Is It Time to Dump OPEC?

I am not an expert in the field but I say yes. I also say that concerning prominent issues like oil production, free college for soda jerks, retroactive SS payments for illegal aliens or even taxes and confiscation, is like changing burnt out light bulbs on the Titanic as the life boats are being lowered.

A president who either creates or exacerbates our problems, refuses to protect us and denies almost catastrophic failure, is not a president; he is doing the things any enemy in the enviable position he is in would do; he is defacto or per facto the enemy he cannot name or harm. He is the president who, when faced with growing public and internal pressure to change tactics lashes out at American and Christian immoral equivalency with stunning historical inaccuracy; again; the enemy’s contorted justification for religious, political and inhumane crimes against humanity.

Political correctness has no place outside a cocktail party and even then those who tiptoe around inconvenient facts and honesty at a social gathering are not held in high esteem when the party’s over. The most dangerous man in the world is the man who set the Muslims loose to make a mad grab for world domination by terror against civilization. Toppling dictators was the most difficult obstacle in the way of Islamic Extremism and Barack used the influence and might of this great nation to accomplish that feat. If it was not to the benefit of Jihad please explain why the “Junior Varsity” is the dominant force in the Middle East today and growing in scope and resources even as we speak.

Yet Conservatives and disillusioned (citizens, not politicians) Democrats who claim they eschew political correctness, still go out of their way to avoid the obvious…I don’t. They blame Obama’s policies and not Obama as if there is a difference. From the very beginning I have said and will continue to say that Barack Obama is pro Islam to such an extent that no Muslim can do any wrong; worse than that by half is the fact that he is anti American, anti Christian and anti Semitic; to such an extent that he assists the Jihad movement with every fiber of his being and uses the office of the president to further Islamic ambitions in word and in deed. Those who hold Islam responsible are punished along with the victims of Islam.

Barack’s animus toward Netanyahu is only symptomatic of his agenda to compromise Israel; which is the long term evil intention of the enemies of civilization; the Muslim Brotherhood and every Muslim organization that has sprung from that unholy organizer. It is no longer denial of the obvious, he is openly full tilt against Netanyahu, even more obvious than the petulant displeasure and purpose he exhibits toward Putin. Putin, ambitious and warped though he may be, had not earned Obama’s reprisals until he made it clear that Russia and the territory it consumes will not tolerate Muslim coexistence.

But what is Israel’s crime? In fact their crimes are identical; neither country will tolerate Muslim-Islamic expansion but in Israel’s case they are the embodiment of all that Islam detests and is sworn to annihilate. Barack will never condemn that iodeological fact or the actual daily aggression to achieve that aim.

The disgraceful tolerance of anti Semitism at UC is further indication of the sympathy for Islamic demands cultivated by Barack. Islamic Muslim Jewish hatred has become quite fashionable among elite student bodies and they view the war on Israel as justified for the alleged crimes Israel perpetrates against its neighbors. A perfect example of maleable student opinion being molded by indoctrination of a foreign nature.

Kerry bearing gifts of band aids and Twinkies to people desperate for guns to defend themselves against ISIL, seeking a strong ally to lean on continues to degrade our credibility on the world scene. It is politically incorrect and probably political suicide for these nations to express publicly what they know in their hearts and intellectually. America is led by an enemy of civilization; time for us to man up and see the world as it is.

Barack has run out of scapegoats. Today’s events are too horrific to blame George Bush or even Israel; so horrific that Barack has finally reverted to the Islamic Jihad story line, which tells me and should put every infidel in the world on notice as to who Barack Obama really is…Christ did it.

We know what Christ did. He left us a legacy of Judea Christian justice and moral principles we had better begin to restore.

Barack must be removed and held accountable now.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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