Are You a Reporter or a Repeater?

The pipeline deal was vetoed as promised and the commentary after the fact was predictable. The discussion centers on Barack’s motives, his political agenda, his lack of vision, his commitment to alternative energy and what Republicans can do to win over a few more Democrat votes on the issue, instead of recognizing a pattern of behavior that is consistently contrary to the survival of a Constitutional Republic, a civilization or a free market economy. There is sophomoric consternation over a decision that doesn’t make any sense, when it does make sense… but the inevitable conclusions are politically incorrect and a bitter pill for any American to swallow. Barack has successfully transformed America from a Constitutional Republic to a dictatorship.

Barack’s pretext of making decisions that will stir the economy and put Americans back to work or his resolve to defeat ISIL and defend America are just that…a pretext and a device for him to continue his destructive policies as long as possible. Talk is cheap and actions are costly when they don’t correlate to the cheap talk. He is not called on his dictatorial attitude because he owns a cadre of politicians who will follow him to the gates of hell and beyond and a media that hangs on his every word to report verbatim his contentions of success and Republican interference; not reporters, repeaters.

Ever since he gave illegal aliens the benefit of his edict to remain as special class non citizens, he has been trying to eliminate any remnant of border protection, while clamoring for funds to protect the border. His illegal and ill conceived attempt to reconcile America with Cuba is only a veiled attempt to open and new route of ingress for illegals; he has paid with our integrity and has been repaid for his efforts with total disrespect. He has invited Syrian refugees to partake of our bounty with no interest in vetting the candidates. His intimidation of Democrats to hold the line on his unconstitutional amnesty edict is beyond rationality, but successful. He intends to open the floodgates with no accountability and we are supposed to believe that radical Islamic terrorists will not take advantage of the relaxed precautions. Is it any wonder that the threat level has escalated to insane levels of direct confrontation, including the intent to hang the President of the US, invade the Vatican and attack our shopping Malls. The ruthless murders, kidnappings and mass beheading of Christians are an affront to human decency and civilization but Barack’s response is, as always, tepid.

Barack’s actions are a stark contradiction to his words but his declarations of success in the face of dismal failure ignore reality and dare us to contradict. No one; not Susan Rice, not Nancy Pelosi, not Barack or his puppet, John the traitor Kerry, believe for a second that America and the world is a safer place because of our savior BHO, with less death than in the history of America…they know we don’t believe it either; it is just a confirmation of their power; they are dictating what we are to believe regardless of our witness. Now that Barack is willing to pull back the curtain and give us a glimpse of his real persona we are still not willing to accept what we see as reality. He has no respect for our intellect and no longer cares if we recognize his words as bold faced lies. His justifications for the pipeline veto are insulting and sophomoric…it will only provide temporary jobs…we haven’t had enough time to study the impact…prove he is confident in his ability to be the emperor with no clothes…impervious to criticism, unconcerned with facts and figures and nothing deters him from the dichotomy of his words and actions. But more and more his words and intentions grow less disparate.

He defends his secret negotiations with Iran which are certain to provide Iran with the time and latitude to develop a nuclear bomb and has no response to Iran’s open, ever increasing hostility toward America and Israel. His prejudice and intense dislike for Israel and Netanyahu have become a public embarrassment, yet his sycophants in Congress do not hesitate to back his betrayal of an ally in favor of a relentless Islamic enemy. He lies, they swear.

I’ve said it almost every day for years since the 2006 election which I still believe was not legitimate. Barack is not an American president. His loyalty is to a foreign power, obviously in the Islamic Muslim camp. Can someone please not ask me to prove my allegations and in view of the insurmountable evidence, instead prove to me that I am wrong? Not all of the examples I sight are circumstantial…the results of his policies are painfully evident and his outspoken decision to run this country by edict has changed the political climate and altered the political process in this country, perhaps forever.

I see no political will in Washington to preserve this nation as a functioning Constitutional Republic. Those who wish to change the direction of the country are smothered and discredited by their own colleagues. The founders of this great nation were very clear and encouraged us to take matters in our own hands when all else fails. If the next election doesn’t provide the hope and leadership desperately needed to restore this nation, all else has failed. Will we submit to the inevitable or take matters in our own hands?

Barack Hussein Obama may be the incarnation of evil, he may be the anti Christ or he may just be an Islamic Fascist lusting for power the submission of the United States of America to his will can provide. Perhaps he’s just a clever politician who actually believes what he preaches. He is not a legitimate American president.

Demand that he be removed for cause, held accountable and punished accordingly or our children’s children will never be free to attain their highest potential, speak their minds or develop legitimate opinions.

I would rather see the revolution begin by Congress recognizing the transformation Barack spoke of was his total control of the 3 branches of government and withhold all funding of this government until we restore the balance of powers; than to have it start because Congress funds a dictator’s every whim.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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