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Merry Christmas to All Americans and Citizens of the World

We fought the Revolution not to have the government we’re getting now. After we defeated the British a Republic was ordained and we were warned that it would not endure unless we understood the ground rules. We didn’t get it and ceded our authority to 540 perennially elected professional politicians; exactly what we were told not to do. So we lasted around the average span of time most Republics exist, since it seems to take around 200 years for these leeches to forgo the rule of law and flaunt redistribution and take with a capital T until it hurts…(us).

Given a choice I would prefer British rule to the Islamic Fascist rule we are hurtling toward. The king merely wanted to tax us and expand his footprint; this cabal wants to tax, confiscate and control our religious convictions, moral principles and achievement quotient in order to establish a new authoritarian regime where we enjoyed a Constitutional Republic. Obama gives every indication that he favors Islamic Fascism; a political ideology that uses religion to achieve its demonic political ends.

The king of England sent troops to disarm the colonies after he got wind of the rebellious aspirations of the colonists. An aspiring dictator goes for the guns first. It has been Obama’s least successful but most sought and consistent endeavor since he came to power. His brand of government gives rise to fear of the people he seeks to dominate. Our guns may be the only thing that stands between us a tyranny. He must diminish the influence and presence of religion and religious icons if he intends to use liberal philosophy to entice the population toward his political agenda. These are the ABC’s of transformation. He must control the nation’s liquidity and discourage the formation of businesses that encourage self determination. Anything that promotes Christianity and encourages conservative values must be derailed. The Duck Dynasty proves that wholesome family values and Christian life styles are not welcome examples of conservative ethics trumping liberal agnosticism. I will not be convinced that government interference did not play a role in forcing the network to change the religious tone of the show that upholds conservative values. Not even the left leaning management of the A&E Network would voluntarily kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Barak is in full

In Russia Christians and Jews were persecuted and murdered when Lenin and Marx put their stamp of Communism on the country. Hitler is famous for persecuting and doing his darnedest to annihilate all Jews. Christians were intimidated and subjugated in the process. Barak must concentrate on Christianity but he knows full well that his colleagues, the Muslim Brotherhood, will do Hitler’s evil work when the time comes and all infidels will become fair game in the process.

So far Barak dictates the battles we fight. As each freedom comes under attack we object vociferously and demand that our laws prevail. Today it is the First Amendment. The Second Amendment comes under fire with every shot fired insanely; the Fourth and Fifth must be defended on cue and so on. Why are we not prepared to defend the entire Bill of Rights no matter which is the soup of the day to this regime? An assault on any of our rights is a threat to all of our rights.

I am taking an old fashioned approach to this Christmas. I wish everyone within range and beyond a very Merry Christmas. If you have an objection to my wishing you Joy when I am joyful or Merriment when I am merry I pity you. I do not ask that you believe as I do or worship as I do; only that you respect my right to worship as I see fit, when I see fit and wherever I see fit. You may do the same…or not.

I encourage all Americans to worship publicly and often and let the world know that we Americans are not preaching tolerance. We are preaching liberty. We will cling to our guns and our religions until oppressive government relinquishes its grip on our heritage.

Merry Christmas America.




The Image in the Mirror is a Lie

So far the only effects the Affordable Care Act have had are the ones we predicted. If the Bill was passed to enable the regime to accrue draconian control over our economy and to render the Republic obsolete and ineffective, the Left has achieved an historic victory.

If you believe that Barak is reeling from the failure of the ACA to provide Health Insurance for anyone in America, reel in your emotions. Barak is doing just fine. His only concern at the moment is whether we will continue to accept the impositions without outright rebellion until the transformation is complete. The worst is yet to come. At the risk of being redundant to the extreme let me repeat once more: The Affordable Care Act has nothing to do with Health Insurance or Health Care. The media watch-puppies can stop counting enrollees and disenfranchised formerly insured and start counting the freedoms we gave up without a fight, the blow to the economy we saw coming but forgot to duck and the unprecedented power now wielded by the Executive Branch. As a matter of fact we can stop calling it the Executive Branch as if we still had two other branches of government…they exist in name only. It is the Trojan Horse that spills an endless supply of taxes, confiscatory policies, anti Christian requirements, Constitution defying edicts, Fascist enforcement tactics, etc., behind enemy lines. Believe it. We are the enemy and when the enemy is cornered and coerced to accept whatever the victor dictates it is time for celebration. Barak is a happy camper though growing more concerned with time as Obamacare continues to extract punishment and penalties but somehow has not made a dent in providing Health Care.

Transformation is painful, especially when the country is morphing from greatness to weakness. It is more difficult to halt when the weakest in our society continue to expect greatness from the transfer of wealth. It is difficult to halt when the casualties of transformation lose the will to fight. Demoralization is part and parcel of transformation but it affects one segment of the population at a time. The next victims will be the elderly as Medicare is cannibalized to pay the massive overhead to impose Obamacare.

Let me not belabor the point. Until a new constitution is written and the original officially submitted to the trash heap of history we are a Constitutional Republic; a nation entrusted with self government and privileged to seek achievement without fear of failure. It is within our power to remove Barak aka Barry, Obama, aka Soetero, for the good of the country and the preservation of our heritage. If we fail to act we have no one to blame but ourselves and rest assured our future generations will blame us as well.

Remove his guns not mine. His will submit us, mine will hold him at bay.

God bless Americans.



Are You Finally Offended?

12 18 13 Folks,

Merry Christmas. Most of us who celebrate the birth of Christ will do so unconcerned and unaware of any movement to diminish the value of faith or cast aspersions on Christianity. Would that we were aware. Most of us suspect that the regime in power has an agenda to elevate Islam in our culture; some of us are certain. I am not prone to political correctness so I refuse to be made a fool of; I am talking about the Islam that actively supports terrorism worldwide. If you are not part of that sect join me in condemning the Muslim Brotherhood and any others who engage in or condone Jihad, or forever hold your peace.

Hold your peace while I castigate those who would convert or murder all non Muslims and are pledged to murder all Jews and destroy Israel. Hold your peace while I call for full scale opposition in kind to remove the Muslim threat to Christianity, Judaism and civilization. Hold your peace while I wish all who live to see me and my loved ones enslaved, double what they wish us. The problem is that you hold your peace all to well. Those among you who come forward are considered heroic and selfless and can be counted without the aid of an abacus. It would be less heroic and more effective if all peace loving Muslims spoke out as one voice to denounce their faith hijacked.

Christmas is a season of peace and joy and as the day approaches we Christians are taught to focus our thoughts and our hearts on the spiritual message of good will to all men. Is it then incongruous to pray for justice and to mete out justice in our time on earth? I think not. Justice is not revenge. When justice is served good will to all men is achieved. I harbor no ill will toward any individual but I hold with the Old Testament’s an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Sadly and to our everlasting shame we have lost count of the eyes gouged, teeth yanked and turned cheeks slapped for decades and our response is long awaited.

Many of my thoughts this Christmas will be with Israel and for Jews faced with the shameful reality of world tolerance for the most intolerant of our species; the Muslim Brotherhood and other Arab nations. No greater cause than to oppose with our last ounce of strength and humanity the possibility of a new attempt at extermination of an entire race. The mere mention of an atrocity of this capacity should be met by men of good will with immediate censure and condemnation, if not force. To celebrate Christmas oblivious to the evil that is the antithesis of goodness is hypocritical and beneath the dignity and purpose of religion.

How much of our civilization are we prepared to sacrifice by our silence and indifference? It is an all or none situation. We are either civilized or we are not and the choice has consequences. Ignore this threat against Israel and our humanity is compromised beyond our ability to reconcile our existence with our choices. Ignore the threat to our Republic and this administration is prepared to usher this nation into a new and terrible dark age. In an Islamic Fascist world where success is punished and mediocrity rewarded, only one religion will be recognized and the exercise of any other religious ceremonies could cost you your freedom and even your life.

We must end the denial. Obama has told us explicitly that he sides with Islam. He has betrayed Israel and given rise to unprecedented Muslim influence in the Middle East and here. His policies are destructive to our economy, our moral convictions and our military. When do we end the charade and demand that Barak be removed, held accountable and punished?

This Christmas is a good time to pray that the message and gift we received in the birth of Christ is finally heard. We are our brothers’ keeper.

God bless Americans.


The End of the Line

The “Merry” in Merry Christmas is universal. We do wish everyone merriment during our celebration of the birth of Christ from which we Christians derive great joy to share unselfishly with all people.

Rejoice; our government has proudly presented us with a budget. Neatly wrapped and tied with a bow it is a Christmas-Hanukkah, agnostic, atheist, heathen, one size fits all democrat tour de force. As usual with all democrat largesses the bill is forwarded to our heirs. The Republican Party, if not every Republican, is complicit in the crime against the Republic and continuing to tax and spend is a crime of the highest order. Cowardice or ignorance is no longer an acceptable excuse for the continuous policy of cede for the sake of peace and live to fight another day. That day is upon us. Neither party in power has the will to face facts and fix the problems or die trying. We cannot afford weak kneed politicians that do not see e trees for the forest. America’s days are numbered. The Republicans claim political impotence; the Democrats claim superior strategy and a new era in American politics. We are victims of ideology, ignorance and ineptitude. This regime, Barak at the head is determined to deny our heritage and steal our future. Their vision for America is in total opposition to everything we stood for, stand for and were born to.

If Democrats voted to elect the Republican speaker Boehner would win unanimously. I’m sure they would appoint him opposition party leader for life if they could. This Congress will not, under any circumstances, grow testicular fortitude in time to save the Republic or any time thereafter. The budget is the latest evidence that neither party puts America before their personal ambitions. It’s a holiday turkey not of the avian realm. What Congress has done once more is to ignore the purpose for a budget; to prioritize expenditures of available funds. Our government goes about this process bass-ackwards. First they enumerate their priorities, agree to their necessity and then apply all our available capital to satisfy the list. When our money is exhausted they borrow the difference. Recall them all. Christmas dinner in Washington is when Republicans eat their young. Imagine the audacity of Tea Partyers telling their elders to stop the parade, end the spending, pay our debts and balance the budget all in one idiotic breath? What’s wrong with crash and burn? The new money we print will be cheaper to burn than Yule logs and Barak may decide it is the next alternate fuel while he destroys our economy.

When the nation faces challenges of such diversity and magnitude that we don’t know what to attack first: When a president writes law off the cuff and we are bracing for an era of unaffordable, virtually nonexistent health care; when our individual religious rights are trampled and our religious heritage denied; when the Bill of Rights is held to ridicule by a regime that is determined to take our guns from us while they mine our future with confiscation and taxation on a scale only witnessed before massive revolutions, we are too timid to halt government spending. We are still dallying with the symptoms and side effects when the impetus behind our travail is the transformation of the Constitutional Republic. How on earth do we change trains if we don’t stop the one we are on? Why are we so fearful of a government shut down when government in operational mode is determined to destroy our way of life?

There will never be a perfect time to take control of our destiny. It is a painful and treacherous process with no known factors. But that is where our destiny lies if we choose to remain free. If we choose freedom we also choose the uncertainty of the battle ahead. That battle starts with the removal of Barak Obama and the denunciation of the Muslim Brotherhood wherever they are. Remove Barak and hold him accountable. This is our country and we are obliged to fight for it no matter the consequences. Tell that to Congress. Tell Congress to shut down the government and stop the carnage. Give us a budget based in reality but first give us back our country.

God bless America.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

No that’s not us. That’s a romantic expression of consternation. It was a song title from the ’40’s. There is nothing romantic about the state of affairs we find ourselves in; at least those of us sensitive to the process that is costing us our liberty find ourselves in. When will the rest of America connect all the dots and respond to the Obama steam roller with ultimate rejection? When we are faced with disease, disaster and death?

The Obama regime is deep into phase two or three of our transformation and the ACA is the pivotal piece of legislation that forever changes the nature and character of this nation. Health Care? Don’t make me laugh. As the facts contained in the legislation become evident the regime understands the need to defend their untenable position but they are also prepared to tell us to shut up and take our medicine; Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel did exactly that. This Bill gives the government powers untofore unimaginable in America and to exercise it with the least resistance Americans must be pummeled, impoverished and rendered toothless. (They’re still coming for our guns). The architect of Obama care had the arrogance to tell us to our faces what no one dared tell us a month ago, Barak didn’t lie. We can keep the doctor or the plan we want, we just have to be able and willing to pay for it.

While we are digesting that arsenic laced cocktail another shoe dropped. The serious prescription meds many rely on for life extension or the quality of life come ala carte; pay as you go, it’s extra. So a health care bill that the majority of Americans didn’t want, that was passed with political chicanery and bare faced, unabashed arm twisting in the middle of the night is beginning to look like the nightmare it is meant to be. As recommended we didn’t read it. We also wouldn’t listen to those who were hysterically waving red flags to tell us the Bill was a poison pill, modern Trojan Horse; Sarah P. and little old me.

This regime is now willing to go to the wall for a deal most Americans, Congress and half the world know is frighteningly bad policy. Again we are being told to accept what we know is a belly ache and migraine rolled into one because Barak knows what is best for us. France has condemned the deal and Israel abandoned political correctness to tell the world that the nuclear deal, negotiated in secret between our liar, Kerry and the Iranian liar, Rouhani, to the detriment of Middle East stability and Israel’s very existence, stinks to high heaven. Kerry told The Senate to ignore Israel’s paranoia. That goes beyond arrogance and political correctness gone haywire, it is an insult and threat to our one faithful ally. Jews have once again become the blue chicken in the barn yard, sure to be the victim of all the chickens who see blue as dangerous and threatening.

Not as if to tell us but to let us know without reservation that Barak’s world view differs from the world and ours, the faux president who bowed to Middle East potentates and today shook hands with the communist non-grata presidente from 90 miles off our coast and kissed his Senora on the cheek is beginning to expand his arrogance exponentially. (Bewitched, bothered and betrayed.)

As our media moguls are awakened with polluted eye wash “revelations” of the biblical kind are forcing them to admit (reluctantly), one depressing fact at a time, the God awful truth of what has befallen us. As one shoe is dropped and then another it seems that the unshod dictator is an octopus. More shoes will drop ominously and we will slowly come to realize that our Republic is, for all intents and purposes, a Marxist Democracy. Today more talking heads were appalled to learn that most Americans will be paying higher premiums…much higher, for insurance policies that pay off at night, in the sky, in leap year in China; unless you failed to pay your premium, subjecting you to poverty-inducing fines.

Here comes another shoe but don’t duck. A direct hit that causes amnesia will be most welcome when it is finally disclosed that co-payments are astronomical and failure to pay means you forfeit the insurance but not the fine that will be levied for not having the insurance in the second place. Got it? How do you spell confiscation? How do you reconcile a shrinking middle class, unable to provide for bare essentials, with the new order? Easy; the New Order takes, it does not give.

This is the transformation Obama threatened would be our lot. It is fundamental. The Republic in name only has not functioned as a Constitutional Republic efficiently for decades. It has not functioned because it cannot coexist with any government form that starts with socialism and ends with another ism; Fascism, Communism, Marxism, Islamism. If we don’t rebel and expel this cabal now our future will include Islam as a hyphenated addendum to Fascism or Marxism. (They are coming for our religion too.) We don’t get to pick…we lost that privilege when we allowed the cabal to impose its will on our time honored American Republic, treading on our Constitution and Bill of Rights, practically unopposed.

Is it too late now you ask? It is never too late my friends but every day the monster sets its teeth deeper into our carcass it gets more difficult to pry him loose. Before long our heirs will have to make the choice or their children’s children will, between oppressive government and liberty. That was the hard choice our founders had to make and they did so unselfishly for future generations; us. We can choose liberty now for ourselves and future generations or allow the prophesy of a 240 year life expectancy to come to pass for this Republic.

What say you? Demand that Barak Hinsane Obama, aka Barry Soetero, be removed and held accountable. With him will go the hopes and ambitions of the Muslim Brotherhood and America will have a second chance.

God bless Americans; may we find the resolve to restore this nation as it was intended; a democratic, Constitutional Republic, founded on Judea Christian principles, designed to prosper and give men of good will the opportunity to self govern, worship freely and b the masters of their own destiny.

In Liberty,



Giants Walk the Earth

In Africa’s darkest moment along came a giant of a man to lead his people out of the darkness. Nelson Mandela was more than an icon. He is to South Africa what George Washington is to America. He came to show the way. He eschewed personal power and led by example; and what an example he set. This man could have been a king, but chose to establish a democracy and encourage capitalism to allow his people the freedom to achieve their highest potential. True to new found conservative values he would serve the people and turn the mantle of power to the next democratically elected president. He ended apartheid and in the process his light shone brighter and served as a beacon to the entire world that indeed he and his people can and would compete on a level playing field. He set the bar at the highest level for human dignity, integrity and generosity attainable by mere mortals.

Few men of his character and stature will pass our way but his life is a testament to our potential for greatness. We should draw from his life the hope that when greatness is most needed the Lord sends us that special person uniquely suited to lift us when we are lost. Though some of his lessons have faded from public life, his legacy will live on and the ember of freedom and inspiration he leaves will burn until another brings it to life. For centuries to come when men of good will rekindle the torch of liberty it will be Nelson Mandela whose example and inspiration lives on. Extraordinary men like Nelson Mandela do not die. They pass this way to inspire, teach and improve those they touch. He won equality for millions of people but his spirit will remain unequalled in our life time.

We Americans have a unique opportunity to begin our restoration in earnest with the passing of this giant. Barak had the audacity to tell us that Nelson Mandela was his inspiration. It is akin to blasphemy. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned by his enemies and left to rot in jail for 27 years. He emerged probably stronger than when he went in, forgave his enemies, spread the power of love and brought polarized enemies together in peace. He took a strife torn, corrupt, bloodied nation, brought integrity and honesty into the political arena and healed a nation. If Barak is not the exact opposite of all that Mr. Mandela stood for and demonstrated then the world is devoid of contrast or turmoil.

Barak will use the world stage of a grieving humanity to try to revive his own failed identity. Nelson Mandela is a larger than life, heroic figure because he ultimately believed in the individual not the state. For Nelson Mandela’s life lesson to help us we must recognize the extreme contrast between these two men and reject the man who would transform the greatest nation in the world and bring about fundamental change to a nation that is fundamentally perfect if not in reality.

Rest in Peace Nelson Mandela. You have served the Lord and your country and the world is a better place for your having passed our way. God bless.



What Price Religion

Politics and religion are not recommended subjects for casual conversation, especially if the intention is to keep the tone politically correct.

Our forefathers understood the power of religion and some of them were in fact ordained ministers. It was their intention and informed opinions that in a free society religion should remain a personal choice, even to the extent that some may choose agnosticism or atheism. In drafting the Bill of Rights they were careful and purposeful to make clear from the onset that government shall not influence the religiosity of the electorate. The language of the First Amendment is unambiguous, succinct and powerful. Concerning religion they needed no more than one sentence; or part of one as it turned out.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

That’s the whole of it. The “separation of church and state” phrase everyone throws around with authority is not there. It doesn’t say we are a Christian nation, Hebrew, protestant or Buddhist.; it doesn’t care. We were to be self governed; ergo, what we do not authorize government to do it has no grounds to weigh in on.

So how come the discussion never ends and we feel obliged to consult the highest court in the land repeatedly for interpretation of the most plainspoken one liner in our entire body of law? How come when the smartest people in the room retire to their chambers to give us their considered legal opinion it is never unanimous? It suspiciously seems that we keep going back for interpretations until we get the answer we want. Do 12 Jurists, selected by the Executive Branch and confirmed by the Legislature and deemed to be most qualified, capable and competent, go to different schools or schools so different, that each interprets the English words as if they are written in Sanskrit or some lost tongue requiring scholars of philology to interpret? Is it possible that our supreme Supreme court judges are less than supreme?

The Second Amendment, without which the other Rights are subject to the whim of rogue administrations, contains the admonition “shall not be infringed”. It can’t be more clear yet we have countless laws on the books that do just that; infringe. Perhaps the Founders would have been well advised to add the phrase “do not bend, fold and mutilate” to the First Amendment or “hands off under penalty of Marxism.”

Lifetime appointments to ideological hacks serve those who see the Constitution as a “living document”. The “living document” concept is what gives these highly inflated egos and overbearing elitists the license to interpret and reinterpret the blueprint for liberty until our liberty is no more. They do a disservice to the people and the nation across the board. It is the Supreme Court that should be raising a red flag when a president takes unto himself what is constitutionally the responsibility of Congress and the Judiciary. Barak is guilty of that and more; from the onset and now with wild abandonment he flagrantly funds, amends laws by edict and circumvents as he predicted he would. The Congress of the United States is surrounded and without provisions. Checks and balances are out the window and the Judiciary, the Senate and the media are complicit.

The configuration on the court today will likely be further imbalanced in the next 3 years. If Republicans should take back the House they will still be impotent when the ideologue in the White House has veto power and the Supreme Court as his weapons of choice. It’s like a massive chess set being played on the national scene and the only move left is check.

Barak will defend the Health Care Bill to the death. He admits it is broken, lies about it’s negative performance, lies about being open to suggestions to fix or improve it and insists it will not be undone as long as he is president; (no matter who gets hurt in the process.) When he moves away from center stage he will get a hearty well done and Allah Akbar from his cabalsociates; America will have been unalterably transformed and fundamentally changed. We will be on our way to making another of Barak’s falsehoods come true; we will have one of the most hospitable and accepting nations to Muslims in the once-free world. The cost of the unworkable web site alone could have been deposited in a sinking fund and would provide ample, first class health care for all of the people he claims to be concerned about and then some. Instead our heirs face the prospect of comparing our government run programs with England’s and Canada’s, wondering how a nation so rich could not have provided better for her subjects. Barak Hinsane Obama doesn’t give a rat’s petunia about health care. This boondoggle forces Christians to accept by force the prospect of providing abortion services and without even the stroke of a pen exempted Muslims for their aversion to insurance. With this Bill taxation and confiscation will decimate what is left of the middle class.

It has given him what he craved; massive control of the population and our economy with life and death decisions in the hands of sympathetic bureaucrats…sympathetic to Barak’s legacy. He will have his private militia and hidden taxes will become a painful reality.

His assault on Christianity via the First Amendment, his relentless creative efforts to kill the Second Amendment, the commitments to keep our troops over deployed and under provided, irresponsible fiscal policies, pandering to Sharia compliant Muslim nations and on and on is the path to Islamic Marxism that will inevitably spark civil, religious and ideological war. Our nation was founded by men of God who relied on Judea Christian principles to draft the Constitution. It is contrary to everything Obama is bringing to pass. Obamacare, the tipping point of Socialism in America, was never intended to provide health care. The whole thing is a false promise. It challenges Catholic dogma on the right to life but ignores protestations and fights law suits vigorously while the Muslim exemption based on their religious aversion to insurance was granted without so much as a whimper.

Dictatorships fear religion and guns. Barak’s Achilles heal lies in that truism. He has taken the largest Marxist bite into our Republic possible. It is our responsibility as citizens to see that he chokes on it. Waken, open your eyes and recoil in horror. No more time for Barak; stop his train. Demand that he be removed for cause and held accountable.

The Republic, battered, torn and besieged still stands. Cling with all our might to our guns and religion. This is America’s greatest challenge. Meet this challenge head on; remove Barak, defeat the Muslim Brotherhood and restore the Republic. Do this now and our greatest days may well be ahead of us.

God bless America.