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The Four E’s

Enforcement, Employment, Education, Enforcement

We reward people for ineptitude, idleness and laziness. We have made just punishment the symbol of unfairness and fairness the symbol of entitlement. We perpetuate and encourage dependency and when we reap the consequences, political correctness prohibits us from accepting responsibility or embracing responsible solutions.

Why not punish those who fail to prepare themselves to be self sufficient, productive contributors to society? Aren’t the productive members of society entitled to increase the load bearers and decrease the dependents? Evidently not, because we have also engendered a political environment that refuses to reduce dependency, for fear of losing votes. It is ironic that the dependent culture has the lowest voter turnout but turns out in significant numbers to demand their fair share of a pie they did not bake. They demand that injustice be legislated to assuage their misguided notions of fairness. The readiness to demonstrate is astounding. The need to be well informed and correct before waving banners and marching for a cause lacks the attraction and excitement of violence and rebellion. There is no lack of irony in ignorance when the protesters are objecting to the institutions that guarantee their right to protest… Don’t stand on formality if the word “peaceful” is lost in the confusion.

The process to unite America starts by recognizing the genesis of societal problems and the having the determination and political will to eliminate them. Solutions that do not include personal responsibility are proven ineffective and enabling to the point of disabling. Generational dependency has made the family unit a hindrance to eligibility for optimal public assistance, which minimizes respect for authority and brings scorn on traditional values. We are now living in a country that has created a growing sub-culture that has become proficient in optimizing public assistance and little else. Self reliance in this community is defined as learning to work the system when you come of age to get as much as possible by meeting the criteria for eligibility; nothing more.

The impression that dependency is most prominent in the black community is disproportionate to their percentage of the general population. Arguably Affirmative Action programs have done more harm than good. Those who took advantage of free education and preferential quotas because they longed to break the stereo typical profiles that disadvantaged them, already understood the value of self determination. They merely took the path of least resistance but still performed to their highest potential and became productive members of society. Many however, used the system to perform only to the minimum required, received a degree by default and went on to demand equal treatment in a competitive environment, regardless of qualifications. The system depresses self esteem and misconstrues fairness because it grants equal results, despite nature’s reality of unequal abilities.

A nation that elects a black man to the highest office in the land, accepts a black man as the highest law enforcement officer in the land, celebrates the achievements of black men and women in every field of endeavor with absolutely no trace of patronizing or social limitations, cannot still be considered racist. We do not deny our past or celebrate it but we have left that chapter in our development where it belongs; in the trash heap of history. We did overcome. We have risen above all that with the help of great men like Martin Luther King, Ghandi and Harry Truman. However, if the president and Attorney General of this great nation are openly racist and have knowingly and overtly exacerbated racial tensions, embraced race baiters and organizations known to foment dissatisfaction and discontent along racial lines, we should not spend our precious time in politically correct exercises searching for some deep seated, psychological, contorted explanations for civil unrest and violent public demonstrations. Have the courage admit the obvious. Place blame squarely where it belongs or live with the ravages of radical behavior without rancor. Obama has entertained Al Sharpton, the worst rabble rouser in America, in the Oval Office countless times. Let us have the courage notice that there can be no reason to consult with a race baiter except for his expertise in that field. Al Sharpton and the Attorney General of the United States, who have coddled and encouraged rioters, orchestrated or enabled this destabilizing phenomenon. Eric Holder states categorically that he will not prosecute Black Panthers or black crime unless the crimes are so egregious that they actually offend him; a very high threshold to cross.

Simultaneous demonstrations in a half dozen major cities are not spontaneous and do not occur without cunning, planning and providing incentives, usually in the form of compensation for key individuals. Al Sharpton was hired to coordinate the unreasonable, unwarranted and wanton demonstrations, coast to coast, as he has bragged he would do in the past. My eyes do not deceive me. I am from the school that believes if it looks like a rat, smells like a rat and scurries like a rat, it is a rat. 2 plus 2 is the eternal code for simple deduction. Two: The IRS is a proven, known co conspirator for liberal, rogue Democrat, invectiveness. Plus Two: Sources imply that Al Sharpton owes seven figures in back taxes…or is that already in the past tense? When you smell a rat have the good sense your mother gave you to call it a rat that smells. The human bobble head is in Ferguson inciting an anxious mob today. He should be arrested but instead he will be hailed for his fight against injustice; instead of celebrating the justice that our system upheld.

Because of Al Sharpton, Barack Obama and Eric Holder the embers of racism threaten to erupt in our cities anew. Theirs is a crime against humanity as well as a crime against the Republic. Old wounds are reopened and not permitted to heal and a significant population that depends on heroic figures for direction accepts the premise that the establishment is their enemy, and the establishment, contrary to current demographics, is white. The unemployed, uneducated and now unaccountable entitlement population accepts that they are victims. They wallow in it. They will not look beyond the agitators who look like them and talk like them, to decide for themselves who has oppressed them and who gains from their misfortune and stagnation. They are drowning in knee deep water and are told not to stand up and they will be cared for. When productive members of society demonstrate that achievement is possible by breaking the cycle of dependency, they are called racists, whether they are white, black or neither.

This trio of racial terrorists play like entertainers who ask the audience to settle down with one hand up and with the other hand lowered, palm up, asks for more, more, more. They speak of justice but direct their sympathy only to those who now see justice as the rejection of the justice system, thanks to thinly veiled calls for mob rule with empty pleas for peace and tolerance.

Laws are now primarily to make law abiding people keep paying into the system. Last night the National Guard, local law enforcement and firefighters were restrained observers of massive destruction. Crowds looted and burned at will. Our glorious America is no more. Fundamental change, total transformation and other phrases that undermine our proud heritage are the ugly truth that hurts to my core.

Remove Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetero, by any and every means available to us. We have cause; where is our righteous indignation when needed? I pray that burning our cities will rouse the sleeping giant. May the sacrifices of the innocent not be in vain. Our guns and our religion will be our salvation. We will not be converted, murdered in our sleep or denied our rightful heritage.

Enforce all laws. Educate every citizen to the level of productivity or their best potential. Anyone who refuses or fails to achieve useful skills should be put into public service until they develop a marketable skill. Provide employment for the good of the country and the welfare of all. It is possible only if it is our highest priority, political considerations be damned.

God bless America.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


Random Thoughts from the Farther Side

“Noncom” is the military abbreviation for “non commissioned officer” which was Sgt. Hagel’s designation. It can also stand for “non compos mentis” which is our mental acuity quotient if we believe there was any love lost between Barack and his choice for Secretary of Defense from the beginning. Quite a jump in rank and pay scale even for a wounded Vietnam Vet. Apply Peter’s Principle if you think it pertains; I do. As long as the Sgt. followed orders and represented the Commander in Sheik’s anti military formula for disaster he got to keep his new rank. When he dared to speak as though he was actually the Secretary of Defense he earned the Obama Judge and Jury disdain that festered just beneath the surface for two years. If Hagel was a true liberal who simply ran the gamut of his usefulness he would have been promoted to Chief of Staff and allowed to fade away like old soldiers do. As it is Obama would just as soon tear off his epaulets and grind his patriotically earned military decorations under his heal. Obama fires nobody because that would be an admission of his own failure. Write a book Chuck; in the end you spoke out for what you believed and was permitted to resign.

With Barack’s foreign policies coming home to roost, obviously it is time to appoint a Secretary of Defense that will support Barack’s strategy for total capitulation, to the bitter end. Kerry can’t do it alone. A loyal Secretary, someone like Janet Napolitano or Susan Rice, would be eager to make the speech condemning Israel for disagreeing with Kerry, making laws that reaffirm Israel’s purpose for existing, treating Palestinians the way Palestinians treat Israel and G-d forbid consider first striking Iran into oblivion. What a shame if Barack and Kerry were caught in a warm embrace (group hug?) with the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei when a pitzootz goes poof vaporizing Iran’s evil existence on earth. Virgins, virgins everywhere and a not ghost to care.

Barack the scholar asserted, “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation.” Is it a statement of fact or prophetic iteration? The process of Islamization taking place in America supports the latter. America never claimed to be a Christian nation but the majority of Americans are, have been and will continue to be Christian just as our incredibly successful blueprint for human achievement and social responsibility is founded on Judea Christian principles. Our civilization is the antithesis of Sharia complicit Islam. Its stated intention is to change that historic statistic by exercising Jihad; converting or killing all infidels, primarily Christians and Jews, until Barack’s prognostication is a reality would have been met with the outrage it deserves if Barack was dutifully exposed.

Instead Barack draws moral equivalency and doubles down on failed policies which inevitably benefit terrorist organizations. Without an unbiased media, diligently pursuing the responsibility of journalism in a democracy, Barack’s initiatives, fiats, and policies which lend credence and support to Islamic ambitions, would not have prospered our enemies in the Middle East and could not be remotely possible in America. Perhaps we would know who are real friends are, if any, and who are the enemies of civilization, without equivocation. The media should report the facts; the military is being purged of Chaplains in favor of Imams, persecution for Jews and Christians is under reported and not acknowledged by the regime and anti Semitic assaults, defamation and desecration are on the rise. Muslim on Christian atrocities, from murder, to sect displacement, group annihilation, to slavery, kidnapping and wholesale rape in foreign lands do not rise to the threshold of consistent condemnation, if our government is no longer appalled by these inhumane acts, as we once were.

The very things we decry as barbaric and subhuman in Islamic Muslim communities that practice Sharia Law and Jihad are growing problems in America, government sponsored and media insulated. Our disbelief that these atrocities can become commonplace in America protects the burgeoning evil.

The exponential increase in anti Israel and vocal detestable anti Semitism is unchecked and viral since America has demonstrated a reserve in our defense and support of our most valued ally. Our calm acceptance of Iran’s tactics to assure them of Nuclear capability is the final dagger in the heart of Israeli American relations at least as long as Barack holds sway.

Barack does not deserve the dignity of a trial for menial, by comparison, crimes against the state. His tenure is a dark episode for civilization itself.

Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Our Flag is Still There

With his popularity plummeting, his signature legislation teetering and loyal minions slip-sliding away, Barack, the paragon of moral equivalence, desperately needed a crisis. Smart as foxes, the dynamic duo of Constitutional misgivings, kept the pot boiling in Ferguson, knowing it would be the perfect calamity after the expected shutout at the polls. Sharpton was the man for the job and Ferguson became the pilgrimage destination for devout rabble-rousers, willing to sell their souls and their country down the Styx for political favor from the dark side. Once the designated mob leaders were selected they were invited to the White House for a pep talk and were told to stand their ground. Ferguson is designated as the official battleground in the power struggle between the Republic and an alternate government. Ferguson may be just the tinder box a sagging Islamic Fascist cabal needs to distract, disrupt and dismay a sharply divided nation into total irreconcilable polarization. Something illegal aliens and terrorists can identify with. Something that can go viral so Barack can come to the rescue with an edict, executive order, Marshall Law…president for life…Ahhh, the sweet smell of crisis from the jaws of defeat…

The neighborhood agitator has organized civil unrest to boost his political ambitions. Ferguson is Obama’s Concorde. He has patiently tried to teach us how to improve ourselves by reversing the order of authority but we are not smart enough to accept the changes he endorses and stronger measures are needed. There has been no attempt or suggestion by the Agitator in Chief or the despicable Attorney General to assuage tempers or quell emotions in Ferguson; quite the opposite. In a community poised to break the law with the full knowledge, consent and encouragement of the highest offices in the land, democracy is at stake. A low milestone in American anthropology which contains rare reference to acts of treason may result. This act by the President of the United States could not be possible without a corrupt, see-no-evil-except-in-church Attorney General, breaches the threshold of treason and overflows with a cry for prosecution and a return to due process, accountability and even- handed justice, without the taint of government interference. Barack knows the odds; treason is not in the cards.

What is about to happen in Missouri and what has been going on behind the scenes and in public view is an event made historic for political expediency and it is not over. A corrupt government sees opportunity in the ingredients for crisis and have inserted their puppet master to make certain the message suits their purpose…whatever the outcome. No matter what the decision of the Grand Jury, the people now inhabiting the streets of a once mundane community are demanding tailor made justice to satisfy their perception of the truth; and that perception has been conjured and nurtured by agitators like Al Sharpton and Eric Holder. Is this the first time in history that a mob is breaking the law and law enforcement is breaking even greater laws by inciting and orchestrating the illegal gathering? If so, who has the authority to arrest and press charges? The military? Top Brass at the Pentagon? Congress? Has it occurred to anyone that every agency has an armed enforcement division but not Congress? Should the Supreme Court be given a military contingent at their disposal to enforce their decisions or arrest dissenting opinion givers? The president of the United States is surrounded by gun toting protection and has command of the military, the CIA and a private militia which may or may not exist. Only the people have the fire power to defend themselves and confront lawlessness and Barack is doing all he can to change that dynamic once and for all; despite the fact that we are hopelessly outgunned.

Mob rule has no conscience and no respect for the law. This mob have deduced, by the actions of Federal government representatives, that the local authorities and police, no matter how intimidating and overpowering they may appear, are on notice to treat miscreants with kid loves and they have no reason to fear serious retribution, no matter how many windows they break. To the victor go the spoils.

We are witnessing the dismantling of the rule of law to accomplish the overthrow of a philosophy of life based on Judea Christian principles; the Constitutional Republic. There will be no vacuum at the top; the transition will go from a blanket challenge of all we stand for to juxtaposition of opposite ideologies and finally evil cannibalizing, to leave one government, one religion and one leader where the Republic once stood. It will not be a government recognizable by any American, Islam will practice Sharia Law and be judged by Islamic Muslims. Christians and Jews may worship when and where the government permits…until the act of worship becomes a dangerous occupation. Fundamental change is less noticeable than total transformation…have you noticed? You should; it happened, is happening and will go on until we take appropriate, long overdo action

We the people are entitled to protection under the law. Right now Eric Holder stands between the American people and justice and he is the top law enforcement officer in the land. Barack Obama will still be circling the Oval Office when Republicans will have the opportunity to behave like one third of the three legged system. Two months to go and already doubt is creeping into our consciousness. Impeach Obama. He will probably have the case dismissed on the grounds that he is not an American citizen and not subject to impeachment. What happens next would depend on the only electorate in the world with the authority and guns to enforce the law. We can’t keep our doctors or our health plans bur we sure as Hades can keep our religions and our guns. You can’t have one without the other in the upcoming series of events.

There is no joy in Mudville when the President who told us the Constitution is a problematic document will now demonstrate how problematic he sees it. There have been many volleys across the bow of this Republic by Barack Obama. Defying two branches of government to establish the Executive Branch as all knowing and all powerful is not a shot across the bow; it is torpedo aimed at our boilers. The divide is unambiguous. Free will and self determination is not spoken here.

No nation has ever survived intact when the forces of evil have pervaded their inner fabric to this extent. Only The United States of America has the backbone and historical strength to shake these shackles and reject the fundamental change that will weaken us and render us submissive. It is not in our DNA. We will revive and strike at the place where a heart should be. We can and will start over and do it right next time.

God bless the Judea Christian heritage that will not allow us to give up the American dream,


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Go Forth and Spread the Word

We Will Not be Cowered into Submission.

The message from the White House, if you ignore actions and give weight to words in a vacuum, is taken at face value, favorably compared to Judea Christian principles and repeated in the media, from the pulpits and in our schools; if not verbatim, in spirit, by well meaning clergy, complicit media and indoctrination minded educators. When they preach the Gospel I heed; when they interpret the Gospel I weigh; when they interpret political views, I am skeptical to a fault. Clergy are fallible humans in the business of spreading good works and good words. Media and educators have been corrupted for decades.

We have a problem with our messengers.

When Clergy try to apply the virtues of brotherly love and tolerance when self preservation calls for rejection and retaliation, skepticism trumps consent. A road paved with good intentions should be the road less traveled in a dangerous world where annihilation is more common than honest debate.

At the core of Judea Christian principles is the concept of self determination and free will. The disconnect is the result of the secular imperative to teach whenever they speak, without the benefit of practical experience or volition to delve into the hinter regions of religious political warfare; they are clergy and often see their role as peace keepers at all cost.

Christian and Jewish clergy must enlist their members in the fight against Islamic proselytizing, or Jihad, but first we must enlist their cooperation. Muslims have a systematic process by which they impose their preference, Sharia Law, which is based on the percentage of a population they represent. As the percentage grows so do their demands and their animus toward all other religions manifests itself as Jihad and the pretext of equal rights is exposed for the pretense it is. Muslims believe they have no equals, thus have no tolerance for competition. They praise Allah with every act of terrorism or atrocity they commit and fully expect to be rewarded eternally.

Recently an upstanding Christian Pastor politely and kindly advised me to seek a broader range of sources for my information and not to rely entirely on Fox News. His manner was not intentionally condescending. He was so egalitarian that he assured me he respected Catholics and Jews as much as Islamics but went on to inform me of the many good Muslims he was personally acquainted with and how they bemoaned the fact that a few radicals were giving all Muslims a bad reputation. An explanation so reasonable to the Western thought process that it is accepted out of hand. I offered to provide statistics, current events and historical facts to contest his naive notions, to no avail. The good shepherd was defending the underdogs and was prepared to castigate me and anyone else whose opinion and experience strayed from the message of peace and brotherly love he believes is at the core of his religious dogma. He is sadly misguided.

When “radical” Muslims invade a new territory to pillage, rape and behead the natives on their way to proselytizing, the Muslims among that community are not raped or beheaded; they are exempt with some exceptions. (No one wants to deprive these marauders of a little fun. When there are no infidels to kill, they do kill each other). In that sense there are no peaceful Muslims, just inactive ones. That is the only sensible conclusion I can allow myself if I intend to survive and see my heirs prosper in God’s name. We do not know the hearts and minds of those who do not actively participate in Jihad; they may be too old, infirm, timid or lazy. They may even be uneducated, naive, misinformed or unaware of the travesties the strict interpretation of their “good book” condones; or they may be condoning and quietly complicit. Perhaps most are peace loving as I am and I have no quarrel with men of good will no matter what they believe, Muslims included. When the Pope declares war on Episcopalians or Jews he will get my two minute notice. I know how to worship without the benefit of a conductor.

When there are millions of Muslims designated as radicals under a central organization that has declared war on all infidels, then all infidels must unite to survive. I am a proud infidel.

An ant hill cannot be destroyed by first inquiring which are the ants that bite, which guard the Queen or which work their asses off for the greater good. We spread a ton of Antkill on the mound and hope we get them all; unless they convert to Judaism. Catholics don’t need or understand ex Muslims.

The message from the “Bully Pulpit” must be formally rejected from the pulpits in our parishes and synagogues or they are leading their flocks to certain extinction. The same President who calls for tolerance in the face of Muslim terrorist acts and extols Islamic contributions to American exceptionalism but denies we are exceptional, is leading unprecedented state sponsored religious persecution, targeting Christians in America and Jews world wide while turning a blind eye to escalating Muslim atrocities directed toward Christians, Jews and other infidels, now occurring on a daily basis on at least three Continents. How can our pastors and Rabbis not defend the lives of the faithful and fight to eliminate the threat of extinction of their religions? It is time for the people in a people’s government to be the people who shake their religious leaders into reality.

The same technique and confidence in our stupidity that made the transfer of wealth on a grand scale into law via a health care Trojan horse, is employed here to encroach our religious heritage. Our devotion is offensive to Atheists, Agnostics and now a minority religion called Islam. If we are to survive this assault on freedom we must strive to offend them into submission. Until Barack they were not invited to replace or substitute our Judea Christian heritage.

I, the people, hereby disinvite and condemn those who preach hatred and celebrate deceit and terrorism.
Educate your pastors and Rabbis if need be. The war must be encountered in the pews, pulpits and Shuls of America. We are losing a war we have yet to acknowledge. Allah Akbar my foot.
As for the thousands or more Rabbis and Pastors who are true to our core conservative values and outspoken I beg you to convince your peers that the way of the Lord is not to turn the other cheek after we are beheaded.

God bless Americans.

Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

The Imperative Case for Impeachment

Impeachment is not an option; it is the Democratic Republic life raft.

The United Nations has enlisted over 50 countries in a convoluted treaty to control the manufacture, distribution and sale of small arms among law abiding people. Criminals will adjust. Even the United States has agreed to this camel nose incursion in domestic affairs, which Clinton’s executive order lent credibility to. Hilary Clinton and John Kerry, in turn, have tried to get Congress to ratify a Small Arms Treaty with the United Nations. Any means to an end would give a foreign entity influence over the Second Amendment the forefathers explicitly worded “shall not be infringed”; not by politicians and certainly not by foreigners.

Arguably only the United States and Israel would be affected by this concession to the UN and fat chance Israel will give the UN time of day on the subject. Whether far fetched or imminent the UN is seen by some as a potential One World Governing body; not of the democratic variety I assure you; we are dealing with the variety that fears an armed population, just as Barack fears the Second Amendment and for the same reasons.

It is not as though Barack’s offenses that warrant impeachment are not flagrant and numerable. Any freshman law student with a C average can cite the case for impeachment eloquently; at least explicitly.

Republicans treat the impeachment word as a toxic subject most of them fear for personal political considerations. Which is exactly why most of them should be recalled, defeated and sent home, to live lives of accountability and consequences like the rest of us. Will one of these denizens of the public trough propose a Bill that eliminates the oath of office for the president and all public servants? Hardly. If not, then why do we, through them, our eminent representatives, not hold all public servants responsible for living to the letter of that oath? Nixon, for all his faults, did have some redeeming qualities as president and as a citizen saved us the embarrassment and expense of an impeachment trial. He found humility.

We all readily agree that no one is above the law. The “we” I refer to doesn’t really have the will or practical authority to insist on that basic concept of civilized society. So much for government by the people. To prove my assertion we need look no further than the men and women we have sent to Washington to represent us. Where was the outrage when Congress exempted its members from the most common offenses men are guilty of?

In my educated opinion Martha Stewart was falsely accused of “insider trading”, found guilty and sentenced to prison. Congress is exempt from that law; insider trading is a special privilege for them and many have enriched themselves substantially from the practice. Poor Martha.

Congress enjoys the version of Social Security George Bush tried to extend to all citizens who pay in. They not only refused to share a good thing, they roundly derided the President for suggesting it.

The Congress did not need to read the Health Care Bill to find out what is in it, they exempted themselves and left it to us to suffer the consequences, whether we read it or not, because they passed it.

This is a deep well and with a few minutes and the Internet we can all discover that Gruber the architect may not have been so far off base. We behave like an electorate that has no reason to distrust and no right to redress and that might qualify us as one dumb bunch of subjects, just like the man said.

Barack has not only breached the threshold for impeachment, he is a multiple, unapologetic offender whose anti-constitutional antics have grown in boldness and frequency in direct proportion to Congress’ inability or unwillingness to hold him accountable. Unless this generation of Americans is given the satisfaction of a Congress that enforces the law at the highest levels of corruption and contemptuous behavior there will be no chance for restoration. Indeed the concept of restoration is rapidly losing popularity with only one change in the guard; a change which will not convene until January one. The new guard’s resolve was immediately challenged by Obama the day after the election results were in and every day since. Republicans blinked without shame on all of the key issues they are expected to back Barack into a corner on. Barack lives in an oval office world; no corners. Immigration talk prompts the Republicans to offer a Bill that Barack will not find totally objectionable. Health Care probably won’t be rescinded; the bad parts will be removed. The government won’t get shut down over the budget, we’ll piece meal the funding again. Politics unusual perhaps but politics as usual no matter how unusual. Total transformation is unusual, even in today’s transformed America.

If the new majority wants the confidence of this electorate for more than two years it is time to admit that the Republic is not functioning and cannot function unless the fundamental changes are undone and the quick change artist is held accountable for crimes against the people, the Republic and our Judea Christian value system. I want to hear the word “restore” echo in the halls of justice. Prove to us that no one is above the law. Impeach and let the chips fall where they may. It will be an education for Americans who refused to be an informed electorate.

If we have no recourse against an arrogant administration that practices selective enforcement of all laws, holds itself above the law and writes laws at will, we are not a lawful nation; just a territory with an awful lot of laws designed to keep law abiding citizens in line.

God bless the concept of self government and give us the will to restore it.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

11 11 14 Folks, Don’t Fix It: Give it Back

The tip of the iceberg is radio active and laden with blossoming seeds of destruction and disaster; bearing disease in its wake and emitting death in its path. Absolute power will not submit to redeeming influence but glories in maleficence.

If you consider the source this knock is not a boost but stops short of obvious conclusions that his associations, dating from his formative years and surrounding him now, tell a far more foreboding story. This was not a candidate corrupted by power; this was a corrupt candidate seeking power to spread discontent.

Barack Obama: Corrupt enough to fear our guns and disruptive enough hate our military.

The enemy within is a cancer that has not and will not respond to treatment. If early detection would have made a difference we failed to acknowledge the signs, even when we recognized them. Barack’s total transformation campaign reaches into every facet of our existence like a metastases willed and celebrated by a force that insists it has a formula for our well being.

Barack has removed his mask to expose an image far worse than the hideous mask he wore to cheat us of free will and self determination. Now we are told that the end justifies the means and we are not smart enough to choose the end we prefer.

As a veteran I chose not to celebrate or commemorate this day. We have homeless veterans by the thousands braving the elements to survive; their health care needs are half met if at all, their service and sacrifice measured by an opinion as to what constitutes line of duty or work place violence. Work place violence nullifies their recognition, status and benefits whether they are killed or wounded.

We have thousands being sent into harm’s way with no definitive mission. They may be deployed to fight a disease they have no defense against or a mortal enemy they cannot shoot unless they are fired on first, in a war we will not declare or acknowledge, disguised as advisers to those whose motives are subject to change mid stream or mid battle.

While the Commander in Chief cannot define the battle, respect the troops or honor the Constitution I reserve my right not to participate. It is time to demand some accountability from the White House absent concerns for p[olitical fall out.


In My Name They Will Cast Out Demons

Many months ago, perhaps two years back, I warned Democrats that their idol, leader and role model is not a Democrat. His dream is to rule as an autocrat and there is no room at the top for company. He is using the Democrat Party as a vehicle and Islam as a tool. His role is to force America to accept the concept of change and introduce as much foreign culture to water down our Judea Christian heritage as much as possible. In time Islam will introduce fear and intimidation at the local level across the land and Barack will establish an autocracy on the back of chaos. Neither of these ego maniacal forces is suited to sharing and they will cannibalize each other if their diabolical plan ever gets close to completion. In his mind Democrats are no different than Republicans, Independents or Libertarians…he loves no one but he does detest some more than others…

Barack is not racist as we would ordinarily interpret the meaning; he hates white Americans as much as black Americans and uses race to divide the country. His racial profile is Indonesian black, some call grey. He does not identify with any typical American ethnicity, color or political ideology we are accustomed to. He is an Islamic Fascist caterpillar trying to bust out of his cocoon; something we in America are not familiar with and don’t readily recognize.

This election cycle should give that opinion added credibility; I stand by my observations. Republicans would do well to work across the aisle but only to enlist the help of Democrats to overthrow the despot they threw in with. An impeachment with bipartisan support can actually work and there are several Democrats ready to bolt if the fear factor can be allayed; fear of being ostracized, fear of retaliation, fear of job security and fear of failure. At some point they will rather face the consequences of their actions than live in fear; trust me.

Immigration is a wedge and a hammer for Obama which he sees as the answer to fill the rolls of entitlement and reliance so that killing the HC law would be seen as an unconscionable act by Republicans. Republicans are wary of being tagged with that label but a little bravery will go a long way and would be rather refreshing if a few Republicans put country ahead of personal ambition. Obama’s signature legislation, if you want to call it legislation, considering how it came into being, is still Health Care. He will legitimize as many illegal aliens as possible to put them on the rolls and the Republicans are sleep walking right into his hands. Immigration reform is a trap used by incrementalists to write more law rather than enforce the laws we have, which are more than adequate. That’s how ignorance allowed the camel’s nose under the tent until only his tail is sticking out where his nose came in.

Where are the politicians among the Republicans who are willing and able to verbalize the American Constitutional Republic’s fundamental reliance on free markets? If Republicans waste this opportunity to reestablish the validity of a free market society it will be a loss for democracy that elections may not be able to repair. We can defund, or dismantle the Obama Bill but if we fail to drive the nails into the coffin the pendulum that raises our hopes will revert to the left all too soon.

Do not fall into the trap of trying to replace the HC bill. The free market exists and will fill the need.

Do not fall into the trap of trying to draw a “comprehensive” immigration bill. “Comprehensive” is an Obama word. If we enforce the laws we have that will be comprehensive enough.

If Republicans get into the habit of relying on the Constitution they will find ample cause to impeach Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetero. The forefathers and Americans who believe in this country must have justice to so that future despots will ply their evil ambitions elsewhere. It will give new meaning to the phrase, “Don’t tread on me”.

Barack is still after our guns…If he gets them all bets are off.

God bless America


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

The Day After Before the Year After

I breathed a sigh of relief when the magic number 6 seats gave the Republicans a chance to get their dignity back. The 7th was icing on the cupcake. Some might think of the win as a home run for Republicans but I see it more like a ground rule double. They have a man in scoring position but no big bats in the lineup.

To their half credit Republicans are still responsive to the electorate about half the time. The other half have more to gain when they stray and will be forgiven before election time anyway. Yes, Republicans are politicians too. Our most senior and highly regarded John McCain, the Compromiser in Grief, hasn’t been held accountable for his forays to the far side yet. I have the utmost respect for his time in captivity and extraordinary heroism but dare I mention that until he was captured he was a one man wrecking ball in the US Navy? Unless he is captured now he will continue to be a one man wrecking ball in our political system.

The rest of the pack was all over the airwaves yesterday and today hoping the president that nullified their authority with stolid finality would cede the victory and allow Republicans to roll back sick years of regressive pen-manship as a concession to their superior sense of patriotism. Their list of priorities when the gavel is passed is impressive. I’m sure Barack will be impressed as Republicans trip over one another like a chorus line in an oil slick, presenting veto inspiring bills that make fundamental sense out of fundamental change. How many John McCain clones will we have to suffer before 2016 is the distraction that takes center stage?

When Father Time goes back into his time capsule for another year, Republicans are expected to hit the ground running. Illegal aliens will get on the bus and forget about us, free market doctors will make house calls, rogue agencies hand in their weapons and entrepreneurs will dance in the streets, creating jobs, innovation and opportunity and the forefathers, cheering from cloud nine, will be taking bets on 2016.

If I could have my druthers I’d put country above politics and commit political suicide…or maybe CPR is just what the doctor ordered. I call for defunding and withholding of funds for any program the pen and a handful of democrats stuffed down our throats. Impeach Holder and his boss and as many judges as possible who said it’s a tax, no it’s a fee, no, it’s a feetax until Barack says different. If we are to believe that we are entering a new era of cooperation and brotherly love we might as well believe that virgins are Muslim perks in glorious death so they are not pro life.

How would you like to be a fly on the wall when Barack is cornered by Valerie, two Imams and a covey of ambitious political traitors asking him, “How now brown cow..ard?” Can you picture Michelle telling the kids to stay clear of the man in the house until he gets a grip? Do you think the democrats who voted just for the fried chicken are lined up outside the kitchen door, waiting for Michelle to pass the bucket?

I don’t know whether to gloat (I am) or worry that the new game in town will get their signals crossed, suffer the blame for Obama’s free fall economy and lose the election in 2016 for being hapless. A free fall economy is not avoidable by the legislative branch if it is already in the cards and the lame ducker executive has no reason to avoid it himself. The immediate future has been shaped by the immediate past. Whatever goes wrong in the next two years will be hung around the Republican neck, right or wrong. I say use the currency now to punish the traitors and double agents to maybe deliver a clean White House to the next occupant. If Republicans do that the next occupant will be a Conservative able to rebuild America from the inside out. Start by adding a constitutional amendment that makes it possible to remove a president post haste who embarks on a mission to transform America fundamentally.

If the last six years hasn’t taught us anything then we will not use this new political currency to restore America as a functioning Constitutional Republic; a herculean task by any measure of difficulty. The Republican Congress is still only one third of the government and if all we want to do is put a bubble gum patch on an old worn out inner tube then go ahead and celebrate while you can. One third can reform the two thirds that left the reservation if that is their priority.

Do I really expect the Republican Congress to commit political suicide? Not really, all though I believe that Muslims historically retreat or stand down in the face of overwhelming force. Barack is no different and he, like the Muslim Brotherhood he has enabled world wide, is emboldened and encouraged by a submissive or fearful enemy. So be it.

But if you really want to put this political power base to the test ask them to pass a term limits bill, then hold your breath.
God bless America.

Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Horse Shoes Anyone?

What is wrong in a nation when the dissatisfaction level of the current administration is 70% but the elections to slow the transition to radical socialism is razor-thin close?

A couple of things come to mind.

One: The electorate is uninformed and unaware of the relationship between the Executive Branch of government and the Legislative Branch, now degraded and antagonistic.

Two: The electorate is uninformed and unaware of their responsibility to preserve the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the Constitutional Republic as it were, and aren’t cognizant of the political deceptions that take advantage of that fact.

Three: The electorate is uninformed and unaware that their awareness factor is heavily influenced by message control designed to corrupt traditional social, moral and political standards.

Four: The electorate is uninformed and unaware that our institutions have been staffed by anti American ideologists, concentrated on indoctrination of impressionable minds to distrust conservative values and traditional thinking.

Five: The electorate is uninformed and unaware.

An informed electorate, if they were cognizant of the reasons our founders settled on the idea of self government, would not have tolerated a candidate with no credentials and an agenda to change our fundamental concept of self determination and free will. The idea was to discredit traditional values and the Judea Christian basis for our body of laws, introducing an illogical elevation of Islamic political/religious tenets. That is solid confirmation that the movement to transform America was well underway long before Barack Obama promised to tame the oceans or some such nonsense. First they convinced the masses that change is good even if it is for the sake of change with no enunciated options; then they promised to deliver. The uninformed and unaware electorate, rich, poor, famous and ignominious chanted kumbaya and sandbagged the majority Conservative American populace and helped elect the quick change artist we have come to distrust but not understand.

In appreciation Barack wasted no time employing his skills to tear down the national morale, the economy and our military establishment. Bailouts changed the way financial institutions react to public demand…government had a say. Crisis after crisis proved that most of Barack’s formal education centered on Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Stimulus after stimulus rewarded the wrong sector or punished productivity. Cash for clunkers rewarded China, even providing the iron to build bridges American companies never had a chance to do. The Gulf oil spill deprived millions of Americans of their livelihoods and Obama paid foreign companies to pick up the leases. The oil they produced goes to China. Government agencies work for the party machine and punish individuals and small business with draconian regulations and impose penalties avoiding or ignoring due process. Military objectives and operations in the Middle East gave new military and political power to the Muslim Brotherhood with never an apology or admission of failure…but our failures in the field of honor are abysmal.

The polls are still open. The election will be close and doubtless in some close cases results will be contested. Do you recall how Minnesotan Al Franken got elected? Franken got more recounts than a census taker in a village of Penguins in mating season. They counted and recounted until they got the result the wanted. We now have a liberal, ideological, party sycophant, mean-spirited comedian making law and the joke’s on us.

The voter pool has been contaminated by open borders and the process itself has been corrupted. How is voter I.D. up for discussion in a real democracy? AG Holder is monitoring polls to insure blacks and minorities are not discriminated against; unless you believe he has found another use for his office besides race baiting and illegal alien protection. In some districts you can vote if you can get one hand freed from a straight jacket. One activist reporter voted 20 times using 20 aliases and it’s not even newsworthy. Despite all that I hope and pray Republicans will take back the Senate and hold the Congress. What troubles me more than anything from the last sick years is how close the polling is. The electorate is truly uninformed and unaware. God have mercy.

Think secession; Republicans are politicians without a unified message. Democrats are unified to dismantle the Republic. A third party would probably never raise the astronomical funds needed to compete.

The great experiment of 1776 is teetering on the edge. We are at the far end of the predicted longevity. My life, fortune and good name would gladly be offered to see victory pulled from the jaws of defeat and I know many patriots who have the very same sentiment. This election…and if we hold the line now, the 2016 election, may give us a reprieve or signal the end of the people’s government; at least for now. We are so close but this is not horse shoes.

Prayer helps only if we are willing to do the work.

God bless Americans.

Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

A Line in the Sand for America
The Barak team of faithless, duplicitous, disingenuous, pretentious negotiators, negotiating with Iran’s team of faithless, duplicitous, disingenuous, pretentious, renege champions is the world series of prevarication; Liars’ Poker played with monopoly money. The winner is promised a golden Quran but will get nothing. I say monopoly money because no matter how much political currency is exchanged or expended Iran will not be deterred from Nuclear capability and obamaincompetents don’t really care if Iran achieves nuclear prominence. Israel cares, Americans should care. If the world hadn’t turned on Israel with such antediluvian prejudice even the UN would be against a nuclear Iran. But the hatred is such that it blinds antisemitic Holocaust deniers to the destabilizing, destructive potential for this insanity. Barak, Hilary and now Kerry give the world leave to hate without remorse or fear of condemnation. If America is openly hostile toward Israel and critical of Israel’s decisions, what have Israel’s enemies to fear?

You would think that a president put in isolation by his own party would let up on the agenda that put him in the doldrums. If he is playing possum or psychological games by doubling down on the agenda that rubs us the wrong way I admit I’m almost stumped. He is not in the least guarded over his next despotic moves that are sure to disappoint; a continental kiss on the cheek for Iran and amnesty for his guests over the objections of his subjects. No sign of Mr. Nice Guy kissing up to lure RINO aisle-crossers into his web. Barack seems content to leave with the world burning and bleeding and with America overrun by aliens demanding and getting free what Americans sweat and slave for. He has given the religion of hate acceptance when they should be held to account for their anti Judea Christian tenets. Barack acts every bit the victor who will either decide to stay or plans to rule from a distance. We can only pray, with the election less than 24 hours away, that America will reject his ideology and the sycophants that love him more than they love America; the democrat politicians that voted to sustain his every whim for six destructive years.

If you regret the choice you made the only way to prove it is to oust the Representatives that betrayed you. Vote for Republicans tomorrow and until we have a better choice.

God bless America,


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”