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The Right to Dissent is an Obligation.

Folks; how do want your fish wrapped?

I just love it when Obama’s legion and other liberals object to
factual statements by simply denying their validity. “Prove it” they
say. You refer to tons of proof and they counter with another canned
denial…”Are you still making that dumb claim?” as if the passage of
time corrects all wrongs. Or a blatant, “that’s a lie” with finality
or “the republicans are just as guilty”…two wrongs being the
arbiter…So I now ask these Kool Ade induced fellow citizens…how do
you want your fish wrapped? Who or what will you accept as an
irrefutable, undeniable, court of last resort, clarion of truth? If
you are waiting for Obama’s White House to come out with their hands
up and throw themselves on the mercy of the Tea Party we’ll all be
speaking Arabic or Chinese before you admit there is a remote
possibility of betrayal in our midst.

The Obama legacy, if four years of infamy is considered a legacy, is
rife with unsustainable claims, broken promises, outright lies,
contemptuous behavior, acts of betrayal, unlawful edicts,
contradictory statements, incriminating evidence, avoidance of due
course, circumvention of due process and you name it and the critical
mass is so overwhelming that we are becoming embarrassed for those who
continue to deny, deny, deny. Like a fisherman’s haul left on a pier
to rot in the sun the mountain of deceit is so overwhelming and
condemning that the stink is better than a GPS. If you are looking for
the fetid evidence it’s ubiquitous..

Even I can search the Internet and find U tube recordings of Obama and
Michelle stating plainly what Obama and his entourage deny with great
regularity; he was born in Kenya according to those cleverly dubbed
recordings. Nope. “U tube recordings or recordings of any kind don’t
prove nuthin”.

Books reveal with incredible detail his actual sources of inspiration
and religious, political and social convictions, quite contrary to our
heritage, American Constitutional doctrine and Judea Christian
founding but “books like that are just propaganda.”

We have court records; Obama spends millions to keep his records
sealed. “That’s his business. The records are sealed so how do you
know they are negative?”

Experts have examined both birth certificates and conclude with
certainty that both are forgeries or doctored. You have experts that
claim the opposite but can’t name them.

Economists warn that we are headed for Armageddon unless we change
direction and policies very soon. “He inherited that from Bush and the
economy is improving.”

What about articles in foreign newspapers where heads of state express
deep concern for our future and the effect on their countries? “If
they were true it would be in our newspapers.”

Really? You still believe the Fourth Estate has a shred of credibility
left? “You said the same thing when George Bush was president.”

Generally one would say that all the newspapers are good for is to
wrap fish in. But sitting on the pier knee deep in rotting fish they
hear no evil, see no evil and write no evil…No fish to wrap but the
lies they print and omissions they don’t…stink up the world of
journalism and honest reporting and make Benedict Arnold look like a
good third party candidate.

Stop asking us to show you evidence. This is your country too and you
owe it to yourselves and your children to end the denial and accept
the truth. Obama is the enemy. We are losing our freedom by
presidential decree and arbitrary decisions to negate court rulings
which do not fit the Fascist agenda.

Our First and Second Amendments are under constant attack and already
denied us by Federal Agencies that impose their will on citizens in
remote, under reported un American incidents. European history is
repeating itself on our shores and too many Americans are in denial or
willing to accept the rule of any government they believe to be
lawfully elected. That is not what the forefathers intended for us. It
is our legacy to question and resist government authority run amok.

Obama is arming government agencies. There are Muslim training camps
all over America. We have strengthened the presence of Islam in the
Middle East and in our cities and suburbs, laws are passed that
curtail our right to assemble and limit free speech, we are told that
spending money saves money, that destroying jobs improves employment,
that failed policies only need to be expanded to see positive results
and that our finest and bravest are politically motivated and
gutless…What the hell are we waiting for?

Disarm Obama not me…and by me I mean all lawful Americans. Remove
Obama by any and all means available to us constitutionally and
restore common sense for our survival.

Stand by the Judea Christian values that provide our freedom as
Americans and the Constitution that protects our right to dissent.



He Did What?

Folks; the facts on the ground; undiluted, unvarnished and irrefutable

Unarguably Obama has been the most divisive, unapologetic national
figure on the political scene in recorded history. The man who said
“elections have consequences and I won”, arrogantly intimating that
Republican ideas will have short shrift in his tenure, set the tone
for enmity and animosity in the country. Again demonstrating his sense
of authoritarian rule he famously said “Republicans can come along for
the ride but they will have to sit in the back of the bus”, showing no
inclination to negotiate or compromise or indulge checks and balances
during his term. In four years of presiding over the most insulting,
demeaning and derogatory democrat party in history he has never seen
fit to apologize or distance himself from despicable people, unsavory
attacks or inappropriate words. He has postured himself with the
stubborn, imperious pose of a dictator, chin thrust forward defiantly
and presumptively on occasions that common courtesy and civility would
have called for a degree embarrassment, modesty or humility; a pose
unbecoming the office of the presidency of this humble nation of
unsurpassed achievement.

The “man who killed Osama Bin Laden”, never did give whole hearted
support to the Seals’ incredibly dangerous , intricate and brave
operation but shouldered his way through facts and acts of heroism to
claim sole credit for himself. The retired Seal who dared to expose
this false bravado is now threatened with retaliatory prosecution.

The man who claims Executive Privilege in an effort to withhold
possibly incriminating documents supports his Attorney General.
Together this dynamic duo, denying due process, swear they knew
nothing, saw nothing and heard nothing; except that it may have been
George Bush’s administration that launched Fast and Furious.

“Loose lips sink ships” is a slogan from our glorious war time past; a
patriotic call for unity and national security. But this
administration has adapted the words to mean loose lips bring Obama
glory. No secret is sacred except the secret of who leaks and why.

The man who spends millions in attorney fees to withhold all of his
personal records accuses his Republican opponent of being, of all
things, a “birther”. Considering that reliable experts now agree that
both versions of his “birth” certificate are forged and doctored, the
audacity is palpable.

I would have a modicum (perhaps) of respect for Obama if he would
plainly state his intentions to decimate this great nation
economically, militarily, morally and prestigiously. You would have to
admire a man who admits his plan to overthrow America and discredit
the notion of a nation founded on Judea Christian principles of self
determination has failed…but he still intends to rule by
presidential edict…

I would breathe a sigh of relief if just one of the Republicans on the
national scene right now would decry Obama’s evident alien assumption
of the presidency and call for a full out investigation to arrest and
prosecute the entire cabal. The ensuing fallout would reestablish our
national sovereignty and end all pretext of “respect for the office”
as a pitiful, politically correct excuse to not demand full disclosure
on every aspect of Obama’s unbecoming behavior. His denial of Judea
Christian heritage, anti Constitution and Bill of Rights statements
and edicts, inexplicable, contrarian economic decisions and
unilaterally breaking old and establishing new strange bedfellow
alliances are beyond suspect and at least incriminating. Now that
would be a real “adult” conversation.

There is no remorse or regret or even a courteous “excuse me” uttered
or hinted by this callous, boorish, unrepentant, defiant band of
liars, braggarts and deceivers in power. Our inability or
unwillingness to bring their entire portfolio front and center weakens
our claims of integrity and accountability. Obama must be exposed and
recalled or history will record our generation as negligent of our
responsibilities and incapable of passing the torch of liberty.

After all is said and done Obama’s most egregious, truly transforming
“accomplishments” affect our free speech, right of assembly, right to
have and bear arms, interstate commerce, taxation without
representation, religious freedom, immigration laws and military
strength. He’s been a busy little Islamic Marxist and no one has seen
fit to address these issues for what they are; treasonous if he is
proven to be a citizen…and if not…acts of war.

Our time honored custom of holding conventions and nominating a
potential next president is either above the fray or below the radar
on these harsh truths. Perhaps it is better that way. If the result is
a peaceful transition of power almost unique to our nation, and a
Republican administration that will restore the dignity of self
sufficiency and economic stability, that will be quite an achievement
in itself. I for one will impatiently await the return to our
constitutionally recorded order of authority; a nation of the people,
by the people and for the people.

The only thing Obama has apoloized for is our record of achievementand
and our existence as a great nation. For this I demand an apology.

God Bless America,

Only the Government has Motive

A madman goes on a rampage now and then to the delight of anti gun
supporters. Before victims can be identified, motives assigned,
families notified or mourners reach for their Kleenex, Second
Amendment dilettantes trot out their trite, inane arguments and arcane
logic to disarm law abiding citizens.

It is as though the gun detractors fear that madmen who go on killing
sprees are in danger of being shot unless good guys are disarmed. I
wonder how many cowboys were shot in saloons by crooked gamblers after
they checked their Colt 45’s at the door.

There is not a shred of evidence that strict gun laws or guns made
illegal lowers crime; quite the opposite. Yet these rabid do gooders
persist in their disproven theories and are relentless in their quest
to put law abiding citizens at the mercy of criminals who disregard
laws. Never mind that laws already exist that make gun ownership
illegal for felons and in some cases even minor law violators. I’m
certain that career criminals support the morons who seek to make
crime a safer occupation.

So why the hue and cry after each tragic death? Are there that many
Americans who side with the crazies and want to remain in their homes
with only a prayer that no harm will come their way? Are most
businessmen with assets on display and cash receipts piling up, in
favor of taking their chances against armed robbers with 911 the only
protection in town? Is there some twisted comfort in knowing that the
gun which is about to ventilate your rib cage or splatter your brain
matter is illegal?

If recent events upset your sensibilities to the extent that you found
yourself agreeing with Bill O’Reilly and Michael Savage that automatic
weapons aren’t necessary to bring down Bambi, stop and think for a
moment. To help you think more clearly read and reread the Second
Amendment for yourself. Read what the forefathers had to say about the
need for the Second Amendment and its importance. Behind 95% of the
hysterics and faux pleas for sanity is a government objective. The
antis have a podium supplied by the loudest bullhorn in America, the
current administration; the Fourth Estate and talking heads
regurgitate spoon fed diatribes like the mindless sycophants they have

No legitimate institution or person should quarrel with the logic and
intention of the Right to Have and Bear Arms. When that something is
the government, beware; be advised and be vigilant. Stand your ground;
resist with all your might; do not be misled. Recognize this truism.
No matter who is suggesting the Second Amendment be revisited he
speaks for the government, knowingly or inadvertently; the only
institution that benefits from an unarmed electorate. A government
that comes for our guns will come for our tongues.

“The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed
until they try take it from us”…Perhaps Thomas Jefferson uttered
those words but I guarantee that he agreed with them. Unless you have
achieved room temperature as a permanent condition you must realize
“they” have come for our guns.

I’m waiting for a logical explanation for the recent purchase of high
powered hollow point ammunition by government agencies…

Disarm Obama not me.

God blessed America…respect that.


A Republic for Congress, Socialism for us…


Conventional wisdom predicts a close, hard fought election. With a

biased media and rehearsed, programmed, ideological pundits, a culture
of lies as acceptable behavior among politicians and a culture of
Islam that preaches the advantages of lying to achieve a political or
social victory, I maintain that we can no longer ascertain what true
conventional wisdom is and what we are asked to accept as conventional
wisdom. Add to that the fact that conventional wisdom has proven to be
wrong at least half the time even when we didn’t know we were being
lied to as a matter of course, and what are we left with?

We are left with a very divided society that is sticking doggedly to
traditional associations, beliefs and party lines. We are left with
mutual distrust, disbelief and unreliable promises around which we try
to develop valid opinions. Our most reliable indicator is often our
gut feeling but it is a rare individual indeed who will make major
decisions based solely on gut feelings; and stubborn resistance to
hard facts trumps gut feelings, which takes us back to the original
premise that conventional wisdom is not a reliable source.

This morning I resorted to basic political reality at a discussion
group that followed the usual pattern of accusation, denial and
entrenched opinion. I asked if anyone in the room had given up on the
idea of a Constitutional Republic. I suggested that if they believed
that America is a Constitutional Republic they can pick any issue of
disagreement to test themselves on…Social Security, minimum wage,
health care, immigration or birth control and on any of these
important issues is anyone arguing for the Constitutional position or
are we all arguing about which government program we prefer; the
Democrat’s or the Republican’s. If the Republicans are offering a
better government program than the Democrats or vice versa where have
we fallen as a nation that was given the golden opportunity to be self
governed? The discussion then briefly turned to how do we return to a
Constitutional Republic and the one hour meeting came to an end;

The answer to that million dollar question is one that the great
majority of Americans are not ready or willing to deal with. The
question poses the probability that the will to restore the nation as
a functioning democratic, Constitutional Republic does not exist in
any of the three branches of government and perhaps the real conundrum
is how to establish a different form of government. They do not wish
to anger the Gods and reject the 800 pound gorilla in the room by
admitting that entitlements have no place in a Republic. You see the
dirty little secret is that a Republic is totally dependent on
Capitalism for its existence.

We have 435 Representatives in Washington who have excluded or excused
themselves from every reprehensible law or program they foisted on us
and are now trying to figure out how to commit us to socialism while
they enjoy the benefits of self determination and capitalism. The
answer is simple; coronate 435 kings and let them do battle to the
death until only one is left standing and have a firing squad standing
by to dispatch that cheater.

A government that comes for your guns is coming for your tongues. This
election, with God’s continued blessing, will slow or reverse the
spiral of despair, oust the Fascist in the White House and in 8 years
we will be a much improved patient with a terminal prognosis unless we
address the true issues underlying our fall from grace. At least for
the next 8 years work to change the conversation from how do we
improve our credit rating, health care and international standing, to
how do we restore this nation as a functioning constitutional republic
as envisioned and devised by the founding fathers. We can start by
restoring the Almighty as the founding resource for our body of law.


The Right to Have and Bear Arms is Not Negotiable

The National Association for Gun Rights reports: “This time it’s not
whispers in the halls of the United Nations during the “Small Arms
Treaty” conference, it’s in the commies’ insulting annual report on
U.S. human rights.” From China’s report: “The United States
prioritizes the right to keep and bear arms over the protection of
citizens’ lives and personal security and exercises lax firearm
possession control, causing rampant gun ownership.”

Hey! All you juiced up liberals who rationalize the Second Amendment
to determine which guns Americans have a need to own…Supercilious
voices of reason who buy and perpetuate the “hunters don’t need
automatic weapons” argument and the rest of you Bill of Rights
negotiators and forefather second guessers who will hide behind my
fire power when push comes to shove…know that Communist China and
Barak Obama have found yet another controversial issue they agree on
without reservation or controversy.

Any American so misguided and uninformed that he cannot see the irony
in this collaboration is guilty of unintentional, yet deadly,
betrayal. Whoever said that “the beauty of the Second Amendment is
that is not necessary until they try to take it away” never dreamt
that some otherwise patriotic Americans would side with the anti gun

China, now fearful of a chopstick rebellion, somehow feels that their
opinion on the matter has weight in the hearts and minds of American
gun owners and defenders of the Constitution. Obama et-al accept the
support of a clandestine (who knew?) ally, the United Nations and even
Bill O’Reilly and Michael Savage to soften and justify their hard
nosed, unrelenting, prioritized efforts to take our guns; one
automatic weapon at a time, one clip at a time, one bullet at a time,
but inexorably determined that America shall be disarmed.

I am equally determined that no power on earth shall challenge the
wisdom of the forefathers and the freedom I am entrusted to preserve;
the entire Bill of Rights in their original, undiluted format as
intended by God Almighty. No American should hesitate to join me and
yet hold himself out to be one of an informed electorate. If you love
your country you defend it from all enemies.

My white knuckles wrapped tightly on the stock of any weapon I can lay
my hands on will greet the government that seeks to take my place in
the order of Constitutional authority.

God Bless America,


The chopstick

You Can Only Educate the Next Generation

Independents annoy the hell out of me…they end up being spoilers and
bend with the wind…Any group whose loyalty depends on the daily news
rather than principled opinions is too unpredictable for me and
inconsistent with long term national goals.

The communists that set us up for a fall decades ago knew enough to
dumb down the electorate; an informed electorate is their worst
fear…Our challenge is that an uneducated electorate is very
difficult to inform…What resonates with idiots are the sound bites
that exonerates their stupidity. Communists know how to play into that
audience; conservatives have the unlikely task of re-education…

Why Republicans don’t play back Obama’s own words over and over again
is a mystery we probably don’t want to solve unless we can also
understand the genesis of the invisible line they won’t cross. The
average American still doesn’t know that Obama stated that our wounded
veterans should pay for their own health care; and the tone with which
he spoke or his negative comments on the Constitution, the Bill of
Rights, the American flag, the National Anthem and American
exceptionalism, his high praise for the Muslim call to prayer and
countless other revelatory statements that just can’t be made up…in
his own words. Do the Republicans also fear an informed electorate?

It’s not his Health Care that’s the problem it is how he got it
passed, the Bills attached that deny our freedom and the massive
control over our economic liquidity and the will of the people.  We
should fear the Bills inside the Bill that have no relationship to
medicine. Therein lays the Obama odyssey. That plus his eagerness to
bypass Congress, issue edicts and declare war on the states over gun
rights, free speech, the right to assemble and immigration, dismantle
the relevance of the Constitution and our American heritage. Stop
defending personal attacks and attack the source; that’s fundamental
battle readiness.

We should fear and protest his comfort with unfriendly, even enemy
nations and his estrangement of traditional, long-standing allies. We
should protest his realignment of power in the Middle East. We should
denounce his anti Christianity policies and his support for Islamic
causes and Muslim terrorism. We should question intensely his claim to
Christianity and his participation in Muslim ceremonies.

We would have no reason to parry these things repeatedly if we had an
American electorate that lives up to its responsibilities as citizens
of a Constitutional Republic or are even aware of those
responsibilities. America has reached the nadir of division along all
lines of individuality; color, race, wealth, age, nationality,
sexuality and political preference; and incredibly among free
people…Democracy vs. Socialism…Political preference and democracy
vs. socialism stand out in my mind and raise the hair on my neck…As
a Constitutional Republic there should not be a centimeter of
clearance between Americans’ political preferences.

With God’s help we may win this election…We could not possibly have
a more unsuccessful, failed presidency to compete against…If only
Republicans were of one mind and one heart…But if we win the
election our hardest job will be to prevent malaise and complacency
and fail to take up the enormous, highly controversial task of total
restoration after the ruinous damage of total transformation.

Disarm Obama not me, not my friends. End the revolution before it begins.

God bless America,


Conserve the Republic

Democrats are the party of the Klu Klux Klan, and it was a Democrat
who stood at the school house door and democrats who burdened the
underachievers with the spoils of success. Only democrats are able to
identify and call out Uncle Toms to micro manage racism as it pertains
to “real blacks” and those who have been conscripted by white folks.
They are equal opportunity racists. As professional racists they have
become the arbiters of fairness and use their racist remarks, hate
speech and outrageous statements as the standard with which no
Conservative, Republican or Christian can compete. It is their sole
privilege and tactic and they feel empowered to accuse others while
they claim executive privilege.

Electing Republicans slows the progression of socialism but never ends
the political activism which continuously seeks incremental progress
regardless of which party is in office…Since we are officially a
Constitutional Republic the constant 100 years of challenges to
transform America is a direct assault on our official form of
government and constitute acts of treason, at least by definition. It
is only a stretch of reality because we created the Republic but never
excluded alternate forms of government from competing in the election
process; something the forefathers regretted but could not achieve.

The restoration of America must go beyond bringing us back to our
original ideal; if we are to survive the next all out assault to undo
the Constitutional Republic it is imperative that America amend the
Constitution to protect the Republic. This Republic can only survive
if the free market is left to create commerce requiring the freedom
and encouragement of entrepreneurship and shared risk: the essence of

Socialism, Communism and other oligarchies cannot exist in a society
that enjoys the freedom to achieve the highest potential for its
citizens and provides for government authority limited by the voice of
the people. And so it is that would-be communists, socialists,
Marxists and dictators must worm their way into the fabric of society
with lies, false promises, wild accusations and policies of any means
to the desired result; which is the overthrow of the last
Constitutional Republic on earth. That is the transformation Obama
spoke of, and that, in my opinion would be treasonous if Obama is an
American citizen; if not it is merely the most successful non military
cabal in history.

Transformation begins by co-opting the most vulnerable, corruptable
and greediest components in society and then seeks to increase their
numbers by taxation, confiscation, bribery and the politics of
division. The usurpers use the very laws they intend to subvert to
gain a majority of actual voters. The entitlement society can be
counted on to vote for their personal self interests and liberals in
America can be counted on to support taxing the rich to disable the
poor; it becomes a self perpetuating cycle of ever increasing
dependency. Republics through the ages have not been able to survive
the incremental erosion of the laws of self determination. America now
resides at the precipice of dictatorship and if we survive the
upcoming election urgent consideration must be given to the
proposition that we outlaw transformation constitutionally. This can
be achieved in the slippery slope of a governors’ convention, but it
truly is a slippery slope.

Disarm Obama. The First Amendment has been compromised through stealth
legislation and presidential edict; the Second Amendment requires far
more political trickery and instilled liberal outrage…but that is
the agenda of the Obama camp and the people will surely pay with their
freedom and eventually with their lives.

Protect the Bill of Rights regardless of rhetoric that seeks to
undermine our dependency on guns and religion, the Constitution and
Conservative principles; only Obama and would-be dictators find our
founding documents “problematic”; we must see them as our saving
God blessed America. Do not underestimate His word and His stake in
our survival. Through Him we will prosper as a nation; without Him the
path we are on will grow steeper and shorter.


Rumors have no beginning, no end and no conscience.

I was having some idle chatter with a friend of a friend about boxing and politics. This friend of a friend was telling me that he heard from someone who said they may have read about it a while back…that Harry Reid was a prize fighter once. I said that was pretty common knowledge and I heard it before; although I think he’s a sucker for a right cross. “Yes but did you know why he had to give up the fight game?” I thought it was because he had no strategy to engage in a fair fight…”No” countered my new best friend. “It was a problem with incontinence and loose bowel syndrome. The minute he ducked under the ropes to enter the ring he had to duck out again and run for the nearest men’s room, forfeiting the fight. On two or three occasions he soiled himself right in the ring. It was when they found him crying like a girl in the showers that they realized his intestinal fartitude was fear induced.”

“No shix! I never heard of such a thing! It must have embarrassed his dad too!” Judging from the strained look on his face I’d say this is absolutely true.

For a guy who won’t budge on the budget and likes the term “dead on arrival” it isn’t hard to understand why the Senate dropped out of the balance of powers thing. Facing honest opposition brings back old infirmities and old habits die hard. I hate to say it but Harry’s political strategy stinks…Like Harry the prize fighter we are due for a change…Let’s see to it that the new Senate Majority Leader can put up his dukes without running for the outhouse.

On a totally unrelated topic, as far as I know Mitt got very little from his dad…he’s more of a self made man, and that would tend to make any dad even more proud of his successful son.

When you vote keep the Senate race in mind…Obama wouldn’t be half as successful without their full cooperation and collaboration to ignore the rule of law, the balance of powers and the proclivity to lie, obfuscate, deny, delay and denigrate.

Disarm Obama, not me. End the revolution before it begins.


Treason Among Us Officially Released!

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Take a tip from Gabby

What did you bring away from the Olympics? The tax on gold medals put
a bit of a damper on the spirit of the competition for some of
us…Most Americans seem to agree that the specter of big brother
coveting our finest athletes’ accomplishments cheapens the aura of
international competition.

Ironically, the commies and socialists pay their gold medal winners
handsomely, while America sets a Fascist state example for the world
to see, by announcing all medal winners will be taxed for their
trouble. A slight gasp is heard internationally…Italy, China, Russia
and France are rewarding excellence and the United States is punishing
success;  a reversal in philosophical positions of epic proportions.
It demonstrates that Obama is more committed to ideological
constraints than his big, failed government counterparts. It
demonstrates that Obama is a collectivist that is bent on dispelling
the concept of individual achievement and his zeal has no boundaries.
It demonstrates that the total transformation promised embodies the
condemnation of American exceptionalism.

Repealing the decision to tax individual achievement in the face of
universal rejection further demonstrates the shallowness and lack of
integrity this administration brings to our political discourse.

But American exceptionalism is not merely how fast an athlete can
travel from point A to point B on land or in a swimming pool; it is
that and much more beyond that. American exceptionalism is the
edification of knowledge that we are free to achieve our highest
potential and rewarded, never punished, if our highest potential is
less than the paragon of excellence. We are free to fail and try again
as long as our personal endurance and spirit permit. It is that
freedom, completely removed from the jurisdiction or concerns of
government that engenders fairness, good sportsmanship and healthy
competition. It is the ideal so well espoused in the spirit and body
of the Constitution that gives dictators and autocrats concern for
their longevity or success in their need to control the hearts and
minds of the common man. Our athletes are not burdened with concerns
of giving credit to the God they individually worship and not the
state that trained them and demands performance for national prestige
and political pride, not personal achievement.

It will take more than one Obama term and more than one generation to
undo the American “can do” spirit or erase generations of American
confidence born of self determination endowed by God. Only the
American Constitution confirms what belongs to God and what belongs to

Amid the controversy and competitive wrangling there is one shining
example of all we stand for as Americans. One 16 year old smiling
beacon provides a prime example of the natural order of authority and
becomes a role model that we are indeed blessed to call our own. The
simple heart-felt words of America’s newest darling, Gabby Douglas,
hold the formula for all success and the restoration of America. “All
the glory goes up to Him and the blessings fall down on me.” A humble
statement of fact and enduring Faith.

The sooner we remember God’s commitment to us and act accordingly the
sooner we will begin the restoration of our great Nation as a
functioning, democratic, Constitutional Republic.

God Blessed America…what are we doing with that Blessing?

Demand that Obama apologize and step down. End the revolution before it begins.