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The International Forecaster

The International Forecaster.


The International Forecaster

6 29 14 Folks,

I am now honored to be published in The International Forecaster, a newsletter for world economic news, global and social trends, world politics, money, investment and health.

When time honored publications like the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times are considered “liberal” and we have to analyze their content to feel certain that omissions or inclusions are not biased, we must seek reliable sources to confirm or contradict what we are spoon fed. It is not a matter of balance, as ideologues would have us believe, if one side is intent on silencing the other while carefully monitoring media they control.

The International Forecaster is such a reliable, intelligent resource that allows us to form independent opinions and increase our familiarity with subjects that are critical to our well being. Americans like Jennifer Gillotti, publisher of The International Forecaster and Fred Brownbill, publisher of Save America Foundation, and others, are patriots who sacrifice much to keep the rest of us informed and active in the outcome of our own destiny and we are indeed indebted. It truly behooves us to support their work and benefit from their purpose.

This is a wonderful age but it is also an age when misinformation travels as fast as actual facts and it is sometimes difficult to discern the difference. Save America provides us with invaluable analysis, valued opinions and exposure of events often intentionally overlooked by mainstream ideologues. Reliable sources are therefore crucial if we wish to be truly informed and educated with bias not an issue. You can trust the International Forecaster to have their finger on the pulse of pertinent topics in these critical times. At the core of their mission is a devotion to patriotism and the best interest of all Americans is their unwavering dedication.

The benefits of the information age are offset by the obvious negatives. We are inundated with information and risk information fatigue and confusion when opposite sides are trying to sway opinion and mold minds, intent on furthering a political agenda in complete contradiction to our Constitutional Heritage.

The International Forecaster goal is to bring truth and real news to people in a manner that can be understood by all. Their writers and contributors live around the world, which allows them to provide subscribers with true, relevant news that impacts our lives and future. Each issue is broken down by region; World markets, US, Commodities, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia, Health, and Links.

The International Forecaster is published on Wednesdays and Saturdays for subscribers via email, it averages 15-30 pages per issue. For those subscribers that do not have email, a hard copy issue is published and mailed twice a month and is 8 pages total.

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What God Has Created Let No Man Put Asunder

Too many Americans act like the parent who refuses to believe a child who complains of being molested, when all the signs are apparent. I don’t know how else to tell my fellow Americans the truth…Some say it is exaggeration, some say it is over reaction, some say it’s blasphemous and disrespectful to the Office to say the things I am obliged to say. America is being systematically, serially and savagely ravaged and there has been no meaningful rejection of a government that has overstepped its authority and is actively engaged in denying the rightful authority of the people and the states, all at the behest of an imperial president.
My answer is, always was and will be that it is disrespectful to the Office, the Constitution and to those whose lives were sacrificed to protect our liberty and our freedoms, not to speak out. To deny the obvious is truly akin to denying an abused child the solace, comfort and protection of the parent, whose God given principal responsibility in life is to protect and defend the child. I regret that to date there has not been a responsible defense of the Constitutional Republic worthy of the responsibility citizenship entails.
Barack spoke these word today; “I am not going to apologize for doing something when Congress refuses to do anything.” In addition to being untruthful, it is an authoritarian, un-American, dictatorial statement that should strike fear and resentment in the hearts of free men and the two arms of government that are supposed to comprise the balance of power. Barack must be held accountable for taking the oath of office under false pretexts and swearing to a God he does not believe in. He has not broken the oath he took; he does not recognize that oath and is not qualified to hold public office in the United States of America. I ask with no misgiving that we remove him on those fundamental grounds and end the pussyfooting process of finding a narrow item of abuse to bring a feckless law suit. Barack is no more entitled to the due process of our court system than Ahmed Abu Khattala. Ahmed is not a suspect and neither is Barack Obama; they are perpetrators of death and destruction and Barack is by far the more potent and most dangerous.
Unlike any other country in the world our legacy is self government and it is incumbent upon us to guard the palace door. It is you and I who are responsible for the laws and mores the sovereign state we reside in must be accountable for and it is the state that assigns authority to the Federal Government to insure our protection and ability to engage in commerce without undue restriction. How we will ever get back to that simple but most elusive formula for self government is a dilemma of epic proportions. After decades of neglect and erosion it cannot be done without paying a very steep price. The price will give us pause because it requires that we once again are willing to sacrifice our very lives. We have paused long enough and it is time to make the decision of the ages. Will we live lives devoid of self detrmination and devotion to one God or will we succumb to the will of dictators who must suppress our achievments, our God given rights and our liberty, to hold the mantle of power?
A soft revolution in my mind is an organized, well orchestrated secession, led by a few good States who honor their sovereignty and the voice of the people and will lead this nation back to the rudiments of Judea Christian existence and self government.
Demand that Barack be removed for cause; we have many. Remove his guns not mine. His will silence us; mine will give us voice.
God bless us.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

I’ll Hold Your Jacket: Don’t Forget to Duck

When I was young I had red hair and white skin…Thanks to the Bozos at the very top of our government it is now the other way around. My hair is white and my face is red…from embarrassment. I admit my hair was already white when Barack came upon us but I do believe that when he said we were 5 days away from fundamentally changing America that would have been instant whitening, like pulling a light switch.

With approval ratings in the toilet and Democrats joining the chorus of rebuff, you may think Obama is a loser. Funny thing, he hasn’t lost his arrogance or backed down on any item of the many that would have been the undoing of any Republican and I dare say few Democrat presidents could have withstood the outrage Barack earned but never seems to take head on. We take careful aim again and again but glancing blows are all he has had to deal with. The fundamental change has come to pass, total transformation may take a little longer. Barack doubles down and we are finally losing patience.

Fundamental change means our Judea Christian heritage is under siege. Total transformation will spell the rise of Islam and the absence of resistance. Fundamental change for me means America is no longer the land of opportunity. Entrepreneurs have to negotiate the most hostile environment in our history and as a result our middle class is shrinking, entitlement class is growing and you may think it odd but the wealthy are doing quite well, thank you. I will remind you that holds true in some of the most repressive societies on earth. Total transformation is when people are resolved to accept the status quo…when opportunity has no meaning. The battle for political supremacy is fought by disenfranchisement and suppression of those who believe in self determination, hard work and prayer. Political enemies are eliminated by character assassination, political dirty tricks, intimidation and from time to time, assassination. The cabal controls the media and their help is immeasurable. The so-called scandals that never get resolved serve to break down the will of the people until there is a general sense of helplessness. Ineptitude at the highest levels of government contributes to that feeling of powerlessness and in a twist of fate benefits the cabal.

The Office of Secretary of State is one of the most important positions in government. We’ve had 6 years of Hilary’s globe-trotting and pontiferous ineffectiveness but no one can pontificate with John Kerry. Hilary may have left heads of state she visited scratching their stately heads when she left, wondering what the heck she wanted but Kerry is more the buffoon who is apt to leave his hosts muttering obscenities. I’m sure the embattled Iraqi government had mental images of beheading the pompous ass but held their tempers because they really have no choice. What purpose did it serve to have Kerry fly into their midst to tell them what Barack has already said? Iraq has to solve their own problems and by the way, when your Muslim ass is carted out on a gurney the new government better be “all inclusive” or we won’t take sides again. We’ll remain neutral as long as it takes to get the government of our choice making Iraqis miserable in Sharia, joyous in Jihad and victorious over Israel. Barack is shifting the walnut shells but there is no decision under any of them. When seconds count we will come to your aid any minute now. I understand Morsi is available for cheap and he has a letter of recommendation from none other than the President of the Islamic States of America, Barack Hiself Obama.

I feel the ground shifting in America and a sense of desperation seems to be gathering momentum. The need to remove Barack is now evident to a few governors, quite a few Representatives, even a few Democrats and John Boehner is now readying a lawsuit. Always behind the curve, eventually the people will act. In the end only the people can restore the nation they entrusted to the wrong people.

Guido —

Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Term Limits for Dummies; Members of the House of Representatives

A Politicians’ time in office should be so constricting that they would be anxious to return to their former day jobs after one or two terms. You will agree with me only if it helps get you elected for another term. The days when patriots were willing to sacrifice something to serve their country are long past because politics, somewhere along the line, became a career option rather than a calling.

If you love your country because of the ideals our forefathers were able to codify in a document, essentially man’s God given right to self govern, you will better understand your limited role as part of a government limited to the duties authorized by the states. If you say that is what you love and admire about America but serve years without that restriction, you are just another detractor whose deeds will never match their rhetoric.

If the crowning achievement of your career in politics is the longevity of it, you, sir or madam, are corrupt. You are either directly engaged in skullduggery for profit or benefiting from washing backs to get your back washed. If you’re doing neither and not exposing those who do, you are complicit and contributing to the circle of corruption. We who elect you deserve what we get but that doesn’t mean we get what we deserve. We deserve representation no matter how uninformed we have become. After all we are the victims of a political system that has perpetrated an uninformed electorate to prolong their careers and have sacrificed the concept of self government for their own selfish interests.

Why do politicians think that they are no longer ordinary citizens once they are elected to office? Because they go to Washington in the hopes of having a long, uninterrupted career, feeding at the public trough. Even a brief taste of the privileged existence we afford our representatives is so intoxicating that a return to their former lives is almost unthinkable…unbearable for some and so the game of politics becomes the driving force of their existence. Theirs is a world that reflects the life of achievement Americans are entitled to by virtue of hard work and dedication but politicians eschew the time honored American concept of hard work in favor of Congressional entitlement; and with that government grows exponentially in direct opposition to the diminished voice of the people.

If your claim to fame is your ability to reach across the aisle you have no convictions of your own and serve only as a facilitator for fees. You are like an atheist selling Bibles. If you believe nothing will get done without compromise, nothing is the better choice but compromising feathers their nests by getting things done; Bills they can attach their wish list to and continue to erode the purpose and intent of a Constitutional Republic until it is unrecognizable and entitlements and pork become the primary products and function of government.

If your constituents reelect you because you are very proficient at bringing Washington money home you are unconcerned that government is recirculating wealth and that is the ignorance that has cost us our liberty. Taxation pays for your predilection and you contribute to the rationalization of ever increasing taxes. Or do you think you are working for a revenue producing corporation with a highly desirable product?

Recirculating money costs the tax payers dearly and is the anathema of free market wealth creation. You can’t excel at winning lucre to your state without political trade offs…the tactical strategy that drives incremental politics in a socialist movement. Even the smallest concession to liberal causes is a victory for socialism and another step toward authoritarian government. We the people, except for a short term benefit to one locality, are deprived of good government when our employees are better horse traders than they are legislators…or patriots.

Why do you think the Donkey National Committee got out the Democrat vote for the Thad Cochran vs. Chris McDaniel contest yesterday? Because Thad goes along to get along and the so called “Tea Party” candidate would naturally stand firm for conservative values. Democrats prefer the moderate who can be bought with pork.We should be ashamed that Democrats once more chose the candidate of their choice for the Republic seat in the Senate. If Wisconsin voters were better informed and wearied of professional politicians new blood would mean a baby step toward Constitutional restoration…perhaps. The only “term limits” that apply now is up to the voter.

Congressmen and Senators who have increased their net worth by 1/2 since going to Washington are too clever by 1/2 for our own good. Every single one should be forced to show the source of their wealth and pay a severe penalty if the office they hold provided the opportunity for enrichment. No elected official should benefit from privileged information and the closest tabs possible should be kept to insure they do not take advantage of the knowledge they gain as public servants. But then they are insulated by the laws they passed which exempt them from the rules of comportment the rest of us are subjected to; rape, insider trading and Social Security for example.

Let’s start a third part called the Incumbent Party and send them packing. Because we have allowed our elected officials to become entrenched some will go to great lengths to keep the office they hold. Khrushchev let us in on the ultimate political tactic to stay in office when he said, “It’s not who votes that counts; it’s who counts the votes that counts.” A word of caution; only politicians who have been around for a long time can figure out how to count the votes.

An enlightened citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of a republic. Thomas Jefferson

We’ve been dummies long enough.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

My Country ‘Tis of Thee

When Barack drops the “inclusive” word on a Middle Eastern dictator it is Obama, judge, jury and jihadist, passing sentence on another Sharia-resistant head of state, perhaps one that was not anti American. Arivaderci Arabic infidel. When Barack, preparing us to accept the outcome we least prefer, states we will not influence the outcome when American interests are at stake, he is telling us the outcome will not be to our liking; but it will be to his. When Barack the terrorist has chosen a side; rest assured it does not bode well for incumbents who do not embrace Sharia Law. Just to be clear; in Barack’s code-speak an inclusive government is one that invites terrorists, the Muslim Brotherhood, to participate in any new or reformed government that emerges after a blood bath or in lieu of one.

On domestic affairs Barack’s successes are the changes that transform us a nation, more closely resembling failed socialist states struggling for survival in Europe, Asia and South America. The arrogant, willfully malicious disregard for our laws is not what it seems. The aim is not to circumvent our laws, it is to denigrate and degrade the rule of law on a wholesale basis and desensitize us to moral and fiscal ineptitude. When this imperial egotist circumvents Congress, ignores Supreme Court rulings, issues edicts and refuses to enforce the laws of the land, these are willfully malicious acts of terror when considered in conjunction with all the other societal breakdowns we have been subjected to. What we endure as scandal after scandal with no apparent responsibility begins to appear more of a tactic to demoralize and discourage the electorate, on our way to an authoritarian style government. All employees of agencies that routinely harass and persecute are rewarded for contemptuous behavior and those who rail at injustice and strong arm tactics are punished and reviled for their trouble. “One nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” is divided as never before and liberty is infringed by justice reserved for the obedient. Play ball and you will be exempt, at least for a while, from the hardships being imposed on Americans to inure them to the fact that all men are born equal…unless they strive for individualism. Obama has said in plain English, that America is not exceptional; God knows what he has said in Arabic.

Today Americans in all walks of life are painfully aware that to disagree with this administration or any agency that has authority over our activities can incur some form of punishment, retribution or hardship. Government agencies, as a rule, and especially the IRS, have the right to deprive you of your rights. They were created to subvert the rule of law by imposing the rules they devise. This has been the case for many years it is true, but no administration has used government agencies to control and intimidate businesses, industries and the public at large for political and ideological purposes, to the extent that this regime has. An act of terrorism is to instill fear and insecurity to eliminate resistance to unorthodox demands; that is what is going on and I label it terror.

When you neglect a wound and allow it to fester too long it requires aggressive treatment to heal. Barack could have been removed with relative ease six years ago, when I equated the election of an unknown and not forthcoming stranger, to a cabal. I warned then that it would be increasingly difficult as time went on to remove him. The evidence we refused to accept is now too obvious to deny and suggests that it will take something akin to a hostile takeover to get the WH back. Bobby Jindahl may be the first public official to agree with me on that or the first official to agree publicly.

Unfortunately that will not restore the nation at this late date; it will now require something akin to revolution. We have six years of Barack’s edicts and radical laws to reverse and 100 years of incremental political conversion to undo. We are no longer a functioning Constitutional Republic or free market economy or a nation in which we can worship freely without possibility of rebuke. Foreign flags fly above ours in our homeland and at times in lieu of ours, without consequence. Our borders are guarded for exit only, not for entry and prisoners of war are called suspects and provided with the protection and dignity of our laws with no fear of the wrath of our armies. A Marine Sergeant languishes in a Mexican prison and a deserter is afforded every consideration and treatment denied millions of decorated veterans. I fear that I have but one life to give for my country and it may be taken in vain.

A planned secession led from the top is the least violent option left. Who has the courage to make it happen?

He is now armed and has a formidable militia on his side. Remove his guns to restore our sovereignty; you can’t have one without the other, bet your life on it.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Search Your Souls

You can choose between Jefferson and Einstein, Hilary and Barak.
George Bush did not lie but no one comes to his defense. Barak only lies and no one condemns him.
A traitor is freed and his liberator is doing cartwheels to exonerate him while a hero vegetates in a Mexican jail and all pleas, even from Congress, fall on deaf ears…A prime example of a dismissive president with illogical priorities who ignores the voice of the people with a royal wave of the hand.
Everyone has priorities so if Barak’s priorities differ from the mandate in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, as well as the expectations and priorities of the American people, just what are his priorities? Are we justified in using the same measure of performance we hold everyone else to? For instance shall we ignore his words or allow his press and his WH spokespersons to reinterpret his words so that they are less confrontational and not so ideological? If not then I can relate to you with certainty that Barak Hussein Obama holds Islam in higher regard than Christianity, Judaism and any other religious sect in America. I can state with certainty that he holds prisoners of war in higher esteem than he does our military, including wounded veterans. Are we to believe that American exceptionalism is a myth and the myth is the cause of anti American sentiment world wide? Read his lips. In word and deed Barak and his wife are as one on that score; America does not measure up.
IRS lost some emails…Not just any emails but the specific subpoenaed correspondence congress has been waiting over a year for, trying to determine the role of the central character in an investigation. IRS Official Lois Lerner, held in contempt of Congress for her obstinate refusal to testify after petulantly proclaiming her innocence, is willing to accept censure and loss of reputation and dignity, rather than reveal her part in the criminal role the IRS has in partisan Democrat politics. Barak knows we don’t believe the lost mail malarkey but the indigestible truth is he doesn’t care a whit whether we believe it or not. It’s a matter of double down, in your face domination and the correspondence of at least six more officials is gone missing too. These power hungry dictator minded partisans do not feel the need to craft credible fish tales for us to ponder. They glean more satisfaction giving us an unbelievable story and sticking to it and it feeds into the aura of superiority they wish to accustom us to. The imperial presidency is super sensitive to criticism and vindictive to a fault and no amount of feigned or even honest indignation, at this late date, is going to change a thing. They might just as well hold the emails up for all to see and tell us point blank we can’t have them. The response would have been the same…bloviation ad nauseum and another investigation punctuated with “what difference does it make”.
His remarks and non action in Iraq are even more revealing. No crisis in the Middle East is a crisis unless the Muslim Jihads are not toppling another government; that’s when Barak makes his move, Congress aside. We later accuse Barak of not understanding the consequences; he understands perfectly. Didn’t Barak say we would not lift a finger until Milaki resolves Iraq’s internal issues between the Shiites and the Sunnis? That is just code for give the reins of government to the terrorists; the same ones that ruled Iraq before we toppled Sodamn Insane, who kept the Muslim Brotherhood in check for 30 years. Slowly I have come to understand that not all Muslim terrorists are born equal. Barak chooses his Muslims and even he sometimes takes a minute to figure out which Muslim he is siding with. An American president does not make speeches and play golf while events on the world stage are spilling over jeopardizing American interests…unless the events suit his purpose. But then I have been trying to tell you that Barak is not an American president. Not according to his actions, his words and his curriculum vitae, such as we have been permitted to examine.
A “suspect” in the Benghazi attack has been captured. When did an attack on our embassy become a matter of civil law? An act of war, terror or direct bombing is no a tort! How the devil is a murdering, avowed enemy of the United States called a Suspect? They wouldn’t be trying to shift the focus away from Obama/Clinton malfeasance and dereliction of duty would they? Heaven forbid! If we leave our embassy unguarded and vulnerable to enemy attack we have every right to retaliate when the enemy takes advantage; but it seems to be another right we are not about to exercise. However, we have a Constitutional, moral and national obligation to punish the ones who left our flanks and our front door exposed; that would be the Secretary of Mistakes, Hilary Rotten Clinton and the Resident in defiance, our Commander in Sheik. Stop arresting suspects for God’s sake and lets please go back to killing them where they live. Our courts are for Americans.
I’d wager that the people of Pompeii were discussing local politics and the weather when the last surge of lava and volcanic ash buried them alive in animated poses not even able to make a valiant dash for safety. My dear fellow Americans; the volcano has erupted. I recommend we exit the premises. Secede and begin anew. Barak has us all wrong and underestimates our resolve if only we would gather our senses and respond in kind. He told us, he sold us and now he’s cashing in his chips. Lets punch his ticket.
If we won’t heed the Founders’ words perhaps Einstein can get through to us. Einstein said, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them and do nothing.
Remove his guns not mine. His will be our undoing, mine his.
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”
The constitution is no longer a problematic document that has the order of authority reversed. As promised, Barak has made the founding document of this country irrelevant and rendered Congress impotent.

You Can Win for Losing.

Obama’s Infallible Military Strategy: Cut and Run is responsible for the deaths and injuries of thousands of human lives and unless he checked death will visit us on our shores before another calendar year.

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s Shiite-led government struggles to form a coherent response after the Sunni militants blitzed and captured the country’s second-largest city of Mosul as well as other, smaller communities and military and police bases…Everyone predicted this except? Barak Hussein Obama, is that weird?

As the Sunni’s, Taliban, Al Qaeda and the entire Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia embracing Middle East terrorist community regrouped, and sobered up after their delirious state of inebriation and hysterical laughter over our willingness to let Barak turn over the entire Middle East to them, we concerned ourselves with domestic irregularities; religious persecution, Obama Care and Obama CORE, unemployment, government agencies gone rogue, scandal after scandal and an imperial presidency. And the Middle East smoldered, Israel squirmed and Putin took his plain clothes army for a walk across the Ukraine while Barak vacationed, took some time to commiserate with his Indonesian, Islamic belly button and vacationed some more.

Why would it be a matter of concern if Iraq hollowed out its military instead building their competence and confidence? Isn’t it normal for a Commander in Chief to purge all branches of the military of its most experienced, competent officers? It’s what you do when the total transformation you bring must be preceded by devastation.

Barak is pleased as punch as the fruits of his treachery come to fruition and the Muslim Brotherhood finally realizes their most elusive dreams. Military assets beyond their imagination, respectable positions of authority in governments and now, ever so close, an entire country to call their own, fairly won on the field of dishonor.

For once in Barak’s tenure let’s not let political correctness deter us from squaring up to the 800 pound gorilla in the WH. When things are going his way and we the people are being helped to our demise, Barak stalls for time. When we expect presidential leadership and decisive action to correct a deteriorating situation, Barak’s decisive action is to buy time so the full brunt of a problem will be felt by all. We lose; he wins. You can win for losing.

Are we to believe that the conditions in Iraq and the reinforcement of terrorist organizations in the Middle East and elsewhere come as a surprise to the Pentagon, our military leaders, the CIA, the United Nations, NATO, Congress and the Senate? And no one whispered in Barak’s ear that the Walls of Jericho were about to come tumbling down? Not for one millisecond do I entertain such nonsense. Now that the cat is out of the bag Barak will first convene with his top advisers and make some hard decisions. Of course he will broadcast his intentions and limitations so that the “enemy” (ours, not his), can adjust their activities to accommodate an ever changing scenario; we just don’t want to surprise them; that’s terrible military strategy. It is well established that Barak is an inveterate liar. Let’s now establish that he is a cunning liar and ideological radical. He will do what he must to keep the ball spinning on the seal’s nose but ultimately he will side with Islam.

No man can possibly do more than Barak has to destabilize two continents, turn nations into Sharia Lawless societies, provide arms and funds to the enemy and compromise our allies, without being hung on the WH lawn.

Remove Barak. Remove his guns. Disband the cabal by any and every means available to us. There is a mole in the White House; not in the lawn…in the Oval Office.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


Doves, Hawks and Vipers

While Al Gore, Hilary and Bill and guys like Dirty Harry, Barney Frank et ilk are beginning to think about their mortality, we who have to live in the results of their miserable existence, console ourselves in the firm belief that the good Lord will provide eternal warming for their reward.
Barak has another plan. That lying SOM (son of a Muslim) is begging Mohammed to cut a deal with Old Nick to swap Adolph Hitler, Ayatollah Khomeini, Idi Amin, Rasputin and Lucy Borden for his sorry arse. He’s well practiced in the art of inequality swaps. If Mohammed can pull it off, that would theoretically make Barak eligible to claim 72 virgins. I’m busy cloning Michelle 71 times to guarantee this bastard (technically correct) faces hell, no matter which way he goes. It won’t matter whether or not they’re virgins ’cause he ain’t gettin’ any anyway.
I’m already sick of hearing about Hilary’s “hard choices” and there’s still two years before elections. The “hard choices” were things like “do I tell Ambassador Jones to suck wind or let him find out the hard way?” “Do I have soft boiled eggs for breakfast or hard boiled?” “Do I set my adjustable mattress to soft setting or hard?” “How hard to I turn on Barak today?” The choice liberal sycophants are panting to hear was made while she lived in the WH as the president’s foil… she will run if she can get away with it. Nothing hard there. She might consider a run for Mayor of Ben Ghazi. What poetic justice if her bitter soul is condemned to roam the ruins of the Embassy for eternity.
As Secretary of State she must also bear some of the responsibility for the state of affairs in the Middle East. Wherever we have laid down the lives of our sacrificial military during the Obama/Clinton era of declining military process, there is now chaos, wanton murder, mass exodus and Muslim insurgence. The Muslim population in America is expanding exponentially tho it is likely the actual numbers are far greater than reported.
Israel is now dealing with a new Palestinian threat on the Gaza, enabled by America’s tacit approval and blatant shredding of U.S./Israel relations. The European Union (EU) works with the Palestinian Authority (PA) to build up the institutions of a future democratic, independent and viable Palestinian State, created out of whole cloth to eliminate Israel from the Middle East while we advise Israel to give until it hurts. Thankfully, Israel appears to have returned to her former policy of instant powerful reprisal for any threat or presumed attack, I pray not too little too late.
Barak is scaring the daylights out of Putin for unrestrained aggression, while renewed Muslim Aggression takes cities and countries never possible to them in the Middle East before Barak. America, now unappologetically Muslim supportive, is preaching a policy of non interference, coming from the radical left and of course from the far right Libertarian view. Even so-called voices of reason in the Republican ranks now caution against unwise interference in the problems of others that are of no concern to us. Now that we have suffered the indignity of total disrespect internationally we would like people to think our policy is one of noninterference where America’s vital interests are not in jeopardy. Horse manure! We are overrun with Muslims in America, France, England, Africa, and parts of Asia because the mole in the WH not only condones but is ideologically attuned to the rise of Islam in the world. America’s vital interests are in jeopardy as never before and so are the interests of our allies. In our hearts we know that “the best defense is a great offense” but Obama has never pursued a policy of offense against the Muslim Brotherhood or any of the Islamic Muslim terror organizations; he has ordained that we not recognize or name an enemy and the only enemy we have had to deal with since Vietnam has been Muslim. The world does not know doves and hawks when both are attacked by vipers.
The stated mission of the Islamic war machine is to convert the entire world to Islam and as we can plainly see they intend to enforce religious conversion by ruling the countries they overwhelm politically. The plum in that idealistic, sadistic quest is the United States of America and I am sure they are quite pleased with their progress, thanks to their man in our WH.
We did not defeat the islamic threat in the Middle East. We were satisfied to kill enough on both sides to give the Muslim Brotherhood clear sailing, as we retreat according to well advertised plans. Shame on us because the emboldened and greatly reinforced enemy, to some extent with money and weapons we supply them, will become more and more beligerent and militaristic in our towns and burbs as the President of the United States softens their target by edict, selective law enforcement and the persecution of all faiths not Muslim by virtue of the total and fundamental change we have undergone and the ultimate Islamic Fascist presence he will not resist.
Look around you my fellow Americans. You will not have the protection of local law enforcement, the National Guard or any military contingents; we are on our own, clinging to our guns and our faith…and therein lies our salvation. We did it before and we can do it again. The milita our Constitution speaks to is us.
May God be on our side,
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Walk the Walk

So which is it Chuck? Timing was too crucial to notify Congress or Congress was given a heads up 90 days ago? Or do we get to have multiple choice to choose the lies we prefer?

It takes an awful lot for me to come down hard on an American wounded veteran but those credentials aren’t enough to keep one on the straight and narrow for life. John McCain wore out his hero’s welcome and there will be no sad songs for me when he scurries back to Nevada. He will never lose my respect for his service and the five year ordeal of incomprehensible maltreatment he suffered, despite the fact that his Senatorial integrity was left on the liberal doorstep.

Chuck Hagel is no John McCain. He will get from me a curt “thanks for your service” and my fervent prayer that he is forever known for his tenure as Obama’s flunky. His reputation is tarnished beyond repair, wounds self inflicted and far more serious than the wounds he suffered in battle. These wounds are inflicted on the American legacy of truth, honor, service to God and country and selfless sacrifice.

His testimony will live in infamy and can only be compared to Rice’s disregard for our credulity, his failed oath and the dead heroes he has betrayed by disrespecting their sacrifice. Sgt. Hagel you sold your soul to hold the office of Secretary of State in an administration that lives a lie and lies to live. For them you have earned your stripes in Obama’s private militia.

For the record Mr. Secretary, Bowe Bergdahl is a defector; a crime punishable by death. I see no reason why anyone willing to use the high office of Secretary of State of this beleaguered nation, to rewrite history so that history will misrepresent the current President of the United States and vindicate a traitor in the process, should not share that same fate. You sir, disgust me.

America must survive the weak willed, the morally bankrupt and the unprincipled acts of those who fail to honor the oath of office and do not acknowledge the role they play in the destruction of our Constitutional Republic. We suffer fools and dismiss soothsayers to our detriment.

A revolution is coming. I am not a seer. A casual review of history or just the words of Thomas Jefferson who reviewed history for us, make it clear. “Liberty must from time to time be refreshed with the blood of patriots.”

Today’s disgusting procedure on Capitol Hill gives me cause to believe the time is coming sooner than we think.

God blessed America and will always bless a nation that respects His gifts to man; self determination and the right to self govern. Unfortunately the Creator knows we don’t always have the ability to walk the walk.