Suicide Bombers Unite

What we are witnessing is an encroachment and exponential expansion of terror. The politically incorrect among us say with some reservation, that ISIS is winning the war of Terror; they are not exactly right. We are losing the War of Terror is more accurate. ISIS is only the most visible and active branch of the enemy we face, not the whole entity. We are slow learners. Barack should be interpreted correctly. His reticence and absolute refusal to name the enemy is as revealing as screaming their names from the roof tops. To us there should not be the slightest doubt…the enemy he will not name is Islam and Islam is the enemy we face.

Like a distant storm headed our way, the sound of thunder and lightning in the distance rumbles louder as it nears us, until the crack of lightning and boom of thunder follow as if one ignites the other and our hair stands on end as the air is filled with static electricity and we do fear for our lives in that moment…

Terror was a word that held little meaning to us Americans…We read of atrocities and clicked our tongues on upper pallets tsk, tsk, tsk, it is a dangerous world, “out there”. They even have the nerve to attack an American ship or barracks every few years and we said, “Thank God we live in America; it’s a dangerous world “out there”. Look around you my fellow Americans; it is now a dangerous world right here.

Who is this woman in the White House called Valerie Plame? I don’t recall seeing her name on a ballot anywhere. Why did she, of all people, see fit to tell us that she was born in Iran, of Muslim faith, but as an American she wants to see a more Islam-friendly America? Was America unfriendly to Muslims? I don’t recall seeing any as I grew up or in my business career…If I did, I didn’t think anything of it…Being of Italian descent, the people I complained about most were Italians who were giving the rest of us a bad name. Muslims, Buddhists, Southern Baptists were exotic and interesting…We had our private prejudices and still do…Reform Jews are not crazy about the Hasidic and vice versa…Nigerians went to war with Biafrans, the Avenue U gang couldn’t go to East New York without risking life and limb…Colonel Hubert F. Julian thought Sidney Poitier was “too black” to play him in a movie…that’s the way the world was, is and probably always will be, but we never had an ideological hatred for anyone, not the working stiffs of America. But little did we know, Islam waited for the time they could make their move; kill us all and rule the world…that’s the way it was, is and probably always will be. More Islam-friendly means less of us and more of them and us becoming like them or dying for not…Who is this woman in the White House called Valerie Plame?

Who is this stranger that locked up his past in court protected fashion and became the President of this great country? I remember him telling us he was a Christian…Odd how he praised Islam and attributed great false accomplishments to a Religion he felt obliged to tell us we were not at war with and never would be, as long as he, Barack Hussein Obama was President. He did not tell us that Islam is not at war with us. He bowed to a Saudi King and told us that the sweetest sound on earth is the Muslim call to evening prayers.

In the six sick years this regime has held sway I do believe most Americans have come to terms with the fact that Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, is in fact, Muslim. After six years of denial someone actually referred to his Muslim schooling in the country of Indonesia…You could have knocked me over with a feather. Not that I didn’t know but it is rather astonishing to hear a Muslim speak without lying; even a spokesperson doesn’t speak truth without consequences or an ulterior motive.

As I said almost six years ago, the election was merely the backdrop or vehicle for an invasion. Barack swept the 2009 election with a lot of help from illegal contributions from sources unknown and the marvel of electronic ballot box tampering. He said to take his word that the contributions from overseas were small denominations legally contributed but don’t ask to see the records. The Christian who has not been seen in Church since Reverend White had to unpack his bags and re-read the dis-invite to Washington, without skipping a beat or a word of apology, explanation or confession, presides over the highest Islamic Holy Day of the year…the feast at the end of the Ramadan fast. Daddy would be so proud.

George Bush’ war was a fiasco and George Bush a patriotic embarrassment. Barack would make it right by clearing our righteous asses out of there and through the Arab spring would welcome the winter of discontent. The Muslim Brotherhood would rise from the ashes, the Middle East would don Burkas and bury Arabs by the hundreds of thousands and with each Muslin advance Barack claimed American strategic victories, until the dark clouds and thunder have us huddled in masses wondering where our country went. I’ll tell you where it went.

Four score and twenty years ago times three, give or take, an imperfect union produced a perfect document by which to elevate man’s greatest potential and free him from the imperfections of central government. A Muslim Imam watched in horror and muttered, this Judea Christian enclave will not last… Islam will be the iconoclasm that survives it. And every hundred years or so they attack civilization with renewed spirit and hatred that has molted through the centuries…and civilized people put them back in their ghettos to lick their wounds and rethink their strategy.

A suicide bomber gives his life for a reward of earthly pleasures in the spirit world. If he survives his mission he did it wrong but the point is, fanaticism knows no bounds and rationality does not exist where radical thought prevails. Barack Hussein Obama has the most dangerous job in the world. Like most dangerous professionals he makes it look easy. His job is not much different than the suicide bomber’s. Destroy and be destroyed at the same moment of truth. Barack may have been willing to die for his Islamic Fascist ideology but now he smells success and believes he will survive all the indignities he puts us through and even live to rule the American Caliphate. He has zero respect for our intellect.

With radical Islam in a frenzy of atrocities and feeling quite indestructible at the moment, there is not a scintilla of pretext. World domination by overwhelming ferocity and inconceivable atrocities is the method; Call it Jihad if you wish but I prefer not to dignify this abomination with a noun. Never has the Islamic lust for world domination been so close to fruition…They are a dominant force on two and a half continents and the other 3 1/2 continents are in a frenzy deciding how to deal with this advancing menace. They have one man to thank; the Commander in Sheikh, Barack Hussein Obama. Barack can hardly contain his smug satisfaction and now feels compelled to comment on every atrocity, every act of terror with forceful denials of the facts; facts we can now feel, see and taste. The Muslim attack on a Kosher Grocer in France, killing Jews and bystanders was a “random act of violence”. The word Muslim never crosses his lips when Muslims behead, rape, humiliate and torture thousands; only when he praises them for their vast contributions to civilization. Thunder and lightning follow with sickening suddenness and Barack frees murderers, deals with devils and punishes innocence.

As the Muslim quest for world domination gains momentum Barack more openly every day interferes in the politics of foreign governments, softening the underbelly of democracy and doing his bit to make the world over in his …Plames…Iran’s…every suicide bomber’s ideal. One government…one religion…one last gasp for liberty. Do not get on your high horse and blame the murderer…your Christ was no better.

There is but one enemy and all civilization must deal with it. Islamic dreams of world domination insure civilized people there will be no rest unless we identify and destroy every one of them. Call them by name but do not dignify the differences they divided themselves with. Taliban, ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeda, Iran, Obama, Boko Haran…they are all one and the same political movement, using religious fanaticism to intimidate their way to power. They are religiously sworn to our destruction and total transformation as one. But so were Japan and the Nazis and the radical Islamic Terrorists are no Germany or Japan…they have proven to be craven cowards when confronted by determined opposition that will overpower and punish them severely. When we replace their agent who has been drawing us away from the scent they will be defeated soundly. All we need to do is open our eyes and accept what we see; the enemy is in our camp…our Judea Christian camp.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


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