of the Marques of Queensberry Rules of fair play or other regulations pertaining to the industry. Still he had a look of confidence and determination in his sneer, unbecoming of his record or the disparity in class and career between himself and his opponent. He quietly and purposefully dipped each length of gauze in a loose mixture of plaster of paris before applying to his hands. His manager had a tete-a-tete with one of the judges; his opponent’s corner man will put liniment in the sponge bucket; money well spent. He was preparing for a fight he had no intention of losing.

His opponent had trained rigorously for this upcoming match, sticking to a strict dietary regimen, faithfully putting in the time and effort in the gym, sparring, skipping rope, working on the fast bag and heavy bag and doing roadwork. His was a proud reputation for good sportsmanship, clean fighting and abiding by the rules of the game. He was preparing for a fight he had no intention of losing.

If you were privy to this scenario and could place a bet on the outcome, who would you put your money on?

The regime is preparing for the upcoming election season.

The IRS is proposing regulations that will give them the authority to restrict Conservative organizations’ voter guides, legislative scorecards, get-out-the-vote campaigns and even the voter registration activities of non-profit groups by defining such civic engagement as “candidate-related political activity. “501c 4” is being The FBI has announced they will not pursue criminal charges against the offenders of the IRS targeting. The announcement incensed several leading members of Congress…too bad.

The NY Times declared that after their thorough investigation, lo and behold it was a short film that instigated the riot in Ben Ghazi, darn kids. However the Senate Investigative Committee issued their findings on Ben Ghazi which are more official and definitive and by gosh it is critical of the handling. Turns out the raid could have been avoided and yes it was a terrorist attack…but the blame does not go all the way up the chain of command…Poor communication is the culprit…Hilary received honorable mention…Barak is still in the wings getting to the bottom of things.

Governor Christie however, has feet of clay. No stone is left unturned to get to the top of the food chain on this one; a likely place to find the rotund governor. No smoking gun? The investigation will continue until a link is found that proves Christie was in on the plot to spite-jam traffic for days…G. W. Bridge Gate will run Christie out of office…out of politics, hope-a-hope-a-hopa. Not so much? Well he’s the sole proprietor of the misuse of emergency funds to clean up Sandy scandal. Give the crack inspectors a chance and the tail will land on the donkey…or the elephant to be sure. But damaged goods Christie will run a poor second to Hilary if he chooses to run at all. What difference will that make?

In the Blue corner the Democrats are busy cleaning up loose ends, dipping strips of gauze in plaster of paris, getting ready for a fight they have no intention of losing.

In the Red corner, the Republicans have no stomach for sleazy politics…unless it is among themselves. When they can’t agree on one platform it’s because they have a large tent…plenty of room for disparity unless it is Tea Party disparity…They broke out the plaster of paris but Boehner drank it; two ice cubes and a twist…Hope-a hope-a-hopa the truth will be told; Ben Ghazi is a cover up and Obama Care will implode. They sing “the electorate will love us after all is told”; as they prepare for a fight they don’t intend to lose..

If you were privy to this scenario and could place a bet on the outcome, who would you put your money on? …Exactly…and that’s why we have Obama running things single handed; and that’s dictatorship; and that brings with it corruption, intimidation, lies…the opposite of our credo and American moral certitude…fundamentally changed are we.

Will you pledge allegiance to the Transformed States of America or will you honor the pledge to the United States of America to defend this country against all enemies? If the man in the White House can’t bring himself to name our enemies, presides over the denial of dignity and benefits to our military, stands with the betrayal of Israel and the support of Islam, will not distance himself from his or his wife’s anti American anti Constitution and anti Bill of Rights pronouncements…he is the enemy. We the people are charged with the responsibility to put this country on its proper and original course.

Given this scenario, if you have the ability to place a bet on the outcome…don’t bet against the people. Join the majority conservative Americans and demand that Barak be removed for cause. Remove his guns not mine or yours. Ours will save the Republic.

Restore our faith in the Creator and you will render the Muslim Brotherhood and Jihad helpless.

God bless this great people and this great nation. May we learn to fight fire with fire, expose the enemy and earn back our liberty.



Political Science or Political Suicide

Socialism inflicts pain on those who are coerced into picking up the tab for idle beneficiaries. I use the term “beneficiaries” loosely because the so-called “beneficiaries” pay an even dearer price; upward mobility is their ultimate sacrifice. It is a sad time in America when millions of Americans are forced onto the unemployment rolls, millions more exhausted their benefits and any hope of finding employment as well, millions more have accepted part time jobs, entry level jobs or jobs outside their skill or education and training; millions of them use Government programs in lieu of gainful employment…The employed, productive members in the country are forced to balance the books and the fair share the so-called rich are assessed is the only upward mobility left in America…”fair share” goes up according to government greed. Dead end jobs, like no jobs, do not provide opportunity to improve one’s status via promotion or wealth accumulation. When the ladder of success is just a step stool our options are rather limited, to put it mildly. You can’t move up but you can still fall off.

Economists, journalists and pundits insist on saying we are in an economic “recovery”, albeit the slowest, longest, least encouraging recovery in history. Like it or not they are measuring the dead cat bounce and find some solace in not admitting that the bounce is merely a splat. Five years of malaise, record unemployment and government programs in high gear with no expectation of funding, does not constitute recovery; it constitutes transformation. The stock market is not an indicator of how poorly or well the economy is doing. If you would like a further discussion on the subject I will be glad to respond to any comments sent my way.

Socialism is merely the bitter pill administered for transformation to occur with the least resistance from the population; the more pain the less resistance seems to be the formula. However the economic pain that Socialism inflicts is nothing compared to the pain that results in the loss of freedom Socialism imparts as it gives way to dictatorship, fascism, communism or the authoritarian flavor of the century. Yet we live in high expectation that Barak will be replaced with an American President and we will quickly return to fiscal and political responsibility. If it’s tea leaves you’re reading yours may be Pekoe, mine are kookoo. Is America still capable of holding honest elections? Should we ignore the fraud that was discovered in recent elections and not be concerned that some fraud was not detected?

If only we could point to some other nation or past civilization where these socialist impositions have improved the lot of society. Perhaps if there was even one civilized society in history or in the world today that benefited from any of the policies we are being force fed, we could hold out hope that we will follow that model and somehow change the course of history for the Republic. All we can point to with certainty is that over the centuries, on several occasions man decided he was capable of self government and in those times uniquely, man rose to his highest potential. America is mankind’s finest and latest example of free men reaching untapped potential until barnacles weighed us down in the form of transferred wealth from the earners to the yearners. We can also point out that socialism is the gateway drug of politics and inevitably precedes the arrival of tyrannical government. (And fixed elections) My kookoo tea leaves say we must at least be prepared for the worst so that we may better cope with anything less bad.

The math doesn’t work anyway. There is no amount of money government can extract from the nation’s productivity that will cure the pangs of poverty and no amount of money the government can redistribute to ignite new industry. Barnacles just keep growing until the host is brought down and will continue to grow on a sinking ship and there is no evidence that barnacles know when a ship has sunk; they live on and continue to support the regime that suppressed them with pittance purloined from productive people. Are we anxiously awaiting the outcome as if the butler didn’t exist?

The myth that socialist governments take from the “rich” and Robinhoodenly give to the poor is a myth. “Rich” is always relative and will be redefined and adjusted to suit shrinking revenues and increasing dependency until anyone with a job, no matter how humble, is called on to “pay their fair share” and outright confiscation becomes the order of the day. The inevitable result is more people needing assistance and less people available to pay the fiddler’s monkey. This causes unrest and resentment and a restive population demanding that government keep promises made or remove itself. Socialists morph into communists, fascists or autocrats in the process but history shows that socialism is only a lie used by these dictators to take control of a nation. Transformation has no other destination.

Obamacare is the law that this regime is counting on to fundamentally change America and put those changes beyond reclamation. The lies on top of lies and the seemingly illogical decisions challenging and distorting everything from religion to military service, from sovereignty to international relations, from family values to personal choice, complete the picture. I am not giving you a course in political science; I am seriously attempting to give you a reality check. Every move by this regime for five years has been coordinated to break America’s spirit, punish us into submission and create an entitlement state easily converted to an authoritarian state; in my opinion an Islamic Fascist one. But in any case the Republic and our sacred Constitution will be relegated to the trash heap of history. And our ability to achieve our highest potential will be supplanted with government’s decision on how our potential can best serve the state. This is our country; I don’t bet the odds…I take no chances.

On the bright side the wake up calls are coming with more frequency and more urgency every day from a myriad of concerned citizens and sources, 500 times more than when Obama came to power. The giant is beginning to stir with unease and displeasure. No other president in our history came to power…they were elected to serve and some excelled and some failed miserably…but only Barak Obama came to power with a promise to reward loyalty, punish opponents and transform the nation the oath of office commanded he protect; an oath he could not possibly take in good faith. Now it is time for us to respond.

I reject total transformation and fundamental change with every fiber in my being. I will pass on to my children and yours the land of opportunity as it was passed on to me or die trying.

Rely on no one other than the people. Look no further than the Constitution to resolve all issues. In all of history we have never been so moved to cling to our guns and our religions. It was Barak who used that term as a negative description of America’s natural inclination to preserve our heritage. Take it with pride for our ability to reject transformation may well hinge on our determination to do just that; cling to our guns and religion and rely on the Constitution and Bill of Rights to enable us.

Demand that Barak be removed, held accountable and dealt with accordingly. It is written.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


Shalom Sharon

Today all the hypocrites will come out of their anti Semitic rat holes to give unsolicited eulogies for a great man, Ariel Sharon. There will be no brutal honesty of the Brutus variety; rather those who claim to support Israel on the side of all Jews but send guns and fortitude to her enemies will speak in glowing terms for a man they would not shed a tear for had he died in combat, at the hands of Israel’s mortal enemies. I won’t be listening to any of them unless by chance. Prime Minister Sharon was taken from his people in 2006 and that is ample time for those who loved and respect him to recall his service and pay proper homage. Whether you agreed with his style or his politics is a moot point after 8 years. The rest don’t matter one whit.

What matters is that today a good Jew died of natural causes. General Sharon spent his life as an Israeli dedicated to the prayer that one day all Jews will die of natural causes. Like all good Generals and all good fathers he was a man of peace. Like all patriots he was willing to fight to assure that one day all Jews can expect to die of natural causes; that is one definition of a good Jew.

Israel has been betrayed by Barak and America cannot come to her aide at this time. Rest assured Barak will make a fine speech praising Sharon and probably finding a way to bask in the glory of his own words at the same time; he is no Brutus and no friend of Israel or Jews; for that matter he is no friend of America.

All men of good will must reject the Muslim pact with the Devil to murder Jews and men like Ariel Sharon will not have lived in vein.

Rest in peace brother.




It Is What We Make It


We have titles, tags and labels for everything and one of the toughest jobs the new order has is to change the language; assign new names to everything so that we become inured to the new normal and less aware of our heritage..

I suggest we conservative patriots change a few titles for our own edification. Congressman should be Bonehead. Senator should be plutocracist-disestablishmentarianist; simple enough.

Sheila Jackson Lee, Democrat Bonehead from Texas, urges a welfare name change to “Transitional Living Fund” “a transitional outreach to individuals who are chronically unemployed,” and that solves the financial complications according to world renowned Italian economist, I. Dunno Mafundsalo. And who created a society of “chronically unemployed” in America, Madame Bonehead?

Half the country, especially the financial community, waits with anxious anticipation for the latest unemployment statistics. Is the recession easing? Are employers hiring? Are fewer people signing up for government cheese? Surely the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics will give us the straight dope…(Soon to be revised)…6.7%!!! Huzzah!! Lets have a round of applause for the great economy healer, Barak Hinsane Obama! “11.5%”!! shouts some sour grapes, Barak-bashing, unreliable, spin doctor realist. Boo Hiss!

Are we in recovery? We aren’t in (excuse the profanity) a depression are we? Put your minds at ease. Only the 90 plus million employable who have given up looking for work are in a depression….the over 13 million still looking for shovel ready jobs, now collecting unemployment, are only in a recession. The rest of us are doing rather well, thank you, unless you’re living on savings and therefore the victim of benign confiscation. Fully one third of the country is now victim to fundamental change…

The unemployment statistic, which is misleading at best and irrelevant anyway, since we can no longer expect the economy to bounce back as it would in a free market society, can tell us something if we apply the statistic to an entitlement society.

What it does tell us is that the middle class in America is declining and the gap between the haves and have nots is widening. The wealthy population in America is almost irrelevant statistically because they are above the fray, mobile and still increasing their worth in their own economy, at least for now. A more pertinent statistic to take into account is the number of people who are underemployed and eking out a living by dramatically changing their life styles, living arrangements and spending habits. America is not a great place to live for that guy right now. We can keep on deluding ourselves by saying it is still better in America than most of the rest of the world but even if that is true it is a sad commentary on our optimism. Upward mobility is just an old fashioned phrase no longer popular with American workers. Entry level jobs are turning into careers and that is not the America I want for our children. If that is their lot we have failed them miserably. Don’t blame the Boneheads or the Plutocracist-Disestablishmentarianists…the responsibility to preserve the Republic was left to the people and what did we do? We lived a privileged existence for a couple hundred years and left the affairs of state to Boneheads. What does that make us?

There is not one idea put forth or one program suggested by Democrats, Republicans or the Oligarchy that might provide work or opportunity (which is all we ask for) on the table. Republicans who used to carry the conservative banner have abandoned the free market concept hoping to get reelected by appearing more liberal. Obama’s “Promise Zones” are an insult to our intelligence. He’s telling us he knows what a free market is but will give us just enough of it to make no difference to the economy but might make a difference in our perception of him. I hope to God we are onto that stuff now and do not raise our expectations on false hope.

The transformation and fundamental change is all but a done deal. Only the Constitution and Bill of Rights stand in the way of raising a flag redesigned to suit Islamic Fascists ideals. They are in large part suspended or under severe scrutiny and attack but by God they spell out man’s best chance for achievement, dignity and civilized existence. Barak has already attacked these documents as having the order of authority backwards. The only thing that is backwards is our response. Tell Barak no! America will not be irrevocably transformed! We will not let an Oligarchy prosper from our mistakes!

Act to take back America. Demand that Barak be removed for cause. We have ever so many. Hold him accountable and see that he gets his just desserts. America was the land of opportunity and will be again. We mustn’t be conned by this impostor who deigns to tell us he can choose precisely which cities in America should offer opportunity and under what conditions. He is a fraud. Americans know how to become productive once more. Let the free market flow and it will prevail.

God bless America.



The Enemy Walks a Well Worn Path

Barak is everything we’ve been telling you he is and none of the things he claims to be. His penchant for lying is ideologically instilled in him and his mission to transform America stems from that same ideology. He is not the progenitor of the movement he is a product of it.

Many years of incremental liberal politics patiently eroded our commitment to conservative values until the tipping point was in sight. It was finally time to introduce Barak Hussein Obama, primed, modified and reinvented, when America was ready to elect an unknown charismatic figure by virtue of a massive public relations campaign promising all things to all people for all time; total transformation undefined but full of false hope and empty promises.

A cabal presented their candidate as a member of the liberal democrat unprincipled political party, poured money into his campaign from every corner of the earth illegally and used every coercive tool at their disposal and every subversive organization to induce, coerce and buy votes and voters from the back alleys of Chicago to the splendor of Hollywood Hills. The savior of human rights would eclipse history and win an election without divulging his true origins; proof that America’s electorate was not guarding the Constitutional Republic; we were complacent and uncommitted.

I published a book called Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C. (The Securities and Exchange Commission). It depicts the historical tactics used to help the Communist prediction that we would be brought down from within come to pass. Our own fiscal policies would set the stage for a socialist oligarchy to discredit capitalism and eliminate the infrastructure that supported entrepreneurship. Without a healthy environment for entrepreneurs to flourish America will never achieve the economic milestones that made us the most powerful and influential nation on earth. It took over 50 years to bring the entire infrastructure down but the genius of our enemies is that they were able to do all this without the general population realizing or politicians able to understand or even detect what took place. Even if they took the time to read my book the tactics used by the S.E.C. do not readily appear to constitute a malicious plot to undermine our economy. But here we are, five years into a “recovery” and the light at the end of the tunnel went out the day Obama took office.

Prognosticators from both sides of the aisle agree that entrepreneurs are needed to spark a new wave of employment in America; they are clueless when it comes to what makes entrepreneurs tick. Take note that it has been about two years since anyone mentioned that when banks loosen up their lending practices entrepreneurs will get back in the swing of things. When will it occur to them that banks do not finance entrepreneurs, never did and never will? Banks are not investors; they are lenders and lenders require assets to collateralize loans. Entrepreneurs, by definition, seldom qualify for bank financing.

What was removed from our economy is the ability to share risk and the enticement of an exit strategy to investors and entrepreneurs, essential to the survival of American capitalism. The industry that provided the exit strategy and introduced risk capital to entrepreneurial companies was the Over the Counter Market and the Broker Dealers that created the product that comprised that market. The entire industry has been intentionally and surgically removed; put out of business by harassment, law suits and selective enforcement of rules and regulations designed to entrap public companies seeking distribution and working capital; or the simple opportunity to pursue their dreams and aspirations unmolested.

The companies that survive and continue to trade in the various tiers of the reconstituted Over the Counter Market have no broker dealer network to distribute their shares, raise capital and make orderly primary markets in their shares; the operative word being orderly. Some brokers may take issue with that statement but I maintain that if a broker isn’t an underwriter or member of a selling group he has no incentive to maintain an orderly market. No Over the Counter Broker Dealer that I know will underwrite a startup company or even a fledgling company with a promising future.

The tell-tale remnants of the S.E.C.’s devastating policies remain long after most of the companies have been decimated. The most telling policy that there is no intention to resuscitate the job market is the absence by design of Delivery vs. Payment or “DVP”. A basic tenet of commerce in the world is the transfer of ownership for payment or as the old Chinese saying goes, “no ticky no shirty”. Of course those rules have been incredulously suspended for the transfer of ownership of the shares of OTC companies and even some listed securities. You cannot demand delivery of shares purchased before or simultaneously with payment. This means that if you purchase shares your account is charged for payment immediately, the shares purchased are credited to your account simultaneously, but physical delivery may never eventuate. DVP is the single and probably only effective tool to end pernicious selling of shares by short sellers who have no financial stake in the transaction.

Now consider that there used to be a rule called the “Uptick” rule. It was mysteriously suspended by the S.E.C. before the devastating phenomenon of “naked short selling”; “the pernicious selling of shares by short sellers who have no financial stake in the transaction”; vis a vis no ownership of shares or intent to borrow for delivery. The “Uptick” rule prevented a seller from creating false supply to overwhelm demand to benefit from the devaluation that ensues. The S.E. C. simply claims that after reviewing the matter with “experts” they decided the “uptick rule” was not necessary; and countless companies have been destroyed, innocent shareholders suffered the loss of 100% of their investment and the lesson the S.E.C. teaches is that it is not wise to speculate. Before a short sale can be executed the price per share must tick up.

Now I realize that many of you find the entire subject boring or beyond your ken and that is perfectly understandable. The point I make is that there is and has been a certain organized element in America committed to our demise for at least a half century and the agenda did not begin with the election of Barak Obama to the Presidency or even to Congress. It started as an organized movement at least 50 years ago.

We must remove Barak obama to save America. We must also weed out and expose the cabal that brought him to power and began the preparation of this country to more readily accept the transformation or there will be another Obama in our future. Our decline and defeat had to begin with the elimination of entrepreneurship because socialism and capitalism cannot exist at the same time. A population enjoying prosperity and freedom will not willingly or voluntarily give up the right of self determination. Their institutions must be eroded and they must be lied to until the blame for malaise or decline is blamed on their heritage and system of government.

The battle to recover is going to be long and arduous. The reeducation of America and the reassertion of confidence in our Conservative values and free market economy will take time. But the abject failure of socialism before a transition to Fascism can be our saving grace. A return to our religious convictions and the rightful place of our Creator in the foundations of this country are a necessary prerequisite to salvation. The Muslim Brotherhood is implicated at almost every level of deception and will be routed out with the Fascists or other enemies at the root of our problems.

 Our faith tells us to pray for the outcome we crave but it does not say we need not do the work needed to bring about the proper result. Act to save America.



Translation Please

I am certain that the full impact and meaning of “total transformation” and “fundamental change” has not registered with the majority of Americans yet, regardless of political affiliation. If all of us took the words literally, as I do, this country would be up in arms; and I mean that literally. All of Obama’s erratic and unconventional decisions and edicts would be seen for what they are; moves intended to erase our traditional relationships with government, religion, family and commerce. Where now those relationships are left to individual choice the new order espoused by Barak would have government dictate our destiny and social order.

If Obama had chosen to use words that could not be interpreted in any way other than their obvious meaning I like to think that Americans would not have accepted him as a candidate, much less elected him to the highest office in the land. His audience was in awe and gushing with anxious anticipation and blind admiration when he boldly said, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Had he said, “I intend to replace the Constitution, which wrongfully states the authority to govern rests with the people, and I will transfer that authority to your new government. My election means the end of the constitutional Republic and the beginning of an oligarchy, which in time will transfer unlimited powers to an Islamic Fascist hierarchy”, would we be where we are today?

Aside from his public exhortations about caring for the rule of law, the respect for our military and our rights as Americans, his administration works tirelessly and covertly to replace our religious heritage with Islam, negate the Right to Bear Arms, afford amnesty to illegal aliens,

control national elections at the federal level and challenge various states’ rights until the order of authority stems from central government and not from the states to central government. The so-called Affordable Care Act will give government control of at least 16% of our economy to say nothing of life and death decisions that once were the exclusive domain of family, doctor and patient.

Our laws are based on Judea Christian doctrine. Our Constitution plainly states that we the people are self governed. We elect officials to represent us and have the ability to remove them if they fail to satisfy that obligation. The fundamental change speech would deny us the rights and privileges we have taken for granted for over 200 years. That’s what is meant and intended by Barak Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetero the face and voice of a covert movement to transform America; a cabal if you will.

Lets stop talking politics in America. With the clear understanding that the current regime has no interest in perpetuating our proud heritage it is time to decide whether we are willing to capitulate or ready to fight. The changes are permanent until we the people speak out and act to reject the new order. Freedom doesn’t come cheap or easy. Our forefathers and founders pledged their lives, fortunes and good names to allow us to realize our God given liberty and we squandered it away. Brave new Americans gave their lives on the field of battle to defeat tyranny for us. It will not return without a struggle.

Understand what the policies of this administration are intended to do and you will understand the meaning of total transformation and fundamental change. Understand what is meant by that phrase and you will see clearly what these laws, edicts and policies are intended to accomplish.

Remove Barak and hold him accountable or sentence our children to live as subjects of a tyrannical government.

I pray we make the right decision.

“I don’t believe in a fate that will fall on us no matter what we do. I do believe in a fate that will fall on us if we do nothing.”Ronald Reagan, 40th U.S. president