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Some people say there is hidden meaning in anagrams…Not me. I think it is only coincidence when the new word that comes to mind describes the original…like an adjective or something.

Some people, a minority to be sure, believe that Barack Obama betrays America while he is POTUS. Not me. I think Michelle is a traitor since no one doubts she was born in the good ol’ USA…she’s just not proud of the fact. If she knows, and she must, where Barack is truly from and what his agenda really is, that would make her a traitor; if my analysis and the opinions of certain foreign dignitaries holds true. If you can’t or won’t prove where you were born, that could indicate you were not born in the lower 50 or the one offshore. In Barack’s case he shows admiration and allegiance to Islam’s 57 but was likely born in Africa into Islam, in which case he occupies the Presidency as a foreign invader. I may be one of a small minority who believe we have a cabal in our midst but the results of Obama’s presidency make it hard to argue otherwise.

Arguably the enemy many of us have been railing about for years has emerged as an 800 pound gorilla and is now at our doorstep, baring its teeth and scratching its armpits. If truth be known they dwell among us, confident that when called upon to act they will end the charade and declare victory over this grand country. Wouldn’t it be funny if they missed Hawaii?

Inarguably this nation is in far more jeopardy from Islamic terrorists than ever before in our history and that threat has been exponentially exacerbated by Obama’s actions, inaction and policies of denial. The threat we have no strategy to defuse can end in one of two ways, just like any threat. Those who pose the threat can be identified, rooted out and defeated, dissuaded from further acts of intimidation, or the threat can be carried out and fulfilled. Since we have no plan to seriously pursue the first option we are, in effect, waiting to survey the damage and count the casualties.

I recall that in the Korean war Aussie soldiers who were considered wild men by us, would sit around a camp fire, legend has it and wait for a sniper to pick one of them off, revealing his location. A spotter would then take after the sniper, kill him and take an ear for a memento. It was effective in that it discouraged snipers from taking the easy shot. Our strategy against terrorism, similar at first, has no retaliation clause. We’re satisfied to give the enemy the easy shot and if we accidentally catch one we’ll lawyer him up and read him some rights…rights he is not entitled to under any law I know of. Imagine a President who would deny danger, the source of danger and adamantly refuse to treat prisoners caught in action like prisoners of war. Unthinkable isn’t it? Such a president would probably do everything in his power to release those prisoners whenever possible and might even trade a bunch of them for a prisoner held by the enemy they just tired of holding…a reluctant traitor or something…It is hard to imagine but true. The guilty president is one known as Barack Hussein Obama, a name more easily associated with the Islamic culture, but his real name is Barry Soetero. There are a few things on his agenda that haven’t been addressed yet, like changing the Stars and Stripes as the national flag which offends some people because it is warlike and the Star Spangle Banner is too rminiscent of our aggressive past.

An illegitimate president who has made inqueries about Amendments that extend the powers of the office and mentioned in passing that Martial Law is an option he must consider, may plan on hanging around through 2020. After all there are things that only he can fathom must be done to better the country…with or without Congress’ blessing.

All the doubting Thomases in America who took at least 4 years to doubt their own confidence in Barry, have now come to the conclusion that he is the most inept, unconnected, clueless president in history and some, even Democrats, are beginning to show concern for their own safety. Wouldn’t you know; until their own socialist accommodating, liberal skins begin to feel the heat, they see, hear or speak no evil. Perhaps when the Pentagon takes another direct hit or the new World Trade Center is reduced to a heap of glass and mortar, they will swear not to vote for Barack ever again. Perhaps though a few more will come to see that Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetero, is not inept at all. As a double agent he makes James Bond look like amateur night at a high school fund raiser.

Every American should be required to listen to the speech given by UK PM David Cameron and then Barack’s speech to us, at least six times in succession. If you begin to wish that Cameron was running this offensive for us, there may yet be hope for America; it means you see the difference. If you doubt Israel’s moral equivalency in dealing with their political and military challenges, my hope fades for you do not understand the elements of war. The world is faced with the resurgence of a political lunatic fringe claiming religious certitude, willing to kill by horrendous methods all who deny their righteous inevitability. The Muslim Jihad for political superiority in the world emerges when they perceive the world is immoral and weak enough to succumb to their tactics and domination. Barack has encouraged them by weakening the United States and providing them with support. England has declared their intentions to fight back forcefully in every way possible. For the first time in over 70 years no mention was made of cooperating with or seeking the cooperation of the United States of America. Perhaps they know something we refuse to acknowledge.

For the first time in history America’s leadership is the problem, not the solution. My heart is heavy and my throat swells when I realize we have allowed the most unqualified man that ever sought the presidency, even if I am wrong and he was born in Hawaii twice, to rise to the highest office in the land and the most powerful position in the world, without even a credit check. We shed a tear and rejoiced when he told us before he took office, that he intended to dismantle the United States, brick by brick. “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America”; words that will live in infamy.

In the hearts of patriots the revolution has begun. In the minds of politicians a revolution is needed. By all that is holy I do not yet see the will, the urgency or the ken as yet.

God help us all. Our allies may carry our water on this trip and foil the best laid plans of rats and terrorists, despite our ambivalence; pray God.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


Time Heals: Delay Does Not

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work or device or knowledge or wisdom in the grave where you are going.” Ecclesiastes 9:10

It is said that the soft speaking, mild mannered Jimmy Carter has a dark, vengeful side seldom seen in his public persona. Politically his opponents were victims of vicious attacks they often could only suspect the origin of.

Barack isn’t like that. If ever there was a facet of this duplicitous enigma that lived up to his claim of transparency, it is his consuming hatred, predictable revenge and certain punishment of all who disagree with his Excellency. It goes further than that, to be sure. Barack has an aversion to anyone who holds a different ideological view than he does; that would include the majority of Americans, even if you take into account the illegal millions he has ushered into the country to support his unsupportable acts. It is very similar to the Muslim view of infidels and the Jihad mission to rid the entire world of all infidels. To be more precise it is exactly the same. He sees all Americans that way, political foes, service men and women or pro Constitution patriots; we are Obama’s infidels.

You don’t hear much about it but Seal Team Six perished in a very suspicious helicopter crash; 22 of our finest in all. Despite the mysterious circumstances, an investigation, like every other regime oriented investigation, is futile. The audacity to speak out against Obama’s version of the Bin Laden episode sealed their lips for good. For the record: Barack hemmed and hawed for weeks on the decision to take Bin Laden until Panetta helped make it for him; then he afforded Usama a dignified Muslim burial at sea and shielded his remains from public view.

Barack has never acted on behalf of an American soldier or an American dilemma unless the issue became a matter of public knowledge and potential embarrassment to his agenda or perceived reputation. He has famously ignored public outcry and continues to do so in cases like Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi and Bowe Bergdahl, case in point. These totally opposite cases prove that Barack has a purpose and an agenda in every decision. The hero and public role model Tahmooressi will rot in a Mexican jail; the deserter, traitor Bergdahl is traded for five of the most contentious enemy prisoners in Gitmo and lauded as a heroic, sympathetic figure, supposedly rescued in the nick of time due to his “failing” health.

Ben Ghazi was nothing short of the condemnation of an American diplomat and his escort to certain death by abandonment. Only the incredible acts of heroism by ex Special Forces heroes, who sped to the sound of battle, made the event public and exposed a callous, administration-wide consent to sacrifice a few helpless men, to afford the enemy an opportunity to make an anti American statement. The facts bear this out, the investigation will never end.

2+2 = anything but 4. Call it Obamacore math.

There is an agenda as sure as there is a sunrise. These startling revelations are only one small part of the equation, the betrayal. Religious persecution is another…edicts we are told are a president doing the right thing when Congress does nothing is the continuing process to transform America. The American political system leaves a rogure president no choice but to go rogue if the system itself is slated for transformation.

Look in every formerly dust filled corner of society and find a festering plot to undermine our society. The agenda is obvious and our response is obviously inadequate, inappropriate and misguided.

When tyranny has a chilling effect on our ability to correct our course through legal means other solutions come to mind…eventually they are acted upon…

The only delay that harms America more than Barack Obama’s startegic delays is the citizens’ delay to take action.

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work or device or knowledge or wisdom in the grave where you are going.” Ecclesiastes 9:10


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Crises is as Crises Does

Is there anything going on in America, speaking of crises, that Barack aka Barry hasn’t created or exacerbated? Is there an investigation at the federal level that has drawn to a conclusion? Are there scandals that demand investigation but somehow don’t get started? Can we discern between phony scandals, perceived scandals and scandalous scandals?

With no accomplishments to his credit after six years in office, is it fair to say that if weren’t for scandals and manufactured crises we would not have anything to complain about regarding media that has morphed into a government PR agency. Or would we be inundated with glowing reports that proclaim the lack of news is due to an efficient, non intrusive, totally transparent administration? (The media do not refer to this regime as a regime). The front page of the Wall Street Journal and New York Times would be about Hollywood machinations and sports fascinations. MSNBC and CNN would play music between weather reports.

In 2006 Barack spoke of seeking a dynamic free market and widespread economic stability. Looking back how were we to know that by widespread economic stability he was thinking in terms of creating the highest enrollment on government assistance programs in the history of the nation? His reference to a free market, dynamic was the term he chose, was code for the demise of a free market society. Scandals? Not necessarily but highly suspect if we thought about his previous ideological ties. When he proposed a national government health care program we should have considered that a scandal because it was the exact opposite of the free market ideals he pretended to admire.

The world was not yet a powder keg and so we couldn’t fully appreciate Barack’s impact on international affairs, but somehow we did see Barack as a leader with a burning wick looking for a keg of black powder. He promised to close Gitmo before he put his feet on the furniture in the Oval Office and his first call as President of the United States of America was to Mahmoud Abbas. He didn’t say “okay Mahmoud, it worked. I’m in. What now”? But he didn’t call his grandmother either. Scandal? Shock? I wish I were there instead of Jarred, with the power and authority to say…”All bets are off Barack. You’re under arrest.” Valerie may have said “Get off the phone Barry, I have your orders.”

Anticipating some genius strategy from a new, untried president who promised the seas would part when he spoke, the Gulf Oil Spill response was merely perplexing…knowing what we know now it would have been a scandal of major proportions from start to finish. The start being the refusal to accept highly competent foreign assistance and equipment to speed up the process, the finish being Barack’s financing foreign drillers to operate, provided they sold the production to China.

The GM and Chrysler bailout actually cancelled the rights of private bond holders, confiscated their investment and gave it to the unions. We should have asked if Barak was channelling Castro or Stalin. That was truly scandalous but all we got from media was the brilliant move to save the economy and two iconic companies. So much for a dynamic free market. Did America suddenly wake up, as any red blooded, conservative American capitalist would expect and demand to know where Barack got the authority to cancel the Constitution? Nope, no indignation, hardly a peep.

Fast forward to our current circumstance. The world is a powder keg. Barack has inserted the burning wick and saw to it that a powder keg was attached wherever he opined or inserted his assessments. The Middle East is in such turmoil that the Muslims we considered radical are now rebelling against Muslims even they say are too nuts for their Sharia. Israel’s new ally is Egypt. Africa is beset with terrorism and plagues, Russia has a new found pride in their dictator and their dictator has a new found disregard for our tarnished demagogue. China talks down to us and European leaders shun us. Chicago is the murder capital of the nation, religious persecution is a reality from grade schools to Battleships, our heroes languish in foreign prisons, traitors are treated with respect, criminals are let loose and the borders are colanders to sift out the good and allow in the evil.

When do we stop counting the scandals and consider the entire six years for what it truly has turned out to be. A diminution of all that is right and good and the elevation of immorality, anti American fundamental change from hell. Barack is the most successful double agent in the history of warfare. Shame on us.

Let’s not call Barack a Muslim and make the distinction Muslims of good faith demand. Barack is a radical Muslim.

Now let’s get over the humiliation and do something about our situation. Demand that steps are taken to remove the enemy within by any and every means available to us. Stand up for America,

God bless the union.


If I Believe I Must Worship

A religious war is not the battle between our Judea Christian God and Islam’s Allah. It is a fight to the death between the humans who know right from wrong and can differentiate between good and evil but have allowed evil to prosper and multiply without protest and those who embrace evil in the name of Allah.

France is celebrating their 70th year of liberation from the Nazis. Out of the frying pan into the fire…Look around you Francois…Islam has invaded without a s’il vous plait and all you said was merci…will you be asking for mercy? Don’t bother; the best the Muslims will do is use a sharper blade to slit your throats but as always that will be decided on a case by case basis.

France, an early bastion of democracy, has been transformed and in a few years Frenchmen will be a minority with token representation in Government; or anywhere else for that matter, unless cemetery denizens vote. Paris, always the Mecca of fashion, will be the Burka capital of Europe, with Milan, Italy, running a close second. The UK prefers tweeds but I don’t think that will fly in Parliament. As for the Palace, the Muslim call to evening prayers will emanate from the tower every evening like clockwork, compliments of Prince William. Combat boots designed and manufactured in Milan will be the envy of Fifth Avenue foot fashion. The rest of Europe will follow the fashion trend tout suite and is already brushing up on Sharia Law.

Sorry guys, America will not be over to liberate you this time…We are busy laying out the welcome mat ourselves…Muslims turn welcome mats into a prayer rugs, then settle in for the long haul. We can’t even liberate Detroit but when we liberate the White House there’s a chance, slim at that, that we’ll clean up your mess. Ahmed will not be handing out chocolate bars to school kids or Nylon stockings to their new petite chou coquettes. Too late to wake up now Jean Pierre, any objection to Arabic flatulence will further infuriate your guests.

Here’s a map of ISIS Middle East occupation showing where we are engaging these most dangerous of all previous dangerous Muslim Terrorists.

Nibbling around the edges is an exaggeration of our confrontation and a stark representation of our intention to do nothing if we can’t help terrorists. If you can’t open the map it simply shows the incredible footprint ISIS has established in a short time and our response is anywhere except in their face.

Israel is doing her best to turn back the Islamic Jihadist tide but so far the Judea Christians, far and near, reserve their empathy for peaceful Muslims wrongly maligned by thoughtless acts of prejudice, and sympathy for Muslims who have been victims of Western arrogance and disrespect for centuries. I personally have been guilty of Arab bashing for over 100 years. Pretty much Israel is going it alone.

Meanwhile Barack has empathy for only one GI or American left behind…the traitor Bergdorf, who is such a disgrace to the uniform that not even Barack’s full body press to reinvent the bum as a hero, war casualty and sympathetic character is working. If the five terrorists we swapped for this gutless wonder are in jeopardy of physical harm it will be from busting a gut laughing…Muslims never leave a Muslim behind…

Three White House aides attend the funeral of Michael Brown…a young bully, thug and strong arm thief whose unfortunate death has been used by this regime to further racial division. The Brown family will never know the truth and will never accept justice that doesn’t severely punish the officer involved, because the truth will never be known, thanks to the Obamas, Holders and Sharptons of this world.

Barack was the instrument that sentenced James Foley to a medieval beheading. James Foley’s final ceremony will not be defiled by the presence of a White House delegation or the hollow, perfunctory, hypocritical expression of sympathy that never happened. For that I am grateful. The Foley family is far too gracious to say so.

We have seen this pattern of preferential treatment on one hand and prejudicial treatment on the other repeated countless times. In the beginning there was feigned attention to honorable obligations but as the grip of democracy and liberty weakened the fascist style grip of a lawless president firmed. I say the pretext is over. The momentum of Islamic Jihad affects every nation and their intent to destroy Israel and America on their way to world domination is out in the open for all to see and record. Barack’s decisions and indecision, strategically imparted made their threats a reality.

How and when we will take control of our destiny remains an enigma. Even a toothless lion roars in rejection but our roar is not yet a whimper. The Middle East map tells it all. A map of the rest of the world, if it depicted where Muslim presence is dominant or on its way to dominance, even if all hostilities ceased for the next five or ten years should put the fear of God in all of us…rather the fear of Islamic rule. The resources and ability to reverse the trend is unmistakably on our side. The will to succeed is on theirs.

The last powers on earth that could save civilization are the United States and Russia. Need I say more.

Help to remove this regime by any means available to us. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke


Fear Not for I am With You

As an underwriter in Wall Street many years ago I learned an invaluable lesson. Without capable, committed management businesses are doomed to failure. “There is no such thing as a bad business, only bad businessmen”, became my guiding mantra.
If I were asked to underwrite the United States today as a going concern I would decline; seas of oil, mountains of minerals, waves of amber grain notwithstanding. Management is corrupt, incompetent and unqualified. From the presidency down through 535 top executives, incompetency is second to betrayal and betrayal is topped by foreign interests posing as local employees.

Lately however, arrogance and frustration have combined to bring out the worst in these players as they struggle to adapt their rhetoric to regain our confidence. Have at it. Patriotic words are unbecoming when they don’t match deeds or are not followed by actions to support the words. Say what they will our borders are open, our defenses are down, our workers are idle, our enemies don’t fear us, our allies don’t trust us. It may not matter but the almighty dollar has lost its luster and is losing its clout.
Barack says the whole world is appalled, Kerry says Isis will be crushed and Chuck Hagel says the bad guys are way worse than we thought…My confidence level is appalled , crushed and way worse than before. Isis is contemplating a name change…Mephistopheles may attack us at home.

It is not a good idea to go to war when we spent the last six years gutting our military. If we decided to go at it anyway I would never bet against the US but I can make an exception. Who’s leading the charge? Barack? Kerry? Hagel? Don’t look now but the strongest force in the White House has been and still is Valerie Jarred, God help us.

Are we going to reinstate the top brass Barack broke? Is Barack going to reverse 6 years of denial and respond to the declaration of war he chided us wasn’t reality? Will Barack reverse his policies to demonize fossil fuels without which we cannot wage economic or military wars? Do we realize the enemy is gobbling up oil production in the Middle East to our detriment? Does America remember how to fight wars? If I were asked to underwrite our war machine today I’d decline. Management is corrupt, incompetent and unqualified.

However, stark reality may leave us no choice. The enemy is relentless and determined. We have been playing a game of hide and go seek…they bomb, murder, invade and terrorize and we look for their leader so we can prosecute him in our courts…Now we are suddenly concerned that games don’t matter…”ready or not, here we come” and maybe they mean it.

If we had half the sense of an amoeba on a Petri dish we would remove this administration, forcibly if necessary. We would be wise to provide Israel with every class of weaponry and as much manpower they desire and allow them to engage the enemy at will, not only in Gaza but wherever the road leads, until we can get our house in order, rebuild our military command, and join our ally on the ground, to finally rid the world of a lunatic led Islamic attempt to rule the world, one beheading at a time.

The God fearing Americans who want to restore this nation outnumber those who see no reason to; by a lot. Organize, participate and love the American dream before it becomes a nightmare.


Heads They Win, Tails We Lose

Many of you may not have known that the slogan “speak softly but carry a big stick” is a well known golfing motto. It is just good golf etiquette to whisper or hold your tongue when a fellow golfer is lining up a putt or about to tee off. Ask Tiger Woods what a nine iron can do for behavior modification.

Once off the golf course Barack returns to his formal presidential manner, because he knows what it takes to mold foreign policy, discourage terrorists and get foreign countries to stay in line; shoot off your big mouth and swear you won’t start waving your big stick around. Works every time. The world is a better place for it. Foley lost his head but Barack won’t lose his. Isis Got the message and is mending their ways as we speak…maybe one more head to be had and they’ll pack it in and Barack can speak softly and carry a big stick with his chums on the green in peace.

Barack, (can we all just agree that he’s a Muslim?) our Arabic speaking, Islam worshipping, terrorist denying president, (double agent) seems satisfied that the Muslim world is divided into many separate Islamic sects, each with its own hierarchy, identity and purpose in life. I have foolishly held the opposite view for several years now but I’m just another infidel, unschooled in the ways of Islamic fundamentalism. If they all and Barack say they are unrelated it must be so, because Muslims don’t lie. The only thing these various groups (some peace loving according to Hillary) have in common is their religious affiliation with Islam and the pursuit of Jihad. As far as I know there is but one Quran, therefore they all demand conversion to Islam and of course refusal results in death…oh and they all opt for beheading whenever possible…They don’t like infidels but they all hate Jews…Am I too humble to think that Barack is wrong and I am right? I’m not too humble; Barack is lying and I am right…Yesterday Benjamin Netanyahu agreed with me. He said that the enemy Israel is confronting in Gaza is the same enemy in Syria and Iraq. We had better start thinking that way. When a Muslim won’t own up consider removing him from office for the good of the country.

If we remove Barack for the good of the country think what else will happen in time. The concept of self government may actually be revived. Its like reverse dominoes. The movement toward autocracy with a compliant (dependant) electorate (assuming we can still vote), has toppled the Bill of Rights, our Judea Christian value system, checks and balances, free markets, sovereignty, economic stability and military preparedness like dominoes. America has been changed fundamentally when the common courtesy of God Bless you after a sneeze is an affront to our elders.

If we the people take back their lawful right to self govern the domino theory can be reversed. The dominoes will stand on end and Americans will stand proudly once more…In time Americans will challenge the odds and seek to achieve their highest potential, just like the old days. Terrorists will run and hide if they dare to behead an American journalist, certain that their world is about to come tumbling down on them; absolutely certain. Success will be rewarded and mediocrity will seek its proper level. The progress we have made in 240 odd years will be built on to make us even better 240 odd years from now, A black president will be a qualified president and America will export our core values, the envy of all nations.

Islam is nothing less nor more than a politically ambitious institution intent on world domination, using zealous religious fanatics to rain terror for political dominance. All who stand in their way are condemned to death beginning with moderate Muslims and ending with infidels. En route, countries that have embraced the Judea Christian concept of democracy must be over run, destroyed or transformed. That’s where Barack Hussein Obama comes in. He is overseeing the total transformation and eventual subjugation of the biggest obstacle to Islamic world domination; a government that elevates the importance of the individual and values life Constitutionally.

A government that imposes Sharia law has the opposite philosophy, where the individual is only rewarded and elevated after death. Sharia law dictates that women are chattel, completely submissive to the male figure, replaceable by a whim and worthless to the state. The Quran gives Muslim men authority to do as they please with the opposite gender, able to lawfully mete out cruel and inhuman punishment for minor offenses in the home and in their communities. You can see how the religious government, their representative of Allah on earth, is omniscient in their eyes. The loyalty of men controlled by zealous submission to Allah and zero opposition or participation by women equals unrivaled population control. From this base they intend to rule the world. An army that can rape, murder and mutilate their neighbors and relatives has no compunction over the rape and pillaging of strangers guilty of not worshipping their God.

Rather than support a staunch ally forced to deal with this enemy in deadly combat; rather than brutally punish a brazen enemy that dared to behead an American heroic journalist; rather than respond to a national threat with overwhelming force to defend the nation from clear and present danger and the prospect of total domination, Barack Hussein Obama will play another round of golf.

Wake up America. It has come to this. We the people against he the person. The person came to power here with the culture of Islam in his veins and their ambition as his agenda. End his regime now or suffer the consequences.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Faces of Satan

Beheading can be a merciful death, compared to slower methods of murder, but the specter of the event is appalling and medieval. For those reasons and other more obvious reasons, it is the preferred method of execution of terrorists. We need to see this act for what it is; a defiant, gruesome act of murder intended to cow enemies and impair their sense of reason through abject fear.

Fine. I fear for those who cannot defend themselves but for those of us who can defend ourselves let me once more admonish one and all. Victory cannot be won on defense. Isis exists for one reason alone. The Islamic threat to civilization was not condemned and defeated mercilessly when their savage war on infidels was first felt. The civilized world has a history of reaction to the terrorism since time immemorial; one reaction per event. The only time they have been inactive is when they feared the enemy they hate.

With that historical backdrop every infidel on planet earth should be united to eliminate this scourge once and for all. Instead we have tolerated their constant intrusion among us, neighborhood after neighborhood, city after city and now country after country, not confined to the Middle East, Europe, Africa and America. We have stood by mute as the president of the United States enabled their most militaristic and politically active factions to gain access to political systems, increase their wealth, acquire deadly weapons and make demands for equal representation in emerging democratic governments as well as the staid and established governments in Europe and local politics in America. The Muslim Brotherhood has never before enjoyed this degree of political influence and military capability.

Fear and political correctness combined to allow this enemy of civilization to expand and adopt or spin off various sects to divide our attention, causing us to focus on the organization causing unrest and waging Jihad in their chosen front. At this late date when the beheading of a journalist is accompanied by a direct threat to attack us at home and making demands that we cease operations in Iraq, we still refuse to accept that there is one enemy, not a dozen and when we strike back we should strike at the heart, not the extremities.

When Barack said, in no uncertain terms, that “America is not at war with Islam and as long as I am president, never will be”, it should have confirmed for us that Islam has indeed declared war on America. Barack should have said we have no intention of responding in a meaningful way. Yes they have a more general definition of their foe, called infidels, but America has been singled out as their immediate concern for destruction. Followers of Islam are responsible for every act of terror against America, resulting in the deaths and destruction of assets for more than 50 years; be they al Qaida, Hamas, Taliban, Hezbollah or their latest version, Isis …the list of terrorist organizations is extensive and we should shorten it to one. I will accept radical Islam, although I hardly see the need for me to make that distinction; or we can call it the Muslim Brotherhood and be done with it. My only point being that we are fools to pound one sect until they are reeling a bit and then are confronted by another two doors down.

Israel is dealing with Hamas after years of being confronted by “Palestinians” with “ties” to Hamas. When the fight intensified Hamas emerged as the dominant power. Now Hamas has had their 11th breather they call truce and despite the destruction Gaza has endured are seeking to expand the front into the West Bank. Clearly only the elimination of Israel will satisfy them but do not doubt for one second that if (G-D forbid) Israel cedes their right to exist, that the their lust to kill Jews will dissipate. Jihad does not end if the State of Israel ends and for that reason Israel must never relent. For that reason I pray that Israel abandons this policy of measured response and follow the trail of blood and deceit to its fountainhead.

Isis is the repository of all Islamic power as it is accumulated in various battles. When the Caliphate is complete, redrawing sovereign borders to their own pre WW 2 lines, rest assured Hamas will give way to the more brutal, better trained, better equipped and financed Isis, to confront Israel in a much less one sided altercation. If we allow that to happen we don’t deserve to live in a civilized world. Isis must be decimated to the last man standing and any other Muslim Terrorist organizations left must be taken down in succession and the world community must attack the Muslim Brotherhood banking and financial resources and arrest every known or suspected member wherever they reside or hide.

Barack and Perry have already been told not to interfere further in Israel’s decision making process. If you missed it blame the Islamic Press of America…our media. May months ago I offered the suggestion that Israel may well reverse roles and save America. So far only Israel is confronting the enemy we all must deal with eventually. Only Israel is fighting a battle of survival that can only be won by the complete destruction of their nemesis. It behooves every nation on earth to support Israel; if not for humanitarian reasons then for selfish reasons of avoiding the inevitable struggle we will all face. If not for humanitarian reasons, shame on mankind.

A religious War is not fought in the traditional manner. It is fought wherever Islam is attempting to establish roots or waging Jihad. There is no country to invade and occupy, just Nomads joining the fray wherever they are called. We infidels must deprive them of a home base and any remnants of the Jihad movement must be relegated to roaming the desert on camels once more, muttering their intention to rule the world into the deaf ears of Haboob…the desert wind.

Justice among the unjust is called Jihad. All who wage Jihad yearn to die with the blood of infidels on their hands. There is no excuse for mercy when beheading is the destiny these terrorists hold in store for us all…


The Expendables

Since the beginning of time the ambitions of kings and dictators have been fulfilled over the bodies of those they intend to dominate or stand between them and domination; the expendables.

Expendable people do nothing to find themselves sacrificed for a cause they seldom concur with and it is their naive decision to do nothing that makes them vulnerable, hence expendable. People are swept up in causes created to capture their imagination and win their passion with half truths and outright lies. They commit to people who appeal to some inner requirement and spurn objectivity in favor of predetermined conclusions provided for their comfort. Thinkers are not encouraged in dictatorships.
There has never been a villain who didn’t have some supporters, always oblivious to the villain’s true nature and evil intent. Where redeeming qualities are nonexistent followers provide and believe their own positive narratives, unsupported by facts when all facts are presented. Adolph Hitler has loyal devotees to this day and someone will always interject Mussolini’s contributions to Italy when faced with his autocratic will to rule and devastating choices.

Idi Amin and Fidel Castro came to power with idealistic plans for their people until power corrupted absolutely. Nero fiddled while Rome burned but he played a heck of a fiddle.
Barack Hussein Obama came to power dictating his will and declaiming our heritage even before he was sworn in. His six year record has been devastating and if he left office today his policies will continue to plague us for years to come. Perhaps we will never recover from his devastating impact on every aspect of our existence and holds our history to critical reassessment. He withholds his biographical records at substantial expense, cannot provide an uncontested record of his birth, can only be associated historically with the most despicable America-hating characters on the edges of society, his religious heritage is conflicted and inconsistent with his words vs actions, his economic policies contradict all known and proven philosophies and have failed miserably, his international assessments have been hotly contested by our most trusted, highly experienced military and diplomatic experts, and every corner of the world is suffering from his lack of leadership and inane decisions. But Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetero, has loyal defenders.

He will not be held accountable for the deaths of millions, deemed expendable by his minions, sacrificed to promote his philosophy of government. A philosophy never quite spoken plainly but is obviously in direct opposition to the American Constitution. He may not have told us precisely what he favors but he has told us in no uncertain terms that our Constitution and Bill of Rights are problematical documents which have the order of authority reversed. He has his supporters.

He has said that the future shall not belong to those who slander Islam. He has not slandered Islam. He has slandered our core values. He has followers.

To those fellow Americans who disagree with me and who cannot recite his quotes which malign our military, our religious heritage and our impeccable record or humane contributions, it is time for us to part company.

A revolution is not born by spontaneous combustion. It is a long and tedious process of diminishing relevance. When the people feel they are not relevant and shortly before they realize they are expendable choices are forced upon us and they boil down to action or inaction. I choose to act and my first act of rebellion is to separate myself from all who have come to terms with our subjugation to the will of one government controlled by one individual.

We all have but one life to give but before we offer our lives on the altar of sacrifice let us spend our lives in the trenches of warfare. I will not go down without a fight and I believe with my entire being and soul that most Americans side with that philosophy of life. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness belong to those who will not plead for freedom; freedom is a birthright and it is handed down to Americans through our Judea Christian value system. To support a tyrant who denounces those values is to betray your country. If you betray your country you have chosen to change America, not support America. Reconsider or draw your sword.

With the clear understanding that it is not every American’s destiny to rule, i must state that it is NO American’s destiny to rule. Challenge my right to self govern and two expendable forces will be at odds until good conquers evil.

God bless America.


Diversions, Distractions, Destruction

The right to assembly is sacred. Public demonstrations are protected under the Constitution but the Obama regime has already redefined what constitutes public assembly and will enforce the new definition when and as it suits them. The people must have a means to express their views when communication between the public and its representatives breaks down or is not disseminated fairly. Passion and participation are the keys to successful protests, pro or con any issue. But let’s be honest. Protests and demonstrations in America are predominantly low income, union or racially attended and always fomented by some radical faction. They destroy property, deepen divisions and solve nothing. They have become field training operations for local law enforcement instead of a venue where public opinion can influence policy; those days are gone.

Do you ever wonder why the Middle Class is always diminished and reduced in numbers when Communists and socialists are running things? Consider that a vital middle class has the ability to protest effectively, organize forces and effect change in government. It is the Middle Class portion of society that has political clout and where most of our public servants have roots. No dictator can afford to increase the ranks of opposition. His mission is to eliminate the middle class, allow the rich to get richer to compensate and swell the ranks of dependency, because their opinions and votes can be bought, influenced or countermanded. It is historically true that people rarely vote against their own narrow self interests. Dependency becomes generational and voting trends reflect that human condition; those are the A,B,C’s of dictator school. An electorate that has little political power will tolerate government corruption, including election fraud, which is the mainstay of dictatorship, once they accept that they are marginalized.

There is never a war on the rich, contrary to public opinion. That is a false impression intentionally given, to create division and diversion…while the middle class is struggling to cope. Resentment cannot distinguish between the 2% super rich who survive governments and the wealthy working class who despise big government and big governments despise.

Deprive them of opportunity, subject them to subtle confiscation, hidden taxes and oppressive regulations and the opportunity to share risk and in time they fall victim to poor economies, losing their middle class status. Red tape is the boondoggle that discourages productivity and mainly affects middle class upward mobility. Poor or dependent people can always find a government employee willing to navigate the red tape they encounter and even manage the truth to meet qualifications for assistance regularly.

America has a plethora of distractions, some with intensely serious consequences, almost always created by government action, inaction or otherwise fabricated conditions with crises arising. Above the fray or beneath the surface, however you see it, the transformation is unrelenting. Russia builds tanks and super fighter planes and we dismantle our tank offensive weapons and reduce airplane production. China builds aircraft carriers and weapons systems that signal a change of military strategy from defensive to offensive and our Secretary of State mollifies them. A holocaust is taking the lives of Jews, Christians and other infidels and American persecution is gaining momentum at home…and the world applies band aids, helping victims after the fact but not willing to confront the Muslim organizations conducting the Jihad head on.

The Conservative Governor Perry of Texas is indicted for abuse of power, while the liberal governor Cuomo of New York is the subject of an ongoing investigation for alleged misuse of campaign funds…Like all liberal or Democrat investigations of their own, the investigation is circular in nature. Barack Obama is sued for abuse of power and he claims he is being sued for doing his job…We can expect a court date sometime in late 2016 unless it is dismissed beforehand. We are given the impression that Governor Perry is the victim of a vengeful DUI recipient. No one dares allege that calling up the Texas National Guard to protect our border is in direct opposition to Barack’s policies and the millions of recent illegals Barack himself enabled. The indictment seemed to precede the investigation…n’est ce pas?

America has been successfully transformed. Our culture and political process have been changed fundamentally. This was the spoken intention of the enemy in the White House, even before he was sworn in. The swear-in is also in doubt. Can a Muslim take an oath on a bible? We have insurmountable evidence to support that contention but we continue to debate facts and fiction proffered as fact, while government conducts business based on its own conclusions, ignoring the argument. The economy we are told is much improved is not. We dare not engage our troops in dire situations that directly threaten our security at home but our military is stronger than ever. Our borders are abandoned but we are told better protected than ever. Global warming and air pollution generate taxes and regulations that cripple the coal industry and countless small businesses are unable to cope and experts and politicians who have empirical evidence that totally debunks both theories are silenced, discredited and ridiculed.

The voice of the people is a minor annoyance as the new order in government dictates our present, our future and rewrites our history.

Remove the regime. Nothing is sacred and the sacred is nothing. Our children will be rewarded for excelling in mediocrity but they will never know the joy of accomplishment unassisted by and unimpeded by government, unless the government is returned to the people. Correction: unless we take our government back.

How do we remove a regime? Fair and honest elections, of course, but of late we have seen evidence of tampering, unless you accept results that defy logic.

If the will of the people is denied at the voting booth the alternative is to protest and demonstrate until the regime cannot govern without silencing the people. And so revolution is born. I for one prefer to see secession and the reestablishment of a Constitutional Republic to replace the one we lost to neglect.

Diversions and distractions, real or invented, unless dealt with swiftly, will result in our destruction.


Chose, We Lost

He Chose, We Lost

Obama-instigated persecution of Christians and Jews is a fact of life in America. If we dare to open our eyes and lift the thin veil of hypocrisy, it is plain to see. But any mention is spurned as intolerant, divisive behavior and our effort to expose divides us further.

The reduction of Christian and Jewish Chaplains in our military and universities, replaced by Imams, coincided by punitive measures for the display of traditional religious prayer or icons, is not fodder for a complicit media. Bibles are offensive; the Quran an expression of First Amendment rights. The IRS is instructed to target Christians for audits and deny 501c 3 status to conservatives.

The ACLU is highly concerned that football players may offend us if they huddle to pray before play and school children can praise Obama in class but not our Creator; not even in silence.

In Miami a visiting Rabbi is slaughtered in cold blood on his way to temple, swastikas desecrating the Temple with anti Semitic epithets scrawled and sprayed on pillars and buildings, hardly worth a mention. It makes the evening news and perhaps the morning report but is not worth 1/100th of the air time and space allotted to the suicide of a Hollywood icon, tragic to be sure, but where is the moral equivalency? The violent anti Semitic act and undercurrent of hatred cannot be denounced too often or addressed too often by community leaders but if there’s no passion or urgency from the media it fades from our consciousness. Law enforcement promises to investigate but assures us it is not a hate crime, just a hold up gone bad. The criminal probably mistook the Rabbi for a Seven Eleven.

Not a word about restoring the values that condemn these actions or cracking down on anti Semitic, pro Nazi graffiti artists to get to the genesis of their vile behavior. It is far more important to protect passers by from being offended by an obscene display of religious fervor; or the passive acknowledgment thereof. If Christians and Jews are offended by citizens claiming to be offended, it is we who are insensitive and intolerant. Is it only a coincidence that so many are offended since Obama’s election or am I politically incorrect to ask?

Anti Israel demonstrators try to disrupt Jewish owned businesses in NYC’s famed Diamond District but pro Israel patriots respond spontaneously. Thousands pour into the streets of Manhattan to counter the premeditated, organized hate demonstration, spewing hatred and venom, the Jews united, answering, chanting pro Israel slogans. The Jewish culture is for something the Arab culture is against many things. The media missed the lesson and gave us pap; biased pap at that.

Do as I say, not as I do. We interject America’s formula for the behavior of friendly nations and foes alike and expect the world not to look at the human suffering Barack created and sustains at home. Barack demands inclusive governments as nations in the Middle East try to overcome the Obama syndrome while at home the Obama syndrome is the most divisive, combative, undemocratic in our history. Has it not dawned on us that a call for inclusive government is a call for including terrorist representatives where the Muslim Brotherhood is most invested?

Barack aka Barry has never missed an opportunity to extol or defend Islam and Muslim terrorists…where did the innocuous term “workplace violence” originate? Since when is it a President’s place to tell America to “not jump to conclusions” while the shock of murder by terror is stuck in our craw? We have been told gratuitously that Islam is a religion of peace; Barack released Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the self proclaimed Caliph and leader of Isis whose parting words to his guards were “see you in New York”. Palestinian refugees with known ties to Hamas, reside among us, compliments of Barack Obama’s phone and pen governance, and now…

Only Islam, with a Muslim penchant to make war by terror, puts an army in the field that has no appetite for peace and no expectation of peaceful coexistence. Death is their reward and even in death they have a perverted expectation of deviant sexual adventures. The Jihadist purpose for reproduction is to swell the ranks of Jihad. To them war is an eternal struggle to bend the will of mankind to one radical hate-filled philosophy; they recruit followers ready, willing and able to murder in the quest to eliminate all religions worldwide, save Islam.

Isis commits genocide in Iraq, Hamas declares their intention to eradicate Jews and refuses to recognize Israel’s legitimacy…they are one and the same. Hamas’ Gaza campaign targets Israeli civilians with limited success but hides behind Palestinian women and children with great success. Each disruptive campaign, interrupted by convenient cessations, serves only to regroup for the next assault, the next opportunity to engage in slaughter and despicable inhuman behavior, while their civilized enemy vainly seeks a solution to violence. Israel is fighting the same enemy by any other name that has us high on their list of priorities for invasion, conversion and slaughter. America refuses to name terrorists as the enemy of civilization choosing instead to analyze each sect independently, as if we expect to find some redeeming value or quality so that our buffoon Secretary of State can negotiate peace on earth and unravel the mysteries of Islam for us all.

The Muslim capacity for hatred cannot be sated by compromise and so peace is deplored. A truce is a time to make impossible demands and cry foul for being countered successfully. There is no mention or suggestion, not to say demand by the community of nations, that the so called Palestinians who elected a terrorist organization to lead them, cease and desist calling for the elimination of Israel and the murder of all Jews as a condition to a two state “solution” in Israel. It is Israel that is expected to concede to at least some of the demands made by savages, and Lord knows they have done so time and time again, never able to satisfy the enemy at hand or the enemies that pose as their friends, like the US.

So far only Israel recognized the threat to civilization and in our wisdom we condemn Israel for compassion in battle under the most difficult circumstances imaginable. This enemy that from the same book called a Quran has two distinct philosophies; those who embrace and practice Jihad and those who interpret Jihad as a peaceful prosecution of their faith. By all that is holy this is not possible. We must demand the conversion of all Muslims to any religion that is based on the love of one’s fellow man and the elevation of the human spirit. Let them embrace Atheism; it is far more acceptable to disbelieve than to believe in evil. Any who find it heretic to abandon a religion that calls for the death or conversion and torture of their fellow man are enemies; it is not heresy to denounce evil. We who base our patterns of behavior on Judea Christian values and seek to live peacefully to the betterment of all others cannot coexist in a world populated by an entire race that prescribes our death as a condition of their existence.

Which is it media geniuses of America, politicians and political pundits, is Barack smart or is he dumb?

Here’s my take. Barack never underestimated anyone. He downplayed the Muslim terrorist potential intentionally and helped them beyond our worst nightmare and now they are strengthened and we are weakened. The enemy that is so emboldened that they are now bragging publicly that their flag will fly over our White House. Barack, my fellow Americans, will gladly raise that flag when they show up and the talking heads will say once more… Barack underestimated the enemy…the enemy he cautioned us not call by name…

I do not celebrate Israel’s decision to enter another truce. I want a lasting peace for Israel and the prospect of peace for America. I pray that this is the last “truce” Israel will contend with once Hamas violates this one. If Israel won’t finish what Hamas Palestinians started, who will? Not an America with a regime in power that has the enemy’s back.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”