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Paranoia is My Lifeline

If we had to choose one issue to focus our full attention on which would it be? We certainly have a plethora of serious abnormalities to choose from and there are no shortages of investigations to consume our interest and attention. Which sticks in your craw and makes you angry enough to chime in on the public discourse?

We exist in a cesspool of catered distractions, each worthy of our scorn, contempt and intense scrutiny. Rampant, unchecked, arrogant abuse of power and dereliction of duty in government with no compunction have led to scandals involving everything from misappropriation of public funds to murder of dignitaries and men serving their country valiantly and the perpetrators have yet to break a sweat. Liars and deniers are rewarded and promoted, transferred and retired; accusers and witnesses are discredited, ridiculed and punished.

Our friends don’t trust us, our enemies don’t fear us and nobody respects us. But the consensus among liberal sycophants and party loyalists, when asked how Obama is handling presidential responsibilities at home and abroad is “I think he’s got it just about right”, the phrase most chosen from the universal liberal menu on their cyber teleprompter.

We would do well to keep our eye on the core issue while we deal with the scandals we abhor and this administration takes in stride. We could be discussing which method of eviction will get the job done expeditiously rather than arguing over who knew what and when on every investigation we pursue into rat holes and uninhabited dead ends. Perhaps then we wouldn’t be subjected to asinine suggestions that Barak may be the best president in the history of the world.

Barak is doing what any invading dictator would do when he senses victory so close he can taste it…He’s taking a victory lap. A $100,000,000 dollar get-a-way to the land of his fathers. Perhaps the United Nations will disarm America for him, perhaps he’ll have to go door to door, one offending gun at a time, but the plan is coming together nicely. So far no one is onto his plan to send small arms to Syria, timing it perfectly so that his side will be on hand to collect them. Few Americans are really up in arms over the suppression of Christian faith and Republicans are providing the impetus needed to provide amnesty, throw our borders open to unknown aliens while Bernanke weakens the dollar and we decide if a scandal is a scandal or just the consequences of clever but clumsy infiltration by a foreign cabal…Ah but that’s the stuff of conspiracy theorists who see a cabal behind every tree.

Demand that Barak be removed for cause. Remove his guns not mine. His will impose his will mine will discourage it.


The Law of Rules

We have a rule book. It’s called the Constitution. We have 535 Representatives, a President and 11 Judges, all sworn to uphold the Constitution, defend our laws and protect us from whatever. When they take that oath there is usually an air of solemnity. Am I the only one who sees the humor in it? I think swearing-in ceremonies should be administered by clowns and court jesters or in the case of the presidency by a congress of certifiably insane baboons. Only then will we get what we asked for; incompetence, unreliability and self serving efficacy; that’s what we’re getting anyway.   When the bible has served its purpose the oath taker goes forth with the promise that he or she will make a difference. Then they plunge headlong into the business of making laws…and that is where our system breaks down my friends; they don’t take the oath seriously either. If a new Congressman or woman actually consults the Constitution he may find himself ostracized and shunned; after all laws are enforced; the Constitution is merely a blueprint for freedom. Since all of the Representatives took the same oath, to uphold the Constitution, what does that tell you about their integrity and commitment to their word of honor?

When the Constitution interferes with prevailing goals prevailing goals prevail, usually followed by an inspiring victory speech by the prevailing author. That’s how things “work” in Washington. You have to go along to get along; you have to give if you expect to receive; if you buck the system the system bucks back. If you’re a democrat all that is expected of you is a resounding “ditto” when Harry the Speaker speaks. After 240 years of greasing the political machinery the last 5 years sums up the abject failure of the people to manage the awesome responsibility of self government. No more incremental politics, no more subtlety, we were told point blank the oceans would obey the new liar in chief and he would transform and profoundly change us…and we handed him our Constitution to bend, fold and mutilate.   The laws of mathematics would be suspended and the evidence before our eyes for hundreds of years would be denied. He will take from the rich and give to the poor…take from the wealthy and give to the less fortunate, take from the productive and give to the non productive…take from the poor and give to the poorer..take from the barest of all cupboards and punish those who complain. Is there another conclusion as yet undiscovered by men through the ages seeking the true meaning of the word “free” but never accepting the definition or the lesson?   What else is this impostor demanding of us besides the fruits of our labor? Are you listening? He’s asking,  not very politely, for our means of defense just in case things start to get ugly. There’s that rule book again wrongly telling us to remain vigilant and well armed. Every aspiring dictator has had to face this dilemma; how to tell us he is for the Second Amendment and still remove our guns…So far he’s doing it one hollow point bullet at a time but Gomorrah wasn’t built in a day.   What else? Our Commander in Sheik is a Christian. We heard him say so with our own ears. He is not a Muslim as our lying eyes would have us believe. Christian Parochial Schools are the source of prejudice and division and he is simply helping us to open our minds and hearts to agnosticism, to make room in our hearts for new ideas and ideologies. Islam the religion of peace will be coming to a theater near you. Submit or die.   If your toy is broken it may or may not be fixable. If it is stolen it can be replaced. If the new owner of your toy breaks it you cannot fix it but perhaps America is beyond our ability to repair. It has, for all intents and purposes, been stolen and broken. We can replace it and perhaps while Barak is holding back the tides we will consider the benefits of starting over. Perhaps all we need to start fresh is a clear understanding of what we lost, a burning desire to get it back and 4543 words to tell us how to get it and keep it.

God bless Americans. This is the crossroad in history when we will need our guns to keep our bibles.

Guido — Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Which Came First; The Promise or the Betrayal

Obama’s Nomination Victory Speech, June 3, 2008.

We mistook arrogance for confidence…among other things.

“The journey will be difficult. The road will be long. I face this challenge with profound humility, and knowledge of my own limitations. But I also face it with limitless faith in the capacity of the American people. Because if we are willing to work for it, and fight for it, and believe in it, then I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on Earth. This was the moment – this was the time – when we came together to remake this great nation so that it may always reflect our very best selves, and our highest ideals. Thank you, God Bless you, and may God Bless the United States of America.”

Five years later, if we take the time to parse each sentence, we realize it is a waste of time but a frightening revelation. “Profound humility?” This speech is a lesson in double-speak and the art of forked tongue enunciation, provided we have learned anything in five years of degradation, subjugation and deflation.

Five years later Barak emerges as the face of evil. 

“Thank you, God bless you and may God bless the United States of America”…Really?

Five years later the only God Barak is rooting for is Allah. Christian Schools are the root of divisiveness. Bibles are offensive and their mere presence is an overt attempt to proselytize. Obama balances the scales by hiring Muslim Chaplains in our colleges, universities and all branches of the military; they don’t proselytize. Sometimes people discover Allah when Jihad knocks but Islam is a religion of peace…Hilary said so, so it must be so.

“…this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal”; give me a break!

Five years later we hear a different Barak. The Barak growing impatient with the pace of transformation as he speaks of ending Christian parochial education in America and ending once and for all our military prominence. He complains that in our small towns we cling to our guns and our religion.

Five years later he has the audacity to issue a veiled threat in response to our lowered trust quotient.

Five years later Israel has adapted a bunker mentality only Pavlov’s dog could identify with and the New Jewish anthem is “I’ll walk alone”, an old standard we said they would never sing. The Arab Spring drenched sand with blood and the rebels went from the frying pan into the fire, so that one day Israel will be pushed into the sea, compliments of the Muslim Brotherhood. They couldn’t do it without Barak.

Five years later the Messiah in the Oval Office has not one single successful program to his credit, unless we look at the facts realistically. To understand Barak’s motivation and true agenda one simply has to answer the question…who has benefited from Barak’s presidency? The answer will tell you that Barak is more successful than we are wise enough to admit.

At the risk of losing half my audience, a risk I have long since decided is more of a reality than a risk, I will make the case that the greatest beneficiary of the Barak ascendancy is the Muslim Brotherhood, Islam to the less politically correct. The biggest loser? We the people.

“…this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our nation and restored our image as the last, best hope on Earth.” Who now relies on America for refuge or protection?

Only a week ago Iran’s new president, still smiling, handed us an olive branch. It was made of enriched uranium. This prompted Barak to suggest that Russia and America dump one third of our Nuclear Arsenals into the Red Sea and Putin, with a wink and a nod, said “great idea Barak, you first and Russia after the other armed nations line up to streak bare-assed across the Gobi Desert.”

The Middle East will soon be Sharia from oasis to oasis and nuclear from Dead Sea to eternity. Those who seek nuclear weapons shall have them. To save them the trouble of catching up we can scale down. Thank you oh mighty Commander in Sheik.

Five years later we learn that our most private, personal communications are classified government information. We learn to our dismay that drones have come into their own as killing machines for a commander who has no war and eavesdroppers on dangerous, radical American conservative citizens; eaves-droppers so far…

Five years later our nation is so divided, our Constitution so tattered, our Bill of Rights riddled with challenges, our economy in such disarray that some of us sadly look back and say, “perhaps it is better to start over than to restore the unrecognizable Constitutional Republic of our forefathers.” As caretakers of the American dream we will not have the right to hold our heads up for another 240 years.

Demand that Barak be removed for cause; we have many. Remove his guns not ours. His will enslave us; ours will set us free.

When you hear Allah Akbar! Shoot first, ask questions later. God bless the old west, old glory and old Judea Christian morality.


So Help Me God

There are three agendas Barak is passionate about.

He has not relented one millimeter on his defense of all things related to Islam and Muslims and he hasn’t conceded to the reality of a war on terror or the use of the words terrorist and terrorism. Considering the destruction of property and loss of lives we are subjected to, directly attributed to nothing else but, it speaks volumes to his priorities and loyalties.

After the massacre in Connecticut the real Barak dropped all pretext with claims of being pro Second Amendment and pro gun which was laughable anyway, and with a tear in the corner of his eye he came out foursquare for gun control as the best way to control these despicable acts.

His liars and swearers campaign to deny any ulterior motive or potential for abuse in the immoral and illegal collection of personal communications has brought forth a parade of the aforementioned, some with once highly credible credentials, reduced to accepting either of the two roles. Come before the American people and lie or go the media circuit and swear to their lies. A thinly veiled threat to bring the wrath of the Commander in Chief in Dictatorial Pomposity is not beneath Barak the great impostor. “If people can’t trust not only the executive branch but also don’t trust Congress, and don’t trust federal judges, to make sure that we’re abiding by the Constitution with due process and rule of law, then we’re going to have some problems here.”  It’s not me you don’t trust but I may be inclined to penalize you for not trusting your government is all he’s trying to say.

The American people and the remnants of real journalism are left to juggle five or six scandals and counting while Barak continues with “business as usual.” There is no sign of remorse, regret or embarrassment; only impatience with those who raise embarrassing questions. No one is held accountable, spending goes on with no sign of abatement, loyalty to the regime is rewarded, critics punished, fund raising remains a priority, and draconian, un-American policies are enforced by rogue agencies on a disturbingly regular basis. More and more in communities across the nation police are stymied by crackpot judges, regulations are put into effect that make police work ineffective, isolated cases of gun confiscation are becoming commonplace and fear is replacing indignation. The concept of private property is being brought into question by rumors of 401 K nationalization, Government ammo purchases unexplained and unexplored…The assumption of a successful coup assists in the transformation from capitalism to Marxist democracy.

Population control after disarmament becomes an exercise in eavesdropping, neighbor wary of neighbor, big brother everywhere and a sense of inevitability replaces optimism when the fundamental changes are completed. The man who believes our flag is symbolic of a violent history will know when he can safely report to us that the order of authority has been successfully reversed and the Republic has replaced the Constitution with a new manifesto…when government controls the nation’s liquidity; when religious observances meet with government approval; when government is armed and the people are not; a set of circumstances incomprehensible to most Americans and unacceptably possible to a few of us.

Although I viewed Barak’s election as an invasion or coup from the very first, I had complete faith that red blooded Americans would restore our nation once they realized what had transpired. I have become increasingly strident and agitated as I realize that although many more Americans are aware than they were four years ago our voices are muted and largely ignored by the stampede of an administration that believes they can steam roll over us and apparently has done so to date.

Recently I began to favor ideas that would restart rather than restore the nation, namely an organized secession. I am sure of one thing; America is no longer the land of opportunity it once was. I am equally positive that the system of government that made all things possible is the only system that allows man to achieve his highest potential and that system still exists, embodied in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Barak now seems to be on a path to self destruct but at the same time his draconian ideas are more invasive and pervasive than ever. Barak is a force for evil. He is holding the door for an Islamic Muslim form of Marxist government. I am not interested in pursuing the nuance of his intentions I am only concerned with the reality of his results. He is a present danger at home and in the Middle East and an embarrassment everywhere else.

It is our birthright responsibility to call him to task and hold him accountable. No President or member of Congress or the Judicial branch should be permitted to serve us if they hold any truck with transformation of any kind or change. We are always open to improvement; nobody ever said America is perfect. But every living soul on earth has benefited from our existence one way or another in the mere 240 years of our existence. If anything we have proved that man has not yet achieved our highest potential but came the closest when left to his own devices. We are not done improving man’s lot here on earth.

Demand Obama’s removal and hold him accountable. Remove his guns not mine; mine are for the survival of the constitutional Republic. Remove his religion not ours; ours is for the improvement, elevation and well being of all men.


Four Score and 200 Years Ago

Tocqueville talks turkey

The argument goes back and forth. McCain screaming for American compassion in Syria and Barak “weighing the evidence”, checking the red line and droning on. In the end we never doubted that Barak will do as he pleases and McCain will go to blazes.

With fires burning just high enough to keep the seat of his pants toasty Barak decides to throw the dog a bone and try to switch the conversation from his iron curtain faux pas to his humanitarian goodness. The rebels shall have their aid and Barak will bask while Republicans burn. No fly zones are the ointment of out dated thinking. Barak will not tolerate a fly in his ointment, so in his wisdom will provide small arms to the rebels and not furrow the brow of his secret idol, Assad. Still the instructor at heart he will monitor the situation with keen eye and Barak himself will increase aid “in time” as the situation warrants. Perhaps a yellow line will motivate. To the Syrian rebels time is of the essence, but no matter.

Assad’s allies are stepping up their support with troops, guns and verbiage, convinced that Barak can do no harm; the first rule of the hypocrite’s oath. (I read that somewhere.) Rest assured Barak will make no tactical errors in this war of wills. When he decides to ramp up support for the rebels with real guns, planes and tanks you can be sure the Muslim Brotherhood will be the ingrates of beneficiary largess…

In our heart of hearts we know what obama means with this nonsensical token of support and tongue in cheek promise to increase aid “in time” but Republicans and right minded media talking heads will strain their brain seeking clues to the answer. What will dictate the decision to increase aid to the rebels? Good behavior? Satisfactory use of the first shipment? Maybe it will be determined by body count; say 100 rifles, 20 hollow point rounds of ammunition and 4 gas masks for every 10,000 dead civilians?

Time being on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood-in-waiting and no one else, more big bucks will go to the Rebels when they are back in their homes and al Qaeda is in the streets taking messages and holding their mail for them.

Wouldn’t it be Hilary-ous if purely out of force of habit Hilary is the first arrival to greet Assad’s religion of peace-replacement when the shooting dies down? She and Hague were two of the geniuses who set up a “Muslim Brotherhood the West can rely on” faction in Syria; sort of laying in the weeds until Assad is rewarded for his good deeds.

McCain’s schizophrenic defense of Hilary’s Islam praising profanity and condemnation of all liberal ideas he didn’t invent should tell us where we stand in a politically charged debate on good and evil. Consider that episode a microcosm of the rat’s nest our government really is on any topic or subject that requires rational behavior on the part of our public officials. Good luck with that. The Republic is no longer fragile…it is fragmented. No matter where we step we are sure to trod on our own Constitution. The voice of the people is table talk for election campaigns and dismissed by the intelligentsia when tough decisions are made for us; or should I say to us?

“A Democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only last until the citizens discover they can vote themselves largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that the Democracy always collapses over a loose fiscal policy, to be followed by a dictatorship, and then a monarchy.”

Yes the Middle East is the gout inflamed big toe no self taught dance partners can avoid, but let us not neglect the furious fanning of flames on the home front.

As we follow the Athenian path to oblivion we must give a tip of the hat to Alexis de Tocqueville, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. They were right but that doesn’t mean we are wrong. To complete the sequence; after a monarchy comes anarchy and eventually the human spirit tires of all forms of government and decides once again that we the people, created in God’s image, endowed with self determination, are capable of self governing; fresh blood is shed and a new Republic is born. And so I make my case for starting over, beginning now.

Demand that Barak be removed and held accountable. Remove his guns not mine; for mine shall be the instruments of renaissance.

Recall Your Birthright

Created in God’s image we are blessed with self determination, the fundamental gift that inspired a nation of people to be self governed. Prayer is the validation of our faith and the engine that produces positive energy; the fuel needed to achieve our highest potential. To the extent that we are capable and within the boundaries of physical limitations, all things are possible.

Does it not follow that the absence of prayer limits our horizons and can deprive the “engine of positive energy” of the fuel that drives our ambition, courage and will to succeed?

Our minds are the reservoir of that energy and the measure of our influence on ethereal matters; the unexplained phenomena we sometimes refer to as miracles; God’s hand in the outcome of all matters on earth.

Imagine a nation of people filled with the spirit of prayer and deference to a higher power. Imagine the energy of all the people concentrated to create a nation based on Judea Christian law, whose founders began each day and every meeting with a prayer; invoking their God-given powers to guide their thoughts and decisions. That is the heritage of this great nation and the source of the greatness and goodness that dominated world affairs for 250 years.

Prayer works; it is the absence of prayer that concerns the Lord. Witness a nation that has abandoned the principles of prayer and relies wholly on man’s intelligence and intellect to solve massive problems while allowing the faith of a nation to be relegated to a few laws claiming equality, while misinterpreting the rightful place of prayer in our daily lives. The term separation of church and state is an agnostic device to deprive us of our natural inclination to seek God’s counsel and remove prayer from our culture; an autocratic, fascist requirement to insure state control of the minds and hearts of a population. America’s decline can be paralleled to the decline of spirituality and religious fervor in the minds and hearts of the leaders and the electorate in the nation.

The war on terror is in fact a religious war. Our government is actively persecuting and prosecuting spiritual leaders while vigorously defending a religion that spawns terrorists and promotes terrorism as their weapon of choice to eliminate Christianity and annihilate all Jews. This is the reason Obama refuses to acknowledge a war on terror and eschews the term terrorism. His sympathies are with our enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood. We know this because he has said so clearly and distinctly. Had he not been so bold his actions would have betrayed his affiliation, if only we were willing to admit what our eyes and ears witness.

We are facing a formidable enemy which was clever enough to place their main operative in our White House. He is not unaware of the religious implications and influence in the outcome of this war. He posed as a Christian for many years right until he took the oath of office as president of the United States. Everything he has done since then tells us he is in fact a practicing Muslim. The only religious observance the White House hosts each year is the feast at the end of Ramadan and Barak presides over the ceremony without fanfare or publicity. He can’t resist using his powerful podium to tell us not to jump to conclusions when a Muslim is the obvious perpetrator or murderer of the day. You don’t end a religious war or a war on terrorism by trampling on the Constitution or placing impediments to our ability to identify and punish the enemy. Instead of collecting communication data on all Americans collect communications from the probable source of terrorism; the ever growing and invasive Muslim Community.

We can send a message to the Muslim Brotherhood and the bureaucrats and hypocrits who are are offended by reference or deference to our Judea Christian religious observances. Pray. Defy every rule and law that restricts prayer in public or government places. Go to church or temple and let it be known that we are offended by an absence of prayer and an absence of our religious icons. Call for the impeachment of judges who entertain Sharia law as a mitigating or valid defense in our courts.

Remind all who will listen that the Second Amendment is expressly worded to protect all of our Constitutional Rights and the First Amendment, cited as written, may be the impetus to put the Second into practice.

God bless Americans. Our country has been transformed and we are the last to know; but it remains the people’s responsibility to restore her as a functioning Constitutional Republic founded and reborn on Judea Christian principles.

Remove Obama and hold him accountable.


Don’t Rain on My Charade

I have magic glasses for every American who is ready to see clearly. Never remove them.

There is no reasonable comparison between Nixon and Obama. Nixon was an American President with strong credentials and significant accomplishments in his presidency until he was derailed by a culture of political arrogance he allowed to grow in his presidency. You had to earn your way onto Nixon’s his enemies list, whereas with Barak you have to earn your way off the list; a vast difference. When Nixon was caught dead to rights with the appearance of certain tapes he gracefully resigned for the good of the country. Barak will never resign, nor will any of his inner-circle, no matter what surfaces from a sea of misadventures, ugly encounters and intentional disruption. There is no culture of corruption in Barak’s presidency; his entire administration is designed to cause chaos and misfortune in the process to transform America.

You don’t ask for resignations or fire your subordinates when they are performing according to plan. We the people are offended or outraged, as the case may be, but that is to be expected when you establish a beach front in the enemy’s camp, as this cabal has done. They are in effect kicking sand in our face intentionally and with malicious aforethought. When key personnel are moved it is for political advantage; never to satisfy the appetite for justice the righteous demand.

There is a pattern to everything Obama says or does that is in complete contrast to our expectations from a president. In Obama’s law failure is rewarded, success is punished. Those who disagree with his policies or expose his motives are ridiculed, attacked and marginalized. Those who aid and abet him and are willing to sacrifice credibility, honor and the respect of the American people are elevated, rewarded, protected and cherished. The unwashed masses are dealt with collectively, usually put upon to make sacrifices for the common good and always promised that those responsible for their discontent will carry the bulk of the burden.  Citizen activists who defend our heritage and Constitution are the enemy and when opportunity presents itself Obama is quick to stomp his victims with a boot to the neck. 

Does it make sense to believe that an administration would come to power with the announced intention to transform the nation they will lead, does so for altruistic reasons? Is Obama instituting fundamental changes in every part of our society simply because he believes we will be better off as nation and our people will prosper or become morally and socially accepted internationally as he has intimated? Is he transforming us from a Constitutional Republic to a socialistic autocracy so that his successor can rule?

Barak is an enemy operative and as such every initiative to countermand our Constitution and Bill of Rights is accompanied by or preceded by a general denial or acclamation to the opposite. His most inspiring and patriotic utterances come when his policies are taking their hardest toll on our freedom.

The chilling reality is that Obama relentlessly pursues typical fascistic autocratic changes amid investigations (which he actually welcomes), accusations and turmoil. Democrats are slowly, very, very slowly, awaking to the fact that Barak is not a Democrat after all. The Democrat Party is merely a reservoir of useful idiots and when they have served their purpose Barak will not have the least compunction to send the least favored to the salt mines along with a long list of Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, so called Conservatives and anyone who dared to speak ill of Barak while he was setting the table for his ultimate goal…A one party nation does not discriminate by party affiliation; you are either useful or not, with him or not. In a totalitarian state there is no room for dissent, doubt or discussion. Barak is forced to accept a certain amount of confrontation but do take notice how he stiffens and his facial expression betrays him in the face of even mild opposition. 

I will not recount the many, almost countless changes we have undergone as a nation. As Americans I would hope you have duly noted at least the ones that offend you the most. I will ask you to recall and take note and see the many investigations and so called scandals for what they really are; the consequences intended or not, of changes imposed on a free people against their will. Then ask yourself if a democratically elected president who loves America could possibly be at the center of controversy over issues involving Constitutional matters, international protocol, defense and sovereignty, the economy, religion, education, morality and every major concern to freedom loving Americans. Can a duly elected president take the oath of office seriously; to protect the Constitution, uphold our laws and defend this nation against all enemies, domestic and foreign, if he holds Islam in higher esteem than Christianity, gives equal standing to illegal immigrants, arms and finances our enemies, ignores fiscal responsibility, consistently rewards irresponsible behavior, defies court orders, offends and endangers our allies and denies our Judea Christian heritage? Would an enemy of the United States fit that description?

Demand that Barak aka Barry be removed for cause. We have many.  It is time to hold Barak accountable.

God bless Americans that we may be enlightened once more.



What Seems to be the Problem?

You can’t “fundamentally” change a successful country’s business
infrastructure, core values and economic principles and expect
previous performance to continue or be enhanced. In order to change
the country not only is the prosperity of old promised but those who
may not have participated previously are promised a “fair share” of
the expected prosperity with no more effort on their part than loyalty
to the new regime. When citizens are encouraged to blame the system
for their own failure change is welcome and never scrutinized.

We have allowed our constitutional Republic to be transformed; a
process that took the better part of 100 years. Barak, ever willing
and eager to take credit for others’ accomplishments, or to take
credit where none is due, looks forward to the day when he can take
full credit for America’s transformation from democracy to autocracy.
To be sure he is the first leader to openly defy the Judea Christian
principles of self government but had not forces come before him to
implement changes incrementally and with stealth his candidacy would
have stalled in the back alleys of Chicago for consorting with known
subversive elements of society. His speeches would have condemned him
on a range of charges from heresy to treason. Instead he was chosen as
the face of transformation and radical liberal thinkers who have spent
years in the trenches of resentment and self righteous indignation
over the inequality of results in a capitalist country.

Obama has been in office for almost 5 years and we already forget the
radical, un-American initiatives he was able to implement claiming he
would stem the spiral of recession. He spearheaded government takeover
of the automobile industry and demonstrated a total disregard for
existing laws and moral obligations, rewarding unions with unearned
equity with property confiscated from investors. He invested heavily
with our money in failed and failing companies demonstrating his
intention to favor alternate energy and punish fossil fuel technology.
He bailed out banks and financial institutions, redistributed wealth
and ran up our deficits and debt with reckless abandon, all the while
telling us his actions would result in lower unemployment and a better
economy; in the face of expert contradiction and incontrovertible
evidence to the contrary.

Through all of this democrats and republicans alike predicted with
stunning fallibility that when banks loosened their purse strings
entrepreneurs would again lead the economy back to stability. You
don’t hear that fallacy lately because it has finally become crystal
clear that banks don’t loosen their purse strings they make sound
business decisions. Banks are not in the business of financing
start-up companies with no collateral or existing businesses without
proven receivables. Wishful thinking overcame common knowledge. Yet
start up companies and entrepreneurship are the foundation of enduring

Now we’ve become slaves to government statistics and economic
indicators desperately looking for a sign that our economy really does
follow a traditional and predictable pattern. Minuscule changes in
spending habits, housing statistics, manufacturing orders and
inventories bring out the optimists and pessimists in direct
opposition to each other, reading the same tea leaves. It is time to
look beyond statistics and political stimuli and begin to understand
what transformation has taken place and what total transformation
really forebodes.
I wrote a book called Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C. It
didn’t make the N.Y. Times best seller list or even Oprah’s
recommendations. But it tells the truth about how we have been
transformed from a Capitalist society to a redistributive society. Ask
anyone who would like to start a new business today how it’s working
out. Plain and simple it isn’t. The industry that introduced risk
capital to entrepreneurs has been surgically removed and in the
process the environment has been made hostile to would be
entrepreneurs. The E.P.A., F.D.A., S.B.A., IRS and other government
agencies have been equally prejudiced to that entire segment of
industry that created new wealth and regenerated a middle class
society. Why are we expecting a robust economy to sprout if wealth
creation is punished?

“Transformation and fundamental change” is the real culprit causing
our prolonged malaise. Not only is the economy affected, but every
cornerstone of a free society is being challenged and restructured;
and that is the intention of this administration. If you would argue
over my conclusion let me remind you that I am merely matching results
to statements made by Barak before and during his presidency. If the
Constitution and Bill of Rights are problematical why would I not
attribute his attack on our rights to his stated point of view? Is he
not conducting a full court press against the right to bear arms,
privacy, freedom of speech and the media? Would you deny me my
patriotic duty to question his motives and reach logical conclusions?

I don’t expect America’s fortunes to change for the better as long as
we persist in giving the benefit of doubt where all doubt has been
removed by words, deeds, results and attitude. Who can deny that not
only Barak, but his closest confidants and appointees have assumed a
decidedly imperious attitude. More than that they have consistently
snubbed their noses at convention, decency and the voice of the people
and are rewarded rather than held accountable.

We can make this right if we simply follow the guidelines of our Judea
Christian heritage, our forefathers and the Constitution; when we see
evil route it out. Participate in government. We must consider our
options and know what they are. Barak must be removed for the good of
the country…for our own relationship with our Creator. We have been
blessed to live in the best of times this world had to offer in the
most ideal circumstances any country could provide. We are the only
self governed people on the face of the earth and it is made possible
because we believe that man’s basic rights are God given. We are
dealing with a regime that would deny us that core tenet. We are being
conditioned to give equal rights to an organization that offers us two
options; conversion to Islam or death. In contrast our traditional
religious institutions are under attack in the military, in our
schools and courts.

We have every right to speak out and object. We have an obligation to
respond in kind. It falls under our obligation to defend the
Constitution, uphold OUR laws and protect this nation from enemies
domestic and foreign.

Demand that Barak be removed and held accountable. We cannot tolerate
or survive a president who has his own militia and protects his
identity at all costs.

God bless Americans; may we find the will to defend the Republic for all time.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Yes I Got No Ammo Today

Why do so many Americans, like me, feel the need to stress the importance of the Second Amendment and repeatedly urge all Americans to join the battle to keep the Right to Bear Arms sacrosanct? After all it is already in the Constitution which clearly states the Right to Bear Arms shall not be infringed upon, so what’s the problem?

The problem is we have too many public servants who think they are duty bound to jump on every freight train going by. It is politically expedient to chime in on the gun issue while it’s hot and expediency is a politician’s stock in trade. It might be easier to name the ones who didn’t feel the urge to chime in than those who did. Maybe there’s
a door prize for the Congressman, Senator, Mayor or Governor who comes up with a plan that astounds every one…like Solomon who said “let’s cut the baby in half”. These blowhards are waiting in the wings to take a bow and go down in history as the genius who found a way to stop guns from killing people. Even the ones who are dumb enough to offer their opinion in good faith and with the best intentions are just that; dumb enough.

It might be popular in Washington for politicians to compare notes on a hot issue and it might even get some face time on TV but the fact of the matter is that Americans are wary of politicians who think they can thread a needle by coming up with a solution that is at once Constitutional and still acceptable to all parties. It is true that the space between the pros and cons is vast on guns; some liberals would ban possession, ownership and manufacture, Conservatives demand that the Second Amendment be interpreted literally; there is no middle ground on the issue that does not infringe. With no middle ground and the word infringe there should be no compromise; not even Solomon can bridge that gap constitutionally and that is exactly how it was meant
to be.

States that pass strict gun laws put their citizens at risk. The politicians who get these laws passed have more blood on their hands than the criminals they don’t have any control over. More the pity, citizens who exercise their right to defend their person, family and property often end up on the wrong side of the law and even spend jail time, legal fees and fines for doing the right thing in the wrong place.

Ecclesiastes 1:9 “There is nothing new under the sun” doesn’t occur to politicians who do more harm and sometimes irreparable harm with their hunger for fame and influence or ignorance of the laws of nature and criminal intent. Our founders said all that there needs to be said on the subject and no one has improved on their wisdom yet.

“A free people ought…to be armed”, George Washington.

“The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government” probably Thomas Jefferson and “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.” Thomas Jefferson for sure.

The reason we are up in arms over the effort to disarm us cannot be told more succinctly or with more finality.

If you think for one high caliber minute that the scandals now riding the crest of public awareness have slowed obama’s initiative to disarm us think again. The Second Amendment is a stick in his eye and nothing will deter him from finding a way to take our guns. For now he’s taking our ammunition and if that doesn’t convince even the most anti gun liberal in America that there is something rotten in Denmark I give up. The rotten something is the next best advice on the planet…no government that has honorable intentions has any interest in our Right to Bear Arms, unless it is to protect that right.

End the revolution before it begins. Demand that Obama be removed for cause…we have many. Disarm Barak; not me.


To Be or Not to Be…That is the Question

The only problem is you have to have been to know if you want to continue to be…or not. We are a democratic Constitutional Republic and this rare form of government by the people is in dire jeopardy. Is this government of the people, by the people and for the people worth keeping?

Are you old enough to remember the Alamo? Me neither. The Americans of that era were carving out a society in territory that had few laws that could be enforced. Our Constitution was barely 50 years old and Texas was annexed only about a year and the most memorable battle in our nation’s history was fought against an overwhelming Mexican force. Santa Ana declared himself Emperor and had visions of building an Empire. Only a few short years earlier America fought for Independence from English rule and we were in no mood to become subjects of again.

Are you old enough to remember the First World War? Me neither.  Ask three people and you’ll get five reasons for the war but one thing is certain; American GI’s fought because they believed in freedom and the Kaiser didn’t.

Americans have a proud heritage of defending freedom on our soil and in distant lands. We are now facing the most dangerous threat to our liberty since the American Revolution, against an enemy so cunning and clever that most Americans are unaware of who the enemy is and what he has in store for us. The government we have will not concede that we are at war, despite that we have suffered the loss of life and property wantonly for many years. Only the savagery of 9/11 raised our ire enough to strike back; not against the enemy behind the attacks but against the perpetrators. We continue to kill the warriors but stop short of naming and attacking the war monger; The Muslim Brotherhood which has spawned more progeny than the old lady in a shoe declared Jihad, a barbaric religious device for a political purpose. We are careful not to offend the most offensive entity on the face of the earth and they are quick to tell us when they are offended; whenever we are close to exposing or describing them accurately.

If you are not aware that America is in transition perhaps you don’t deserve to live here or have a voice in our government. An informed electorate is our only defense against an autocratic takeover and it requires some effort to be informed and aware of our circumstances. In the last two elections millions of Americans voted for a candidate who told us in no uncertain terms that the hand of government should have precedence over the voice of the people. You don’t have to vote to live in such a society, you can move. Seek out misery and oppressive government, abandon what you have here and go there. When you arrive penniless let me know how welcome you are and how you lifted yourself by your boot straps and realized your full potential. You will soon discover that that joyous experience is almost exclusively American.

People who don’t understand what makes America unique and how today’s decisions will affect future generations should not be permitted to vote in our elections. The crossroad we find ourselves in today may be likened more to a cross hair because we have been targeted for demolition and there are forces at work that have as their primary goal in life the extinction of America as we know it; and Americans are making it possible. Those people who invariably vote for their own narrow selfish interests are seldom aware of the ramifications of voting carelessly. It is careless to vote without having the concern to maintain our form of government prescient and sacred above all other considerations, come what may.

The restoration of America will require the greater percentage of Americans to rely on their own initiative and sweat equity to get by. Once that was the dream of immigrants who sought us out and were willing to sacrifice all for a chance to live and work among us. Today it is far more difficult only because we have ceded the things that made us great to politicians who never understood that vision and felt obliged to feed and pamper rather than encourage self determination. It is a long haul to get back to the days of free markets, entrepreneurship and dignified employment. The road back starts like all journeys with one step forward. We must all recognize that the erratic, radical behavior of this government is not George Bush’s fault; it is not a president trying his best to fix a broken country. It is typical behavior of an autocratic mind with a mission to conquer a people. Barak is not our friend, the Muslim Brotherhood is not a benign organization and there are no coincidences in life. The results we witness are typical in a society that is in the grips of a regime that intends to rule rather than govern.

In America that is easier said than done when the electorate is aware and informed. Be informed; Barak is leading us down the thorny path of Socialism to greet us with Fascism. Islamic Fascism is likely in play but none of that matters if we rise up in protest before it is too late. Wake up and protect our destiny. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are in the cross hairs of these radicals and they intend to trample on our Judea Christian heritage to achieve their goal. No one takes an oath to uphold the Constitution who has stated that it is has the order of authority reversed. That oath, when taken, was not the first lie we were given, but it is the most revealing.

Demand that Obama be removed for cause. End the revolution before it begins.