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Immoral Equivalence

The next two years will be the most deceitful, confrontational, divisive years in our history. Alinsky says double down.

All this talk about Obama’s legacy incorrectly assumes that Barack has the same ideological goals as normal American presidents. To be sure, Barack is concerned about his legacy; it does not resemble the legacy goals of any American president in our memory. He intends to leave America a totally transformed union, no longer concerned with its Judea Christian culture, unmindful of our proud heritage and fully accepting of Islamic political/religious fascist influence. That is the legacy he is building and the one he will cherish, if he should actually leave office.

In a Judea Christian world we think issues are addressed democratically within the political system, with time off for
religious observances, vacations and sleep but a cabal takes advantage of our down time to make political hay. They scoff at our religious convictions. They will issue edicts and release unpopular decisions when they believe we aren’t listening or watching, chipping away at our religious and national heritage, notions of God given freedoms, inalienable rights, economic security and military preparedness. It’s three card Monte, bait and switch and buck buck how many horns are up, all rolled into one. The health care bill was passed by political subterfuge when few Republicans were available to protest. A kink in our armor is all the enemy needs to win a joust but they also prefer to lunge when our lance is down. Fundamental change is not a concept that survives in broad daylight or with the free exchange of ideas. Barack told us his agenda was to change America fundamentally but he preceded that remark with promises of sugar plums, kumbaya and peace on earth, promising a better America…but we overlooked his refusal to wear the American flag pin of patriotism. Now we speak of restoring America in a matter of fact fashion as though we share none of the responsibility for our decline.

The next generation of Americans will not share our passion to restore America, since they will have no recollection of the America we knew and loved, fought and died for.

Speaking of moral equivalency, anyone who rightfully observes that terrorism is the exclusive property of the Islamic Muslim movement is vilified and brought to task sharply. It was made politically incorrect to name Islam without clearly stating that the culprits are a minority rogue element that hijacked the religion…despite the fact that the evidence does not completely support that analysis. Barack has been known to fly into rage over the mere suggestion that Islam is the enemy. No mention of terrorists on our soil, in the Middle East or on any continent is permissible without stating the obvious; not all Muslims are terrorists. Islam is responsible for 100% of world unrest, anti Semitism and rampant terror, yet not all Muslims are bad has been drilled into our lexicon and psyche to the point of nausea. With every brutal attack accompanied by shouts of Allah Akbar I must ask, is it really necessary to defend the innocent when they do not consistently and uniformly condemn the guilty? Who is not intelligent enough to know the difference? Who benefits from this blatant effort to avoid naming names and responding to the threats?..

Tireless demonstrators calling for justice and revenge, oblivious to facts, dedicated to a false narrative are obviously organized for a purpose. When the demonstrations are duplicated in unrelated cities there is nothing spontaneous about it. Over 80 visits to the oval office before and after the demonstrations which degenerated into a call for murder of white police officers and the ensuing execution style murders of three “so far” it is time to call for justice for the people. Al Sharpton should be arrested forthwith. Impeachment proceedings against the Attorney General and the President of the United States amounts to providing due process to criminals who deprived three police officers of that right; it must be done if only as a first step to reclaiming the moral high ground and restoration of our nation. If the instigators’ motives are not readily obvious at least let’s not be so foolish as to exonerate them because of their empowered conflicts of interest. The encouraging words of the President of the United States to “stay the course” plus the fomenting rhetoric of the nation’s professional exploitation reverend, paired with the assurance that the Attorney General will not prosecute gives the demonstrators free reign to vent their criminal prejudices in public for a cause beyond their ability to gather.

A president who defends all Muslims without exception but sees no reason to condemn a call to kill white police officers is not a president. Connect the dots…question his origins again. Why not bring up the questions of his past associations, present associations and future aspirations? He can be condemned by his associations, policies and his record. He can take credit for positives but he can’t point to one policy that contributes to the greater good. Demand his removal, hold him accountable and let’s try to regain the dignity earned by our heritage and stolen by this cabal.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah

This year the eighth day of Hanukkah falls on Christmas Eve. What a wonderful opportunity to remember the things we have in common, respect our differences and use the day to pray for the end of religious persecution, Christian displacement and anti Semitism.

Israel especially needs our support in a time when they are more isolated than ever.

Through prayer may we find a permanent solution to Islam’s world domination ambitions.

I will have some comments on the Pope’s influence on American policy and his silence on Israel’s constant threat from the Islamic states after the New Year. Together we can dispel some of the hatred and blind prejudices that divide people by race, ethnicity or religious preference, ever mindful that prayers are answered when we take action to help ourselves.

God bless;

Fingerprints, Confessions and Eye Witnesses Lie

…or is it our eyes that lie?

8 children are killed by knife shot in gun free Australia. We outlaw guns because we can, not knives, because we can’t and not rocks because it’s been a long time since Caine dis-Abled his bro. Two police officers are gunned down execution style in NYC and another in Florida is shot and then run over with a hate filled exclamation point.

The agenda is startling but consistent. Perhaps not primary but among the political advantages the radical triumvirate, Barack, Eric and Al have in mind is nullification of the Second Amendment…or if that is too lofty a goal, further unconstitutional restrictions on gun ownership. The entire body of historical evidence supports gun owners’ claims that gun free zones are low-fruit killing opportunities for criminals and other nutsies. It does not matter, because the unspoken but only reason governments disarm citizens is to render them defenseless against….the tyrannical government. “Tyrannical government” being the operative words to make my point. Bear with me whilst I connect the dots.

My fly on the wall at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. reports that all American companies vulnerable to cyber vandalism must take mandatory training to help keep America Safe. The program is free but any company not complying with the mandate will be fined $5K an hour until they have achieved attitude adjustment. The course is to be called LINTS and is intended to assist Barack Obama who is far too busy to do it all by himself and is sorely disappointed in Congress’ laissez faire attitude. P.S. A do-nothing Congress is far more preferable than a Presidency doing the work of our enemies or a presidency that accepts nothing Congress has to offer.

SONY made the mistake of not contacting Barack directly before taking evasive action and Barack is quite upset that they did not have the confidence in Barack’s counsel to make the call. Hence the new program, which will make standard operating procedures mandatory, in the event of a cyber attack or vandal threat from a foreign power.

LINTS (Line in the Sand) classes begin April 1st, subject to Congressional funding but not necessarily its approval. When threatened, private enterprise can draw lines in the sand or launch counterattacks, secure in the knowlege that Barack will bloviate and quarterback every Monday morning, as long as he’s not bothered with the messy details.

Nothing Barack had to say before, during or after the Sony Attack was appropriate for an American president who reveres America’s sovereignty, the oath to defend America against all enemies, or the indignation of an American citizen who is emotionally affected by foreign threats; Barack is not. What Barack did say, is that North Korea is guilty of Cyber vandalism…and we will respond proportionately…when we get around to it. Kim Ung immediately doubled the guard on his Bentley. Any American corporation could have done that and not be subjected to presidential ridicule.

Barack “unconditionally” condemns the killing of two NYPD officers and I unconditionally condemn Barack’s part in creating the environment to encourage and condone the behavior and mental capacity to carry out executions of local police. In fact he has many conditions and reservations but thought better of sharing them at this time. The idea to avenge Brown’s death was promulgated by the organizers. Barack engaged Sharpton to organize demonstrations, Sharpton instigated demonstrators to turn on whites and blame law enforcement for racial warfare. Holder issued new racial profiling protocols to prevent police from targeting innocent criminals. Barack, Holder and Sharpton proceed to condemn the results of their demonstrations and blame the uprisings on endemic white vs. black racism. Three American black guys with world wide and national influence and authority, currently beyond any other American’s job description, claiming prejudice denies achievement to blacks. We are not too dumb to know when elected officials and their thugs are playing us for fools. Mayor DeBlasio is no less than complicit as a co conspirator or unwitting accomplice and the blood stained hands of all four will not be washed by fancy rhetoric or spin cajolery. There is no endemic racial prejudice in America. More likely there is anti Semitic animus, but that also emanates from the same hate-monger-in-chief. We were well past racial division until Barack came along and stirred anti white racism among the deprived, entitled and criminal elements in the black community. The political purpose being the degradation of civilized behavior and the dissolution of the American dream for which these culprits should receive the most severe penalties a sovereign nation can impose for high crimes and misdemeanors.

The “peaceful” demonstration Sharpton organized and attended in NY while the radicals in Ferguson called for the killing of policemen was a decoy to provide an alibi. Sharpton wasn’t there so how could we accuse him of agitating for violence? The complicit bloody handed President, Attorney General and hired thug, the farcical reverend, insist from a distance that the discontent is spontaneous, uncontrollable, understandable and at some level, justifiable. Fingerprints to be sure.

The dots we were once able to connect have become as numerous as dew drops in a rain forest. They have been forged into chain links and are now the chains that would enslave us. Attacks by this regime come in all forms and indignities, challenging the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, religious origins and our heritage at every turn. Party Sycophants and the media that fawn over his unconstitutional acts as though they represent some bold independent agenda working in America’s best interest, are aiding the decline like pallbearers who plotted the death of the corpse. The Chains of demagoguery are restricting our freedom more each day, more with each edict, with each congressional snub and with each cynical patriotic statement that contradicts the actions we suffer. When they are not fawning they are denying, reinterpreting or muzzling events to distract us from concluding what we have always suspected, accused and known. The enemy in the White House is a danger to civilization itself.

I mention the Sony debacle before the incomprehensible tragedy of the NY and Tarpon Springs PD officers because Sony is an outrage and highlights the president’s purposeful and unremorseful agenda driven dereliction. After the fact, without the facts and for obvious political gain, Barack attempted to be presidential at the expense of a private company’s reputation and financial misfortune. The execution of three policemen in our most populous cities is an internal act of war orchestrated by the president himself. There is more to come. Connect the dots…test the chains that bind us or learn to live with them.

Demand that Barack and his entourage of lawless appointees and hired thugs be removed and held accountable. Call for the arrest of Al Sharpton and let a Grand Jury decide his fate. We should not have to wait two more years, with the uncertainty of a rogue, destructive personality growing bolder and more lawless each day, working from within our political system, for relief…

Pray publicly; it drives them crazy.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Our Doubts and Fears Realized

Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro;
…”because you chose to listen not to your doubts or your fears but to your greatest hopes and highest aspirations, tonight we mark the end of one historic journey with the beginning of another — a journey that will bring a new and better day to America.”

Would that we listened and acted on our doubts and fears…for now they are real and looming over the liberty we let slip through our fingers.

Sponsors of terrorism are not brought to justice; they are scolded with politically correct innuendo, carefully guarded words and caution not to offend the sensibilities of those committed to our undoing. Punishment is meted out re-actively to terrorists, on a case by case basis, just severe enough to keep up appearances but not so devastating as to dampen their enthusiasm. The most egregious sponsors of terror are Iran and Barack Hussein Obama. Barack Hussein has done more to foment and advance the Muslim agenda than Genghis Khan did for Mongols in his prime.

To benefit from Obama’s largess a government or country need only demonize Judea Christian religions, accept Islam as a culture within cultures not to be offended, brow beat their citizens and treat Jews like lepers. The American taxpayer foots the bills like a sugar daddy on uppers in a widowed Harem celebrating liberation in gay Paree.

Barack the transforming figure, befriends and supports autocracies, dictatorships, oppressive governments and Islamic or Islamic accepting despotic emerging nations. They are emerging because the opposition to Sharia law and Islamic rule has been all but removed by six years of fundamental change; also with little or no opposition. Caliphates are popping up like pop tarts in a ’50’s orphanage. Islam is imposed and interjected and we are cautioned to accept not to offend. Barack has spoken; Islam has played a major role in the creation and development of our nation. Islam has contributed much to science, the arts and civilization. Barack has spoken but we are cautioned not to.

Hugo Chavez enjoyed favored dictator status and the Castro Brothers have just been anointed and duly apologized to for America’s past transgressions. From this latest presidential excess we will have international cooperative religious persecution and American dollars regurgitating in Cuban barrios like manna from Heaven. Press our combined noses on the window of defeat and witness the success of recalcitrant, oppressive government 90 miles off shore: the envy of Barack Hussein and his free wheeling cabal.

Why then the animosity and cantankerous relationship with Putin and punishment toward Russia? Isn’t Putin a latter day Tsar, autocrat in democracy togs, communist dictator? Doesn’t he fit the profile of Obama’s closest confidants and elbow rubbing compatriots? Why doesn’t he qualify for American benevolence and Barack’s warm embrace? Because Putin has made it perfectly clear that Russia will not welcome or tolerate Muslim immigration wherever he sets his tent. And right now his tent is expanding geometrically. Think of the great Russian expanse and all that newly acquired and soon to be acquired territory with no Muslim squatters setting up Sharia housekeeping. Millions of infidels to be beheaded and converted and Putin stands in the doorway, blocking Islamic progress. It’s enough to make a Christian president gorge on ham hocks right through Ramadan.

Have we allowed one man to fundamentally change America? A better question is; have we allowed one man to use America to change the world? Regrettably yes; though we have not yet realized how much we have yet to regret.

Apparently what Barack Hussein Obama has successfully done is use the bully pulpit of the presidency to create instability across America so great that it would have international repercussions. The great stabilizing influence that America has historically been on world tensions, economics and democracy is now having the inverse effect. The world community has lost confidence in our judgment and motives, rightfully so. Moreover, Barack is sponsoring terror by insisting that the Muslim Brotherhood has a seat at the table wherever new governments are formed and smothers all attempts to identify, analyze and eliminate the threat. He will not name the enemy even when pontifically condemning acts of terrorism; even then avoiding the use of identifying terms whenever possible. He will not mount an offensive action against any Islamic threat and ends wars by withdrawing and leaving the scene of the accident vulnerable to the ever growing force and inevitable insertion of Islamic Jihads.

This is not a rogue presidency or a confused inexperienced administration incapable of handling the responsibilities of leadership. An Islamic despot occupies the White House and is methodically, deceptively, inexorably changing the rules, the ethnic and religious balance of the population and our expectations of achievement. Do you recall when some of us warned that if the number of dependents exceeded 50% of the population America could never be restored as a functioning free market society? We have passed that water mark but it is a half truth. America is not a functioning constitutional Republic and hasn’t been for decades, due to the concessions made to socialism and exceptions permitted to the strict interpretation of the Constitution. Obama simply leaned harder with total disrespect for the rule of law and the system of checks and balances and dares us to stop him. Not even an election reaffirming the will of the people made a difference. As a matter of fact Barack, like most dictators, relishes in his ability to double down on his agenda, attitude and one man control of the political process.

And we have learned the hard way that the American presidency is susceptible and vulnerable to control by anti American forces, able to direct the wealth and productivity of the American worker and we have yet to find a solution to the gaping flaw in our Constitutional Republic. A government of the people, by the people and for the people has a vacuum at the top when the people neglect to take their role seriously. Not a shot or threat was needed to transform this country fundamentally, totally and perhaps irreversibly.

The weight and responsibility of the presidency takes its toll on every president and shows in a marked change in the president’s demeanor, facial features and graying hair. Barack is no exception; however his concerns are more likely of the possibility that the US military will interfere forcibly to save the country from precipitous decline; from enemies outside the country and within. It is well documented that Barack does not sweat the obligations of the office or of international threats, economic ills or the uneasiness of the populace he is responsible for. It must be fear of discovery and punishment that weigh on his mind.

Military intervention may sound drastic but no measures were too drastic for our founders and no measures should be too drastic to save our children’s future.

Remove Barack and hold him accountable; at least see clearly and hold him accountable.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Strength in Unity

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas.

I kind of like to hear that salutation as one, like Christmas and New Year, because I think it brings the two predominant religions in America and Europe closer. I think that in this dangerous world where Jews are targeted once more for annihilation and Christians are beheaded with alarming regularity, our common cause to survive is best accomplished in unity.

I believe that prayer is energy and I always feel that energy when a religious observation brings people together to worship. Whether it is a Jewish holy day or Catholic holiday, in my neighborhood there was a noticeable change of pace we all felt…it was good.

I’m appealing to people of all faiths to take some time each of the next eight days to add your prayers with the Jewish community and pray for Israel, religious freedom and the end of Islamic terrorist threats once and for all. Let’s not take turns praying; let us pray as one.

The human race is the work of our Creator. Division is the work of evil men and rogue governments. Unity is the goal of all good men. Get the energy going and we will not fail.

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas.

Rebuild the temple.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

We Are Being Governed by Our Inferiors

For years I have been complaining that we’ve been losing America incrementally; that the Democrats have been undermining the Constitution as a goal; that rather than governing the will of the people, their intention is to impose their will on the people.

They gave us Barack who famously said, “the Constitution and Bill of Rights are problematical documents that have the order of authority reversed”. The chickens came home to roost when Obama said “elections have consequences” and then proceeded to rule by edict, with the full support and unflagging admiration of the Democrat Party. If Barack believed in the checks and balances system he would have passed major legislation when the Democrats controlled both Houses. He made no attempt because ideologically he could not share government even with his own party. When Republicans achieved a majority in Congress he never missed an opportunity to demean their participation by portraying them as a “do nothing” Congress, no matter how many Bills they passed and sent to languish in the Democrat controlled Senate, DOA. “If Congress won’t act I will have to do something on my own” are words that ignore the role of Congress and the limitations of the presidency. The party thought his unconstitutional actions were long overdue.

If the Democrats who were elected to represent their constituents took the oath of office to heart, they could not tolerate a rogue Presidency, regardless of party. Instead the Democrats in office are in lock step with their leadership, determined to veer the political system toward Socialism, while they falsely proclaim to be patriotic. They are only loyal to the government they foresee as inevitable, not the Democratic Republic provided Constitutionally; and never to a Republican dominated government. It’s not a two party system as we would like to believe. It is the winners who voted to make America a Republic against the losers who who believe citizens are better served when they are subjects. The losers never have and never will never concede to the idea of government by the people and so spend their every waking moment trying to nullify that decision.

The principle beneficiaries of most bipartisan bills are the politicians themselves. Government has become a career destination and quid-pro-quo politics is essential to a successful career. As a solution to nest feathering the people have clamored for decades to enact term limits for Congress, to no avail. American politicians are not prepared to return home until a bridge or ship is named for them. Every bipartisan agreement favors Democrats because Republicans cede to Democrat conditions; it is seldom the other way around, unless Democrats throw a bone for favors rendered. Democrats who claim to champion the underdogs in society are responsible for every liberal policy that creates, increases and then institutionalizes dependency. Democrats are responsible for generational poverty and liberal programs that supplant personal responsibility with government indulgence, the antithesis of Judea Christian principles of self determination and Conservative values. Nothing emphasises the difference in philosophy between Conservatism and Liberalism more definitively than dependency and other liberal causes that increase government influence beyond the constitutionally mandated limitations. When Republicans accepted the premise that liberalism is a political preference they unwittingly planted the seeds of destruction. What we have had since the Republic was founded is the constant erosion of man’s ability to create and distribute wealth in a process that constantly renews opportunity and willing entrepreneurs. The result is what we are now experiencing; the decline of civilization and personal achievement, which historically signals the end days of a constitutional Republic.

The two party system is not working because one party exists only to change the United States fundamentally. The Conservative, or Constitution defenders have become the opposition party, reversing the historical roles we mistakenly believe they held. It will not get fixed as long as conservatives believe that bipartisanship is required to improve government functionality. Bipartisanship should be reserved for like-minded factions to determine the best modalities to make all Americans self sufficient and productive; Capitalism, non intrusive government, shared risk and property ownership.

We are now deciding whether America can be restored as a functioning constitutional Republic or will give way to an autocratic democracy. Restoration is not likely when politicians perpetuate the decline, therefore the burden falls where it should always have rested; the power is and always will be with the people. If we don’t decide our fate someone else will.

Start by improving the current situation. Barack must be removed and held accountable. The existential threat of Islamic domination by Jihad can then be addressed and eliminated. Barack’s edicts and treaties must be nullified and politicians must be held to five year terms, fully liable for their actions.

The road we travelled has been all downhill for generations. The road back will therefore be all uphill. We are up to the task if we accept the responsibility by becoming informed, educated and involved. If we choose to be uninvolved once again we will have chosen to side with Democrats and let government decide our fate.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Not For the Faint of Heart

If you are offended by honest indignation and strong language you may not want to read on. I have reached my boiling point.

The Damnocrats spent years “investigating” the obvious, then put out a “hit piece” on the CIA which is tantamount to treason and the politically incorrect conservatives are ducking for cover, pleading for understanding and denying the terminology. What the hell is wrong with us? Can’t we once stand together and tell these mealy mouthed hypocrites what we think of their traitorous, unwelcome, unsubstantiated accusations?

The liberal losers take the freedom that winning wars guarantees them and uses it to lose our prestige and honorable recognition for being the most compassionate military and people in the history of conflict or civilization. Why don’t we have the conviction of our arguments to stand with the few who respond to these ugly charges forcefully, like Dick Cheney? We should hang our heads in shame; we let the Damnocrats disparage good people and then we shun them.

Why are we constantly on the defensive? Tell these hypocrites how it really is! They live because we wage war to win; not to wage war. We don’t have to call it torture but we won’t stop doing what it takes to win. It’s okay to kill the vermin but a vice grip on their gonads offends you lying trash? Anyone who is going to kill my countrymen can expect the unexpected and damned if I will apologize! If you are my prisoner fear me or give me reason not to fear you. Every Guantanamo detainee is in better physical shape than when they were captured and inanely released. Not one earned that gratuitous kindness.

The blot on our reputation is the idiotic notion that this “investigative report” is an honest assessment of our intelligence community, our moral values or our ethical standards. The radicals are losing the war they don’t have the cajones to call a war and losing the country they have the cajones to call unprincipled, unjust and unfair. America the beautiful is beautiful and I have no patience for those who think they can raise our estimation of their humanity by trashing my country.

We are dealing with a recurring Islamic attempt to rule the world by terror from a religious/political fanatical group of murderers who treat torture as an amusing pass time. The Muslim Brotherhood is the core organization that set out to destroy Christianity and Judaism so they can impose Sharia law and control the populace politically but it has been a Muslim imperative for hundreds of years. We would be ill advised and dramatically handicapped to underestimate the enemy as Barack does intentionally. I don’t believe it is advisable to limit our men from any device in their arsenal to defend us.

No society is perfect and America is no exception. But America has the blue print for man to achieve his highest potential and I for one are proud of our progress and our heritage. We would do well to focus on our positives to overcome our negatives. It is too difficult to focus on the negative and expect to produce positives, at least for me..

Dammit! For once and for all stand up and tell these traitors to shut up and respect the fallen who gave their lives so they can run their mouths to diminish their sacrifice! Is it illegal to use the term traitor on the floor of the Senate? Doesn’t anyone know how to fight bare-fisted, indignant and righteous battles any more? Is there one patriot left in America who will stand and say he regrets having only one life to give and then dare the damnocrats to take it? I demand to be counted! I believe with every fiber of my being that America must survive despite the ignorant lefties who think it need not survive unless we cave to their anti constitutional, socialistic, repressive ideas of government.

It is their warped message that misleads millions to believe that justice is not served unless it is contorted to suit their personal opinions. The moronic, mass corrupted thinking that prompts Congressional staffers to walk out demanding justice for Brown and Garner cannot see that justice is what they got and they should be grateful for it. If they are not all fired for stupidity it will be another miscarriage of justice. God bless the local police who must make life and death decisions with no seconds to spare every day and are then reviled for their efforts. Why is Al Sharpton not behind bars?

God bless the agents who have no qualms convincing enemy combatants who celebrated the death of American civilians in the streets and behead for blood sport, that we mean to extract every bit of information we can to save American lives and property. If it pains you to tell us it will pain you more to not tell us. One American drop of blood is worth the lives of every treacherous murderer who is sworn to America’s defeat, the eradication of Israel and the murder or conversion of all us infidels. Challenge me and I will proudly execute you and every one of your ilk and let God be my judge. I will not be judged by mealy mouthed liberals who urge compassion and empathy for our enemies and have none for our troops. Go to Hell Hilary, Barack, Feinstein and the rest of you lying bastards. I will never betray the victims of 9-11, Gettysburg, Pearl Harbor, Viet Nam, Korea, or the Middle East; you have and do every day and have yet to be told so to your faces! Rot in the memory of the Republic you diminished and demean and we will revive the Republic our forefathers envisioned.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

12 11 14 Folks, The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth. I guess that says it all for Hilary, Billary and Barry; it’s not in the cards for them.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this was to be my last article on Hilary Rotten Clinton?

Given her insatiable appetite for public adoration, I fear she will not go away any time soon, despite the fact that she only holds our attention by concealing, as best she could, her real political inclinations. As she ages before our eyes she loses relevance like a dirigible with a slow, undetectable leak loses altitude. Like a former pugilist, once a contender, then an opponent and then a has-been, she garners attention only for her misdeeds outside the arena. The longer she hangs around the periphery of greatness the more we realize she never was much to begin with.

Her latest desperate attempt at public acceptance is a pathetic plea to radical left wing elitists; “the enemy has feelings too and we should empathize with their point of view”. So Hilary should understand how I feel, if I have visions of her slowly succumbing to a thousand paper cuts on her ample posterior. The villagers raising the children the state confiscated from loyal communist parents can take time out of their busy schedules to treat her wounds with gasoline. In my most outrageous fantasy, Barry, who quit smoking long ago, lights one up for old time’s sake, and immolates both of them in a burst of flames and acrid smoke, never to be heard from again.

Between Christmas and Rosh Hashanah I should have plenty of time to ask the Lord for forgiveness but Christmas is just a holiday and Rosh Hashanah was never important enough to be celebrated universally. Besides; I have it on good authority that the Good Lord has a very similar plan for these two devil worshipers.

Hillary talks about empathizing with our enemies while Barack has been doing so for all six years of his regime and goes one step further…he betrays and demonizes our great ally, Israel. I will not ask whose side these traitors are on. Their words and deeds speak for themselves. Even the Communist trained and ideological Hilary knows better than to sleep with porcupines but it is her desperate attempt to remain viable with the radical left Obama serves. She will lick their boots clean in a latrine trench for a glimmer of hope to gain the presidency she feels cheated of and will likely die muttering to herself, “I coulda been somebody.”

The record speaks for itself; she has never had an accomplishment of her own or success in anything she ever undertook. She even failed to care if Bill’s peccadilloes are the only lasting legacy that will survive both of them.

We do have more important things to worry about. The Republicans are eating their young and ignoring the mandate we gave them. Letters, we send letters. We send lots and lots of letters. Or do we?

God help us.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

My Yiddisher Farblunget

I sat back and waited for the outrage but it never came…again. Maybe no one heard. Maybe no one saw.

BARACK THE ANTI SEMITE, RACIST, AMERICA-BASHING President of the once United States of America is considering sanctions against Israel. Typically he drops a bomb, lets the clamor subside and at a propitious moment, when we are distracted by another of his ignominious acts, it will be done…no Congress, no conscience. How treacherous, high and mighty can this regime get? Despite Barack’s obvious animus toward Israel, they are our only reliable ally in the Middle East. Israel still needs America but the fundamental purpose of the alliance has been abandoned by Barack; we do not have their back in a showdown. Strategically we need them; unless we are with the pro Islamic mission to expunge Israel. Consider that we have not yet seen fit to identify the enemy or his intentions; yet Israel is on the front lines defending themselves and all non Muslims against Jihad and the Islamic promise to convert or tax, enslave or kill all infidels. A major part of that battle is the battle for territory. The same territory the so called Palestinians rejected because it did not include the dissolution of Israel. Obama would punish Israel for not complying, except they did…and no good turn shall go unpunished.

Barack and the rest of Islam are really upset that Israel is building homes on land claimed by “Palestinians” for the “Palestinian State”, address unknown. We have come to accept these terms as though there is some proud historical heritage associated. Instead, the ancient terms were assigned to contemporary Islamic nomads for the singular purpose of challenging Israel’s sovereign right to exist, in a public forum. Anti Semites may buy that fabricated portrayal of history to suit a narrow, Islamic political narrative but the failures of Islam throughout history can be attributed to their use of lies to win the moment and sacrifice the end result. Their ruthless brutality over many reigns of terror earned them the distrust and hatred that exists even among their own tribes. Their inordinate respect for superior strength rings of inbred cowardice. This is where Barack Hussein Obama places his faith and trust and has expressed admiration beyond reason. The Muslim motto should be “Go forth and squat.” Reveal your hatred, ignorance, boorish impositions and Sharia intentions, You will leave a trail of decadence and squalor. You will die a miserable death but your reward in the afterlife will exceed your wildest carnal fantasies, so help me Allah.

The latest chicken bone stuck in the craw of the Arab world is Netanyahu’s reassertion that Israel is a Jewish State. I was alive and well, aware and reasonably informed in 1947; Islam was not helpful or in approval but Jews prevailed and thronged to the homeland once more. Israel is not a ship of fools. They welcome all comers who wish to contribute to the greater good and live peaceful, useful lives of achievement. Squatters who intend to undermine the Israeli State, whose objective is to overwhelm the system to create an Islamic State will not succeed. Israelis are hospitable, generous and tolerant but Israel is not up for grabs and will not shrink from defending what they have built with their bare hands and the blood of heroic Jews. As a Christian man I need not be asked to sacrifice my life so that another holocaust is prevented. As a Christian I cannot fathom the minds and hearts of Jews in America who put party loyalty above the right of fellow Jews, who, after all is said and done, are making supreme sacrifices to save all Jews as well as other infidels, regardless of their political views. None are so deaf as those who refuse to hear. None are so blind as those who refuse to see. None will enter the Kingdom of Heaven with the blot of feigned ignorance on their souls. Search your hearts to save your souls. Israels needs and deserves the support of all who claim the gift of civilization for civilized people. The enemy is not civil, is not civilized and is not condemned or named by the president of the United States who seeks to punish Israel for recognizing the source of the evil threat.

No American, regardless of race, religion or party can afford to give Barack Obama the benefit of doubt when doubt is erased every day. We must join Israel not sanction her. We must remove Barack Obama or the torch of liberty will be extinguished in our life times.

God bless the American Republic and G-d bless the Democratic Republic of Israel.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

A Choke Hold for Sharpton

12 5 14 Folks, A Chokehold for Sharpton

Once again; I side with law enforcement, warts and all. To avoid an early death don’t loiter, be a hoodlum or commit crimes…petty crimes require the same police protocol as more serious ones. Whether or not a crime has been committed is not the issue either. If an officer of the law engages you, simply follow instructions. Resisting, even the semblance of resisting, requires that the officer submits you and takes every precaution to protect the public without risking his life needlessly in the process. How would you subdue a 350-400 pound man who decided not to cooperate? Evidently we have thousands of self deputized Hypo-critics who know better than the men in blue. A precedent set by agenda driven political figures who put law enforcement on the defensive and portray criminals as sympathetic victims requiring special treatment and consideration.

I am deeply disappointed in the conservative voices who continue to refer to Eric Garner’s death as the choking death. The autopsy does not make that assertion. The crime in progress was not the reason the officers decided to use physical force to arrest; it was Eric’s resistance and important contributing health factors that resulted in his unfortunate death; probably a career ending episode for officer Pantaleo.

As far as I’m concerned Michael Brown decided he could intimidate and overpower an officer of the law just as he did the storekeeper he just robbed. Brown’s behavior was typical of a guilty perp who did not want to run afoul of the law while he was fleeing the scene of a crime. He was wrong and he paid the price. Officer Darren Wilson should be given a medal for his service but Sharpton, Holder and Obama will see him rot in hell first. For Brown’s death not to have been in vain it could have been used to discourage others from acting out, causing a public disturbance and challenging an officer of the law. But why? Michael Brown was a thug who should have known the risks of his behavior. He chose to tempt fate by his choices and turned out to be the perfect foil for sustained and expanding demonstrations which suit the agenda of the criminal enterprise of Obama, Holder, Sharpton and their mindless minions.

These otherwise unremarkable incidents have been turned into crises of opportunity for a regime determined to finish the total transformation they are committed to. Do Americans really want the Federal Government to set the standards for law enforcement at the local level?

Racial profiling is the one law enforcement tool that gives the police an advantage of sorts. Without profiling, which is the natural common sense instinct to identify suspects by appearance, behavior and environment, police work is unreasonably hampered. Add to that the presumption that police are racially biased and one more level of protection for our communities is diminished.

Our military preparedness has been drastically reduced and now our communities are preoccupied with riots and demonstrations of a magnitude that elicits concerned and highly critical comments from the international community. The perception is that America is in decline and is no longer epitome of liberty social justice and military excellence the world looked up to.

Arrest Al Sharpton. The charges are obvious and his trial will lead to the higher ups that give him immunity; Eric Holder, Barack Obama and the whole rotten cabal that redefined civility.