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You Have Relatives in the Fatherland?

I’ve been around the block more than once…Political correctness is not the chariot that drives me or got me here. In business and politics I’ve had a mild aversion to diplomacy, most of my adult life. This no doubt contributed heavily to my reputation as a cynic, in some circles. But now my blunt comments are attributed to age; they say that when you grow old you lose patience with BS, but I don’t recall ever having tolerance along those lines.

My politically incorrect dire predictions, which only began six years ago, have come to pass and Barack is no longer an enigma to those who resent his presidency or read my diatribes. The state of the Republic I would say is painfully obvious. It may not always be personally advantageous to tell it like it is or at least how I see it but it saves a lot of time to cut to the chase. In the initiative to restore the nation and put an end to this regime, I have not been effective, nor have countless others who see the writing on the wall and have sounded the alarm. I may be in rarefied company that believe Barack aka Barry is a double agent doing the bidding of the Islamic Jihad, promoting and assisting the Muslim Brotherhood to attain legitimacy it has never enjoyed in its existence. But if results count it is hard to deny my accusations.

I have never held back my analysis of political events, politicians and societal changes and I am acutely aware that some people turn away after reading a line or two or a paragraph when I harp on the same old theme; America in decline and the president is the main contributor to our loss of freedoms and prestige, with full knowledge and bad intentions. All I can do is tell it as I see it. I can’t tailor my message for those in denial or any other point of view that exists; I can only put it out there; the rest is out of my hands.

I have little in the way of offering comfort or optimism relating to our future as a Constitutional Republic, especially in view of recent congressional and Senate decisions and the Supreme Court’s unconstitutional irrational decisions on marriage and Obamacare. This is not my Judea Christian opinion on matrimony; we are all God’s children and God is the only Judge that matters. In America the only law of the land is the Constitution. When a regime has an animus toward our laws it is an enemy in my eyes. A president that states as his objective the total transformation and fundamental change of the Republic could not take the oath of office without crossing his fingers behind his back. We gave him a pass and paid the price…and we have several installments yet to pay.

America has sunk from the lowly plateau of corrupt to the untenable state of blackmail, intimidation and bribery to force policies down the throats of an unwilling, rudely awakened and cynical electorate. Criminals intent on getting their way believe that everyone can be bought, intimidated, bribed or blackmailed. Once the criminal is exposed for what he is the gloves come off and any pretext of civility, patriotism, compassion Boehner. Barack famously said “if you have a business, you didn’t build it.” His criminal mind believes capitalists are all corrupt and he is justified in punishing success. To attain his Marxist, Fascist, Communist, Islamic goals he has resorted to blackmail, intimidation, coercion and bribery…anything to punish the wrong doers. Any means to an end and the end is substitution of our value system with a system that has no values.

The transformation could not happen without the corruption and intimidation of judges, congressmen, senators, media and anyone t or anything that stands in the way of total transformation. Total transformation, my fellow Americans, is the defeat of this once proud nation.

Still want to wait for the elections to see if we can win one even if they cheat?

Call for Barry Soetoro’s removal, accountability and appropriate punishment while we still have a voice, a gun and a bible.



I Pledge Allegiance to the Republic…I Once Knew

Republican politicos, theoretically opposed to liberal, socialist, democrat left-wing anti-conservative agendas, have themselves made massive contributions to Democrats’ success in transforming this country to suit their ideological views. The anti America movement could not do it alone. They are the McCains, Grahams and many other representatives whose claim to fame is their compromise mentality that delights in working across the aisle or even makes an exception if they have a preexisting bias, such as to certain parts of the Second Amendment or a take on illegal immigration that is not in synch with conservative thinking. RINOs who undermine the constitutional republic on occasion or too often for comfort, are unwitting accomplices of the liberal movement that is determined to undermine capitalism and conservative values. Democrats invented the “tails I win, heads you lose” strategy of incremental gains and Republicans seem to like the odds. So much so that we can’t even tell when we reached critical mass and became socialist by definition. Mind you, Judea Christian values are not compatible with socialist transforming agendas and cannot coexist where Islamic dogma is preferred by the government that is orchestrating the changes.

Whenever a compelling argument is presented with urgency to do something for the “greater good” there comes with it a consensus to circumvent the law of the land, the Constitution, in favor of expediency. Once convinced or coerced, Republicans will courageously do whatever it takes to make us safer; like suspend the Bill of Rights, cave in to radical leftist appointments, infringe the Second Amendment, conveniently interpret the First Amendment, exempt themselves from laws they pass and still insist that they represent the people that elected them. The difference between the two parties is that there are a few honest Republican politicians but as a body the Congress does not consistently represent my interests. A Democrat has no redeeming qualities in this political environment because it is a rare day in Paradise when one will stand on principal to oppose his fellow dems for the good of the nation. So ultimately there really is no difference.

The fear of being blamed for stagnation in Congress that has led to capitulation on budget and debt management as well as matters concerning national security, trumps integrity; that fear is based on electability, more the shame. Where fear is not a factor corruption is no stranger, even in the most sensitive and crucial political issues. We need to reverse our thinking when it comes to bad apples; can one good apple survive where bad apples are the norm?

Incremental politics is the brainchild of Communists and Socialists who realized that free people would not willingly give up their liberty and self reliance, but could be lulled into a gradual erosion of their independence, if lied to convincingly over an extended period of time. When the Left realized the Right was prone to compromise they knew it was only a matter of time until the Republic would implode from the weight of years of Socialist erosion of capitalist principles. When a politician compromises core values, he betrays the trust we the people put in him to protect the Republic; but not to worry, those are the integrity-starved politicians we will re-elect until they grow too old to hold a job. Then we name a ship, park or building after them and enshrine them in the halls of successful crooks.

The transformation from a functioning Constitutional Republic to some sort of autocracy is not achieved by “killing the head” to bring down the body; it is achieved by maiming the torso…the self regenerating middle class. A hard-working, achievement-oriented middle class creates new wealth, earns income commensurate with skills and spends 90% of their income on life-style maintenance…that is the only kind of wealth redistribution that boosts an economy.

The top 2-3% in the economic strata, or head, is blithely enriching itself, legally and, for all intents and purposes, morally, but does not care or believe that their wealth, after the fundamental change is complete, will be subject to confiscation. You can’t have it both ways. Socialism is, after all, a pathway to autocracy. When the state can no longer support the dependency it created to gain control, it stays in power by force. Actually the top 2-3% are not as prone to confiscation as the middle class worker or retiree on fixed income.

If you let a rattlesnake reproduce in your tent, expect to get rattled.

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.” – Ronald Reagan

President Reagan was about 1/2 right. Today most Democrats have dropped any pretext of holding the Constitution in the high regard or providing the protection it demands for the Republic to survive.

Gus Hall, four-time U.S. presidential candidate for the U.S. Communist Party, quit American politics, agreeing that the Democratic Party had adopted every plank on the communist/socialist platform and they no longer had an alternate party platform on which to run.

Does Barack look worried? I think not and that, my friends, is reason enough for us to worry or get busy. I prefer to get busy. Barack must be removed, held accountable and punished accordingly.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

In Order to Form a More Perfect Union

Take comfort, my friends…we are all dying. It may take some of us a little longer to complete the journey but in the end no one fails the course. A life span that evokes praise from our fellow travelers for longevity is still a speck in time in the hereafter, where time is not recognized as a measure of any consequence…eternity has no beginning and no end, which brings me to the point of this discussion.

It is a short life but if lived well it is the greatest gift of all, granted only by the Supreme Being we know as God. The founders of this great nation were of the mind that God the Creator would not put us on this earth, our spirits in flesh and bone, to be contained in our potential by other men. Therefor, when the stars were perfectly aligned and opportunity knocked, these great men of destiny came together to establish a new nation, where men can achieve their highest potential, unhampered by the dictates of oppressive government. They described it as a government of the people, for the people and by the people. Toward this end they pledged all they possessed and put their lives and the lives of their families in great jeopardy for the sake of future generations; us.

Governments with the power of critical decision over its citizens’ personal destiny rob us of free will and self determination in order to control the hearts and minds of the nation…maybe hearts not so much. It is free will and self determination that liberates creativity and the will to succeed. No government can bestow those benefits, it can only deprive us. If we give that power away we are squandering nature’s greatest gift and when our time is up we are not likely to have developed our spiritual gifts, our creative potential or passed down the word of God and the free will and self determination that glorifies God and reaps the blessings life has to offer. If I can think of no other obligation that accompanies our birthright it is to preserve the freedom we enjoy for future generations.

Once again in the annals of civilized governance, after years of erosion of principles, ethics and integrity, a nation has a clear choice between freedom and domination. Judea Christian values embodied in a government that resembles our original format are openly challenged by forces that appeal to the lowest denominator, protecting the social programs that enticed them to forsake their God given independence.

If we allow this existing government that began its life by declaring it is not going to respect the oath of office and will instead commit to reverse the Constitutional order of authority unique to our Republic, we also cede our religious freedom and accept amoral decomposition of our civilization. If not capitalism, what? Would you knowingly allow the initiatives below to change the country our forefathers envisioned, in the hopes of recreating the more perfect union? If we don’t stop it we will inherit the ashes.

The most unqualified candidate to ever seek the office, who ran with more confidence and bravado than even the most egotistical of politicians can normally muster, brazenly told us he was about to bring fundamental change to America. We assumed he was talking about positive change when in fact his “accomplishments” or initiatives, listed below, speak for themselves. If you are of the opinion that I am presenting only one side all I can say is, I wish there was another side.

Attack gun ownership, weaken the Second Amendment

Eliminate borders

grant amnesty by decree

dissolve sovereignty

challenge states’ authority

appoint radicals

overwhelm all institutions

Control education

Plant the notion that children are the responsibility of the state

Burden Emergency Care Facilities to the max

increase dependency exponentially

dilute the currency

weaken the military

create private militia outside normal government umbrella

discredit local law enforcement

punish law enforcement officers

create unrest and dissatisfaction

incite and reward rioting

discredit and uproot customary religious institutions

persecute religious populations

Replace Chaplains with Imams in military and universities

Reduce top military brass

confiscate wealth

Increase taxes and taxing

Waste money on meaningless projects

spend outlandishly and tell others to conserve

disrupt middle class work ethic

realign international interests

declare infallibity in the face of catastrophic failure

blame opposing party

punish and ridicule critics

If you can impose all of the above and still hold the loyalty of most of the party that nominated you, transformation is practically inevitable. Not a single offensive action he assigned to our military in the Middle East was intended to win a battle, much less a war.

Obviously anyone who spends a presidency on initiatives that can only destroy our Constitutional Republic should be stopped in his tracks. To belabor the motives or loyalties involved is to provide time and space for the betrayal to play out. Calling me and all those that see the danger and sound the alarm names is signing a death warrant with our own names on it. Discussing our current situation in terms of Barack’s legacy is hypocritical. His only legacy should be exposure, removal and full accountability.

Some might consider America to be at a crossroads of democracy at the moment, with the Republic on one leg and an autocracy of some sort on the other. I see it more like a dead end. America must go back to our roots, repair the road going forward once more and the dead end will have miraculously been removed for our heirs. Man has a natural right to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. Who dares to claim otherwise is an enemy of the people…it is blasphemous to take what the Creator has endowed and claim the right to ration these gifts.

God bless America,


Unconditional Love Saves Suicidal Politician

5 21 15 Folks, Unconditional Love Saves Suicidal Politician

No politicians in modern times have done more obviously immoral, illegal, untrustworthy acts than the Clintons, independently and as a team but hard core liberal dunderheads see no evil, hear no betrayal and will speak no ill of the pair that cashed in on their positions of trust.

The Greatest Opiate is the Feeling of Invincibility—Politicians and other crooks, petty and grand, robbers, deceivers and liars, grow bolder with each uncontested lie, theft or betrayal, until they begin to feel that they are too slick to get caught or will not be held accountable in any case. The cloak of invincibility is intoxicating and leads to visions of grandeur and superiority, when the crook is allowed to get away clean or is given pass after pass…the longer he or she is able to deceive their victims the more the ego grows. The inverse ratio to inflated egos is morbid disrespect for those that trust them and rabid hatred for those who don’t. We all know what Hilary Clinton has become…a sad caricature of a fading First Lady with a long suppressed desire for personal power, wealth and unearned adulation.

As First Lady we were afforded a rare peek at the true dominant gene that was waiting to be unleashed….”There is a vast right wing conspiracy” was her arrogant response to charges and disclosure that her husband the POTUS, was a sexual predator in the White House…Once she emerged from the shadow of his popularity and beguiling personality the Dragon Lady came into her own and her stomp of corruption took on a life of its own. “What difference does it make” is her new defining comment. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the arrogance Bill and Hillary display when they stink up the place and never lose their composure or the astonishing lack of concern her believers have for her dishonesty and ineptitude. Hilary has one singular accomplishment to her credit…She manages to fool some of the people all of the time…the ones she can’t fool are marginalized by her friends and hired attack dogs. Bill actually managed to fool most of the people for a while but people have learned not to cross the Clintons, at their peril. They have a list not quite as long as their one nemesis, yet partner in crime, Barry the POTUS of allofus. Barack doesn’t keep a list, per se, it just exists and everyone knows who’s on and who is not. If he actually kept a running, printed list it would take up most of the gigabytes on all of the servers Hilary deletes the good stuff from. Aside from the general list of conservatives, Conservative Organizations, Not-for-profits and too profitable, there are loud mouth reporters and media, states that have the audacity to enforce laws he denounces, Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, policemen and women, Military Brass that will not fire on civilians, wounded servicemen and women, healthy servicemen and women, veterans, lottery winners, Christian and Jewish Chaplains and Congress, Barack particularly dislikes work. Golf is his game and Barry is his name.

Yep, Nixon also had an “enemies list”. When the curtain came down Nixon insiders hardly tried to deny the list existed. It was politics, after all, and the list was meant to do as much harm to the opposing party as possible and damned if it didn’t backfire anyway. Dick felt compelled to tell us he wasn’t a crook. His buddies broke into the Democrats’ inner sanctum and got caught. He was embarrassed; he resigned in disgrace; heads rolled and iron doors clanged shut for one or two. We will not live to see the day that the current crop of liars and hypocritical betrayers experience that honest emotion. They are not embarrassed, regretful or chagrined. Heads don’t roll and the sound of iron doors clanging shut is unfamiliar to all their loyal sycophants. You play along to get along.
Nixon never compromised the country in any way…the three bandito’s have put American Security on eBay to the highest bidder without the slightest tinge of remorse or guilt. Guidance systems, trade agreements, grants, Nuclear material, oil production, guns and roses…The Clintons got stinking rich and we have yet to learn what Obama’s pay off will be, besides the mainstreaming of radical Islam. RN had no expectation of personal financial gain or religious preference.

Where the heck is the Pied Piper when you need him? We are inundated by rats coming and going, inundating our civilization, our country and our heritage. Republicans cannot be depended on to counter leftist initiatives consistently…deals can be made when integrity is claimed but not in evidence.

Exterminate please. Clean house. Expose and defeat Hillary but get rid of the rats in the White House and the bubonic plague they are sticking to us. Barack is the problem we must get rid of before we can solve the problems he caused.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

POTUS Will Teach us How to think, What to Think and When. We already know how not to.

We should distinguish between “set-backs” and “Barack-backs”, the latter being of far less consequence than “set-backs”, which themselves are only likened to gnats on a butterfly’s butt, but buttinsky Fox-media, OAN and Republicans tend to blow things way out of proportion. Barack continues to perform on a level of perfection never experienced before in the annals of human existence. Doubting Thomases are dumbasses who refuse to give credit where credit is due. Barack continues to operate on the premise of “never show a fool a job half done” knowing with certainty that when the transformation and fundamental changes he is implementing are complete we will all bow and scrape in appreciation and admiration of a job well done.

We’ll munch the government cheese and peep out of our bomb shelters to marvel at the magnificent new world Barack has given us.

Although this administration is the most transparent in history they know that mere citizens cannot deal with too much information, hence the slightly demeaning but practical caution of “not showing fools a job half done”; the country is on a “need to know” basis, which is working perfectly. We passed the Health Care Bill long ago and we still don’t know what’s in it, which proves Obama’s methods work best.

I feel pity for poor ISIS falling into Obama’s trap, thinking that invading cities and killing everyone in their path is the key to victory. They are wrong on so many levels. First of all they think they are Muslim…We would have fallen for that line if it wasn’t for Barack, who has yet to confide in us who the real Muslims are, but leaves no doubt as to who isn’t. He is smarter than an Imam; smarter than a Mosque full of Imams; smarter than generals, admirals, forefathers and five fathers. Barack the magnificent, omnificent, significant POTUS innocent is destroying everything he touches and no longer hides his insidious plans. He simply tells us that losing is winning, betraying is defending and dismantling is building and we buy into it all. In any other life situation this behavior would be a game changer calling for the permanent severance of relations, discontinuation of confidence and possible prosecution for a litany of damages incurred.

In this topsy turvey world of political-cheat, police cannot be trusted with heavy weaponry, perhaps any weapons, or with the task of maintaining law and order. Everywhere you look innocent rioters are reacting to overbearing, prejudicial, unreasonable police, unreasonably objecting to a few righteous bottles and rocks projected in the name of free speech for free stuff. If the police didn’t respond menacingly their murder and maiming would not be necessary. Barack’s work is never done; now he will be forced to federalize impotent local police forces, disarm them for their own good and prosecute any who enforce laws indiscriminately. Criminals have rights too, black lives matter, gun-free zones protect lives and now is the time for social justice to trump social responsibility.

I maintain that Barack Obama is not being held to any standard of competence by any definition of the word. The microcosm of his offenses that I refer to above, when added to the thousands of lies and hundreds of destabilizing acts he imposed on the nation, define him as either a mad man or an enemy of the country he presides over. I believe that he came to power as an enemy. You need not agree but you cannot make an argument to the contrary that holds water. Need I remind you that he stated on record that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are “problematical” documents, that have the order of authority reversed?

As a people we seem to lack the courage, conviction or procedures in place, to deal with non compos mentis, treachery or betrayal. Elections, you say? That is an argument for another day but Barack has explored and investigated as many possibilities of holding office indefinitely as there probably are. Unless we decide to hold politicians accountable and to very high standards on short fuses, one day a Barack Obama, if not this one, will decide not to allow us to vote, or to restrict our choice to one man.

If I die for your freedom will you cherish it and hand it down? How many must sacrifice their lives before we can guarantee that one unique concept for future generations? You cannot count in a decade the white crosses in Europe alone representing that purpose..and right now we are not holding up our end of the bargain.


A RINO Country is a Disintegrating Affair

Voices of reason are not those that compromise for the sake of harmony between ideologies. True conservatives are consistent in opposing liberal ideas and democrat agendas that erode our freedom but they are as rare as Dodo birds in our current political climate. Freedom of speech is derived from our Judea Christian formula for achievement. The order of authority is from our Maker to the people, from the people to the states and from the states to government, which is limited to expressly assigned duties; hence our freedoms have nothing to do with government. The Bill of Rights tells government what it shall not do, not what we can do, for a purpose.

Compromise is the cause of 240 years of indecisiveness and pendulum-like political party initiatives. Ben Franklin and the rest of our founders compromised to establish a Constitutional Republic instead of an autocracy and the dissenters never quit conspiring for less self-government. Now the Left is running two communists for the presidency. If you think Hillary is not a communist you haven’t paid attention. The problem is that when someone makes a blunt statement of fact the messenger is discredited along with the message in a politically correct environment. No communist or Barack, whatever he is, can take the oath of office honorably. Most Democrats cannot either. It expressly requires that the oath-taker preserves the Constitution.

There should be no harmony between opposing ideologies, just civility, although Democrats have foregone civility as a tactic to intimidate and impose their programs for years. Conservative politicians who claim that compromise is a talent are just sellouts with no integrity. On the other hand, Democrats have raised the knack of compromise to an art form because they are dismantling our Republic one Bill at a time, one edict at a time…incrementally, if you will.

But now we have a president, Barack Hussein, who does not compromise. For him the days of incremental politics are over. If Republicans don’t agree with him they are “obstructionists” and as long as the Senate would not accept a Bill from Congress he could call them a “do-nothing” Congress and issue edicts to get things done that would otherwise not see the light of day. The Republicans have ceded so much authority by being outsmarted, denigrated and intimidated that Barack comes more than close to being a dictator and he revels in the power he has appropriated.

Our Constitutional Republic is so disfigured and transformed that most Americans, even the politicians we elect to represent the Conservative faction, have forgotten what the original purpose and design was intended to be…when they don’t capitulate they compromise…and with each concession to the left “to get things done” we go further and further from our origins. Barack set out to transform America, something he could not possibly accomplish without the unwitting or complicit and ignorant cooperation of those he had to conquer to succeed. He got and is getting all the help he needs, God help us.

A majority of us see his entire presidency as an outrageous attack on conservative values, our traditional heritage, our integrity and freedom. Among this majority there has not yet stepped forward one group that fears for our future so greatly that I have hopes that America will survive, reverse course and restore a functioning Constitutional Republic. This time, if we are so blessed to warrant a second chance, let us put the safeguards in place that our forefathers were forced to compromise.

Demand that Barack be removed for cause…we have many. See to it that he is held accountable, punished and banished. A Constitutional Republic can only survive on the fuel of capitalism. Capitalism is the soul of free will and self determination and those are the qualities Barack has targeted for extinction.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


Mohammad Javed Zarif returned home to a hero’s welcome, Kerry and Barack sheepishly announced victory and Israel said “oy vey”. Treachery abounds in the desert, on the high seas and in the White House.

In the interminable negotiations the key figures at the table got exactly what they wanted…There were only two key figures in the room; Iran has conscripted America, so in a sense there was only one key figure campaigning for one solution; the other participants were worn to a frazzle by Kerry’s obfuscation and Zarif’s obduration. Iran will be nuclear empowered, period; but not the end of discussion. Several countries expressed their opinion of the farce by leaving the scene of the accident…they went home to adjust to the inevitable new norm…a nuclear Iran ecstatic that their dream of eliminating Israel with overwhelming force is coming to pass…Man to man they don’t dare take on the tiniest country in the Middle East; they tried it once or twice and got their arses handed to them. Perhaps the only solution for Israel and democracy now is to vaporize the contestant.

How is it that the supposed “opposing” negotiators took the same results home and one had to lie to the American people and the other was showered with adulation if they were truly opposing each other? Iran agreed to nothing and Obama et al are declaring a “framework” is a deal…but you have to believe the liars or accept the inevitable consequences bad faith. We’re being sold the diplomatic equivalent of a miracle elixir…good for what ails you…Another historic achievement by the great prevaricator guaranteed to make America safer, the middle east safer and the whole world…Just join me in a chorus or two of “He’s got the whole world, in his hands, he’s got the whole wide world, in his hands, he’s got the whole world in his hands” …That’s funny I think everyone is off key…except the Commander in Sheik of course…He’s got you and me in his hands…

Perfidy: Deliberate breach of faith; calculated violation of trust; treachery: Solution: Remove the perfidious one, hold him accountable and punish accordingly.

We are in God’s hands.


The Socialist Lie-trap

Isn’t it good to hear all the great news on the economy? Finally a left/right consensus that things are looking up! But do we have our priorities straight? I hate to break it to you but the improvements are misleading and the Right is no more forthcoming than the Left. It’s the “operation was successful but the patient died” on a socio/economic, political level.

Obama has done zilch, nada, zip, zero to help the economy, create jobs or pay down debt…Tax revenues are up but spending is up even more…that is the answer in a nutshell. But a look behind the curtain is what we need to see the big picture. Unemployment stats are part of the lie…The only number we should concern ourselves with is how many Americans are not working…A certain number of jobs do open up due to attrition…retirement is one factor that creates employment but is really a wash and new wealth also creates jobs; and there is plenty of new wealth around, creating a few jobs that Barack takes credit for but doesn’t have a clue as to what to do about it.

No doubt new wealth has been generated by a perennially bullish stock market and some industry sectors. The market once was an economic indicator but that was when the middle class participated in equity finance. This market is being driven by historically low and prolonged interest rates and is not an indicator of the patient’s real condition. Those who can afford the risk do so because there are few options to put dollars to work that the average investor is familiar with. High income investors benefit from tax write-offs against losses and a lower tax rate on capital gains, vs. regular income. With a declining middle class and little opportunity for shared risk investment, we are not creating a middle class American worker. The government still reports part time employment as job creation when actually, if you think about it, part time employment further depletes the middle class society. The rich are getting richer, and to certain extent they help keep employment numbers from plummeting like a meteorite that breaks into the earth’s atmosphere. The nouveau rich are buying homes for cash because even they find it difficult to qualify for jumbo mortgages, so construction workers, handymen, gardeners, maids, and associated trades are finding employment. High tech jobs are also high paying and the wealthy demand convenience, toys and innovation. In other words, despite government ideological transformation people are creative and resourceful and even in Communist Russia capitalists create and the government may bleed them but does not kill them. This American “recovery” is a superficial phenomenon and not a product of the free market. There is a top and a bottom but no middle. Even in Greece the entrepreneurial spirit drove the people most impacted by the economic failure to barter…the very essence of entrepreneurship and free market economies.

Our America, the America of innate self determination and free will, has been transformed. The improving economy is really the result of humans adjusting for survival or enjoying the fruits of an economy that only the rich can partake in. The land of the free and the brave realistically, now is not enjoying socialized medicine, government only student loan programs, common core education, a fancy way of saying on size fits all government dictated standards, government owned businesses, government controlled and owned banks, government sponsored and government condoned religious persecution, free speech redefined, government agencies like the EPA with armed enforcement, outright legal and edict assaults on Constitutional rights, such as free speech, the right to have and bear arms, government enforced open border policies, criminals being released from prisons, government assistance extended to illegal aliens and an unprecedented increase in assistance programs, confiscation of private property, reduction in military preparedness, the betrayal of allies and the befriending, coddling and protection of enemies. The misplaced joy of a slightly improving economy in which not one government action or program can legitimately claim credit for is insignificant in terms of the transformation that is and has occurred and may to a large extent be irreversible.

This administration, essentially Barack Obama and John Kerry are trying to convince the European nations that an American led deal enabling Iran to join the nuclear community and reduce or eliminate sanctions is not insane while they have lost all concern for the opinion of Congress or the American people, is clearly an indication of contempt that can only be displayed when your original goals to transform this country are essentially met.

There is no negotiation in progress. What we are dealing with is a cabal that is trying its damndest to complete the strategic plan to give the Muslim Brotherhood total domination of the Middle East so that the forces of evil will overwhelm and destroy Israel. Kerry will not leave the negotiating table no matter how America is humiliated or Israel is compromised. Yesterday Iranian Brigadier General Naqdi put one more little condition on the table, that Obama and Kerry had already conceded, but were probably not prepared to have made known publicly; “Israel’s destruction is non-negotiable”. Kerry didn’t raise an eyebrow, let the “deadline” expire and stayed the course…After all aren’t we attached at the hip with our new best friend, bombing Tikrit together and promising to support a ground initiative? In truth are we not arguing for Iran’s case at these farcical negotiations?

I don’t begrudge the affluent society’s taking advantage of a fluke in the economy to increase their wealth. I would do the same and so would anyone with a scintilla of sense. The rest of us should not be lied to without consequences. The fundamental change is upon us, gaining momentum and ipso facto a done deal.The socialist movement in America is only a device to dismember the Constitutional Republic which has already been replaced by the Obama dictatorship. We are simply growing accustomed to the new normal.

The space program gave us a ball point pen that defies gravity; Obama invented a pen that never runs out of ink.

Call for the removal of the cabal that holds America hostage. Barack Obama is full tilt forward to make the Islamic ambition to dominate the world a reality…he is their key man without key man insurance. He can be removed, held accountable and punished appropriately. See to it. The silenced middle class still has the power to bring real change…just as we had the power to prevent change, but failed to do so. Will we fail again?


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Who Can We Turn to?

Flying over enemy territory, our airmen could hear shouts from a distance, barely audible at first, but gaining in decibels and shrill hatred with each mission. It is the most unnerving and hideous effect one could imagine….Our troops on the ground could hear the same profane calls from across desert dunes; the same strains of hatred, almost eerie and supernatural, seeming to pervade the atmosphere…

Death to America! Death to America! Sure the enemy hates us, that goes without saying and even makes our job less distasteful…But then many of our returning veterans, reading a newspaper over a cup of coffee, or just trying to enjoy the pastoral American countryside, began to hear those same shouts, right here in America! Could it be? On closer examination and with more and more Americans reporting the same phenomena, it soon becomes evident, the cries for America’s death, no longer muted, are actually coming from the White House! We can all translate Obama’s empty words of victory and success in the face of disaster, to get his true meaning.

Our Airmen, flying missions over enemy territory, would look over at the planes of allies flying the same mission, expecting an Israeli or French pilot to return their salute, could not believe that joining them on the mission were Iranian and Saudi jet planes and their pilots could be seen mouthing the words and gesture with two fingers across their necks…”death to America”!

Is Barack right?…We have no enemies? America is not at war with Islam and “never will be as long as I am president”. There are a few renegades acting out their frustrations but we’ll get them jobs, so no problem there. As easily as a Mexican alien serving breakfast burritos in el Barrio can say “Ola Americano” with no rancor or animosity, Iranian leaders can publicly expound, “death to America” blithely, while they concoct nuclear bombs proudly designated for Israel, negotiate in bad faith with all comers, laugh behind Kerry’s and Barack’s backs so that we can all see and fly sorties with our pilots to take another Muslim city for their collection. They’re great kidders. Bless the ground Obama treads, peace has come to America; we have no enemies…only allies we still can’t convert to Islam…

Good for Congress! They passed a bipartisan Bill to pay doctors who treat Medicare patients! What a magnificent achievement, considering there is no enemy in the White House overseeing the death of America, coddling our enemies, punishing our allies and making America the sad laughing stock of friends and foes alike.

Is not the Commander in Chief subject to military rule? Can someone in the Pentagon, perhaps unable to polish this tarnish on his brass stars, growing weary of the Commander in Chief’s willful disregard for the advice of American career soldiers, let Bergdahl rot in jail and bring charges against Barack for endangering the country, leaving his post and siding with the enemy? Must we choose sides when two enemies conflict? Must we turn our cheek when the Commander in Chief makes it a threesome? Must we suffer the consequences when the enemy of our enemy takes Barack to the dance and he goes home with our enemy?

Barack must be removed. It is becoming evident that America should not have to survive two more years of demolition from within. He has told us and shown us where his allegiance lies…

If our elected officials turn a blind eye and deaf ears it behooves the American electorate to do what our founders bade us to do. Take matters in our own hands and put this country back on the path to recovery. Write, call, demonstrate…remain silent no longer. I call for Obama’s removal, accountability and appropriate punishment, for the love of God, Country and future generations.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Mendacity is a Mushroom Cloud Formula

Obama’s Version of Peace, Prosperity (and Mendacity) is a Mushroom Cloud Formula.

The concept of global warming, which disregards historical data, our own eyes and the most qualified experts, is imposed on us like a pagan-like religious tenet; it requires blind faith to accept the premise and a suspension of native intelligence. We must deny our inherent belief in nature, which for most humans represents the Creator’s master plan. We are told to take the word of serial liars that man’s activity on a very small piece of the planet is affecting the balance of nature globally and we don’t reject the inanity that we must pay to pollute, pay to turn back the effects of the sun and pay to be lied to.

The idea that global warming, according to Barack et al, is a greater peril than terrorism, is inferring or indoctrinating that radical Islam is not the sponsor or perpetrator of heinous crimes against humanity. We call it terrorism, because there is no term in any language that can properly describe the horror and evil the world is being subjected to in the name of Islam. Barack offers no strategy or willingness to end murderous aggression and threats to destroy America with dignity and finality. Instead Barack gives Iran, the empire of evil, the respect and indulgence he withholds from the one ally that sees radical Islam clearly and urges all nations to take steps for self preservation. Obviously this sensible course of action flies in the face of Barack’s covert, unilateral plans to prevent a full scale effective offensive against Islamic Jihad and its reign of terror.

The flower of our youth is put in harm’s way to do battle but we must not tell anyone what or whom they are battling. One thing is becoming frighteningly evident…our army is fighting and dying while Barack is coddling and enabling the enemy behind closed doors, out of earshot of Congress and the American people. Perhaps the term “we have to pass the Bill so we can learn what’s in it” is not exclusive to Nancy P. or not even her concept. It sounds like treason but it is far worse…Barack sends our troops into harm’s way with the authority of Commander in Chief, while he executes an agenda to pacify, enable and arm the forces that threaten our very existence. The Islamic Jihad verbalized by Iranian officials and every terrorist organization extant, is waging holocaust against Christians and swears to wipe Israel off the map; Barack is moving swiftly to condemn, sacrifice and compromise Israel and entreats anti Christian activism to sweep across our nation. Barack is not an incompetent ideologue; he is a successful ideologue, in the role of double agent; or doing what a double agent wishes he could do.

Barack has been exposed, Islam has been exposed but the ax is never raised in reprisal. No administration in the history of this country has endured more scandals or given more cause for suspicion of malfeasance than this one. By comparison Tammany Hall is a chapel on the hill and Boss Tweed an arch angel with merely a twitch. This Islamic Fascist has promised to transform America and we were not careful in what we asked for and careless in choosing who we asked. Barack Insane Obama promised transformation and we gave him carte blanche. I’m not sure we deserve a second chance but we sure do need one. Second chances are not given they must be earned and taken…Secession comes to mind…revolution may be inevitable…But nothing has the power to change greater than the will of the people.

A Country needs to have a common moral thread to survive long term. Italy was something like 90% Catholic during WW 2 and most Italians would not raise arms against Americans, including their military…Israel was founded by Jews immigrating from many countries to live where there was a commonality of faith and belief and they repelled armies and ideologies far greater in numbers but lacking the moral conviction of one Israeli patriot…America was predominantly Christian and our laws were based Judea Christian principles when we turned back the Godless Nazi bid for world domination and demonstrated to the world that the United States of America is a moral nation whose people thrive and succeed because they are free to achieve their highest potential and worship as they please; but we left no doubt that our moral fiber stemmed from a common belief that only God is Supreme and our freedom is inherent in that belief. We accomplished great things in that time. We can succeed again to defeat a threat even greater than the forces of WW 2 but we must understand that it is a religious war and without a common will to maintain our Judea Christian heritage this will be the most difficult battle in the history of the universe.

Demand that Barack be removed for cause. Demand that politicians end the practice of cannibalizing their young and follow the leader who will restore our conservative values. We crave a leader who will hold the Constitution and Bill of Rights in high esteem and is willing to reduce the size of government and the influence of the presidency and restore the House of Representatives and the Supreme Court in the political process.

Restore our Judea Christian value system and let no man put asunder what God has created.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”