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If You Can’t Beat ’em, Join’em.

So we have ourselves a dictator. You may not be fully aware of the new order but is there an American left who doesn’t sense the fundamental change in our country? Actually we have two systems competing simultaneously at the moment; a toothless Republic, a remnant of the once proud Constitutional Republic and an authoritarian, anti religious cabal. Congress continues to convene, ask questions, hold hearings and pass laws as they believe they should but the Democrats mostly find fault with Republicans and ridicule their efforts rather than engage them. Barak and the White House act independently, staying above the fray, issuing edicts and running the economy by agency enforcement. Both sides look forward to the next election; the Republicans because they live in hope of winning on merit and the cabal, prepared to win by any means necessary.

No one wants to recall that Barak came into office with the self assigned project to fundamentally change America. No one notices the religious persecution, the military decline or the hostility toward business and Americans who still believe in self determination and individual productivity. The decline of the middle class, the absence of opportunity and the stubborn unemployment figures are viewed as the result of failed policies by the Republicans, hapless and clueless that the White House views these same socio-economic realities as progress.

No one recalls Barak’s diatribes against the Constitution and Bill of rights or his senseless elevation of Islam or his protection of terrorists and Muslims suspected of terrorism at home and abroad. No one connects the dots to analyze the list of unresolved scandals except to get a little face time on FOX at 7 pm. And the clock ticks relentlessly toward the new doomsday deadline on the budget. Ho hum and la dee dah, now let’s talk about immigration. Barak has become an expert pretzel maker and he knows all he has to do is name the topic and the Republicans will begin to contort, twist and wriggle ceaselessly, like earth worms washed onto the pavement in a heavy downpour, hopelessly trying to outdo one another with a plan that will sweep them into contention in 2014. Barak is for open borders and amnesty and he is magnanimously willing to discuss any sensible ideas anyone has to offer on how to give him what he wants. Republicans are unreasonable and they have no fresh ideas. All they want is to punish the poor hard working immigrants and their children and spend billions of dollars closing borders that Janet already fixed and her replacement traitor-to-be-named will have a cake walk ignoring sovereignty considerations too. Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…who will vote for me…

There is no accountability from the autocracy because they will not give the opposition the impression that their opinions matter or that they can influence decisions. America is being afforded a front row seat to the transition and a lesson on how the three branches of government are unnecessary and no longer viable, when one has all the answers. When Sibelius tells Congress to hold her accountable she is making a mockery of their authority and insulting our intelligence. We all know as well as she does that Congress is helpless to hold her accountable and Barak will give her high praise after she testifies. Besides; didn’t Marilyn Tavenner take the fall yesterday? Before you know it there will be a line around the block of unknown liberals ready and willing to fall on their papier mache swords, gaining favor with the exalted one, but the law will remain the 800 pound Trojan Horse in the room. It never was and isn’t now intended to or capable of delivering medical services to anyone. It’s about transition, transformation and the new order in America.

The only changes to the Affordable Care Act were made unilaterally by Barak for his own purposes and no efforts by Congress to delay, postpone or amend will be taken seriously. As Harry Reid is fond of saying, those ideas are “dead on arrival”. Not one Senator, Congressman or Supreme Court Judge has suggested that Barak has crossed the line of constitutional propriety and the law is null and void in its current configuration. Where the hell are the governors of states who claim 10th Amendment sobriety? The charade has been elevated to complete disdain, chaos and abject obedience to a deity that declared his own words and deeds supreme in the land. If Barak has the audacity to change the law as he sees fit with not even a wink to Congress, what does that make him? Dictator! What does it make the Constitutional Republic? Obsolete! It is not now and never was about providing medical insurance to anyone; it is and was about the most powerful central government in the history of Communism, headed our way on a runaway unirail.

The transformation is going well. We are almost 86% transformed and 87 and 1/8th fundamentally changed. I did my best to avert the catastrophe but now I am switching sides. Sometimes you have to go along to get along. You know how it is. I have been offered a position by the powers that be in the administration. I will have job security par none and a health care plan that can best be described as par excellence, at great cost to you. You didn’t care then; why would you care now?

My new boss is concerned that once he drops the pretext and assumes the role he was groomed for there will be confusion among you on how to behave in the new order. To that end I have offered my services and an agreement has been reached whereby I will organize a training program to avoid future embarrassment and unnecessary punishment. Enrollment will be voluntary but those who do not enroll will be subject to a modest $2,000 fine per day until enrollment is consented to. The Supreme Court will rule on whether the fine is a fine or a tax and we will all be advised accordingly.

When I get done whipping the authority-bucking, religion-clinging, gun-loving, Constitution sticking, radical right wingers into line they will bow humbly with abject deference to the esteemed leader just as Barak did before his betters; real heads of state and Emirs in Muslim land, immediately after his anointment. Good manners and proper protocol will be stressed in the school, in addition to the requisite heel-clicking and boot-licking techniques that will assure survival in the new regime for converted capitalists. I will be teaching from the Alinsky text book as I have no actual experience or knowledge on the subject. I do have vivid memories of times gone by…When America came to the aid of Europe and liberated prison camps. But I digress.

There will be some changes necessary. To assure the regime that proper respect will be accorded to your new ruler I have been appointed Czar of Reeducation and Attitude Adjustment. My appointment was made and announced during Congressional recess in order to expedite this most important undertaking. The Obama Department of Correction and Rehabilitation for Confirmed Conservatives, (Right Wing Activists) (, has been established and is now the law of the land. The web site is under construction with Michelle’s capable direction.

My dear fellow patriots. It requires courage to oppose a dictator but to prevent one from taking control only requires that we get out of our comfort zones. If you take the time to peel the onion you will recognize, to your horror I suppose, that America is far off course, and unrecognizable as the blueprint for liberty it was forged to be. It is the culmination of 100 years of neglect on our part that brought us to this point but the concerted effort of one man right now will tip the scales perhaps forever; a man who has repeatedly told us that his mission is to destroy what God has created and whose every act as president betrays our sacred trust, our heritage and our faith; sometimes he actually speaks the words but more often he is the architect of the policies and treasonous acts that transform us.

If you do not fear for your country, for your children’s future, for your own security and the safety of Israel and Jews the world over I pity you. Do not stand in the way of those who refuse to let the great American experiment fail without a fight. Join Americans and demand that Barak be removed and held accountable in the true sense of the word.

God bless America.



Atlas Shrugged

Atlas shrugged only once as far I know; actually we have no evidence that he ever shrugged. Barak shrugs every time he sees a microphone, so he’s no Atlas. As President of the United States of America, once the uncontested leader of the free world, one might say that Barak has the weight of the world on his shoulders (just like Atlas) but we have no sense of that. Judging by his dismal track record, bleak performance and the state of world affairs since his presidency, Barak should have the weight of the world on his conscience; but we have no sense of that either. There is no indication that Barak even has a conscience.

Barak has assigned the most sensitive and critical positions in his administration to incompetents and while he doggedly protects their appointments he hardly ever defends their records. As long as they follow the script and don’t stray from the party line their jobs are secure and when they screw up badly enough they are eligible for promotion, convenient transfer or honorable retirement. All they have to do is shrug on cue when Barak shrugs. Nobody knows nuthin.

Actually these incompetents are highly competent people whose political and ideological views are identical to Barak’s, which means their performance is always contrary to Americans’ and America’s best interest. Their concept of government, like Barak’s, is in direct opposition to ours, which for our purposes makes them hopelessly incompetent. Put another way they are the ultra liberal elitists, avowed Communists and closet Marxists who have shown a decided willingness to betray our values, principles and standards of behavior for ideological purposes. To a man or woman they have exhibited a proclivity to lie with impunity, punish those of us who disagree with their views and sacrifice the brand, sweat equity and investments of capitalists, no matter how small, to achieve their goals and contribute to the transformation of America.

Because we do not deny free speech even to those who would deny us the same right, we are losing the war of words and a foreign concept of government is replacing our beloved Constitutional Republic. I would have no objection to Communists or other dictator-prone bullies attempting to indoctrinate our electorate and youth with their dialogue if we were also presenting an accurate account of American ideology at the same time. It would be no contest. But to impose their un American will on us the media has been corrupted. Criticism of Conservatism stands and is repeated with regularity, no matter how vile or baseless. Any negativity of the administration and its policies are glossed over or not aired and objections and counter arguments to all the inequities are muted or ridiculed with no effective response ever acknowledged. America’s great and proud heritage and noble purpose has not been passed down successfully to our everlasting shame and to our repentant regret. The First Amendment is working for the Left as intended and reinterpreted by the Left to deny us its true purpose. It is time for us to acknowledge what they have known for many years and carry the battle to them. We are the enemy that is intentionally and irrationally deprived from identifying Leftists, terrorists, the Muslim Brotherhood or rogue nations as our enemies. Yet they have toiled unchallenged in our government bodies and institutions, wantonly murdered our citizens and military and destroyed our assets opportunistically at home and abroad for many years, unambiguously stating in word and deeds their intention to defeat us. But because they are highly sensitive, defensive and vindictive we dare not offend them with politically incorrect statements or highly volatile and charged accusations that would name them as our enemy. We have as president, a man who reminds us too often that we must not jump to conclusions or offend Muslims and we must provide terrorists with the protections afforded American citizens when captured; and he is every bit as sensitive, defensive and vindictive as any Muslim Terrorist in the field.

As far as I’m concerned anyone who tells me that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are flawed documents and he must work around them to bring about total transformation and fundamental change in America is the enemy; how anyone can dispute that simple truth is beyond me. Anyone who tells us that America is not a Christian nation and Islam has a long and distinguished history of contribution to the founding of this nation is my enemy. The friend of my enemy is my enemy.

Barak is not defending his Health Care Bill. He is defending the Republic-changing amendments in the Bill which essentially change the character of this country and give the President extraordinary powers. Perhaps the choice of a Canadian company with almost no record of success in building web sites was an intentional strategy as some suggest. It doesn’t matter. Perhaps the hundreds of millions of dollars paid for ineptitude is really a bribe. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that it will remain the law of the land in defense of the items totally unrelated to health or care, insurance or socialism. You cannot put smoke back in a fire. Barak will shrug, deny his intentions, defend the product and let the chips fall where they may. So far our chips are stacked in front of the man with several birth certificates, several names, several social security numbers and no accountability to anyone for anything….he simply shrugs and his peons shrug with him.

Demand that Barak be removed. His is a legacy of war against America, Christianity, Judaism and freedom. Remove his guns not mine. His are meant to protect his chips; mine will deal us a new hand.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


Counter Intelligent

Barak has the effrontery to come to our country to tell us what our faults are, then presume to tell us he will transform us into a model more to his liking, then be offended if we demur even the slightest, then punish us for real or presumed objections. No Marxist he.

You can’t blame the guy when half the country runs interference for him, defending the indefensible, explaining the inexplicable and condemning his detractors. I like to call these sycophants counter intelligent. Svengali never had it so good. If you don’t like Barak’s ideas you are a nitwit and if you don’t like Barak you are a racist, even if you’re black and if you don’t like either you’re an un-American subversive. If you support the Constitution you are radical, if you support the Amendments you are a terrorist; of course if you happen to be a terrorist you are entitled to every one of the Rights Barak thinks Americans hide behind; besides our religion and our guns.

Barak is smart. He usually stays out of the fray and lets his lap dogs call us names and praise his record when he screws up. Barak says the economy is recovering and across the board, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, economists on the left and economists on the right all agree we are in a recovery; albeit too slow, perhaps the slowest recovery in history but if it’s a recovery we’ll take it. If you had a cold for five years would you say you were recovering for five years? If so I amend my definition of recovery; if you ain’t dead yet you must be recovering.

If you crave statistics you’re apt to wander into the weeds and lose your perspective on how we’re really doing. We’re doing lousy and I don’t need statistics to tell me that. More people are no longer statistically relevant than any time in my life time; that would be since the Great Depression. Part time workers are counted when we count how many Americans are gainfully employed in America. We don’t differentiate for statistical purposes or you might confuse this post recession economy with the real thing if we were told things in ways we would understand. If you are unemployed, want to work but have run the gamut of your options and are no longer eligible for assistance and every month you become less employable, you are undoubtedly in a depression; the rest of us are recovering.

Barak has a record of bad decisions, if you are among those who refuse to hold the man accountable; and a record of great patience and resilience if you see nothing to hold him accountable for. Then there are those of us who see his decisions are inimical, purposeful and counter intelligent…that is to say they make no sense to anyone unless you
assign Barak the title of mole; as in double agent.

Most recently his decision not to negotiate or even hold discussions with the Congress regarding the budget, resulted in a government shut down. Although he escaped blame for the shut down it was only he who decided that shutting down meant punish the most vulnerable, hurt small businesses and make a mockery of the process. The White House is still closed to school groups and visitors, Barak’s response to sequestration. But he accepts full credit for the benefits gained by curtailing the spending he fought tooth and nail.

He began his responsible stewardship by bailing out the auto industry and in the process confiscated ownership from legitimate bond holders and transferred their equity to his friends. Dealerships that were identified as pro Republican were closed…shuttered without apology, rhyme or reason. Lest we forget.

There is no reason or logic to Cash for Clunkers which sent millions of much needed, still serviceable used cars to the crusher. Five years later used car prices are still higher than logic would dictate. Our used parts dealers, legitimate junk yard operators, were barred from potential profits when the order was given to render every motor unrecoverable. Where did the scrap iron go?….check your friendly Chinese bridge builder who enjoyed super contracts in a town near you.

The oil spill in the Gulf? Let’s not belabor the point. Insult 1) Barak refused timely cleanup help from nations ready and willing to send heavy duty equipment for the job, prolonging the agony as long as possible. Insult 2) Drilling was halted; rigs left the Gulf and millions of jobs in three states were affected. Add injury) Barak gave funding and permits to foreign companies who sell their new production to China.

When he ran out of excuses the Keystone Pipeline deal was nixed “because I said so”, is the best I can make of it at this point. Bad judgement? Legitimate difference of opinion?

Fast forward to the indefensible, unconstitutional Affordable Health Care Bill. The Supreme Court went far afield to put this square peg where the sun don’t shine. It wasn’t dubbed Obama Care for nothing. There is plenty of fodder to shovel regarding the effect on the economy, the efficacy of the care involved, etc. But why, for the life of me do we not discuss the Trojan Horse aspects which reveal a far more cynical and unsavory purpose and is the only logical explanation to why Barak defends the ungainly failure at all costs…totally illogical if you hold with the concept that Barak just makes bad decisions. If only those who have not read the Bill are forced to sign up it will be successful; at least from a registration purview. If no one were permitted to sign up unless they can recite every add-on that has nothing to do with health and only to do with empowering Barak and depressing the economy, we would be freed of this Marxist monstrosity…maybe.

In his spare time, Barak the hapless Chief Judge and Executioner who means well but makes bad decisions, has busied himself with purging the military of Admirals and Generals for spitting on the sidewalk, burping in public or being in strategic positions and not holding with bad decisions.

We are being subjected to the most egregious confiscation of wealth since FDR became the sole arbiter of the price of gold. Savings and nest eggs are eroding for retirees at mach speed as normal living expenses dig into their interest lacking principal. The Fed printing presses are smoking as billions go to waste bailing out the undeserving, propping up our enemies and gifting private companies. We might as well air drop truckloads on Mars. When these kids who are cajoled into signing up for health care they may never need they should pray they don’t break a leg waiting on unemployment lines; their copay will give them a concussion. How do you spell confiscation? Easy. Encourage kids to live home until they are on Social Security so they can stay on Mommy and Daddy’s health plan; it will come to you.

A massive Right Wing conspiracy is what we need in America. So far as I can see the Right wing is not bright enough to have a conspiracy.

How smart are we if we, as conservatives, with all that implies about God and Country, don’t recognize and rebel violently against religious persecution? How smart can we be if for all these years we allowed the Liberal Left to interpret the First Amendment for us so that kids can’t say a short prayer before class in a public school? The agnostic liberals and atheistic, Marxist Left have misinterpreted the Constitution so that every religious icon is a personal affront to them and a “violation of Church and State”; the term doesn’t even make sense. And when we have a president who says that America is not a Christian nation, or the sweetest sound on earth is the Muslim call to evening prayer…that we should recognize the great contributions Islam has made to our development as a nation and civilization…Who presides as Commander in Chief over a military threatened with court martial to men of the cloth who dare to offer the religious rites during a government shut down…or officers who might display a Bible on a desk while serving the country…What do we say in response? When Muslims are exempted almost automatically from Obama Care because insurance is against their beliefs but the Catholic Church is refused objection on the basis of their basic religious tenet, the sanctity of life? When our Universities are required to hire Imams and reduce the number Christian and Jewish Chaplains and our Military is ordered to do the same, why are we silent?

This man, Barak Hussein Obama has left Israel to her own devices and imperiled them as they have not been since 1947. Why do we not see on our media that Israelis are preparing for war with gas masks, air raid drills and intensive training, both military and civilian? This same man has, with “poor decision making” made the Muslim Brotherhood stronger and more empowered than they have ever been in the Middle East and they are not the least bit apologetic over their open hatred of Jews and their stated intention to annihilate all Jews and “push Israel into the sea.” Jihad includes all infidels, if you were wondering.

We who remain silent will have the blood of Jews and millions of humans on our hands if Barak isn’t opposed immediately. His agenda is clear; our once great nation is diminished, economically, militarily and most importantly morally. Barak is not guilty of making bad decisions; he is making decisions that further his agenda and will result in this great nation falling from grace; our republic in shreds and our Judea Christian heritage washed asunder by an Islamic Muslim regime.

Act to save America. Our Constitution not only gives us the right it demands that we honor our obligation to rid our government of all enemies and it specifically states from out and from within.

Review the record. I have given you only a few of what I call counter intelligent decisions. He is bare and exposed for hundreds more, similar “bad decisions”… Demand that Barak be removed for cause…we have more than I can recount.

God bless America.



Robert Reich; Propagandist

Equality is an over rated, unachievable, inhuman aspiration worked to death by socialists. All men are not born equal and the prospect that inequality is man-made and unfair is strictly a Socialist prodding tool used to create dissatisfaction and unrest among the proletariat. When the nonproductive masses rebel against the productive minority dictators fan the flames of dissatisfaction and ride the waves of discontent to power.

Equality essentially exists only at the starting gate and at the finish line is where the variables are exposed. But Socialists believe winners cheated and deny the obvious. Communists organize the losers and institutionalize their circumstances, punish success and reward failure. Since failure is far more frequent than success they appeal to the masses. Accept your status and government will legislate fairness and tax the rich to take care of you.

Using propaganda tools to promote the non sequitur that Capitalist-created wealth is only achieved by the exploitation of the “less fortunate” is a fundamental strategy used by Communists and Socialists since the beginning of time to justify draconian taxation, confiscation and mass redistribution. By eliminating the infrastructure capitalists and entrepreneurs relied on and require to create wealth fewer people can achieve success and the middle class is deprived of opportunity. Inevitably the gap between rich and poor widens. For socialism to find acceptance in America, a nation that achieved extraordinary success by unleashing capitalism in an unfettered environment, entrepreneurs had to be punished and discouraged and capitalism discredited and vilified.

After fifty or sixty years of intensive persecution and selective enforcement of inequitable rules and regulations America has crossed the threshold of imbalance. More than half the country is dependent on government assistance and we are no longer regenerating a middle class. Entrepreneurs are deprived of a fair and accessible resource for new capital, investors are forced into long term arrangements with little prospect of an exit strategy though shared risk and equity markets; a perfect time to launch a propaganda film and “Inequity for All”, is a Robert Reich diatribe worthy of the Nazi Award for Repressive Propaganda. My book, Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C., relates the history of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s agenda to discourage and punish small investors and surgically remove the Broker Dealer complex that underwrote start up and emerging growth companies, intentionally creating a hostile environment for American entrepreneurs. Inequity For all blames today’s stagnation on Capitalism. If there was ever an illogical contradiction of cause and effect Reich’s explanation boggles the Conservative mind.

Robert Reich’s new movie is the biggest piece of disingenuous socialist propaganda ever foisted on a nation, aptly named “Inequity for All”. It makes the claim that 400 individuals in America have more wealth than 95 present of the country and uses that data to prove that capitalism doesn’t work; a nonsequitur that Americans, who now find themselves far short of their youthful aspirations, seize upon to assign blame where it doesn’t belong. The perfect Socialistic, authoritarian, desired conclusion which is the purpose of propaganda.

These socialist ideological misfits fail to mention how we arrived at this juncture, assuming it is accurate. Robert Reich, educated in the halls of communist dogma, now feels vindicated for his once inappropriate communist beliefs and unashamedly places the blame for today’s woeful financial and social contradictions on Capitalism, insinuating that the way to rectify our economic conundrum is to embrace the Communist/Socialist doctrine that is the true root of our fall from grace.

The brain trusts we allowed to grow and fester in American academia attract and produce the Robert Reich’s who use their wiles and intellect to bring about social unrest through economic strife. They indoctrinate our vulnerable ideological youth with Communist dogma, preaching fairness, bemoaning inequality and they never accept responsibility for their results. Never in the history of the world has any socialist society produced wealth and evidence proves that Socialism leads to dictatorships. To discredit the greatest shining example of man’s potential for success in a free market society is a crime against humanity; and Communists and dictators of all stripe are usually found where human suffering abounds. They have the ability to convince coal miners to demand the right to work above ground, not produce coal and demand pay for their audacity. When they are out of work capitalists are to blame.

We are losing the war of words and propaganda is effective because we fight the message and lose track of the transformation that robs us of our heritage and Constitutional rights. You can sugar coat oppression but you can’t deny it exists. Inequity for All would have us believe that two hundred and forty years of Capitalism and successful wealth creation resulted in poverty and unfair wealth distribution. Robert Reich probably believes his fantasy but those of us who love America for her Judea Christian doctrine of self sufficiency will never be convinced.

Act to save America. Demand that Barak be removed and held accountable.

God bless America,


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”



Coming Attractions

If you happened to have travelled around Europe during some of their harsher economic times you may have thought that villagers in the town square, drinking coffee, sipping grappa, having animated conversations or just milling about was part of the European charm. It is not uncommon in Italy, Spain, Greece etc., to have children come up to tourists to ask for a few American pennies in certain cities and byways.

When you travelled during more prosperous times, while employment was higher, these same village squares would swell with more tourists than locals, enjoying the local ambiance, buying souvenirs, taking pictures, gorging on local fare with gusto and abandon, spreading cheer with the almighty Yankee dollar.

Did you ever wonder what the locals were discussing with hand gestures, dramatic flourishes interjected with whispers and furtive looks, otherwise seemingly oblivious to their surroundings, during the bad years?

The odds are and it was my experience that during poor economic times and excessive government intervention, these people generally talked politics; concerned, frustrated, opinionated political discussions, assigning blame passionately.

They are more like Americans than we thought. As a matter of fact Americans have a golden rule; among friends, especially new acquaintances, don’t talk religion or politics; you can lose a friend or gain a shiner. But in the new transforming America, since Barak Hinsane Obama stepped forward, Americans are talking politics and religion constantly. Town Hall meetings overflow and citizen discussion groups meet regularly to discuss what divides them, often dividing them further. America is in a prolonged recession, feeling the pinch of a free market based economy devoid of entrepreneurship. In Europe and in America and probably wherever humans gather to form communities, we always have it backwards. If we took an interest in politics before our pocket books are squeezed and before our liberties are doled out from on high, we would not find ourselves unemployed, over taxed, called to task and dictated to by our inferiors. We invite oppression and bemoan our fate alternately with astonishing repetitiveness. “In sooth I know not why I am so sad. It wearies me; you say It wearies you. But how I caught it, came by it or found it I am to know. And such a want-wit sadness makes of me that I have much ado to know myself.” The affliction is older than Shakespeare, more common than bad manners. Too late ve grow smart, too soon ve grow oldt.

In Europe, socialism, Marxism or Communism is what they get no matter how they vote; it’s just a matter of degrees. They have government sponsored health care, early retirement and most of the failed programs we are now being spoon fed to put us on a par with Europe; a very low bar indeed. In America we used to have a choice. We thought either choice protected our liberty and cherished our values. Some Americans actually proclaimed proudly that they never voted for a party, only for the “best man for the job”, regardless of party. We elected FDR 4 times, most presidents twice and Congressmen stay until we name a bridge after them or their own party ostracizes them or they are forced to leave in scandal ridden disgrace. We were no better informed or educated than the old Italian woman, admiring an Italian Navy war ship, who proudly boasted to a friend that she also owned that great ship. She just voted for a Communist and the fish hook was still in her cheek.

We voted for Democrats and sometimes Republicans, who found justification in giving us government programs the Constitution specifically left to the States or the people. We regularly elected politicians, who through ignorance or arrogance or ideology incrementally introduced socialism or socialist inspired programs to a Republic that by definition and original intention was designed to function and prosper on Capitalism. It was like putting Regular gas in a high powered race car. Over the decades we lost power, prestige, freedom and self determination. We, the only people on earth who really did own the war ships, relinquished our control of government by default. Lack of interest or the willingness to take our responsibility seriously in good times changed the nature of our nation and we never complained until the ship sailed. Here we are, a nation transformed and fundamentally changed while we worked two jobs and drove as many cars, suddenly pointing fingers at each other, arguing vociferously between democrat and republican, liberal or conservative, desperately assigning blame as if we have suddenly discovered what is really in the Constitution, or not; and the Marxist in the White House is basking in our ignorance, spouting poetic patriotic euphemisms he knows we love to hear, while turning down the screws to punish us for our success. My dear, fellow citizens; it is no longer Democrat or Republican, elephants and asses…Now it is only asses and we need only look in a mirror to know of whom I speak. Autocracies give lip service to any party you want to swear allegiance to but in an autocracy your party has probably sworn allegiance to the guy that controls their destiny. If you don’t think America has become an autocracy, you may be right technically. But if you also think that our system of checks and balances or the division of powers is still effective or that our Constitution is the guiding law of the land your Kool Ade is cooler than mine.

We already have new laws or recently interpreted laws that define Congregation; it may be two of us in the former privacy of our homes. The Right to Bear Arms has been interpreted anew for us by the amazing Attorney General, Eric Holder, a repeat offender held in contempt of Congress twice and by me a thousand times; we don’t have that Right and he is working tirelessly to make gun ownership in America a thing of the past. No government or Congressional investigation is ever concluded. People charged with the most reponsible positions in the free world, to defend us, represent us or govern us, have all developed selective dementia. We not only have religious persecution we have persecution and subsitution; welcome your new Imam to a school near you. You will need a million monks with a million abacus’ to keep track of the lies, the scandals and the coverups just to get a glimpse of the magnitude involved. The arbiter of justice and equality sits in the White House like a 10 year old nerd with an electronic game, picking winners, assigning blame, issuing edict upon edict, inflicting pain and punishment, rewriting history and watching and directing the winds of change; fundamental change and the transformation of a successful nation to mediocrity and dependency.

Now is the time we must say to ourselves we have argued the fine points of political preference long enough, considering it is a topic on which we are sadly misinformed and uneducated, and take action. We are singularly successful among nations when we take action because our guiding document, the greatest blueprint for self government, still exists in its original form. The deviations and interpretations by political hacks for decades has not changed one word. It is our God given duty to take back the country and restore our proper authority.

Demand that Barak be exposed, removed and held accountable. We are transformed without a doubt. We are governed according to alien whim by an opposing ideology; but the fundamental change Obama espouses requires that a new Constitution replace the original. Unless and until that event actually takes place I will abide by the Constitution our forefathers crafted with reverence for the Judea Christian principles they adapted and defend that sacred document against all enemies, foreign and domestic.                                                                               

United we stand divided we fall. Abandon partisanship and ask what you can do for your country.

God bless Americans.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


A Crisis for Our side

An agreement not to agree is not an agreement. The antagonist that prevented the opposition from realizing any of their goals is a pathetic, arrogant winner; there is no stalemate. The loser declares a stalemate to save face. The winner graciously announces there are no winners as he savors the sweet fruits of victory.

Republicans are going back to the drawing board only to find that they have no chalk…they barely have a board. Just as Democrats and Republicans betrayed the nation by agreeing not to agree the Republicans have not solved the rift in their party either. Some congressmen, a minority to be sure, are willing to end the procrastination and face the inevitable today, while the majority are praying for rain when they haven’t sowed a seed or planted a crop.

The Democrats are smugly confident that delay equals an incremental victory and virtually assures success in the next round. Debt limit raised, the budget funds their pork and the holy grail of socialism is intact and unruffled…the deal changer masqueraded as health care can limp along, misfire, wield chaos and most importantly confiscate wealth and impose hardship on the most vulnerable members of society. Dependency will expand and elections will be corrupted by illegal aliens’ votes.

What did the Republicans gain? Are they waiting for a congratulatory pat on the back for losing the most important ideological battle in 200 years? Are conservatives to be indebted to the Republican Party for avoiding a pivotal showdown? Will the Republic be saved when the next deadline rears its ugly head because we didn’t have the courage to fight for it now? Will Barak be willing to put his sacred cow on the auction block in January, February, June or July? I think not. Will the lull in confrontation give pause to Obama’s penchant for spending and find him apologetic and reformed when next we face shut down or shut up? Will Obama crawl back in the womb and reemerge as a fiscally Conservative American patriot, born in the USA? I think not. Obama has assumed authority and powers not constitutionally authorized and America has suffered the indignity of fundamental change without even the threat of violence or the merest sign of stubborn refusal to keep our freedom. The shot heard ’round the world leaves the world less secure and America less American.

Perhaps Ted Cruz saw his duty clearly; to defend the constitution against all enemies, domestic and foreign now, not next year when we will refuse to engage once more and the Marxist will infect us with even more socialism, burden us with more debt and further weaken our infrastructure and resolve.

Barak is now more confident than ever that he can beat up an entire Republican cadre with one hand tied behind his back. As a matter of fact he did the dirty deed without having to dirty his hands at all. Just refuse to engage, withdraw, ridicule, blame and wait. It is a stare down in which the loser doesn’t blink, he faints. Faint heart does not win fair maiden’s hand and sure as hell doesn’t make the bully change religions. The emboldened Barak has laid down the gauntlet for his renewed priorities; guns, immigration, redistribution the Marxist formula for victory. Unlike our hapless politicians on both sides of the aisle Barak knows that one day there will be a crisis of epic proportions to quell the American appetite or self determination once and for all. He knows if we are armed when that happens he will lose and all he has worked for will give way to the rebirth of a nation.

Cruz chose a lonely path but a courageous one. He was willing to let the fur fly and chips fall where they may to start the restoration process. Republicans just don’t get it. It is not just about a citizen’s right to health care. The vaunted but already tarnished Affordable Health Care law will not improve the amount or quality of care for any American; perhaps for a few million illegal aliens and most Americans understand that now. An Affordable Care law, the debt ceiling raise and inflated budget are the chess pieces strategically played to capture our King…the constitutional Republic. Game over. The inane, ridiculous strategy to let the Health Care law fail by its own unsustainability has not one example to point to of a government program gone wrong that was ended voluntarily. To suggest that will be the fate of this law doesn’t even begin to address the real Marxist purpose of the law and shows a morbid lack of awareness.

Our founders pledged their fortunes, their lives and their sacred honor so that we could live lives with no impediment to our potential. The concept of self government was the prize they sacrificed for and won with the blood of our youngest and finest left on the field of battle. They made that choice willingly and the tyrannical government they rejected objected with condemnation, violence and punishment, to no avail. 140 years later we squandered their legacy with ineptitude and lethargy and let the bankers print our money. This week we refused to see the error of our ways or take a stand for our principles when opportunity knocked. We feared a crisis we desperately need.

It would have been at least some small comfort if Republicans would have united and admitted that Ted Cruz is right but they don’t have the courage to fight or the will to win. Instead they insisted that his was a losing strategy and they preferred to lose without a fight…Does anyone believe that the Republican leadership strategy had a better chance than Congressman Cruz’? Not really; it is the war that would have ensued that they feared and I maintain that we cannot avoid that war if we want to restore the Republic. Without the second American Revolution we will not have the second Constitutional American Republic.



The Fat Lady Sang; She Even Danced

We have not settled the budget crisis, we’re working on the debt crisis and all I hear are the most partisan comments in my memory from the left and a Republican disbelief at the posture of the White House adhered to religiously and rigorously down the chain of command.

The house is burning and the fire department trains their hoses on the tool shed, a dog house and a picnic table in the back yard.

Yesterday a Fox commentator discovered that if you manage to sign up for Affordable Health Care you can register to vote at the same time. We have transitioned from “you have to pass the Bill to see what’s in it” to you have to sign up to find out what you’ll get…As of October 1st, the official non starter, some wide eyed uninsured liberal faithfuls are finally motivated sufficiently to stop campaigning for ObamaCare long enough to find out what Barak begot. They are in for a rude awakening, but at this late date how can any American admit to benign ignorance of such magnitude that where we see a Trojan Horse they see a pony ride? If it was filled with goodies don’t you think Nancy would have trampled over her underlings to breathlessly bring us the good news? Don’t you think Barak could have eased up on the lies and really let us in on a good thing?

Once more with feeling. Any medical benefits that may lurk deep in the 2500 pages of ideology are strictly unintended consequences. The two lumps of sugar, pre existing conditions and 26 year-olds covered under mommy and daddy’s policy, were served up before the official launch to suck us in before reality soured the milk. If you like your coffee sweet, stir like hell…two lumps to a country for a lifetime, that’s it.

If that’s the case, (and it most certainly is, my dear duped patriots) what purpose does the Bill serve, you may ask? You, we, all of us…just sold our souls to the company store; that’s what. The government now controls, or will, 17% of the economy…With over 50% of the nation now or soon to be dependent and illegal aliens given the vote, America for all intents and purposes, is irrevocably changed fundamentally. Barak kept a promise. The rest of the transformation, eliminating the Bill of Rights and negating the Constitution is strictly academic. Barak will not back away from the coup. Not to restart the government, not to pay off the national debt, not even to give Israel to the Muslim Brotherhood for sport. If he could he would build a victory Mosque in the Rose Garden.

I expect that one evening very soon some nearly enlightened Fox anchor will astound us with another discovery; Barak has his private militia, at least legally; it’s in the Affordable Care Act! The police state is more a reality than Americans could imagine in their worst nightmares. Actually with the transformation now a fait accompli, Israel stands alone in the world as the last bastion of freedom and democracy. Surrounded by their enemies Barak is confident that their fate is sealed anyway. My money, which won’t be worth much anyway, is on Israel. They still believe in God and are not politically intimidated into not displaying their faith publicly. Therefore and for other historically accurate experiences, it is not safe to be overconfident if you are fool enough to make an enemy of Israel.

So for most Americans life goes on. The sun comes up in the morning and the sun goes down at night. On an individual basis, to the average American, Washington might as well be on the moon. Just don’t cross the man. You can complain but keep it generic and not in public. You can go to church but not during a shut down. You can go to college and be glad that the government will tell you what to study and where the jobs are. Changes are not as gradual as they once were but when you decide to go in business, sell your home, buy a house or stand on a street corner with a few friends you may notice that things have changed.

Are we offended yet? Are we getting angry feeling misled, outraged betrayed? Not yet? What is it going to take? I am all of the above and have been for five years now, too bad I didn’t wake up twenty years ago or fifty. And that my friend is how we got in this mess. Here’s how we get out of it. Rebel. Get angry. If you are invited to a civil disobedience thingy, step out of your comfort zone and go. Speak up speak often and speak loudly. Pray.

America is worth it.



Choose Your Crises Carefully

When the current crisis gives way to the greater crisis looming just ahead and we miraculously resolve the issues just before we are all condemned to a life of servitude, the real crisis will fall in our laps. The nation is divided on all of the issues we are aware of but the final division is between those who demand to be free and those who insist our freedom requires their dependence on our productivity.

The term Government Shutdown is an unfortunate phrase that misrepresents the facts. Most critical government functions are not affected by the lack of a new budget on the specific date that the budget should be approved and put into law. Of course a prolonged failure to provide new funding would affect all agencies and government services eventually. Therefore it is fiscally responsible to cut back on nonessential services and personnel before that eventuality to conserve resources and to extend essential services uninterrupted for as long as possible. The inconvenience to citizens should be kept to a minimum until various opinions are vetted, opposing priorities are sorted out and the best possible solution to manage the country’s expenses for another year is put in place. When the country’s best interests are the principle priority for all parties involved, budgets are negotiated and agreed to without drama or hostility. Democracy at work is a beautiful thing where differences are resolved for the better good of the people.

That being said we are now victims of a premeditated, strategic, selective government shut down, intended to advance the political ambitions of an alternate form of government; an ideology that has “enforcement” as one of its prioritized government requirements…not law enforcement and certainly not a service. The authoritarian shutdown being imposed and enforced requires government expense not previously needed, to deny public access to amenities previously unrestricted.

This is a manufactured crisis and soon it will be a crisis of epic proportions according to the descriptive phrases intentionally repeated by Barak, Democrats, sycophants and media lap dogs. Republicans have bought into the rhetoric out of incompetence and they do nothing to inform and educate to calm the world’s impression of our fiscal irresponsibility. Indeed the sky is falling and if we and the world community continue to allow the left to yell fire in a crowded theater we will set off a series of consequences that will indeed exacerbate an already serious condition.

Government revenue, principally from our taxes, are sufficient to avoid default. Continuing Resolutions are expressly designed to keep essential services in place. One party, led by one man, Barak the president, and enforced by his ace henchman, Harry Reid, has declined to mention that revenue will keep us from defaulting on debt. This cabal has refused to consider 20 laws passed by Congress that will fund all sensitive and essential government services.

Did anyone believe that any nation, especially a Constitutional Republic, could undergo total transformation and fundamental change, without the attendant upheaval, unrest, enforcement and unfairness called for and imposed by those who are intent on these changes? These are the ideological changes predicted and promised by Barak Obama and sanctioned by his party. How then can Republicans be at blame for the gridlock that precedes the crisis and must pervade to prolong? Part of the strategy to create crisis is to assign blame for chaos. Barak, who was an undistinguished academic, is a disciplined student of the tactics that create dictatorships; the Sol Alinsky Rules for radicals. Rule number one; assign the term radical to your opponents.

We are in a struggle for the future of our country. Freedom hangs in the balance. Leave partisanship aside while we unite to remove Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetelo, the source of our discontent.


Kathy Bowie sent the following testimony of fact.

I have no problem sending this to EVERYONE. Please consider doing the same,

It’s incredible that 42% of Americans think that this unqualified, incompetent, dishonorable, ego-driven fraud is doing a good job. Take a moment. Admit it to yourself. You know who his supporters are. They are the people that YOU support—financially.

Did you notice whom Obama threatened when he wasn’t getting his way on raising the debt ceiling? He threatened not to pay:

– Social Security Retirees

– Military Retirees

– Social Security

– Disability and

-Federal Retirees.

Now let this sink in really well…

– He did not threaten to stop payments to illegal aliens.

– He did not threaten to take frivolous benefits such as Internet access away from violent inmates.

– He did not offer to fire some of the thousands of unnecessary federal employees that he hired.

– He did not offer to cut down on his or his wife’s frivolous gallivanting around— $20 Million already spent on family vacations. (One Million on a FL golf outing). All our money…why not?

– He didn’t threaten farm subsidies.

– He did not threaten not to pay the senators and representatives or any of their staff.

– He did not threaten to take benefits away from welfare recipients or to stop the free cell phones they get.

– He did not threaten the food stamp programs.

– He did not threaten to reduce payments in foreign aid.

– He did not threaten to cut back on anything that involves his base voters.

– The list could go on and on. He is in full political mode!

Why are we allowing this person to destroy this wonderful country with his selfishness and his lies? Have WE lost our blooming minds!!!!!!!! His type of change is killing our country. He needs to be stopped. Do not forget about his tactics when it’s election time 2014. Get out and Vote in the mid-term election – 2014. Support the people in the House and Senate that are willing to cut taxes and spending. Let’s make 2014 – the beginning of a turn-around. Forget change. We want our $$$$$$$$$ back and we want to take our country back!

We the people are coming.

Only 86% will send this on. Should be 100%. What will you do?


In God We Trust

October 1, 1013 Fundamental Change Day

Fundamental change cuts to the heart of our assumption that we are a functioning, democratic, constitutional Republic. Total transformation was promised to us by a total stranger who learned his politics early from communists, Marxists and dictators. He developed an ideology that is foreign to our belief system and is now intent on imposing his will on our heritage. He is not alone; his entourage and superiors are many.

If you are beginning to sense a growing division in Washington and among Americans it is not your imagination. Nothing that has transpired since the official launch date of the Affordable Health Care Act, October 1, 2013, is typical of our normal political discourse. The government is not shut down over a budget dispute, it is shut down over an ideological tug of war. Perhaps some Republicans in Congress are laboring under the illusion that spending is at the center of this controversy but Democrats are more aware that our future will be determined by whether the ACA is challenged successfully or not. If conservatives fail to derail the law now the transformation will be virtually irreversable. We are witnessing, or receiving, a lesson in Marxist authoritarian government population control. We are also seeing one branch of government, Congress, removed from the democratic process. Instead of assigning blame and scoring report cards Americans should rebel against tactics that destroy our faith in government and the structure that made this government worthy of our faith.
Today the people’s opinion is not part of the equation. In the next few days we will see papal smoke and we will be told what our future holds.
All Americans were charged with the responsibility to be involved and informed in government or lose the privilege of self government when our forefathers chose to entrust us with a Constitutional Republic. We failed to live up to our responsibility and so we can now wait while Republicans and Democrats decide if we will be free.
Liberals and democrats who claim they are informed are merely indoctrinated. Conservatives who leave government to others were misled. You weren’t taught and you were discouraged from learning. Now we are paying the price.
“We are five days away from bringing total transformation and fundamental change to America.” Barak Hussein Obama, 2008. In 2012 Barak will not be held hostage by the opposing party who will not succumb to his demands before he will hear their pleas for reason.
I intend to have a good weekend with as little politics interfering in my thoughts as possible. I recommend we all do the same and get ready for a real battle that will be upon us no matter how the current debate ends.
This is still our country and I am still willing to die for what I believe. I also believe that I am not alone
God bless Americans,

The King and We

A manufactured crisis of these proportions serves one Alinskyism; in this case to accumulate power to one branch of government…one man.

 Five years ago a major problem that had been festering for 50 years came to a head when Barack Hussein Obama emerged from obscurity and was elected president of the United States. As president-elect he boldly disclosed his true objective as president. “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” — Barack Obama, October 30, 2008

If anyone was listening, on May 14th, 2008, five months earlier, Michelle disclosed their ideological, sinister agenda; “We are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.” — “We’re going to have to” is the language of authoritarian government.

That should have been the clarion call to circle the wagons and reject the president and Mrs. elect with vitriol and animus for America’s exceptionalism and heritage; before he put his feet up in our Oval office and she commandeered AF One to take her friends, family and help on flights of fancy…or fancy flights; the Barak’s version of the family car. There is still an astounding lack of buyers’ remorse after five years of escalating racial division, diminishing fiscal responsibility and flagrant disrespect for the rule of law and Constitutional rights.

Barak is using this drama to put a higher barrier to communication between the presidency and the people. In various ways, since the advent of Affordable Health Care, Barak has been reasserting his supreme authority. He is spiking the ball, doing the hootchie dance and trotting up to the winner’s circle expecting John Boehner to greet him with a wreath of red roses. His is a victory lap meant to punish his opponents and every conservative American in his path, just when his adversaries think he might be concerned over a failed presidency. In his world this presidency demonstrates the epitome of success and couldn’t be more successful. On October first, 2013 the Republic of the United States unofficially capitulated to socialism and probably will never again bask in the glory of self determination and a government of the people.

Now that America can no longer lay claim to the things that made this the greatest nation on earth for most of our existence, like a free market economy that allowed our citizens to achieve their highest potential and the Judea Christian belief in the sanctity of man, Barak will use the remainder of his presidency to further demean and discredit our system of checks and balances, our religious heritage and any notion we may harbor that he is not the supreme ruler. If not in his term then in his life time he envisions an America that succumbs to Marxist rule, Islamic equality and Sharia Law at least on a par with our civil law.

We will witness in the coming days and months egregious militant enforcement of draconian laws and draconian concepts enforced as strenuously as laws in a police state. No more Mr. Nice guy if you object to EPA standards this administration deems more practical than current rules and regulations; ditto for almost every other government agency that may be self administered but the leash will be held ever more securely in the white House or the Department of (If you will excuse the word) Justice. Not that we haven’t been subjected to many of these indignities already, with armed raids on Gibson Guitar and farmers sharing their wholesome food with their neighbors. It will become commonplace for seemingly minor offenses by radicals (ordinary Americans to you and me), to be dealt with sternly and major offenses swept under the rug if they occur in high places among favored citizens. The police state is gathering its wits and audacity and eventually will flex its muscle like dog trainers in the barrio before an entertaining contest.

America, my dear fellow citizens, has been transformed. The fundamental change is being driven home for our edification and education. Barak summoned Congressional leaders to the White House today just to tell them that the rules have changed. The new definition of negotiation is simple; from now on you will say yes to me or pay the consequences.

There has been no budget from the Senate and there never will be. The government shutdown will earn Republicans a crown of thorns. The debt limit will be removed for good or “I, Barak Hinsane Barry Soetero Obama will refer to the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, just before I burn it at the altar of Islamic Marxism” Poof; it will be done and Congress will eat humble pie.

If Barak leaves Washington under his own power, his millions of ill gotten gains intact, he will retire to his palatial mansion in Hawaii, a gift for service above and beyond the call of Marxism and live the exalted life of an Islamic Marxist idol, even greater than Usama Ben Laden, whose wretched ass he saved from an inglorious fate at the hands of the infidels he lived to kill.

Sadly, it is no longer an option to restore America. America must now be snatched from the gates of Hell, reconfigured and liberty re-won on the field of battle. Free men cannot be chained for long. When our faith in the Lord is our last hope for salvation and we acknowledge His design for us, we can rebuild a greater America on this continent, more aware of our beginnings and errors, with forgiveness fresh in our souls and renewed faith unwavering, what our forefathers tried we will accomplish.

Do not allow Barak to leave unchallenged. We have three years to put an end to his ideological, tyrannical rule. Demand that he be removed and held accountable. The transformation we expected and the transformation he brought are treasonously unrelated.