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The NBA Protects Their Turf; America Should Do the Same

The moral decline in America is not unrelated to the political winds that preach an old, failed philosophy, falsely presented as fresh and innovative, in contradiction to the fundamental tenets of this Constitutional Republic. Not only is the Constitution based on Judea Christian values characterized as outmoded and irrelevant but our entire perspective on ethics, moral precepts, economic concepts and political integrity are in a state of confusion and reevaluation from being under constant attack. Reevaluation is generally a positive exercise for self improvement but when the reevaluation is being done to us and for us it becomes a negative influence intended to replace free will and common sense.

When government officials promote racial preferences it is pretended for the common good, fairness and equality. Criticism is deflected by an air of superiority, lack of accountability and the ability to restate, reframe or reinterpret until the record is so obfuscated that politicians can reverse positions faster than a polo pony changes direction.

We the people, especially conservative people, are not so dexterous. When we are accused guilt is associated even after exoneration, whether it be for bigotry, racial intolerance or crimes against the state. It may also be true of politicians at times but politicians often are reelected even when guilt is obvious and undeniable. The list of examples is too long to go into but you will find that Democrats enjoy a degree of tolerance most Republicans can only envy. Bill Clinton is the poster boy for moral depravity as a serial sex offender yet enjoys statesman’s idolatry among his peers. His political offenses for profit go unnoticed and escape investigation or even suspicion. No one on the Left can name an accomplishment in Hilary’s quiver nor will they assign fault no matter how well deserved. Leading Democrats can lie with impunity, asperse their opponents viciously, misrepresent facts to gain political advantage and hold themselves out as icons of moral turpitude and seldom pay a social or political price. Barney Frank is morally bankrupt, not because of his sexual orientation but because his escapades went beyond acceptable civil behavior without scorn or accusation. His legacy does not include the devastating effect his Bills and influence have had on our economy and financial institutions for which he is incredulously still held in high esteem.

The conservative Judea Christian majority has been cowed into silence by an immoral, anti religious movement that every dictatorial government engenders. The faithful have accepted the false premise that our presence, our thoughts and our icons offend but we are not permitted the luxury, dignity or human reaction to reject the heretics that persecute Christians and Jews and demean our religious heritage. Silence is our worst enemy rivaled by our own unchristian hypocrisy when we condemn sinners and misguided deeds to make ourselves appear righteous at their expense; it lacks humility.

Why are we not equally offended by the despicable tactics used to expose Donald Sterling as we are by his insensitive, racially unfortunate expressions? Isn’t it patently obvious that he was betrayed by his paramour who is not a paragon of virtue either? Sterling is a fool and may deserve all that is headed his way. We sit in judgement too willingly and focus on the narrative we are led to rather than our Christian obligation to let the Lord judge, let the free market penalize and the organization he is a member of deal with their own moral dilemmas…translation; financial implications. Let he without sin cast the first stone. We choose the company we keep and most of us know and tolerate people who have prejudices of all kinds including racial. We get to decide if it is malicious or superficial and if the relationship is worth the trouble. You cannot legislate individual opinion or sentiment and change society with the stroke of a pen, a Supreme Court ruling or a Congressional vote. The conversations made public could not be the only conversation between the parties and many of the people who are now condemning Sterling voraciously know him intimately and are well aware of his proclivities and opinions; it didn’t cause them to abandon or condemn him but now that he is publicly scathed they fear public association as well. They protest unrepentantly.

When compared to Kerry’s recent statement about Israel this Sterling hooplah underscores our deplorable lack of priorities and commitment to the Republic. Kerry’s views are the ones that should be spotlighted 24 hours a day because they speak to the moral, ethical and political breakdown that we suffer as a nation. Is it that we don’t understand the meaning of apartheid? Does it not have far deeper racial overtones than the isolated instance of a jealous man trying to humiliate his mistress? I can reiterate any number of statements by officials whose views and opinions reflect the tolerance and racial policies of our nation that should be condemned by all Americans. The NBA will ostracize this foolish, uneducated billionaire, advertisers will drop their sponsorship and fans will probably stay at home; it is as it should be. Those directly affected by the slander should react accordingly. The story is worthy of airing but it should be non hypocritical and honestly. It should not dominate our media incessantly for days at a time. This hyper level of contempt and outrage should be reserved for the offenses and offenders that tears down our civil liberties, Constitutional Rights and moral structure on a national scale and will ultimately bring down the nation.

Don Sterling does not represent the average American; we are far more enlightened. John Kerry does represent America but not the people. Where will your energy be best spent…on yesterday’s news or tomorrow’s freedom?

Support Israel as a sovereign nation that will not submit to the regime’s insistence that a two state solution is somehow in their best interest. Israel is listening; Israel heard the betrayal and Israel will set the standard for integrity and self preservation. America’s salvation may well lie in the lesson to be had learning from Israel’s courage abiding faith and unwavering commitment to their survival on their terms.

If we can’t lead we should at least know where we are being led. We are not powerless. Do not become feckless.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


it Along Little Dogie, Git along

I’m disgusted and fed up with all the politically correct Republicans starting with Fair and Balanced O’Reilly and not ending with Rand Paul, the Constitution guru. I predicted immediately after the Bundy showdown that before the sun went down the orchestrated, intensive campaign to discredit and demean Bundy would begin in earnest. And how it has. I am ashamed and discouraged by the mean spirited, ugly tendency to shred this man’s reputation and purpose and try to make the government appear even handed, righteous and somehow restrained.
Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that a citizen must be sainted, smart or wise to be treated fairly or to state his case. It is shocking to me to see demagogues from both sides of the isle expound on the government’s rights and portray Cliven Bundy as a free loader, tax evader, fee shy unprincipled rich rancher. Shame on all who buy into that disgusting attempt to thwart justice with the illusion of meting justice. Maybe we deserve to live in a police state with a privileged oligarchy using the government’s resources to enrich themselves or to curry favor with foreign interests.
Now, because he is not eloquent or unable to express his opinions precisely or with politically correct deftness we are allowing this man with a cause, whether you are pro or con, to be besmirched and demeaned after being threatened, abused and intimidated. Not long ago it was politically incorrect to oppose Affirmative Action. The Supreme Court uncharacteristically sided with Michigan and the Constitution and isn’t amazing how many talking heads think it was bad policy from the git go? It sounded to me that Bundy was just trying a little too hard to opine on a subject white guys don’t do well…maybe not…I don’t care much right now because I want to keep our priorities straight. The Federal Government has no business using force to collect fees and from what I could glean from trusted sources it has not got the right to own land. Bundy may have a point; either way a display of awesome power and dogs is uncalled for, un-American and unconstitutional. I have a very strong aversion to having guns pointed toward Americans but when our own government does it the emotions run deep and hot. Do not be distracted from the main problem here.
Right or wrong Bundy is standing on principle. I like a guy who stands on principle and we can discuss his reasoning at length after we put the guns up. He does not believe the Feds have the right to impose fees or save a pesky little turtle by replacing grazing cows with solar collectors. You serve him with court docs; process servers do it all the time without force, dogs or media hype. As for the turtles Uncle is the only party known to have killed them; euthanize is the operative word that makes it legal and sterile but I forget who the little critters were bugging at the time. I hope Bundy’s right but I refuse to leave his side and punish him for an opinion he may or may not hold which has absolutely nothing to do with his principles on government over-reach!
How dare we accuse this gentleman of racism on the basis of a comment he was not able to prepare in advance as every other combative politician and antagonist surely does. Where is the indignation over the racism spewing out of the White House and the Attorney General of the United States? Barak and Eric repeatedly show a disdain for the white community and use their hate inspired policies to divide a country that got on pretty well before they showed up! Where is the outrage and name calling we paint the less powerful with?
The Federal government is on a land grab mission and we’re worried whether a citizen who seems to be in their way is a paragon of moral turpitude! Prejudice is a fact of life world wide and far more intense in some parts of the world than others. Let’s save our vitriol for those who murder Christians and Jews in the name of religion or buy and sell human slaves or disfigure and murder women of their own faith for Sharia’s sake. When people find common ground most prejudices of the kind we have in our society fade away. Arabs and Jews live in harmony in Israel to prove a point and Affirmative Action has probably done more to fan the flames of racial tensions than to bring people together….That’s my opinion; I know my mind and my heart and I don’t give a rat’s behind what anyone tries to read into it. God created man and then a woman for companionship and propagation…no color was mentioned that I can recall.
The culprits in the Bundy case are the Senator from Nevada, Harry nicknamed “Dirty” with good cause, Reid and a Federal Government that is now testing the limits of our endurance and tolerance with heavy handed, tyrannical acts in every aspect of our existence. This is the government that claims they withdrew their personnel to maintain the peace but as a parting shot couldn’t resist killing calves, cows and bulls for sport, spite and intimidation. Cut government down to size and the Bundy’s of this world are more likely to pay what is due without rancor or go to ccourt to stand on principles; the American way.
Meanwhile lets practice what the Bible teaches and the Constitution applied.

From Sea To Shining Sea; I Can See Clearly Now

We’ve all experienced the harsh effect of daylight when exiting a movie theater after an afternoon movie. When truth has that type of an effect on us we have been kept in the dark far too long but it is a good sign that facts are beginning to sink in. It is time for us to face the harsh reality of revelation and recognition or we will never get back to “normal”. That’s just a figure of speech, since we never achieved “normality” as a nation….we never quite reached our full potential. In the search for social justice and political freedom we can say that no nation ever tried harder or came closer but we fell victim to the same temptations and distractions that caused the downfall of good republics before us. Free stuff has an irresistible allure but a terrible cost must be paid for believing.

I caution everyone that our system of wealth creation has been corrupted, dismantled and discredited to reduce resistance to an alternate, failed but still viable form of economic ideology; socialism. There cannot be an economic recovery unless we reject socialism and put a completely new system of laws and regulations in place. We must eliminate the corrupt, selective enforcement agencies and institutions that regulate the investment community and investors, restore the right to own and receive property for payment and allow the free market to engage in shared risk and reward with oversight but not inhibition. The socioeconomic condition we find ourselves in was brought about by the corruption and perversion of our courts, school systems, institutions of higher learning, media and the surgical and intentional elimination of the pillars of conservatism and capitalism. The vacuum left in the awake of that devastation is being filled rapidly be a socialism-peddling cabal fully intent on ruling this country with a Fascist, perhaps Islamic Fascist iron hand. Barak is merely the beneficiary or heir of the incremental inroads anti Constitutional Republic forces have made over 50 or 100 years. If not Barak it would have been another equally unwelcome ideologist charged with the same ultimate task. America, my dear fellow citizens, is not in recovery. We are experiencing the uncertain course a downward spiral follows when heroic efforts try to right the economy without correcting the underlying conditions. We are like a paper airplane launched from a high building, soaring, twirling, floating and occasionally lifted by an updraft…but inevitably, inexorably the path is downward.

To restore the nation to its original potential including free market wealth creation we must also eliminate the outside control of our currency, which means the elimination of the Federal Reserve and a return to stable currency issued in return for services and or goods or other good and valuable consideration.

I see no way of accomplishing these goals without desperate opposition from a great many forces including those who favor world government and of the ilk that now inhabits the White House and Upper House of Congress. Which means that even under the most idyllic conditions the process of restoration would go on for decades…unless…the unthinkable is no longer unthinkable…secession as a form of revolution and a new beginning for the 246 year old experiment that nearly succeeded. Secession is the least violent form of revolution that does not leave a vaccum in leadership.

The rebirth must eliminate access to the political process by alternate forms of government with harsh penalties for those who attempt to transform the new nation…very undemocratic but democracy is not protected by negotiation; liberty is the reward of battles well fought but the enemy is best defeated before he rises. Freedom must be declared, exercised and defended as a religious condition not subject to any government limitations other than our Judea Christian principles of ethical behavior. The privilege of self government must be instilled, reinforced and reaffirmed generation to generation from cradle to grave, or as certain as sunrise it will eventually be forfeited once more.

If you are with the moderate majority that believe the next election will reverse the course set by this administration, my heart is with you but my mind is not. I believe that unless we start over the updraft will restore a false confidence in our future and we will be doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past even before we have fully righted the ship of state…or the state of the ship. I will participate in the Conservative initiatives to restore America with my voice and my vote and you are entitled to my life…and I will pray that we will do enough to pass on to our children a healthy, enduring Constitutional Republic. In my heart I know that sooner or later our children will pay with their lives to relight the torch of liberty, unless we have the courage of our convictions now. It has, for all intents and purposes, been doused for now.

Remove Barak’s guns which are already poised to coerce us into accepting fundamental change of an evil nature…do not surrender our guns or all will be lost in the blink of an eye. Barak was referring to a small group of Americans in one small community when he impugned they cling to their guns and religion. He was wrong. The community of Americans he should know and surely is destined to meet, stretches from sea to shining sea.

God bless America.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


A Lazy Day in Georgia; Have Gun Will Travel

It’s not official unless Barak says it is but America is ostensibly, a police state. It’s part of the fundamental change Barak was talking about but for some reason we didn’t quite get it.

Once upon a time local mischief was handled by the cop on the beat and your mother. If you really crossed a line your father got in on the action when he got home from work. Work was an old fashioned ethic requiring some sort of mental or physical exertion in exchange for currency and everybody’s father did that every day, believe it or not. The guys I grew up with were proud of their fathers’ ability to whip his belt off faster than Gene Autry could draw his six shooters. Somehow his lectures had more effect when he was holding his belt in his right hand and holding up his pants with the left. You didn’t dare laugh until he was done lecturing. We’d actually argue among ourselves for our dad to own the speed belt title.

Occasionally the class clown would be sent to the Principal’s office for a sobering session but the wise ass who sassed the teacher could get “cuffed” on the spot and spend the next half hour listening to the ringing in his ears. No need to involve the parents unless the kid became a serial offender, in which case the wise ass got cuffed in school by the teacher, on the way home by mom and by dad for good measure before dinner. My friends became war heroes, engineers, doctors, lawyers ( not every one went straight) and business men. One or two cooled their heels in prison for trying a short cut to economic independence but that was the exception not the rule. We all managed to exceed our parents’ expectations, even our own in some cases, but mostly by the grace and sacrifice our parents gave for us.

They worked hard with no interference from government, paid their taxes, proudly served the country when called on and had little time to doubt that all was well in Washington. Democrat or Republican the president had their backs.

We prospered as a result…We also served our country and paid our taxes but our earning capacity raised our standard of living and we had little time to worry about politics. We went to church or temple but had an often repeated rule of social conduct; don’t talk religion or politics to get along.

Great country America. If you could dream it you could try it and if you failed there was always another dream and another bite at the apple. We sang patriotic songs, recited the pledge of allegiance and allowed our children to be taught that we were desiccators of the land, polluters of the air and too concerned with finances to worry about our fellow man; we paid institutions of higher learning big bucks to teach our children that the system that created wealth so that they did not have to, is unfair, partial to the rich, robbing from the poor, killing the environment, gun crazy and religious fanatics. They elected a guy that promised to fix all that. Barak was so misunderstood that when he told us we were five days away from “fundamentally changing” America audiences wept for joy. What fools these mortals be.

Seventy, (70) Federal Agencies are armed and prepared to quell riots…The new definition of riot is the gathering of more than three people for the purpose of discussing politics or religion, or just gathering. If your child should be foolish enough to cock his thumb and point his index finger in the direction of another student or teacher expect consequences. If he or she should be foolish enough to bring a one inch pen knife to school expect major consequences, perhaps a lock down, a search of your home and computer, expulsion from school and several months if not years of psychiatric counseling. The president who exhorted us with claims of not wanting to take away or guns has left no stone unturned in a daily battle to do just that.

The Governor of Texas sees fit to announce publicly that he will defend property rights in his state. Do we not see or care what that statement implies? The governor of Nevada meekly concedes that his cattle rancher does not have the law on his side; in a state in which the federal government controls over 2/3 of the land mass. At least the public sides with the Bundy’s and were it not for the Right to Bear Arms and the traditional exercise thereof, the Bundy Cattle Business would be extinct…just as every other cattle business on that land has been forced to close shop…I guess the law was not on their side either.

The Second Amendment, on which Thomas Jefferson opined would not be necessary until it is needed, now stands between the people of this great nation and the government that now fears the people and has armed itself to excess to defend against the people, is now needed. The illogical defense of innocent victims by creating gun free zones where they may be slaughtered without compunction, is exposed as the fraud it is.

I hereby call for a national day of recognition for the Governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal. I raise my glass to him and plead with every governor in America to take notice…the Second Amendment includes the admonition, intentionally and wisely included by the authors of the Bill of Rights, that this Right “shall not be infringed”. Governor Nathan Deal has just signed a bill which will save lives. Since the murder of innocent victims unable to defend themselves will be avoided, it is impossible to know how many lives will be saved and the liberal, fascist, government indoctrinated fools who don’t know jack about violence and the deterrent to crime and tyranny will help dig their own graves by siding with tyranny. A country in which only the rulers are armed has a silent or silenced, majority.

God bless Governor Nathan Deal; God bless America; a police state in which the police are more nervous than the people, thanks to men like Nathan Deal. Hope may just have been given a small dose of religion.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Now is the Hour

If Obama’s success is measured by our decline he is the most successful antagonist in modern history; perhaps world history. There is no gauge that will more accurately speak to his true purpose. He has successfully destroyed our economy and weakened our currency; he has made energy production costly, inefficient and unreliable; our national security is lacking, making us the most vulnerable we have ever been to domestic terrorism; our borders are intentionally unsecured and illegal entry is rampant and protected by federal agents. On foreign policy we aid and abet enemies and the enemies of our allies; our allies have lost all confidence in our will or ability to honor treaties; more Americans have left the work force than during the Great Depression; racial strife has been encouraged and inflamed, possibly set back to pre Martin Luther King days. Our Health Care System, which was the envy of the world, has been disemboweled and though America is still the preferred place for treatment of serious illness or operations for wealthy or mobile foreigners, foreign dignitaries and heads of state, Americans are becoming more deprived of easy, affordable access to competent medical services as a direct result of the Affordable Care Lie, Obama’s signature legislation.

We have now accepted as fact that the president of our country has lied to us about every initiative he has proffered, offered, supported, or imposed on the people. We now realize that no investigation has a beginning or an end and officials in Obama’s regime will lie, deny or stonewall Congress or any investigative body with reason and authority to seek facts. They are rewarded for their duplicity, cowardice and betrayals. Contrary to common sense or historical evidence this government wages war on the Right to Bear Arms rendering schools, military bases and public places unprotected and vulnerable to attack by the mentally deranged of ideologically disposed. The driving factors for any government that disarms the electorate is fear of retribution or armed rejection of tyrannical policies. Government agencies have surreptitiously created independent armed police forces for no apparent reason; which makes the reason frighteningly apparent. The Post Office, I.R.S., E.P.A. and FDA are among the dozens of agencies that are now have independent, armed enforcement divisions, buying and storing millions of rounds of ammunition, their only possible target the people they serve. No dictator, Czar or Supreme leader is in Barak’s class when it comes to the magnitude of the transformation undertaken or the degree of success in the shortest time frame achieved. We are only seeing glimpses of his despotic nature for now.

For the first time in our history government has imposed its religious preference and boldly now, displays intolerance for our Judeo Christian religious heritage, religious tenets, dogma and icons; which brings the purpose of total transformation and fundamental change into revealing, horrendous, focus. Not widely reported by a media devoid of journalistic integrity, is the brutal rise of Christian persecution in the Muslim world. Wanton torture, disfigurement and murder are becoming more prevalent and unrepentant but only the most egregious cases are reported and only when public exposure is unavoidable. It is described as the rise of Islamic fundamentalism as though that diminishes the breadth and scope of Jihad, inexorably spreading wherever Muslims have been permitted to establish themselves or wherever they are able to impose their presence. The rise of Islamic fundamentalism is, plain and simple, the Muslim Brotherhood expanding its political influence and ideological dogma in the Middle East, where since its origins it was never able to gain political dominance. They have Barak Hussein to thank. It cannot be denied that under the rule of despots deposed or given the barbaric thumbs down by Barak the Muslim Brotherhood was previously well contained. Are we blind to the rise of “Islamic fundamentalism”, ie: Muslim encroachment in America because we are told to be politically correct at all cost? It is not the community of peaceful Muslims who make threats and rebuke innocent commentators but they are far too quiescent when radicals speak on their behalf. Or are we likewise intimidated by the quick offense taken in the Muslim Community with the mere mention of Islam, if we dare to include them in the roundup of usual suspects when a terrorist act is perpetrated?

We are the enemy in a declared religious war which we are not permitted to acknowledge. The enemy can be Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah or any number of Muslim sects but we dare not assume that they are all related with one primary goal among them; the destruction, ruination and conversion of the United States and all infidels worldwide. Without exception they would impose Sharia Law to replace western civil law wherever they can, at first equal to our Judea Christian based laws, but preferential where barbaric, uncivilized Islamic customs conflict with our code of behavior in Europe, America and wherever western law is the law of the land. This insistence, unchallenged by the Obama regime and encouraged by prevailing countenance, leaves us with only one logical solution. The destruction of our civilization is in accordance with the declared Islamic agenda and the Obama regime is complicit in actions and deeds and will ultimately degenerate into an Islamic Fascist ruling entity, if left to their own devices, unchallenged, unbridled and unrecognized.

As evidenced by the enormous attendance to Christian Churches this Easter over recent past attendance, at least in my Catholic Parish, Americans are finally expressing concerns that this regime is encroaching on religious freedom while it implements policies that are certain to prevent an American recovery fiscally, morally or constitutionally. Thank God. I can now respond with more confidence to those of you who have agreed with my analyses in the past but were in a quandary over what to do for our country. Win the religious war. It is won by following our faith more devoutly than ever. It is won by vocal denouncement of government policies that replace Chaplains with Imams and plant Imams as counselors in our Universities and colleges. Reject Obamacare in its entirety. It is ludicrous to hear politicians speak of keeping the “good” parts. A real system of medical services intended to allow access will have all the good in it and it is free market driven. Liken Obamacare to a Trojan horse, that once accepted will unleash a plague in our Republic. Demand that our election process be stripped of all electronic modernization and all voters have valid identification. Cling like never before to your religion and your right to bear arms. An armed electorate is the ultimate protection against tyranny. If you don’t go to church, start. If you don’t own a gun buy one. Liberty exists only when it is claimed and defended.

Support the Bundy family and anyone else who is subjected to government oppression, whether the law is on their side or not. First Amendment Zones are Constitution-Free zones and any standing the Feds may have had is lost in the murky facts and despicable tactics surrounding the entire episode. If it comes down to a shot heard round the world it may well be fired in a circumstance such as this. If that is the inevitable solution to the unwanted transformation of America, so be it. The longer we postpone the inevitable the stronger the enemy becomes. If it is not inevitable then let us be so informed by our faith in God.

The facts on the ground merely tell us what is befalling us; the solution has been provided by founders who knew we would one day be faced with the same choices they themselves dealt with. Stand and declare our God given rights or give way to tyranny and oppression. They chose liberty and freedom for themselves and for us; do we dare relinquish our birth right to the first enemy of the people who dared to tell us he will serve us best by changing us the most? Our fortunes, lives and good names are a small price to pay for the privilege of living life as God intended and millions of Americans thought it worth dying for.

Follow your heart. Politics must be set aside if we are to come together for the good of the country. As Americans we are charged with the protection and preservation of the Republic first and foremost. The obligation is not borne by Republicans or Democrats it is an American honor. The time to serve is now.

God bless America.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


One Potato, Two Kabobs and a Republic to Go.

Putin called Barak yesterday just to rub his nose in reality. He said, “How do you like me now Mr. “flexibility? Ho Ho Ho.” Barak responded angrily with strong resolve, “Oh yeah? Don’t look now smarty pants but I’m your worst nightmare! Consequences like you ain’t seen are headed your way buster and for starters I’m sending you to your room without food stamps!”
Barak was mad as a wet hen. He raised his right arm to shoulder height and made a fist! No one had ever seen Barak make a fist before and the world took a breath and held it, as the most powerful man in the world (not counting a few upstarts like Vlad) shook his fist ever so deliberately…finally the President will tell the world that he’s “mad as hell and he’s not going to take it any more!” All of Pennsylvania Avenue came a halt and it was so quiet you could hear a spider weaving webs in the White House. The Secret Service and every Imam in the White House leaned ears on the Oval Office door anxiously awaiting America’s response to aggression, terrorism and disrespect; then softly at first, almost a whisper, the leader of the free world was heard by all…”one potato, two potato, three..”
You could hear the sigh of relief echo across borders from Afghanistan to Pakistan to the Crimea and Korea and everyone resumed business as usual…actually business doubled! Putin chose another piece of the puzzle and went about finding it’s proper fit, Al Qaeda held a parade and re affirmed their war on the Cross Bearer, the peace loving United States of America, too busy dis-uniting to respond except for “one potato”. Besides Barak has to save his big guns for these clingy, pesky farmers, tax dodgers and Tea Party racists.
Al Qaeda is half way around the world you say? Let them beat each other over the head with camel dung, it’s none of our business? I’m not a worrier by nature. I am a reactive reactionary…Threaten me or mine and even if I don’t believe you I will get in the first punch. Al Qaeda is not half way around the world… they are around the world. We shouldn’t waste our time trying to decide if the Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas or any other Burka hugging rag heads are related organizations. They all hum the same Mantra and we should treat them all the same; enemies sworn to proselytize by force, murder by choice and Shariatize every system of laws that does not conform to their ideology in America and in the world. A reasoned, measured response in kind is suicide; no response is insanity. Our strategy must be to strike any of these Muslim Organizations or every one of them if any one of them blinks or terrorizes us or any of our allies. We can apologize for the last strike just before the next one; that’s amusingly disconcerting if you’re a Muslim Jihadist and thought that was your strategy alone. Thanks to their agent behind the lines whose identity we are still trying to discover, things are going really well for these neanderthals in the Mid East, Africa, parts of Asia and pretty well in the U.S. of A., too.
What they must do is dissuade Americans of our belief in our exceptionalism. Convince Americans that the world does not appreciate our smug behavior or superiority complex. Strip the nation of our Judea Christian concepts on life, love and government. Take offense at every use of the word Muslim that does not praise or extol Islam. Punish all outward displays of Christianity as offensive to non believers but insist that Islamic Muslims be given preference and deference to atone for past offenses. Hire Imams to replace Chaplains in the military. Speak glowingly in public about the many glories of Islam. Build Mosques wherever possible, especially where they raise the greatest objection from the neighbors. Never concede that Muslims are united or engaging in acts of violence to soften our underbelly. Invent new terms to keep the infidels from focusing on an enemy identified by the actions of one group or individual; workplace violence is a knee slapper. Send money and arms to militants in the Middle East under the guise of siding with revolutionaries. Weaken American military readiness. See to it that Israel abandons all hope of having an American ally in their struggle to avoid annihilation.
All this and more has been done faithfully without exception by their man in our White House.
Listen closely and you will hear the most powerful man in the world gloat. One kabob, two kabob, three kabob more…

Smite the enemy where you find him. You won’t have to look farther than your home town for the Jihadists or 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW for the main guy.

I responded; when will my countrymen come to the aid of their country?
God bless America,
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Where the Buffalo Roamed

Is there more to the Bundy cattle story? It ain’t over ’till it’s over and it sure ain’t over yet.

Even in the best of times no government agency takes a lickin’ gracefully and these ain’t the best of times in America. There is an agenda afoot; there always is an agenda afoot and now the agenda is vindictive-driven to boot. Clive Bundy and all the little Bundy’s will have to be punished but first they will be hung in the court of public opinion by our independent, unbiased, politically-indifferent lynch-press, with a little help from their friend, Dirty Harry.

Do you think the feds have gone into the cattle rustling business? Do you think the desert turtle keeps Barak up nights, worried they may throw themselves under the hooves of cows in a mad dash for extinction? The Bundy’s have been grazing their cows on this land since the late 1800’s and so far cows, bulls and cowboys have been able to negotiate the terrain without steppin’ in nuthin’ or on the bumpy shells of the defenseless-delicate-desert turtle. So it ain’t a cattle-battle, tortoise-purpose or grazing fees…it is intimidation and confiscation. Bundy is the last rancher standing after the all others were forced to abandon their chosen profession, with a little help from their friend, Dirty Harry.

We have two forces in concert against American individualism in Nevada. Barak has a penchant to choose which industry will survive and which will find life too complicated and difficult to endure; coal out, wind in. American oil rigs out; foreign exploitation in. Fishermen sunk; Liberty shrunk, with a little help from his friend, Dirty Harry. In return for stagnating the Congressional process with unwavering partisan political hypocrisy, Harry gets to pick plums for personal ingestion to the detriment of constitutional integrity. In other words he threw in with a criminal enterprise operating out of the White House and led the war on ranchers so that a Chinese solar company could produce energy nobody wants at prices nobody can pay. “Dirty Harry” is far too corrupt to be given an iconic moniker that almost sounds romantic. Harry has betrayed his constituents and America. Right now he is in the process of destroying an American cattle rancher and his family financially, spiritedly and disparagingly and Barak looks on approvingly. Harry can have his ill-gotten empire, Barry wants total domination, transformation and fundamental change.

In the 1800’s it was public land and so far no one has told us when this sizable chunk of the North East corner of the southern part of Nevada was claimed, gifted or sold to the Feds because the Bureau of Land Management needed land to manage; we just know it happened in 1934. In 2014 a Chinese land grab is afoot…with a little help from their friend, Dirty Harry. Clive Bundy grazes his cows with no respect for Harry’s awesome deals.

With friends in high places Harry called Barry and Barry sent in the Storm Troopers, SWAT, canine enforcers and turtle euthanizers; anything for a friend. With an overwhelming show of force and iron will never exhibited on the international scene, Barry tested the resolve of the Bundy’s and the people showed up. The ones with guns behind every blade of grass…the ones that cling to their religion and wave the Constitution like a cloak in the face of a raging bull and true to form Barry backed down. Putin, Netanyahu, Ayatollah, Kim Jong the Ill, Xi Jinping pong and every world leader and terrorist ran to the their respective chess boards and made a few moves…and Dirty Harry paled a little. The gutless wonder is not black after all; he’s yellow.

Fearless Harry shook his fist at the entire Bundy tribe and issued the only reliable statement to come out of this national tragedy; “this isn’t over Clive. You can’t embarrass me by denying my Chinese pals. It’s un-American.”

I hope the good guys get to write the history book. Harry deserves more than a footnote. He holds nothing sacred except his ambition and the Senate seat he stole (check the records; he could only have won the last election with a little help from his friend.) We do not have an administration in Washington; that needs to be recorded for posterity. There is in it’s place a regime born of a cabal; evil, corrupt, ideologically driven; in every sense of the word destabilizing; the antithesis of everything our founders believed and endowed in us.

No it’s not over. Nor is it an isolated case of overwhelming force against unsuspecting, hard working productive Americans and it will not be the last. We are living in an era of tyranny and most of us will go to our graves and not be fully cognizant of how this came about. Only if the good guys get to write the history book will there be a record and only if we defeat and remove Barak Hussein Obama and disassemble his achievements, will our children be free to read the history of our time.

Overwhelming defeat is hard to redefine. It is our obligation to elect worthy, qualified representatives with enormous margins of victory so that elections can’t be fixed without obvious corruption. We cannot hope to elect competent representatives unless we impose term limits on those who will not impose them on themselves. Vote in fresh blood every two or three terms. Do not allow our representatives to become career politicians no matter how great we think our guy is. He is truly great if he goes home after he serves a couple of useful terms. You will be amazed at the courage a politician can have if he knows his job is temporary.

Demand that Harry be impeached and Barak removed for cause; we have many. Remove his guns not mine. His guns will show up in our prairies and villages pointed at us; mine will send them back.

Pray for the Bundy family. Their ordeal may have just begun. An impeach Dirty Harry campaign may be the best way to help this American family.

God bless America,


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


Dances With Foxes

A confidant of casino magnate Sheldon Adelson has said that he cannot support New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in 2016 because he used the term “occupied territories” in discussing the West Bank in a speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition.
“Gov. Christie either has no understanding of the truth of the issues effecting Israel, or he is hostile to Israel,” Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America,
told The Algemeineran interview. “Either way, I am very uncomfortable.”
Based in New York, The Algemeiner is a leading Jewish newspaper in the United States.
Klein, who has led the Zionist organization for 20 years, was referring to the embattled Republican governor’s March 29
speech at Adelson’s Venetian Resort and Hotel in Las Vegas. Christie was among several 2016 presidential hopefuls speaking at the coalition’s spring meeting.
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Folks, my concerns over Christie’s potential candidacy go back before the 2008 election. I said then that he is doing a good job for New Jersey as a fiscal conservative but his liberal positions on urgent national issues disqualified him for my consideration. I also made it very clear at the time that his Muslim connections put him on my watch list and until he was more forthcoming and open on the subject his political ambitions should not project him past the governorship in his state.

We are beginning to develop a pattern. If he thinks the West Bank is occupied he is sympathetic to Muslim claims of Palestinian legitimacy. Does it end there? It never does.

His appointment to the bench of Sohai Mohammed was unnecessarily combative and controversial. It raised questions about Sohai’s potential to consider Sharia law in our court system and Sohai’s record gave rise to that concern. Christie not only defended his selection but was forceful in his effort to remove justified fears of Sharia law from the minds of concerned citizens. His idiomatic denouncement of criticism is commonplace in the tri-state area where he resides but on the national scene it increases suspicion of the motive behind the protest; calling it “full of crap” doesn’t make your argument more cogent chubby. Christie stands by his choice and if that were an isolated event we might have Mexican stand off…But Christie has shown an abiding attraction to Muslims far easier to indict than Sohai.

He has a Muslim “outreach” program and his choices to head that are:

  • Mohammad Qatanani, who was arrested and convicted by Israel in 1993 for his involvement with Hamas;
  • Ahmed Shedeed, a fervent supporter of the Muslim Brotherhoodthat seeks to implement Sharia-based governance globally and President of the Islamic Center of Jersey City, a mosque with a history of Islamist leadership.
  • Mohammed Younes, the President of the American Muslim Union, a group with Islamist leadership and close ties to Qatanani’s mosque, which was founded by a Hamas fundraiser; and
  • Imam Abdul Basitof the New Brunswick Islamic Center, a mosque founded by a radical cleric. Last July, it held a Brotherhood-linked seminar featuring multiple extremist speakers.

“Show me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”… that adage comes to mind more frequently every day. One man who is not a friend of Christie’s is Ray Kelly, NY’s brilliant police commissioner, because Christie objected to a NYPD investigation into possible Muslim subversive activity in Mosques and Rutgers’s U. in New Jersey. The outreach program is still ongoing and Christie’s diatribes to defend or deflect Muslim criticism at all costs are too.

Christie for president? We never learn our lesson. It is our duty as citizens to remain watchful and we are well advised to remain suspicious in this age of insidious infiltration trying to undermine our heritage; the Constitutional Republic that was founded on principles of the Judea Christian dogma. Choose your representatives the way you would choose a nanny for your child. Check them out; it’s easier than you think. One way is to follow the Matzoh-crumbs trail.

The friend of my enemy is my enemy; The only evidence I know of that would accuse Chris Christie of ant-Semitism is above…You can’t alienate the Jewish community and expect to win an election in New Jersey, so Christie has managed to tread gingerly among the various voting blocs and communities in his state…In my book he can’t roam with the foxes and protect the hen house too. If you can’t recognize the Muslim Brotherhood in your midst you are certifiably insane or undisturbed by their activities and doctrine…which makes you certifiably insane.

If you think Sharia Law has a place in civilized society you are a danger to the community.

God bless America,

Guido —

Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

The Cream Rises

Incompetence is not always obvious to the uninitiated but we expect our representatives to demonstrate a higher degree of awareness concerning our laws; especially the law of the land.

Attorney General Holder cited his broad discretionary powers for enforcing the law he is sworn to uphold and his audience ceded, nodding knowingly in accord. Was it stupidity or lack of courage that prevented even one member of Congress from politely correcting the record? The “broad discretion” afforded the Attorney General does not give him the authority to decide which laws to enforce…It is intended to give him discretion over which crimes to prosecute pertaining to every law in the land and embodied in the Constitution, case by case.

This Attorney General has taken upon himself, together with his partner in crime, the president for whom an oath is an epithet, to ignore certain laws entirely or apply certain laws selectively, according to race, political expediency and ideology. Since when does the Attorney General have the chutzpah to even suggest to States’ Attorneys General that they not enforce a particular law? This is dictatorship mentality. As revenge for the Supreme Court’s ruling in support of Arizona, the Obama Administration canceled its agreements with Arizona concerning joint enforcement of federal immigration law. So this perverse duo openly operates independently with no respect or concern for Congress or the Supreme Court or the will of the people.

In society, not necessarily polite, there are unwritten laws in accordance with the degree of civilization we have achieved as a society. Laws of common decency, courtesy, mutual respect, etc. Unwritten law covers ethical behavior and moral turpitude. For instance familiarity is frowned on when speaking to a superior or a stranger.

Eric Holder’s demeanor, language and attitude toward Congress and Rep. Louis Gahmbert in particular was reminiscent of a James Cagney tough guy movie. “You don’t want to go there Buddy” is an implied threat. Where I come from “them’s fightin’ words” and there is no place for intimidation in our historically civil process. But if the Attorney General of the United States demonstrates no respect for the Constitution, Congressional authority or the high office he holds why would he show any concern for civil accord or unwritten mores of behavior?

Barak and Holder are attached at the hip and show a mutual disdain for civilized behavior. Check their associations…Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are…Barak has been outed so many times in that regard that he has grown immune to the criticism. Of late his incredibly close association with the despicable Al Sharpton was met with indictable silence except for Barak’s reaffirmation of the friendship. Friendship? There is more to this rabble huddle than meets the eye. In the real world or the ethical world we once knew, a gutter snipe like Sharpton would be slime underfoot to an Attorney General or any self respecting, law abiding officer of the law. Barak and Eric the Red go back a long way and got their bones in the underworld society of anarchy together. But thugs of a kind are like birds of a feather and total transformation bodes a future of intimidation, domination and humiliation, if the trash now in power prevails. The laws of common decency, human kindness and prevailing justice have been suspended but our insatiable appetite for liberty and justice will prevail.

Perhaps it’s all part of God’s grand plan. Perhaps evil is less intimidating or successful when exposed to sunlight and it is no longer possible for Barak to keep his identity from becoming part of the dialogue. Sometimes a beautiful peach on the outside is rotten on the inside but if left to its natural course will collapse draw flies and be unacceptable for human consumption on sight. Barak, Holder, Reid, Pelosi…the list goes on…not fit for social acceptance or government service…not in our Constitutional Republic. In America the Cream Rises to the top and we the people are the cream of society.

Support any movement that seeks to remove Barak before the next election. The sooner we remove him and his minions the sooner we can begin the long road back to a functioning Constitutional Republic where the rule of law supports human achievement.

God Bless America,


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

An Act of Love

It’s hard not to like the Bushes. They are a family that exhibits faith, patriotism, civic responsibility and love. I genuinely like every one of them that has given us a glimpse of their personality and I voted for two of them. There is genuine affection unabashedly displayed between husband and wife, friends and family and generously lavished on fellow countrymen most appropriately. They are human and as we all know to err is human.

I hope I do not have to vote for another Bush family member in my life time. Voting for them in the past was what I call defensive voting, since I will not vote for any Democrat even if he or she can levitate and speaks in parables. The decline of America has not been slowed by any Republican since Ronald Reagan and a vote for a third party candidate who cannot win is a vote for a Democrat; hence I vote Republican hoping to stem the tide until we come to our senses and elect effective candidates who take the oath of office literally. “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Too tough for prime time?

The two Georges succumbed to political pressures in part because they do not entirely reject the opposition on ideological grounds and the nation suffers as a result. Jeb is equally human and though I admire his candor his views on immigration are naive, illogical and un-statesman-like. Mercy killing is a form of love but it is still illegal; entering a sovereign nation illegally because you want to provide for your family may have its motive based on love…it may be self preservation; it may be ambition and I have no fault with any of those motives. I have immutable reservations over the method of satisfying the need. As a Christian and as a human being I have great compassion for immigrants who gambled heavily to live the better life offered in this country and want only the opportunity to work hard and live free. The key word is gambled…you must be willing to accept the penalty for your own failed actions.

Our dilemma as a nation now is how to mete out justice leavened with compassion for every individual and every circumstance. Justice delayed is justice denied and our failure to protect our borders diligently for so many years condones the illegal behavior, like it or not. Perhaps the majorities of illegal aliens, save for the one indiscretion upon entry, have led law abiding existences and love this country as much as their legal counterparts. But we must not lose sight of the fact that countless immigrants have violated our borders intent on taking advantage of our generosity with no desire to find work. Others were granted visas they intended to overstay and others overstayed visas and realized no one was anxious to enforce the terms of or prosecute violators. With the help of God and the wisdom of Solomon we will or will not deal with these cases in a manner consistent with our Judea Christian values. A well turned phrase from Hilary…”What difference does it make, at this late date”…really does apply in this case.

Jeb you cannot in good conscience bless them all as having committed an act of love and not a crime. It is possible to commit an act of love without committing a crime but the inverse is not so easily accomplished. Would it not be more statesmanlike, more patriotic and less controversial to come out forcefully for the immediate securing of our borders and the automatic deportation of all illegal aliens now in custody for any crime of a misdemeanor or higher once they have paid their debt to society? And illegal aliens who accept or apply for benefits should be charged with a misdemeanor, if it is not one now. Once you have established respect for the rule of all laws, your unwavering belief in America’s sovereignty and conviction in the Constitution as the law of the land, reasonable people will not be so anxious to round up aliens for a mass deportation. Let’s belay this demagoguery about a “path to citizenship”. Like it or not we do not have the resources and even if we did it would be a terrible waste of money to investigate every case. We would likely mete out more injustice than justice trying to deduce which illegal alien is worthier or less worthy than the next. The problem will eventually be resolved by attrition.

Now if Jeb Bush adopted that stance I would still prefer not to vote for him but it would be refreshing to have one politician put America before his political career.

When confronted with tyranny it is our duty to rebel. To deny that protecting our borders is the first order of business for our country is an act of tyranny.

Demand that Barak and his Attorney General be removed for acts of tyranny. Remove his guns not mine. His will impose a lawless society; mine will ensure a lawful society.

God bless America,