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Annoy-nt Me Now

The notion that “it is time” for America to elect a woman president is ludicrous to say the least, dreadfully stupid at best. The phrase in itself is an insult to our intelligence, the repetition of the idea becomes a mantra, a form of mass hypnosis to condition us to a set of circumstances we would not arrive at logically.

How is it possible to determine which potential candidate is most qualified if we limit the field to one gender? Of course the Dems are limiting their field not only to one gender but to one person of that gender .They would give us Hillary, warts and all…and oh my God does she have warts! To liberals and democrats, however, those festering, omni-visible warts are beauty marks.When all you have to choose from is evil, or in this case corruption, perhaps the choice is simple. These are not the days of JFK or Harry Truman; there is not one Democrat I would trust with a ball of string, from this crop of goose step, anti Constitution, blame America demagogues.

It is embarrassing and disheartening to hear any American state “it is time for America to elect a woman”. Even more embarrassing, or I should say discouraging, is to ask Hillary supporters to name one accomplishment in her inglorious career that would qualify this woman with the crazy look in her eyes, to hold office…any office, never mind the presidency. This prevaricating woman’s stint as Secretary of State will go down in history as the least effective, wasteful, most corrupt, disrespectful, self enriching, treasonous tenure in history. I don’t expect Democrats to accept my conclusions but they are not the least bit deterred from their idolatry despite they cannot give even one example of a useful accomplishment or contribution in her entire life. How has America been served by her political career? For those Dems who believe the reset button was a technological, diplomatic breakthrough, I’m here to tell you it was only a prop that was used to hammer home another bodacious lie. I’m going out on a limb here to say that I don’t think Hillary will be the Democrat nominee. It’s not so much a gut feeling as it is reading the road signs. There must be some decision makers in the Party who are privately embarrassed and frankly frightened at the prospect of giving the keys to democracy to a mad woman. It will be a blessing if this hideous faker leaves the political scene for good but the prospect of this Democrat Party nominating anything but a socialist or Communist is virtually impossible.

Next we’ll be told that it is time for America to elect a trans-gender president who will order all of the gender-specific signs on restroom doors across this land removed.
America has become the laughing stock of the global community but most people in foreign lands of sane mind are not laughing. They are in fear of what the world is in for without the stabilizing force of a wealth producing, free market, God-fearing, benevolent super power; the only nation in history to import potential and export democratic ideals, born of free will and self determination. We attribute the boldness of our enemies to uncharacteristic weakness. I will add that Obama has provided direct assistance to the radical Islamic Muslim Terrorist factions now chanting “death to America” as they rape, pillage and maraud their way to new-found political, anti-Christ religious influence.

You don’t have to look far to see vivid examples of the forces that intend to dominate nations by terror and horror, with global aspirations. A world of nations in which the majority of populations are dependent on governments for sustenance is the breeding ground of bloodshed, immorality, despotism incredible wealth for bankers’ bankers and incredible poverty for the masses. It is also fertile territory for evil doers to plant the seeds of Atheism and discredit Judaism and Christianity. Socialism is the ruination of civilization, the denial of free will and eventually the tinder box for revolution. Leaderless revolutions engage the destitute, frustrated masses tiring of tyranny and cost the lives of the just, the innocent and God fearing masses; they never result in some improvement for their lot. It is always the young, the flowers of human potential, that lay as wasted pawns, whose blood must cleanse or pollute to keep or put despots in power; and only on rare occasion breathe life into freedom and justice for a spell of liberty.

Even a fading America that struggled to keep the spirit of self determination and free enterprise was a beacon of hope to nations and people already swamped in the abyss of failed socialism. By comparison America is still the ideal dream of millions who would literally risk their lives to live among us, yearning for the opportunity to succeed, regardless of status. Some upwardly mobile immigrants have arrived only to regret their circumstances when faced with overwhelming government interference, taxation, fees and harassment they never expected in the legendary America that beckoned them. Only those who seek the benevolence of our social programs to shed the yoke of stagnation and helplessness in their native countries are uplifted by improved circumstances…and they will contribute America’s death spiral they can’t fathom from their economic perspective.

The European Union is destined to failure because you can’t multiply socialism until the math works in your favor. Greece will not change and future bailouts will accomplish only to weaken the Union until chaos forces a change in philosophy, or a return of each nation independently drowning in its own stubborn liberalism. If America, the last bastion of free markets, succumbs to the forces of socialism, and it all but has, the world will devolve into a series of wars and realignment of strategic partners, attempting to create commerce anew where it was once scorned.

The momentum in America is not favorable for liberty and the ideals the founders so eloquently proffered for our betterment. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has become an America-bashing elitist derisive slogan. “In God we trust” becomes a sardonic recollection of a naive era, which current policy makers are frantically erasing from our history, along with the Judea Christian heritage we ignorantly took for granted. The liberal elitists will tell you that the America we believed in was a lie, that we must repent and mend our ways. The world should be likened to a flock of geese in flight. The leader of the vee formation moves to the rear to make way for the next leader and no one goose has keener vision or leadership value than another; they are all equal. If only we were geese. Humans will take advantage of weakness to gain power and influence and no leader will stand beyond his ability to fend off all challengers. We were like that for 100 years, give or take, and now our enemies are racing to build their forces before we regain our footing.

The American Constitution and Bill of Rights are still the ultimate blueprint to achieve man’s highest potential. It can still be salvaged if we stop believing it hasn’t been compromised; it has been breached and only the electorate can restore their country.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


Killing Me Softly

A bank robber gets away with a big chunk of change and is living high on the hog when he is caught red handed. The Bank lets him vote on his fate and he votes to keep the principal and pay the bank back beginning in 20 years, from the interest on the money. The robber also stipulates that when the bank dies the debt is forgiven. The bank agrees.

Sounds impossible and far-fetched right? It is. Basically I’ve described the Social Security Scam. The bank is “we the people” and the bank robber is your government, “here to help”.

It is not the ideal analogy because there is no comparison in real life to what the government will conspire to fund the stuff they know we (the bank) would never approve and they have no right to ask for.

FDR was a great wartime president. So much so that his ideological beliefs and agendas have never been fully vetted or discussed. American Jews have long since forgiven FDR for turning away a boat load of Jewish war refugees in dire need of assistance at the time; most Americans weren’t even aware of his decision, some might call inhuman. Some of his closest advisers were known communists in the day. He used his immense popularity and political capital to massively increase government controls over our daily commerce by creating 100 or so self-regulating government agencies, Congress be damned. He nearly succeeded in packing the Supreme Court and we have no one to blame for Social Security but Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Blame you say? But the Demonrats take credit and Republicans call it a benefit all the time. Sure they do. Consider Social Security the bridge they sold us when they realized just how gullible we really are.

The idea behind Social Security was to create an endless slush fund, off the budget, for political operations and off budget pet projects. The average life expectancy of the American worker was shorter than the term needed to receive “benefits” and the survivors would only be paid a small stipend, until they too catch the last trolley to the Pearly Gates. When the miracle of modern medicine increased our life expectancy, it created a minor problem, which our creative politicians solved and made the scam bigger and better than FDR ever imagined. This government “benefit” will give us our own money back, in structured payments, after we retire or are incapacitated and keep the balance if we die with no accountability as to how much that might be. A savings plan born in the smoke filled back room of Hades East. When payments exceeded their projections, some genius conjured up the idea to replace the cash they misappropriated with Non Negotiable Government Bonds so they can go on misappropriating with impunity. Social Security is made whole, theoretically, so tell the boys in the back room the drinks are on us. Problem solved.

Along comes an uncooperative troublemaker who doesn’t know how the game is played and floats the idea that the people shall have their own money back and the right to pass it on to their heirs. GW tried three times before he realized his great idea was a nonstarter on both sides of the crooked aisle. His argument that the people were at least entitled to the same plan Congressmen and their aides voted for themselves earned him naught but derision…The Three Card Monte dealer isn’t going to try to find the pea in someone else’s Shell Game on his day off either.

Believe it or not this letter is not about Social Security. It is about the disease that we must cure if America is going to prosper again as a Constitutional Republic. The disease is responsible for the uninformed electorate. We keep electing career politicians and granting them our loyal unwavering support . No one in politics should ever have our unwavering support. They need to do the job we hired them to do and then go home and let the next guy take a turn; term limits. Trust but verify and then don’t trust too much. A government of, by and for the people is a sham if the people don’t do their part; and the people soon become victims, pawns and slaves; quietly going where government wants us working hard for them. Is the order of authority really reversed, Barry?


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Physician Heal Thyself

If you don’t raise your children in the faith of your choice and imbue in them the principles and values you cherish they will be vulnerable to someone else’s ideology and values. The Muslim Brotherhood is all about recruiting our lost sheep. Are you still wondering how young men and women are recruited by ISIS right under our noses?

We seem to think that these deserters are giving up more than they are getting and so the idea that they would join a killing machine that prays four times a day and beheads their enemies in between, seems ludicrous to us…These youths, who have not yet connected with the American dream, are getting more than they are giving up, from their perspective. There is a simmering resentment that builds up in the subconscious when the advice of parents and elders don’t match up with reality. Our advice on how to live falls flat when it is evident by all they see and hear that the adults are in no position to give advice. The country we bequeath them is a far cry from the country we claim it is. The morality we preach is not the morality the country insists on. The Judea Christian America has given way to an intolerant Atheism that is offended by any evidence of religious heritage or deference.

Along comes a zealous recruiter with a message that contradicts our version of America and offers an adventurous alternative with the support and reward they lack from us. They have a God that condones the very things we condemn but our example makes us out to be hypocritical that amplifies and justifies the resentment they feel. They also get money, sex and immoral behavior made legitimate with no criticism and get to brutalize victims to vent their frustration with the contradictions in life.

If you want an apple, plant an apple tree. Don’t plant weeds and pray for apples, then wonder why God has abandoned us…the Lord does not suffer fools well.

Barack has done all in his power to flood this country with the lowest denominator of immigrant the world has to offer. Border Patrol are ordered to patrol but not enforce, States that enforce the laws on their borders have been sued by the Fed. Immigrant children have been dispersed by air and bus throughout the nation to make it even more difficult to relocate them which places unwelcome, unlawful burdens on social services at these destinations. Some believe Barack is tilting election outcomes in favor of the Democrat Party and at least one person, me, believes his motives are far more sinister. It is irrational to assess Barack’s record and intentions by one initiative and not see the whole picture. The assault on our society is broad based and all inclusive. Our heritage, history, social mores, religious majority, education system, sovereignty, military readiness, economic stability, international relationships, you name it, they are all under attack or severely impacted one way or another, during Obama’s tenure. We focus at times on the Bill of Rights and carp over the ways the First Amendment has been compromised, or how the Second Amendment is constantly challenged; today the Fourth Amendment concerns us, tomorrow the 17th, because we don’t know how to defend the entire Bill of Rights when they are all “problematic” along with the Constitution, according to a president who promised total transformation and Fundamental change. We didn’t have the brains or gumption to drag him off the dais and send him packing before he garnered the ability to carry out his mission. The most cynical and observant of us could not possibly have imagined what has descended on this nation like a mushroom cloud over Hiroshima.

Against that backdrop Americans still tune in to the news and accept the pap they hand us, send our children to school to be taught that transgender may be a life style they should consider and American history was written by old white men for young white children. We carry on with most of our daily routines as though the earth was not crumbling beneath our feet because for most of us politics and religion have been shunted off to politicians and clergy. We don’t have the time or inclination to be physically and emotionally involved in the two most important constructs in our lives that create the rules we live by. Our Churches and synagogues, to the extent they are attended, no longer provide the foundation for family and moral compass for our lives.

We claim to yearn for an honest man to step forward who can lead us out of the morass but we practically stone to death anyone who doesn’t appeal to us like lying politicians seem to. Then we complain that both parties have deceived us and live with the results we predestined. Maybe asking Americans to wake up is the wrong message. America is awake but has been indoctrinated and grown complacent and complicit by neglect.

If your headlights don’t work because the car battery is dead, the lights won’t come back on no matter if you replace the fuses, the bulbs, the lens, all the wiring and the switch. America needs to have a population that restores God as the source of our authority to self-govern. Without God the Creator America is a rudderless ship. We have allowed government and a minority of non believers to use our faith to divide us.

The next time someone claims he is offended by our religious expressions consider that an admission of intent to transform America. Offer to pray for that person’s ability to recover from the rejection we the majority will demonstrate. Until we do, the tail will wag the dog and the president will infest the dog with fleas.

Remove Barack for cause; we have many.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”