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Physician Heal Thyself

If you don’t raise your children in the faith of your choice and imbue in them the principles and values you cherish they will be vulnerable to someone else’s ideology and values. The Muslim Brotherhood is all about recruiting our lost sheep. Are you still wondering how young men and women are recruited by ISIS right under our noses?

We seem to think that these deserters are giving up more than they are getting and so the idea that they would join a killing machine that prays four times a day and beheads their enemies in between, seems ludicrous to us…These youths, who have not yet connected with the American dream, are getting more than they are giving up, from their perspective. There is a simmering resentment that builds up in the subconscious when the advice of parents and elders don’t match up with reality. Our advice on how to live falls flat when it is evident by all they see and hear that the adults are in no position to give advice. The country we bequeath them is a far cry from the country we claim it is. The morality we preach is not the morality the country insists on. The Judea Christian America has given way to an intolerant Atheism that is offended by any evidence of religious heritage or deference.

Along comes a zealous recruiter with a message that contradicts our version of America and offers an adventurous alternative with the support and reward they lack from us. They have a God that condones the very things we condemn but our example makes us out to be hypocritical that amplifies and justifies the resentment they feel. They also get money, sex and immoral behavior made legitimate with no criticism and get to brutalize victims to vent their frustration with the contradictions in life.

If you want an apple, plant an apple tree. Don’t plant weeds and pray for apples, then wonder why God has abandoned us…the Lord does not suffer fools well.

Barack has done all in his power to flood this country with the lowest denominator of immigrant the world has to offer. Border Patrol are ordered to patrol but not enforce, States that enforce the laws on their borders have been sued by the Fed. Immigrant children have been dispersed by air and bus throughout the nation to make it even more difficult to relocate them which places unwelcome, unlawful burdens on social services at these destinations. Some believe Barack is tilting election outcomes in favor of the Democrat Party and at least one person, me, believes his motives are far more sinister. It is irrational to assess Barack’s record and intentions by one initiative and not see the whole picture. The assault on our society is broad based and all inclusive. Our heritage, history, social mores, religious majority, education system, sovereignty, military readiness, economic stability, international relationships, you name it, they are all under attack or severely impacted one way or another, during Obama’s tenure. We focus at times on the Bill of Rights and carp over the ways the First Amendment has been compromised, or how the Second Amendment is constantly challenged; today the Fourth Amendment concerns us, tomorrow the 17th, because we don’t know how to defend the entire Bill of Rights when they are all “problematic” along with the Constitution, according to a president who promised total transformation and Fundamental change. We didn’t have the brains or gumption to drag him off the dais and send him packing before he garnered the ability to carry out his mission. The most cynical and observant of us could not possibly have imagined what has descended on this nation like a mushroom cloud over Hiroshima.

Against that backdrop Americans still tune in to the news and accept the pap they hand us, send our children to school to be taught that transgender may be a life style they should consider and American history was written by old white men for young white children. We carry on with most of our daily routines as though the earth was not crumbling beneath our feet because for most of us politics and religion have been shunted off to politicians and clergy. We don’t have the time or inclination to be physically and emotionally involved in the two most important constructs in our lives that create the rules we live by. Our Churches and synagogues, to the extent they are attended, no longer provide the foundation for family and moral compass for our lives.

We claim to yearn for an honest man to step forward who can lead us out of the morass but we practically stone to death anyone who doesn’t appeal to us like lying politicians seem to. Then we complain that both parties have deceived us and live with the results we predestined. Maybe asking Americans to wake up is the wrong message. America is awake but has been indoctrinated and grown complacent and complicit by neglect.

If your headlights don’t work because the car battery is dead, the lights won’t come back on no matter if you replace the fuses, the bulbs, the lens, all the wiring and the switch. America needs to have a population that restores God as the source of our authority to self-govern. Without God the Creator America is a rudderless ship. We have allowed government and a minority of non believers to use our faith to divide us.

The next time someone claims he is offended by our religious expressions consider that an admission of intent to transform America. Offer to pray for that person’s ability to recover from the rejection we the majority will demonstrate. Until we do, the tail will wag the dog and the president will infest the dog with fleas.

Remove Barack for cause; we have many.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


You Have Relatives in the Fatherland?

I’ve been around the block more than once…Political correctness is not the chariot that drives me or got me here. In business and politics I’ve had a mild aversion to diplomacy, most of my adult life. This no doubt contributed heavily to my reputation as a cynic, in some circles. But now my blunt comments are attributed to age; they say that when you grow old you lose patience with BS, but I don’t recall ever having tolerance along those lines.

My politically incorrect dire predictions, which only began six years ago, have come to pass and Barack is no longer an enigma to those who resent his presidency or read my diatribes. The state of the Republic I would say is painfully obvious. It may not always be personally advantageous to tell it like it is or at least how I see it but it saves a lot of time to cut to the chase. In the initiative to restore the nation and put an end to this regime, I have not been effective, nor have countless others who see the writing on the wall and have sounded the alarm. I may be in rarefied company that believe Barack aka Barry is a double agent doing the bidding of the Islamic Jihad, promoting and assisting the Muslim Brotherhood to attain legitimacy it has never enjoyed in its existence. But if results count it is hard to deny my accusations.

I have never held back my analysis of political events, politicians and societal changes and I am acutely aware that some people turn away after reading a line or two or a paragraph when I harp on the same old theme; America in decline and the president is the main contributor to our loss of freedoms and prestige, with full knowledge and bad intentions. All I can do is tell it as I see it. I can’t tailor my message for those in denial or any other point of view that exists; I can only put it out there; the rest is out of my hands.

I have little in the way of offering comfort or optimism relating to our future as a Constitutional Republic, especially in view of recent congressional and Senate decisions and the Supreme Court’s unconstitutional irrational decisions on marriage and Obamacare. This is not my Judea Christian opinion on matrimony; we are all God’s children and God is the only Judge that matters. In America the only law of the land is the Constitution. When a regime has an animus toward our laws it is an enemy in my eyes. A president that states as his objective the total transformation and fundamental change of the Republic could not take the oath of office without crossing his fingers behind his back. We gave him a pass and paid the price…and we have several installments yet to pay.

America has sunk from the lowly plateau of corrupt to the untenable state of blackmail, intimidation and bribery to force policies down the throats of an unwilling, rudely awakened and cynical electorate. Criminals intent on getting their way believe that everyone can be bought, intimidated, bribed or blackmailed. Once the criminal is exposed for what he is the gloves come off and any pretext of civility, patriotism, compassion Boehner. Barack famously said “if you have a business, you didn’t build it.” His criminal mind believes capitalists are all corrupt and he is justified in punishing success. To attain his Marxist, Fascist, Communist, Islamic goals he has resorted to blackmail, intimidation, coercion and bribery…anything to punish the wrong doers. Any means to an end and the end is substitution of our value system with a system that has no values.

The transformation could not happen without the corruption and intimidation of judges, congressmen, senators, media and anyone t or anything that stands in the way of total transformation. Total transformation, my fellow Americans, is the defeat of this once proud nation.

Still want to wait for the elections to see if we can win one even if they cheat?

Call for Barry Soetoro’s removal, accountability and appropriate punishment while we still have a voice, a gun and a bible.


Infringed to Death

The gun free zone in the AME Episcopal Church in S. Carolina attracted a crazed racist, who killed 9 people casually, reloading 5 times to get the job done. The wanton murderer visited with his intended victims for an our or so before he opened fire and rejected their unrestricted welcome. While they prayed he mocked their vulnerability. In mourning the survivors, their families and the entire City of Charleston gave the country an inspirational example of integrity, courage, brotherly love and faith, boundless in their stretch.

The Sham Reverend Sharpton packed his bags in anticipation, hoping to repeat his disgraceful exhibition of no integrity, no love and no faith but quickly cancelled his trip to Charleston in the face of true leadership and love of fellow man, as he realized neither he nor his paid demonstrator/rioters could dissuade or incite to ransack and riot. I wonder if Barack will hold up his paycheck.

Once more Barack immediately suggested we make the whole country a gun free zone so there will be no opposition to his guns. He didn’t mourn the tragic deaths; he relished the opportunity to chip away at our resolve to defend ourselves constitutionally. The availability of guns is the crux of the matter, not nine dead Americans who died loving their fellow man or their friends and relatives who see the tragedy as a time for unity, fellowship and prayer. Barack and Sharpton hate to see a good crisis go to waste. When it was obvious he could not divide this nation from these steadfast American Christians the Chameleon would use the occasion to show his empathy for the community to try to score political points; it shouldn’t be a total loss. If you think I’m exaggerating you too have drunk the propaganda juice.

Consider this. This murdering little skunk named Roof was looking for a killing field to make his bloody statement…His first choice was the College of Charleston campus….alas, that one was too risky…too much security. He chose the venerable AME Church because the coward was smart enough to know it offered no resistance. Gun free and peace loving, he could murder at his leisure, so to speak. Soft targets are gun free zones for law abiding citizens, thus they are invitations to psychopathic criminals with murder on their mind.

The workplace violence that took the lives of 13 and wounded 30 unarmed military personnel was a gun free zone too, except for Nidal Malik Hassan, who chose the time and place he would strike a blow for the Islamic Jihad cause he served. Military personnel on a military post are not permitted to carry the weapons they are trained to use, with the exception of Muslim terrorists who happen to be members of the American military. Ironically Fort Hood is located in Killeen, Texas and Hassan killed as many as he could, shouting Allah Akbar, which Barack claims is not pertinent to his purpose.

Uber just mandated gun free zones in their drivers’ vehicles….hmmm…uber smart? or uber stupeed?…Are the drivers expected to search their passengers or just issue a stern warning? Maybe they’ll play “Uber sez” and see how that goes. This conflicted company just made their workers a lot less safe for the good of mankind…or for the good of criminals with low-risk tolerance, satisfied with slim pickins.

I say we disarm Barack’s body guards…for his safety, of course. He’s still plagued by unrequited love due to an ungrateful electorate that doesn’t appreciate his genius but some discerning individual who appreciates a soft target when he sees one, might just decide to bask in the glory of 15 minutes fame….He would have to risk the daunting defense of dozens of unarmed Secret Service men and endure the deafening applause they are likely to bestow on him for his cowardly act. Heh, heh, heh!

Why don’t we create gun free zones in Syria and Iraq? When the shooting stops we can talk them out of their bombs and knives, a job only super-Kerry can handle as soon as he is satisfied that Iran is satisfied, Barack is satisfied and Israel is stabified.

As determined as Barack is to make law abiding American citizens defenseless is how desperate he is to arm the most hate-filled, war mongering, murderous regime in the world with Nukes. They shout “death to America” and Barack/Kerry’s response is “Rouhani boma ye” and point the Satanic regime towards Israel…

There is a message the Barack brigade would like us not to mention, but here goes. In just these few recent examples of unreasonable impositions, positions and decisions, there is a palpable pattern of counter democratic, anti white, anti Christian, anti Constitutional Republic agendas. The Imperial Wizard Barack is consistent if nothing else. He has done nothing to preserve our heritage and never will.

His willful influence will effectuate political and ideological control of the Middle East by the Muslim Brotherhood and/or its allies, with the destruction of Israel and the total transformation and domination of the United States of America, with the help of a ruthless, rogue radical religious Jihad to control the population while the invaders rape, pillage and confiscate…if he is left to his own devices much longer.

The truth is not so complicated. Barack does not pray to the same God that Christians and Jews do. We are now in the season of Ramadan. Barack will preside over the feast at the end of the fast as he has every year since he took office. Christians fast for Lent, Jews fast for Yom Kippur. When Barack nods to our customs it will be a cold day in Hades. When Barack goes the way of all flesh he will notice that there are no cold days, no Ramadan and no mercy in Hades. He can take comfort in the fact that he will not be subjected to Judea Christian ideology either.

Barack claims “racism is not cured”. If that is the case I suggest the cure is surgery…surgically remove the root cause of our troubles, Barack Hussein Obama.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

With Friends Like That

I have been warning that Barack is not on our side since he won the nomination and people are still trying to figure out why he does what he does. We’re still pondering the question because we don’t like the obvious conclusion. He does exactly what the enemy, an Islamic Jihadist would do, from defending all things Islam doggedly to lying shamelessly about his associations, affiliations, motives and the results of his actions.

He admits he has no strategy in the Middle East, because it is better to plead ignorance than to be accused of helping the enemy intentionally, which is my contention. If anyone can tell me what his pro America strategy is any where else I’d be delighted to hear it. A line in the sand is not a strategy, neither is blaming others and withdrawing troops, arming the wrong guys and destabilizing nations may be a strategy but it is certainly not a winning strategy. Obviously signing away our sovereignty to give illegal entry to America precedence over legal applications, welcoming children from all over with pay for breaking our laws is a strategy but not one an American would conjure or condone. Losing strategies seem to suit Barack, because he has told us that America has regained the respect and admiration of all nations; that he, Barack Hussein Obama, narrowly averted a disastrous depression and now we are on the verge of historic prosperity. He has elevated the once suspect strategy of spending one’s way to prosperity to an art form. He’s even got his kids racking up air time on our dime, contributing to the economic well being of department stores and swank shops in Europe.

He also told us on more than one occasion that he does not want to take away our guns. Thank God good strategy is not his forte, because he has tried everything under the sun, except perhaps prayer, to take guns from law-abiding citizens, our veterans, (because they are emotionally unstable), airline pilots and as God is my judge, even local police. To him the Second Amendment is number 2. What strategy does religious persecution relate to? Isn’t the Middle East hatred of Jews religiously motivated? Do you think Barack loves Jews? Hell he can’t even tolerate them and his animus is definitely religiously motivated. Wherever Barack’s strategies dislodged a government the Muslim Brotherhood prospered…and Sharia Law is imposed…that’s a Muslim holy-roller at his ideological best!

But what of the people’s strategy, as in the people referred to in government of the people, by and for the very same? If we are indeed responsible for our own destiny and the regulation of government, how can we allow Obama, track record in tact, the authority to deploy our troops? Are we crazy or irresponsible? Who ever heard of ordering a soldier to hold his fire until he is fired upon? Is that a perverted version of “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes”? How did we go from a strategy to kill the enemy to a strategy to not kill the enemy? Who ever heard of flying bombing missions around the targets but not on them? Barack has our pilots returning with bombs still attached, as we speak. Who ever heard of denying as fact the enemy’s own words when they praise Allah and shout death to America and behead Christians and others with an aversion to conversion? Barack’s lips will not utter the words Islamic terrorists; not even radical Islamic terrorist. Is the reason we are not responding in kind to Islamic declarations of war and acts of war beginning to dawn on anyone? Who ever heard of negotiating Nuclear bomb capability with an enemy that insists they have the right to destroy Israel and chants death to America to our face? We did. To add insult to injury we reward radical anti American, anti civilization Iranian behavior with generous dollops of U.S. moolah…Not to be confused with Mullah, it still sounds rightfully Arabic.

Barack, I warn you, is neither crazy nor irresponsible…he has a plan and a strategy which he enunciated very clearly…to transform this country fundamentally, something no American would even think of doing. It would not be possible to change us so dramatically if we were of sound mind and reasonably responsible…and if we actually, without reservation or apology, desperately cling to our religion and our guns, no despot could overcome us.

Remove Barack for cause; we have many.


Eternal Life Support System for Dummies

Get real. A weak recovery doesn’t last 7 years…there is no recovery; perhaps a new “normal” but that would be even worse than a weak recovery. It would be a life support system with no hope breathing independently. Is this what we signed up for? A weak recovery, any recovery, still suggests recovery at some point…Would anyone in his right mind say that America is going back to work? Can anyone quit a good job because there are plenty of options?

Some things have gotten better from the nadir; the worst point; like housing has recovered in most markets, but expectations of rising values aren’t there. Construction of high end homes is fine but that is not an indication of a recovery…when middle class housing is in demand call me…Cities are succumbing to mob rule like dominoes in a wind storm. Murder statistics are rising much faster than employment numbers. Police are the front line of defense against anarchy and federal police are itching to take over to do nothing.

Market up? For all the wrong reasons. Government absorbs market losses and profits are taxed as capital gains for the wealthy investor. It is virtually a free ride; downside protected, upside not penalized like regular income. Do couples having dinner at Denny’s discuss their stock portfolios? Do you remember when they did? If you’re 21 years old you were only 14 when Barack promised total transformation and Oprah cried tears of joy. Your 25 year old uncle was counting on a prosperous career as he worked his way up the ladder in a local business. Today he’s unemployed and your prospects are bleak. I hope you enjoy cutting grass or shoveling snow. Your father may flipping burgers so don’t hold your breath for a minimum wage job that will keep tires on your jalopy and gas in the tank. For the high-risk-tolerant, less-than-wealthy individual the market has been a no-brainer gift…but when the bottom falls out gains will be wiped away like a chalk board in a sprinkler system when a school is torched by unemployed professional rioters…my mistake…they are employed, aren’t they?

Jobs? They report how many were created, which are not enough, but they don’t subtract the jobs lost. We can figure that out for ourselves by comparing the number of people employed month to month, but who bothers? They still don’t include the unemployed no-longer-looking after benefits dries up. Would a job as a professional rioter appeal to some of those guys? Would some of them welcome the opportunity to loot a CVS before it burns to the ground?

Jobs? Why are part time jobs now accepted as bread winner careers? Because there is no recovery and none in sight…

The “rich get richer and the poor get poorer” is a cliché from the depression era…but a candidate might garner a vote or two if he coined the phrase today. Don’t speak to me of recovery, weak or debilitating…speak to me of restoration and we can have a lively exchange…

Savings are still being diminished by low interest rates and if you don’t think there is inflation check your grocery bill…and why are we so tickled that gas prices came down? They never came down to pre election levels and they are going up again anyway…Confiscation takes many forms and the most insidious are already eating away at principal. Social Security is not an entitlement but we have already accepted the government’s illegal grab…It is not going broke, it has assets in the form of non-negotiable government bonds in place of our hard earned cash; thanks to the Congressmen you elected and re elected so he could exempt himself from the woes he votes for. It is broken, not broke…and the difference is not so subtle and purely academic.

Why are banks able to borrow money at zero % from us and lend it back to us a 3%? How does that help the economy? What it does is disincentivise banks from lending money to business men. Businessmen who might hire people to do real jobs can borrow money from the government if they can sign personally and meet tough qualifying standards. Banks will lend money against receivables when conditions are right and profits are squeezed to a pulp.

So what is the government’s role in keeping the economy stagnant? I haven’t heard of a government program that provides opportunity for employment but it takes credit for jobs created in states like Texas and Florida, despite economic malaise in general. Barack’s one great initiative failed because the shovel ready jobs weren’t shovel ready after all. We all got a chuckle out of that. The sucking sound is the sound of money going into a sewer, the true receptacle for government spending.

We the people must be informed and educated according to Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin. That ship sailed but at least we should know when someone else, like our politicians, are not informed or educated or are outright lying to us. No one can provide jobs for the nation…the nation provides jobs for us when the we have a healthy government that doesn’t interfere with self determination. That means we have to fix everything; taxes, punitive regulations, over regulating, government spending, the banking system, equity markets, military purpose, the whole enchilada. That is an impossible task when we are confronted with tyranny on a daily basis especially when almost half the country is in denial or complicit. A government that foments racial division, selective law enforcement, religious persecution and is fixated on disarming the general population, redefining morality, free speech and the order of authority is a tyrannical government. We should not expect a broad recovery while a tyrannical government is holding the economy hostage to its whims and ideological imperatives. We should not let them lull us into a false sense of hope when one segment of a very complex system shows modest improvement or even two. A stopped clock is only right twice a day if we know when to check and it seems we don’t.

Are we so desperate for a silver lining that we ignore the real signs that we are on a top down spiral and gaining momentum? Are we inured to religious persecution and the elevation of a morally bankrupt substitution?

Time to reassess our assets and liabilities. Barack is giving away the store to all comers and exposing a newly weakened underbelly to our traditional enemies and the growing list of new bad guys…Even the Pope has become a left wing political activist, carrying the torch for global warming, global depopulation, global government and global mal de tete. That puff of white smoke may have had a decided tinge of red in it. If I can still be an American in this day of radicalism, I can still be a Catholic while the last Pope recluses in the Vatican and the imposter goes about doing humble good deeds and preaching against self determination…If this keeps up Barack may want ISIS to get Baptized and they may not object!

If there is the slightest doubt that elections will take place without a fight…if the thought crossed your mind even for a millisecond, that perhaps Barack has something up his sleeve, like Marshall Law…that is the true state of the union, confidence oozing from our self inflicted wounds. We are transformed according to plan, transgressed by definition and teetering on the brink of extinction…In 200 hundred years historians will look back on this era as the turning point…the time when illegal aliens chose free stuff over free life and Americans let them vote without ID. Unless we depose the current administration and manage to elect a true patriot who will repair the myriad problems by restoring a functioning constitutional republic… feared and respected internationally as the situation calls for and fiscally responsible while restoring our moral and ethical Judea Christian values, our future looks bleak. Nothing less will suffice.

If Iran gets the bomb future historians can be writing with quills dipped in berry juice…or the blood of patriots fallen in a good cause for no gain.

So here’s what ticks me off. All the BS about Obama’s legacy and a weak recovery with Republicans doing more harm than gasoline-purges to a circus fire-eater, avoid the truth and delay the awakening. A narrative that we are recovering, albeit slowly, is not helping any more than a declaration of victory in the face of abject defeat. This government would tell us we are in a full, robust recovery if they thought they could get away with it. Anything can be fixed but if you think its getting better why bother? We are in a heap of trouble and the answers are within our grasp if we are willing to reject political solutions that solve nothing, change nothing and prolong the agony. When we end the baloney and state the facts we will have no choice but to take the proper actions and we will; pray it is not too late. It is not enough to say we are in a religious war. The Muslim Brotherhood is a political organization waging religious war to gain world domination. They can only succeed after devastation destroys the fabric and morale of a country or a people and I believe Barack is engaged in that process. Our enemy, the radical Islamic Muslim contingent of Islam, rely on his Satanic contribution and uncanny ability to keep us from naming the enemy, in turn keeping us from effectively retaliating.

Restore the Constitutional Republic in the Judea Christian spirit and no problem will be too great us. Stay the course and the road to perdition will swallow us up.

We argue over the degree to which we have been transformed instead of arguing over how to undo the damage done and being done. While we argue it only gets worse, because in an argument one side is in denial.

Barack is the Manchurian candidate on steroids. Remove him, hold him accountable and see to it that he is punished appropriately so that no one ever tries to transform us again…

God has blessed America and we have allowed ourselves to diminish the influence of organized religion in our daily lives. That is a principle requirement of every demonic, dictatorial government. The elevation of Islam to replace our Judea Christian heritage, demanding allegiance to Allah or death, is having its effect on us. They have barely begun their torture, murder and degradation tactics here and we are already intimidated. A patriot stands against them and we condemn her for agitating the bully. Her life is in danger and instead of shielding her we wish her luck.

Choose the next president wisely, not from the fetid pool of politics and dynasties and with God’s help we may be the first Republic to test the outer limits of extinction and rebound to survive another 230 years. I advise you not to pray for salvation unless you are willing to die for it.

God bless Americans.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

I Pledge Allegiance to the Republic…I Once Knew

Republican politicos, theoretically opposed to liberal, socialist, democrat left-wing anti-conservative agendas, have themselves made massive contributions to Democrats’ success in transforming this country to suit their ideological views. The anti America movement could not do it alone. They are the McCains, Grahams and many other representatives whose claim to fame is their compromise mentality that delights in working across the aisle or even makes an exception if they have a preexisting bias, such as to certain parts of the Second Amendment or a take on illegal immigration that is not in synch with conservative thinking. RINOs who undermine the constitutional republic on occasion or too often for comfort, are unwitting accomplices of the liberal movement that is determined to undermine capitalism and conservative values. Democrats invented the “tails I win, heads you lose” strategy of incremental gains and Republicans seem to like the odds. So much so that we can’t even tell when we reached critical mass and became socialist by definition. Mind you, Judea Christian values are not compatible with socialist transforming agendas and cannot coexist where Islamic dogma is preferred by the government that is orchestrating the changes.

Whenever a compelling argument is presented with urgency to do something for the “greater good” there comes with it a consensus to circumvent the law of the land, the Constitution, in favor of expediency. Once convinced or coerced, Republicans will courageously do whatever it takes to make us safer; like suspend the Bill of Rights, cave in to radical leftist appointments, infringe the Second Amendment, conveniently interpret the First Amendment, exempt themselves from laws they pass and still insist that they represent the people that elected them. The difference between the two parties is that there are a few honest Republican politicians but as a body the Congress does not consistently represent my interests. A Democrat has no redeeming qualities in this political environment because it is a rare day in Paradise when one will stand on principal to oppose his fellow dems for the good of the nation. So ultimately there really is no difference.

The fear of being blamed for stagnation in Congress that has led to capitulation on budget and debt management as well as matters concerning national security, trumps integrity; that fear is based on electability, more the shame. Where fear is not a factor corruption is no stranger, even in the most sensitive and crucial political issues. We need to reverse our thinking when it comes to bad apples; can one good apple survive where bad apples are the norm?

Incremental politics is the brainchild of Communists and Socialists who realized that free people would not willingly give up their liberty and self reliance, but could be lulled into a gradual erosion of their independence, if lied to convincingly over an extended period of time. When the Left realized the Right was prone to compromise they knew it was only a matter of time until the Republic would implode from the weight of years of Socialist erosion of capitalist principles. When a politician compromises core values, he betrays the trust we the people put in him to protect the Republic; but not to worry, those are the integrity-starved politicians we will re-elect until they grow too old to hold a job. Then we name a ship, park or building after them and enshrine them in the halls of successful crooks.

The transformation from a functioning Constitutional Republic to some sort of autocracy is not achieved by “killing the head” to bring down the body; it is achieved by maiming the torso…the self regenerating middle class. A hard-working, achievement-oriented middle class creates new wealth, earns income commensurate with skills and spends 90% of their income on life-style maintenance…that is the only kind of wealth redistribution that boosts an economy.

The top 2-3% in the economic strata, or head, is blithely enriching itself, legally and, for all intents and purposes, morally, but does not care or believe that their wealth, after the fundamental change is complete, will be subject to confiscation. You can’t have it both ways. Socialism is, after all, a pathway to autocracy. When the state can no longer support the dependency it created to gain control, it stays in power by force. Actually the top 2-3% are not as prone to confiscation as the middle class worker or retiree on fixed income.

If you let a rattlesnake reproduce in your tent, expect to get rattled.

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.” – Ronald Reagan

President Reagan was about 1/2 right. Today most Democrats have dropped any pretext of holding the Constitution in the high regard or providing the protection it demands for the Republic to survive.

Gus Hall, four-time U.S. presidential candidate for the U.S. Communist Party, quit American politics, agreeing that the Democratic Party had adopted every plank on the communist/socialist platform and they no longer had an alternate party platform on which to run.

Does Barack look worried? I think not and that, my friends, is reason enough for us to worry or get busy. I prefer to get busy. Barack must be removed, held accountable and punished accordingly.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

In Order to Form a More Perfect Union

Take comfort, my friends…we are all dying. It may take some of us a little longer to complete the journey but in the end no one fails the course. A life span that evokes praise from our fellow travelers for longevity is still a speck in time in the hereafter, where time is not recognized as a measure of any consequence…eternity has no beginning and no end, which brings me to the point of this discussion.

It is a short life but if lived well it is the greatest gift of all, granted only by the Supreme Being we know as God. The founders of this great nation were of the mind that God the Creator would not put us on this earth, our spirits in flesh and bone, to be contained in our potential by other men. Therefor, when the stars were perfectly aligned and opportunity knocked, these great men of destiny came together to establish a new nation, where men can achieve their highest potential, unhampered by the dictates of oppressive government. They described it as a government of the people, for the people and by the people. Toward this end they pledged all they possessed and put their lives and the lives of their families in great jeopardy for the sake of future generations; us.

Governments with the power of critical decision over its citizens’ personal destiny rob us of free will and self determination in order to control the hearts and minds of the nation…maybe hearts not so much. It is free will and self determination that liberates creativity and the will to succeed. No government can bestow those benefits, it can only deprive us. If we give that power away we are squandering nature’s greatest gift and when our time is up we are not likely to have developed our spiritual gifts, our creative potential or passed down the word of God and the free will and self determination that glorifies God and reaps the blessings life has to offer. If I can think of no other obligation that accompanies our birthright it is to preserve the freedom we enjoy for future generations.

Once again in the annals of civilized governance, after years of erosion of principles, ethics and integrity, a nation has a clear choice between freedom and domination. Judea Christian values embodied in a government that resembles our original format are openly challenged by forces that appeal to the lowest denominator, protecting the social programs that enticed them to forsake their God given independence.

If we allow this existing government that began its life by declaring it is not going to respect the oath of office and will instead commit to reverse the Constitutional order of authority unique to our Republic, we also cede our religious freedom and accept amoral decomposition of our civilization. If not capitalism, what? Would you knowingly allow the initiatives below to change the country our forefathers envisioned, in the hopes of recreating the more perfect union? If we don’t stop it we will inherit the ashes.

The most unqualified candidate to ever seek the office, who ran with more confidence and bravado than even the most egotistical of politicians can normally muster, brazenly told us he was about to bring fundamental change to America. We assumed he was talking about positive change when in fact his “accomplishments” or initiatives, listed below, speak for themselves. If you are of the opinion that I am presenting only one side all I can say is, I wish there was another side.

Attack gun ownership, weaken the Second Amendment

Eliminate borders

grant amnesty by decree

dissolve sovereignty

challenge states’ authority

appoint radicals

overwhelm all institutions

Control education

Plant the notion that children are the responsibility of the state

Burden Emergency Care Facilities to the max

increase dependency exponentially

dilute the currency

weaken the military

create private militia outside normal government umbrella

discredit local law enforcement

punish law enforcement officers

create unrest and dissatisfaction

incite and reward rioting

discredit and uproot customary religious institutions

persecute religious populations

Replace Chaplains with Imams in military and universities

Reduce top military brass

confiscate wealth

Increase taxes and taxing

Waste money on meaningless projects

spend outlandishly and tell others to conserve

disrupt middle class work ethic

realign international interests

declare infallibity in the face of catastrophic failure

blame opposing party

punish and ridicule critics

If you can impose all of the above and still hold the loyalty of most of the party that nominated you, transformation is practically inevitable. Not a single offensive action he assigned to our military in the Middle East was intended to win a battle, much less a war.

Obviously anyone who spends a presidency on initiatives that can only destroy our Constitutional Republic should be stopped in his tracks. To belabor the motives or loyalties involved is to provide time and space for the betrayal to play out. Calling me and all those that see the danger and sound the alarm names is signing a death warrant with our own names on it. Discussing our current situation in terms of Barack’s legacy is hypocritical. His only legacy should be exposure, removal and full accountability.

Some might consider America to be at a crossroads of democracy at the moment, with the Republic on one leg and an autocracy of some sort on the other. I see it more like a dead end. America must go back to our roots, repair the road going forward once more and the dead end will have miraculously been removed for our heirs. Man has a natural right to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. Who dares to claim otherwise is an enemy of the people…it is blasphemous to take what the Creator has endowed and claim the right to ration these gifts.

God bless America,


POTUS Will Teach us How to think, What to Think and When. We already know how not to.

We should distinguish between “set-backs” and “Barack-backs”, the latter being of far less consequence than “set-backs”, which themselves are only likened to gnats on a butterfly’s butt, but buttinsky Fox-media, OAN and Republicans tend to blow things way out of proportion. Barack continues to perform on a level of perfection never experienced before in the annals of human existence. Doubting Thomases are dumbasses who refuse to give credit where credit is due. Barack continues to operate on the premise of “never show a fool a job half done” knowing with certainty that when the transformation and fundamental changes he is implementing are complete we will all bow and scrape in appreciation and admiration of a job well done.

We’ll munch the government cheese and peep out of our bomb shelters to marvel at the magnificent new world Barack has given us.

Although this administration is the most transparent in history they know that mere citizens cannot deal with too much information, hence the slightly demeaning but practical caution of “not showing fools a job half done”; the country is on a “need to know” basis, which is working perfectly. We passed the Health Care Bill long ago and we still don’t know what’s in it, which proves Obama’s methods work best.

I feel pity for poor ISIS falling into Obama’s trap, thinking that invading cities and killing everyone in their path is the key to victory. They are wrong on so many levels. First of all they think they are Muslim…We would have fallen for that line if it wasn’t for Barack, who has yet to confide in us who the real Muslims are, but leaves no doubt as to who isn’t. He is smarter than an Imam; smarter than a Mosque full of Imams; smarter than generals, admirals, forefathers and five fathers. Barack the magnificent, omnificent, significant POTUS innocent is destroying everything he touches and no longer hides his insidious plans. He simply tells us that losing is winning, betraying is defending and dismantling is building and we buy into it all. In any other life situation this behavior would be a game changer calling for the permanent severance of relations, discontinuation of confidence and possible prosecution for a litany of damages incurred.

In this topsy turvey world of political-cheat, police cannot be trusted with heavy weaponry, perhaps any weapons, or with the task of maintaining law and order. Everywhere you look innocent rioters are reacting to overbearing, prejudicial, unreasonable police, unreasonably objecting to a few righteous bottles and rocks projected in the name of free speech for free stuff. If the police didn’t respond menacingly their murder and maiming would not be necessary. Barack’s work is never done; now he will be forced to federalize impotent local police forces, disarm them for their own good and prosecute any who enforce laws indiscriminately. Criminals have rights too, black lives matter, gun-free zones protect lives and now is the time for social justice to trump social responsibility.

I maintain that Barack Obama is not being held to any standard of competence by any definition of the word. The microcosm of his offenses that I refer to above, when added to the thousands of lies and hundreds of destabilizing acts he imposed on the nation, define him as either a mad man or an enemy of the country he presides over. I believe that he came to power as an enemy. You need not agree but you cannot make an argument to the contrary that holds water. Need I remind you that he stated on record that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are “problematical” documents, that have the order of authority reversed?

As a people we seem to lack the courage, conviction or procedures in place, to deal with non compos mentis, treachery or betrayal. Elections, you say? That is an argument for another day but Barack has explored and investigated as many possibilities of holding office indefinitely as there probably are. Unless we decide to hold politicians accountable and to very high standards on short fuses, one day a Barack Obama, if not this one, will decide not to allow us to vote, or to restrict our choice to one man.

If I die for your freedom will you cherish it and hand it down? How many must sacrifice their lives before we can guarantee that one unique concept for future generations? You cannot count in a decade the white crosses in Europe alone representing that purpose..and right now we are not holding up our end of the bargain.


Turn Your Other Cheek, Not Mine

I am a Catholic as a matter of faith. To my dismay I have learned to separate the clergy, from seminary and convent to the Pope, from the catechism. Priests are men like the rest of us and climbing the ladder of success in the hierarchy of the clergy does not change that fact. I respect the Word and do not hold the messenger to standards most humans cannot meet. Some meet or exceed expectations, save souls and do good works and we are blessed to have them. Some will answer to their Maker as humbly as the rest of us. It is not for me to judge.

My concern is with leadership. I believe that the Vatican should not insert itself in political matters regardless of the fact that it is considered a country within a country. It has been on the wrong side of history too often and all too often sides with political factions that deny religion or religious freedom. The Pope has, in all his wisdom, acknowledged the right to exist of the so-called Palestinian state, when that argument is far from over on the world stage. The ramifications of such a needless, partisan endorsement are hard hitting, sinfully influential and extremely harmful to the Judea Christian battle for survival and the Israeli right to exist. He condemns the murder of Christians at the hands of Islamic Jihadists on the one hand and supports a branch, if you will, of the political institution that sponsors terrorism. In a religious war the side under attack is choosing to forgive and embrace the aggressor but the aggressor shows no remorse or inclination to change. One man, the Pope, has told millions of Christians that the Palestinian State has his blessing, ergo the blessing of the Catholic Church and that is the bone of my contention. He would deny that he has sold out millions of Jews living and dead who are defending their nation, their lives and their religion, for this invented Iranian proxy. I condemn the Palestinian state and support Israel or my conscience would not let me live in peace. The Pope is my spiritual leader on earth but when it comes to politics and life and death on the field of honor there is a Higher Power.

The Pope is either ignorant of the origins and fundamental mission of the Palestinians or his position as the spiritual leader of millions of people has been co-opted by the enemies of Christianity. He may simply be confused and incapable of leading the Church in today’s climate. May God have mercy on his soul. It is possible that many will die as a result of his opinionated, decidedly Islamic, counter Israeli view of Middle East politics.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Silence is Olden

In response to Donald Trump and Fox News “contributors’ who make the incomprehensible comparison of rebutting the enemy who stands on his immoral decision to kill anyone who depicts Muhammad with the Pope or other Religious icons…You bet your grandma’s moth-eaten Burka!! I would give the Pope, all the Chief Rabbis or Buddha’s incarnation the same treatment I applaud Pam Geller for giving Muhammad and all the Imama’s on earth, if they dared to restrict my freedom of speech under penalty of death or even under penalty of a chipped fingernail. The last three letters of Muhammad are M-A-D and we should never forget it. These deranged proselytizers think we should accept their Sharia restricted, selective Second Amendment interpretation of civil law, Judea Christian mores, American exceptionalism and common sense; we need to tell them to vacate the continent…go peddle that fungus where the sun comes up in the West. If the Pope ordered my death for taking the Lord’s name in vein after stubbing my toe, would the Donald join Pam in protest? Pam would defend me, Donald not so much, I see.

If they are provoked by our indignation, sense of humor or cynicism it is our duty to provoke them and also to exterminate the vermin before they exterminate us. These hate-mongers actually want to reverse our culture before they kill us and we are trying to figure out if they all mean it or only some of them do. Even they can’t read their own holy book and agree on the message inside, so why the heck should we knock ourselves out?

Grow a follicle Donald. The Pope is not threatening civilization, no Rabbi wants to silence my worst iteration and Buddha just wants to hang with his homies. None of these holy purveyors of brotherly love is trying to rule the world, destroy America and Israel, or on slow days, each other.

This was not about Pam Geller but Muhammad’s miscreants made it about her and successfully divided us into those who love Pam and those who want what the Muslims want…to shut her up. Why are we Jews and Christians, infidels all, not together on the only response terrorists deserve? Their hit list already existed long before Ms. Geller held an art contest. Lo and behold it includes her, Brigitte Gabrielle, Geert Wilders, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, me, you, our kids…it’s a pretty comprehensive list, I think. As a matter of fact The Islamic Muslim Jihadis would like to kill all 360,000 or so babies born yesterday. Jeff Dunham’s dead terrorist dummy only repeats what the not-yet-killed terrorists say every day; “I will kill you”. If the government sworn to defend us against all enemies from within and without was doing their job, Pam Geller could be writing cook books and Donald could turn the United Nations building in NYC into a landmark hotel…Pam would be an ideal guest.

We allow the left to control the dialogue and dictate moral equivalence when there is none. Invariably demonic forces are protected and bleeding heart conservatives join the chorus. The Donald, Heraldo and an embarrassing number of other so-called conservatives took the bait, swallowed the hook and sinker and find themselves on the wrong side of history, in the most transforming, deadly religious war of all time.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”