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Full court press…yo​ur guns or your freedom?

The fine print in the Constitution, recently discovered by Obama scholars…visible only to the super intelligent, the intimidated weak-kneed traitors and the conveniently enlightened left wing apostles has been discovered in the tomb of the unknown soldier or the catacombs deep in the bowels of transformation city; there is conflicting eyewitness testimony.

How these secret, formerly unknown transcripts will affect the true meaning of the founding documents will be revealed only on a need to know basis, by Justices of the Supreme Court and other judicial venues such as the 9th District, and courts of law in insignificant, otherwise unremarkable districts, busy writing law, astounding the Gods, rewarding criminality and demoralizing victims.

Now it can be told that every time the life time appointees make a ruling that leaves the people who depend on their integrity speechless, dumbfounded or irrationally irate, it is due to the heavy burden these mystical defenders and interpreters of law must bear, now that the fine print scrolls have been unearthed.

It turns out that the founders had exceptions in mind when the Second Amendment was drafted, as to which arms we have the right to bear. The triple rubber band sling shot, capable of launching three deadly stones simultaneously was not even issued to our Revolutionary fighters for fear of giving the colonies an unfair advantage; the cat o’ nine tails whip with more than nine tails, the double edged sword of Edwardian legend and the rotten egg dispenser were all weapons of mass destruction deemed too lethal and unnecessary for the needs of the peaceful, post Revolution American country gentlemen, fox hunters. It now comes to light after 250 years that the Second Amendment excluded these weapons and thus a precedent was set so that mighty, all knowing traitorous Judges in the 21st Century could determine what we the people could be trusted with; so sayeth the Honorable Longest serving Justice Antonin Scalia.

I’m sick and tired of this pretext of  months of consideration and study before issuing their considered opinions, contrary to reasonable interpretation…Is that how long it takes to muster up the courage to tell the people that the law isn’t on our side? Maybe that’s the rub…who told these nine ninnies that their job is to interpret? What makes them better qualified to read the king’s English than you or I? “Bonjour. C’est une belle jour de printemps.” Translation by first year High School French student; “Good morning. It is a beautiful Spring day.” Translation by a lifetime appointee to the Supreme Court of the United States. “A thinly veiled French threat that this is the day you will get your come-uppance.”

Translation by 2nd generation American of French descent…”Hello”.

The judges should spend more time deliberating how a particular act contradicts the Constituiton and no time deciding how the Constitution intended to deal with the act. Respect the Constitution not the offender.

Scalia was asked a simple question on the Second Amendment. As an American, which is the preponderant consideration we expect our justices to hold sacrosanct, his answer should have been succinct and straight forward. A parting shot of “We’ll see” doesn’t cut it for me or for millions of Americans who have read the Second Amendment until the ink came off the page and adhered to our retinas.

Scalia, one of the high court’s most conservative justices, said that the majority opinion in the landmark 2008 case of District of  Columbia v. Heller stated the extent of gun ownership “will have to be decided  in future cases.” What happened to precedent? Case law? The Constitution?

Scalia is aware that the Second Amendment is intended for one purpose alone. He doesn’t need to go into hibernation and deep deliberation with eight political agendas to give the only proper response. “The people must not be restricted in their availability of arms sufficient to repel an unjust government.” The answer we got is pathetic and telling. The Supreme Court will rewrite the Constitution and defy the will of the people once more.

Can the high and mighty justices with feet of clay, hearts of stone and brains of mush address the following?

Restrict the right of drug cartels to have automatic weapons. Send them an ultimatum; “turn in your guns or face the wrath of a bean bag Border Patrol vicious offensive…as soon as they stop running and come out of hiding”.

Restrict the right of Syrian murderer and baby killer Bashar Hafez al-Assad to send planes and tanks against small arms and Molotov cocktails. (There, but for the Grace of God…or maybe not)

Restrict Barak’s Hussein Obama’s private militia from being as well funded and armed as our standing army. (Why do we have a president with a Middle East name when we know his real name?)

Restrict the right of Government SWAT teams to burst in on prayer meetings in full regalia, automatic weapons at the ready.

Restrict the Right of the Supreme Court to defy the written word and turn our world topsy turvy on a whim or a capitulation to sinister forces that hold our freedom hostage.

A government that becomes obsessed with disarming the people can’t possibly have innocent motives. If you think this new full court press attack on the Second Amendment is about the caliber or number of rounds we can take into the woods to shoot a deer you are about to lose your liberty.

The Supreme Court is one branch of government. My question is, and I ask with heavy heart, which government would that be?

Disarm Obama. End the revolution before it begins.

God blessed this great nation…what have we done with His blessing?



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Obama: “You didn’t build that on your own…”

To disarm a reptilian.

I take that vacuous statement personally. I like to say, “I am a self made man; which is what is wrong with me.” When an Islamic Fascist president who has done all he could to discourage entrepreneurship in America says it, it’s not funny and I take umbrage. In Yiddish they have a saying, “When you consider the source, every knock is a boost.” I don’t feel the boost but I know the source all too well.

You who never had a real job, who never created a job, never ran a business and whose record of achievement (or not) is locked up under legal protection, so that you can carry on the Chameleon presidency that deceives, divides and derides are the problem, not the solution. You can’t shine the shoes of a real, self made American entrepreneur.

You didn’t get to be president on your own my friend. By your own words you were inspired and encouraged by a Muslim father, early Islamic education and the Quran. Later you met Bill Ayers, studied Sol Alinsky, trained at Acorn and they saw your potential to do their bidding. On your own you have zero initiative, zero productivity and would never have been elected to anything beyond a reefer mechanic (rolls weed); but your associations offered you the presidency of the United States, in part because you have a disarming broad smile. So to add to your miserable resume you got in with a bad crowd and relished their company. You were force-fed a little wealth and a nice house in Chicago to give you presidential props. Enjoy; the fall is steeper than the rise.

Government didn’t get there on its own either. It was the phenomenal productivity of the very people you scorn and seek to punish, operating freely in a system you seek to transform, that pay 90% of the taxes that built Washington and provides your unearned salary, undeserved vacations and wasteful investments in companies doomed to failure and gifts to your personal preferences in the Middle East.

The kind of help I had; typical American “get up, get out and make something of yourself” help, was the best kind. It came from parents, teachers and early employers who saw some potential in me and encouraged me to go out on my own. In my case the Federal Government was the hindrance that limited my success; nonetheless my career was a positive influence on the economy for many years, thanks to the forgiveness in the American free market… it allows us fail and try again; to live to succeed as often as you have strength get up, dust yourself off and go at it again. It is that quality in America you seek to destroy; but you can’t get it through your Socialist brain that American freedom is God given and no man can deny it.

Good luck in the election. I will do my best to have you removed for cause, demand an apology and see you prosecuted; not that I hold a grudge.

God Blessed America; what are we doing with that blessing?

End the revolution before it begins my friends, disarm Obama.


Does it matter why?

What’s the world to do?


Other than to decry the predictable liberal outcry against guns I saw no reason to add my uninformed opinion to the torrent of uninformed opinions, immediately following the Aurora movie house tragedy.

The parade of lawyers and psychiatrists as far removed from the scene as the reporters interviewing them, continue to give us free, ad lib-analysis of the killer’s every movement, ad nauseam. Numerous reporters and TV hosts broadcast from the site days after the event, as if by being there they could sense and relate the full impact and aura in the aftermath. In my opinion it is in bad taste to sensationalize a sensational event, where lives are taken and hearts are broken.

We have all been subjected to innumerable interpretations of the Colorado law concerning the insanity plea; suffice to say the burden of proof is opposite to most states and there is no need for me, a layman, to repeat what I’ve heard or been told here, lest I find myself guilty of the very behavior I find annoying.

But I can’t resist adding my own analysis with the advantage of hindsight and facts since-reported by authorities. I’ll be brief because I am a layman and to go on would be presumptive and overbearing. I admit I like role playing; sometimes I play lawyer and today I will play psychiatrist and investigator, judge and jury, not to be presumptive or overbearing.

If you have a tendency toward obsessive compulsive behavior, dwell on troubling thoughts of depraved acts, (most people have fleeting ideas of causing mayhem), and perhaps at a low point fall into a fit of manic depression, either chemically induced or by a natural imbalance, you may trigger an unfortunate formula for a tragic, anti social behavioral event.

We now learn that the killer fantasized his role, organized a strategy to commit the murders, drew a diagram of his plans in a notebook and provided evidence of his deranged state of mind to a professional. That’s called reaching out. I believe this is where the defense will focus. Unfortunately the professional didn’t open or receive the notebook in time to preempt or intervene in the acting out phase. It is possible that the failure to have his brilliance (confession) acknowledged further exacerbated the rage or impulse.  So much for my psychobabble.

The point is that there can be no justice when misfortune strikes with devastating force affecting a community and specific residents. Just as there can be no “justice” in the aftermath of a hurricane or any natural disaster, it happens in the blink of an eye and then it’s over, leaving a trail of ruination and inconsolable loss.

The closest we, as humans, can come to justice is to provide a speedy trial with the singular purpose to identify the perpetrator positively and put him away permanently. This is one of those times when we should acknowledge our limitations and not be overly concerned with the precise motive or state of mind; it’s done, he did it. A legal determination of insanity or just plain depravity will not bring back the dead or comfort the living. An extended trial is an opportunity for a shrewd lawyer to find a way to spare the defendant as much punishment as possible and too often provide the freedom to repeat a heinous crime in the future. It prolongs the suffering of the survivors.

In cases of natural disaster blame is assigned to Mother Nature but if it is humanity gone berserk I say identify the perpetrator, lock him up and throw the key away. His support for the rest of his life will be the burden society must bear and a reminder that we are imperfect and not all knowing.

Personally the only objection I have to the death penalty is it prolongs the agony for too many years. Some inmates have been on death row for more years than their age at the time they were committed and outlive their accusers. Have innocents been put to death? No doubt…Have the guilty gone free? Far more frequently.

When the country is restored to a functioning Constitutional Republic I would expect an overhaul of our legal and penal system; to do so now would only compound our short comings.

I pray that the city of Aurora and the victims find peace with the passage of time, sooner rather than later.



How Will America Survive…

If I have ever had the slightest influence on your decisions and thought processes or if you have humored me and tolerated me over the years, let this be the moment you heed my recommendation..

I have known of KrisAnne Hall for many months and have had the honor to speak with her on the phone on several occasions and I read her articles on the Save America Foundation: Patriots in Action, website faithfully. When I have a legal or constitutional or political question I seek her out.

KrisAnne has the credentials to warrant our attention and respect; she is a young wife, mother, wounded war veteran, attorney, historian and a constitutional expert. She is an American patriot in the tradition of our founders. Many people have credentials and are compelling. KrisAnne is far, far more.

I believe that this young woman is the most important speaker on the nation’s interests in my lifetime. Every American who claims to love this country, be they Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians or unspecified should listen to this amazing patriot. She puts our perceptions, conceptions and impressions in clear perspective. Every human being who has a relationship with God through the religion of their choice and every atheist who chooses not to believe will be informed, inspired and transported.

Every young American should get to know KrisAnne for she is the role model America has waited for. She’s not a movie star, singer, athlete or rock star. She is simply a divinely inspired teacher and messenger. She is the future of America. Her talks are spellbinding and I can’t say enough to encourage you, plead with you and even admonish you to introduce her to your children and let her message seep in while you find new insights and facts about government you were never taught but felt in your heart.

Please click on the link below to see KrisAnne Hall’s powerful video.  If you can make it she will be the featured speaker at the Save America Foundation free public forum in Clearwater, Fl this Thursday, July 26th.  Go to Save America Foundation site for details.

Visit her site below.


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My depictions of Obama were not premature, overstated, unfair or even strong enough. Our greatest danger is the imposition of Islam on our society.

Watch it now before it gets pulled from the internet!  

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Hospitality is like fish; after three days it stinks.

Where are we?

I grew up in Brooklyn which provided an advantage over most of the country in many ways. Missouri is called the “show me” state but it was a sin to be gullible in Brooklyn.

We could be led blindfolded for miles around but eventually we’d get our bearings just from the smells. Way up on the Pulaski Skyway anybody from Brooklyn could tell when we were over Passaic, New Jersey; the smell of pigs made your eyes tear and that was 35 miles from Bensonhurst…We automatically held our noses a 1/2 mile before we got to Coney Island Creek, we called Perfume Bay. The water in Flatbush smelled like rotten eggs. The Endicott Movie Theater was called a garlic house. The Brooklyn Dodgers moved to California…

So you can’t fool a kid from Brooklyn when it comes to stink. When a situation stinks we’ll be the first to tell you.

Take the new Mosque in Murpheesboro, Tenn. That stinks to high heaven and I’m over 800 miles away. How many miles from home are the Muslims that need a 53,000 sq.ft. Mosque, not far from an existing Mosque, when the entire known Muslim population provides around 45 registered Mosque members. For some reason counting Muslims in America is a mathematical boondoggle, but between 200 and 300 families is a close-temate for the entire town. This Mosque, like many obnoxious Mosques rising like Goosebumps at an Estonian ice swim, is strongly opposed by the countable residents of Murpheesboro; population 100,000 give or take…Add the monster Mosques planned for nearby Nashville and you have the smell of something rotten in Denmark…I mean Tennessee.

You don’t really have to be from Brooklyn to know that something’s up with the Muslims around there do you? But in true Brooklynese I can tell you for sure: they ain’t gonna do us no favors.

I’m not saying it took bribes, intimidation, political pull or anything nefarious like that to pull this one over on the people of Tennessee, but it took the Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, to settle the issue. He sued the town, had a court hearing with no opposing argument and the Mosque got the nod from the judge. It’s the American way. (No problem too small for our AG even if it is way out of the Federal Government’s jurisdiction.)

Plain and simple; the Cabal is using the influence and prestige of the Federal government to impose Islamic presence against the will of the people; not just in Tennessee but wherever they can get away with it.

How many Muslims are we expecting in Tennessee that require more Mosques than movie theaters and more space than 100 football fields?

When will we wise up and read the Koran that tells us in plain Arabic that Islam is a political organization that uses religious dogma to achieve political victories? That being the case, for the Attorney General to use his influence and the influence of the office he holds to further the goals of a foreign state in contradiction to the will of the people he is paid to serve, is an act of treason…look it up; I’m right and I’m from Brooklyn.

This administration represents a cabal (we’ve been invaded) that is imposing Islamic Fascist rule in America and our response is to consider whether Sharia law is compatible with American civil laws; and if not, how to install it in our system anyway.

Obviously the Muslims are planning something even bigger than the Hawaii vacations Obama loves and he hopes we will be the last to know. I only pray that somewhere in this vast great nation someone is looking out for us. We’d better be planning to disappoint these invaders. In case it slipped your minds these are the guys that will either proselytize (convert) us or kill us. (As in behead).

Demand that Obama be removed for cause; we have many. End the revolution before it begins.

God has blessed us…but what are we doing with the blessing?


Musket to Musket Tank to Tank

The classic minutemen

Here they go again. The anti-gun proponents; pacifists, democrats, lobbyists and liberals all, will miss no opportunity to blame the guns for the mayhem. There are those who do not understand the Second Amendment, those who disagree with its wisdom and necessity and those who see it as an impediment to their political ambitions. We can argue with the first two and try to convince them that they are abetting the third, the real danger to our society; but we must constantly defend against all who seek to disarm us at all cost, even innocently.

Never lose sight of the purpose of the Right to Bear Arms. Our forefathers gave it their highest priority right after free speech, for a reason. Yes, we are entitled to defend ourselves and our families against all manner of threats but that is coincidental to the primary function, which is to defend against unjust government.
Violent events are an inevitable and unfortunate human reality; it has always been thus and no doubt always will be. The invention of firearms did not spawn the genes that cause humans to do away with other humans regularly, often dispassionately.
Lizzie Borden used an axe to dispatch her own parents; Kane’s weapon of choice, to earn the distinction of becoming man’s first murderer was a brotherly boulder. Jones didn’t like the sight of blood and laced the Kool Ade with cyanide granting over 900 believers safe passage to the hereafter from the jungles of Guyana. Jack the Ripper sliced and diced five ladies of the evening on his way to immortality, the Karowai cannibals have developed a taste for their fellow man and Mrs.O’Leary’s cow was the first bovine arsonist. Violence, murder, mayhem, depravity and insanity are an enduring part of the human condition; one on one, one on many or many on one, mortality is the ultimate human weakness.
Before we do away with rocks, knives, cyanide and axes let’s be clear that none of the above ensure our freedom or defend against an oppressive government, at least not with any noticeable effect. If they did you can be sure that a government that fears the people would seek to outlaw them all.
It is dangerously ironic that few citizens, loyal Americans to be sure, don’t see the big picture. If ever an administration had reason to fear the people Obama’s meets all the criteria.Taxation without representation, disdain for the rule of law, theft from the public coffers, disregard for human life, class warfare and on and on, including a foreign treaty aimed at “small arms” manufacture and ownership in America. Among the highest priorities of this administration from their first hours in office, is the circumvention and disabuse of the Second Amendment, weakening of military defenses and condemning our border patrol agents to operate under extreme disadvantage, including bean bag ammunition in lieu of live rounds and a sickening policy of run and hide from the exchange of gunfire. To say that this administration is attempting to disarm America is an understatement of epic proportions; to deny it is blasphemous and almost treasonous.
These facts render the argument that military grade automatic weapons should be banned from private ownership specious. Remember what we the people may have to defend against; a heavily armed mobile government force…or perhaps a private militia as well armed and financed as our standing army.
The last line of defense, as always, is man to man…Are you prepared for mass surrender simply because you relinquished your right to have and bear arms? Are you in favor of sending your children into battle with sticks and stones against tanks and heavy mortar? Do you remember Tienanmen Square? Let me refresh your Beijing history recall…tanks crushed students mercilessly. Do images of unarmed freedom fighters in the Mid East haunt your reverie? I guess not; Americans can extract the entertainment value from the most horrific human events, disassociate themselves and switch channels to watch sports, all in a few mindless seconds.
In 1776 the Minutemen left their plow horses in fields, took their long guns and helped defeat the English. The English Army was splendidly turned out in form fitting red uniforms and military issue marching boots; our freedom fighters responded valiantly to a “come as your are” invitation…but it was musket to musket and saber to saber and passion for freedom carried the day. If we lose the right to have and bear arms and concede the argument that automatic weapons are not fit for civilian ownership, we may well be shooting six shooters against a whole array of military weaponry.
Heed Barak’s wise decision. He insists that his personal militia be as well armed and well funded as our standing army; he has no desire to be out gunned. I’ll have to settle, for now, to have the Second Amendment remain intact, undiluted and ordained by those unconvinced of our potential for revolution, whose lives will depend on the weapons we cling to along with our religion and belief in self determination as prescribed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
No tragedy in terms of human life and depravity should serve as an argument for reducing our ability to keep untenable government at bay.
Prayer is a plea to the Lord to transfer positive energy to those in need. We pray for Aurora, the victims and the survivors. Let not the legacy of this tragic event be that America is diminished by it. Mourn but do not weaken.
God Bless America.

The Great Imposter

Is it safe to say that everyone in America now agrees that Barak Hussein Obama is a Socialist? It has been a long and gruelling journey, beginning with Democrats and talking heads reprimanding anyone who would even suggest that. Unwittingly and slowly concessions were made, until now most, if not all will agree in principle at least, that yes, Barak Hussein Obama is a Socialist. We got to this point incrementally, mind you, the way all socialist ideas find their way into our political fabric; and now a full fledged, unashamed socialist as been revealed to us; like a coming out affair, only more tortured and grudgingly. He didn’t run as a Socialist did he? If memory serves he ran as a moderate, left of center, unifying Democrat for change.
Well I wasn’t ever trying to convince anyone that he was a socialist. I was trying my best, and still am, to convince America that Barak Obama is member of a cabal that has covertly, on the one hand, and quite openly on the other, invaded America by way of the presidency. He is in fact an Islamic Fascist dictatorial Socialist. The difference isn’t subtle. It took over 3 1/2 years to get this far but rest assured if we are stupid enough to elect this cabal member again it will take less than six months into his new term for America to discover that the liberal pussycat they brought home in a shoe box with a couple of air holes punched in it has grown up to be…a snarling, mean tempered, rabid leopard.
To our everlasting shame and disgrace we have become inured to the idea that Socialism may compete with Capitalism and that perhaps there is an acceptable mutation that offers the best of both worlds; some form of government that keeps Capitalism from becoming corrupt and uses Socialism to provide for those in need, is the ideal we’re seeking. Stupid is as stupid does. This is the kind of thinking that keeps us from restoring this great nation to the model that our forefathers envisioned and understood thoroughly, to the exclusion of all others. When reasonable men who consider themselves fiscally conservative bend they capitulate; incremental Socialist tactics prove successful and before long the beggar is demanding the car keys.
Along the way we failed to educate our young and now they are our leaders. They are making world relevant decisions with skewed information, misguided intentions and an outdated strategy. Our inadequate statesmen are negotiating with world class criminals, communists, dictators and power hungry trillionairs determined to control all of the world’s resources and production; comic book stuff and our side is negotiating with no concept of today’s reality.
Barak Hussein Obama is a world class cheater. Unless and until that reality is digested our old fashioned politicians, campaigning and speechifying, will lose the farm, the house and the keys to the country. You don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. You don’t send in the team mascot to shoot the winning basket.The master is now broadcasting his disdain for productivity and free enterprise. He no longer cloaks his message in Capitalist phrases to tell us we have to cut spending while he spends your kids last dime. The Socialist in Charge now tells us big government is the only way he knows and will accept no free market interference. “You did not build that business, somebody helped you.” Those are the words of the Socialist who is now socially acceptable. So much for American ingenuity, work ethic and perseverance.
The problem is, my dear fellow Americans, is that Barak Obama is not a Socialist. It is only the persona he is has gotten us to accept so far. The rabid Leopard lies in wait, his purr a rumble; an almost imperceptible growl or grumble; occasionally he allows us a glimpse beyond his alter ego…Soon, if we allow him to stay in power, he will reveal his true identity and all the liberal media, sycophants, socialists in the Democrat Party and citizen enablers will go mute, friendless, in fear for their lives. This dictator in sheep’s clothes, Islamic Muslim in Christian disguise, cabal representative wrapped in the American flag, Fascist raising his chin in Mussolini fashion, will end the pretense and we will be subjects without a voice.
Gather ’round and listen up. We have a voice now and we have brains; but most important of all we have the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We are free to choose our leaders. Do not choose your jailer. Demand that Obama apologize and stand down…remove this impostor and take back our country. End the revolution before it begins.
God bless America.