Don’t Forget to Say Mea Culpa

It is a social faux pas and most embarrassing that not one Coptic had the good manners to apologize for making the Terrorists behead them.

Thanks be to Allah, (may I say Alahu Akbar?) that we have a forceful Commander in Sheik with the common decency and good sense to apologize for us all. Please heed his good counsel on how to avoid a beheading in 10 easy lessons. It is inconsiderate and demeaning for Christians and Jews to deprive the underemployed, who are simply acting out because they don’t have good jobs…Hear me out Detroiters, jobs are coming to you as soon as you behead a few insensitive Rabbis and priests.

Obviously the next major threat we face is from the one hundred million (100,000,000) Americans, mostly Christians and Jews, I fear, who are dangerously close to acting out their frustrations. I hope they don’t waste time and energy beheading liberals; it is a futile exercise to lob off the least useful organ they have.

I’m just a simple businessman. In business Barack would have been canned long ago for 1/1,000th of the behavior he displays as Commander in Chief and President of the USA, even if he was Chairman of the Board, of any company I was ever involved with.

The fear that nations are now reaching the point of no return and putting their heads together to decide how to go after the nameless enemy and Americans, polls be damned, are ready to fight, has Barack swinging from the bleachers…”don’t kill my people” is the mantra from Barack himself and every pin head mouthpiece he shoves in front of a podium.

It is time for us to find out why the outrage has finally reached the man in the street, despite the media blackout, and

Barack is still insulated from repercussions. The next idiot that tells us that Barack is up in the polls should get a pole up where the sun don’t shine. I don’t believe Americans are that stupid or have abandoned their faiths so that the Islamic threat is of no consequence. Something more sinister and with far reaching tentacles is controlling the reaction of politicians and citizens, to a now naked assault on our culture, morals, institutions, economy, Constitution, military, sovereignty…you name it and it has been diminished, transformed redefined.

Has Obama achieved anything but failure for our benefit? Has failure deterred him from his impossible demands? No elected official, operating under the laws and rules of a civilized society could get away with his outrageous demands, claims and actions. The answer is that Barack is operating with confidence that he has no reasonable right to. The answer is that something has occurred in America and we will not be privy to the new rules until they are imposed on us with the threat of repercussions if we demur.

Wake up, rise up and demand answers. Your Congressman is not telling you what he thinks is going on…but his worst fears may be realized because they have no confidence in our ability to deal with harsh facts. In fact, the only solution left is in the hands of the electorate.

Jobs for Islam before jobs for 100,000,000 unemployed, disenfranchised Americans cannot tell us more emphatically where Obama’s loyalty lies…and that is cause for removal, accountability and just dessert.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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