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Don’t Tread On Me

If we take our ignorance or our fears to the grave how have we served the Lord, our fellow man or our country?

Recently I have been a bit more vocal about the potential I feel for Americans to rebel. Perhaps it’s just wishful thinking but I honestly feel that when the voice of the people is consistently ignored and events are staged to influence opinion, tolerance is uncalled for. I have never been accused of being a hawk and I certainly don’t condone or advocate for violence. I am also disinclined to let the threat of violence deter me from exposing injustice or cause me to abandon my principles, my property or my country. I believe whole heatedly in the Constitution and Bill of Rights and the core values this country holds dear. To me the First and Second Amendments set the tone for the entire premise the Republic represents and the Amendments that follow.

Speech can be modified or tempered to meet the requirements of civility and that discussion has been tortured beyond my ken but I respect the rights of others who may seek clarification, though I doubt their motives. For myself the words are perfectly clear and unambiguous. As for the Second Amendment I have no such inclination. The Second Amendment is there to assure us that the first will not be abridged. It is the lynch pin that gives us, unlike any other citizenry in modern history, a strong deterrent to oppressive government and foreign intrusion. The unique properties of our Constitutional Republic make it imperative that we ourselves protect our system of self government or surely forfeit any claims to it. Protect; as in against any challenge or intruder, by force if necessary.

Our forefathers were convinced that the most likely source of challenge to this republic would be our own government. For this reason the founders sought to establish the Conservative, Judea Christian concept of self determination, which is the basis for government of, by and for the people, as irrevocable and implacable. Failing to achieve that security, they warned us of the challenges we would inevitably face if alternate ideas for government are permitted to vie for positions of power. Hence the alternate idea that people should be governed has been with us since Plymouth Rock and has on every occasion sought to supplant our founding documents with their ideas. The Second Amendment is provided to assure us that if the holder of contradictory ideas fails to hold sway in the democratic process they would be dissuaded from imposing themselves by force. That is why the Second Amendment is sacrosanct and critical to the survival of this nation as we know it, in the form first presented and not infringed. It is precisely why any government or person that seeks to amend, replace or reinterpret the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution is either ignorant of our laws or opposes them. Such a person cannot come to us with honorable intentions or clean hands and must be dissuaded or conquered. That is the onus of responsibility placed on us by the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. No less is demanded of us whether born here or settled here to enjoy our liberty and we should not shrink from that responsibility any more than our forefathers shrank from the prospect of losing their lives, fortunes and sacred honor, to provide us with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We have lavished in the benefits of self determination and opportunity never before afforded civilized people in modern history, at least.

My friends and fellow Americans; we have not kept our part of the bargain. We are presented with the text book version of our forefathers’ foresight and we waver with indecision and doubt. Is the man in the White House the Messiah or the devil incarnate? Are his lapses in judgement and questionable decisions the product of naivety or intentional willful acts of defiance to change America to a vision more to his liking? I plead with every American to ask themselves why it matters. Death by a thousand cuts or death by a single mortal blow; death from reckless behavior or from the cure that kills are, in a word, unacceptable. One act that will destroy this nation is no more agreeable than the thousands of draconian new laws and unsettling policies that will have the same result.

Which offense offends you? I can list hundreds of un-American, anti-American, counterproductive, fiscally suicidal, counter intuitive, dangerous and illogical acts we have been subjected to. None seem to have moved us to take the measures that are normally called for…recall, impeachment or arrest and trial. The audacity to impose total transformation is cause in itself for rejection if we are truly proud of this nation’s heritage. The consistent and willful determination to remove our guns should be the clincher. The fact that Americans are not “up in arms” is puzzling and disconcerting. The Second Amendment, once breached, ends our 250 year reign as a people self governed.

Do we need to be dragged off into the bushes to know that the dragger and the draggee are not going to come out of the bushes together?

Wake up and show some defiance! Show some spunk and demand that our Rights be restored and the usurper be removed for cause. We have many.

God bless America.





The Fat Lady Will Not Sing God Bless America

It is no coincidence that Barak waited until the Republicans (RINO’s) came up with a plan for immigration before he would make his plan known. Charlie Brown lives in the hearts of all Republicans who still think they can negotiate and compromise with an ideologue. Now the Four Horsemen

(in Rubio, McCain, Graham and Flake’s dreams) plan with a “path to citizenship” is characterized as prejudicial and draconian and Barak heroically says leave things as they are, except legalize illegality, open borders are egalistic (my word for fair and balanced), and can’t we all just get along…and the gallery cheers ring out…ole! Ole! Kudos to Mike Lee on this one who had the good sense to walk away with his integrity in tact. The Dems have two Nancy’s; one takes the football and the other runs with it. #1 Nancy, who voted against “the fence”, incites aliens by telling them that enforcement of existing immigration laws is un American. Ole. “Incite to riot” used to be against the law.

Nancy, “you have to pass the bill to see what’s in it” Pelosi, claims that despite what you hear on Fox, spending is not out of control. Of course it isn’t. Controlled spending in dem-speak is when the Democrats control what is spent. Barak has already tried, on more than one occasion, to have unlimited borrowing power without oversight. He’s not a dictator; not until he doesn’t have to ask.

You ask is confiscation next.

Confiscation is taking place as we speak as far as our assets are concerned. Artificially low interest rates force people living on savings to use principal to pay bills and live. That is a form of confiscation. Social Security has been confiscated with the simple change of its name. It is now Government Entitlement; the other shoe hasn’t dropped yet, but why change the name if you don’t have a plan? IRA’s are already under consideration as a method of taking the value from holders and paying out at a later date ala Social Security. Nothing sinister going on, just transformation as usual.

Now to the heart of the matter.
Any form of gun control is encroachment; encroachment is infringement. The initial step is to make certain guns and ammo unavailable, expand back ground checks and oh yeah, registration; what’s that all about? But the ultimate goal is to remove our guns. It cannot be done without confiscation, my freedom loving, delusional experts in compromise. “Voluntary” surrender has consequences if not accepted. No Socialist program can exist for long without confiscation and this administration has engaged in the practice at a much earlier stage than other dictatorships. Once the ground work is set confiscation without compunction will happen at the speed of sound with lightning bolts punctuating the end of a Constitutional Republic. 

 Bottom line?
If we don’t stop gnawing at the edges the facts will escape us. The last act before total transformation is disarmament. After we are unarmed confiscation is far less dangerous to the enemy in the White House. The line in the sand is drawn. Lord knows there are hundreds of arrows coming at us but if we want to survive this cabal know that as long as we have our guns there are limits, not acceptable limits, but limits nonetheless, beyond which this dictator-in-waiting cannot go. Islamic Fascism is the end game…called by any other name, after transformation what did you think we would have?

While we have the ability to choose I hope we choose liberty and the restoration of a functioning Constitutional Republic. Without guns the choice we must make can be suicidal.

Our options?
1) An organized, planned secession of like-minded states is the least violent option with the greatest chance of success. It may be the equivalent of driving into a tree to prevent going over a cliff but we may have waited too long to stop the transformation from the Republic we love to the government of whim at the hands of an ideological despot.

2) Wait until the fat lady sings.

What is at stake?

Benjamin Franklin cautioned us in answer to “what have you given us?” …”a Republic if you can keep it.” It boils down to guns. If we give up or compromise on the Second Amendment Mr. Franklin will say his greatest fears are realized.

Into the sink hole of Fascism will go the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights. Obama will have reversed the order of authority he said troubled him when he came to power. Self determination will come down to whether we choose to obey or disobey and the religion of choice will be offended if we proceed with the free exercise option we take for granted in this America. And by the way…the Right to Assemble has already been abridged by government goons multiple times.

Demand that Obama be removed for cause. We have many. End the revolution before it begins; disarm Obama not me.

God bless America.



How Will History Judge Us

Never in my recollection have I heard the mention of rebellion, revolution, secession and other terms that speak to the exasperation of human endurance over concerns that the country has been transformed without the consent, approval or cooperation of the electorate.
Admittedly…no, proudly, I have been a proponent of any and all of these options as a last ditch solution to the events that portend the dissolution of the Republic, the end of American exceptionalism and the elevation of Islam above our Judea Christian heritage. Surveying the damage done to our infrastructure, the many variances from the written words of our Constitution and our concessions to social programs administered at the federal level, it will take drastic measures to restore the principles originally incorporated in the founding of this nation. These principles are tried and true and no other government design has done more to raise the awareness of men to their true potential. It is the concept of self government and self determination that is under attack, not merely the size and scope of government. Eliminate the concept of self government and we are subject to central rule, dictatorship or the whims of  despots.
It is inconceivable to me that anyone with honorable intentions would discard this form of government in favor of any other known to man; there is no equal. It is even more inconceivable that a nation of people so blessed would entertain the rantings of a madman who condemns 250 bountiful years that enhanced the lives and fortunes of people and nations in more than half the world in war and peace. We not only accepted the premise that we need to atone for our faith, independence and benevolence and apologize for our creativity and wealth, we measure our decline with jaundiced eye and attribute our failings illogically to all but the obvious orchestrator.
The democratic process can no longer be relied on to correct our course. If it was a reliable system still we would not have a cabal misappropriating our assets, denying our religious heritage, dividing our strength and weakening our core values. Today we lack the moral conviction and political intelligence to fight the enemy in our midst with conviction and purpose. Congress has been usurped by a few dominant figures with seniority who are either ideologically committed to the current administration or as Republicans are inured to negotiating from weakness, unaware that compromise is the most powerful tactic the left relies on to further their agenda. Compromise is the enabler of incremental politics which has slowly but surely made this country vulnerable to alternate ideas in stark contrast to the tenets and Judea Christian principles that guided the formation of our nation. Compromise should be judiciously considered and never allowed to infringe on our core values, but it is too late to apply that lesson.
“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots”. Thomas Jefferson. It is unfortunate that any scenario we adopt to secure freedom from oppression entails the potential for violence. Dictators do not go peacefully and freedom is not a state of mind; it is hard fought and cherished beyond any other possession. Dictators and potential dictators know full well that a taste of freedom or a taste of slavery is all it takes to turn a peace loving citizen into a fierce combatant. There is no other reason on earth to disarm people. Only a government that has reason to fear its citizens has an imperative to remove their weapons. When that process begins no people on earth should remain complacent and trusting; you are about to be subjugated and resistance will be met with overwhelming force once we are unarmed. Now is the time, my fellow Americans to consider your fate. Will you live the life of a lion, willing to die for your cause or will you live a lifetime as sheep awaiting your turn to be sheared that others may rule to amass fortunes that could never be spent in five lifetimes? They have come for our guns and the end is imminent. Soon citizens will turn on each other hoping to curry favor with their captors. We are not yet divided to the point of turning on each other but isn’t that inevitable? Isn’t that what history teaches us? What proof do we need that isn’t already splayed before us contemptibly, challenging us to object in earnest, yet placating us and cajoling until they can longer deceive us or until we cannot defend ourselves.
It is not a fairy tale with the wolf vaguely disguised as a harmless grandmother. This is our lives, our country, our freedom and our heritage and we are fools if we continue to point out the wolf’s true characteristics and not end the pretense. I believe that waiting for violence to erupt will put us at a severe disadvantage. Revolutions never fare well for the patriots they simply create a vacuum of leadership and inevitably vacuums are filled without consent.
What is called for is a planned secession with like-minded states organized and prepared to deal with any contingency. The states have the legal and moral authority to reform the Republic and demand that the cabal stand down or suffer the consequences. I believe that this is the only option that minimizes the potential for bloodshed and if violence is called for will have the least casualty count with highest potential for success. The states that form the new union must take the necessary steps to make themselves self reliant, formidable and economically superior. It can be done. Cut off the head and the body will flounder. The reformed states will restore the Constitution as the blueprint for democracy and self determination and place our Judea Christian heritage at the core of our ethical existence.
If we awake to realize what is being torn from our existence, hearts and minds we will make choices. In the past our choices have been made for us despite the fact that our Constitution provides the opposite. In the future our choice may will be to accept the fate that befalls us or take control of our destiny; reject the concept of change, deny the forces that transform and return to our roots; one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Today’s decision is the lynch pin that makes those words a reality. The Second Amendment is a perfect statement and must not be tampered with or reinvented. They’re demanding our guns and they will come for us if we relent.
Obama saw fit to omit reference to God in the oath. That is reason enough to take stock of his values in contrast to ours and call for his removal.
God Bless America.
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Proudly hiding behind our guns and religion

If you are on the fence when it comes to regulations on guns maybe this will help put your feet on the ground.

It may be unthinkable or too farfetched for you and others to imagine that one day Americans will have to take up arms against an invading army, thugs who may make your neighborhood their hangout and your houses their ATM machines, an oppressive government or, if you happen to live in a border state, the already unacceptable conditions of drug dealers, couriers and aliens making your back yard their super highway. How do we take up arms if our guns have been confiscated?

It may be unthinkable but in the case of our borders, would you live in some of these areas today and not own a few rifles, hand guns, shot guns or an “assault rifle, whatever the heck that is? Is Uncle Barak considering an exemption for these beset Americans or only for himself, his entourage and cadre of loyal supporters? (How many exemptions are there vis-a-vis the “health care” bill”?) How many Americans live in remote areas, miles from the nearest neighbor? How many of us live in areas where, if we need help in seconds, the police are just minutes away? All of us…that was a trick question.

As to the other potential circumstances mentioned, all of the above have come to pass historically in America. I’m not talking about the wild West either, I’m talking about urban America and some rural areas as well. I am not willing to let anyone tell me that they are impossible scenarios today. I accept the responsibility for my and my family’s protection because the harsh reality is that I am the first and last line of defense we have; unless the proponents for disarmament are prepared to provide 24 hour armed guards for every citizen just as they do for certain elected officials and dignitaries; certainly my life is worth as much as any dignitary and I hope you feel the same about your life: I do.

That brings us to the Second Amendment which doesn’t necessarily address all of the above. The Second Amendment was written specifically to discourage our government from making decisions that adversely affect our freedom and well being. We were advised repeatedly by the authors that the Amendment does not matter until the government decides to take our guns. Isn’t that precisely what we are witnessing today? No administration in the history of America has invested as much energy and political capital over an extended time for the sole purpose of disarmament. How effective is an armed electorate against an oppressive government or invading force? I am told that Japan considered invading the United States in World War Two but our Right to Bear Arms was the principle discouragement from that option. We know factually that mass murders of citizens in many countries occurred only after guns were confiscated and in most cases guns are demonized and removed to “protect” the people. Just what we are being told right? Aren’t we being told that we will be safer if we remove guns from our society? It makes no more sense than spending more money to get out of debt.

How naive can some of us be? Certainly if Barak Obama stated flatly that he intends to disarm us for the purpose of avoiding armed resistance to his draconian policies the objections would be unanimous. But is that what any potential dictator or even President, whose stated goal is to transform the country would do? Methinks he would do exactly what this Commander in Sheik is doing; cajole, understate, reason, make promises…just as Barak is doing.

I see no reason to make my ownership a matter of public record, which it is. So be it; as a law abiding citizen I accept those requirements. But the argument for gun control is filled with hypocrisy, misrepresentation and outright lies. If gun laws made sense in the United States they would present their argument openly and rationally and not wait for a catastrophe to gain sympathy for their political motives. The argument against gun control is presented with facts, experience and law. Ownership and possession of guns is not only the law of the land it is constitutionally mandated and proven in every instance to make us safer. The Constitution says further that our Right to Bear Arms shall not be infringed. Is the constitution a document to be dusted off and used only when it aids your case or is it indeed the law of the land? Stricter gun regulations result in higher crime rates without exception. Don’t lie to me. Don’t use the anguish and heartbreak of victims’ families to make your point. Don’t demonize me for stating fact and standing with the Constitution, you who use it as a convenience.

If I choose liberty over death it is because I am human and you offer me certain death.

God bless America.


Please take the oath with me

I lifted the following paragraph from the Save America Foundation website. It is a succinct account of history repeating itself as predicted. It is as applicable today as it was when first written.

“Honor, justice, and humanity, forbid us tamely to surrender that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, and which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us. We cannot endure the infamy and guilt of resigning succeeding generations to that wretchedness which inevitably awaits them if we basely entail hereditary bondage on them.” Declaration of the Causes and Necessities of Taking Up Arms-July 6,1775.     

America continues to be downgraded. To end the spiral we must first regain our status as a democracy; retake control of the electoral process and install term limits. Next we must restore the Republic; return to Conservative principles, free markets and Judea Christian code of ethics. Finally we must establish our leadership in world affairs; reject and oust the United Nations, disenfranchise the Federal Reserve and secure our borders.

Hundreds if not thousands of Americans are sounding the alarm for all Americans to come to the aid of their country. Yet many Americans distrust their fellow citizens who have sound reasons to believe that the government now in power is poised to destroy any semblance of the constitutional Republic we cherish and choose instead to trust the inculcation of politicians they know little or nothing about; politicians who have a history of fabrication and unreliable biographical disclosures. These otherwise rational citizens have willingly put their economic and security concerns, and those of their families and neighbors, in the hands of total strangers who profess an entirely different ideological point of view from the concepts that have proven successful for hundreds of years. They stand by their choices despite the fact that these same political strategies are wreaking havoc and failure on every nation that has embraced any form of socialism, as we speak. These are my fellow Americans who rationalize bad decisions with flawed thinking.

How do we gain their trust? How do we demonstrate the relationship we share is not shared by the political forces they support? The common man has nothing in common with any individuals who strive to rule a country that is founded on the principle of self government. A president who threatens the use of Constitutional powers to thwart the will of the people, who uses and threatens the use of executive orders to impose his will, absent the process prescribed by our system of checks and balances, who surrounds himself with unelected czars who hold beliefs that are antithetical to American mores and customs does not deserve and should never have the confidence of the people.

The electorate should respect the opinion of fellow citizens who have strong circumstantial, if not empirical evidence, that our recent elections were tampered with. The winner cheated to hold office for the purpose of transforming this nation from a Constitutional Republic to a dependency state and has enriched himself beyond his most optimistic expectations in the process. The citizenry should respect the empirical proof that this administration, contrary to proclamations, has been doggedly seeking to disarm this nation since they first came to power and that does not bode well for our life expectancy as humans or as a free nation.

Paul Revere and William Dawes had a dangerous but simple mission to alert the colonists. No one doubted their veracity as they went from house to house, shop to shop and farm to farm with the singular message, “The British are coming!” Today the message is not so clear or easily accepted but the warning is even more dire and ominous. “Your country has been hijacked” is hardly a message easily digested when the hijackers have the dais and control the dialogue. But I persist. Ladies and gentlemen, your country is being hijacked and your children will be held ransom with no promise of freedom upon payment.

Do not regard me with jaundiced eye, accuse me of political malfeasance or doubt my motives. Doubt instead your willingness to accept the world as it is and our circumstances as they truly are.

Resolve today to be a better citizen, a patriot if you will, to defend this nation with your last drop of blood as though the oath that was taken by our president was indeed an oath meant for us. It could be no less in a country that is founded on the providential precept of self government.

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States”.

Would that it said “execute the responsibilities of citizenship” and we each took it to heart. This impostor does not.


How to take our country back

What’s going on, you say? Just to recap let me remind everyone that America is a Republic; a democratic, Constitutional Republic. It is the formula for self government that comprises this Republic and made this nation the most successful, richest, most powerful and influential nation in history, in the world. It is the inherent freedom to achieve your highest potential with no penalty for failure that caused millions of people from every nation in the world to come to America to live and raise their families. Millions more came here to experience self determination, even though some didn’t realize that is the magical, God given gift our form of government uniquely attributes to God and takes no hand in. Millions more came to attend the churches of their choosing with no risk of repercussions. These millions of humans who had the temerity to dare to succeed, to seek liberty at any cost, to abandon their homelands for a better life, many of whom were willing to sacrifice their lives for this freedom, are the force behind our individuality and American exceptionalism. We the People are descendant from this root stock.

What’s going on? We are passing through a phase in history when our failure to tend the garden that feeds us, our failure to understand the nuances of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and our failure to protect our children from indoctrination into a philosophy that is contradictory to everything we hold dear and took for granted, is coming home to roost. We paid extravagant tuition fees to provide our children with higher educations that perhaps we were not able to afford for ourselves, even children who had no aptitude for academic pursuits, and never realized we were sending them to hotbeds of communist and socialist indoctrination institutions. The product of this lapse in judgement  are today’s adults who listen to socialist propaganda beside us and hear a totally different message than we do. Without drawing back the curtain to see exactly who the Wizard is and what he believes in, his words sound reasonable and fair, in a progressive way. Without the historical perspective that we possess, defaming the nation is seen as an honest evaluation of our times and unfair influence on social and international relationships.

What’s going on? The puppeteer waited until the puppets were ready to accept the harsh tugs on their strings and the strings only pull in one direction; left. The puppet society sees social ills as the unfortunate byproduct of productivity and so accepts a government that punishes success and rewards the victims of greed. Not every product of our loins is academically or particularly astute and they are hard pressed to see an ulterior motive in a benevolent government that preaches equality through redistribution. Many of our generation, raised in a conservative era, don’t really grasp the idea that Socialism is not government; it is a tool used to control populations in order to introduce, however stealth, a more severe form of government, be it one man rule, Communism, Fascism, or as I believe is the case in this day, Islamic Fascism. That is the journey we are on; that, in a nutshell is what’s going on my fellow citizens.

It is now our duty, our Constitutional, Judea Christian responsibility, to inform and re-educate the lost generation. It is our honor bound destiny to convince a generation or two or three, that the permissiveness they have come to appreciate and wallow in is poisoning their souls and their intellect. We have to convince people whose personal experience with drugs is not all it is cracked (no pun intended) up to be. We have to try and convince smokers they can “just say no” when they have little or no incentive to quit. We have to convince the entitlement society that working for the things you want is preferable to taking less with no obligation to pay the piper.

 We have become an impatient society expecting results before we have set the wheels in motion. It took the progressive left, socialist mentality 50 years at least to position us for the their takeover. Their patience has paid huge dividends, at least apparently. But like a metamorphosis in progress the moth has not fully emerged and the cocoon must deal with the elements at its most critical time of development; half worm half moth. We, the older generation who will not relinquish our grip on the Constitutional Republic, are not easily dissuaded. The forces of evil are balancing their stealth invasion with lies and obfuscation in a desperate effort to counter the patriotic movement to end Socialist infringement and the enslavement of future generations. We have not lost this battle; not by a long shot. Truth and integrity are on our side. Our heritage of Judea Christian principles gives the lie to a government that is forced to tell us one thing while they do another. They must preach patriotism and religious freedom while their policies undermine those very principles. Even the young will take notice that their is a lack of accountability and a disrespect for time honored traditions, eventually. We need to speed up the recognition factor.

 So what is going on? We need first of all to convince ourselves that the forces of evil are indeed just that. We have to admit that our children have been indoctrinated, lied to and abused and spend our time and energy, whatever it takes, to make things right. Take our religiosity public, wear our patriotism on our sleeves and preach the virtues of Capitalism and free markets to all who will listen with honesty and enthusiasm so compelling that those who care not to listen will hear. We must be as patient as the enemy so that our message is omnipresent, incrementally absorbed and universally accepted as superior to the message of mediocrity and dependency being sold as an elixir to cure the ills of mankind; through enslavement.

God Bless America. Now apologize to your children and begin the process. We can’t lose with God on our side.


Foiled Again

I thought you had to be a dead, devout Catholic to be canonized but evidently I was mistaken. Sister Teresa lived a life of sacrifice, charity and piety but she has nothing on Queen Saint Hilary, according to the milksops that “questioned” her this morning. Much more incisive and inquisitive than any clutch of Bishops and Cardinals, this investigative committee left no stone unturned to elevate Hilary to a state of grace and sanctimonious purity dedicated to sterling service never before achieved in the annals of American Secretaries of anything. Not even Barak can aspire to such heights of adoration and perfection, alive or dead, in office or out.

Evidently the “buck stops here” is only a term used by does in heat, during mating season in the woods.

If this feckless committee only had the Pope presiding over the sham I’m sure Hilary would have considered taking her own life right on the spot because no eulogy will ever surpass the plaudits and praises bestowed in her live presence by democrats and republicans alike. They don’t believe she puts her pants on one leg at a time. Perhaps when her time comes and her remains are on view in the rotunda someone will finally have the courage to speak the truth, though it may be considered in bad taste at that time. Well apparently nothing is in bad taste when it comes to turning a question and answer session into a hypocritical love fest, dishonoring the lives lost and the right of the families and the American people to have closure, if not to learn who was ultimately responsible for hanging those hapless poor souls out to dry as sacrificial lambs for some mysterious international accommodation no patriotic American would sanction or suffer.

Once again we have been misled. The “Oversight Committee” must be renamed the “Overlook” Committee, or the Committee That Put the Benghazi Facts Out of Reach for the American People Once and for All. With this administration in control of media, integrity of elected officials, foreign policy and ultimate decisions over who our allies and who our foes are, we are getting what the left bargained for. Make a pact with the devil and you become the devil. There will be no accountability, no transparency, no rational explanations. As long as we persist in expecting patriotic results from unpatriotic behavior by un-American principals we will be disappointed, rejected and disrespected.

One by one the committee members took turns regaling Hilary with accolades and bouquets saving her the embarrassment (as if she could be embarrassed) of issuing alibis, lies and denials. All Hilary had to do was join the chorus that reiterated the bravery and dedicated service of the deceased, the shortcomings of the system she had to deal with, the brilliant innovations she made as Secretary, her tireless commitment to duty logging more miles than any of her predecessors, (rivaling the flying marvel, Commander in Sheik), and Congress’ failure to provide the funds needed to properly defend our embassies. Congress came up short but Hilary overcompensated.

Barf to ease the congestion. Hilary will run in 2016. An educated electorate is our only defense but don’t count on the Republican Party to educate, inform or expose. Obama bowed to Middle East potentates, the Republican hierarchy bows to Obama. Somehow I sense that the Muslim Brotherhood benefited from our purposeful dereliction of duty and refusal to protect our interests or American lives in Benghazi and Cairo simultaneously.

There is far more than meets the eye or parts the lips of Hilary and the unnamed survivors who will never have to testify; just as Hilary was given a pass from testifying today.


With Malice Aforethought

How often have we (I and many others) begged America to pay critical attention to Obama’s actions and give measured value to his words? I’ll bet Obama’s hate speech was liberally sprinkled with the most pious and patriotic phrases he has yet uttered in four deceitful years. Hate speech is often coated with contradictory phrases which belie the meaning and ominous underlying message and Barak is a master at delivering his true agenda, masked by trickery and obfuscation. Very few Americans, especially those who continue to be enamored by the enemy that regales them with unkept promises, recognized the speech as one that contains the hatred for the Republic and all it stands for, as the post mortem pundits decipher and parse even the acrid breaths drawn between phrases.
To be honest I have a lump in my throat today, symbolic of the anger and symptomatic of the resentment growing in my heart. Yesterday’s inauguration was an abomination of all we stand for, the God given self determination and Judea Christian heritage America holds dear and the sacred liberty we offer to all arrivals with good will, who pledge allegiance to our flag and respect the Constitution.
The glowing words of patriotism, unity, dedication and all the platitudes that were no doubt interspersed with a dogmatic recitation of an ideological agenda, could not hide the fact that in plain view and within earshot of every American with an electronic device who cared to hear, we were cleverly deceived. No doubt an agenda that is contrary to everything we hold dear and everything we believe in was boldly presented in couched terms. You see, I did not watch the ceremonies nor did I listen to the speeches. But how many took notice or recognized the betrayal symbolized by an inauguration ceremony delivered by a lay person which intentionally omitted the words “under God” from the traditional oath? With that preparatory scenario the message could not possibly reflect the American value system or Constitutional system of government. You cannot deny that we are a nation under God without inferring a foreign belief system. Obama has paid undue homage to Islam and this act emboldens the Islamic Jihad sworn to our conversion, enslavement or destruction. Is that okay with any American, even Americans who profess not to believe in God? Islam does not exempt heretics, ignostics or atheists from the wrath of their ire.
You who have not yet accepted the undeniable facts of this man’s true identity possibly were subliminally comforted by the casual announcement that the Obamas went to church before coming to the “swearing in” ceremony; a ceremony that deleted reference to our Creator. Obama placed his left hand on two bibles; one used by Abraham Lincoln the other by Martin Luther King. Talk about swearing on a stack of bibles, the hypocrisy is thicker than three week old porridge simmering on a back burner while unhearing sycophants hang adoringly on dangling participles. If either of these two pillars of democracy, equality and human dignity could speak I’m sure they would be umbraged and embarrassed to have their legacies co opted for purposes antithetically opposed to all they lived and died for. I for one, hold Obama in contempt of our standards of decency and integrity.
Kool Ade is free and served with hypocrisy by an entitlement intoxicated dictator in waiting. Drink the Kool Ade because the well has been poisoned. The list of lies and squandering of capital, good faith and integrity fills volumes and the promise of “you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet” loses its impact and ominous portent in the glare of pomp and ceremony. None are so blind as those who will not check for themselves before defending the indefensible. Why is our country no longer a functional constitutional republic? Edicts, lies, czars and an ideological determination to bring about fundamental change and total transformation undermine our infrastructure and destroy our economy, that’s why. Liberals, you go to your graves staunchly defending the executioner.
If there is a modicum of respect for the legacy the founders created simply by recognizing that freedom and self determination are mankind’s natural, God given traits, rebel now. Call the Commander in Sheik to task and demand that no ideological philosophy be imposed on the people who inherited the mantle of freedom our forefathers bequeathed us.
End the revolution before it begins. Topple Obama.
God bless America,
Guido —

To Hear or Not to Hear

For many Americans this inauguration is an ironic event that sees the loser crowned, the liar quoted, the thief rewarded. Irony is bitter vetch to those who believe that the impostor with a quick smile and gregarious persona should be the subject of deportation proceedings. Many would prefer a trial for high crimes, such as plotting the overthrow of the Republic and engaging in activities that weaken and sabotage our economic and military infrastructure, aiding and abetting the enemy and so forth.

The left thrives on illogical assertions, fabricated correlations and false assumptions. Their agenda is evident but they persist in telling us that their intentions are honorable. Printing money does not increase capital, spending doesn’t reduce debt and less protection does not save lives…even children’s lives; but that is the message the left persists on using to incur more spending and achieve unconstitutional gun controls.. And why not? Republicans seem more than willing to respond seriously to inanity and how better to lend credence to the opponent’s otherwise ludicrous exhortations?

All gun laws infringe on the Second Amendment. Sanity tests to decide competency in relation to gun ownership opens the door to infringement. There are lots of laws on the books already that address competence. Interpretation is not an option when discussing the Constitution and Bill of Rights; they are timeless, unambiguous reflections of the principles of self government; yet Republicans counter interpretations with interpretations of their own. Is it no wonder that the left controls the dialogue?

Official statistics that consistently contradict presumptuous, self-serving statements are well known to proponents for gun control but since they do not suit their agenda they opt for interpretation. Lo and behold upon closer inspection and proper interpretation we discover that the forefathers were wrong. We do not need to defend against an oppressive government after all. We can take the term “comprehensive” to mean that it is all encompassing but does not infringe on the Second Amendment. We can allow anti gunnners to cite statistics ad nauseum that the “majority” of Americans are for “sensible” gun restrictions, while we know in our hearts they mean to end America’s heritage of gun ownership. We can and do allow the argument to be shifted from the unambiguous, forthright language of the Second Amendment so that we no longer isolate and criticize the outright attempts and enactments that infringe on our rights and inevitably fall into the trap of arguing over what should or shouldn’t be banned simply because we don’t justify our need for that particular weapon or ammo clip.

Bill Clinton admonished George Bush Sr., correctly pointing out his failure to recognize the essence of the argument with “it’s the economy stupid.” There was a non sequitor that was truly a teaching moment and we learned nothing. How about “it’s the infringement stupid”…or simply, “it’s the government, stupid”…?

Why do we fail to have the courage of our convictions and not recognize Obama’s transparent dedication to stick to his? Obama told us what he intended to do. It was plainly framed as total transformation and fundamental change. He told us plainly where his religious convictions lay; “when push comes to shove I will side with Islam” or “the Muslim call to prayer is the prettiest sound on earth” or “McCain did not mention my Muslim faith”; and he presided over four Muslim feasts to break the Ramadan fast. He told us we are not a Christian country. He told us he has the courage of his convictions and he also told us we do not. He told us not to call him Hussein and not to call enemy combatants terrorists. He told us not to jump to conclusions when a Muslim yelled Allah Akbar while gunning down American servicemen on duty at Fort Hood…he told us it was simply work place violence. He told us our relations with Israel are the best they have ever been as he funded and enabled the Muslim Brotherhood to threaten and surround her.

The second inauguration took place with somewhat less pomp and ceremony than the first but let it mark the beginning of our awakening. The problems America is encountering can and should be laid at the feet of the man who told us who he is and then refused to produce written testimony. What would any conquering enemy do differently?

Demand Obama’s removal for cause. We have many. End the revolution before it begins; disarm Obama not me. Please God, not four more years.

God bless America.


I Need it Now

While Unions are using strong arm tactics and coercion to keep Wal Mart from building new stores in blighted areas, bringing respectability and a living wage to thousands in high unemployment districts, resurrecting neighborhoods going to ruin and generally contributing to our economy in a positive way, the Commander in Sheik presides over a demoralized, over-extended military, comforts our enemies, insults our allies and doubles down on deceitful, divisive and debt provocative politics. There isn’t one positive economic factor that can be attributed or linked even remotely to an Obama initiative and our economy is poised to show even poorer performance going forward.
Obama tacitly supports frantic union demonstrations with his refusal to comment on the negative impact these demonstrations have on our moral and national unity. The unions do the bidding of the Marxist and the Marxist gives the unions benefits and privileges accorded only to an elite class exempted from the punitive taxation and confiscatory policies inherent in the transformation of the nation. Case in point is a proposed Wal Mart in Newark New Jersey. The residents it would serve have no decent grocery stores to patronize and are therefore paying a premium for staples where they are forced to shop. Otherwise it is a taxi or bus ride to the nearest supermarket, adding to the expense of providing meals to their families. A super market within walking distance would be a God send to these people but the unions and Obama see it as an example of free market enterprise that makes them look like the anti democracy blood suckers they truly are.
How are we divided? We are divided along every line of demarcation imaginable but most notable this president has managed to pit takers against those they take from and the takers in this upside down, tumbling world of neo Fascist success-punitive transforming America are somehow offended; despite the fact that those who pay the freight have never begrudged those in need of a helping hand. It’s as though Obama is the great benefactor and not the oppressive redistributor.
While unions are willing to see entire industries fold and thousands of workers become unemployed, rather than cede any of the crushing benefits they have amassed. WAl Mart has pledged to hire every ex GI in need of a job on their discharge from active duty. We vilify Wal Mart for success, patriotism and generosity and sympathize with union employees and thugs who march to prevent a new Wal Mart from opening, providing new jobs and resurrecting a decaying neighborhood all in the name of maintaining a strong, Democrat supportive union.
The protectors of society and defenders of conservative principles, ethical standards and moral values are strongly contested in the media, in the political arena and in our courts, in favor of permissiveness, amorality and criminal tolerance. Liberals would rather perpetuate failed policy, reward mediocrity and punish success than admit failure or acknowledge successful conservative principles where applied. You hear no mention of satisfied employees only ludicrous claims that they are forced to work for reduced wages. No mention that the unions would force them to pay dues even if they choose not to join.
Wal Mart may be the biggest company we have but it is still only one example of how deep the tentacles of Socialism have penetrated our infrastructure. The Obama government is engaging in class warfare, race baiting, political cronyism and unwarranted, unchecked harassment of businesses large and small, even individuals that do not conform to the Socialist model or celebrate free market success. Government is no longer the representative of the people and it is laughable to think they might be the champion of the people. We the people are on our own and the sooner we get it the sooner we can do something about it. Do nothing and we condemn our children to a life of mediocrity and defacto slavery. The choice we have is difficult and the time to act is narrowing. Today, at this very moment, in countless ways, we are being transformed from a remarkable republic to a socialist democracy. Would any hero of wars gone by who gave his life for liberty and democracy not regret his fate if he could see what we have done with the opportunity we were given? 
End the revolution before it begins. Call for Obama’s removal by every and any means available to us. Remove his weapons not ours.
The first order of business for a regime intending to consolidate the three arms of government is to take our guns; the last act before declaring autocratic rule is to disarm the electorate.
Oppose change. Oppose spurious arguments that any law, edict or policy will make our children safer. Dismiss the notion that a particular gun model or class of ammunition should be banned simply because government decrees we have no practical use for it. Perhaps not at this moment, but like the Second Amendment itself it isn’t needed until government wants to remove it. The proposed changes put us all in further peril because the ultimate goal is to take our freedom.