World War Three and the Islamic War Room

Every warring army has a “war room”. It’s where top brass gather to plan the next attack, where to place defenses and to develop a strategy for success.

Unfortunately America doesn’t really have a functioning war room. The Commander in Sheik has seen to it that our military operations are blind, we have no eyes on the ground, deaf, we are not questioning prisoners or engaging informers, and dumb…We allowed an incompetent, arguably, or a mole it seems, to dismantle our chain of command, national defense and misdirect or minimize our strategic offensive.

The enemy, on the other hand, has an active war room, located at 1700 Pennsylvania Avenue, which is where their strategy to diminish our capacity and resolve to engage or respond was hatched and policies are implemented to carry out the strategy.

World War Two was fought in the Atlantic Ocean, Europe, Africa the Pacific Ocean, Japan and parts of Asia…The war declared on civilization, specifically all religions but predominantly Christianity and Judaism, is not confined to any Continent, Ocean or race. If you are not Islamic Sharia compliant there is a blade, bullet or rock with your name on it no matter where you live or work…Except for the fact that not all named enemies, (infidels) of Islam are fighting back, or can fight back, it seems to me that this is indeed, World War Three. If it isn’t I am interested in knowing what element is missing.

Germany and Japan committed indescribable atrocities, including but not restricted to beheading and genocide.

Islam is making that inhumanity look like schoolyard roughhouse. The genocide of Christians precedes the planned elimination of Jews but only because strategically it makes sense. When Christians are no longer an obstacle Jews will be killed and the Holy City returned to Islam with far less resistance. This is no time to engage the Israeli war machine head on.

Formal declaration of war has been expressed a multitude of times and it is done in the name of Islam for the sake of Sharia. The aggressor is an organization called the Muslim Brotherhood that has cleverly and ingeniously led us to believe there are many factions with one goal, but not necessarily committed to one another. We in turn stupidly allow ourselves to be focused on the terrorist of the day; the one most brutal and aggressive at the moment.

Unless we take this threat as seriously as we did the Japanese and Germans, (with a side of Mussolini Fascism) this enemy will continue to eat our lunch. War was declared and is being waged globally to the best of the enemy’s ability. This enemy is Islamic Terrorism and we know full well who the Wizard is or are; the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran. World War Three is no less a danger to civilization than World War Two was…And we are fighting it like a clash of tribal leaders instead of a matter of life and death.

Remove Barack; hold him accountable and let the world see that we punish him accordingly. Then the radical Islamic threat can then be defeated and Islam can clean house just as the Catholic Church did when it had to.

God bless America; a request we can only make if we restore our Judea Christian heritage.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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