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Say It Isn’t So: Unless It Is.

A pathological liar will lie about anything. It doesn’t have to be logical or have a purpose other than to exercise the prevarication muscle. At other times it may have deep consequential ramifications when the lies are intended to mislead, misinform and support, impose or promote an unpopular position that would otherwise be rejected. The pathological liar holds himself in such high esteem that he can project passion and urgency in his message, seemingly believing every word he utters, often winning the confidence of his audience based on false impressions; especially an audience that is inclined to believe every word he speaks anyway.

I can provide a partial list of Barak’s lies on request, which would make this one of the longest emails you will ever get, but I’ll spare you that. Most of the lies on that list have consequences. I don’t know of anyone that has tried to compile an up to date complete list of his lies and I suspect it would be impossible. However here is a typical example of a lie with no motive or reward other than the liar’s morbid satisfaction; the mark of a true pathological liar.

CNN recorded Barak chatting off camera with a UN official a couple of days ago. Barak bragged he hadn’t had a cigarette in six years because he is afraid of Michelle. (Whopper)

Jun 23, 2009 2:26 pm.

A reformed smoker, Margaret Talev of McClatchy Newspapers, today asked President Obama about his struggle kicking the habit. “…as a former smoker I constantly struggle with it. Have I fallen off the wagon sometimes? Yes.” Notice the lie continues as a thread in his entire response. Do you believe he “constantly struggles” with it? Is it disingenuous to describe himself as a “former smoker”?

In 2011 Michelle said her husband has finally kicked the smoking habit. Can we all add? Don’t get me started on Michelle’s lies. She is an amateur next to the father of her children but is not the least bit inhibited from using a fabulous example to support any of her pet programs.

Frankly I don’t give a rat’s rear if Barak smokes himself into a blue haze.

My point, relevant to today’s topic of interest is: The entire Health Care Bill is a lie. I’m not talking about bits and pieces. Like“if you like the plan you have now you can keep it” or “your premiums will not go up” or “if you like the doctor you have you can keep him” that’s just par for the course, every day piling on…lies that people who already bought the idea of government insurance want to hear.

The truth, my friends, the pure, unadulterated, unvarnished truth is so outrageous that even those who are diametrically, ideologically and principally opposed to government Health Care don’t dwell on it…and they should. Barak and the framers of the bill know full well that the bill is designed to curtail the delivery of medical services in America. They know with certainty that if you want a social program that will give the federal government control of at least 16% of the American economy you can’t provide ethical, effective and readily available care; period. To provide the semblance to those who don’t require catastrophic care, those who do will, of necessity, be sacrificed. End life counseling and end of life counseling are a fact of life and unavoidable. And just as the socialist model for the economy relies on a few to carry the burden for the masses, those who are least in need of insurance will be forced to pay for those who will access the system the most and pay the least; like zip. The positive benefits that will attract supporters are things like keeping dependent “children” on family plans until the age of 26 (really?) and insuring on demand patients with preexisting conditions and will be paid for by private insurance carriers who will pass the costs on to the public or cash in their chips. Enough about the cancer in the plan that will not treat cancer patients as well as they now are treated.

This is the signature communist program that will all but complete America’s promised total transformation and fundamental change. America will no longer be the home of the free and the brave because America will cease to function as Constitutional Republic…that dream will flat line on October 1stThe funeral arrangements are contained in the portions of the bill that are purely political and sinister. Why do we not hear about the private militia the bill provides that only the president will appoint its leaders and officers and will be funded as well as our standing army? Why are we not reminded that the IRS has already hired thousands of employees to monitor and enforce the myriad laws and collect the thousands or millions of fines that will be imposed on those who cannot meet the requirements? The abomination is the big lie. America will adopt universal health care and a new system of government almost simultaneously; it’s a package deal.

The new government order will have a much diminished Judea Christian presence; those institutions will be coerced and punished in the process, their religious dogma be darned. Muslims on the other hand are exempt from participating because of their Islamic objection to paying for insurance. Forget checks and balances, if you already haven’t; the three branches will be dominated by the presidency even more so than now. To achieve the goals this cabal has set for itself our democratic voting system had to be corrupted and controlled and it is. The roulette wheel will only stop on red. Conservative candidates will be there only to keep the pretext of fairness alive.

All dictatorships use the big lie as a political strategy. The Quran emphasizes and endorses lying to gain an advantage. The communist manifesto and Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals support the big lie for political gain, and Adolph Hitler, an expert practitioner in his own right said, “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”

Barak Hinsane Obama worships at the altar of the disingenuous statement for success and entertainment. If you don’t know what he is or believe what he is doing is evil and destructive with intentional malice afore thought, you are a victim of his campaign of lies. If you believe he is a Christian his lies are so successful that he has you lying for him and you don’t even know it.

My flag is at half mast for the duration. We have been lied to for so long and by so many that when a really great liar comes along we worship at his altar until his lies turn into our reality. Obamacare is the law of the land. We own it and in a cruel ironic sense it serves us right. Our mothers told us not to believe strangers. Our forefathers told us how we would know a liar when we meet one and we all know what George Washington’s greatest virtue was. In the end we fall victim to the greatest lie of all; America is not exceptional…and now it is true.

If we believe in exceptionalism despite Barak and Putin agreeing it’s not us, we are going to have to fight for it. No more Mr. Nice guy to tell us how great we are instead of how great we were. The way back to exceptionalism, free markets and self determination is now made trebly more difficult. Maybe this, perhaps I’m just praying, but just perhaps the hard cold realization that the reality of a government of the people has become the stuff of myth will jar us into action. Every day is critical now as our freedoms are arguably conceded to the cabal in the Health Care Bill. The First Amendment is all but nullified by the Bill and the Second will now see storm trooper tactics as the government uses the medical profession to identify gun owners and gun owners in some states will have to prove they are not insane if they want to keep their guns. The premise being that if you want to own a gun you may be insane.

Are we in time to take drastic measures? Will this new America drive the average citizen further underground or bring out the long overdue outrage and indignation needed to demand our rightful place in this Republic? The framework is still there. The Constitution and Bill of Rights can be dusted off and reclaimed. Who will take the first step and demand that Barak be removed for cause and held accountable for his acts against the Republic and the people?

Act to save America. The forces of evil have taken this game into the bottom of the ninth and our side has not scored a run in 5 years. We’re up. Don’t bunt with a man on second and two out.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Reality Check Number 58,896 or 7 and Counting

Stuff your ears with cotton and open your eyes as wide as the good Lord permits. The truth is being acted out before us as a deadly object lesson in Kenya. Perhaps those who were slaughtered for the sin of not being Muslim will not have died in vain, if only we believe our ears when they threaten humanity and our eyes when they execute their morbid plan for world dominance. This act of terror is simply the manifestation of things to come.

Jihad calls for the slaughter of all infidels. Don’t bother looking it up. If your mother doesn’t wear a Burka and your father doesn’t wrap his lunch in a prayer rug, you too are an infidel. Jihadists don’t leave judgement to Allah or teach us that the path to salvation is the acceptance of Islam, as the only true religion on earth. Jihad calls for on the spot execution of those who were not fortunate enough to convert to Islam before judgement and punishment confront them and are meted out simultaneously. Judge and jury are the Neanderthals who believe that if they are killed in the commission of their Holy calling they will be rewarded with everlasting carnal pleasure in the hereafter, X 76. You can witness this deadly proselytizing process unadulterated and uncensored on the six o’clock news. Too bad the Six O’clock news won’t tell us what Barak is up to.

Barak’s most recent blatant support of Muslim terrorists is his unilateral waive of the law against arming terrorists. His arrogance is only exceeded by his impudence. Imagine. We needed a law to tell us that if you give your enemy a loaded gun you are an ass and we have a president who can send guns and tanks to any side he chooses to help in a foreign war and he’s decisive. This decision came on the heels of Putin putting a blocker in the path of Barak’s determined commitment to depose the human ten pin, Bashar Assad. Creative little mole we have in the White House, wouldn’t you say? Bashar joins the likes of Mubarek, willingly giving up (wink-wink) his WMD for a kick in the Tuchus on the way out.

In my dreams of fantasy the betrayed, deceased members of Seal Team Six march into the White House and escort the current occupant, kicking and screaming, to Cuba, final destination Guantanamo Bay. Just before I wake smiling, strains of America the Beautiful waft down from Heaven and I proudly raise the flag in my yard to full mast.

Jihad is evil and ugly and it matters not who slits your throat; it only matters that you will cease to complain while your enemy jubilantly and defiantly proclaims that God is good; “Allah Akbar”. In Kenya, the birthplace of one Barry Soetoro, they call themselves al Shabaab and from country to country they are known as al Qaeda, Hezbollah or Taliban and I am not about to untangle the mess to find some technical differentiation. In the end they are either killers or murderers with the same ideological mother. They are sworn to kill and they have three primary targets; Christians, Jews, and anything in between. I say call them all Muslim Brotherhood, define the term as anyone or thing that wants us dead and buried, and do unto them as they would do unto us; only make sure we are first.

So far we not only will not be first, we are only vaguely aware of the true maleficence and insane hatred these people bear against us and civilization itself, or how truly organized and determined they are.Couple that with a sitting president who has a track record of aiding and abetting the enemy, extolling the virtues of Islam and demeaning the religious heritage our moral compass relies on to enact and execute our laws. Recall with embarrassment that we accepted this candidate who not only refused to provide us with normal credentials, but spends millions of dollars to keep them legally out of our grasp to this day.

This man with two names, who has preached disarmament as a military strategy and has diminished our military capability while in office and while expanding our military objectives, has agreed to talks with the President of Iran but not with the opposition party in Congress. That is the deranged behavior of a true narcissist with ambitions of dictatorship. I imagine the talks will open with Hassan Rouhani stating for the record that he is the son of the sister of Mother Teresa and will do us no harm. Iran intends to light the entire Middle East and parts of Asia Minor with atomic energy generated electricity, as a public service. Barak will inform him that aboard Air Force One there is a pay load of deadly red lines and no option is removed from the table. Kerry will compliment Hassan on having the most beautiful wife he has never seen and wonders aloud if she is a virgin; sort of a preview of what to expect in the hereafter, a present from Allah, and drone on to regale everyone with tales of his heroic war time exploits and how he almost got away with paying taxes on his lavish, very expensive, one of a kind yacht, the earthly benefit of marrying well in Western civilization. The United Nations will then vote and one of them will be declared president for life of the Liars Club. Ahmadinajad will be disqualified for telling the truth when he said Iran intends to push Israel into the sea. Watch for the secret handshake and knowing glances when the talks are declared meaningful and productive, if not conclusive. Barak will declare victory, Kerry will declare “whatever he said” and the Arabs will declare that Lucy is the most sought after virgin in all of Mecca and her football is a religious icon.

Shut the darn government down, please. Pray that my fantasy takes some manageable, patriotic, flesh and blood, constitutional form. Our government is the strongest weapon the Muslim Brotherhood has in their war against civilization. In this configuration a president whose loyalty and judgement are highly questionable and a Senate that marches in lock step with him, will not perform to our constitutioanl blueprint. As long as we keep feeding the beast it will continue to devour us.

Hold Barak accountable for crimes against a foreign nation…us.



See Beyond the Smoke and Put Out the Fire

The steady drone of Obama-scare debating is nauseating. If this is the democratic process in action we might be better off living a simple life of pure unadulterated socialism in a tribal village or a Kibbutz, where socialism actually works.

What gets my goat is that the argument over HR 3590 has narrowed down to budgetary concerns with a little consideration given to quality of life and management issues and in descending order of importance our Constitutional argument is no longer relevant. Now it has become the bone of contention over the funding of a rogue government. The concept is contrary to the core values and basic tenets of the Constitution and is not compatible in any sense with a Constitutional Republic that was founded on man’s ability to self govern and thrive on self determination. No argument against the law should omit that fact. From Judea Christian precepts only a free market society can emerge, and has, albeit under attack almost from inception. The free market is the solution Republicans have been unable or unwilling to champion or enunciate. As a freedom-based society we’re doing exactly what all collective societies do…letting the minority decide our fate as a matter of course. The minority in this case represents a vocal but disorganized majority; but a majority created by the liberal policies and programs conservatives allowed to permeate our Republic with insidious degradation. The dependent society has little understanding or concern for the free market system that provides the wealth they prey upon and they will certainly diminish and destroy in time by their ever increasing demand.

If Health Care was the only albatross we had to deal with perhaps a very productive, free market society could absorb the cost and move on. But government Health Care, like socialism itself is a means to an end and it is the destination we should be concerned with when we question the wisdom or efficacy of any socialist program, especially one as all-consuming as Obamacare. See the health care issue for what it is; a major, perhaps decisive battle in a greater ideological war.

When fully implemented it will tip the scales of productivity vs. dependency so that no conservative could win an election when so many Americans are induced to vote in their own narrow self interest. Out of ignorance will grow a fear that libertarians (extremists) will strip them of their “benefits”, including but not least their precious health care. When income is limited and the potential for upper mobility is nil, government cheese and meager Health Care benefits will be viewed as their worldly possessions and they will fight to keep them if not work to earn them. Unable and unwilling to think past tonight’s dinner or the next doctor visit, takers will not see that the gift laden socialists they elect will morph into the oppressive ogres that will inevitably take it all back. The fascists who preached redistributive socialism as fairness and equality will preach sacrifice and the virtues of unselfishness for the common good, to the poor that elected them. It has happened with predictable regularity and will happen here if we let it.

We can defeat the strategy to transform liberty into dependency by beating the new regime at their own game. Of course it would be suicidal but it proves a point. Imagine what would happen if we all agreed that Health care, food stamps, government cheese, education and cell phones should be free to all and literally all of us quit our jobs and signed up…socialism can teeter along with 47% of the population signed on but somewhere between 50% and 90% the plan falls apart and disintegrates, destitute and discredited. Without a breadwinner there is no bread.

That is why the laws of diminishing returns work against socialism and socialists become dictators when the only way to perpetuate their false economy is to confiscate wealth; eventually they will confiscate the meager possessions, labor and sweat equity of those who put them in power. When the people will not tolerate another tax increase only a dictator can wrest the last drop of blood from whoever is still hoarding or trying to hold on to their dignity. By the way, this happens soon after the top 2% have been shamed into giving up 60 or 75% and more, of their income. The insatiable appetite of government must reach into the pockets of the middle class and that’s when the fun begins to end. The middle class doesn’t shrink like a cheap shirt; it is comprised of industrious human beings, who when deprived of their ability to find gainful employment swell the ranks of unemployed and underemployed, together with the never employed and are forced to seek assistance. …you see where I’m going with this? You can’t shrink the middle class without increasing some other sector and the trajectory is down. The numbers of people no longer looking for work and no longer eligible for benefits are the dirty, telling secret this administration is straining to keep us from noticing as though they are invisible. 7or 8% unemployment my eye. And who will pay for their mandatory health care and the insurance for millions of aliens mandated in the law? There isn’t enough health care to go around or enough money to pay for half of it. The Health Care law is an abomination that has one underlying objective; government control of our economy plus our self determination; yes, that is just one objective like the white on a grain of rice. The government currently in office also supports all things Muslim at home and abroad but Muslims are exempt from this plan. We will pay for their medical needs separately. These issues are inexorably connected as is the global war on infidels called Jihad.

Redistribution is a benign sounding term for robbery. Robin Hood did not steal from the rich to give to the poor…he stole from the king…government…and gave back to the poor that which was rightfully theirs to begin with. Stealing from the rich who create wealth is counter productive and immoral and in America fundamentally unconstitutional. That is why it is always accomplished incrementally. Reasonable taxes are paid willingly at first but when they reach the point of outright robbery it can only be done by decree…like Obama does now…see where I’m going with this? Universal health care is mandatory health care and call it fees if you prefer but taxation is what it is; pay the fee or pay the fine is not an American concept. Total transformation and fundamental change is an act of war. The enemy is in the process of ripping off our arms to beat us about the head and shoulders with. They are beating us with our own laws, mores and weaknesses, waging war from our White House as their headquarters and every indication is that if we lose this war, this defining war of religious and ideological attrition, America may well be dominated by Islamic Fascist order.

The persecution of Jews has begun in earnest. Every country in the world sees anti Semitism growing and Islam rising. America would claim to be the exception but I beg to differ. Silence is complicity. The acceptance of a growing Muslim Brotherhood presence in America is complicit with the anti Semitic movement outside our borders. The total transformation we have undergone has been Islam-complicit and supportive. Why are we constantly cautioned not to confuse peaceful Islam with radical Islam; then told that the Muslim Brotherhood is a religion of peace? Thank you Hilary Clinton for clearing that up.

We are short sighted and sadly naïve if we believe that the struggle in America is any different than the struggle in Israel, Syria, Egypt, Great Britain or Somalia. The Arab Spring is giving way to the African Spring and our own defenses and borders are left unguarded by decree. The enemy that is pledged to destroy Israel and kill all Jews also pledged to kill Christians on their way to world domination. They call it Jihad but we must not allow ourselves to get caught up in words or titles. We are embroiled in a religious war and do not have the luxury of declaring all Muslims peaceful until and unless they strike at us. Wars or even small battles are not won on defense.

There is a Muslim in the White House, and behind the patriotic rhetoric Muslims are being served. The enemy offense has the advantage of attempting to transform us before engaging us openly. Our reactions to Middle East atrocities and the Arab Spring have provided untold advantage to the enemy. Our tepid at best and reluctant support of our ally in the region, Israel, gives immeasurable support to our common enemy. Domestic policies that deny our Judea Christian heritage and claim equal status for Islam as a religion while Muslims burden our states’ and federal government programs and propose equal consideration for Sharia Law erodes our constitutional precept of government. Who benefits? An enemy we steadfastly allow our government to protect, support and refuse to name or assign blame.

It is time for Americans to draw a red line and we must admit it has been crossed…trampled, to be honest. Act to save America. Seek the counsel of unelected Americans who understand our constitutional options to control a rogue branch of government and demand we take those steps and begin to hold elected officials accountable for their actions beginning with Barak. Mark Levin, KrisAnne Hall, Allen West, Brigitte Gabrielle, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and countless others see where we went wrong and are more inclined to have practical solutions than most elected officials. It has come to this. The people have the obligation to take back this country now or take responsibility for the hardships of our future generations. Join the fray; do not wait for destiny to overtake us and be betrayed by our own inaction.

Do not feel helpless because you are alone or feel inconsequential. To believe that misconception is to aid the enemy who wants nothing more than your lack of participation. The smallest act on your part may be part of a much needed and greater movement. If you fear retribution it proves my point. Public display of your faith is everyone’s right and anyone can participate. Forward a message that inspires you that it may inspire others. Do what you can from where you are with what you have. If you fail to participate you will indeed be ruled by your inferiors; more the pity, so will your children.

We will give up a system of government and blue print for human dignity that has proven itself without exception and exceptionally for generations, in favor of known failure and certain diminished capacity.

God Bless Americans; give us the will and fortitude to see our path and never stray from it again.



Sardonic to a Fault

When Democrats give us a list of Obama’s accomplishments in office I’m reminded of a condemned man admiring the carpentry skill it took to build the gallows he’ll hang from.

But what is wrong with the rest of us? We have had some pretty condemning facts to hang on Barack and in every case we tire of mentioning or pursuing these issues once the Barakers respond. The response can be a bold, bare-faced-lying denial, it may be a promise to investigate with no follow through or it may be a dead end investigation with witnesses gone missing. It may involve witnesses taking the fifth even if it doesn’t apply or Barak citing executive privilege to protect Erik H. when it is not applicable, or memory lapses from people who were appointed because of their sharp mental acuity. It almost always involves finger pointing and a sacrificial lamb or two taking the heat, like tossing a chunk of meat to a guard dog as an obvious but fool-proof distraction. After a while, we tire of the rejection or stalling and move on when the next scandal surfaces like a pie in our face. Yes, you guessed it; I’m a proud birther and I have pie on my face all the time.

Is Obama care constitutional or not? Do the states have the last word or not? Was the passage accomplished with unconstitutional chicanery? “I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God” was last heard on a Perry Mason series. When we ask for such a declaration from a witness it redefines the meaning of the word “perfunctory”. They don’t even bother to cross their fingers anymore.

One year after the tragedy of Ben Ghazi we are finding the perpetrators, one by one, thanks to a determined FBI investigation. Barak would have us believe he will keep his word on Ben Ghazi and bring the responsible parties to justice. Did it occur to anyone that he means justice…as in our criminal and civil laws, in our august wood paneled American court rooms? Based on Judea Christian tenets? And even then only if all efforts to cheat us of our traditional justice, as in military, fails…Hilary, Barak, Panetta and the usual suspects can go on with their despicable lies and lives…There is no war; we have delinquent street urchins gone amok; and it now appears that the blame game has a winner. The responsible parties are…. (Why didn’t I think of it)..the victims did it! Pure genius. Whoever thought that up will no doubt be invited to the feast at the end of Ramadan. Get used to those Muslim holidays, Christmas, we are soon learning is offensive to many and confusing to Jews. Every year the same old dilemma…Chanukah Bush or Christmas tree?

Barak and Kerry are the strategic masterminds we can depend on to rid the world of chemical warfare. Bashir has until 2014 to turn over his arsenal and if he has to murder a few hundred thousand Syrians in the process we’ll chalk it up to collateral damage and the price of letting Kerry off the traitor’s hook after his distinguished service as an officer and liar. It only took a day and a half to cut a deal and believe me it’s fool proof.

Today if you really have your ears perked up we learn that Barak waived the law prohibiting the arming of terrorists. Next day we hear that Al Qaeda is turning the tide against government forces in Syria. Do you love coincidence as much as I do? America yawns and the dots don’t get connected…again. When Barak says some body’s gotta go he will go; no matter how much it costs us. How does a president waive a law that basically says we shouldn’t give guns to bad guys and not fear the wrath of the people? Well we have become wrathless…whether that’s a word or not…

And the beat goes on. Change the meaning of words. Change the perception of words. Why not? Most Americans now believe the Bill of Rights decrees the separation of church and state. Even after we read and reread the document we docilely accept matter of fact, self serving, inaccurate statements that misstate the words intentionally. You can correct them all you want; they never stand corrected.

Does the Second Amendment really mean that only the militia can bear arms? I know Venus De Milo can’t…(blame spell check) but if I’m not mistaken, and I never am, Barak has the right to have his own private militia….as well armed and funded as our standing army. So if this ploy works, we’ll be like Venus DE Milo…unarmed. The Trojan Horse has fallen into enemy hands.

The latest shooting event at the Washington Navy Yard, brought the same knee-jerk reaction from the liberal gun phobic left, Second amendment betrayers, as always. “See what the gun did?” In this case a gun ended the party while the shooter was just warming up to his task. The only humans involved were the victims. Guns did the rest.

O’Reilly who, like me has never been wrong, insisted the forefathers dreamed up the Second Amendment so we could protect ourselves against guns run amok…Who knew? Thomas Jefferson, bless his soul, didn’t have it quite right…oppressive governments back down with a good tongue lashing; it has always been thus.

If you want the real scoop on the Bill of Rights trust our text books to get it right. Our kids can’t read anyway and they certainly can’t add; not facts at least. Whatever will happen if one of these kids gets his hands on the Actual Document or a true copy thereof? By then we may all be speaking Arabic and toting around our little knee preserving prayer rugs and the kids will all be in free therapy sessions.

The stock market’s on a permanent high; it will never come down like the Hindenburg. Certainly that means the economy is doing great. Who knew that a free market economy would do so well with half the country at the beach and the other half paying the carfare? The “Federal” Reserve makes Google look like fiddle sticks, printing our money but enriching themselves with our assets. Surely there is a secret recipe for success in there somewhere?

At least Putin and Barak came to a meeting of the minds on our American heritage. We’re not exceptional; we just didn’t know it until Barak told us so and now Putin seconds the notion. And for 240 years we went around saving the world, creating crazy wealth and spreading democracy when it was just a misconception. Lord knows we stopped all that foolishness and are starting to act our age…impotency is inevitable, debtors’ prison is our legacy and as God is our judge we have no trouble forsaking Him either.

There’s plenty of Kool Ade to go around so enjoy the status quo. We knew next to nothing about Barak when we elected him and now that we are getting a snoot full we’re satisfied that the icing and the whipped cream he’s shoving and we’re loving hides a real delicious cake beneath. Keep dreaming.

Employment numbers are coming down and that makes us happy. More people unemployed since the great depression is depressing so don’t bother with it.

There’s no such thing as free, we all agree…except Health Care, thank you Barry S. Oh yes…that’s his name. Barak Hinsane Obama is his game.

Extremists believe in Christianity, Judaism, patriotism and self sufficiency. Normal people believe that for the first time in the history of the world, socialism will solve the world’s problems and the guy with the formula has no designs on an autocracy.

Stay the course. There’s plenty of room at the bottom and we’ve lost our appetite to be at the top. But should you wake before the alarm goes off, remember how good we had it before we were told it wasn’t as good as we thought and get mad. Get really mad and demand that Barak be held accountable for the facts as we know them; the cabal must go, we need to reclaim our religious heritage, revisit the Constitution and rebuild a free market, Constitutional Republic on this continent. I f we have to start over so be it. We were worth it to the Founders and our heirs are certainly worth it to us.

God bless Americans; we are the meek and the earth we inherit cannot be claimed unless we give credit to the Creator and earn the blessing he has in store for us.



Communism Was Defeated; Who will Take Their Place

Cuzzin Dennis sent this reference and image of N. Khrushchev predicting our defeat.

Communists may gloat over our decline but they were defeated…or were they?

Nikita isn’t the only one who predicted our fall from grace. The list is impressive and includes proponents of socialism as well as its strongest antagonists, including several of our founders. Franklin, Jefferson and others were so concerned that a government dependent on the electorate’s vigilance could fall victim to the frailties of previous Republics that they sought to exclude alternate forms of government from encroaching by constitutional design. Their peers and contemporaries who preferred a strong central government resisted their entreaties and threatened to scuttle the entire experiment. So you see the seeds for our eventual “transformation” were actually left in the Constitution and it was up to us to prevent them from sprouting. Over the decades we ignored every one of the precautions and warnings and even solutions the founders provided and managed to thrive and succeed despite our poor custodianship for 240 plus years; at least outwardly. The truth is that our ideal began to erode the moment the states ratified the almost perfect document for self-government ever conceived.

I am not a constitutional scholar or even a dedicated student but every conservative should know that a free market Constitutional Republic, founded on Judea Christian principles of self determination, cannot coexist with any alternate form of government. A government of the people loses its purpose when the first concession to socialism occurs. When did we stray off course? If your answer is when Obama was elected you fail the course miserably.

By the time Obama was introduced to us we were a constitutional Republic in name only. The will of the people was so ineffective that for many election cycles America’s political determination was described as a pendulum that varied from far left to far right, depending on the ideological motivation of the man at the top. Roosevelt drove the pendulum to the left, Reagan to the right. Politically motivated, power seeking presidents adopted convenient interpretations of the Bill of Rights and Constitution, imposed federal dictates and expanded the role of government. Idealistic, patriotic presidents, relaxed government expansion and let the people achieve more of their true potential. The problem is and always has been that socialist programs never go away between presidencies and socialists, liberals and progressives work to undermine conservative governments and candidates relentlessly, regardless of who happens to occupy the White House. Our Conservative origins proceeded through history losing ground on balance, from the inauguration of Thomas Jefferson till radical liberals and media sycophants engaged in the programmed discrediting of George W. Bush. Obama and his minions present a far more sinister outcome than Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater or any of our founders imagined on their most pessimistic day.

Look across the sea to Europe and then to the Middle East. Countries that embrace or tolerate Socialism all have failing economies, without exception. Within the European Socialist economies there are always examples of human endurance and ingenious achievement. These countries compete until the laws of mathematics and human dignity no longer tolerate the disparity between the haves and have-not’s, the producers and the dependents. Socialism is a gradual imbalance of opportunity and responsibility. By necessity, as the scales of injustice breed ever widening discontent, governments become more oppressive, confiscatory and intolerant.

Compared to the relative freedom enjoyed by most Europeans, predominantly Muslim countries depend on religious fanaticism to control their populations and freedom is an uncommon commodity. Women are relegated to subjugation and total dependence on the necessities and whims of the families and men that dominate them; they are chattel and objects of passing carnal indulgence. The least influential or productive of men enjoy total, unrestricted, religiously ordained, politically protected dominance over the women in their ancient society and in turn their government or ruler exercises the same dominance over them.

There are a few things we had better take into account if you believe in the forefathers’ blueprint for human dignity and achievement; something the majority will say they believe in but only a very small minority will defend at all costs. Begin to hold our public figures accountable for words, deeds and past affiliations or Socialism will be the least of our concerns. When a man’s past affiliations are reflected in his deeds and his words do not match the results we experience he is abusing the authority we placed in him, albeit ill advisedly. I’ll get to Barak in a moment but I am referring to our 535 elected officials. Our forefathers intended for the representatives of the people to serve a while, then return to their principal occupations. They saw no scenario in which our elected officials would become permanent fixtures and not be subjected to the laws they enact which they are duty bound to uphold.

When an oppressive, domineering government is no longer constrained by the law of the land and seeks to use or abuse our Bill of Rights selectively only to achieve their own ends and Congress is inclined to cooperate with, rather than challenge the other branches of government, Socialism is not our biggest concern.

When our historic, fundamental religious heritage is challenged and competitively, intentionally disadvantaged, socialism is not the culprit we should look to or the result we should reject. When Islam declares our Judea Christian religions ungodly and unworthy of coexisting with them we are commanded by our faith to reject their protestations; when government cooperates and encourages Islamic demands for equality, socialism is not the ideology looming in our future.

If you are oblivious to the dramatic increase of non assimilated Islamic Muslims taking up residence in every cranny in every state we have, pressing our courts and legislators to consider Sharia Law when enforcing our civil laws and burdening our public services to the max, the burka clad women and the men in their families are not interested in socializing America; they are burdening our socialist programs to overwhelm America methodically. The stated mission of the religion they hold holy is the conversion, domination or murder of all who do not convert and praise

Allah; the other part of that quasi religious organization is political and its goal is to impose Fascist rule by transforming our society. Not coincidentally that is the stated intention of the man in the White House, Barak Hinsane Obama, aka Barry Soetoro and it is not a socialist model my friends. It is the imposition of socialism as a tool to achieve autocracy or a reformed democracy in which elections are purely perfunctory and always predictable.

If the pattern of deception, bifurcation and misdirection is not yet obvious to you, you may not be inconvenienced or opposed to the Islamic Fascism applied incrementally, to which we are fully expected to be inured before we rebel. Not I. I rebel for all of you, for myself and for our future Americans. Socialism is not the end game my foolish friends, it is merely the scented path that steepens with each concession. When the scent becomes a rancid, fetid, burning odor, the path will be too steep to reverse; the destination is Hell on earth or an impoverished, Islamic Fascist ruled America.

Demand that Barak be removed for cause; we have many. Remove his guns not mine. His are the weapons that uphold oppression; mine are to defend the will of the people to defeat oppression.



Terror by Arson

They cross our border every day and they are not looking for jobs.  Nature’s Terror or Muslim Terrorism?

Wildfires have charred nearly 7 million acres so far this year — destroying more acreage across the USA in the first eight months of any year since accurate records began in the early 1960s, according to federal fire officials.

Yes it has been dry and no we don’t permit proper forest management to reduce the amount of natural fuel that accumulates as a result. Are those sufficient reasons to discount the possibility of terrorist activity?

Please watch the video, courtesy of Jan. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck….is it always a great impersonator?

I’d say that Obama’s major function is to keep the lid on our natural tendency to respond to acts of terror by denial, lies, media manipulation and false investigation, among other ploys to protect the Muslim terrorist movement in America, the Middle East and wherever it affects our national interest. It is intentional, providential or coincidental but the results are consistent. Obama’s edicts, policies and responses always benefit the bad guys…and we continue to whistle past the graveyard.

Pay particular attention to the reference to bin Laden’s plans uncovered where he was killed.


Mystery Solved!

Barak was cornered like a rat when suddenly the Mounties rode up and Barak begrudgingly accepted a lifeline that bailed his sorry bum out. Only it wasn’t the Mounties…the red jacket had us all fooled…It was the Russian flag, a splash of splendid red waving in the breeze obscured the hammer and sickle for a moment and was somehow mistaken for the iconic RMP jacket….Barak was stunned as he breathed an ungrateful sigh of relief, trying for all he is worth to make us think he has the bull by the horns; all America was in awe…why would Barak’s Nemesis come to his aide in time of crisis? His own party went AWOL, to say nothing of the G20 shun, when Barak’s red line turned pink and then yellow and the world cringed when the lion roared and exposed a toothless oral cavity…still spewing warnings and roaring bravado but alas no fangs were in sight and the audience yawned a pithy “after you, sir…we’re right behind you…excuse me how did you get in line behind us?”.

Putin, shirtless astride his white horse, calmly brought order to the indignant international community and from sea to shining sea on Obama’s turf, head held high, turned to Assad and said, “Bashar give the boys your toys before girly boy Barak has a hissy fit.”

Bashar demurred, briefly. Visions of Mubarak handing over his entire toy chest and Barak’s size 11 moccasin deftly imprinted on his derriere, flashed before his optically correct eyes. “Whatever you say, Czar Putin, as long as you promise to replace them after my coronation.”

“Don’t doubt me comrade, if we don’t save this stumble bum’s career these crafty Americans will replace him with John McPain and we’ll all be blown to smithereens”.

“I have two quarts of Sarin, 20 cubic meters of laughing gas and 57 tablets of rat poison; one for each American state. We deliver faster than Pizza King…no tipping too and free eye exams for early submission, please tell Barak.”

“Tell him yourself. We have Barak’s lunch. Hungry?”

Mystery solved.


P. S.

Barak is huddling with Valerie Plame, John McPain and Lawrence of Arabia (Barak’s alter ego)…Assad is history and the camel he’s riding out of town belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Peace is Won Not Declared 9 11 01

Our minds and hearts go back to the attack on the Twin Towers today. 9 11 has become synonymous with that terror attack and we should be mindful that our enemies also celebrate this date and will remain hopeful that they can strike a significant blow against us every anniversary.

I set this day aside as a day of prayer for the lives that were lost in terror attacks since the Muslim Brotherhood declared war on humanity and specifically against Christianity and Judaism, in 1928

We mustn’t let Ben Ghazi fade from our memory any more than the first attack on the Twin Towers, the Fort Hood Massacre or the 70 or more attacks we now attribute to Muslim extremism…terrorism by any other name, almost every one sponsored by or initiated by the Muslim Brotherhood; each one an act of war we refused to acknowledge as such, until September 11, 2001. We were wrong to seek revenge against one man and one group but we were justified in retaliation.

America is the embodiment of Judea Christian law in practice and as such stands in direct opposition to the political goals of an organization that uses religious zeal to wage terror, instigate war and control the minds and hearts of nations with the specific intention to eliminate all religions in the world, save Islam.

I pray that Americans will soon recognize who and what the enemy is and demand that our government concentrate our resources to preserve our Judea Christian heritage and denounce and defeat any who seek to impose their beliefs in preference to ours. The Muslim Brotherhood is the sponsor of Jihad and that defines our involvement in a religious war that we are fighting as though the enemy cannot be identified and is anything but a religious war.

Use this day to come to terms with the reality of our times. The most important thing we can do in a religious war is confirm our faith. Restore our Judea Christian values, worship openly and let no man dictate to us how we should celebrate our faith.

We must vow to restrict our involvement in the affairs and wars of foreign countries unless the objective is to diminish and defeat a common enemy; only then will we engage when it is in America’s security and national interest.

Use this day to declare to all that we will no longer tolerate a government that refuses to acknowledge or even call the enemy by its rightful name…Islamic Terrorists. Begin to win our battle by getting the enemy out of the White House so we can end the Muslim Brotherhood threat once and for all. This is my prayer.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Burst the Bubble of Deceit

When our enemies are more credible than our own government check the seams on our balloon.

I am aware that my interpretation of Barak’s meteoric rise to power is not universally accepted. As a matter fact the prognosis that he arrived on the shoulders of a well planned cabal is a narrowly held minority opinion and I don’t exclude the possibility that I am virtually alone in that belief.
So think of it as fiction but allow me to make my case one glaring example at a time. Barak is not a domestic product.
The Syrian debacle can be analyzed better now that the international community has weighed in. Considering the credibility quotient of spokespersons on both sides of the issue, we are actually challenged to accept Barak’s ever changing positions or the consistent, unequivocating position of Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin. Putin speaks for Russia and occasionally a diplomat or Peskov will chime in. You never get a parade of sycophants, party loyalists, Cabinet members and ex cabinet members, no matter how discredited they may be, bellying up to the dais to make a case for Putin’s inadequacies.
Barak dusted off Hilary and Rice, disgraced non apologists of the Benghazi cover up and there is no shortage of  bold faced, unapologetic defenders of the indefensible, taking their turn at our credibility factor trying to sell us what more and more appears to be a bag of soiled goods.
Today, God help us all, Putin and Assad are more credible than Barak, Kerry, Clinton, Rice and Pelosi et al. to our morbid embarrassment. Our liars club professionals have the joined credibility of a Springer Spaniel wagging his tail furiously, dancing around a fresh deposit of internally processed Alpo.
Vladimir has condemned the Muslin Brotherhood consistently, in no uncertain terms, completely frank and devoid of political correctness. “Not in Russia and not on my watch”. Putin warned the world community that Christianity is under assault in the Middle East and even had a word of caution for American Islamic tolerance.
Assad says that he is fighting to keep Syria a secular government. Maaloulan Christians, under threat of death and subjected to torched churches by Muslim Brotherhood terrorists, side with Assad. McCain, Kerry and other laughable to the verge of tears hawks call the anti government troops freedom fighters, opposition forces or rebels. When pressed, our liar’s club professionals will give us minimal percentages of Al Qaeda’s minuscule involvement but I have yet to hear one of these shamsters refer to the Muslim Brotherhood as the likely victors. Fact. That’s what Mubarek, Ghadafi, Hussein and others fought most of their lives in office, so why not Assad? It is not a simple rebellion against a cruel dictator when you peal the onion back. If we understand the dynamics in the Middle East we must conclude that dictators are the lesser of two evils and the Muslim Brotherhood is the unthinkable Devil’s advocate that seeks to devour the entire Middle East as an appetizer and prelude to the main course…the rest of the world. Putin isn’t afraid to tell the world what he thinks of the Muslim Brotherhood and he backs up his talk with action. Like it or not he arms his friends in Russia’s best interest and it is becoming more apparent every day that Barak is doing the same; arming his friends against our best interest. The irony of all ironies will be if Russia is the instrumental force that ultimately leads to the defeat of the greatest threat against civilization and helps eliminate the threat of Judea Christian extinction and inadvertently exposes a cabal in our midst.
Fact: From the moment Barak felt he would be ordained as President he began his campaign to elevate Islam and cast aspersions on our Christian heritage. He began his presidency with a Middle East tour, bowing to Muslim potentates and apologizing for American exceptionalism. Is that Fiction?
He lauded the Arab Spring and supported every rebel uprising calling for the removal of each dictator. Five Arab countries have been liberated from their dictators since the advent of the Arab Spring, but none of them has managed to replace its despot with better alternatives. All of them are demonstrably worse off. Fact.
The Arab Spring and our interference has seen the greatest rise of the Muslim Brotherhood politically and militarily since their inception and virtually all of the terrorism the world endures since 1928 can be traced to their filthy tent. Fact.
Fact: We back the rebels in every case and Russia stands with dictators. When do we begin to question the motives and wisdom behind our choices and actions?
Obama painted himself into a corner on Syria and passed the baton of responsibility to Congress, guessing that historically Congress ceded to the president that which they consider his. But he got whipsawed by public opinion and Congress was on the verge of giving Barak a major thumbs down, rendering the incumbent a lame duck. From our naive perspective it can be said that Putin rode to the rescue with a plan to turn over Assad’s chemical weapons to international controls and Assad quickly agreed. Logical behavior if you buy their version of events, that the use of chemical weapons was a ploy by Al Qaeda to draw America into the fray. Israel also cautioned that might be the case. If Barak simply wanted to assure the world that Chemical weapons were secured he would embrace the idea and enjoy an undeserved victory lap. But no.
It would be impossible to turn down Russia/Syria’s offer and still keep us believing his motives are purely altruistic, so he cast some doubt and took as much credit as possible by saying it was his threat of violence that spawned this huge concession and the players cannot be trusted without reservations.
So how does Barak prove me right? The acid test is simple. Barak claims he made up his mind to bomb Syria but patriotically chose to give Congress the last word and maintained that the decision was not time sensitive. We could bomb tomorrow, next week or next month…Whenever Congress gives the green light. The Russian solution just changed all that. Kerry is willing to wait while the plan to turn over the gas unfolds, but “we’re not waiting for long”. We may bomb sooner than we thought.
That is a dead give away that Barak’s motives are no different than his imperative in Libya or Egypt. His is to topple the obstacle to Muslim insertion in the political mix when the chaos in the aftermath leaves a vacuum of power at the top. Assad must go just as Ghadafi and  Mubarek did, to make way for Muslim democracy.
An American president would have seen the pattern since Ali and Hussein, gone back to the drawing board and acted in America’s best interest; call off the dogs and pursue a political solution while the climate is right. Tell me when Barak has done that with certainty. America has been invaded. We are the unwitting staging platform and finance, influence and political resource for the Muslim Brotherhood. If their plans to dominate the Middle East, destroy Israel and transform America are successful America will become an Islamic Fascist autocracy or at best a captive democracy in which all elections have the same results.
Perhaps the time has come to fight the war of our choosing and not the wars that we are drawn into. The Muslim Brotherhood must be defeated militarily and outlawed in all civilized countries. Let America lead the way once more.
Act to save our Constitutional Republic. Demand that our representatives see this administration for what they are and recognize that we are victims of a cabal.
Call for Obama’s removal and hold him accountable. Reserve impeachmnet for legally elected officials.
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

We Are the Marginalized Heirs of a Government of the People

I am outraged to the brink of danger from internal spontaneous combustion. But before my anger immolates me or I otherwise lose my composure completely let me say that I will not be swayed by emotional blackmail. How low can you go! Evidently there are no limits to the depths of degradation these politicians will sink to sway the American public to agree with their insane preferences over our objections. It matters not that 70% of the American public have made their wishes known emphatically or that the international community has turned their back on our peevish desire to wreak pain and suffering on a hapless population to prove we haven’t lost our manhood. But have we lost our humanity? We are being inundated with gratuitous images of dead Syrians and make no mistake; we are intentionally being  shown lifeless children and whenever possible we are being subjected to writhing humans in the death throes of chemical torture. To say it doesn’t tug at our heart strings and prompt us to take action would deny our long proud heritage of human kindness but for America to monitor world morality requires a strong leader and what we have is a strong Muslim advocate. We simply cannot trust Barak to conduct military operations in the Middle East. His bias toward Islam over American interests is the major contributing factor of our loss of prestige and influence on the world scene and our flailing economy at home.

We, who were considered too sensitive to view the remains of public enemy number one, images we would have recoiled from but would gladly have endured to put closure on an ugly episode in our history, are now being subjected to a steady diet of grotesque imagery. One man kept us from having the satisfaction of seeing the enemy who wantonly killed thousands of innocent Americans and taught his followers to kill as many Americans as possible, defeated and dealt with forthrightly. We were deprived of that glimmer of satisfaction because Barak was duty bound to provide Usama bin Laden with a dignified Muslim ritualistic burial at sea, his inanimate body bathed and swathed in a clean shroud, to make a martyr of him. His reluctance to punish Muslims underscores his presidency. He was absolutely embarrassed into giving the go ahead to ambush bin Laden but having no alternative, he took credit for the episode. After a Muslim terrorist attack his public admonition of ‘don’t jump to conclusions’ was all Barak could muster and Hassan was promoted to Major before finally be adjudged guilty of the mass murder of unsuspecting, innocent fellow servicemen. We weretold that no matter what the perpetrator said or did his dastardly act was simply “work place violence.” We probably will never hear the truth from Barak or any responsible party on Ben Ghazi, now one year in passed. You did see the remains of our mutilated, sodomized Ambassador and other victims in the attack, did you not? The images of our casualties gives the enemy recruitment and encouragement.
Will we allow our government to respond to one atrocity with another on, of all turncoats, John Kerry’s assurance that it will be a contained operation? If it has no value or suits no national purpose does restricting the scope and duration matter a whit? Has Barak kept his word on any subject much less on international affairs? Is the man who condemns America’s proud military heritage expected to elevate our international posture by selective moral indignation? No one with an ounce of brains believes there is a valid objective to our madness other than to save face for Obama, when for all intents and purposes he has no “face” to save. I beg to differ; America’s reputation is not at stake. What is left of our dignity will be flushed down the toilet by one more act of aggression by a president who has shown utter disregard for our international reputation in favor of his ideological purposes.
The mission we claim we wish to accomplish is a fool’s errand, nothing more. The only possible beneficiary will be the Muslim Brotherhood, once more. Evidently we prefer that Assad kill his citizens by more humane methods but we don’t object to their slaughter. No military commander, who has not replaced his patriotic fervor with bipartisan ambition will give this ill conceived plan or lack thereof, his backing. To sacrifice one more American life to prove a point long past proving is an atrocity in itself.
If we are determined to end terrorism and the murder of innocent civilians, including Americans, Israelis and Syrians, we should issue a joint statement with our staunch and wise ally, Israel, that unless Assad ceases and desists within one hour of our notification Israel and the United States jointly will unleash the full brunt of our might and force on Iran until the streets are paved with shards of glass and then do it. By all that is holy if we want to engage in war then attack our enemy not his proxy! If we want to show the world how smart we are then fix our economy, pay down our debt and build our military might to unprecedented readiness and might. We will have our dignity back, our rightful place as world leaders and the respect and fear that has been the hallmark of peace since the beginning of time. I might add that any non-assimilated Muslims still hunkering down within our borders after the last bomb is dropped on Iran, will be shipped off to Iran to begin the 2000 year process of coming back for more…and they will.

Recall the elected imbeciles that are calling for an American death wish by too-little-too-late superficial doomed strategies in the name of humanitarianism, tongue in deceitful cheek. Start with the man responsible for the chaotic mess we find ourselves in, Barak Hinsane Obama, and chain him to the misguided, cowardly legions of Congress that are stomping for what will inevitably be America’s last gasp of dignity and march them off a cliff in the middle of the night; and afterward, please do not show us the photos…you may offend our sensibilities.
It does nothing to sooth my angst or assuage my concerns to know that Congress will now meet to decide whether or not to take military action against Syria. When Congress meets I sweat. Do not confuse the issue…We are being told that the purpose of a possible missile strike is to dissuade Assad from the further use of Chemical weapons…We will maim and kill a few too may innocent civilians but we will not bend a hair on Assad’s head. If we call the death of innocent civilians collateral damage it softens the edge as if to say to err is human. In fact it has become an exercise to save the face and reputation of an interloper who deserves the opposite and preserve the jobs of the those who are supposed to balance the powers, not navigate them. The people have spoken already and there is no doubt where our sentiment lies. America decries this action and we know full well that Congress will not meet to exercise the authority we place in them; to express the opinions of the people they represent. Rather they will meet to weigh the pros and cons in their own political self interests and that is the full extent to which our opinions will enter their consciousness, their consciences or be of consequence. They heard what we have to say; now we await their unconstitutional, independent decision. 500 men who can’t balance a budget will decide what is in our best interest, in the best interest of the Syrian people and teach Arab dictators who dread the emergence of the Muslim Brotherhood how to win friends and influence people. The forefathers would be appalled but I’m afraid we would get a resounding “I told you so” from every one of them, if they could speak from their tombs.
It does appear, mercifully, that Congress is now inclined to vote against any overt military action but they have not yet been subjected to the full court press Barak will exert, using blackmail, bribery and cajoling. It has already worked on Boehner, McCain and a handful of RINOs;  it remains to be seen if the RINO moles in the Republican Party can persuade their lesser peers to do the wrong thing for the right reasons or the right thing for the wrong reasons. Again, our voices will have little to do with the outcome, despite what they will spin our way after the fact.
Pray America. Prayer asks the Lord’s favor and sends a message to Muslim Jihadists. Islam’s time has not come. Our faith is undeniable; we are a nation founded on Judea Christian tenets and that has made us prosperous and brought us greatness. That greatness has subsided with the laxity of our faith and reliance on His word. Sharia Law and all it entails is in direct opposition to our civil laws and Judea-Christian mores. Our God is the Creator of life…the Islam we are dealing with is the destroyer of life. The life we have been blessed with is made richer by self determination. The transformation we are threatened with abhors and fears self determination. If we choose our battles carefully only our true enemies should feel the wrath of our armies. Syria is not an enemy that seeks our demise…Iran is that enemy and they have chosen the Muslim Brotherhood to do their dirty work. Focus. Rise up, wise up and act to save America. Deny Barak the advantage he seeks. Deny him the office he holds in low esteem and desecrates with his presence.
God bless America.
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”