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Phony Scandals I Care About

Barak is a morbid SOB. He wants to talk about the economy which has been dead for several years now. Gather around the table, dim the lights and hold your breath; don’t utter a sound during a seance or the wrong ghosts will show up.

We don’t want to end up talking to spirits of phony scandals from the past. Ben Ghazi was a perfectly executed sortie from a terrorist point of view and we should suck it up and realize it makes no difference at this late date, who did what to whom. Besides the survivors have been sworn to secrecy, the top brass have been demoted and transferred and the Secretary of State at the time is busy ramping up a campaign to run for president. Screw up this seance and four dead men will testify and lie just when the economy is heating up and things are looking great. 

“The choices we make now will determine whether or not every American has a fighting chance”, an unfortunate barak of the tongue; instead say every American will have to fight for a chance. That’s the predictable result of an emotional choice for president with zero consideration to qualification. An uninformed, unqualified electorate made an uninformed, unqualified decision and that same uninformed electorate is now choosing not to believe the facts on the ground; the results of their indiscretions.

Barak will put forth a genius plan for reviving the economy today. It will not cut spending because contrary to historical, irrefutable evidence, spending creates opportunity and inexplicably but so help me Allah it is true, that if you circulate money, rotation causes it to multiply. A healthy discussion on the physics of redistribution and spontaneous reproduction will put any concerns for IRS, NAS or DOJ in the ARSE category, in proper perspective. Four scandals seems to be the maximum capacity for the American attention span anyway and a respite from phony problems is in order, by order of the Commander in Sheik. As we speak the EPA is planning and plotting and overstepping their authority, doing Obama’s bidding in the coal, gas, atmospheric warming and business cooling heart of America. Throw three letters at me…any three and I’ll tell you how they spell Cabal, a three letter word meaning screwed. (How quick you are to correct me when we have a president asking us to believe fantastical theories that don’t add up in any language.)

From time to time concerned Americans, praying for Conservative redemption ask in hopeful anticipation, “Has Obama gone too far this time? Has Barak crossed the line? Will he finally be held accountable? Will he be impeached?” Cool your pits America. His impeachable offenses will be the talk of historians for centuries to come. They are legion. We don’t really care.

We elected a man who chose as his closest confidants, terrorists, communists, racists and anarchists. We didn’t care. We didn’t care that he chose not to produce basic documents to support his biography. He told us we were a failed society and we didn’t care. He produces patently false, forged documents that stood in direct opposition to his legal birth certificate, his own word, his wife’s words, his grandmother’s and aunt’s and uncle’s and we don’t give a rat’s ARSE!

Why is Barak insulated from scandal on top of scandal? Why do law suits filed in our highest courts demanding he account for himself never see the light of day? Why can he contradict himself repeatedly, sometimes on the same day and we don’t care? Why indeed. I will answer those questions with a question of my own. Why should a man who broke every rule of law and sovereignty to become president illegally allow himself to be cornered by innuendo, suspicion, disputed documents, facts and the words of his enemies?

Because it was all anticipated and if they can’t control the static they can control the volume. If they can’t control the accusations they can control the outcome. If they can’t control the ideas they can control the dialogue. If they lose control for a moment they can ignore the results. It’s what a dictator in waiting has to do to end the waiting.

He is busy emptying the shelves of every caliber of ammunition we might possibly need for the guns we seem to cling to. He is busy replacing Chaplains with Imams to change the religions we cling to. He is busy releasing POW’s while we wonder why Israel might consider such an inexplicable course of action. He is busy keeping us busy and we don’t care. We don’t know a scandal begets scandals.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.” Perhaps it is inevitable when a citizenry that was gifted with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness allows the Republic to be wrenched from their grip and doesn’t care; doesn’t even notice. Here we are five years after the fact and we are moaning over four scandals as if the last four years were as clean as the driven snow. Not one admission, conviction or prosecution. The Attorney General is in contempt of Congress and he holds us in contempt; and we move on.

Soon, with the Second Amendment still on the books, right to bear arms will be purely symbolic. It is being nullified by infringement and we don’t care. The First Amendment applies to selective circumstances and doesn’t apply when we need it most. The only reason I can continue to speak my mind and certain patriots continue to rail against this administration is because Barak knows Americans don’t care. Besides; he has a long memory and a vengeful nature.

Well so do I. And so do millions of Americans who can turn the fortunes of war in our favor overnight when it is once more fashionable to experience rage and outrage. The only question is, will we wait until the sword is the only answer or will we take up the pen in time to restore our sovereignty? Until now we have discussed sovereignty in the context of illegal immigration. When a mystery man of foreign extraction moves into the Oval Office, that is a breach of our sovereignty and truly a game changer. I’m waiting America.

Demand that Barak be removed and held accountable. Restore this nation or start over again but do not underestimate the power of self determination. That is the Creator’s gift to mankind; it made America great and is our link to the Supreme Being. It is under attack because it countermands a dictator’s claim to supremacy.

Barak’s plans are finally transparent. He is waging a war we have not engaged in. It is time.



With Friends Like Us….

Agnostics and Atheists, to their credit, do not blame
God. Jews and Christians who do are heretics.

Today’s letter has nothing to do with the topic I had in mind. Maybe
tomorrow I will return to the most pressing issues of restoring
America and banishing the enemy within. Today I can’t help feeling
that America is being diminished even further as we betray Israel once

These supposed peace talks are a thinly veiled effort by this
administration to convince Israel to placate an enemy sworn by
religious and political ideological tenets to Israel’s destruction. As
if that wasn’t bad enough these barbaric Muslims intend to murder
every living Jew in the process. America’s role, no matter how it is
regurgitated, is to get as many concessions from Israel for the
Palestinian cause even before the negotiations begin with an aim to
satisfy the Palestinian thirst for total victory in the outcome.

Israel is a potent enemy in its present configuration and the Arabs,
true to their cowardly instincts, want their enemy reduced and
compromised before they attempt to deal a mortal blow. Barak would
like nothing more than to accommodate them.

I can’t get my mind off Israel’s decision to negotiate in bad faith
once more. I threw up in my throat when Kerry returned triumphant,
taking credit for reopening Israel Palestinian talks. He reopened
another Israel betrayal, nothing more. Benjamin Netanyahu knows better
than anyone that no good can come of this farce, this exercise in
political tomfoolery. Ultimately this is an affront to the souls who
gave their lives to earn every square inch of the Gaza Strip, the West
Bank and yes, even the Golan Heights. It is a desecration of their
graves. It makes a mockery of history, the spoils of war and genetic
identification. A new nationality was invented for no other reason
than to be a sinister surrogate for the larger Muslim Community,
especially Iran, with one common Cretan goal.

For the Palestinians to demand the release of terrorists as a
precondition to further negotiations is ludicrous on its face but for
Kerry to use the leverage this country holds over Israel to advance
Palestinian demands is even worse than Clinton, Carter and Clinton
suggesting that Israel begin negotiations by going back to 1967
borders; but have no fear, Kerry is all for it. You heard no comment
from Kerry or anyone else when the Palestinians threw that Red herring
into the mix. These terrorists have the stains of Sacred Jewish men,
women and children on their filthy hands. The negotiations should only
be for the remains of these murderers not their battle ready,
unrepentant carcasses. While Israeli families mourn and are asked to
endure salt poured into open wounds, Muslim families will rejoice the
victorious return of their murderous offspring.

No American man or woman should watch idly or tolerate this historical
depravity. Genocide is an abomination and it is in the minds and
hearts of every Muslim Brotherhood Member and if we fail to speak out
we deserve to share the guilt.

My fellow citizens, liberal Jews. If you don’t identify with Israel as
a Jew, perhaps you can as an American.

Pray for Israel and fight for humanity; there is too little to go
around as it is.

If We Are Governed by Our Inferiors, Who Gave Them the Power?

I learned something about human nature when I started my career in Wall Street
around 55 years ago. It isn’t very complimentary but still undeniable that most people are looking for a leader. To take a leadership position all one has to do, basically, is say “follow me” and learn to speak with confidence and authority. To hold that position you had better deliver on the promise because it is equally true that most people are impatient and fickle. And that’s the part I don’t understand.

In 2008 Barak came out of the shadows, got to his feet and in a confident, authoritative voice said to the American people, “follow me”. It’s been five years and nine months and he has repeated his follow me speech 50 or 60 times. This week he shared his secret on how to fix the economy…again…His confidence is astounding. His authoritative tone, though laced with condescension, does not waver. He is an empty suit hawking bromides and parables drawn from the well of empty promises and still we tolerate his regime.

So where are the righteous cynics, spurned devotees, paragons of impatience and
fickleness, fooled once, twice, thrice and not a shade of shame to go around, when we need them most? The court of last resort has become a circus of side bars, compromises in chambers and edicts issued when the bench is vacant. Perhaps we
are too overwhelmed with discrepancies and truly shameful behavior, one scandal
overtaking the last before we can digest or process any, to express the depth of
outrage called for. Perhaps outrage is a lost virtue.

I have a theory. I’ve alluded to it on several occasions but with no clear analysis of our political fortunes we are left staring at an unending eddy, impressed by its’ sheer power but anticipating a final spiral and drain of all our resources. Barak is not the leader he
pretends to be. He is a robotic puppet, impervious to humiliation, unaffected by opposition, insensitive to constructive criticism, undeterred by perceived failure, abject failure or adverse public opinion. He is following orders and we are not granted an introduction or audience to the grand Wizard that charts the administration’s course. It is bigger than Barak. The palatial estate built for him in Hawaii is a reward for good behavior bestowed on him by the powers he respects and owes homage to. That’s one theory.

Under Barak’s imperial presidency America is hardly distinguishable from other
collapsing economies. As a functioning Constitutional Republic we stood apart from other democracies and when they fell victim to tyrants we had the moral certitude and ability to go their rescue. In stark contrast no one is able or inclined to come to our rescue as our economy and rule of law disintegrates and it is obvious to everyone except us that there is despot in the White House. We are now distinguished from all other nations by sovereignty; we have ceded ours. But the most regressive nations in the world guard their sovereignty with iron fist regulation. If an immigrant is accepted to take up residency in any other nation he may do so without the prospect of total acceptance. Only in America is an immigrant accepted with little preparation as an American with equal standing to any American whose ancestors can be traced to the Mayflower.

Today we are a squatter’s paradise and a haven for terrorists. Only when a terrorist steps out of the shadows and commits an act of terror are we aware of their presence among us. Even then they are given the benefit of our protective laws, innocent until proven guilty, eye witnesses, recorded images and images of American victims forever
burned in our memory notwithstanding. We do not wage war we offer civil solutions to bestial events.

Today we are a pathetic population of deaf and dumb or intimidated victims so far unwilling to stand our ground. Speeches that contain a litany of lies and un-American bombastic rhetoric are at best, fodder for opposing views on talk shows. Who among us is outraged that the President of the United States of America told a group of Americans
that the American Revolution was unjustified and they should not celebrate Independence Day but rather should celebrate America’s future, clearly intimating that our future would not represent our past? I can count the hands raised from here. Why did the audience not hold him accountable on the spot!? There are without exaggeration
hundreds of offensive statements by this impostor that should enrage us and have us up in arms literally, that don’t even register a yawn. Do the homework; check the record and see with your own eyes that we have a man in the White House who belongs on Elba.

Are we really a nation with the patience of Jobe or are we ultimately disinterested in our future or the future of this country and our children? How long will we tolerate the antics of a man who ignores the rule of law, circumvents Congress, denies our heritage, supports our enemies…I can go on but what’s the use? My patience has run its course. Just when we need a healthy dose of impatience and fickleness, the lost souls of America, their desperate search for a leader unrequited, are simply milling about, wondering when the smartest man in America will deliver on his promise…any one of his promises. My friends hear me one more time. Barak is an efficient executioner and he is keeping his promises; but the promises he keeps were not made to the American

Demand that Barak be removed for cause; we have many. If we are to shed our
shackles we must admit that we are shackled. If you can’t count your freedoms you probably can’t count the freedoms we have lost already. Total transformation is not a walk in the park nor is it an idle threat. It is, for all intents and purposes, a declaration of

The choice is still ours.

God Bless Americans.


A Capitol Crime

Minorities have assimilated into our society with welcome regularity for centuries. Their contributions to the economy, our heritage and national purpose have earned them the title of patriot and they are proud to be Americans; those who came before them are grateful for their contributions.

This latest phenomenon of hordes arriving in our communities without the formality of legal procedure and with a general disregard for our laws belies our conviction to defend our country. Not only do they violate our borders but they make no effort to hide their illegal status, refuse to assimilate with disdain for our culture and fully expect to partake in our generosity and largess. They burden our medical facilities and our laws tend to punish care givers if they refuse to treat indigent, illegal, uninsured, transient foreigners free. They overburden our social programs at the city, state and federal levels, and contest our patriotism, religious heritage and language precedence. We should deduce that our elected officials serve the aliens over our objections and against our best interests for some unfathomable reason. Yet they’re confident that we will reelect them, as long as they can lie to us with a straight face. If an elected official has two masters, one he sleeps with and the other he lies to, he is guilty of betrayal. He is guilty of betraying his constituents but in doing so he is committing treason.

Some immigrants take important jobs providing vital services that our elected officials, almost to a man, claim Americans don’t want. Since when is that a justification to break laws that are intended to protect our sovereignty and fiscal limitations? Assuming for a moment it is true that Americans don’t want these jobs must we also believe that temporary visas present a hardship and spoil their incentive to take these jobs? We have work visas available for needed labor, usually seasonal, to augment American migrant workers but that somehow doesn’t satisfy the political agenda. So something else is going on and it smacks of betrayal.

We talk about a path to citizenship for 11 million illegals with no serious thought given to enforcing current law and God knows who is streaming across our borders as we speak. Who needs citizenship when our elected officials make a mockery of our voting regulations? What can an American citizen do that illegal aliens can’t? We are a kind
and compassionate people…but we have no count on the number of terrorists, vicious criminals and other subversives who are enemies of America here to undermine our system of laws, religious heritage and economic balance; basically to wage war. That is the price we are paying for not respecting our own sovereignty and demand that the
world respect us the same way. If you are not here to work but take advantage of our social programs and show no inclination to assimilate, what brings you to America? The plot thickens. Betrayal isn’t likely when opposites do battle because we know the difference between the two sides but cheating is encouraged. We have a president
and chief law enforcement officer who have clearly and stubbornly decided they will determine which laws to enforce and when and which Americans are expendable; remember Benghazi. An oath sworn before a God you don’t believe in is not an oath. 535 men and women under oath by our calculations are wracking their brain and probing our tolerance trying to write new immigration laws we will accept without making faces. Most of them are no better than the illegal aliens who do not respect our borders and they need to go to the back of the line with the aliens they protect, the gang of eight included.

Compassion starts at home. I am willing to share the fruit from my tree but not willing to give away the tree; or worse yet allow “undocumented Americans”, infiltrators up to no good and elected officials who do no good, to chop it down. By the way; until we have
positive proof to the contrary, Barak is an undocumented visitor; two forged documents do not equal one original.

Our border patrol, short of being told outright to stand down, are told to run and hide rather than confront violence in the commission of their work. A steady stream of visitors with only the possessions they can carry on their backs is no reason for concern. Situation normal…as in SNAFU.

States trying to enforce laws to protect their citizens and sovereignty are intentionally impeded with federal interference and endure legal prosecution but get no satisfaction or reasonable explanation for Federal agents who see, hear and speak no evil on the borders. Governors who complain are patronized, sheriffs harassed and agents trying to do their jobs are prosecuted for being the first line of defense; if they survive. If that isn’t betrayal I don’t know what is. So there is lots of betrayal going around, the source of domestic consternation and human frailty for ages.

Something far more sinister is afoot and I think most Americans are beginning to smell the coffee. Something or someone makes betrayal profitable. Someone or something is inducing betrayal. Traitors don’t engage in espionage for cheap thrills They are compromised or highly paid. Unless they are career operatives they are often weak, unethical public servants, easily recruited with potential blackmail, sometimes
intimidated with threats of bodily harm to loved ones and sometimes greed trumps integrity, ethics, family, religion and patriotism. But only an enemy of our great country would seek to recruit and compromise our citizens or engender betrayal. The Democrat Party will not break ranks on any issue unless their next election is jeopardized and then they get a temporary pass. The Media is in lock step to protect the obvious engine of fundamental change dividing us as a nation. The nation is adrift in the longest sea of malaise we have ever experienced and the voice of reason from the highest post in the
nation boasts a recovery and doubles down on the very policies that got us here. The enemy is a pinata just out of reach of the flailing sticks that yearn for the bounty we are told lies within; in truth within there are only lies.

Our policies in the Middle East isolate and surround Israel, a proven ally since the day it was born but strengthen, embolden and enrich our enemies and we stand staunchly with the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood; the avowed enemy of mankind, spawners of terrorism, wanton opportunistic murderers our Commander in Sheik boldly holds in esteem. The once free world trembles at the thought of America’s decline and the loss of their savior and beacon of democratic principles. Our decline is not cyclical in nature. If it were we would have recovered long ago. It is not merely the result of misguided
politicians or even the criminally responsible betrayers. There is a movement behind this tragic turn of events and it is spearheaded by a cabal. Any explanation to the contrary is a pathetic excuse and cowardly refusal to face facts. The figure head of the Cabal is the man they groomed and cultivated to execute the plan after the invasion, the president of the United States of America. He does not deviate from his appointed rounds because he has no interest or incentive in doing so.

In 2008 I wrote my first letter as a political activist. A man who is singularly unqualified, amazingly devoid of credentials or accomplishments and unrepentant for his long time association with subversive characters of every stripe and not a scintilla of evidence
that he is American born, is the quarterback for the opposing team. His mission is to break down American tradition, deny us of our heritage, dissuade us of our religious convictions, dismantle the Constitution and Bill of Rights and create dissension and division among every segment and underpinning of society. Not emotionally caught up in the propaganda and hoopla of his candidacy a few Americans recognized the danger his presidency presented. Concerned and offended by his lies, his frank opposition to our Constitution and Bill of Rights and his stated objective to circumvent Congress and a
platform intended to undermine our rule of law, I announced thatAmerica was invaded. Nothing that has transpired in the next term and 9 months that would dissuade me from that conclusion has occurred.

Much has transpired that supports my contention. Patriotic Americans agree with most of my analysis and fears but draw the line when I express my belief that we are a nation in the grips of a cabal. Some go so far as to say I would have more credibility if I abandon that premise. I say I would have no credibility if I didn’t report what I believe. My response is please tell me what any invasion force would do what Barak hasn’t already done or is planning.

The thread that holds our fragile Republic together is burning. Whether we ae dealing with a cabal that intends to dissolve the Republic and replace it with an Islamic Fascist Autocracy, or a radical ideological mad man intent on forcing failed socialistic
programs onto a Constitutional Republic makes no difference to me. You are splitting hairs while Rome burns. Our survival as a constitutional Republic relies on our willingness to fight back aggressively.

Americans must go on offense or surrender to the same fate that has befallen idealistic Republics before us. We are better than that and we have options. Time to act America.

The crime is in the Capitol. Demand that Washington cease and desist in the business of creating laws ad infinitum. We do not need even one new law until we decide if we will continue to be a nation of laws.

Demand that our Judiciary and Congress adopt a war mentality. Any attempt to change our form of government should be considered an act of war. Demand that we adopt and institute policies that are consistent with the form of government the Forefathers provided. A Republic that declares the people derive their freedom from a Higher Power is committed to self determination and free will. That is the unleashing of the entrepreneurial spirit, which is what made this country great. It cannot survive without Capitalism. It cannot survive without the Judea Christian principles our laws are based on. It cannot survive with a despot in the White House.

Demand that Barak be removed and held accountable. Remove his guns not mine. His will hold us at bay…mine will prevent that from happening.


The Yoke of Self Denial

To tell the truth I liked the jolly fat Al Sharpton the hypocrite
better than I like the new slimmed-down bobble-head version which
appears to be more mean-spirited and disingenuous, if that’s possible.
Just the thought of calling him Reverend evokes waves of nausea and
visions of hypocrisy in me for the almost irreparable damage he wreaks
on those who see him in an opposite role than do I.

The subdued, scandal-riddled Jackson raises the bar for hypocritical
gymnastics and gives the title reverend a bad name for any pastor who
is ordained in a ministry, no matter how dubious. But when he engages
in soaring rhetoric, doubles down on his accent and spews the trigger
words that evoke Amen’s after each provoking phrase he’s at his best;
or worst, depending on your gullibility factor.

Here you have two prominent black leaders who speak exclusively to the
black community in times of stress and for the black community with
self appointed authority. Like long lost relatives they show up for
the reading of the will as if by teleportation and are the most
bereaved in the congregation, or any adjudication to create

In the Trayvon/George case they showed up before the the chalk outline
wore off and George’s scrape formed a scab. They made assumptions and
their assumptions were wrong. Why would anyone show up to protest the
Stand Your Ground law when it had no bearing on the case? Why would
anyone demonstrate to repeal a law that is most useful to the people
you are asking to demonstrate? To publicity hounds like Jackson and
Sharpton any demonstration they can roust is a good one. In their rush
to judgement they were forced to choose their purpose after they chose
their strategy. They found themselves all dressed up with nowhere to
go. I can only tell you where I would like them to go and my admitted
animus is borne of my patriotic and Christian desire to see the
burning embers of racial division smothered once and for all by mutual
understanding and brotherly love.

It’s about time we get over being offended by words. Words have the
meaning we assign to them. The slang terms used in the black community
to describe white people are bandied about freely and I would venture
to say even more commonly than the “N” word among whites. We’ve been
put on notice that the N word, used in public or in private will bring
down the wrath of God and black men might be justified in seeking
retribution. There are many terms not nearly as politically incorrect
as the N word, such as “Cracker”, “White Bread”, “Honky” and my
favorite, “Devil”….Why do they not offend me? I’ll tell you why.
There is no white, self important, self appointed hypocrite telling us
we should be offended. We don’t have “community leaders” nagging at
us, goading us, telling us we are getting the short end of the stick
when it comes to human rights, subsidies, job preferences, education
and opportunities or any other goody the black community has
preference to. Presumably we are “atoning” for the wrongs of ancestors
we never knew and mostly never existed for the majority of white
Americans. Their are laws that make it a crime, under certain
conditions for a white to use the “N” word, but not for the use of
“Whitey”, Cracker, White Bread or Honky. Certainly it is perfectly
acceptable for the N word to be used by Black people to Black people.
White on Black crime may make headlines, black on white not so much
and black on black, the majority of violent crimes in America, not
worthy of honorable or dishonorable mention. A complicit media reports
the news that supports the administration’s play bill.

My ancestors came from Italy and were busy overcoming prejudice every
new wave of immigrants experience and they did so stolidly, working
hard to raise their place in the community and contribute to society
in the best way they knew how. When they had a grievance they went
directly to the offending party and said their piece, occasionally
accented with a punch in the nose too. Blacks are told and too many
buy into the idea that they are offended by an entire race. I don’t
get it. I never offended anyone unintentionally. I wager that it is
still more difficult to be Jewish in this world than black by a long
shot but in America it is the blacks who remain defensive and guarded
while Jews concentrate on God, family, education and productivity.
Without leadership that ingrains acrid emotions I doubt very much of
it would exist in black society to the extent it does today. This
government is dependent on the welfare society to retain power and has
done more to divide and set us against one another than even Al
Sharpton and the Reverend Jackson who do it for a living. I will never
fall victim to these bare faced tactics and I can vouch for my friends
as well and they span the kaleidescope of human diversity.

In my time we have been coerced to stop using the term Negro. We were
also told that the term colored people, as in the title of the NAACP,
is offensive if you are not black and we should replace it with Black.
I never saw a black human being. We are told that racial profiling is
immoral and unfair when it is the fundamental tool of recognition and
description, not only for law enforcement but for anyone with eyes. We
have unabashadly created a double standard and divided that into as
many standards as it takes to divide and engender distrust. Caucasians
are left with the option of descrribing someone as “not white” and let
the recipient guess what color we’re referring to. It is time to get
over ourselves and let mother nature dictate our preferences. Do we
deny that most families in America have some intermarriage, whether
yellow, brown, tan or the shade I don’t know how to describe for Arabs
with blue eyes? Send the rabble rousers packing and appreciate the
fact that America is not only a melting pot it is indeed the land of
equal opportunity. People gave their lives on both sides of the
equation in our struggle to end discrimination and the scourge of
slavery. Why do we go through such great pains to hide the fact that
slavery, for all it’s inhuman and unchristian components was the law
of the land and was practiced by both races? The major inequality was
that only one race was enslaved. Slavery exists today in many parts of
the world and race is not a concern in those countries that tolerate
the practice. Foreign slave owners are equal opportunity masters. In
America and in much of Euroope the races have blended beyond
description. What is left is using race to promote wealth
redistribution and dependency. That is the ultimate crime the Obama’s,
Sharptons and Jacksons are most guilty of and for that I have no

How come the black community doesn’t pay homage to their counterparts
who saw no obstacles to their accomplishments they couldn’t overcome?
They are far more numerous and display more greatness than most know.
Unheroic heroes who go about their daily lives, accomplishing great
things, succeeding where others have failed, contributing to mankind,
making fortunes, taking risks, raising great families and suffering
great set backs are the norm not the exception. All with humility and
quiet they do not see themselves as heroes but they are certainly role
models far more worthy than the likes of Sharpton and Soetero.

God Bless America,


A Country Without a Man

Leadership is the key to success for mammals, birds, insects and fish populations
on the planet and man is no exception.

Businesses without strong leadership are doomed to failure and we have statistics that support that fact dramatically. The rate of failure for all business startups in the first through fifth years diminishes with experience and improved leadership.

Governors with great leadership skills provide superior living conditions in their states and the same goes for Mayors, aldermen and so on.

That being said it is obvious that most human beings rely on leadership and are not inclined to lead. Too many cooks spoil the broth exemplifies the fact of that human condition perfectly.

America has an incredible reserve of strong men and women, who have answered
the call to sacrifice without hesitation and few exceptions when the country needed them. There is no shortage of heroism, fellowship, patriotism and all the qualities leaders need in their ranks to accomplish great things.

At every crucial moment in America’s history great leaders have seen us through trials that tested our mettle and threatened our survival. From George Washington to Abraham Lincoln to Franklin Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan we invariably produced historical figures who were uniquely suited to the times and challenges of their day. None were perfect. Some were not even aligned with our founders’ vision for the country as a Constitutional Republic. FDR comes to mind, who had to set his communist ideals aside briefly to address the compelling issues of lingering depression and world war in quick succession. Obviously his solution to the depression was not as effective as his wartime strategy, where he emerged as a leader of men and nations.

There are men who know when to lead and when to step aside, like Geese in a Vee
formation, they can move gracefully from the head of the formation to the rear to use their talents to support the group in that way. There are followers who see their duties clearly and selectively join causes they believe in; and there are the masses, who like kangaroos, will jump in unison when a cadence moves them. Feed them and they will follow you anywhere; just keep the beat going.

Leaders are born. You can teach men to lead with varying degrees of success but the great leaders in history seem to have been born for the moment that called for their strength to mold men and build empires. There has been no shortage of evil leaders throughout history who were consumed with power, greed and self fulfillment at the expense of weaker willed or helpless followers. Leadership does not guarantee integrity.

Barak Obama is one such leader and his A Team all have enviable leadership qualities which gives the Obama regime depth and effectiveness. Eric Holder is as cool under pressure and committed to his chosen priorities as any Attorney General in history but not the responsibilities of the office. You can go through the roster of appointments in the Obama administration and at every level Barak’s key leadership talent is evident. He chooses his top echelon with unerring insight and skill; the mark of a great leader. Nothing deters this team from pursuing their goals, regardless of opposition, apparent rejection or sacrificial lambs who take blame and suffer consequences unfairly, that the
leader be perceived as above the fray.

I wish we had effective leaders of this caliber on our side. Alas, America has no man of the hour who can run the gauntlet of American politics and survive intact to confront the enemy in our midst. The enemy in our midst has so far avoided outright exposure and skillfully eludes and deflects accusations and suspicions. They exist in a permanent formation of circled wagons. When caught dead to rights defying our laws and the best interests of this country, the conversation always turns to some political conundrum that will never be solved and never laid to rest. There is no war on terror, Islam has a distinguished record of contribution to American heritage, Barak is a Christian born in America and the tooth fairy is married to the sand man. We will spend our way out of debt and disarm ourselves until our enemies regard us with respect and awe. “Radical” political activists who make dots connect and facts deduce say that Barak is the friend of our enemy, the enemy within and the supporter of Islamic dominance worldwide. Radicals believe in God, the sanctity of man, patriotism and self determination in opposition to government oppression. The Tea Party is violent, racist and a danger to society. Never mind the fact that they are American society and represent the most orderly denunciation of government oppression in modern history.

So why stop now? Obama is seeking the ideal circumstances, a crisis in fact or a crisis by design, which will create sufficient turmoil and unrest in the country to warrant Martial Law and insure his permanent presidency. His people did all they could to legitimize that festival of debauchery called Occupy Wall Street. The riff raff in attendance failed to riot, murder and burn sufficiently, as instigated by union thugs; instead they were satisfied to rape, pillage and defecate publicly, just enough to satisfy their own wanton desires; neither leaders nor followers they were opportunists run amok for whom convention and the rule of law was conveniently suspended.

It crossed his mind, no doubt, that the debt crisis might be used to assume unilateral control of fiscal decisions via the 14th Amendment but he couldn’t pull the trigger and now he seizes opportunity to shamelessly exploit the Trayvon Martin case, just as he did the Sandy Hook massacred children. Using Zimmerman as a wedge to divide the country Barak speaks like Siamese Twins, both evil, that hate each other but share a common goal. “The shooting of an unarmed African American teen requires national soul searching”. It’s what a leader does. He never lets a good crisis go to waste and never lets too long pass without one.

Left to local discretion there would not have been an arrest in the George Zimmerman case; that’s what the record indicates. Without constant biased media characterization of the events and the principles, and extreme pressure from higher authorities and influential biased organizations the case would not have caught the imagination of the public, and the trial would have been local news on page six. That’s where leadership
counts. Barak’s lying eyes saw family resemblance in Trayvon and that signaled the potential for a crisis that could rise to the occasion and spark racial tensions of epic proportions. In hindsight I am beginning to wonder if the crack prosecution team didn’t throw the game on command. With his usual disregard for due process, Barak immediately suggested that George, whom we thought was acquitted, was judged by “a jury”, not “the” jury. “A jury has spoken”, emphasis on “a” when the English vernacular
calls for “the”, is Barak’s word-perfect official choice of expression used by him, his official parrot and media who follow like a line of elephants each holding the tail of the one in front with his trunk, never deviating from course.

America is poised on the precipice of peril. The cross roads of history meets at our conscience. If we continue to allow political correctness to determine which path we shall take or how we will announce our conclusions our future is in the hands of evil leaders. War is not fought with such deference to social considerations. “If it moves shoot it”, is not advice to be taken lightly in the heat of battle. The enemy in the persona of the Muslim Brotherhood is waging war with every weapon at its disposal; not conventional weapons to be sure, and not conventional warfare for certain; but war none the less and we have the casualties to prove it.

The enemy in the persona of a president whose every word and act affects our freedom, financial security or our international posture negatively must be taken seriously if we are to survive as a Constitutional Republic. The enemy in the persona of the Muslim Brotherhood challenges our Judea Christian heritage with extinction without which America is not the nation the world depends on for leadership and moral certitude.

Demand that we fight back in kind. Do not cede our religious freedom no matter how innocuous the challenge. Pray openly and publicly in our Judea Christian tradition.

Demand that Barak be removed from office and held accountable for this treasonous presidency which is living up to the absurd promise of total transformation and fundamental change.

We are immersed in a war which has the very same objective for us as the American
Revolution. Barak does not believe in wars for Independence, though he prosecutes today’s war, it is the one he fears the most. Demand that he be removed.

God Bless America,


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


Heart Break Republic

George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin are the unlikely and unwilling
tragic figures in a national travesty. The tragedy played itself out
on a dark and rainy night in a quiet Florida community and the country
suffers the travesty in the outcome of that fateful encounter.

Is there an American left who has not formed an opinion and feels
empowered and obligated to blurt it out to all who will listen despite
that most are regurgitating snippets of facts or untruths that suit
their personal moral and political agendas? I fear that we have
reached critical mass in which everyone who exercises his/her right of
free speech is yelling fire in a crowded movie house. The adults have
left the room and the bickering and finger pointing resumes in full
force but not out of range. The adults have only left the room to
pursue their own hate speech, recrimination and political/racial
advantages while the children have their ears pressed to the walls
absorbing every syllable of divisiveness and false sanctimony.

I am heart broken but if I shed tears they are tears of anger and
frustration. My country is broken and the citizens I count on to
preserve and protect the Republic don’t care that the Kool Ade is
laced with arsenic or that the opinions they so glibly spout are
formed in the Halls of Justice, the confines of Congress and from the
pulpit of the presidency and  fed to us in our class rooms, court
rooms and news rooms, once subliminally, now vociferously. The message
has been venomous and counter productive; the racial divide is caused
by historical dominance and mal treatment of slaves by Southern slave
owners and all whites harbor prejudice and distrust. The message is
dishonest and disingenuous.

Nothing that modern society has done or attempts is permitted to
assuage the distrust. Non whites who have not achieved financial
success attribute their own shortcomings to non-equality perpetuated
by greedy white aristocracy. That is a widely held perception of all
non Caucasians who, rightly or wrongly feel their skin shade entitles
them to that perspective. Caucasians who don’t measure up are simply
poor whites and can blame their circumstances on anything they want to
from generational stagnation to bad luck. But darker skinned Americans
are victimized by their successful counterparts who feed the fires of
racial division by denial and a sincere desire to “give back” but are
really pouring gasoline on the fires of discontent. Whites are equally
guilty of fighting for the less fortunate and poor blacks and seeing
to it that they get the help the need to live with dignity. It all
sounds so righteous and upstanding. They do not see themselves as the
hypocrites they really are perpetuate poverty and dependency which is
at the core of racial division in America. The war on poverty as a
cliche served only to institutionalise and create generational

I am sorry for Trayvon and just as sorry for George. They are both
victims and if Trayvon has the public spirit of Martin Luther King he
will be mortified that his death serves as a catalyst to greater
division in America. Trayvon did not get a fair trial. He was
portrayed as a model son, model teen, model child who drank tea and
ate skittles. George didn’t get a fair trial and we should, as
Americans, object to the entire process that culminated in a one sided
persecution that failed in its objective to make George the poster boy
for hatred and gun violence and Trayvon the poster boy for prejudice
and civil rights violations. That is not what the justice system is
supposed to do. This tragedy should serve as a lesson to all Americans
that the mere appearance of hooliganism is stupid and many teens
emulate the wrong examples. George’s perception was born of the
disrespectful image today’s youth accentuates and projects. Right or
wrong Trayvon was a victim of his peers’ and perhaps his own behavior.
George is a victim of his environment and perhaps his own perception
of today’s youth as trouble makers and perpetrators of petty crime in
the community.

In the aftermath the prosecution is retrying their insubstantial case,
which did not meet the standards of professional law enforcement in a
court of law, in the public venue. Officers of the court, prosecutors,
are civil servants who should seek justice and not revenge with the
authority we have placed in them. They should be severely reprimanded
and the State Attorney, who set the stage for persecution in lieu of
justified prosecution should be removed from office; she has broken
the public trust.

All of Trayvon’s supporters who are calling for justice are destroying
the system of justice we have. There was a trial and the accused was
found not guilty under the law. Trayvon should rest in peace and his
family is equally guilty of making that less possible. It is the first
time in my recollection that the family of a victim lawyered up before
the trial; not with a friendly family friend who happens to be an
attorney but with a brace of civil rights attorneys who have been
outspoken throughout the process about perceived injustice and the
heinous crime of a white man killing an innocent black child in cold
blood. There is chicanery afoot and the Martin family is not as
concerned with justice as they are letting their son be used as a
sympathetic figure for civil rights and they allow themselves to be
orchestrated. All of this plays into the administration’s vision for a
divided, angry America.

I hoped we are better than this. I believe we would be if we had
honest complete reporting of all crime in America so that reasonable,
intelligent Americans can heal the wounds inflicted by outside
interests who benefit from racial tension and division; or avoid being
inflicted by those wounds. I am sick and tired of hearing pundits and
politicians make a statement and then qualify it by telling us how
both sides feel. We are all Americans. There should be one side only.
We are all being used and our opinions, whether right or wrong simply
add fuel to the fire at this point. I hope I am not guilty of that as
well. I have an opinion but the only opinion I respect is the that of
the Jury. You should not care how I feel over who is guilty of what
and why. I am not privy to the facts and neither are any of the
reporters who are paid handsomely to report but can’t help
editorializing. The opinion I wish to portray today is that of a
patriot who wants America to live up to the promise of the
Constitution. “We the People” has no racial overtone.

Rest in peace Trayvon. Home for you is the same home we all seek in
the afterlife and that is with one God the Creator. Go in peace
George. My prayer is that America respects the decision of the court
and the next time you are judged it will be with all of us, in due

God bless America

Dictators Love Democracies…Not Democracy

Democracies come and go and have for thousands of years. Among men of good will there is unanimous consent that man’s ideal government is a democratic one and America’s democracy in a Constitutional Republic is no doubt the highest form of human community yet.

Democracies end (usually) when a tyrant takes the people’s contribution out of the equation and assumes total control, becoming sole arbitrator and decision maker after the people have divided themselves with takers outnumbering makers. The reason dictators love democracies is because they live longer if they get elected by cheating than if they announce their political ambitions up front. People want to vote and have a say in government and for some strange reason will do so even when the result of an election is predetermined; but perhaps that accounts for the historical dismal voter turnout in American elections. Despots know that it is not who votes that counts; it is who counts the votes that counts; thank Josef Stalin for making it perfectly clear.

I am totally amazed and stunned by Americans’ refusal to believe that most American elections have been manipulated in one way or another or to some degree, since time immemorial. From school board to sheriff, from aldermen to judges and so on up the ladder. Conventional wisdom dictates that only close elections can be corrupted but I maintain that some close elections would not have been close were it not for a concerted effort to stuff the ballot boxes…sometimes stuffers fall short, what can I say.

The art of fixing elections had been brought to unprecedented predictability in America when nefarious powers decided to take down the strongest, richest, most successful nation in the world. America was so successful as a Constitutional Republic that the idea of democracy and capitalism spread world wide, making life difficult for autocracies and competing democracies. When you spread American style democracy and liberty you spread Judea Christian dogma and evidently that was interfering with governments that saw their most productive citizens fleeing to our shores for opportunity or complaining vociferously at home. We used to attract the cream of international societies, as in people who were willing to work hard to succeed and tired of working hard for the greater good of slackers and takers.

To undermine our society and make it more like socialist democracies changes had to come by degrees and our people had to be conditioned to accept ideas that would eventually erode and undermine the basic concept of a people’s government. They started locally in our education system and the flawed products of that liberal system sought positions in local politics. Our universities and colleges were seeded with socialists, communists and liberal thinkers who were intent on breaking down moral and cultural values with high minded theories of soft rebellion. America became a land filled with vocal liberals who want to level the playing field to the lowest common denominator, provide government assistance to those most comfortable in dependency and pay for everything with taxes on productive members who object to the whole concept. They don’t call it confiscation because it’s only taxes and everyone must pay their fair share; except those who decide what fair share is and the indolent content to gain the system. When you have a rogue I.R.S. agency that is self-policing and unrestrained in its collection tactics and therefore feared by the most productive members of society…that is tantamount to confiscation. When that agency suspects or accuses a citizen of tax delinquency and subverts or ignores due process…that is tantamount to a police state. How many government agencies in America have their own enforcement divisions; armed SWAT teams that take the law into their own hands and disrupt businesses and livelihoods at gun point to enforce their regulations or perceived infractions of their rules. Do not run afoul of the EPA, IRS, FDA, FBI, TTB, DEA at the risk of your life becoming a living hell. If you are a small business or farmer trying to dine on fresh butchered meat and home grown vegetables with friends and neighbors or a guitar manufacturer who follows the letter of the law in choosing exotic woods but not the intent of the EPA expect punishment absent due process. Do not run afoul of local police who might consider an individual with a carry license a threat…they are no longer the local constabulary…they have become highly trained special forces in bullet proof vests toting high powered weapons, intent on maintaining law and order as never before. Look around you. America has been transformed. We are beginning to look more and more like a police state. Peel the onion and look where you might never notice…there are manned, unoccupied state of the art prison facilities sitting and waiting. Waiting for what you might ask? Perhaps an election with only one candidate. A DINO may develop where once we had elections that best represented the voice of the people… A Democracy in Name Only.

The truth is democracy doesn’t work anymore and maybe it never did. If you think our founding fathers thought it worked, think again. They wanted limited democracy; at least the founders who led the way to Independence did. As educated men of faith who understood history, they knew the pitfalls and advantages of a Republic and that democracy in action may not be democracy after the votes are counted. It turns my stomach when Barak tells Egyptians to restore the democratic process. Unbeknown to the people who voted there the democratic process that put Morsi in office is a sham. The democratic process that put Barak in office here is also a sham. The democratic process in both countries was used and manipulated to transform both countries and the Muslim Brotherhood is cavorting about the scene like jackals who will not dine unless they are assured their prey is sufficiently weakened.

This is the subject of a book that will be written long after I make transition. History will record the fate of a nation that was duped into accepting a form of government that their forefathers died to protect them from. History will tell our children and children’s children if we learned from our mistakes and valued our freedom enough to preserve it for future generations. We cannot preserve it unless we make the adjustments our forefathers could not incorporate at the dawn of this great country.

The questions now are many and some may seem impossible to answer because each question and answer will result in more questions needing answers. Can we take back control of our destiny? If we do will we rest on our laurels or take on the challenges to remove our vulnerability as a democracy? Can we turn our Republic into the limited democracy our founders could not? Has America been so altered from its original concept that too many are inured to the false concept of benevolent government?

I fear it is too late with this unwieldy, top heavy predicament for any new leadership, no matter how well intentioned, to take the reins and re instill the Conservative, Judea Christian values we have abandoned as a people, and thereby take responsibility once more for our own actions with sweat equity and informed participation. The good news is that our wounds are fresh and we have the knowledge and experience, with the proper leadership, to start fresh. I don’t see that caliber of leadership as having influence enough in this arena, but they do exist, muted by party politics that cannibalize their best and brightest if they dare to buck the system.

A new Republic on this continent, our Constitution and Bill of Rights restored to proper relevance with the changes mentioned above, can be a reality and it will, once we breathe life into her, live for a thousand years and more, not the 200 plus once projected 200 plus years in advance….

The Second Amendment is the stalwart defender of all our rights. The moment in history that Thomas Jefferson cited as the time it would be needed is here. This unlawful government that opposes the Constitution and Bill of Rights boldly and vociferously must not survive our will. It must go and we must adjust our thinking and our laws so that no alternate form of government will ever again defeat our system and engage us in the transformation we are now witnessing. Who has the courage to stand and make it happen?

Demand that Barak be removed by any and every legal means available to us and hold him accountable for his words and deeds while in control of at least one branch of our government. Then we can regroup, organize and restart and ask for the Creator’s forgiveness and blessing once more…

God bless Americans.

When the Sphinx Smiles its a Bad Day for Islam

A democracy that thwarts the will of the people is not a democracy worth having. Morsi was elected but like Obama his true agenda was not really evident until he had the power to execute. To be honest both of these pod dwellers told us what they believed but Americans and Egyptians didn’t listen to the fine print. More to the point they were psychologically prepared to accept false hope, sympathy and promises rather than facts and reality. When radicals are elected I am highly suspicious of the results and for good reason. Where there is smoke there is fire and scruples don’t grow on bandits. And yes; by any definition, Barak is as radical as they come.

When you put a Muslim Brotherhood member or sympathiser in charge of a democracy you will lose that democracy or you will end up with a DINO…a democracy in name only. You may vote but you will never again be assured that those who count the votes don’t have their fingers crossed and their loyalties lost. Barak is calling for a return to the democratic process; that isn’t even code for return Morsi. The same democratic process he called for when he opined that “every one must have a seat at the table” when Mubarak achieved room temperature. He urged that elections in the new democracy be all inclusive and it was evident early on that he had a dog in the hunt. True democracies are not born; they are won. The losers who despise democracy seldom go away quietly; they foment discontent and unrest until they can regain a foothold.

Our forefathers were aware of the slippery slope of allowing the Constitutional Republic to be challenged in every election cycle by politicians and ideologues whose vision of government is at odds with their blueprint for self government. That  blueprint is based on Judea Christian principles and its opponents are most often anti religion, anti establishment and anti self determination. As a practical matter the self government proponents were unable to convince most of the founders that the Constitution should have precautions and safe guards to protect the concept of self government from being usurped. The result is that after 150 years or so antagonists figured out they could gnaw away at our laws and Bill of Rights and use incremental politics to gradually change the character of this nation and they were successful. So successful that in 2008 Barak swept onto the scene telling us we were wrong for 240 years and sold us the oldest, most unsuccessful formula for government in history and we bought it in lieu of the most successful formula in history and lived to regret our choice. The lesson we are learning is that wealth redistribution and socialism is a gateway drug to perdition; pray that we learn in time before it leads to Islamic Fascism, a dictatorship or worse.

In Egypt the people who survived the uprising had unreasonable expectations for the outcome of their sacrifice but expectations they are fully entitled to. They know instinctively what we know from Judea Christian dogma and the Constitution and we take for granted; freedom is the birthright of humanity; government, by its very nature, diminishes freedom. Only the American Republic limits government authority and praises our Creator. Revolutions leave a vacuum in leadership and the instigators watch from the side lines waiting to fill that vacuum. When the Egyptian people’s expectations were not met, coupled with a dogged determination by the new president to introduce total transformation in the way of Sharia Law, they rebelled once more. The Egyptian military took the side of the people and did what our Founders were unable to do. They gave the people another bite at the apple, perhaps not for democracy, that remains to be seen, but at least freedom from Muslim Brotherhood tyranny. In effect the military, which had ruled the country for many years prior to and with Mubarak, heard the people reject the Muslim Brotherhood and somehow realized that what they had avoided and Mubarak prevented was becoming a reality through a very flawed democratic process.

The world will not be a safe or peaceful place as long as the Muslim Brotherhood has power and influence. The Arab Spring and an American president have greatly advanced their status and the mission of Jihad seems more attainable to these barbarians than ever, since their declaration of war on all infidels. America is undergoing total transformation and the transformer is a Muslim with strong ties to radicals and terrorists from all walks of life. He discusses world affairs with Islamic Muslims who should not be permitted within 100 miles of Washington D.C. Christianity is under assault as the foundation of our civil laws and Muslims exult in their growing prevalence, compliments of government rule.

Our salvation as a nation and survival as a Constitutional Republic depends on our ability and willingness to recognize and defeat all enemies. Our survival as a civilization depends on our willingness to take bold international steps to neutralize and reverse the inroads the Muslim Brotherhood has realized in America, the Middle East and Europe. Egypt, Greece and Syria all resisted the Muslim Brotherhood and once the barriers were removed they all are experiencing unprecedented bloodshed and oppression. Where the Muslim Brotherhood goes, misery, terror and poverty are sure to follow.

Events in Egypt represent the first set back for the Muslim Brotherhood since the Arab Spring. Let the Egyptian Army deal with the Muslim Brotherhood and a stronger, unified United States and Israel will see our common enemies turn impotent.

Our best and wisest move would be to let the Middle East nations sink to their own level and that will in turn reduce the support they provide the Muslim Brotherhood and the real threat they pose to Israel. If we should withhold aid from Egypt as we incrementally increase our aid and support to Israel the Middle East nations’ threat to Israel will abate proportionately. Isn’t it ironic that Israel and the United States have realized oil and gas reserves we could not imagine even two short years ago, in the face of Obama’s war on coal, fossil fuels and Christianity. Is this not a  spiritual sign that now is the time to reject Obama’s policies, edicts and comments which are aligned with Muslim efforts to overwhelm our society and impose their will on us while they gain assets and military components in the Middle East. A thousand Atomic bombs will not make lions out of jackals. We are still the dominant force on the world scene. One thing the Arab nations do have in common is respect for strength and once we send a message that we have regained our sanity we will be back in their good graces.

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck it is a duck. Barak is a threat to this nation. If not for the reasons I cite then by his own admission he sees the Constitution and Bill of Rights as problematical and the American Revolution as a rebellion against a proper authority. He must be removed.

Remove Baraks guns not mine. His will suppress our freedom mine will guarantee it.

Father Francois Murad, Franciscan Catholic Priest

Don’t run out for the newspaper, it isn’t in there. Don’t worry about getting home in time to hear the six o’clock news or falling asleep before the 10 o’clock news. Muslim on Christian violence doesn’t arch a liberal eyebrow and no mention is dishonorable mention unspoken. The Pope issued a statement though, to the effect that Islamic rebel forces, (that’s an oxymoron) fighting to topple Assad, killed a Catholic Priest; they beheaded him unceremoniously but Allah Akbar was the last phrase he heard, no doubt.

Now that news does not come as a shock to those of us who took the Muslim Brotherhood at their word when they declared war on all infidels and vowed to kill all Jews. Of course Father Murad wasn’t a Jew but when Muslims don’t have time to convert us to Islam they kill us; it’s a form of Sharia efficiency. If you were yawning when Jihad was dropped on us you weren’t alone…All of Europe let that minor diatribe slip by and invited the Muslims to set up camp and defecate on their laws, mores and traditions. It’s just part of Allah’s grand scheme to infiltrate, agitate and ingratiate to the detriment of gracious hosts. So Muslim Jihadists are waging war and hardly anybody cares to engage them. No matter how many beheadings, bombings, beatings and brawlings they impose and carry out war is not an option to sleeping beauties, cowards or American presidents. We turned a deaf ear and a blind eye and believe it or not they didn’t go away. They merely want to know which is our blind eye so they can poke out the other one.

May the martyred Catholic priest rest in peace while we ponder the consequences of yet another uncivilized, savage killing. Okay ponder over…we’ll not even issue a stern rebuke. So let’s move on and consider what this vicious act of terror amid the killing fields of a Middle East version of rebellion teaches us. Now that 100,000 Syrian freedom fighters have died gloriously and more have bled profusely for their cause the truth is they have been duped and Barak knows it. Now they are joined by forces that will help them topple and likely kill their tormentor and they haven’t the slightest suspicion that the victory they will soon celebrate will be hollow and short lived. The Muslim Brotherhood will gleefully pull the sajjāda (rug) out once more and John (our homegrown traitor-in-service to the country) Kerry, will resurrect one of Hilary’s religion of peace speeches and Barak will laud the all-inclusive new democratic, Sharia-compliant government of the people of Syria.

The Muslim Brotherhood has a fool proof formula for getting the most out of the Arab Spring with the least sacrifice; a friend in the White House and Sharia inspired lies. Once again Barak’s timing is impeccable. No late-to-the-dance, ineffective fly zone proponent, Barak means business and will commit troops, money and guns of various shapes and sizes to help the reconstituted rebels fight for freedom. The rebels who cannot win for losing will no doubt celebrate their newly won democracy and joyfully surge to the polls in numbers that would make American Idol green with envy and Benjamin Franklin wax poetic.

In a few months they’ll wish they let Assad live to a ripe old age; and we’ll say, Shucks, Barak got it wrong agin!

A word to the wise. If you elect an Islamic Muslim to high office you get Islamic Fascism and will surely be punished for that good deed. This holds equally true in the Middle East Arab Spring as in the United States’ winter of discontent.

The tragedy in the Middle East is an infectious virus and unless we take control of our destiny, restore our Judea Christian principles in government and Judea Christian values in our lives, chaos will lead to Islamic Muslim impositions in our culture. American government of the people will surely be transformed to a government to the people.

Demand that Barak be held accountable for reckless endangerment to our heritage and the Republic we hold dear.

Remove Barak’s guns not mine. His will be turned on us; mine will turn them back.