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Who Gives the Order to Defend Against the Government

Random thoughts a Conservative mind can’t control.

So Kerry has finally expressed appreciation for what America means to him. ” In America you have the right to be stupid if you want to be.” I couldn’t have said it better John. You are now our official stupid poster boy.

What bothers me about sequestration is the decision to call it sequestration. Did they intend it to be taken as the noun or the verb? The verb puts it more in the category of another cover up…As a noun it greatly misstates the event. After all it is a reduction in increased spending which is not a reduction at all. They should have called it obfuscation. Where might it be felt most? In our military preparedness and that’s been an Obama target and the true reason it was proposed by Obama.

It seems to me that more and more citizens agree that Obama is ruining the country. Will they ever agree as to the reason? “He’s not dumb but he does dumb things” makes no sense. “He is ideologically committed to redistribution”. Nah. Redistribution is a tool not an ideology. “He’s a Christian and therefore tolerant of all others”. Really? Not. Religion aside he is the least tolerant person ever to hold office. “He is committed to the decline of the United States on behalf of foreign interests”. Why not? You can’t accept that radical idea but you can’t tell me what he would do differently if I’m wrong. So far he’s done the most good, as President of the United States, for the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East and has promoted or defended Muslim terror and terrorists in America consistently.

Try to erase everything you think you know or have been told by the media, Obama and wounded Congresswomen. Focus on the Second Amendment alone and ask yourself if it has anything to do with hunting. Now ask yourself who will protect you from the stated purpose of the Second Amendment if we give our guns to a government that wants them so badly they can’t think straight. Uh-uh! Don’t change the subject! How badly does Obama want our guns?

Are you comfortable with a president who has as the new litmus test for high ranking military positions the question, “will you fire on American citizens if commanded to do so and if they refuse to lay down their weapons?”. No American President in our short history has felt the need to ask that question and on that basis alone he deserves our utmost suspicion.

Are you comfortable with a president who wants the right to use drones against American citizens? Stop with the excuses and reasons and answer the question. Are you or are you not?

Are you comfortable with a president who gave himself the right to have a private militia that he alone can command and deploy? Are you comfortable with the knowledge that FEMA is training that militia with our tax dollars, to the exclusion of their stated mission, as we speak? Oh and the first class was graduated less than a month ago….Comfy?

Does it give you a warm and cozy feeling to know that this administration wants to put wounded war veterans (mentally incompetent) on the National Instant Criminal Background Check roster? Did you forget that Barak suggested that since we have a volunteer Army they should pay for their own health care?

These are just a few uncommon initiatives that would likely need to be in place if a police state were in the offing. If we are being prepped to accept a police state when a president of the United States determines it is in our best interest, I would say that it is time for all Americans to drop their party affiliation and accept the role of patriot, first and foremeost. The need to defend the Republic against all enemies, domestic and foreign is a reality. The president has revealed through his policies, proposals, priorities, edicts and behavior that he will not honor the oath of office; the witnesses are dead. His preparations and precautions are designed to control the population, not defend the nation.

The Second Amendment clearly defines our role as Americans at this time in history. This president and his minions are determined to invalidate the Second Amendment. The purpose that would serve can only benefit a potential dictator.

Barak has not provided us with indisputable evidence of his origins and claims to academic achievement; we have his word and his record on that score is abysmal. He has not given us an accurate account of his prior associations and sources of his finances before he came to power and not even since he is in office. That which has been revealed has been unearthed without his consent or cooperation. We have an obligation to challenge his legitimacy. We have the further obligation to defend this nation against all enemies, domestic and foreign. We are not absolved of those responsibilities if the enemy is not clearly defined but his work has a definite deleterious effect on all we hold dear. Now is the truly the time for change, my friends. Not the change that comes from total transformation but the change that induces us to take back our country and revisit our core values. That requires a change in our attitude and willing participation.

His most distinctive personal involvement in international diplomacy or relations is his disgraceful, unprecedented, abusive and disrespectful treatment of Benjamin Netanyahu our strongest ally and his secretive, unbecoming exchange with our oldest antagonist and non ally, Vladimir Putin. His bizarre behavior toward the Queen of England and Middle East Potentates leaves the question of his true loyalties unresolved, at least.

In a democratic, Constitutional Republic having a government of the people, by the people and for the people, when the enemy is in the White House, it is unclear where the call to serve the nation should begin. Let it begin then with me. We are called upon to serve our country and the call is no less than to save our country.

End the revolution before it begins. Let the citizens of this great nation declare Martial Law, not the Commander in Sheik. I stand with our forefathers and ask all who prefer liberty over tyranny, death over Fascist domination to speak out.

Demand that Obama be removed by any and every legal means available to us and not wait to see who the last man standing will be.

God Bless America.



And By The Way…If You Resist

So what part of “we’ve been invaded” don’t you understand? It isn’t easy to believe when we don’t have enemy troops riding around in armored vehicles with bull horns, telling us that nothing will change except the flag over the White House…and by the way, if you resist you will be executed.

In the invasion of 2008 the enemy took control of the White House, the Senate and the media but continues to weaken the country from within until the takeover is complete; so they can use the bull horn to order us around…and by the way, if you resist you will be executed.

Now this is all conjecture, it’s true, but it is conjecture hinged on one small detail; we still have those pesky guns. The Fascist regime that propped up Obama underestimated how truly attached Americans are to our guns and religion. Barak blurted out his frustration on that score once, if you recall and now he’s got the Catholic Church in a contraception headlock and a bunch of idiot body-guarded movies stars telling us we don’t really need guns…to say nothing of a retarded Vice President who claims he is advising his own wife to go out on the balcony and empty her two barreled shotgun into the night if she hears an intruder in the house! Evidently Joe hasn’t got the nerve to shoot her himself.

Just in case Americans refuse to obey the order to lay down arms Barak et al are stocking up on guns and ammo as fast as they can. They are positioning themselves to search our homes for AR 15’s and bazookas, checking with top brass to be sure they are ready, willing and able to fire on the public and letting us know ever so coyly, that drone attacks on Joe citizen are legal and therefore likely. Homeland Security is graduating militias as fast as they can, Muslims are strategically situated and trained to report for duty ASAP, there are dozens of empty jails, manned and stocked, ready to warehouse many thousands of “visitors”, coffins neatly stacked as far as the eye can see and the transition will take place with almost half of America cheering the end of capitalism, with food stamps pasted on their foreheads and free cell phones up their backsides to celebrate.

Here’s a reality check for Barak. When you run out of other people’s money the printing presses grind to a halt at around the same time. Allah Akbar.

If they got our guns in the first term they wouldn’t have had to cheat to win the second election. Obama is not likely to forgive us for making the transformation so difficult. If we saw the writing on the wall in 2008 and cried uncle they could have hopped in a few armored vehicles and bull horned their order loud and clear. “We have the guns, you have your pride, kiss bye bye to your buns; Obama lied, the Republic died”.

Still things are going well for the invaders. They are tickled pink over the amount of cold cash and hot weapons they delivered to the Muslim Brotherhood here and abroad, the countries they delivered and the cooperation they get from the traitors they have in high places, so that cover ups work no matter how transparent the schemes get. Americans seem to thrive on lies; which proves that the Koran is the Good Book.

Occupation is not necessarily the only way to tell when you’ve lost the war. Sometimes it’s just a change at the top. The new president may have an accent or speak a foreign language more fluently than English, say perhaps Arabic. Did you know that Barak speaks fluent Arabic? He’s also fluent in English, except when he’s using an Islamic term; you can hear how those words roll off his lips even if we don’t understand them. Didn’t notice? That’s strange…perhaps you haven’t noticed that Barak has presided over Iftar 4 years running. Surely you’re familiar with Iftar, the end of Ramadan? Obama hasn’t been able to shake the cigarette habit because he is the world’s premier practitioner of the Tobacco Resuscitation Machine. He will blow smoke up your arse all day long because he’s concerned that we are drowning in his line of bull crap and he’s convinced it makes us feel good; the lies that is.

Have you noticed that when Barak informed us that Islam has a rich history of contribution to American heritage or he rolled off the technological contributions Islam contributed, like the invention of Mathematics, his voice assumes a softer, wistful, reverent tone? He gets that way whenever he’s lying for his ideological campaign. Lying is a religious experience for the most devout Muslims.

We’re investigating the cover ups. How many cover ups would that be? The really good cover ups are still unknown to us; that’s only logical…that’s why they’re called cover ups. I have a feeling that the scandals we are privy to are the ones they want us to know about. The cabal knows exactly how to handle investigations and when investigations meet stone walls the Keystone Kops are made to look like conspiracy theorists with answers but no real questions. Loyalty and suspicion are transferred and soon shift from the accuser to the accused as the Hilary’s, Petreus’ and Holder’s lie with impunity (and immunity) and get to sit on the Tobacco Resuscitation Machine while we the people are fed a litany of their patriotic contributions and dubious accomplishments. No lie is outrageous and there is no hesitation to tell us our own eyes and ears deceive us. They also know that we lose heart in these things and wander off muttering to ourselves in frustration; the attention span of the American public being as fickle and without focus as it seems…

We are standing at the edge of a cliff in a stiff wind; gravel coming loose beneath our feet and we think we’re standing on principles. These animals (the cabal) have no principles and that puts us at a disadvantage that makes this a one sided battle, for now.  The blood on our opponent is ours. This is what modern warfare and insidious occupation feels like. Americans who realize the meaning of total transformation and fundamental change see the amazing deterioration of our infrastructure, military readiness, political system, economic uncertainty and religion bashing for what it is…the symptoms of a country occupied by forces intent on our total domination. We are appalled at the numbers of Americans who have apparently capitulated and are heavily committed in aiding and abetting the enemy; some with full knowledge and consent and many more foolishly unwitting.

In this modern age of instant communication and electronic messaging it is amazing that the enemy from within continues to control the message and the tone of the media. The messages of warning and calls to rally Americans to defend the country are muted successfully by a fully complicit and traitorous media. At some point, unless we turn the tide soon, messages like this one will be blocked and the messengers found guilty before trial; then perhaps tried in a mock court of law to set an example to those who still believe free speech is protected by the right to bear arms. I will always believe that to be the case because I am positive of one thing. Regardless of what happens to the Constitution in relation to our daily lives, the Rights enumerated are endowed on all men by our Creator and laws men may make or break can have no lasting effect on the gift of self determination.

The fight to save America and restore this nation as a functioning Constitutional Republic has not begun in earnest and the will of free men to exercise their God given freedoms cannot be smothered for long.

End the revolution before it begins. Demand that a president who gives aid and comfort to our enemies and follows only the failed policies of crumbling societies be removed from office. God blessed America and it is our faithful responsibility to use the blessing He gave us to save the Republic. My fellow Americans; do not go along for the ride. Object to the transformation and change we did not bargain for and reject all efforts to disarm us and to further impoverish us. Write, march, call, do whatever is in your power to let it be known that the United States and the Republic for which it stands will endure and prosper again.

Who was it that said “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”? Just a movie, but when life imitates art perhaps we will hear the hue and cry of Americans across this land repeat that refrain… and then act as one.

God bless America,



Talia Medical Transplant Campaign Fund


Talia Bennardo needs a little help. She’s a sweet, typical 16 year old from Delray Beach, Florida, whose life was turned on its head last April when she was diagnosed with Focal Segmental Glumerulo Sclerosis (FSGS). The docs say it is irreversible, so Talia needs a kidney transplant and lots of prayers.

Her father, Andy, is the chef/proprietor of Talia’s Tuscan Table in Boca Raton, an Italian buffet extraordinaire that has become a popular eatery staple that has provided well for the family for over 10 years but the medical bills this family is facing above and beyond insured procedures will be devastating unless friends and neighbors do what has to be done; pitch in for our fellow citizens and neighbors; it’s the American way.

It is our time to step up to the plate. I’m asking everyone I know or who reads my emails and articles to please dig down and help out. Your contributions, however grand or modest, can help Talia resume a normal life. Talia now endures 10 hours a day of life saving Dialysis. As you can imagine that doesn’t leave much time for teenage activities or even normal family activities. This is a life changing and life threatening disease but with your financial help and prayers we’ll get her a new kidney and pray that modern medical science can find a formula to keep the new kidney healthy. Talia deserves that chance.

Please forward this request to everyone on your down line. The financial goal is $100,000. A lot for any family to bear but if we all chip in it will happen soon.

On behalf of the Bennardo family and me, thank you for your generosity and concern from the bottom of our hearts. Will you please send this request to your email friends?

Also, if anyone is interested in being a donor please contact me. or 954-297-3119

Follow this link to contribute on line:  Or:

Make Checks out to: “Talia Bennardo kidney med fund”

Please mail to: Mrs. Bennardo c/o Talia Bennardo

5730 Aspen Ridge Circle

Delray Bch. Fl 33484


Koran Okays Christian Coptic Killing; (and then some.)

The Muslim Brotherhood celebrates 95 years of peaceful coexistence by offering extra virgins for Coptic heads.

If your hat is on the floor and your head is still in it check with your local Muslim Sharia enforcer. You may have forgotten to convert.

Hany Tawardros and Amgad Konds lived in Buena Vista, New Jersey. They are not household names and likely never will be; and unless you hail from South Jersey you may never have heard of Buena Vista either. Muslims like our sleepy little towns where they can blend in and sort of become part of the pastoral country side…Burkas, beards and brutality notwithstanding.

Hany and Amgad just aren’t newsworthy. Victims of a brutal murder in accordance with a sadistic ritual of a vicious, violent religious sect, they were unceremoniously beheaded, their hands severed from their arms and their dismembered body parts buried in separate graves; to cause some consternation and confusion in the afterlife, I assume. Both victims were Coptic Christians, mortal enemies of the Islamic Faith, the religion of peace. Hey media moguls, cat got your tongue?

Yusuf Ibrahim, the Muslim who carried out the sentence is in custody. He will not become famous for this brutal act either because he is a Muslim and its just not Kosher…sorry, I mean politically correct to bring Muslim exploits up in public discourse these days. Soon it won’t be permitted in private conversations either, but that’s another story. In the eyes of the Muslims he did nothing wrong anyway. As a matter of fact he may even get an extra virgin or two if he tops this heroic feat by blowing himself up in a crowded subway after the evening call to prayers, one fine evening. That would be rush hour in New York.

No doubt he will be represented by a Muslim lawyer who will try his damnedest to have a New Jersey Court take Sharia Law into account, when the trial we will hear next to nothing about, takes place. I would go out on a limb here and suggest that Yusif didn’t quite assimilate…A little further out on the same limb and I dare say that if Yusif had his way we’d all be chasing Islamichabod Crane in the moonlight unless we agree that Islam is a religion of peace and convert.

These were not simple beheadings either. Normally the beheadee would be forced to kneel, hands secured behind his back and beheaded with a little pomp and ceremony. Unfortunately Yusif had to shoot these hapless Coptics before he could slice and dice with any degree of Sharia dignity.

So here’s one dilemma we face. Do we prosecute the outlaw gun that did the killing and let Yusif go back to his prayer rug or was it the blade that did the dastardly deed? Can we please outlaw all Islamic weapons of mass beheading and be-handing? I checked with the Koran and all I come up with is we’re all dead meat unless we convert, submit, pay a fine or pass go.

Now Barak, who is not a Muslim, admonishes us not to jump to conclusions when these things happen. As it turns out the last time we almost made the mistake of blaming Islam when all it was, was, work place violence. Yusif is probably a victim of overzealous religious fervor, induced by radical right wing infidels. Play it down for Allah’s sake.

Best way to resolve the infidel problem is to send tanks, planes and bags of money to Egypt and help Syria work through their family scuffles as best we can. Pay no mind to work place violence or infidel inspired beheadings. Get those homeless Hamas Palestinians off the hot sand and bring them here for tolerance training. Learn to speak Arabic. Muslims love Rosetta stoned.

The religion of peace is reaching out for us. Listen for the sweetest sound on earth and have a good Ramadan. When its over we’ll all break bread on the White House lawn and kiss our Republic goodbye. Allah Akbar my friends. Visit a Mosque near you soon. Soon there will be a Mosque near you. The Commander in Sheik has spoken.

Remember, Islam wasn’t built in a day.


P.S. If you shake hands with one of these Neanderthals make sure its the one he eats with.


Help Talia Get a Kidney Transplant

Talia, a 16 year old in Delray Beach, FL., needs a kidney transplant. Please visit the site below to donate to the kidney transplant fund and read more about Talia. Anything will help.

Follow this link to contribute on line:  Or:

Make Checks out to: “Talia Bennardo kidney med fund”

Please mail to: Mrs. Bennardo c/o Talia Bennardo

5730 Aspen Ridge Circle

Delray Bch. Fl 33484

 Also, if anyone is interested in being a donor please contact me in confidence. or 954-297-3119

God bless.

Remorse is an Emotion That Comes After the Fact


Two Generations From Now Americans Will Not Remember Today’s Struggle

It makes no difference whether we reject and repel this cabal or if we succumb to the changes being imposed and become the product of total transformation, whatever that is. For most of us, unless we make an effort to become informed, history covers our personal life span. That fact played a major role in making us vulnerable to changes far removed from our historical culture and core values, ethics and religious heritage. If you don’t know history you are doomed to repeat it.

I was raised on hand-me-downs. I had an uncle who told me my belt went to Canarsie…must have been my oldest brother’s or my father’s. I even used a piece of clothesline on occasion to keep my knickers from falling down around my ankles. Another uncle cut cardboard insoles for my holy shoes to keep my feet from coming in contact with the pavement. Some of you may remember pulling the toes of your socks out and folding the tips under to keep your toes from peeping out.

One of my favorite toys was a mason jar with a screw cap. Tighten down, unscrew, fill the jar with marbles or dirt, tighten, unscrew, empty jar and repeat. That and a cardboard box or a kitchen chair turned upside down kept me occupied for hours on rainy days. My fantasy was flying around the neighborhood on a garbage pail cover and we would occasionally put chewing gum on the end of a stick and fish for pennies through a grate on the sidewalk outside the corner candy store. My oldest brother put a bicycle together from spare parts and 5 or 10 years later it was my pride and joy. My middle brother was more interested in schoolyard fights with anyone who made a crack about pasta fagioli, (better known as pasta fazool), the meaning of the word WOP, (without papers) or just for the exercise. We slept three in a bed and the tar roof outside our bedroom window was our patio on hot summer nights.

I grew up in Brooklyn, U.S.A., first generation, born in America of Italian immigrants. The most often asked question my Italian relatives would ask of me was “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I never thought much about it then but in retrospect that wasn’t such a popular question in Italy or anywhere else was it? That’s why people came to America in the first place. We didn’t have much money but my uncles and aunts and immigrants from all over the world came here so that their children could have that choice; and they could ask with a certain amount of conviction and pride, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” They were expressing the joy of self determination; the confidence of knowing that in America their children were free to achieve their highest potential or fail without undue punishment, free to try again. Only in America could the sons and daughters of immigrants aspire to grand achievement after growing up with holes in their pockets and socks and not be considered foolish.

While our parents scrimped and saved to provide a better life for us they knew their sacrifice would not be in vain; that the only thing standing between us and our dreams and the expectations of our parents were our own limitations. Only Americans had the gift of self determination acknowledged constitutionally to be innate and endowed to all men by the Creator. Only in America could a black kid from the wrong side of the tracks get in deep trouble with the law, serve time in prison and come out to be the most successful boxing promoter of all time and inscribe the words “only in America” on everything he owned; Don King.

So what purpose will total transformation serve? America is the most successful nation in history and our productivity and style inspired and enriched every nation we touched. We, the new kids on the block, in a sense, were called upon to save Europe, not once, but twice and the second time we defeated two enemies on opposite sides of the world, simultaneously; then we rebuilt their infrastructure and introduced them to a world of commerce and free markets and they emulated us and loved us for it…up to a point. And total transformation would do exactly what for us?

The fools who inserted their own interpretation for the meaning of total transformation or just didn’t find it convenient to hear Obama speak of it will soon learn that you don’t fix what ain’t broke. We are being transformed and in the process we are losing our rights and due process one chop at a time. In the end, unless we revolt, no American will have any influence over who sits in the White House and what type of government is imposed on us. Rest assured it will not be a functioning democracy, it will be not a free market society and it will not be one nation under God…at least not the God we believe in.

Was America drowning in capitalism, entrepreneurship and exceptionalism and dying from our enhanced standard of living? Was our literacy rate and living standard in a land of opportunity causing us to reach out for fundamental change and total transformation? Or were we too complacent and allowed a foreign entity to use our own liberal ideas of acceptance without discrimination to exert undue influence over our political system, infiltrate our institutions of higher learning and our school boards at every level, disembowel the media and overwhelm our infrastructure with demands for services and handouts. If Americans have been indoctrinated and dis informed generationally do we really believe they can be rehabilitated and reeducated to understand the advantages of living in a constitutional Republic driven by capitalism vs any other form of government yet devised by man? We can only hope and pray that as the Obama ideology is implemented the stark contrasts will be so evident that we stop the steam roller, see the error of our ways and restore this nation as a functioning constitutional republic before the consequences of socialism make way for an enduring Fascist regime.

We are trading freedom for tyranny because a few too many Americans do not understand what America stood for, for two hundred and fifty years, give or take a decade. The Constitution and Bill of Rights is on life support right now and the doctor in the house has been called…the doctor happens to be the people who failed to keep the patient healthy in the first place. So let’s hope that the doctor comes down with a sever case of buyers’ remorse, realises that this country is fundamentally strong and righteous and we have no business entertaining change for change’s sake.




If Guns Weren’t Invented Would They Want Our Rocks?

27 Words Between Us and Tyranny

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

Obama’s standard operating procedure is to deny something is on his mind just before he puts it in place or tries to. With that in mind remember that Barack Obama in 2008 made this promise to his supporters.

“I believe in the Second Amendment. I will not take your shotgun away. I will not take your rifle away. I won’t take your handgun away… But I am not going to take your guns away. So if you want to find an excuse not to vote for me, don’t use that one because it just ain’t true. It ain’t true.”

Do you buy that now? Did you buy it then? The push for gun control has been going on since Obama took office, at times surreptitiously through surrogates and at times overtly, as is now the case. Perhaps now you can see that Operation Fast and Furious was a White House/Attorney General plot to discredit gun shops and kick off a major campaign to take our guns…it failed but Sandy Hook provided another bite at the apple. Read the Second Amendment, above. His words “I believe in the Second Amendment” are patently untrue from the infringement clause to a Bill proposed by Dianne Feinstein (surrogate) to ban everything that goes pop…and infringes.

His 2013 post election, post Sandy Hook rhetoric urges that we adopt “comprehensive” gun laws and in preparation of things to come Democrat Rep Joe Salazar advised women not to worry about rape…”that’s why we have call boxes and whistles”…and then he apologized…And almost as pathetic, the Homeland Security advisory to Border Patrol Guards, if confronted with illegal activity involving guns…”run and hide”..

I’ve said this many times but now that the reality is starting to drip into our consciousness maybe it will finally resonate. The Health Care Bill has nothing to do with providing care. It is and always has been a Trojan Horse to set the stage for things to come…and things are coming. When fully implemented it gives government employees, not doctors, life and death decision authority and controls at least 17% of the economy. Just so you understand how determined and consistent Obama is to use force, the Bill also provides the right for the President to have a private militia at his disposal, as well funded as our standing army.

The Dept of Homeland Security has just graduated its first class of 231 Homeland Youth. Kids, aged 18-24, recruited from the President’s AmeriCorp volunteers, they represent the first wave of DHS’s youth corps, designed specifically to create a full time, paid, standing army of FEMA Youth across the country. Youth? How old are our boys dying for this monster in the Middle East? Gee I thought we were broke. And what about sequestration? If you still don’t know what that is, liken it to castration of our military forces by default. Beef up the Feds, disarm the military.

Marines who marched in the inaugural parade had the bolts removed from their rifles to make them inoperable for the first time in our history. Paranoid schizophrenia is a common ailment among dictators; especially aspiring dictators.

And what of reports that ammunition and firearms have been delivered to multiple agencies of the federal government, including the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Education, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Internal Revenue Service, among others. All hollow points which expand when they enter a target to minimize collateral damage…and tear up your insides like a teething Fox Terrier with an old Teddy Bear.

The official explanation for the ammunition is preparation for the possibility of civil unrest during a national emergency, such as a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, or a complete economic collapse. (Or an American patriot reality check).Tell it to the Marines, as the saying goes.

Beef up the feds, disarm the people…A government that fears the people will seek to disarm them.

The list goes on my fellow Americans. Start listening up. Preparations are being made by Barak Obama to exercise force to obtain his objectives. He will not be countermanded even on the small stuff. He puts nothing in writing but insists he gives Congress his plan and they are obstructionists. Is it beginning to sink in why he doesn’t meet with Congressional leaders regularly, doesn’t attend daily briefings, doesn’t salute the flag, doesn’t acknowledge terrorism or terrorists, doesn’t answer the red phone by his bed, plays more golf than Tiger and Arnie in their prime and doesn’t take the job we gave him seriously? That’s because he already had a job when we let him into the Oval Office, despite his mountainous shortcomings. His job, if you haven’t already guessed, is to complete the transition from a Constitutional Republic to an Islamic Fascist Autocracy; total transformation.

We should be putting up all the resistance the American people can muster while we still have a semblance of laws and legal options. We’re talking about the economy and he’s preparing to mow us down. The last guy that came for our guns was the king of England. We knew how to deal with that sort of thing back then.

Hardly anybody will agree with me now, especially O’Reilly and MSNBC but believe it or not America is still a right of center Conservative nation and that is the sweet spot of Judea Christian law. It is the source of our God given right to self govern as the only nation on earth that holds our self determination above government will. It is the will of the people that rules the day constitutionally. The call has come and we must now get out of our comfort zones and declare what is rightfully ours, deny the agents that seek to change us and put our faith in the Almighty Who will not act on our behalf if we are not willing. (If we were no longer a Conservative nation Obama could have won without cheating).

God bless America. Demand that Barak be removed and held accountable for his unlawful tenure.



A letter to Rabbi Steven Pulansky

On Friday I published a letter I received from Ron Kolsky written by Rabbi Steven Pulansky. I do not rebut the Rabbi. I humbly respect and agree with him but find myself differing on the state of the union, so to speak. “#1 reason Mitt Romney was not elected.” The good Rabbi correctly pointed out the where and how America is failing and reached an inevitable, logical conclusion; one all Americans should burn into their consciousness and seriously consider. Because unless we know our fate as it is now portent, we will indeed be the victims of a self fulfilling prophesy. Examine the facts and decide if you are part of the problem and willing to be part of the solution, or just part of the problem. In the end, with what may be a classic oversimplification is, “the # 1 reason Romney lost the election was because he didn’t get enough votes”; to be sure…but remember the words of Joseph Stalin; it is not who votes that counts it is who counts the votes that counts.

Rabbi Pruzansky accurately continued that “Conservative values do not inspire and animate a majority of voters in this day and age”.

The lethargy among voters is endemic in America and I believe that the percentages work both ways. Those who are for Obama and those who are against Obama stay home on election day in equally embarrassing droves but my instincts tell me that when Americans are concerned for their pocketbooks and their liberty they vote against the incumbent.

Rabbi Steven is also on target stating that “free stuff is hard to beat and we have 47,000,000 Americans on food stamps”. Amen.

The lure of free stuff is irresistible but the necessity to seek it robs us of our dignity. It is true that 47% does not bode well for our future but what part of the 47% have been forced onto the rolls in the last 3 or 4 years and would gladly take a job if one was available? A reported 7.9% unemployment rate does not present the facts on the ground by a long shot. There are as many Americans underemployed and working part time as there are counted in the misleading unemployment statistics. The statistics do not take into account those no longer eligible for benefits who have, for all intents and purposes, dropped out of the labor market. Those who are among the discontented and willing to work are not likely to vote for the status quo. In other words, until and unless they are inured to accepting handouts they will vote against the likes of Barak and did. “Isolated” incidents of voter fraud are indicative of a systemic problem and pervasive flaws exploited selectively to produce a desired outcome for the cabalist; not in the religious interpretation, but as in those who plot to overthrow a government.

Unemployment statistics don’t give us the ominous weight of demographics that tell us that those most affected statistically are between the ages of 18 and 24 at 24 % unemployment and in Washington DC over 50%! That is a recipe for riots and discontent that makes the suggestion to raise the minimum wage treasonous on its face and criminal for its lack of merit; but to an aspiring dictator it is a game plan.

America has an unemployment problem that includes at least 30% of the population and that number increases as college graduates enter the no labor force. Obama is hiring as fast as he can and so far over 150,000 new government employees have been added to our overhead since he came to power. His ability to avoid blame for causing wholesale unemployment is testimony to our steadfast refusal to stick to the facts and hold this president accountable. While he professes to champion the ideas and policies that strengthen and expand the middle class his policies and the results he does not mention punish the middle class and forestall any of those traditional methods.

# 2 reason, “Electorate is ignorant and uninformed; majority unintelligent and easily swayed by emotion”. He will get no argument from me on that score either.

“For Jews, mostly assimilated anyway and staunch Democrats, the results demonstrate again that liberalism is their Torah. Almost 70% voted for a president widely perceived by Israelis and most committed Jews as hostile to Israel. They voted to secure Obama’s future at America’s expense and at Israel’s expense – in effect, preferring Obama to Netanyahu by a wide margin.

A dangerous time is ahead.” Undeniable.

“Under present circumstances, it is inconceivable that the US will take any aggressive action against Iran and will more likely thwart any Israeli initiative. The US will preach the importance of negotiations up until the production of the first Iranian nuclear weapon – and then state that the world must learn to live with this new reality. But this election should be a wake-up call to Jews. There is no permanent empire, nor is there is an enduring haven for Jews anywhere in the exile.”

Then what would the wakeup call suggest? If indeed such a wakeup call were to resonate in the Jewish community. Liberal ideas are embedded in the Jewish culture. The Torah dictates charity and suggests punishment for those who will not give alms. Is it not logical that Jews assign that same code of ethics and moral responsibility to their government? When Americans are dissuaded of the falsity that democrats are magnanimous and attuned to the liberal mindset, perhaps the Conservative values, which are in no short supply among even the most liberal Jews, will surface. American liberals must be educated in the Constitutional limited function of government in order to separate liberal ideals from political goals. Then and only then will all liberals, Jews included, vote intelligently for what truly is in their own best self interest. They must share equally in the responsibility to preserve the Constitutional Republic as it was conceived and not as it has evolved or is being portrayed, for America to be that enduring haven.

“The “Occupy” riots across this country in the last two years were mere dress rehearsals for what lies ahead – years of unrest sparked by the increasing discontent of the unsuccessful who want to seize the fruits and the bounty of the successful, and do not appreciate the slow pace of redistribution.”

Rabbi you have again accurately portrayed the incentive to bring rebellion into the streets but not the motive of the puppeteers or engineers who use demonstrations to gain and justify control of the masses, by force if necessary. The demonstrators may be hosed down but the their cause is exalted. We will revile the banks and big business but never the bankers and money brokers who profit from the red tag sales of falling civilizations while regimes come and go.

“If this election proves one thing, it is that the Old America is gone. And, sad for the world, it is not coming back.”

I truly commend Rabbi Steven Pruzansky as a man of G-d and an American patriot who mourns for his country with us but flagellates himself for the role Jews play in our choice of government. He has correctly and astutely recognized the root causes of our decline as a nation and with statistical accuracy assigns some of the blame to Jews. There is blame enough for all to share. I am at a loss with the Rabbi and cannot understand why Jews do not rally to Israel’s side unanimously; not as Jews but as Americans. Isn’t it American tradition to come to the aid of the oppressed? The fact that we have done so unselfishly and with great courage on every occasion except when it was time to save Jews is a rare demerit on our Christian report card. Although our armies showed great compassion in liberating concentration camps we fought to save Europe and the Jews that were left when we got there were saved by the Grace of God. Our mission as a country with an invincible Army was not to save Jews; yet Jews harbor no resentment and show little inclination to change that behavior or act differently themselves. I should think we would want to save Israel and the human beings who reside there because they are humans in peril, our ally and we are all Americans.

Who was the president that Jews revere most? The irony is intriguing and beyond my ability to reconcile America’s affinity for FDR.

Yes we have flaws and indiscretions but if there is a haven on earth for the down trodden, the poor and the homeless, it is the only country that based its body of law on Judea Christian doctrine, emerged as a Constitutional Republic and has thrived and prospered on Conservative ideals; the United States of America.

Do not throw in the towel Rabbi Pruzansky. I am convinced that in an honest election conservative values would have won the day. Rally round the flag and deal with the underlying issues not with policies that augment and further those issues. We have a liar and a cheat who is a brilliant tactician but to his compatriots he is only brilliant and lies of necessity. He has viscerally demonstrated his dislike for Jews and the Jewish state, proclaims to be a Christian but honors all things Islamic to the detriment of Judea Christian heritage. Rabbi; teach your congregation these things and let them tell their children and their neighbors. Prevent voter fraud; without it the president would not be Barak Obama. Do not trust a government that is stockpiling weapons at home, weakening our defenses abroad and attacking our Right to Bear Arms. Do not trust a government that denies us the right to defend ourselves against all enemies at home and abroad. Do not trust a government that has declared war on its own people and wants to know if our standing army will fire on American citizens if called on to do so. These are the issues of the day that matter.

Rabbi; if the country was indeed already beyond redemption would a government that causes our problems still be working to overthrow our system of laws? Is the restoration of this great country not worth the sacrifice of our own lives as the founding of it was to our forefathers?

It is the function of a democracy that has been stolen from us. Our votes do not count if the system is corrupted.

Rabbi, you are a good and valuable American. Please know that the battle for our freedom is not over until my body lies lifeless on the battlefield and every American who believes in a cause greater than his own self interest has breathed his last breath.

Bless you for telling the truth as you see it. I see exactly what you see but draw a slightly more optimistic conclusion, if a more pessimistic appraisal. We are indeed soldiers on the side of liberty and Conservative values, no matter the details of our struggle.

In liberty,




It’s No Lie; Liberals Are Killing Us.

Of course I’m not at a loss for words…but I am perplexed that the words I and hundreds of others who have not lost our minds choose to caution our fellow citizens on the changes that are happening and where we are headed as a result have no effect on the Kool Ade imbibers on the left.

The disconnect is awesome. The unity among liberals to demonize the messengers at all costs makes me think that they are possessed by some sort of mass hypnosis. Our closest friends and relatives, who have never indicated a lack of confidence in our sanity, will turn on us like Linda Blair on Jason Miller, the moment we mention the Constitution and Barak in the same sentence.

What is disconcerting and perplexing is that the liberals I’m referring to will not accept the premise that our warnings are not in the least politically motivated. For my money if the Republican Party collapsed their tent and went the way of the Dodo bird I wouldn’t skip a beat or shed a salty drip as long as the two party system isn’t compromised in the process. It is true that if the same fate befell the Democrat Party I might go on a three day rip but that’s beside the point. What possesses any American to disregard half the country that has the same message and is screaming from roof tops? Our message is that the Republic is at risk and the transformation taking place will forever change our identity and cost us our freedom. Our charges are most often backed by irrefutable evidence, most often Obama’s words and deeds. The left counters facts with opinions and assigns motives to our concerns that would embarrass a nudist on a deserted island. Our democrat counterparts would rather risk the mortal consequences of their misplaced loyalty than give us the benefit of the doubt despite there being no consequences. The consequences we predict will alter the course of history, perhaps forever, and subject us and future generations to massive debt and government imposed mediocrity and restrictions. If we are right, the grand experiment of self government and self determination will be resuscitated and the Constitutional Republic will endure. If we are wrong the grand experiment of self government and self determination will not need resuscitation and the Republic will endure. If the supporters of this political intervention are wrong we all suffer the outcome. The mean spirited attitudes that prevail on the left will have no truck with cautions that come from the perceived enemy; Conservatives. Never-no-mind that Conservatives created the country and the values that liberals depend on to voice their objections to all things Conservative.

Liberals are promised a utopia in which fairness will prevail so long as government regulations determine what is fair. They could not accept that fairytale unless they believe that the rewards of industry should not go to the industrious. I have never seen or heard of a liberal who willingly gave the fruits of their labor so that government could buy the loyalty of slothful recipients and illegal aliens. So Margaret Thatcher was not exaggerating when she said that “the trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” What she failed to tell us is that Socialism is the tool of despots used to divide a nation before they are subjected to a dictatorship.

I have no quarrel with liberal ideals when they are free of political motives. Altruism is at the core of Judea Christian doctrine. My experience has been that Conservatives take the act of giving as a personal responsibility and liberals tend to assign the responsibility to government and still feel the intellectual superiority that makes them obnoxious to begin with. When government is successful at convincing liberals that they it will end hunger, cure diseases, abort on demand, clean the environment, save spotted species of bugs, birds and bees, end violence, wars and prejudice just by making everyone pay their fair share, all reason goes out the window. Basic mathematical principles are subjugated to hatred for right wingers who don’t care a whit about the underprivileged and underrepresented underclass of all species on this fragile planet. Perhaps, just perhaps, therein lays the problem. When the lies are so seductive that liberals can’t resist do they all forget to ask “will you still love me in the morning?” Do all liberals believe that politicians who ring their doorbells with armfuls of other people’s money have free stuff conjured out of thin air?

If I caution a thirsty liberal to not drink the water I know he will at least think twice or try it on the cat. Any warning is taken with a degree of caution and when the warning comes from a friend or relative it is taken even more seriously. But tell a liberal our country is being looted and dismembered by charlatans or we are about to lose the Republic and we are immediately accused of fabrication, political bias, prejudice, scare tactics, you name it; anything but the patriotic concerns of fellow citizens.

Still I persevere and pray that one day soon all Americans will act to save this country from certain devastation. And when we have a reasonable restoration of what once was the cradle of democracy, liberty and justice they can go back to being the misguided democrats and republicans that allowed us to get into this mess in the first place; and pray we last another two hundred and fifty years. Amen.

Ever your mistrusted Conservative patriot,


Fool’s Gold

We are following a blind man on a unicycle that depicts a beautiful sunrise while we’re standing in the rain on a dark and dreary wintry night. We are blessed with sight but refuse to open our eyes to reality; so we follow.

America is a shiny locomotive with a mighty steam engine sitting on a side rail. All we have to do is shovel a little coal to stoke the fire but we refuse. “Do not mine coal, it is dirty and I will bankrupt coal companies to better our economy and our environment” echoes the blind man on an unsteady unicycle. The engine that drives our economy sits sadly idle.

This man on a unicycle is a visitor from the dark side telling us who have only to open our eyes to see, that we mustn’t open our eyes in fairness to those who cannot see. He has come to lead us to the light where we will have prosperity and equality, fair and balanced, that we were too selfish and drunk with power to embrace in our old ways. This blind man can only lead those who will not see but since we accept his rules of conduct we will not open our eyes; we will be transformed and our enemies will love us and our friends will admire us and we will be generous to all who condemn the greedy bankers.

With his sightless eyes wide open he sees only darkness before him but tells us he sees rays of light and rainbows upon rainbows and will lead us to mounds of gold at each rainbow’s end, this blind man on a unicycle, going in circles, ever closer to the edge of the earth; if only we forsake our false God and hand our guns to his disciples.

Nor does he hear the voices of the people, a sound so grating and distracting that this blind man who will not hear us prefers we not speak and teaches us a new politically correct and fitting vocabulary sure not to offend our enemies lest they punish us. He hears only the most beautiful sound on earth, the Muslim call to evening prayers. We know they pray for our demise but we will not speak it; they do not pray to our God; their God urges the death and dismemberment for minor offenses and death to all infidels; our God is a Master of peace and brotherly love and tells us to achieve our highest potential in his image…on his unicycle the blind man who does not hear preaches division and revenge…hear not see not and I will lead you to a better place.

We are inured to hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil; the sightless man we follow blindly teaches us that patriots who speak out against his wisdom are evil; it would be evil to see the lines of unemployed and hopeless citizens when he sees loyal followers being cared for by a benevolent government; it is evil to find fault with the change we have not yet learned to appreciate fully. If we smell the acrid odor of burning flesh at the gates of hell we will be told it is the attar of roses we will come to love. The visitor from the dark side has a way with words; nothing is as it seems. Failure is resounding success in the making…more failure will result in greater rewards.

Well my fellow Americans, if we refuse to open our eyes or hear what is being said is it no wonder that we follow a blind man on a unicycle. Even with our eyes shut tightly do we see a warrior on a golden Chariot when he will not condescend to show us who he really is, where he really came from and what he really has in store for us? What form of insanity has befallen us that we fully expect to regain our former greatness by diminishing our productivity, that we will not lose our freedom if we surrender our guns, that we will pay our debts by spending and win our wars by disarming?

Our founding fathers managed with great pondering to distill Judea Christian teachings, the experience of great civilizations before us and the wisdom of philosophers and prophets into a simple document an eighth grader can read and understand in a few minutes, and gave us a blueprint for an orderly and just society of laws based on Judea Christian principles. It establishes the equality of man and the ideal of self government in plain language.

In four years this administration with ambitions of autocratic rule, has provided us with more new laws in four years than would take a Magna Cum Laude college graduate with a PhD in English years to read and a lifetime to comprehend. The Health Care Bill alone is two thousand pages and filled with contradictions, vagaries and unrelated additions. From an administration that turns its back on court rulings they don’t agree with we are asked to walk a chalk line to avoid breaking laws we have no idea exist. The blind man on a unicycle is a mirage. We are following an ideological despot determined to use the powers of our presidency and our seat of government to bring us to our knees under socialism so that one day we will be ruled by Islamic Fascism.

Let me be your leader. I am everyman. I am the Minute Man standing by my plow with a long gun by my side. I will grow your crops or smite your enemies…but cannot stand by and allow my plow to got to rust and my rifle to fall to the ground. I am you. We are looking for a leader to show us the way out of this morass and the leader is you; it is me and every American patriot who will take the few minutes to read our Constitution and Bill of Rights and respect and honor the Creator who made us in His image, and the wisdom of the founders who trusted us with this rare gift of self determination; not to be governed but to be civilized and protective of the gift we have.

We were not born to follow. We are Americans and we will lead. Our government is empowered by us and that is our heritage and our profound responsibility. Last night you heard a soap salesman describe beautiful rainbows and glorious sunrises if only we follow him to the gates of hell to be committed to the flames of damnation. With eyes close and ears cupped we are trading the greatest nation on earth for the vision of one man for his personal gain and the elevation of evil over our Judea Christian heritage.

Open your eyes to the real world. Listen to what is really being said. Smell the attar of roses not the stench of defeat. Remove the threat of transformation. Since when will Americans not rise up to defend our flag?