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Americolor; One Race

I’m not a psychiatrist or sociologist; I don’t have a PhD or Dr behind my name; I have a J-r and it stands for Junior. I learned my social skills and respect for my fellow man from my parents and prejudices weren’t inculcated and fine tuned in a socialist indoctrination factory, otherwise known as a university. I learned respect for my fellow man at home and from the bible. All men are created equal and do unto others and an idle mind is the devil’s workshops are universal, fundamental life lessons. Only the Quran preaches hate as a religious tenet. The Liberals’ war on poverty disadvantages strong family units and discourages self reliance, making a mockery of our long honored proverbs. We not only failed to put a dent in poverty, we managed to disrupt the family unit and diminish self esteem and ambition. To be sure that enough people are dissuaded from earning their way liberals even changed the financial definition of poverty…upward. You can’t legislate equality and redistributing money doesn’t bring equality. Equality is earned from self esteem.

It is time for Americans to come together and not let liberals continue to impose their degenerative social programs on this country. They are time tested to destroy personal responsibility and diminish productivity. The result is that someone has to pay for liberals’ mistakes and wrong-headed political decisions. Society ends up paying the price but we always fail to end the original cause… The housing bubble is just one more example. Liberal Democrats insisted on providing mortgages to woefully unqualified buyers and then blamed the banks’ greed for the millions of people who lost their homes and suffered the most in the ensuing housing crash. Now we have the knockout game which is anything but a game and it is the result of years of liberal democrats insisting that “minorities” need government help to get by on a generational basis. Of course the marauders who commit these crimes must accept the consequences of their actions, so we are on another crusade to act against the symptoms without placing responsibility for the root cause.

I was raised in an all white neighborhood where we had few opportunities to interact with or get to know black kids. I imagine that black neighborhoods were similarly isolated but more so. Racial epithets and anti Semitic language were not uncommon but neither were the common Italian, Irish or Norwegian slurs that kids throw around out of ignorance and smart alec behavior, common to all adolescents when in the company of their peers. It had more to do with turf than prejudice. Nothing was meant by it. Most parents do not accept that kind of talk at home and that’s why the smart talk was eventually weaned out of us. We didn’t hate and nobody told us we should. As far as I could tell only the black community is exposed to hate speech as a regular diet and it doesn’t differentiate between nationalities, it is anti white. It should not be tolerated or condoned anywhere but when it comes over the airwaves or from the pulpit it is especially onerous. Black parents, especially in two parent homes, are no different than white parents, brown or yellow parents. We want our children to grow up respectful and responsible and hate or hate speech is not tolerated where faith is instilled. Instead of ending poverty the so-called “war” is creating dependency and that impacts self esteem negatively. With the unemployment rate at historically high levels America has a record number of young disenfranchised people who are truly victims of government failures.

Millions of idle minds and twice as many idle hands are a sure fire formula for violence and gang activity as demonstrated by the growing popularity of the “knockout” game. It is obviously racist but it is not representative of America’s overall racial climate. It is symptomatic of the political climate this regime and black leaders who call themselves “Reverend” create. The message from the White House and from the Attorney General is that blacks in America are victims and descendants of victims, deserving of special treatment and reparations and white America intentionally keeps blacks from succeeding. That message is reinforced by the likes of Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Jeremiah White and many others and somehow they are all Reverends. These “men of the cloth” who rush to the defense of black youths, innocent or not, ready to vilify their victims or attackers as the case may be, with venom dripping from their lying mouths and vitriol soaked “black speak” accentuating their hate message, blame whites for all their social ills and poison idle minds for profit. Is it odd that we never hear these “reverends” beseech the impressionable youngsters to join them in prayer, seek the way of the Lord and follow the teachings of the Bible? Race-baiting is not a calling or a vocation; but for the likes of these despicable opportunists it is a dubious profession.

The inevitable conclusion our young, both white and black reach, is that there is a race war in America and many of them are acting out. There is far more black-on-black crime in America and those are the truly unsettling statistics. To my everlasting consternation they seem to believe that Barak is a victim of white prejudice too, preventing him from turning America into a utopia for people of color and that utopia means free stuff to supplant personal initiative. These are not middle class sentiments; they are the ranting of an underclass that is intentionally agitated by politically motivated scoundrels. Productive Americans, black, white or brown don’t see the world from the same perspective and are more likely to see lawlessness as delinquency gone amok or a social failing. We’ve had some bad episodes in America and much to shame us but through it all race never prevented the truly gifted and determined from succeeding. There is no doubt that blacks were given second class citizenship and deprived of education and opportunity and I will not make light of the historical facts. It is also a fact that black initiative and determination broke the historical bonds and whites relented begrudgingly. I do not minimize or deny history but I will not join the hordes and diminish the changes for the better. When races are thrown together lasting friendships form. Left to our own devices humans tend to get along in this world and it is usually governments that create class envy, segregation and divisive laws. No government in my recollection contributed more to racial unrest than the Obama regime and the irony is that he has unqualified support from the people he’s hurting the most.

Racially America was a better place five years ago and until and unless we relieve Barak Insane Obama from his bully pulpit we will not appreciate the American racial melting pot that is evident all around us. The adults in the room are drowned out by people like the Reverends White, Sharpton, Jackson and AG Eric Holder and a president who does not lend the power of the office to advance equality by remaining mute when they should denounce race bating and set an example indifferent to color.

We citizens have an obligation to defend this nation against all enemies. When will we learn to recognize who the enemies are by their actions and pay less mind to their lies?

God bless America, all Americans. Brotherly love is not dead; it is not dying and suffers most from denial.



And Judas asked, “Is it I Lord?”

The enemy has learned to fight a war against us without our dissent.

All that remains for the United States to end the charade is for Barak to send Israel’s Ambassador packing. The bond between Israel and the United States is broken, perhaps beyond repair and all that remains of the unbreakable ties is a reprehensible sham. John Kerry made it official, at least in the minds of the not so dumb, with his disgraceful admonition to the Senate that they ignore Israel’s objections to the proposed treaty with Iran. The now official United States’ policy toward Iran has Valerie Jarrett’s indelible finger prints, John Kerry’s undiplomatic, callous representation and Barak Obama’s arrogant Middle East enablement initiative.

Kerry’s openly hostile remarks in the Senate should evoke a strong response from Ambassador Dermer, if not a direct condemnation by Netanyahu himself. If ever there was a more propitious time for Israel to take matters into their own hands it is now and it should be done with full and politically incorrect assignment of responsibility to Barak Obama’s cavalier support of Iranian objectives to the detriment of Israel’s and the United States’ best interests.

To save his people from another holocaust and Israel from further humiliation Benjamin Netanyahu may chance plunging the entire Middle East and allied nations into a war of attrition and shame on Israel if they hesitate any further. The exponential expansion of Muslim Brotherhood military power and political influence could not have evolved were it not for Barak’s meddling and blatant disregard for Israel’s sovereignty and the safety of her people; Netanyahu’s primary concern and principle responsibility. The US may not have a treaty obligation to partner with Israel against her enemies but the moral obligation is beyond question and the empowerment of her enemies is bold faced betrayal. If we are not officially wed to Israel we have been legally cohabiting since Israel’s birth. America’s hand print is on every one of Israel’s treaties with their Middle East neighbors and the United States is now responsible for most of those treaties being nullified or in jeopardy. This betrayal is unconscionable and I hope and pray that the American electorate recognizes the intentional condemnation of Israel and all Jews for what it is; a rejection of Israel’s right to exist. American Jews have been silent almost to the point of complicity. Do you not realize the bull’s eye is on your backs as Jews and again as Americans? I condemn this administration and the betrayal of Israel as a Christian and as an American. It would be no more or no less if I was Jewish. I am appalled as a member of the human race to think that one group of humans would tolerate the condemnation of another group to their death.

So please do not view this coming crisis in a vacuum. The scourge of the Muslim Brotherhood is a threat to civilization, notably disrupting governments and civil societies wherever they squat, invited or not. The United States is no exception; France regrets their liberal invitation to the guests that stayed hoping for the funeral of the host. The elimination of Israel and the murder of all Jews will be followed by the coerced conversion of all infidels to Islam with death or enslavement the only other options. The diminution of Christianity is a persistent and growing phenomenon in America and anti Semitism has been on the rise worldwide, especially where Muslims have found safe haven.

If the world community closes their eyes to this atrocity I assure you they will not open their eyes in time to save themselves. You can take that as a religious prophesy or political reality; it is anything but poetic. The Muslim Brotherhood has stated their intentions and has acted out at every opportunity. Barak has made his decision clear; when push came to shove he chose Islam.

It is our duty as Americans to remove the threat to our Republic; Barak personifies that threat and the Muslim Brotherhood is intent on carrying it out.

Speak out and act out to save America and Israel will be spared. Speak out and act out to save Israel and perhaps America will be saved.



Fibber McGee and Folly

It’s not the lies that are killing us, it is the truth doing us in.

 So far 5 million and counting have lost their existing health care insurance and the number may go 10 or 20 time higher. Put them all on Obamacare and voila! The most successful roll out in the history of Communism, fascism and socialism in action.
The greatest scam in the history of mankind will provide free health care to 30 or 40 million unproductive people, system navigators, Muslims and illegal aliens, at the expense of America’s productive society. America’s taxable society is being coerced to provide insurance and health services to a very few deserving but a multitude of unqualified, undeserving people, including undocumented immigrants. Here is why. Transformation and fundamental change cannot proceed as planned without massive wealth redistribution and control of the economy requiring wealth and income confiscation and population control and that is why Barak clings to his precious plan harder than we cling to our guns and religion. If we would learn to cling to our guns and religion half as tenaciously as Barak does to his enslavement plan he wouldn’t have a plan. Until we do the middle class in America will be taxed, expensed and victimized by confiscation along with retirees and pensioners living on fixed incomes. If you were wondering what total transformation and fundamental change feels like you are only seeing the tip of the iceberg but you should be getting a hint by now. Free stuff is already subject to runaway inflation.
I am amazed at the pundits who are amazed at Barak’s lies. I’m amazed because none seem willing to connect all the dots and act as though they expect Barak and his minions to come clean just because they are exposed. Foolishness. Exposure is an annoyance that motivates them to lie better. Weak links are intimidated and silenced. Liars and bifurcators rewarded, promoted and protected. We are dealing with an authoritarian ideologue not an incompetent Democrat.
The Conservative message should never deviate or compromise. The free market is the American secret to success and there needs to be mandatory classes on Capitol Hill to teach Republicans how and why the free market is the only answer. We are a Republic and no other economic principles apply. Our Representatives have a responsibility to their constituents and to the Constitution for the preservation of the Republic, even when constituents stray from the country’s best interests to pursue their narrow self interests. It is not only okay to disagree it is patriotic and required when principles are at stake.
Obamacare is a device in the form of Trojan Horse diplomacy. When the hordes abandon the wooden horse they are coming to get us; not insure us or cure us. Obama should never have been sworn in as president once he revealed his intentions to transform the nation. It is impossible to swear an oath that is in total opposition to your beliefs and intentions. If he actually took the oath to defend the Constitution and defend America from all enemies from within and foreign, that was the first lie he told in office. After that it would take an army of editors to keep track of the lies numerically, topically or generally.
Our responsibility was never more clear. As Americans it is our inherent duty to defend and preserve this country. If elected officials fail to carry out that most urgent duty it remains for us to remove that official. There is an enemy of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and American heritage actively engaged in our demise; it is demonstrably the President himself. Remove him or suffer the consequences.
The truth will not set you free. What you do with it will determine if you deserve to be free.
God bless America.

Restore the Presidency

“I don’t believe in a fate that will fall on us no matter what we do. I do believe in a fate that will fall on us if we do nothing.”

— Ronald Reagan, 40th U.S. president

This week we remember two great American Presidents for different reasons. The greatest two minute speech in recorded history and the tragic assassination of the other.

We can’t help reminiscing at this time what it was like to have great American patriots for leaders because the contrast with today’s presidency is stunning, regretful and pathetic. The comparison is all the more relevant when we note that Lincoln was a Republican and Kennedy a Democrat but their love and service to this country was paramount at all times. They led this country as Americans first and politicians a distant second.

If anyone believes that Obama loves America they do so in spite of his own words to the contrary. Had Mary Todd or the beloved Jacquelin uttered words that resemble Michelle’s opinions the shock would have been international news and reverberations would have been felt in the hearts and souls of every American old enough to read or listen. It would have scarred our memories forever.

In two minutes at Gettysburg Abraham Lincoln was able to tell us why America is great and in so doing expressed his love and gratitude for the people he served and the genius of our founding and his words will live on as long as our flag waves free.

John F. Kennedy needed few words to summarize the essence of a government of the people. “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” A democrat who knew the order of authority is not reversed.

How far we have fallen. We somehow elected the most unqualified man in America to the highest office in the land and he shows his gratitude by his determination to alter all that we are, all that we stand for and all the promise we hold for the world. He promises total transformation and fundamental change when great presidents in history fought and died to preserve what we are.

In recognition of Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and all the great presidents who have served with dignity, honor and courage, from George Washington to George Bush, I go on record once more to denounce Barak Hussein Obama as an enemy of the Republic and again call for his removal by any and every legal means available to us.

Restore the Presidency.

God Bless America,

Undoing the American Dream

The open road was inviting and exciting; it was new and well lit, paved, clearly marked and straight as an arrow as far as the eye could see. We traveled confidently and joyfully, working as we went, a road less travelled but envied by all. Soon we let others lead the way while we enjoyed the scenery and the profits of our labor. The road narrowed…we travelled on; the road became rutted and unfamiliar but we forged forward. More help to plot the course is all that is needed. The road became dark and dangerous; still we ventured forth and paid the ever growing tolls. The road was unrecognizable and we finally asked, “When did we take a wrong turn?” A Voice answered, “You failed to slow and stay the course when the destination became unclear; you lost faith in Me. You gave the reins to strangers who promised a better destination at no cost; it was they who turned and you refused to question their judgment. You did not maintain the road you were given. Now your regrets fall on deaf ears. The road back is also clear and well lit but will you take it?”

The willingness to ease Iran’s sanctions against conventional wisdom, logic and peaceful considerations is only one more proof of Obama’s loyalty to Islam, Middle East culture and the Muslim Brotherhood. John Kerry is the perfect foil to send on this fool’s errand because Kerry is no stranger to betrayal. His disdain for Israel’s safety and sovereignty is evident in the deal he supports and his words to the contrary are only typical of the administration’s negotiation techniques. Iran has a loyal advocate brokering their cause; the mole in the White House and his messenger make fine-sounding speeches about supporting Israel and being tough on Iran but in fact Iran could not ask for a more loyal advocate to play interference while they play for time, delay, lie and stir the atoms toward nuclear proficiency. When Iran produces their first nuclear bomb it will have Israel’s name on it; the stencil will be provided by Barak Hinsane Obama and delivered by the yellow-livered John Forbes Kerry; (I think of him as John Fritz Kohn)…Kerry has proved long ago that he does not know or care how America’s best interests are served for he has never had any interest in that pursuit.

Cracking down on Iran by easing sanctions when his political fortunes are dropping like fly dung in an African outhouse, Barak serves the antagonist’s interests by exposing Israel to the highest jeopardy they’ve known since 1947. It looks like the puppeteers Barak dances for are not pleased with the potential set back the Obama Care fiasco presents for America’s transformation. Therefore Barak is kissing up by doing his part to keep the wolves away from the Iranian door to nuclear proliferation. Even if you don’t like the way I arrive at my conclusions, you can’t argue with results. P.S. Dictators seldom worry about popularity polls and usually punish pollsters who get erroneous results.

Say what you will about France; but know that the French came to our aid at two critically important times in our history and two critical times for Jews. The Revolutionary War may have turned in our favor after the French came to our aid like a midwife at the birth of a nation and the French underground was responsible for saving at least hundreds of Jewish lives during WW 2. When France stood up and denounced Barak/Kerry’s efforts to let Iran slip another one past the UN Israel knew the significance of France’s ethical integrity, even though Kerry was obviously displeased. While Kerry and Barak privately got their drawers up in a knot, American and Jewish patriots owe France another hat-doff. Barak was going for a purposeful set back to Israeli/Western civilization and France was alert and appalled; the second significant time for both Jews and the US that France’s conscience kicked in at a critical time.

French PM Fabius said Iran must suspend construction of its Arak heavy-water reactor and halt uranium enrichment to a concentration of 20 percent to win a relaxation of the sanctions, consistent with their ongoing posture; not spoilers as they are being portrayed, just consistent and rational. Even socialists have had it “up to here” with liberals and ideologues coddling Muslims to the detriment of all the French hold dear.

At this stage of our introduction to Islamic Marxism I believe it is fair to say that as Israel goes, so goes America. If Israel, left to her own devices does not survive this demonic effort to eradicate Jews, America will not stand long after…nor deserve to. It is a betrayal of humanity and civilization to abandon Israel; twice evil to assist her enemies. If we are insensitive to our Judea Christian religious heritage our quest to restore America will not succeed, even if we survive. Barak is betting that Israel, isolated and betrayed, cannot and will not take preemptive actions to save herself. Preemptive? How many times must a sovereign, ethical nation be slapped, kicked, insulted and threatened before the world takes the Muslim threat seriously? The shameful truth is that the cowardly, self absorbed world community knows full well that the Muslim threat against Israel is far more than an idle threat, yet Israelis’ long overdue response would be preemptive. The nations of the so called civilized world are poised once more to stand by and enable, then witness the wanton murder of innocent Jews and will not object or act until they are horrified to discover that the murderers will next turn their attention to them; and they will, God help us all. Jihadists have no allies…Israel has been set afloat in a leaking canoe on a sea of treachery and hateful deceit, the bonds of friendship strained beyond endurance and only a blood soaked treaty for a paddle.

The cowards and politicians of this world ignore ethnic cleansing, genocide, mass murder, human bondage and other human atrocities selectively but will usually respond with great empathy to natural disasters. We have eyelids like camels; the injustices of the world that directly threaten our security, sanctity or financial interests are like grains of sand our eyes do not feel or see.

I am my brothers’ keeper; so are you. I know many dear friends and valued acquaintances who are concerned for the welfare of others as well, and I can easily extrapolate that number to include the silent majority. Conservatives do not beat their chests when they provide for the less fortunate; it is an individual responsibility, not to be assigned to others. The world is not devoid of goodness but for now evil pervades the world and the meek await the promised outcome apprehensively. I say to all of these good people, the meek among them, that God helps those who help themselves. We can no longer afford to pray and wait for divine intervention for America and Israel; we must act to save what the Lord entrusted to us. We should begin by seeing to the removal of Barak Obama, the friend of my enemy, the enemy of the Constitutional Republic.

The undoing of the American dream has claimed many casualties and will claim many more…many have paid the price already for our failure to preserve the Republic, abide by the Constitution and to reject the diminishment of Christianity in favor of Islam. Lack of awareness is bad enough but lack of interest is inexcusable; especially from those who take our liberty for granted.

As our military readiness has been compromised, diminished and feminized distinguished key military careers have been truncated…An Ambassador tortured, mutilated and killed, our embassy attacked, his staff slaughtered, all apparently sacrificed intentionally and all investigations hampered, delayed and denied by the White House, then Secretary of State and gagged witnesses. Only the authority and power of the White House can make or condone decisions that allow these atrocities and then ignore the public outcry.

26 Navy Seals, our bravest and finest Special Forces members, have been used, abused and murdered…Pakistani Dr. Shakil Afridi, betrayed by this administration, languishes in subhuman prison conditions for fingering Bin Laden.

Entire industries and small businesses have been inundated with senseless, draconian regulations, impossible to navigate or comply with and still remain competitive. Iconic businesses and innocent people have been raided by heavily armed, intimidating government agents for minor or fabricated offenses or while practicing their preferences and beliefs.

Millions of Americans have lost hope for gainful employment in an economy that lacks the infrastructure to encourage and develop entrepreneurship; the infrastructure that was surgically removed to enable socialism to replace individualism…they are no longer useful statistics…or the true, unvarnished employment statistics might demoralize those who are statistically viable…

Suddenly Obama’s lie that we can keep our doctors and insurance plans seems superficial and almost inconsequential, as we realize his has been a progression of lies and misinformation to achieve his goals. Our Republic is and has been the target…America is being methodically changed fundamentally and the world is being transformed as we debate the policies and issues that are merely symptoms of an historic purge.

The dragon will not suffer the loss of an eye or claw…to kill the dragon we must attack the heart. Cling to your guns and you will defend your religion. Cling to your religion and you will defeat the attack on morality. Cling to the Constitution and you will preserve the Republic that succeeds over all challenges to self determination, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

God bless America.



Pass the Pepto Dismal

After listening to O’Reilly’s tortured elicitation of the elements required for a statement to qualify as a lie I want to throw the book at him…Webster’s Dictionary or Roget’s Thesaurus or both and be done with it. Barak, the lyingest human being ever to have mastered the power of speak, has not yet crossed the veracity line according to O’Reilly. Is O’Reilly guilty of not lying according to his own definition? Or is he innocent by fabrication?

In my comic strip visualization I would pound every talking head denier, hesitant or unable to call a lie a lie, upon their heads with great tomes of definitions and English translations, until they were at eye level or butt to cheek with the common earth worm or burrowing to safety with moles and other subterranean rodents.

When Bill Clinton created reasonable doubt as to the meaning of the word “is” I thought my head would explode. But the august panel of elected, professional bifurcators took the testimony in stride and sat attentively with hands clasped, while the lyingest President in history (until that time) held class on English definitions for idiots. To top it off I think they all flunked the course and opted to repeat.

Nixon was impeached, of all things, for what? For lying. He told one lie too many, was called to task and resigned for the good of the country. How many lies did Nixon tell in his entire presidency? Nobody knows because lying wasn’t his worst trait, or his forte.

When Bill Clinton dismissed the class he too was held to account…for lying. Admittedly Clinton was no piker in the art of prevarication but once again; it wasn’t his worst trait or his forte.

George Bush on the other hand, told the truth and was immediately besmeared and besmirched by Democrats and yellow livered, trained seals of the liberal left media with “Bush lied, people died”. It is part of his legacy that will be with him forever and the irony there is that those who labeled GW a liar had to lie to do so.

FDR didn’t lie to the best of my knowledge (I was only 10 when WW 2 made him a fabled heroic leader). He didn’t have to explain why he denied 3000 Jewish immigrants safe harbor for their own good. He just did it. He wasn’t politically incorrect to hire Joe Kennedy to watch the bankers and brokers because “it takes one to know one”; he meant it. But he neglected to tell us why he established 100 government agencies or at least the real reasons. He lied.

So why, not all of a sudden, is it ill advised, in bad taste, inappropriate and unpatriotic to call a liar a liar when he has eclipsed all other pretenders to the throne and runs an administration that survives on lies? Think about it. Like a thread on a cheap shirt, once you decide to pull on it the whole thing unravels; that’s why.

Barak campaigned on a platform of lies; He lied about his religion. He heard not one sermon in twenty years in the pews of a notorious hate spewing Black Liberation Church; he ran as a Christian then threw the Rev. Wright under the bus. He lied about his birth, contradicting his own grandmother. (Don’t disrespect me by waving me off on that one!) He has two certificates and he’s not twins, both attested to as forgeries by competent experts. If he isn’t lying I’m dying and who spends millions of dollars to hide stuff if it doesn’t contradict his official version for public dissemination? Barak is so deceptive and deceitful that his presence is a lie even if he isn’t moving his lips. When Barak told the truth, boldly I might add, half of us didn’t understand the message, half of us didn’t believe he could be so bold. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are problematical to him but he had no problem swearing an oath to defend and uphold those sacred documents. He lied with his right hand raised and his left hand on….well we’re not sure; he had to do it twice.

Most of us were taught not to lie and that George Washington was the exemplar of morality for his refusal to lie. I was taught that if a person lies once you can never again rely on that person’s word. I was taught that lying is a sin and they came in degrees of iniquity. We had white lies…which enabled us to avoid hurting some one’s feelings or protect them from unnecessary pain with no consequence to ourselves…more likely a nod of appreciative approval. White lies are okay if you don’t overdo it. Barak does not lie to protect us and believe me he is not the least bit concerned about our feelings. His every word and deed is an expression of his ideology and intended to further his agenda; an agenda that can never find acceptance with an aware, well educated and properly informed society unless he lies about his true intent. An agenda that betrays Israel, supports her Islamic enemies and ours, does almost irreparable damage to our military readiness and is shredding our economic infrastructure.

Truth and integrity are the bedrock of an ethical society. Christianity and Judaism extol the virtues of honesty and punish the liar; at least we used to. It is vitally important to remind you now that Islam, in contrast, celebrates liars and lies that advance their political intentions. Islam encourages their followers to lie for political gain or religious expediency. It is written in the Koran. It is also written that Jihad is the way to convert all infidels to Islam and kill all Jews.

Barak is a petty, compulsive liar; his father served in the military during WW 2. Really? He hasn’t had a cigarette in five years because Michelle would kill him. Really? Every time Barak speaks in public for more than 2 minutes he lies. That is pathological. We all suffer the acquaintance of harmless liars and usually add a grain of salt and let the lies fly by. Barak is not an acquaintance; he is our representative on the world scene and the laughing stock of world leaders. His word is unreliable at best and his petty lies confounding to serious international dignitaries.

Barak is practicing the political, far more dangerous version of lying and his methodology stems from his religious training. He was educated by Muslims and speaks fluent Arabic. His lies are intended to mislead and perpetuate a long term ongoing indoctrination of people who are accustomed to self determination and free market economy; they (we) must be transformed and our nation, in the process, fundamentally changed. His lies are accompanied by actions that have the exact opposite effect of the lying narrative. His lies contribute to the agenda of our enemies who long ago decided to defeat America from within, by turning our strengths against us. His lies continue the Communist legacy of deceit and unrelenting propaganda continues to turn Americans against the incomparable system that made us invincible by direct opposition.

The narrative used to transform us and the theme of the propaganda never changes. We have been told by America’s enemies, we can call them the Left for now, for decades, that the grapes we love are the cause of rotting teeth, sour stomach, faulty thinking, hair loss and cross gender impotence and only the rich could afford good grapes. The rich could afford good grapes because they made their money selling bad grapes to poor people. While the Left repeated their lies they poisoned the vineyard and slowly we began to agree that our grapes were not all they were touted to be and slowly we accepted more sour grapes and grapes not fit for consumption but available to all free for the asking. Older folks remember when grapes were plump, sweet and nourishing but younger generations won’t give up their free grapes for mythical grapes.

When did we as a society become so accepting of lies and liars surrounding us? We only decry lies that contradict our point of view and find ways to justify the lies of those we support or agree with. Part of the poisoning of the vineyard is the lowering of moral and ethical standards. In my book there is little difference morally when we allow lies as when we utter the lies. Republicans pounce on their colleagues not for lying but more often for telling the truth, especially if it is an inconvenient truth, and that amounts to moral hypocrisy. Democrats not only defend liars and lies but are perfectly willing to expound on the lie of the day and take turns repeating the lie with parrot-like repetition; and they punish their colleagues who break ranks.

The First Amendment doesn’t protect lying but it can’t avoid it and my point is that the left has been able to exploit our “weaknesses” which in many cases are also our strengths. The Second Amendment may soon be the only defense left to us to protect the First and all other Rights. The constant lying that guns make us unsafe when every statistic and the evidence of the highest crime rates are in States that have the strictest gun laws do not dissuade a government that fears and armed electorate. Only a government that oppresses its population has reason to fear the people.

By lying, bribing and political gamesmanship the Left have developed a sympathetic audience in a conservative nation. They have successfully enacted laws and socialist programs by being patient, persistent and diabolically dishonest, despite our insistence that we are a country that thrives on free market economies, self sufficiency and individualism. We believed prosperity achieved by freeing men to reach their highest potential would never give way to opposing systems that punish success and reward mediocrity. We were wrong. When failure is institutionalized and rewarded, blame assigned to victimization and responsibility transferred to the state there is little incentive to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and take another turn at bat.

Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice and I’m beginning to see a pattern…We are the victims of the big lie. The Left we are dealing with will inevitably introduce us to Islamic Marxism unless they are lying about that too…oh…they didn’t tell us that; it’s just pathetically obvious.

Demand that Barak be removed for cause; we have many. Demand he be removed from office and held accountable. Let’s not go down without a fight.