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Skinning a Cat My Way

A More Perfect Union

Benjamin Franklin was 81 years old when he responded to a group of citizens asking what sort of government the delegates agreed to with a terse but insightful, “a Republic if you can keep it”.

At 81 I hope you will allow me to expound on that most important phrase, perhaps the one synopsis of the Constitutional Convention that best foretold our future as a new nation.

It saddens me to think that if a Constitutional Convention were brought to order today we would run the risk of dismantling the Constitution all together. It is even more disheartening to realize that those who would discard the greatest blueprint for democracy ever devised, would do so in favor of an alternate form of government, tested at least hundreds of times, always with the same dismal record of failure; as against a form of government tested rarely over centuries yet proven to be the most successful formula for government in known history. Each time a Republic is born great benefits inure to the citizens until the system is eroded by the same forces for shared wealth that seek to “transform” America today. The “new” world order they propose is older than the idea of central government itself and its proponents have the same ultimate goal in mind that corrupts all governments; dictatorship or any of its equal concepts.

What we learn from this is that civilizations through the centuries are basically the same; Romans, Greeks, Mayans, Egyptians, Islam, what have you. We are all suckers for something for nothing routines and are willing to abandon logic and simple math in our never ending quest for wealth with no labor. We are all descendants of the very first Linus born at the dawn of civilization. There will always be a Nancy who knows us all too well and predicts with unerring consistency how we will respond to a ball teed up and unobstructed…except for Nancy. We take the bait.

Socialism is not sustainable even in a village of 100 natives. Eventually a leader emerges and redistributes the harvest or the game fairly but cannot resist rewarding his supporters with a bit more fairness than others. Demagogues are aware of these lessons of human nature and have learned that the prospect of slavery does not sit well with humans and invariably resorts to lies, propaganda and bifurcation to lure his future subjects to his side. When they are convinced that their future is secure and do his bidding willingly the trap is sprung. Fascism takes back what socialism freely distributed.

The short sighted and the selfish traitors who attend the dictator-in-waiting’s every whim hope only to remain in favor with the new order, even at the sacrifice of their fellow countrymen and their dreams. When abject failure becomes the order of the day those who put their faith in false hope demand the impossible from their government; “make the math work and give me my loaf of bread” precedes the violence and bloodshed born of frustration and disappointment.

So at 81 years of age I beseech my fellow citizens to “keep the Republic”. The scenario I describe above is taking place in America as we speak. We have taken the bait and are willing to do anything to get that loaf of bread we did not earn and cannot pay for. Half of us are urging the demagogue at the helm to take from the haves to meet our demands, oblivious to the mathematical improbabilities implied. Some of those who will “pay their fair share” until they bleed would rather pay the piper than upset the cart and therein lies the Shakespearean rub.  We are losing our Republic to greed, neglect and anathema, government induced to be sure, just like the old Romans, Greeks and Egyptians before us.

Here’s the dichotomy I create. The Left, lured by redistributive promises that would inure to their benefit, would sacrifice the Republic for their own narrow self interests. The rest of us, improperly and unjustly portrayed at the Right, are not following the prescribed procedures required of us to “keep” the Republic, as posed by Benjamin Franklin. Barak the demagogue proposes “total transformation” and “fundamental change”…the end of the republic as we knew it. I, on the other hand propose something similar but opposite in effect.

The total transformation and fundamental change I pray for would make the majority of our citizens informed and involved; exactly what the Republic called for but we failed to provide. I suggest that an organized and unified secession from this union by a coalition of like minded, Constitutionally aware group of states, would provide the platform to give self government an opportunity to shed the mistakes of the past and start fresh without the spectre of an unconstitutional Federal Reserve bleeding our resources and undermining our economy of self determined people; minimizing the loss of life and fresh blood it will cost to “take this country back”.



We Will Survive

Our desperate calls for the Pied Piper to come to our aid are unmet
due to some confusion in transmission. Peter Piper pipes up picking
peppers while rats run rampant raiding Republicans. We have a nest of
rats not peppers.

Kudos to Jay Sekelow for his persistent search for facts regarding the
IRS scandal. I hope he is successful in routing out the culprits and
placing blame where it belongs.

The White House claimed that the IRS problem was just a few low level
over zealous employees and the practices that targeted conservative
501c 4 groups has ended. Perhaps the practice is suspended for now or
the focus has been changed but the political goals will be pursued
relentlessly, rest assured. The initiatives to use the agency’s
unparalleled, biased powers of intimidation and invasion are embedded
in their DNA  and the practices are agency wide and pervasive; few
directives are needed to continue the reign of terror.

As with many other ills in our society they existed long before Barak
entered the scene but Obama accelerated and institutionalized what
used to be an incremental invasion of our system. Barak is a man in a
hurry. It took 50 maybe 75 years to lay the groundwork for socialism
and Obama’s job was to begin the conversion from socialism to fascism.

Here’s the difference. There was a full court press against
conservative organizations with 501c 4 and we will spend the next year
or two trying to discover who’s authority was abused in the process.
Perhaps heads will roll perhaps not. Barak is not inclined to punish
his puppets. He’s content in knowing that nothing will change as far
as who the IRS will harass and who they will protect. The short
explanation of the difference between the (3) and the (4) is that the
501 c 4 is predominantly a political exemption and 501 c 3 is a
religious or charitable private sector exemption.  No one has yet
discovered that there is a moratorium on 501c 3’s and no one seems to

The administration’s intent to reduce the effectiveness of
Conservative political organizations prior to and during the election
was successful and they are now content to argue who did what to whom
interminably. The fundamental change they were talking about is the
moratorium that stints private sector initiative and Judea Christian
causes. In other words Barak is playing us like a Stradivarius. We
resin the bow and he calls the tunes.

The Attorney General is Obama’s partner not a lowly appointee that can
be sacrificed to throw the dogs off the scent. Their degree of smug
confidence is matched only by the arrogance with which this team deals
with Congress, media or the voice of the people. “This calls for an
investigation. Eric look into your indiscretions and let me know if
you find any fault.” There are no whistle blowers in obama’s employ.
His top dogs are ideologues like himself or held in check by reward or
intimidation. “Janet, tell the people once more how safe our borders
are and what a great job your doing on immigration….”

Thank God for the Jay Sekelow’s of this world but Conservatives must
take another look at how we play the game. Political correctness is a
chicken bone in the throat of well meaning investigators and
politicians. “Would you say Obama lied?” “Well what I will say is the
the facts don’t jibe with his words.”

When we get around to speaking what is in our minds and hearts perhaps
we will begin to call the tunes. Barak is not a liar. He is an adept
spinner of facts to suit his agenda…there is a difference. The Koran
teaches and condones the latter.

When Socialism has served its purpose we will be introduced to Fascism
and as Fascism controls our thoughts and speech we will face the
reality of Islam as the Muslim Brotherhood defines it.

Please dear Lord let us hear from the governors of the states that
comprise this union. Let the governors speak out in a concise, unified
manner. This has gone far enough and the train to perdition is hereby
cancelled. Barak and his minions can be stopped if we the people stop
looking for a Pied Piper and do the job ourselves. Demand that Obama
be removed for cause; we have many. Remove and prosecute the whole
shebang.  It is a rats’ nest.


Occupy Me Not

Define OCCUPATION. 1) JOB 2) Invading force

A man with no occupation, (he was a community organizer with a law
degree) in order to devote his full time and attention to matters of
greater importance, like OCCUPATION, cashed in his ticket to practice
law. In a show of solidarity and togetherness his lovely bride chucked
her license too. They had bigger fish to fry and a law license can be
a liability when your new endeavors may likely require breaking the
law. Soon they would be rich and powerful beyond their wildest dreams.

To set the stage and to give the Soetero’s the props for their new
adventure, they needed a stately home, more in keeping with the status
in store for them. A condo simply won’t do. 5046 S Greenwood Ave.,
Chicago, Ill., is just stately enough. Perhaps a little more land to
keep out prying eyes will round out the package; enter Rezco and the
land grab of the century.

Barak’s books were best sellers like Hilary’s was…Hilary’s flew off
the shelves into the incinerator at the National Democrat Committee
and Barak’s may be in cyber space or bathroom reading for a Muslim
harem…but the money rolled in for both these mongrels. Michelle got
a great job she was so god at that she didn’t need to show up to
collect her graft and the Hospital couldn’t find anyone qualified
enough to replace her…job is still open…and the Soetero’s, (you
know them as the Obama’s) with a little help from their friends, are
well heeled and ready to step into the presidency of the United States
of America. “We can afford to do a little bit more to make sure we’re
not blowing up the deficit”,  the man who never had an occupation
likes to say. Easy come, easy go.

So you think the Walls of Jericho are tumbling? I think Joshua would
do well to hold off on the trumpet solo for a bit longer. You see, the
cabal that employs Barak Hussein Obama isn’t ready to throw in the
towel; not just yet. As a matter of fact, by their calculations,
things are going swimmingly well. Their man is under cover in plain
sight holding sway as President of the country they believe they
OCCUPY. A few scandals, a skirmish now and then, are no cause to break
the glass and sound the fire alarm. Barak shines in these moments.
This is what he was trained to do. He gets downright gleeful when
Americans suffer, and these little challenges like the IRS getting
caught doing his dirty work, Congressmen getting their nose out of
joint over Benghazi bring out the best in Barak. He waxes patriotic
like Kate Smith and every Sharia-compliant prevaricator bows down to
his mastery of deception and portrayal of innocence. It must have been
Barak who inspired the three monkeys or the three blind mice…Behead
an underling and throw his body to the Republican wolves to satisfy
their thirst for satisfaction. Promise the masses a piece of cake by
all that is Holy I didn’t see nuthin…but “we won’t rest until
justice is done” is an empty piece of rhetoric that has gone stale due
to a repetitive lack of sincerity. But accuse the accusers and
investigate the investigators is a tactic tried and true and Obama
never fails to follow Alinsky’s rules for radicals which together with
the writings of Marx and Lenin, the pronouncements of Khrushchev,
Hitler and Castro, amount to the ABC’s of occupation. Reward your
friends, punish your enemies and talk down to the masses; lie, lie,
lie, obfuscate, deny, accuse and every once in a while sacrifice a low
level employee who can take one for the chief.

Here’s the bad news for the cabal. Contrary to common belief America
is not controlled from the White House. It’s the states, stupid. All
the destruction and planning will come to naught because the states
have options and the people still have a say at the state level.

I feel as though I’m sitting on a volcano that is coming to life by
degrees; when it erupts these stale tactics and failed policies will
be seen for what they are; the ploys, tactics and tricks that
introduce fundamental change and total transformation.  If we allow
this charade to continue we will be ruled by an Islamic Fascist
ideologue and that is simply not in our DNA. The lies and deception
cannot be avoided by evil forces because their truth will not stand
the light of day.

Perhaps we are closer than ever to ending the denial on our part that
the cabal relies on to hold their advantage. The motives for
everything Obama are not political in the arena of politics we
know…they are political for the cabal and follow an entirely
different set of rules. As we become more aware the volcano becomes
ever more active. Barak’s days are numbered. The cabal will fail; in
its wake America will be left divided, nearly destitute and
rudderless. The forces at work may decide for us what our future
holds. We are not a nation that can limp along licking our wounds. We
are a nation that will not wallow in self pity and will eventually
follow the path our Judea Christian heritage demands of us.
Conservatives will regain the prestige the Constitution reserves for

Will we start over or restore the existing republic? Whatever the
cards have in store it can only succeed if we participate in the
process and restore our faith in God and country in earnest.

Conspiracy or Truth

I will attempt to bring some perspective to the conversation.

The real scandal that took place in America is that in 2008 we elected an unknown quantity to the highest office in the land. As if “unknown quantity” wasn’t enough, this candidate has reeking baggage of historical proportions that should have put him on a “watch list” for security purposes; and we tearfully elected him to the tune of coombahya, don’t confuse me with facts.

Scarcely more than six months into a second term (we don’t learn from our mistakes) we have a plethora of scandals stemming from abuse of power and dereliction of duty, running through the entire administration. The abject failure to defend the Constitution and protect us from enemies within and from outside our country the oath of office commands hasn’t yet risen to the level of proof. The out and out attack on our (problematic) Constitution and Bill of Rights, such as the health care bill and the urgency to take our Second Amendment from us, don’t quite reach that threshold either. By golly we are Americans and we demand real proof! Admission? How is that proof? After all we long ago established that the transparency king is a liar, right? If we didn’t know better we would think he was siding with the enemy but we always seem to know better. Aside from his telling us he would side with Islam, “when push comes to shove”, why should we question his motives?

We should be revisiting our election and the underlying ideology of the electee that makes these scandals symptomatic of the political practices of that ilk, as the primary focus of our angst. The election was a fraud but we willingly moved on and continue to discuss results rather than causes. When we finally demand to know some of the causes we ignore salient facts and statements anyway. Has anyone seen or heard from Leon Panetta lately? “You don’t deploy forces into harm’s way without knowing what’s going on,” Panetta said. “(We) felt we could not put forces at risk in that situation.” Really Leon? Do you think we have a standing army for some other reason? To my mind that answers the question we are asking but evidently that isn’t the answer we want. Is Hilary implicated? Right up to her lying eyes. Does the buck stop with Barak? Actually it goes right by him, courtesy of a lying bunch of media hypocrites and will circle fruitlessly until we lose interest and turn our attention to more pressing matters. Will OJ get a new trial? Did the broad that sliced, diced and shot her beloved when he failed to notice her new shoes cruel enough to warrant the death penalty? It seems these are the pressing matters of the day until Barak commands some air time to wax presidential and promise to see justice done. I wish he’d just tape that hogwash and play it in prime time every day and go play golf with Tiger or OJ. Don’t bet on the games; he’s already playing with our money.

Using government agencies to intimidate and refusing to protect our people and assets exposed to enemy attack has been the DNA of Barak and his entourage since day one, but we refused to admit it until the offenses became so egregious that we could no longer ignore the facts. Still we take an oblique view rather than an honest squared up confrontation. While he doesn’t quite get to the rescue for our troops he loses no time telling us not to jump to conclusions when Muslim Terrorists do their dirty work…perhaps it is Barak’s dirty work?

Suddenly we are outraged at the IRS’ behavior when they are the most feared agency in Obama’s quill, and it is not secret. The facts that exist right under the surface are obvious. The IRS has put a chill on all applications for tax exempt status. (501c 3). What was a fairly simple and straightforward procedure to qualify as a 501c 3 has become a government boondoggle. The IRS was around harassing people long before Barak introduced himself as their new master and it wasn’t until then that the 501c 3 practically became a dinosaur. Do you still want to know who authorized the illegal harassment of the Tea Party and any other Conservative funding group? Picture a cute little Terrier with a patch over one eye, head cocked, listening for his master’s voice. Get the picture? The Terrier would be the IRS, the EPA (eagerly awaiting orders to raid some unsuspecting, job creating, law abiding conservative entity), or put any three letters in the alphabet together and voila! You have a government agency waiting to be released from Barak’s bow, headed straight for our hearts.

Where once there was a conspiracy behind every tree you will now find Barak; lurking, inciting, dividing….transforming…gleefully taking from here to give there, fundamentally changing us in the image of his father, Bill Ayers, Imam ala Islam, soaking us with Socialism to drench us in Fascism.

Hold on to your religion and your guns; it drives Barak nuts.

God bless Americans.

Follow the Little White Ball

5 13 13 Folks, follow the little white ball

The most transparent administration in history is indeed most transparent…The frenzy to control the message, reshape opinion, hide evidence, silence detractors, punish contradiction, deflect criticism, manage the news, deny responsibility and defend the indefensible with Orwellian oratory is a constant Obamian protocol down to the most minute detail. Practiced with agonizing regularity it makes this administration (I prefer to think of them as the cabal) painfully transparent.

The big lie is endemic to Islamic training, synonymous with the Machiavellian end justifies the means. This is the philosophy of leadership that craves power for ideology’s sake and has volition to achieve by deceit that which free men and men of good will cannot knowingly accept. The Obama campaign initiative to bring fundamental change and total transformation to America is a Marxist/Communist endeavor which contradicts our Judea Christian heritage. The administration has followed Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, the Communist Manifesto for global government and any other ideological precept of deception to erode our American societal concepts of government of, by and for the people, religion and self determination. Although enemies of democracy have begun our transformation long before Barak was groomed for the job, under Barak the confrontation of two ideas is sharply delineated. He unabashedly follows the politics of division and class distinction and openly embraces anti and unconstitutional policies that punish success and reward dependency.

Government agencies, which serve fundamental autocratic principles and are intended to circumvent Congress and the will of the people, have been ruthlessly persecuting individuals, companies and industries that encourage or engage in free market capitalist enterprises and conservative political values. They enforce draconian policy instead of regulations in lockstep with Obama dictates. The Attorney General supports these activities and engages in radical left wing biasedselective enforcement and prosecution defiantly with not the slightest inclination to defend the Constitution, enforce our laws or protect usfrom enemies from within or from out of the country.

We must not languish in denial waiting for a sign or word from an undisputed leader to form a rebellion; there is no such leader on the horizon that isn’t beset by controversy, party politics and left wing stigmatization. It is our country and the onus of responsibility ultimately lies with the people according to the terms of the Constitutional Republic. What we have failed to do for two hundred years we must do two hundred year’s worth without further delay.

We have been changed in very fundamental ways. What made America great since our inception was our incredible capacity for production and wealth creation. You cannot redistribute wealth and claim to be making the economy stronger; it’s an oxymoron. Redistribution curtails productivity on both ends of the spectrum and that is the fundamental reason Socialism is a tactic and not a form of government. As a tactic it is used to increase dependency until the benefactor has ultimate power over choice and can gain or retain control over the masses. To a dictator the pen is mightier than the law. The laws of preceding governments and the laws of the God worshipped by the people are subject to government declarations and socialism inevitably succumbs to Communism, Marxism, Islamism or the ideology in the mind and heart of your new leader. You knew the math didn’t work but were hoping the scheme would last until you could free yourself…and that my friends is never. Not without bloody, mindless revolution.

What has changed us and prevents us from a true economic recovery is the hostile entrepreneurial environment created by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Without free market entrepreneurship new job creation is minimal and the middle class is stealth targeted.

What has changed us and prevents us from enjoying freedom of assembly, privacy and parental authority is a broad, liberal interpretation of free speech which in reality deprives us of free speech.

What has changed us and prevents us from protecting our sovereignty is the radical idea that a path to citizenship for illegal aliens is humane. Republicans are almost as guilty as Democrats of rationalizing a sure path to financial ruin for the nation.        

What has changed us is our own unwillingness to follow the precepts of good government as prescribed by our forefathers; basic laws of common sense and self preservation enshrined in our founding documents.

If you are confident that America simply made a poor choice in 2008 and we are paying a very steep price for our naivety you are gambling away your past, present and future on an opinion based on poor research; or none at all. I believe in taking our adversaries at their word and preparing to thwart their prediction…not my prediction or even the predictions of scholars and world class politicians who have earned their credibility over years of faithful reporting…The predictors of gloom and doom have been our avowed enemies, our friends and neighbors, ancient political giants and our forefathers. Stray from the known prescription for self government and we will meet the fate of other Republics, which through the ages were unable to protect the Republic from those who would vote themselves special privileges and gifts. We have strayed and broken every rule and caution handed down. Is it time to pay the piper? Has the time come to call the grand experiment a failure as Hilary Clinton had the audacity to claim on numerous occasions? Are we, after all is said and done, merely a house of cards ready to collapse at the first sign of a shaky hand at the helm or a gust of ill wind from proponents of failed policies? Hell no!

Ask yourself if one detractor, be he Democrat, liberal, socialist, Islamic Jihadist or communist, has proposed a better more successful path for a nation to follow? In the end the naysayers all seek power and are willing to sink our fortunes and end our glorious existence for their personal ideology as long as they hold the reins of office. Until I hear a rational proposal for better government and elevated life for the citizens of the world or just this great country, I will fight to depose Obama and discredit everyone of his cadre and apostles. They are charlatans of the worst order and ultimately must commit murder to realize their ambitions. They propose new results from old failed systems and they are mad.

America is the only unique system of government with a proven history of success on the planet; the only country in history that millions risked their lives to be part of. Our laws are based on the religious ideals of good conscience, respect for one another and personal responsibility. Americans believe that good conquers evil but we forget that we are destined to be the forces of good and therefore must be the instruments that conquer evil. There will be a functioning Constitutional republic on this continent, come what may. Our creator leaves the solution to us; restore the nation we founded believing in His Laws or begin anew asking for His forbearance and renewed blessing as we mend our ways. A nation founded on Judea Christian principles cannot survive if arrogance wins the day and replaces God’s laws with man’s greed. Restore our faith, assert our God given rights and realize our destiny.

End the revolution before it begins. Demand that Barak be removed for cause; we have many. Disarm Obama not me.

God bless Americans.

Hilary Exposed

I’m not sure I have much more to say about Benghazi. Of course I
listen to the testimony of the whistleblowers with great interest, but
I don’t think it will change the conclusions I jumped to (sorry Barak)
on September 12. Begging your pardon, it is the same conclusion I
arrived at when Hilary authored Hilary Care for Bill, when she she ran
for her party’s nomination against Barak…when she accepted the post
of Secretary of State…when she traveled the 7 Continents like a
whirling dervish with nothing to show for it except contempt for
honesty, the Constitution and practicality; when she wrote a book and
the National Democrat Committee bought most of the books to make it a
“best seller”.

If only we had listened to Obama’s words when he revealed his true
objectives or told us where he was born and how he feels about our
Constitution and Bill of Rights and the Muslin faith…if only.

Now people are saying things would be much better with Hilary as
president and indeed it is no secret that she is maneuvering her ample
bottom into position for the party’s nomination and she is considered
a “shoe-in”. If it were my size 10’s you know she would have a “shoe

So let’s examine the record and take a peek at where Hilary’s true
political sentiments lie.

1) “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.”

2) “It’s time for a new beginning, for an end to government of the
few, by the few, and for the few….. And to replace it with shared
responsibility for shared prosperity.”

3) “(We) ….can’t just let business as usual go on, and that means
something has to be taken away from some people.”

4) “We have to build a political consensus and that requires people to
give up a little bit of their own turf in order to create this common

5) “I certainly think the free-market has failed.”

This from the Secretary of State sworn to uphold the Constitution of
the United States. I had to add the country of origin because if we
didn’t know better those quotes would more likely be uttered by Hugo
Chavez’ or Vladimir Lemon’s Secretary of State..

This from the Secretary of State who brought us the United Nations
Small Arms Treaty.

If Barak and Hilary trade places will we rue the day we forgot to
listen to her heartfelt Marxist bon mots of traitorous wisdom? You bet
we will and I’m sick and tired of “ruing the day”.

By exposing Hilary at this early date we expose the true identity of
the Democrat Party since she is their avowed idol. Let’s put them on
the defensive for a change. America cannot tolerate a female Barak any
better than we can the android posing as an American right now.

It is not advisable to attempt to dispose of a hornets’ nest one wasp
at a time. We not only have a cabal to deal with but the Democrats who
have tarried too long have bought into big government and the concept
of fairness by punishing success long ago. We need to clean house en
masse. The best way to do that, in my humble opinion, is to organize
an orderly secession of as many states that want to preserve the
concept of a Constitutional Republic on this continent…leave the
trash behind and begin anew.

God Bless Americans.

Treansformation is Totally Unacceptable

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

To make way for Socialism Capitalism had to be discredited and entrepreneurship now must survive in a hostile environment created by persecution, draconian regulations and selective enforcement. Free markets are given lip service when needed but government regulations, actions and policies belie the word “free”.  A Marxist mentality employs redundant messaging meant to maintain order or change our concepts subliminally but works incessantly to undermine the Republic from within, restricting our activities and freedoms while we sleep.

Antidisestablishmentarianism; the doctrine or political position that opposes the withdrawal of state recognition of an established church. It doesn’t exactly pertain to America or our current dilemma, but then again maybe it should. This administration is supplanting our traditional religions with a religion of its choosing; that’s where that big word comes in…antidisestablishmentarianism; we must strenuously object to a government that is attempting to establish Islam as the most visible and influential religion in America. The particular brand of Islam that is being superimposed on us is that which is practiced and promoted by the Muslim Brotherhood; better identified as the religion of Jihad, which established proselytizing as the prerequisite function to convert all infidels. America is a nation established on Judea Christian doctrine and although our Constitution says nothing about separation of Church and state, the liberal Democrat Party has chosen to interpret the First Amendment to suit their agenda to change the way Americans worship or give thanks to God for our blessings and ask the Lord to bless our daily endeavors.

To make way for Islamism, this Marxist regime has been working overtime to remove our religious icons from public view and has begun the harassment and persecution of clergy and practitioners, notably in the military and in our schools; “institutions of higher learning”, or to be more accurate, opportunities for indoctrination. All references to God as we recognize Him are being expunged from our currency, our text books and public ceremonies and where possible public discourse. Universities that depend on students’ ability to finance the ever increasing cost of education are being induced to put Muslim Imams on staff and reduce or eliminate Christian or Jewish Chaplains. It is not difficult to get this cooperation where the majority of professors and administration have already been staffed by ultra liberals, Socialists and avowed communists.

Ironically the administration chooses to attack Christianity by enforcing a ban on proselytizing; the fundamental tactic in the Muslim call for Jihad. They must and will proselytize; we will be persecuted for it with no evidence. The powers that be now interpret any display of Christianity, whether by clergy or a lay person, a bible or crucifix or a prayerful word of comfort, as proselytizing. Not only is the First Amendment under full bore attack but this administration is attempting to establish a state religion in the process and we must protest. Democrats and liberals will be quick to admonish me for jumping to conclusions or making unsustainable accusations and I am quick to point out that my conclusions are justifiable, especially when their pattern is inimical. It is how capitalism and free markets have been discredited and isolated, how the Second Amendment has been infringed and continues under assault and follows the Communist or Marxist playbook for infiltrating a society. Total transformation is underway and intends to change our identity as a nation and a people. Barak has been anything but inconsistent in his policies and ideology. See this man for what he has proven to be, not what he purports to be and pretends to represent. Every word he utters has a purpose and supports an agenda foreign to our best interests.

To an Islamic Fascist our First Amendment is absurd. They believe that the State will dictate how we worship and which deity is acceptable. They believe that free speech is acceptable within the parameters the state provides. These are not positions that sit well with free people. They must be conditioned to accept the changes an autocracy must impose to hold power or to gain power in the first place. Remember, it was Obama who said the our Constitution and Bill of Rights are problematic documents in that they have the order of authority reversed…Hilary Clinton stated that the time has come for the people to be obeisant to government. There can be only one reason and one reason alone for a government to disarm the electorate. There is always a plan for population control and as a government imposes more and more restrictive regulations and imposes oppressive taxation it has reason to fear the people. It is that element of fear that holds the difference between freedom and slavery for America. Our Right to Bear Arms protects all other Rights. No one attempts to explain how we will be safer, as they claim, if we surrender our weapons, because it is an inane assertion. Only Obama’s private militia and other troops set against us will be safer.

Who are today’s democrats? Why do we have a political party that has evolved into a unified entity that contests the Constitution and our inherent doctrine while pretending to stand for every charitable or ecological principle extant? It is the biggest lie ever told, yet it continues to divide us as a nation. The war on poverty was set in motion by LBJ…You can view it as a failure, which it is, or a resounding success if you are trying to achieve expanded government and control liquidity. There isn’t a Democrat alive who can justify their positions without reinterpreting the Constitution. We have a Bill of Rights and believe that all mankind is endowed with self determination. Nowhere does it say that it is an American patriotic duty to challenge the founding documents of this country which I liken to yelling fire in a theater. The very document that affords us the freedom to challenge and speak our minds is the document the Democrats take issue with, yet rely on to do their muck raking and instill the failed policies of failing nations.

And now, lo and behold, we are confronted with an opportunist cabal that correctly appraised our weaknesses and set out to exploit our flaws to bring about total transformation; the remaking of America into a mirror image of mediocrity and unrest that the failed societies of Europe epitomise.

Here’s a cliche I should be embarrassed to use but sadly I am not. If it looks like a rat, smells like a rat and scurries like a rat…it is a rat.  Barak has not changed his agenda or ideological loyalties that his meager records reveal as far back as they go. He is no different than the Boston Bombers from Chechnya; if you investigate who their friends are you will learn who they are and why they did what they did. Obama only consorted with terrorists, communists and subversive characters and these are his closest confidants to this day. Who is Barak Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetero? He is the enemy of democracy, the enemy of Christianity and Judaism and the enemy in the White House. Barak is a Muslim who has done more to advance the causes of the Muslim Brotherhood in America and the Middle East in a little over four years than they have been able to accomplish for themselves since their incorporation in 1928.

My words are easily checked out. Any American who believes our children will inherit the same opportunities we were blessed with needs to check these facts for themselves. The America our forefathers envisioned never came to full fruition but the America they managed to provide us with stood us in good stead for over 200 years, despite the neglect and ignorance we bestowed on her. As a Republic we are now scraping along the bottom with our enemies nipping at our heals, already savoring the lusty taste of victory. Are they guilty of celebrating too soon? Absolutely, if only we believe what the tea leaves and our own eyes and ears are telling us.

Demand that Barak be removed for cause and held accountable for his part in the cabal. Above all support the Second Amendment, the Right to have and bear arms as a sacred right. Survey the damage and vow to take whatever steps are necessary to make this nation safe from invaders and elements that seek to change us so they can rule us.

Demand that Barak be forced to step down immediately; you don’t give enemy combatants the rights afforded Americans under Miranda and you don’t impeach a president who can’t even prove he is eligible to hold the office. 

So help me God.

God bless Americans.


God’s Secret War

We’ve discussed “total transformation” a lot more than “fundamental change” even though Obama introduced that phrase in one breath. They are part and parcel of his fundamental objective, if you will.

There is a distinction however and it’s very important for us to interpret Obama’s clever words meant for us to hear but not process. Know full well however, that Obama was confident that his audience did not grasp his message and would attach their own interpretation to justify their idolatry. We are still learning the language of deceit
as a strategy something Obama is quite adept at and Americans unaccustomed to. We have our home grown variety of liars but they are amateurs when compared to prevarication taught as a religious tactic, which all Jihadists must master to survive.

Total transformation, it is becoming more evident, is the change from one concept of government to another; totally foreign and unrecognizable from its origins.

Fundamental change indicates that our original premise and source of our convictions will be erased and replaced by an imposed ideology and acceptance of unfamiliar credo.

The transformation has proceeded pretty much as planned with a few pockets of resistance remaining. Although the largest percentage of Americans are newly reliant on government subsidy in one form or another, grass roots organizations continue to urge Americans to recall and cling to the original promise in the Constitution; a people’s government. Hence the Obama determination to discredit and mis-characterise organizations like Fox News and the Tea Party and people like Sarah Palin and Rush limbo continues relentlessly. It is the Tea Party that is racist, prone to violence and radical and the protest groups that destroy property, rape, pillage and hold up
profane signs are the grass roots salt of the earth, showing normal contempt for capitalists and society’s inequities.

Fundamental Change is more complicated and psychologically challenging. Our belief system must be brought into question. Our tenets of civilization and responsibility must be subjected to doubt and reexamined. Our Judea Christian heritage must be muted and concealed and an alternate theology given latitude to enable it to dominate our consciousness in the name of tolerance and expand their presence despite the need to cloud and misrepresent their philosophy and agenda. I refer to the Muslim Brotherhood; never mentioned aloud by this administration which refers only to Islam as a religion of peace. There is no peace in the Muslim Brotherhood modus operandi, no love and no religion in a civilized sense.

How many Americans gave any thought at all to Islam before Barak began his campaign of praise and admiration? We needed to be told that Islam was a major contributor to our American heritage, to the world of science and math, civilization and the milk of human knowledge and kindness. The sweetest sound on earth according to our Christian president, is the Muslim call to evening prayers. I might have guessed
church bells on Sunday morning or a mother’s lullaby at her baby’s crib or the sound of the Shofar on Rosh Hashanah. But no, it is the Muslim call to evening prayer, hands down, ask the 300,000,000 American Christians, Jews and Atheists who didn’t know they did that.

You can’t bring about fundamental change without amnesia. Christians especially are being oppressed and singled out for any outward signs of reverence. There is another plan for Jews and the Muslims make no bones about it; annihilation. FBI training manuals have been purged of all reference to Muslim Terrorism. Chaplains are being persecuted, Christian religious icons are forcibly removed, public displays of Christian Faith, no matter how insignificant are now considered proselytizing and offenders threatened with prosecution while the pentagon is advertising for Muslim Chaplains. Many Universities are hiring Muslim Chaplains in record numbers since Obama made college funding a government business. A religious war is in the offing and the administration, true to Obama’s word, sides with Islam.

Jews have been slaughtered before and the faith has never faltered. Christians have been defiled and murdered and Christianity is alive and well. The insane mission of the Muslim Brotherhood will never achieve their purported mission to convert or kill all infidels and survive as the only religion on earth. It is a political ploy to use Islamic Fascism to enforce the fundamental changes necessary to reduce the United States to submission, abandon our premise of God-given self determination and fall in line as the last wall of resistance to world domination by one group. It will not be the Muslim Brotherhood; they are merely a tool; the enforcers of abject obedience to a government
in lieu pious obedience to the Deity of our choosing…or did we forget that the Muslim Brotherhood is a political organization?

If we could not rally all Americans in the name of liberty and country is the realization that we are being desensitized and groomed to accept social injustice as a norm not jarring our sensibilities?

If anyone still believes that Barak aka Barry is a Christian you have my sympathy but not my patience. We are a nation created on Judea Christian principles and there is a movement afoot and cabal in our midst that seeks to dissuade us of our inherent belief in One God, the Creator. Muslims may anticipate death as a reprieve from the suffering
on earth rewarded with sexual favors if death is achieved for Jihad. Our God is just and benevolent and we are created in His image. If Muslims take that to be weakness I can assure them it is our strength.

Barak may succeed in destroying our Constitutional Republic but our faith in our God will not waiver or diminish. and we will rebuild or start over as God wills but we will not bend to false Gods, violence or threats of death. Our sword is mightier, believe me.

This religious war we are in must be fought like any other war. Kill the head and the body will fall. Barak holds the entire movement in the palm of his hand and supports much of it with our tax dollars or our printing press. They have rolled the dice for all the marbles. If they fail because we expose and reject them the Muslim Brotherhood and
the bankers that are using them will be set back to their origins. The Muslim Brotherhood somewhere in the 2nd Century and the bankers back to the drawing board.

Demand that Barak be removed for cause and held accountable for his part in our fall from grace. Restore this nation as the mecca of Judea Christian philosophy and put Americans back to work as entrepreneurs and capitalists…not the Mecca of Islamic controversy dooming us to enslavement and mediocrity at the point of a blade…

Gods bless Americans,




Oppression or Secession

5 1 13 Folks, Your comfort zone will be ruffled

A losing soccer team wants to kick the ball as much as the winning team but they are one step behind once too often or maybe for an entire game. In the end the losers are usually more tired than the winners.

In the urgency to deal with outrageous political activity the outraged (that would be us conservatives) even fail to take the field in America. Conservatism was the victim after a hard fought losing election in which Socialists staked a claim for transformation and Democrats embraced the politics of change, abandoning Constitutional precepts and yet claiming vigorously that they love America and are as patriotic as any American; in their minds I suppose that is so. Conservatives lack the passion and commitment to respond forcefully and the tenacity to pursue our objectives relentlessly. We lose cohesiveness in our effort to accept all who claim to be conservative at face value, only to find that when convenient or expedient they make exceptions. When they do so they hold themselves out as efficient politicians who know how to get things done but true conservatives see them as politically undependable. Our outrage often fades like daylight at 6 PM in the dead of winter with our attention diverted by so many un-American issues our heads are spinning like Linda Blair clones on a bad church day. We rail against Socialism and redistribution when the proponents are not socialists at all; they are Fascists, Communists and autocrats seeding the population with gifts and false hope, transforming as they go. If the cabal is following a divide and conquer strategy the divide part is graciously self inflicted by us and they have the added bonus that we don’t call them out for what they are. Only the Right can be politically incorrect as a chronic condition regularly diagnosed by liberals.

Compromise is the father if incremental socialism. McCain/Graham are the perfect foils for rabid ideologues that have undermined our society for generations. Other RINOs have their own threshold of liberal cooperation and in every case these departures from conservative principles provide the basis for division that prevents Conservatives from uniting to claim our rightful place in leadership of this country. It is the principle reason that although Conservatives have been the traditional majority in America their voice is often drowned out by a unified, lock step mentality on the left.

The driving force of conservatism is self determination which spawns entrepreneurship and the engine that drives a Republic is Capitalism. Without Capitalism socialism would have nothing to offer the masses. That is precisely why even in the Reddest communist countries there are people eking out a living in small shops and street vendors and big companies doing business internationally perhaps and paying the price their style of government extracts, always with the threat of nationalization or confiscation. You would be hard pressed to find a hardy middle class in any of those societies. In America, despite denials from the sitting oppressors, the middle class continues to be under attack by taxation, increased cost of living, low interest rates and high unemployment and government agencies imposing mountains of oppressive regulations on small businesses and affecting all segments of society. Entrepreneurship is the enemy of Socialism because it creates and distributes new wealth through free enterprise in direct competition to a regime that holds power by redistributing wealth. With the absence of entrepreneurship socialism appeals as the primary provider of human sustenance. Soon the competitive spark is extinguished, mediocrity is the norm and sacrifice becomes a virtue imposed by shrinking possibilities.

I’m beginning to notice a dangerous trend of acceptance in a matter of fact way among us. Commentators report on the economy and end with a post script; things will get worse before they get better. When discussing scandals that approach the level of treason, such as Ben Ghazi or election fraud, there is no expectation of punishment only the almost perfunctory quest for facts. When the subject of spending and waste is addressed there is no factual plan to end the practice, only the lament that it is destroying our economy for us and future generations. We are being inured to punitive tactics to establish dictatorial authority by default.

These conditions didn’t begin with Barak. The stage was set over many years of chipping away at our principles, the Constitution and our institutions until one day the decision was made that they could run a radical for president and he would be elected. Then the final stages of transformation would be introduced and the will of the people countermanded without resistance; perhaps griping, but no organized resistance. That’s where America is today. The cabal will ultimately impose Islamic Fascist rule and the greatest obstacle to one world government will have been transformed and fall in line.

Not so fast. There are things about America that don’t reveal themselves until they are needed. It is the American indomitable spirit…Barak and the cabal will never understand the American psyche. They also underestimated the states’ ability to retake powers that the Federal government was not specifically assigned. The posture of independent territories and individual countries that once comprised the colonies is still embedded in their DNA. The salvation of a Constitutional Republic on this continent is imperative. America must not meet the fate of other Republics through the centuries and the answer lies with the people and the governors of the states.

There are certain realities that we must consider if we are serious about restoring America. The incremental changes that gradually made us vulnerable to total transformation took place over more than 60 years. We have come to accept those changes as part of our American political landscape without realizing that they are a departure from the tenets of the Constitution.

I hear too many people who believe that once Obama is gone we can right the ship and America will enjoy growth and prosperity once more, some going so far as to say our best days are ahead of us and the new prosperity will be beyond our wildest imaginations. Is it only about money? IF we depose Obama and IF we replace him with a true conservative we will reignite the engine of prosperity. I wish it were that simple. It is simply untrue. That is not to say we would not be better off with Obama gone; we will probably be better off even if another Democrat replaces Barak, provided he is a traditional Democrat of the Truman or Kennedy school. But Democrat or Republican our future remains bleak unless we undertake the almost impossible task of undoing the years of socialist, communist, fascist or even Islamic changes we have undergone. No one politician, no matter how Conservative or altruistic, can realistically return the power to the states and shrink the Federal government to a manageable size. If you brought back Ronald Reagan or Thomas Jefferson and magically reformed the Supreme Court to its original purpose and won a majority in both houses do you really think we would have the Constitutional Republic restored in eight years? Sixteen? I don’t doubt it I am sure it cannot be accomplished via that route and we will never have that set up to try. You can’t bring back the dead and although the Republic isn’t dead it does need resuscitation.

If we place all our hopes on the next election and fail to take the precautions and measures we desperately must put in place before the election, how can we be assured of a conservative outcome? If most of the people who read this article aren’t outraged and certain that the last two elections were riddled with fraud how can we begin to eliminate fraud from the system? The number one requisite for a better country is to overhaul the election process and I have not heard anyone seriously address that problem, so I must assume it won’t happen. Only the administration is attempting to make changes and that should send our antennae vibrating with electricity and nervousness. Our democracy is a shambles; our votes do not likely affect the outcome.

The next obstacle we face, that few of us even see as a problem, is how to deal with the Federal Reserve. I won’t belabor the point but as long as the Federal Reserve prints our money and sets rates we will never be in control of our destiny. Take Ben Franklin’s word for it. Is anyone prepared to tackle that monster? It is not even up for discussion. “Audit the Fed” is a nice slogan but it is laughable.

We had 100 government agencies when Barak walked in. Franklin D. Roosevelt knew the value and proper use of government agencies too well. They subvert the political process, circumvent Congress and oppress the segment they regulate. They are the building blocks of communism. My book details the agenda and historical actions of the Securities and Exchange Commission…how Socialism was introduced by creating a hostile environment for entrepreneurship. It is not a best seller.

Socialism has had the desired effect on almost half our population and some acceptance by almost all Americans. The power base that insists on increasing dependency is well entrenched in our political, economic and social sphere. Barak promised transformation and change to a population that did not fully understand what would be sacrificed to effect those changes. We are not really willing to pay the price and I assure many are not ready to relinquish the inroads made over half a century of incremental political change. The Federal Reserve is not going away without a fight and in the purest sense they control the purse strings of resistance.

These are the real issues of the day. Until people are deprived of liberty they may not be willing to die for it. To restore this nation as a functioning Constitutional Republic people/ideologies will clash. A new civil war will result in the killing and maiming of Americans in such horrific numbers that all of our wars combined will not approach the carnage. And we wait. When I asked an attorney who I believe is a fine American patriot what we should be doing now his answer was “prepare”; it came up short but without facing the realities and having time to discuss our options it was as good an answer as any.

My answer would have been different. Own a gun and learn how to use it. Gun necessity is the price we pay for the flaws in civilization. In a perfect world there would be no guns, no lies and no need for government…In the world as we know it government is a necessity but guns are required to keep government from becoming a deity.

Educate yourself and your family on history. Make it a short course but ongoing. Prepare to get out of your comfort zones voluntarily because when you are forced to respond you are at a severe disadvantage. Last but not least compare the possibility of civil war with the possibility of starting over again. In my opinion the least casualties we can sustain in the restoration would be by an organized, orderly secession. Not the secession of states one by one but the organized union of like minded states with one objective; to perpetuate a Constitutional Republic on this continent. Sign petitions, organize town meetings, involve your politicians, and demand that your governors hear you out. March if you must. Demonstrate our loyalty to our Judea Christian heritage. Pray. Pray in private, pray in public. Our Constitution drew its basis from Judea Christian lore so it is not possible to restore this nation without that acknowledgement.

Eventually we will make a choice or be removed from the process. We can choose oppression, restoration or secession. No one in his right mind would choose oppression unless he is the oppressor. But many choose oppression by doing nothing. If you choose not to be oppressed now is the time to make your voices heard. Waiting until the appropriate time is no longer an option. The exact time has passed. It was the time when subversive parties decided they could change America one law at a time and were willing to let the process take as long as it needed. We do not have that luxury.

We can be like the man who makes grand plans but learns that God has a plan that didn’t consider his input. Or we can choose the route that God already laid out for us by exercising the self determination only God provides.

End the revolution before it begins; remove Obama by any legal means available to us. Disarm Obama not me. He is either guilty as charged or mad as a hatter; either is grounds for removal.

God bless Americans.