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Dis is Genuous, Dat is Not

Barack makes sure his media puppets stress his hype, that we do not negotiate with terrorists! No way. Terrorists are pleased to note that negotiations are not necessary. They don’t even have to ask. We will not divulge their identity or interrogate detainees. We release prisoners so fast that last week Al Qaeda sent one back…it wasn’t theirs…We should be more careful.

Japan is twisted in anguish trying to save one of two hostages but holding firm to their vow not to negotiate with the bad guys, even after one was brutally beheaded. We gave five dogs for one deserter but that don’t count…it wasn’t a negotiation…it was a gift…As I recall the deserter’s buddies didn’t want him back at all, so that made the deal sweeter, as far as Barack goes. We do not negotiate with terrorists, ever, never, ever, period…make that a Victor Borges comma, three dots and a dash; try not to spitzel..

Normally I would be adamant in refusal to negotiate but maybe, since we have not a shred of integrity left, it could do no worse if we had the humanity to send a couple of our GITMO tenants to Japan and let them do as they please. Of course we don’t want to embarrass Barack…funny how he is as easily offended as the radical Muslims who defend Mohamed from Charley and other Malapropos that dare to take Mohamed in vein…just coincidence…Christians don’t get offended…Barack not only gets offended, he gets even….two coincidences in one paragraph? I’m on a roll…

Netanyahu has breached protocol and offended not only Barack but I heard Valerie Plame is having a hissy fit too; and we didn’t even vote for her…or did we? On top of that Ambassador Dermer boorishly failed to mention to John Kerry that Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to town to meet with the Republican Congress. Now that is dirty pool. Barack would never do such thing…meet with Congress, that is. Johnny Boehner had plenty of time to warn Barack that the thorn in Barack’s side was about to twist…but nooooo. He’d rather offend the Commander in Sheik and now there will be Muslim style Jihad’s hell to pay….for starters there will be an IRS sneak attack on gun businesses…while Barack dips his quill in acid to permanently etch “veto” on Boehner’s drinking glass…check your bum for tattoos, John, this Obama guy is full of surprises. (Not)

For spite Netanyahu will not be invited to enter the White House through a side door and leave through the kitchen…Last time he swiped a slice of Barack’s Turkey on the way out but when he reached for a piece of Iran he got his hand slapped. Benjamin is saddened at the rejection of an old friend…for the umpteenth time, but I rather think he’d be mortified if Barack cozied up. Mad as a wet hen Barack may stump for Netanyahu’s opponent in Israel’s elections which, pray G-d may make Netanyahu PM for life. Watch Obama do the Palestinian bump; a political dance when you dance with the enemy of your friend and praise your friend to death.

Just what is it that Barack does so well, that despite morbid failures domestically, internationally and personally, we still stand and applaud when he enters a room? In all probability our failures are his success; look how hard he works to hang on to failed policies and still come up with more of the same to double down on failure; that’s what he does so well. Every measurable indication of success in every significant area of concern is below the gold standard. America is diminished and If there is any consistency to Barack’s methods it is the audacity to tell us we are wrong and the failure we see is a figment of our imagination.

Well we are not imagining a Middle East that is dominated by terrorists with not a square mile left where we are welcome. Israel is climbing a burning rope, Iran is going Nuclear and the whole world bought the fabrication of a nation poised on Israel’s door step, waving a white flag in one hand and a dagger in the other. A nation that is not a nation, created for the sole purpose of destroying Israel. Unimaginable but true.

We are not imagining that unemployment rates are lowered by mass unemployment; that debt is astronomical and rising at an historic unsettling rate; that the health care community that was once the envy of all nations is now threatening to ruin us financially as soon as Barack hands back the keys. Are we imagining that Americans feel less secure because we are less safe, less productive and less free? Hardly. America has no infrastructure to accommodate entrepreneurship; the ramifications are such that a poor economy has two rungs missing on the ladder out of poverty.

What I can’t imagine is that there are still people living in this country who are willing to ride this train until it runs out of track and will not grasp the blessing this nation has been to civilization. Man is best served when he is free to achieve his highest potential with no impediments. Government is a real and growing impediment and our demise as a functioning Constitutional Republic was predicted to come about by our own hand. That is the prediction we are living through.

Sooner or later we will realize that the radical right we fear is the only salvation we have. What contingent of the “radical right” goes beyond calling for restoration? None that I know of and the radical tag is a false flag. We are really talking about the conservative heart of America. The Constitution is the blue print for civilized men to live civilized, productive lives in control of their own destiny, as the Creator intended. Embrace it and we can right this ship. Question its wisdom and the spiral will continue.

God bless and grant us the wisdom of our forefathers.

While the unnamed terrorists persecute Christians in the manner of Holocaust victims it is time to reflect on the conditions that prevail as a direct result of Barack Obama’s influence. Jews are not exactly persecuted. They are being harassed to death by a thousand cuts of betrayal and “Palestinian ” terrorists sniping at their heels. Their final destiny will be wholesale slaughter and utter defeat at the hands of the new age Islamic Muslim Jihad. It is the intention of Sharia compliant Muslims to destroy Israel and build victory mosques wherever a Torah may have resided. America stood in their way once upon a time but now it is America’s wealth and influence that feeds their savage ambition. The weapons we supply, the gasoline we buy, the billions we contribute to countries that have already turned against us, feed the beast. The Islamic war against civilization will have a political component, so cruel and restrictive that mankind will dare not breathe.

Yet history has proven that the most cowardly are the most vicious when cornered and the most vicious are cowardly when pursued and crushed. Defeat is in their DNA and we will bring them to their knees without the prayer rugs they defile by praying for evil to triumph. We must choose our next leader carefully. The war against Islamic Jihad will not begin in earnest until their agent in our government is exposed and held accountable and we elect a patriot who is as fearless as he is wise and compassionate. Of course America has the ability to destroy this evil religious ideology; we lack the will. A new leader can inspire us to return to greatness by giving glory to the Creator and asking for the blessing of strength of purpose. A new America can be born in His name and with His blessing as it was in 1776, if we are willing to make the same commitment our founders did then; our lives, our fortunes and our good names will be called upon.

Barack cannot name the enemy without indicting himself.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


Credit Where Credit is Due

Credit Where Credit is Due; The Guillotine When Not; Barack Hussein Obama (BO) aka Barry Soetoro (BS)

We nod in silent agreement when BS aka BO repeatedly takes “credit” for killing Usama Bin Laden. We allow this honor-thief to take credit on the one hand for the initiative, service and risk of others but stop short of crediting him with the “rest of the story”; and we wonder why, in spite of insistence that success is Barack’s middle name, devastating reality of tragic loss and diminished prestige stares us in the face, more stark each day. Why do we not “credit” the Commander in Sheik with affording Usama Bin Laden a dignified, traditional, Sharia compliant, Muslim burial at sea, that made him a martyr and role model to millions of enemy terrorists? Should we have given military honors while we were at it? Whenever anyone credits BS aka BO with killing Bin Laden they should finish the sentence; if not, finish it for them.

Barack eschews funerals and the opportunity, often the responsibility, to give homage to wounded and fallen American heroes…but he will not send an envoy to King Abdullah’s service…he insists on going himself. It’s the right thing to do. He will not dignify Netanyahu’s visit to Congress with the hospitality, ceremony and recognition deserving of an ally and head of state…but he will attend the funeral of the man he bowed to before he accepted the duties of the office he was elected to uphold…As I said…it is the right thing to do…but alas, for all the wrong reasons. Barack will no doubt lean forward from the waist in respectful recognition of the King’s high position in life and in death, in the order of Islamic deities.

Do nothing to hinder the advancement and enhancement of the Islamic Terrorist atrocity-ridden occupation of country after country and when our last haven is surrounded and targeted, feign surprise. Surely global warming was the deciding factor here, when Yemen fell into the hands of the unmentionable, non descript, unidentifiable, non sectarian rebels who don’t stand a snowball in Hell’s chance of taking over the entire Middle East. We quietly evacuated our Embassy over a week ago, to Kerry’s assurance that we were merely taking extra precautions. When Assad is hung out to dry, and BS aka Bo is doing all he can to bring that eventuality to bear asap, Turkey will end the charade and kick our infidel hides out of their Sharia complicit sewer as well.

Israel may yet save the world and be cursed for it…if they do they will get no help from BS aka BO, Congress or hypocrites in Rome. Only the Judea Christian conservative base in America will wring our hands and pray for the outcome we seem not to want as a civilization.

Still think Barack is a clueless, hapless leader with no leadership talent? We may all die laughing when we realize the joke’s been on us all along. ISIS, ISIL, Taliban or Al Qaeda couldn’t ask for a more successful patriot/leader than Barry Soetoro; the double agent who, like most dedicated Islamic Jihadi, change their name to play the game. Meet Barack Hussein Obama, I don’t think we have been properly introduced. It is now permitted to use his chosen middle name but don’t overdo it, lest ye be labeled racist, Islam-phobic or war monger.

I believe the proper term to surgically remove a cancerous tumor is excise…or is it exorcise? It depends on whether it is religious or patriotic, methinks. Perhaps exorcise is more appropriate when removing deadly BS.

If I owned a zoo how long would you tolerate me if I opened the lions’ cage to protect the visitors? Barack is exposed but political correctness or his ability to intimidate on a mass scale keep us from getting rid of the zoo keeper so we can put the lions back in their cages. Get over it. The enemy is the one that means to harm us…for our own good.

Remove Barack by any and every means available to us…he is destroying us be any and every means available to him.


Dueling Pens

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi was quoted, (paraphrasing with poetic license),

“Our sacred Brahma Bull has finally met its match. The Secular Barack bull has given India a memory we will treasure for eternity. We in India find bovine defecation most useful.”

He continued, “Global warming is exactly what we should discuss as beheading becomes the exclamation point of idle conversations across continents. As a matter of fact we suggest that Barack, who has promised to calm the oceans, also consider desalinating the seven seas and the Great Salt Lake as well. His Excellency the Pope can easily get behind that one…Imagine Seven Seas of Holy water, to counter the tide of evil we can’t name or assign blame….and we can all bathe together and sing “Getting to Know You” in the communal baths, awaiting our turn to convert.”

Modi closed with, “When Gore/Soetoro’s cryptic predictions come to pass it will only require two degrees more to turn our nation into a Baked India main course…we can have Baked Alaska for dessert and baked brains will make it all palatable. A most enjoyable and fruitful meeting.” (The recipe for Baked Alaska contains no oil). (The recipe for Baked India contains Muslim curry). I thought you should know.

No Barack, China didn’t agree to a darn thing but is amused that you volunteered business-killing restricitons for American companies, in the name of Environmental Responsibility. Somehow they knew the Pope would second your motion.

No Barack you do not lead from behind. If you refuse to lead you have abrogated our role as leaders of the free world. Now that won’t stop you from your stated goal of total transformation and fundamental change for us, will it? Glad you still have your priorities in order.

The unflappable Barack pronounces the India visit a success after a few hours of regaling his hosts with inanity, Then, with the sweet smell of…success, I guess, he’s off to Saudi to say ta ta to Abdullah and reset relations with his 1/2 brother; long live the King who couldn’t wait to discuss world climate conditions in the midst of crumbling civilizations 360 degrees around their little Oasis…These visits bore fruit in record time because Barack, though pressed for time, provides ample fertilizer for the trees…enough for a forest of fruit trees that could cover the entire uncivilized world, bearing dung fruit for all occasions.

Al Gore couldn’t wait for Baracky to come home so he could tell him about his fantastic (in every sense of the word) plan to ban automobiles from every city in the world with a fire hydrant…According to Big Al you only need one fire hydrant per country to ban parking everywhere. He was still putting zeroes on his cost estimates when Air Force One gently set down on the tarmac in DC, leaving no discernible carbon footprint. Allah be praised…

Barack has his pen and I have mine. His pen attempts to alter reality; mine attempts to restore reality. Mine is the voice of some of the people; his would silence all the people’s voice.

No Barack, our borders are not secure. They remain the most porous and easily penetrable borders of any sovereign nation; terrorists consider our Mexican perimeter the Jihad expressway.

Yes Barack; we are in a religious war of attrition for political ideology to conquer free will. Islamic terrorists declared the war and we have yet to retaliate with conviction; unless we believe your version of events.

No Barack; we are not winning the war.

No Barack; the Islam call to evening prayers is not the sweetest sound on earth. It is an ominous warning that Muslims can congregate on short notice, if for no other reason than to impose their presence inconveniently; unassimilated, unfriendly and unwanted, pleading for Sharia parity.

Yes Barack; the worldwide, exponential rise of Islamic terrorism is due to your allegiance to a foreign ideology.

No Barack, the economy did not recover.

Got a pen? Demand that Barack be removed for cause. We have a responsibility to protect our country from all enemies…within and outside our borders. We are the ultimate government when our representatives and elected officials shirk their responsibilities. Certainly Barack Hussein Obama, educated in Indonesia, (you must be a citizen to qualify) wearing the Islamic dress required by the institution, violated our border and must be considered the enemy within. No enemy has ever inflicted more damage.

Use your pen to exercise your responsibility my friends. We have but one nation to give for our lives.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Guido for President

“A Gun Behind Every Blade of Grass and a Bible in Every Freshman Class”.

I’ll take the oath of office on a stack of bibles at the altar in St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the oath to decimate the Islamic Muslim Jihad, left hand on the Koran, the other on a bible; both on the same day. It will be a promise to wage the war on Islamic terror in earnest.

I will go to GITMO and take an oath to fill it with POW’s, after I remove all creature comforts and electronic communication systems. Water boarding will be a last resort after we’ve exhausted more effective methods of extracting information from murderers, pedophiles and sodomists bearing arms against the best military in the world. Bacon will be included in the preparation of every meal. GITMO will not be closed. It will be a place that POW’s would wish they never visited. Every beheading or vile act will trigger carpet bombing the likes of which have not been felt since WW 2.

I will take an oath never to engage this country in tit for tat warfare…We go only if unavoidable and we go to win and we do not apologize for collateral damage.
No American serviceman will be asked to serve and sacrifice more than his life. They must be compensated fairly and their medical needs provided unequivocally. Every medical facility in America will be their providers. We will rebuild our military and restore the pride and confidence in serving one’s country.

I will go to the border and take an oath to seal it tighter than a gnat’s ass dipped in styptic. Entering America illegally will result in severe consequences and the illegals’ government will be fined and charged for the cost of processing criminals without papers.. Repeat offenders will serve time in Guantanamo before being returned to their country of origin, shoeless, penniless and repentant.

I will go to Israel and take an oath on the Torah and the Bible to reconnect and support them until the only threat they face will be the common cold. This is a strategy that will demoralize and reduce the Islamic threat on a broad front. Israel and the United States will then partner to build a Special Forces team that will annihilate Muslim Terrorists wherever they hide.

Failure to assimilate will result in deportation…to get past our border you must prove ability to work, pass the same test our High School students take on civics, responsible citizenship, American history and have a working ability to speak English. No immigrant shall be eligible for public assistance of any kind until they have demonstrated a willingness to work and have been in America, gainfully employed, for at least 5 years.
I will send a message to China and they will never export to the US a product we can make here, a product they stole the patents on, or a product that competes with one of ours. Our debt will no longer be for sale and we will begin to retire our debt in the many ways available like tax equalization and American productivity.

I will close every government agency that has enforcement authority independent of due process, starting with the IRS, the SEC, the EPA, etc. and put an end to the culture of intimidation and political manipulation.

Our entire tax code and system must be scrapped and simplified. A flat tax must provide for relief to those on fixed incomes from savings or pensions.

The only participation the Feds will have in the education of our young is the inclusion of American history, citizenship and civics but the courses will be designed and delivered at the state level. The Executive Branch will create an education channel completely dedicated to teaching the functions and purpose of the Federal Reserve and the cost to each citizen involved in the creation and distribution of currency. Education will expose the Federal Reserve. Students will then participate in national tests and high scores recorded at the fed level and rewarded. We have a Republic and must insure that we keep it.

The full prestige and influence of the executive Branch will bring pressure to bear to force Congress to be subject to every law they passed and pass in the future. I will fight to give every American the same Social Security .arrangement enjoyed by Congress.
The concept of shared risk will be revitalized and simplified to encourage entrepreneurship. This will expand and regenerate a middle class society and reduce the dependency on federal hand outs. .

The American flag will not have any adornments and proudly fly according to the traditions and protocols honored for centuries. No other flag will ever fly above ours or in preference to ours under penalty of law, strictly enforced. Defacing or mistreating the flag will be a misdemeanor faithfully enforced. It is not free speech to deface or disrespect our flag.

Make me president and America will recapture the glory and pride earned by the blood and sacrifice of men and women who put God and country above their personal being.

Slowly but surely the Federal Government will return responsibility to the states until it is manageable and humble yet influential and powerful on the world scene.

Another thing. As President of the United States I promise that the Federal Reserve will become more transparent.

Fin ally; Hype-ocracy. The Union is in decline and the State of the Union speech a cruel joke….the exact trajectory is a transformation from free markets to wealth redistribution and on course to nadir. I wouldn’t call it the State of the Union. It is more the state of mind Barack is in if he thinks we bought his load of sarcasm, lies and war mongering of an Islamic nature.

If the purpose of the SOU is for the president to come before the American people and misrepresent facts, please change the name of the speech or cancel the gig.

Let me not mince words. There are two major threats in the world today that can seriously impact our quality of life; Barack Obama and Islamic Terrorism…and it appears to me they are one and the same. Russia, under the guise that the Ukraine deserves our help, may become an imminent threat; but only because Barack Obama has exacerbated the problem for political purposes. Those political purposes are not or shouldn’t be our concern. They are the political purposes of the Islamic war on humanity.

Putin crossed Barack inadvertently when he declared that Muslims and Sharia law would not be welcome in Russia if they showed no inclination to assimilate 100% into Russian culture and society. That flared Barack’s nostrils but when Russia decided to reconstitute the old Soviet Union, Barack realized that Muslims would not be welcome anywhere in the region and the Islamic Jihad to convert the world would be denied a major chunk of real estate. That’s when Barack put Putin on his permanent enemy’s list, and sanctioned Russia the way we wish he would sanction the real terrorist nation, Iran. But Iran get’s a pass and Barack is battling Israel, Congress and anyone in his way to let Iran play fast and loose with time lines and empty promises. Barack is assuring the world that Iran will be a nuclear threat to Israel and always in support of Islamic Jihad.

The State of the Union report is a cruel hoax and the Republican response a betrayal of the Republic.

Guido for President or secession, declaration of war and a new beginning.


Barack’s Dream Legacy? A Caliphate in America

Barack warns Congress and America that more sanctions on Iran could lead to war… That is a threat Iran loves to intimate but Barack is now issuing for them…who’s side did you say he is on?

Barack is openly opposing Israel on every Israeli initiative… speaking for Iran and acting on their behalf, Israel is now the rogue state and should be sanctioned…who’s side is he on again? He sides with Palestinians; just in case you thought he had some high moral purpose and is not just a simple, run of the mill anti Semitic Muslim. An aspiring Caliph must remain true to his dogma.

His advice to France? Don’t use a hammer on my guys. Keep trying diplomacy and political correctness until you all convert to Islam or we cut your collective infidel throats….Somehow France and Belgium didn’t get the message and needed another finger-in-face lecture…Evidently Europe must learn to assimilate Muslims like we do in America…(by edict, preferential imposition, persecution of Christians and Jews and other good will measures)…Heck, France and England are way ahead of us in that department. A true American, my friend and yours, Barry the double agent, champion of squatters’ rights, may just be telling us which side he has chosen.

Congress funded the offensive in Iraq and Barack immediately added he might have at Syria. Give him an inch…he means to topple Assad to complete the Sharia/Brotherhood control of the Middle East…and now “no boots on the ground” Barack ordered 400 “advisers” into Syria because the bombs and drones he sparingly used had the effect he wanted…none. Four hundred advisers in harm’s way are just a concession to Pentagon hawks and will not affect the outcome Barack is engineering. Wait, wait…are we done in Iraq? Depends on whose side you’re on.

Congress, military brass, Americans who give a damn and Israel’s whole existence in dealing with Iran sponsored terrorism, don’t know how brilliant Barack and Kerry really are at international negotiations. If we’re not careful they will upset Barack’s scheme to kill Iran with kindness. Only Barack can foil Iran’s Nuclear program and his superior intellect spawned a masterful plan…give them the bomb and they will be so amazed they will forget to use it. Tell me again…whose side?

Duke’s spin of “intention to unify” for permitting the “call to evening prayers” to violate the peaceful atmosphere of the campus, was totally credible. There is no attempt to indoctrinate students to Islamic culture, the Alumni just grew tired of the same old peaceful Jews and Christians quietly practicing their faiths and wanted to stimulate some healthy dialogue on campus. Of course Barack’s opinion of the sweetest sound on earth has no bearing on Duke’s chosen culture; they are on Barack’s side and Barack is on…tell me again…who’s side?

The enemy has not forgotten how to wage war…nor have we. But we allow this president to ignore the fundamental requirements, like fight back to destroy the enemy…In war the enemy must never know what to expect…the idea is to keep him guessing so he will not be able to defend in advance… So Barack broadcasts his intentions to limit our responses. Nothing is off the table…but nothing is on the drawing board either. The attack in France warranted an immediate attack on any Muslim assets anywhere they exist…whether they hit Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram or Taliban, they are joined at the hip and all have the same mission. We Infidels should have one enemy and one mission as well. Any terrorist attack anywhere in the world should evoke an immediate attack on any terrorist group, no matter where they are ravaging. Barack would call that provocation but whose side is he on?

We are debating whether 30% of the released prisoners go back to active terrorism or 6%, (ludicrous) when simple logic dictates it is more likely 100%. How do you track those who re-join their old amigos? Send out questionnaires? Tweet, email, ask the goats they love? Here’s my advice. It is immoral and unwise to release any of them. But if statistics tickle your fancy, find the 66 2/3 needles living peacefully in haystacks; that shouldn’t be too hard to do but when you can’t find them adjust the 6% recidivism statistic slightly upward…You can believe me or honest Barry…or are we beginning to suspect, unfairly I presume, that Barack may not be on the right side of anything?

I am pro impeachment, if only to get the criminal charges on the record…it will be a long, long, longer than long, record. I am pro impeachment but preferably calling for an immediate removal of a president who will bring this country to her knees if we let him; and we are doing precious little to prevent it.

Demand that Barack Hussein Obama be removed for all the reasons above-mentioned and countless more. I would even remand him to Guantanamo and release him to the side he chose, if poetic justice is your cup of tea.

God Bless America. May she regain all she has lost and once more provide a place on earth where men of good will can achieve their highest potential and demonstrate man’s highest calling on earth; to serve God and Country as God conceived; self governed, self determined and compassionate but ever vigilant and protective.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Congress is chasing after Obama with a flit gun but they had better bring a pail and a mop. Barack is jumping and skipping, bumping into and spilling and breaking stuff, blaming Congress for making him rush, trying not to laugh out loud before the audience is seated. He has no compunction, as soon as the mikes are live, to tell the American people that he acts alone because he has to.

Five (5), more detainees were set loose last night while interviewers and interviewees pondered strategies for defending the world against itself and Frenchmen mourned 11 dead cartoonists and we all forgot thousands murdered in the name of Allah in the same time frame, maybe four hours away.

The irony would have been thick enough to choke a camel if Barack had gone to help France and world leaders declare war on Islamic extremism, only to come home and tell us that the term is offensive, then let five more dogs out to kill again. Guantanamo might hold prisoners of war if we had any, but our detainees have rights and friends in high places. If Congress really gets their game on they might just beat Barack at his own game and prevent him from closing the joint with the stroke…come to think of it he doesn’t sign executive orders lately, he just claims he did, sits back and watches the transformation. We have become like Pavlov’s dog cloned exponentially.

Okay, I get it. Congress is ramping up their game to throw as many roadblocks in front of our Islamic Fascist in Chief as possible and the list of priorities is as long as a Chinese laundry list in a coal miner’s town…Congress has more ability stop things than they do to start things and as far as I’m concerned the loss leader is the war on Islamic Extremists. If the Prez doesn’t have the initiative to call it a war, call the enemy Muslim or admit terrorism is the weapon of choice and there is no other, we are back on our heals playing defense; reacting to the whims of the anonymous, hardly challenged, enemy.

My blood boils when these sycophant democrat liberal pablum lapping lackeys tell us that Barack is doing a great job bombing and droning as if that should make us comfy. War is hell and it takes someone willing to go there and back, to fight such a war. Barack is decidedly on the other team. Congress is mad as hell and won’t take it any more and we the people can’t make waves because the fecal effluence is lip high.

Assuming Republicans win the next election, assuming there is one, they will be blamed for the fallout from six years of Obamanomics and Obamatransformation. Republicans aren’t smart enough to tell us the truth and we aren’t smart enough to handle the truth when it smacks us in the proverbial kisser. There is a ton of transformation going on every second of every day and that includes indoctrination of the young, the naive and the gullible. Duke University will sound out the sweetest sound on earth every day so that Muslims know when Allah is looking for them. A graveside statue of a praying soldier with a cross was removed because it offended an Atheist. A Chaplain leaves and an Imam takes his place. Nancy fills a vacant post with a devout Muslim activist.

Show me how we win with Barack. Show me how we survive. Show me how Republicans will give us back the Republic we cherished if we do. I believe our safety net is American fortitude. If Barack can ignore the Constitution and Republicans choose to ignore the fact and challenge his policies then it’s time to suspend all civility and take Barack out of office by any and every means available to us. We are attacked, threatened and demeaned and the enemy is comforted and protected by the one man in the world who has sworn an oath to defend this nation against all enemies…that would include, I presume, those of his own religious preference.

Demand Barack’s removal for cause…we have many; and that is the understatement of the century.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Who Shall I Say is Calling?

Who Shall I Say is Calling?.

Who Shall I Say is Calling?

Barack Hussein Obama is ideologically opposed to the purpose of millions of Frenchmen demonstrating against terrorism in Paris. When dots connect themselves believe your eyes, not the pundits who deign to tell us what we are seeing. Barack has consistently made decisions and issued edicts that cause reasonable men to question his sanity, his ability to lead or his common sense, instead of his allegiance. I question nothing; it is what it is. Barack sides with and supports our enemies, alienates and undermines our allies consistently and with full control of his faculties. Now we are seeing evidence of Barack’s true party affiliation…Democrats are finding out the hard way that Barack is not one of them…no matter how hard they try to be one with him. Barack may well be the only authentic lone wolf terrorist but even he has superiors. So far we can only speculate as to who they might be, but look to the Middle East for answers, not Hawaii, Chicago or Africa.

Millions of Frenchmen condemning Muslim extremists, IE., Islamic terrorism, publicly, are issuing sacrilegious epithets, in the mind of Islam’s steadfast supporter and defender…To him the demonstrations in Paris were an obscenity and no way would he grace the march with his presence or allow his VP or Secty of State to dignify the event. How can any being with opposing thumbs and the gift of speech believe it was an oversight or error in judgement not to attend the Parisian show of unity among 40 world leaders?…39 if you interpret the word “leader” literally.

Barack did have a representative in Paris. The effrontery to show his face in an assemblage to denounce terrorists and terrorism is a Muslim technique of imposing their two face presence for political legitimacy. Mahmoud Abbas is himself a terrorist and would establish a state on Israel’s border to terrorize and destroy his sworn enemy, Israel. Barack and Mahmoud have more in common than he and any other of the 39 leaders represented in Paris, does he not?

I too stand with those who chant “je suis Charlie” and denounce the attack on free speech and liberty with an impressive show of unity and courage. However I do not agree that the people have the right message or are directing their ire toward the entity responsible for the circumstances that haunt their consciousness. The French government created the environment that Frenchmen now find threatening and disturbing. Liberalism destroyed liberty, not terrorists. Kill the terrorists but blame the government for the policies that harbor enemies and disarm the citizens.

Barack will do all the damage control he possibly can now that the genie is out of the bottle. Generals, ex CIA operatives, law enforcement dignitaries and Americans from all walks of life are now openly declaring that America will certainly experience terror attacks directly on our police, military personnel and citizens wherever we may congregate, when we least expect it. Somehow someone hit the reset button and erased all of the attacks on our citizens and assets for the last 40 or 50 years that we accepted with limited or ineffective responses; better late than never but it is not enough for the people to speak out. If our government refuses to name names or identify the culprits it will not protect us. Obviously this president has refused to protect us since he came to power. The obvious cure is to change governments. Will we survive long enough to let the political process take its course? Yes. Will we survive intact? No. That ship has already sailed and the next boat is not seaworthy.

Fundamental change takes on new ominous meaning every day, which indicates that we have undergone substantial change in the last six years and the momentum is on the side of further, perhaps irreversible change yet to come. Two years will not pass without bitter, perhaps momentous revelations into the psyche and true agenda of the president who more boldly assumes the role of dictator and despoiler every day. His refusal to participate in the French statement of resolve against Islamic extremists is a statement of his own. He alone will decide our future and
our national stature; perhaps over my dead body. I only hope that the majority of Americans stand with me on the line in the sand that will not fade. Barack must be removed and held accountable, the sooner the better.

We must direct our clamor for justice and liberty at the government that is depriving us. Let us not make the mistake of demonstrators who call for change without knowing which change they will get or demand accountability without identifying the responsible source. Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro is the problem.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


The Bare Ass Emperor

Political correctness is so deeply embedded in our media culture that they seem not to know when they have crossed that line, even when they are decrying political correctness.

Virtually every journalist in the conservative media is unanimous in questioning and condemning Barack’s inability to call a spade a spade, a Muslim for what he is or Islam for what it teaches. From “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” to workplace violence, to don’t jump to conclusions, the wholesale release of POW’s not called POW’s, the media dares not conclude the obvious. Sublime political correctness, cowardice and confusion all rolled into one. “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” is at once a warning and a prophesy that only a Muslim intimately involved in the movement to coerce global conversion to Islam can issue with such authority. Not even Adolph Hitler dreamt on such a grand scale, which is why there is a mutual admiration society among all these lunatics. Barack made that pronouncement on the world stage, not on an inadvertent open mic accident or an aside that was heard and ignored from sea to shining sea…”Tell Vladimir I will have more flexibility after the election.”

Whatever happened to the good old adage, “if you’re not with us you’re against us?” America was the great democracy it was because if it was broke we fixed it…no excuses, no regrets…This is no time to listen to or abide a dubious character in the Oval Office who insists nothing is broken, except America’s concept of exceptionalism. Every time he opens his mouth a self serving statement spews forth; a lie, a denial or an accusation, never a comforting word to bolster our spirits that we could take to heart. His comforting has been exclusively for our enemies. If Barack is with us where is the evidence? Would the Muslim Brotherhood hold high office in the Middle East without Barack’s insistence? Would there be demonstrations in our streets if Barack did not entertain the leaders in the Oval Office and urge them to “stay the course”?

So here’s the bare ass sense of the dilemma. If I’m right Barack should be arrested and tried as a spy. If I’m wrong he should be impeached. To do neither makes everyone in Congress complicit and we as well, to the extent of our participation, investigation and gullibility. Do we deserve the Founders’ gift of self government? Well the Founders thought every human being did; what they didn’t reckon well was that those who prospered and benefited most would let the greatest gift on earth slip through their fingers and never know what they had or what they lost until the grim reaper came to say…”The fundamental change you permitted makes you mine”

To serve America we must have America. Demand that Barack be removed, held accountable and punished. America can no longer remain passive while our Republic is looted of freedom and liberty and the world is besieged with indescribable acts of horror in the name of religion. The world is calling on us once more and we not only are unable to answer the call, we have become part of the problem.

Pray, write and vote.
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Let Not This Day Measure Our Resolve

Lower House is an appropriate term for the House of Representatives. How low will they go? Let’s just say they should be called the House of Reprehensibles. As to the Upper House…they just need an upper colonic cleanse of massive proportions….The people were 60-40 in favor of a Boehner dismissal…the Reprehensibles and the colonic deprived couldn’t bear to see Boehner cry again, so “wethesheeple” took the first loss of the season.

Republicans shun confrontation and the Democrats push the envelope with brash impunity because of it. Barack took a low election turnout which rejected him and six years of fundamental change with overwhelming conviction, as a personal victory… the people who didn’t vote spoke to him and he will act on their behalf. He immediately produced an extensive list of no-go legislation, so Republicans can guide themselves accordingly. In a rare act of conciliation he also produced a list of Republican priorities he would be inclined to consider. He transcribed that list on the head of a pin alongside the Declaration of Independence, in capital letters.

Boehner and McConnell, the redefined conservative leaders of the Republican dominated Congress assured Barack that there will be no penalty for obstruction or unconstitutional acts of any description, transgressions of the oath of office or intense hatred of the military, American heritage, white people, economic prudence and American sovereignty. There will be immediate retribution against those who participated in the attempted coup to dethrone J.B. That means the deck will be stacked with Boehner business as usual demagogues.

The new year finds Father Time’s robes in tatters, Uncle Sam bloodied battered, still standing but with head bowed; and we are only in the first week of two years that promise to be the most transitional and critical in our history. With all that we lived through in the last six years we have not yet learned our lesson. We are preoccupied with the symptoms of our terminal illness and not willing to accept and treat the underlying causes. It’s the bottom of the seventh inning and Barack is still pitching a no hitter.

We continue to attribute Barack with incalcitrant political bias but we don’t accurately accuse him of a political mission outside the parameters of America’s core values. We call him naive and ideologically committed to failed economic policies. We fault him with ill considered international decisions but we fail to recognize that the beneficiaries of his strategy consistently are the very people we are supposed to defeat. We suffer horrific losses from attacks from Muslims and only Muslims but refuse to acknowledge tthey have declared war against Western civilization, Jews, Christianity and America in particular. We rationalize that the consistent protection, defense and praise for Islam loudly proclaimed by the President of this nation; and fail to see that his actions prevent us from defending ourselves or taking the war to the enemy with conviction. In six years of ever increasing dictatorial rule America is diminished by every measure that once made us the envy of nations.

We expect at any moment Barack will see the error of his ways and embrace the political center to save his legacy. God help us, the cure for our utter stupidity is total, fundamental transformation; at which point there will be no recovery in sight. Barack has chosen his legacy and it will be appreciated only by our enemies.
90% of the population does not participate in the remarkable stock market performance, yet we allow the pundits to tell us it is a positive sign of economic recovery. It is really only a sign of wealth accumulation tied to a fraying thread, for a fortunate few. The market thrives when risk factors are diminished by the lack of investment options and savings suffer from stagnation, silent inflation and tax advantages for high income players. I point that out only to demonstrate the blind spot Americans have developed for facts and reality.

Four terrorists killed a dozen journalists and wounded another 15 in broad daylight in one of the most iconic cities in the world, yesterday. Every French resource will be brought to bear to hunt down the murderers and America, along with other European nations will assist in any way we can. That is as it should be. The attack however, was an act of war in an ongoing battle by Islamic Muslims for world domination. The response to this horrific act should be an all out, sustained attack on Muslim fighters and assets wherever they are, by all non Muslim nations, so devastating that terrorists will have to think twice before acting again. If the four are tried and convicted they will be seen as martyrs for the Islamic cause; a sacrifice they are anxious to make for their false God. France will find the perpetrators if possible, arrest them and put them on trial and if it happened in America, and it has, we would do the same…get them lawyered up and bring them to trial in a few years. Sickening, counter intuitive and suicidal on our part..

The reality is undeniable. Only Israel, forced into a struggle for survival, is taking appropriate actions with the limitations placed on them by the international anti Semitic community, to fight Jihad. America cannot be relied on to side with Israel except in speeches. Russia, because Putin has announced that Muslim squatters will not be welcome or endured in his country, is at least cognizant of the Islamic plans to be the last surviving religion and government on earth. Both nations are feeling the wrath of our President under the pretext of justice and fairness.

Many believe that Islam is on a mission impossible. I don’t think they will ultimately succeed either; but think of the death toll and loss of property and civilized society along the way. We must be willing to deal with this scourge as if they are capable of succeeding or by all that is unholy they will succeed beyond their best hopes and our worst nightmares.

Obama has practically single handed allowed the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist organizations that spring from that unholy organization to prosper and strengthen exponentially. Every country in the world including our own has Muslim communities that defy the customs and civil laws wherever they settle, always seeking to live among other societies according to Muslim traditions and answerable under Sharia Law. Sharia Law is contradictory to all civil laws based on Judea Christian tenets. The world has allowed the enemy to live and bide time among their citizens; surely a price is being paid and the ultimate result can only be imagined.

Barack’s most egregious crime is a crime against civilization and humanity; by supporting and defending Islam’s quest for world domination he betrays the oath of office and America’s best interests. Congress will not clip his wings; they will fight the symptoms of a rogue government imposing its will. They will not attempt to break the will of the most heinous government ever to preside over world politics. Demand that Barack be removed for cause…we have many and many more to come unless we act..
Pray that we find the courage of our convictions…pray that we develop proper convictions before we look back and rue the day.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”