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Whose New Year is it?

Beware the ides of January, February, March….

Air Force One and Two and the doggy plane too, plus assorted support planes, soared into the sky headed for sunny Hawaii, leaving a carbon footprint the size of Al Gore’s ego and a trail of dollars that could keep the lights on in Detroit for fifty years and Obama, in the spirit of the season, was heard to shout back to the mainland, “Merry Kissmyass to one and all! I’ll be back when the crisis calls!”.

And so the exalted one, at great sacrifice to his golf game, cut his vacation short to preside over the country’s affairs as we loomed ever closer to the dreaded fiscal cliff…perhaps to put some closure to unanswered questions, like…who let the dog out? He’s fast and I’m furious. Like, will my inauguration be worthy of my exalted status? Will there be enough pomp and circumstance? Will the crisis suffice? Should I redesign the American flag before I’m sworn in with my hand on Jefferson’s Koran? Should I wear a flag in my lapel or is it time to drop the pretense? Should I cure Hilary’s concussion/lock jaw and let her phumpher through a press conference? Should I give Congress the importance they don’t deserve and let them question her? Should I give the NY Times list of registered gun owners to my pal Eric and collect their guns in January, February or March? Should I drop Krushchev’s other shoe and let the people know what I gave to Vladimir for a Kissmyass present? Next year everyone gets a fee Kissmyass tree, write that down…

The betrayal is only in its infancy my fellow Americans. The promises to provide are coming fast and furious and the delivery is still mired in bureaucratic unconcern. The children of Sandy Hook received their five minutes of tearful presidential concern and the political advantage is not unrecognized. Guns did this horrible thing and guns will pay.

The storm ravaged North East is still a pitiful disaster with recovery clearly a tribute to American fortitude, neighborly love and fellowship…with government assistance coming in a laggard fourth.

The fiscal cliff will be a permanent geographical fixture as Obama has successfully convinced the entire universe that taxes and spending, confiscation and borrowing will solve any financial conundrum. The Republicans will accede to the demands of their superiors and deliver a neatly packaged, bows and all box of betrayal, and tell us the devil made them do it.

A good stern, finger wagging lecture will give the Middle East potentate murderers pause enough to be replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood company.

A solid speech of undaunting support will leave Israel on the outside looking in, left to their own devices to thwart total annihilation while the United Nations abandons all pretext of neutrality and America stuffs body bags with money to fund their anti American, anti Western civilization, anti Israel, pro Islam solutions to world problems.

The State Department, even while Hilary is recuperating from a nasty stomach virus that caused dehydration, fainting spells, concussion, lockjaw and amnesia will follow standard administration protocol; issue an official investigative cover up report on Benghazi and transfer the responsible parties to more responsible positions until we stop asking embarrassing questions…questions that don’t embarrass anyone except clear thinking Americans.

In January, February and March Obama will take our money, our guns, our voices, our self respect and self determination and run to the United Nations like and hound dog with a limp Pea Hen in its jaws, tail a-wagging, waving on the Muslim Brotherhood with one arm, holding the palm his hand on his other arm in the face of our Judea Christian heritage. Next year free cell phones, free lunch and dinner, free schools for friends of the president, free houses and free Kissmyass trees for everyone. If we allow it.

God blessed America. It is time to oust the cabal. It is time for Americans to understand what is meant when we are told this is our country…Unlike every other citizen of every other country it doesn’t mean we come from America, it means we actually own America. Do not stand by and let a cabal take our property, our liberty, our Constitution and our freedom.



Merry Christmas to all

It’s that magical time of the year again when reality is suspended for just a few moments and we turn to family and friends with hugs, kisses and good wishes. For a nostalgic moment this is the season when strangers greet each other on the street and our neighborhoods are turned into winter fairy lands…It is the wonderful time when our thoughts are with loved ones who are no longer with us and we miss our sons and daughters serving the country the most…and we recall how much we really love each other and get to say it out loud. Life is too short not to.
Have a very Merry Christmas everyone, from our house to yours, from our hearts to yours. For just a moment we can be at peace and give thanks for the blessings we have and put something aside for those who may have a  little less than us. Remember the troops in far off lands; they are children to us all and pray hard for their safe return. Pray, if you will, that this nation will return to the moral and ethical values of yesteryear and that the country is somehow restored as a functioning, Constitutional, democratic, God-fearing Republic; that out birthright of liberty and justice is ours to pass on for every generation to come.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

We need our guns so that we may not have to use them.

We are armed for the right reasons.

As long as the left continues to control the dialogue we will continue to have discussions that suit their agenda and may have no practical application in a Conservative, Constitutional world…This has resulted in an unnatural fear of guns and the avoidance of serious discussions on serious issues. I don’t know why Republicans are so afraid to stand by the Constitution and allow others to frame their morality and flay their arguments.

I say unnatural fear of guns because whenever we have a tragic shooting the conversation is directed toward the Right to Bear Arms and a concocted need to have controls with never a mention of the crimes that are prevented by gun-toters. There are guns galore on military bases and crime is rarer than democrat confessions. The last crime on a military base was a terrorist attack renamed work place violence; a very good reason to keep the guns we have. Allah Akbar to you too.

 No matter the choice of weapon used in a homicide the paranoids cry for a ban on assault weapons. The only assault we should fear is the assault on the Second Amendment. Most homes in rural America have shotguns and hunting rifles on hand and when a youngster is old enough to lift a gun they are taught to respect the thing and how and when to shoot it. Some hang over mantles, some on wall racks and some over the rear windows of pickup trucks. There has never been a case of a gun attacking a person. In urban areas homes that are known to have gun owners residing, are unmolested. Most crimes are committed with handguns anyway by criminals who won’t bother to register their weapons and certainly won’t give them up if asked politely. But trying to outlaw handguns is a secondary consideration; governments that fear gun ownership want your high powered stuff that makes them very uncomfortable when they go from taxes to confiscation and democracy to autocracy.

 Joe Biden already sponsored a bill that banned automatic weapons but it expired. Now that Barak made him the front man to negotiate with WeThePeople he will reconsider that ban and go for broke; after all we have a crisis on our hands. Most Americans, including politicians who will be giving this issue their best consideration, don’t know what automatic weapons are to begin with. Obama is counting on our ignorance and knows that if he gets a ban that is so ambiguous he can fill in the blanks later and outlaw pea shooters and sling shots. We all have vivid images in our minds of Chinese Freedom Fighters beating back tanks and planes with sling shots and body barriers…you know, where a shmo lies down in front of a tank and the tank loses.

 Americans have the right to bear arms because only in America does the government answer to the people. That is what sets us apart from every other democracy in the world. Our forefathers knew that one day the government of the people would be challenged and only our guns, as a line of last defense, could discourage attempts to bring us a king. This Obama cabal/government wants to reverse the order of the “problematic” Constitution, cancel the Bill of Rights and be our one and only and all things to us all. Dictators believe that faith in a Higher Power with the belief that all freedom comes from God is the main impediment to their ambitions and the pursuit of autocratic ideology; and they are right. Guns are a pesky, inconvenient obstacle to smooth transitions. So let’s hang on to our guns and bibles in case the founders knew a thing or two about oppressive government.

 To win our hearts Obama has given the store away and the next millennium’s inventory as well; to win our minds he has mastered the art of deception and prevarication and coerced or romanced the media to swear to what he testifies. We have it backwards and he aims to transform us…as in disarm us and control our every thought and action while he picks our pockets clean and funds his private militia…for guns… It seems his job is to soften us up so that the next guy that comes along can administer the coup de gras; that is on the outside chance he can’t hang around ad infinitum. He wants a blank check to borrow and a blank check to spend and a blank check to tax. In his words that will set a platform for future prosperity. Of course he means his prosperity with a little left over for his friends. He’s counting on our ignorance, and so far he is right.

 Change the dialogue. We are entitled to know why this government, or any government for that matter, is intent on taking our guns. Until we have that discussion and the answer suits us, do not let false guilt weaken our resolve.

We need our guns so that we may never have to use them.

Free men pray. Free men are willing to die for what they believe. Free men do not give the advantage away without a fight.

Not now. We’re mourning

I think; therefore I am.
Obama will not let any grass grow under his feet to further his agenda by taking full advantage of a crisis; human tragedy will do more to further the gunophobes than all the dumb arguments and devious plans they have tried for years. That means that common sense will not prevail, logic will not enter into the picture and the obvious will be denied and obscured in favor of meaningless, unconstitutional legislation about to come our way wrapped in feigned compassion.
The unbelievable fact that weak-kneed, so-called conservatives will bend just enough to give the gleeful anti-gun proponents moral justification to amputate on a perfectly sound principal; the Second Amendment will suffer yet another chop and the forefathers, who knew full well the importance of keeping government at bay will suffer another indignity.
No doubt there will be urgency required to put legislation on a fast track before the immediacy is tempered by cooler heads. This is the time to get as many weapons out of the hands of rash, gun toting, church going, radical conservatives as possible before the rational conservatives come to their senses and read the Constitution.
I hate to pick on O’Reilly again but he and Heraldo preface their condemnation of certain weapons and their consent to put a policeman in every school with a reaffirmation of their Conservative values. My ass. O’Reilly believes that if we ever need to take up arms against an oppressive government automatic weapons are no match for tanks and bazookas. A-hole. Make that two A-holes. Are our memories so short that we don’t recall citizens going up against tanks with sticks and stones? Do you still believe that sticks and stones break bones?
I have lived from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Barak H. Obama and I don’t recall any president before Barak asking for and getting a private militia. I don’t recall any administration training a private militia and graduating a class; in this case FEMA is the Federal university that is training these kids. I don’t know when in the history of this country we ever had more reasons to fear the Federal government or a Federal government that feared the people more than this Obama subversive, transforming administration. Leave my guns alone O’Reilly…If it comes down to a confrontation it won’t be fair and it won’t be balanced but this is not a third world country yet and I don’t intend to face an Army tank with an olive branch. Heraldo, you’ve been in more war zones than Ernie Pyle but you have a tendency to side with the underdog except on the issue of guns. We won’t talk about your liberal, attorney trained considerations but in the case of the United States vs The People…the people are the underdog and if properly armed, Constitutionally, my money is on the people.
There are too many weak-kneed conservatives who have become a tad smarter than the rest of us, John McCain leading the band, who have the ability to see both sides of an issue. Good for you. This dumb ass will cling to any gun I can lift with both hands as long as I have a copy of the Constitution of the United States in my back pocket to remind me that where the Bill of Rights is concerned there is only one side to these issues…the people’s side.
“Give me liberty or give me death” is a phrase that will be repeated in this republic as long as we have the breath to state our preferences.
I’ve been called worse things than Conservative but I’m beginning to feel that there are too many Americans who have the life style down pat but not the core values. I may be forced to leave the conservative flock for a title far more simple and less populated…patriot; please call me patriot for I feel that I have earned the title since I now see that not all conservatives meet my high standards to qualify as patriots. If you don’t trust your fellow Americans with the modern weapons we have to offer and you think that the answer to school safety is assigning uniformed armed guards for our children to have a memorable legacy of their childhood, you’re parental instincts are slipping. Why do you fear that arming teachers who want to carry and can qualify is less effective than starting a new bureaucracy? Putting armed veterans in schools is not a bad idea but wouldn’t you rather train them to teach something to the kids as long as they are going to be hanging around in the halls?
Liberal poppycock for brains is not going solve the issues facing America. Get a grip, dig deep for your core values and restore our Judea Christian heritage so that future generations can think with equipment that our forefathers expected us to have. Then we have a shot at dealing with all the issues not just the plat du jour.
Your patriot and ours,

Least will and testicles

I ain’t interested in the final “deal” Obama and Boehner agree on. I can tell you with no equanimity that it ain’t gonna do us no good. It’s like Sleepy and Dopey negotiating a date for Cinderella and she’ll be the last to know…like Cinderella I can tell you even before negotiations begin that the decision ain’t for me…Compromise in politics is another way of saying we’re getting screwed, they will have the cigarette, and the kiss is only to kiss our arses goodbye. They can have the cigarette too; I ain’t that dumb.

The study of human psychology can delve the human mind in depth for decades on end and still only come up with theories. But don’t bother to seek answers for political psychosis; the clever little bastards exempted themselves from human emotion and psychological evaluation along with every other onerous law they pass for our own good. I wish for the sake of simplification we could determine that they (politicians) are all crazy but evidence to the contrary complicates our diagnosis by a factor of ten thousand. We’re the crazy ones and the evidence is overwhelming and indisputable. Not even Lucy can get over our inability to suspect the repeat of false hope on a level of naiveté that makes Snoopy look like a Heisman Trophy candidate.

Before entering a rare closed door conference, thinking the mike was off again, Obama was heard to whisper to Axelrod, “order a round of beers I’ll be right out.” Boehner, on the other hand, held a press conference to announce to all who would listen, “I think I got him now, he looks serious.”

With all that is going on in the country, one tragedy eclipsing another and Obama dancing on stage for maximum political mileage each time, the “fiscal cliff” fiasco seems trivial by comparison. What would normally be headlines from Benghazi to Pakistan to Afghanistan to Egypt to Syria to Israel to a minor case of Hilary’s lockjaw concussion are barely mentionables in light of the real life tragic loss of life in Connecticut and the tragic loss of dignity America is suffering as we demonstrate to the world that the bigger they are the harder they fall.

The cure for this headache is amputation. To avoid beheading the patient we could behead the doctors but we haven’t the will. We prefer to discuss the flaws in our Constitution with our enemies. China recommends we enact strict gun laws; the United Nations is willing to enter into a small arms treaty that would give them oversight ignoring our sovereignty; we are waiting for Putin to call in his IOU now that the election is over; Mexico is holding an ex Marine hostage on trumped up charges and our State Department sides with Mexico and the Commander in Sheik complains that he’ll never get good at spending our money if we don’t let him practice. The Voice is just another reality show on TV; the people have lost theirs.

We the people are satisfied, it seems, to have ringside seats to watch the total transformation of America with dispassionate detachment. We sit immobilized as Israel is betrayed and cornered, the Middle East is democratically controlled by Muslim Brotherhood card sharks and Obama fiddles as Europe burns. We paid dearly for the best seats in the house only to find that there is a dearer price to pay for not participating.

Half the country is still on our knees praying for the victims and families in Newtown. I humbly suggest we all stay kneeling to pray for the courage to take back America. Pray that the Americans who reject the idea come to their senses and that the restoration of a functioning Constitutional Republic includes the restoration of our Judea Christian heritage; as a matter of fact, I have that the wrong way around.



constant vigilence is the price of freedom

The laws of American civilized society are based on Judea Christian doctrine; nowhere in our human experience is right and wrong defined more distinctly than in our religious upbringing. The emphasis today is not on the moral standards religion instills but on the benefits of participation with no clear winners or losers. Without a religious foundation to our learning process we deaden responsibility and create an absence or at least a diminished sense of conscience. Fear of the wrath of the Lord, and love of God, when instilled at a young age and reinforced as we mature, have real consequence and form the basis for discerning right from wrong and builds the conscience to choose what is right and reject wrong when the decision is crucial. Remove prayer, eliminate visible evidence of faith and elevate atheism and agnosticism on a par with religion and young minds are left to decide for themselves what they should believe or not believe. Young minds with no foundation to rely on are not able to make sound decisions on any topic, much less an emotional and complicated subject as religion. Today, even children who come from devout homes are subjected to media, government and institutional challenges to what they’ve been taught and as young adults must learn to cope in a secular society. Is it no wonder that the wanton taking of life seems more prevalent with less remorse?

No one knows what sparks abhorrent behavior or what triggers a maniacal killing spree. But we are creatures with self determination and as such we get the good and the bad in life and only God knows how we reap what we sow. Without the belief in a Higher Power the inability to solve the mysteries of life is even more frustrating. It shouldn’t take a heart rendering tragedy to put us all on our knees praying for answers but for some it does. Can anyone say with certainty that if the country was devout and grounded in religious morality that some tragedies would not have occurred? What does secularism contribute to nonviolence? Eternal damnation is a heavy price to consider for some people. Why are we not convinced today as we once were that the absence of religious acceptance and a religious culture is counter intuitive to moral and ethical behavior?

Barak Obama seemed to be sincerely moved by the tragedy and I don’t deny him that humanity. But it offends me that he could not resist, on his first opportunity to address the public, interjecting his mantra that the nation needs to have a dialogue about guns; as though his administration is waiting for opposition to their assault on the Second Amendment. A president who respects, understands and believes in the Constitution he is sworn to uphold, after a respectful period of mourning, might ask what made the school principal confront an armed killer unarmed? Where was her gun? That’s what we should be asking. We call the police because they have have guns but unfortunately they can only respond after shots are fired. They investigate far more crimes than they prevent.

We all know with certainty that the only deterrent to an armed killer is an armed opponent and a soft target is one where there is no likelihood of guns being present. Yet illogically the conversation will now be dominated by those who seek to remove legal guns. We who would train and arm teachers, nurses and school principals will be drowned out by anti gun groups using sympathy and outrage for the victims and these emotionally charged events to further a cause they are heavily invested in politically. Who has the moral high ground after a mass murder or a brazen murder in plain view? Those who would make entering a school house or place of business more risky to the criminal or those who are concerned for the criminals’ safety? Those who believe we should instill religious moral and ethical values or those who believe these tragedies demonstrate that God does not exist? Judging from the outflowing of prayer and increase in church attendance and a dramatic spike in gun purchases afterward, we can only bemoan the fact that people have short memories and will soon return to their usual routines and attitudes. The newly purchased guns will soon be collecting dust in a drawer and renewed religious fervor will subside until the next shock to our sensibilities. Political forces for total transformation of our country will pick up where they left off and the assault on our rights will resume as before. There is a lesson to be gained from these tragedies but we will undoubtedly miss it again.

Why is no one willing to state with authority that guns prevent far more crime in America than crimes that are successfully executed at gun point? Where is the concerted effort to oppose change by educating Americans in the ways of dictators, fascists and Communists? Where is the message to warn Americans that a government that wants your guns wants your freedom and fears the people? These are the governments that promote divisiveness and secularism.

We are dealing with a tragedy of such devastating consequence that it is difficult at best to be forced to defend our Republic, but I didn’t make the rules. It is the enemy that had the temerity to say “never let a crisis go to waste”, knowing full well that when we mourn we are most vulnerable. If we don’t respond or keep up our defenses the tragedy is compounded. My flag remains at half mast for each senseless loss of life and the ongoing mutinous assault on our liberty.

Has anyone figured out that dictators and all autocratic governments are the primary forces striving to remove God and Guns from public access? Will we allow this tragedy to further their intentions when we are demonstrating the opposite? This is an opportunity for real Americans to stand for religious freedom and the Second Amendment as it is written and intended; to defend against oppressive government. The return to prayer is an opportunity to reconnect with our heritage and for once see the lesson in our sorrow. No death should be in vain. Our prayers are with the families who will mourn this loss for the rest of their lives. If the nation holds this connection to prayer as a result let that be the one positive we take from an otherwise unfathomable despair. Amen.




Show me!

I nearly choked when a har har was blocked in my larynx by an unexpected sob the other night. Bill O’Reilly was confused; post election polls contradict the election results…According to Bill this was baffling..(my word). Bill wanted to know how come people voted for Obama if they disagree with him on practically every issue of importance. I’m here to help.
Long Island may be part of New York but it isn’t Brooklyn. In Brooklyn when things don’t add up it’s because they don’t add up…period. I’m from Brooklyn, in case you were wondering. Bill is a “Longislander”.
Conversely, when things do add up in Brooklyn we don’t hesitate to connect the dots, even if the conclusion is that Barry was born in Africa, his birth certificates are phony or the election was a sham and a fraud; after all I’m the guy that claims Obama is the front man for a clever cabal. So far no one can tell me what one would do differently as a budding dictator that Barak hasn’t already done as Commander in Sheik.   
Bill may find it uncomfortable or unwise to say fraud out loud…or perhaps it’s a new word for his audience to look up and use in a sentence…The FCC may go from 7 no-no words to 8 but “fraud” can be a four letter word; not technically, but it depends on how it’s used…As far as it applies to recent elections, starting with the presidential election and in every key Congressional District, it can only be used in the four letter context. I’ve never heard Allen West resort to colorful language but his election stands out as an example of the lengths the cabal machine will go to get rid of effective opposition. I provided all the blue language required to express our outrage and you don’t have to be from Brooklyn to make a logical assumption; cheat in Florida and you are definitely cheating anywhere else it suits you, like on the national scene.
Try telling a kid from Brooklyn that technology that can screw up Iran’s nuclear related computers, pinpoint a sedan transporting a terrorist and track a package across 50 states, all from a remote location perhaps thousands of miles away, can’t flip an election, stuff ballot boxes and turn red states blue with the flick of a nerd. Try it and I may want to test the limits of free speech on your nose.
Bill hasn’t gotten around to asking Tanya how Barak’s tight-lipped, jutting chin, upward glance mimics Benito Mussolini’s imperial pose. I don’t need the professional analysis. The conglomeration of his words, his deeds, his past and present associations and the mundane information he keeps legally private suit the smug, arrogant facial expressions and expose his every insidious thought…As far as I’m concerned the emperor can keep his rags and his secrets…but not his agenda from the kid form Brooklyn.
“The Constitution is a charter of negative rights”… “I actually do believe in redistribution”…”These guys are volunteers and they knew what they were getting into” …”Tell Vladimir to be patient…after the election I will have more flexibility”…”America is not a Christian nation”… “We are not at war with Islam and as long as I am president we never will be”…and he recited in perfect Arabic the Muslim call to payer and I translate here;
“Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme! I witness that there is no god but Allah I witness that there is no god but Allah I witness that Muhammad is his prophet? “
I will never run out of dots…not until Obama is exposed and deposed.

Don’t look now…

There is no reprieve from the fiscal calamity that has befallen us. Our Representatives continue to talk about the “fiscal cliff” and an irrelevant tax rate, when reality is that the “cliff” is in our rear view mirror, not around a bend in the river. Worse is yet to come, to be sure; but the die is cast already. If Obama gets his way it is likely that the consequences will be evident everywhere we look…If the Republicans get their way we will still be a crippled economy, limping along on one crutch and a borrowed oxygen mask. That’s because Republicans are not really the party of Conservative principles; at least they haven’t shown the courage to demand that conservative principles be implemented immediately, across the board, to counteract the devastating results of years of bad judgement and incremental socialist programs, accelerated by failed policies, predicated on a failed philosophy. The offer to compromise put forth by the Republicans is a teardrop in a vale of tears; Conservative-leaning perhaps, but hardly a return to conservative principles.
Maybe our “civilized” sessions in both houses of Congress would endorse real reforms if they adopted the melee-style debate forums of European and Asian governments. A bloody nose or two might free up the sinus blockages that give us the same pattern of pointless solutions, year after year, administration after administration. A good swift kick in the gonads might at least elicit an honest appraisal of our future prospects, if not future progeny.
The admonitions of the forefathers have gone unheeded and we have chosen the path of least potential consistently, generation after generation. We repeat our mistakes like robots left unattended, doomed to repetition. We reward politicians for staying too long doing nothing and accept unconstitutional decisions as mere blips in an otherwise strict adherence (not) to our fundamental values, not the tragic decline of our Republic that it is. We accept the erosion of our Constitutional Republic as an inevitable result of political evolution, accepting no blame for our own utter failure to exercise the power vested in us Constitutionally. We’ve allowed ourselves to take the Constitution for granted, only a document vaguely associated with the way we are governed, with a corresponding diminished religious fervor, unbecoming a nation so blessed. Rather than demand answers that are consistent with the dogmas and principles of our Judea Christian heritage and our founding documents, we await the answers handed down by bungling, self righteous, politically motivated politicians.
The most egregious error was to allow our representatives to turn over control of our currency to a private company. Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and others were adamant about the dangers of that route. Today we have  a “Federal” Reserve keeping interest rates artificially low and printing money madly, garnering more power to themselves, and effectively confiscating wealth. We listen attentively as their unelected honcho tells us they will continue to keep interest rates low at least until unemployment rates go down to 6.5 %; I didn’t know that job came with a crystal ball. Did he mean a true 6.5% or is that 6.5% by the machinations of government calculations? Ersatz math from an ersatz government relying on an ersatz Bernanke.
There are countless adages handed through the ages right up to modern times that cleverly tell us what happens when government gives “free stuff” to people who lost the will or reason to work, about governments running out of other people’s money. Perhaps we should stop speaking to each other in unintelligible parables or clever sayings and begin to tell it like it is. Disaster is spelled l-i-b-e-r-a-l.
Wise men tell us you can’t print your way out of a recession and you can’t spend your way out of debt…then wise guys do both to excess. Still we don’t hang a VP who tells us the exact opposite. We don’t denounce a president who does the exact opposite. Then we watch the news and hope for a silver lining and sometimes they oblige us; but they’re lying of course. Did a wise man ever tell you that you can spend and print your way into a depression?
We ignored the advice and now we are looking for a reprieve when the only remorse we have is that we can’t fix the problem ourselves and the leaders we have not only can’t fix anything but refuse to tell us they can’t. We don’t seem to notice they never have. Not ever. In the case of the White House there is no intention to fix anything. The way out for us is in the Constitution and in Judea Christian principles but it seems we have strayed far from those once revered resources. Unwilling to resort to confession and contrition we expect clear sailing because we switched ideologies and when the current liar fails we let him roll the dice again; and we back his bets as if we don’t know or care that he’s betting with our lives and our money and he has no experience…only ideology to guide him. Is it no wonder then, the results he’s getting befit the threats of enemies gone by and an avowed enemy in our midst, yet we refuse to make the connection. Our Arabic speaking, Islam praising, America bashing, Muslim assisting president with more mystery in his background than an Ellery Queen novel with the last chapter missing, has elevated the Muslim Brotherhood to positions of influence and power they salivated for but never could realize without a friend in a very high place. We chew our nails to the elbows hoping we don’t go over some imaginary cliff, when every man, woman and child in America has just been handed a bill for $50,000 each. The bill awaiting us will make that look like saw dust infused chicken feed and we fight over union rights instead of people’s rights.
Once again I implore my fellow Americans to take heed. We are pursuing a course known exclusively for failure, from the dawn of time to the advent of Greek entitlement comeuppance. We who have experienced the boundless success of free markets and are still living off its past bounty, are anxiously anticipating a new kind of success from legendary failure. To prove beyond the shadow of doubt that our tried and true system that saved Europe twice and provided an American inspired lifestyle to millions worldwide is foolproof, two communist nations that were quickly running out of taxable resources, opened their doors to Capitalism, albeit state controlled Capitalism, and are thriving beyond their wildest imaginations as we speak; Russia and China, especially the latter. But what the hey! Let’s give Obama a little more time; after all he just inherited the worst economy in 100 years from…himself.
Seriously; ask yourself this. If Obama inherited the worst economy in 100 years from George Bush and all of the economic indicators are worse now than four years ago…which way are we headed?
A return to Judea Christian inspired conservative principles is the only life raft we have. Tried and proven, we are the only nation that knows how to engage free markets, entrepreneurship and Capitalism and despite liberal, Socialist-minded critics, it will work every time…just as the path we are on has failed every time.
Call for Obama’s removal for cause. We have many. Remove his guns, not mine. A functioning Constitutional Republic, founded with the invocation of the Lord’s blessing, can thrive once more…if we are not too proud to ask for that blessing once more.  
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Socialism: The ultimate parasitic philosophy

The union ship has sailed.

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear. Socialism cannot stand alone. It requires some form of productivity to attach itself to for sustenance. It is a parasite that thrives on man’s sympathy and preys on good intentions and survives on the work ethic of the productive gene. Socialists like to define our society as having two parts; the haves and the have-nots. With that distinction made socialists can rely on the natural charitable tendencies of the haves to donate to the “less fortunate”. The trick is to institutionalize the process so that the “haves” become obligated to provide for the have nots and government can then decide who the have nots are and how much the haves must contribute in “fairness”. To insure complete control over the generation of wealth Government will regulate every aspect of productivity, making it increasingly difficult for the productive class to maximize their potential, unwittingly charting the course for their own demise.

In actuality men are defined in this manner only after their true differences have manifested; after the toil and work ethic of one group has produced something of value. Only then is the definition of haves and have-nots brought to bear….men who value self determination and men who determine that they are entitled to some of the spoils of labor simply for keeping count of the other’s wealth; but call them the haves and have-nots or socialist dictators will lose their leverage.

One can readily see that to categorize men as productive and nonproductive would make the non productive members of society less valuable and therefore victims of discrimination. The term have-nots is far less accusatory and blameless; they simply are less fortunate and therefore deserving of a fair piece of the pie…no matter whose pie it is…or was.

Obama himself has decreed that the “right to work is the right to work for less”. People accustomed to making demands on others see right to work laws as a threat to their ability to demand a maximum piece of a pie, even as the pie shrinks due to their greed. If Conservatives remain true to their core values they would not shrink from a challenge to their philosophy. Of course the right to work for less is the right to negotiate one’s own fair value in the market place. It is the essence of the free market. The opposite of that right is achieved by imposing minimum wage laws. Minimum wage is just another parasite that stunts entrepreneurship and creativity, the driving force of capitalism. It robs the entrepreneur of risk capital preventing him from trying new ideas and the ability to test the acceptance of new products.

The free market is a major part of Judea Christian philosophy; the basic tenet around which civilized men can strive to attain their highest potential. It is the fountain from which flows productivity, achievement and creativity. Man is the highest form of life on earth and to achieve his highest potential he must be encouraged and rewarded. When dependency is forced on men and instilled in their minds, mediocrity becomes the standard to which they will perform. When success is punished the desire to achieve greatness is tamped. Eventually the milk of kindness runs dry or falls short of the expectations of dependents and Socialism, with no host to suckle, fails.

Socialism without Capitalism is a flea with no dog. Socialism preying on Capitalism is the advent of fleas becoming so great in number and so demanding of the host, that the dog dies.

Before you go out en mass, demanding that the unions negotiate for free men, ask yourself how you will survive when the union wins salaries and benefits so great that the industry they depend on goes the way of the Dodo bird. Will the American labor force take a page from our European cousins and riot in the streets for a piece of a pie that was consumed long ago? Will you sauté your contract with slim pickings and dine on short shrift? Socialism needs some form of productivity to attach itself to for sustenance.

The cabal that cleverly installed itself at the head of our government has a fatal flaw. The fly in the ointment is that in order to make their plea for socialism palatable, they decided to discredit capitalism and kill entrepreneurship in America. This tactic attracted many unthinking, dependency-prone Americans to their side but also provides the script for their own obituary. America must now decide if we are to become the dog with too many fleas or the dog protected with a flea collar; healthy, wealthy and wise.




Chick-Fil-A’s Operation 300 for Navy Seals

Folks, Thanks Patti D.

Here is one easy way to show support our elite Navy Seals and one of their fallen heroes. Make a donation or just eat at one of the Chick fil A’s listed tonight and 15% of the check will be donated.


How to donate

Donations can be made via Pay Pal at

Checks can be made out to:

Operation 300, Inc

P.O. Box #3

Port Salerno, FL 34992

Chick-fil-A fundraiser

From 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Dec. 11, participating Chick-fil-A restaurants will donate 15 percent of the order’s total for every customer that says they are with Operation 300.

The participating locations are:

Treasure Coast Square Mall, 3278 N.W. Federal Highway, Jensen Beach

2930 S.E. Federal Highway, Stuart

3101 PGA Blvd, Suite L209, The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens

1262 Northlake Blvd., Palm Beach Gardens

2070 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd.,West Palm Beach

206 S. State Road 7, Royal Palm Beach, Royal Palm

10300 W. Forest Hill Blvd., Wellington Mall, Wellington

6275 Lantana Road in Lake Worth South,

1560 W. Boynton Beach Boulevard, Boynton Beach

6000 Glades Road, Town Center at Boca Mall, Boca Raton

Operation 300 Board of Directors

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R- Minn.

Retired Lt. Col. Allen West

Dr. Tom Mullins, founding pastor of Christ Fellowship Church in Stuart

Hector Delgado, board member of the UDT-Navy SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce

Ben Smith, lead spokesman for the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund and a founder of War Fighter Science, a military consultant group.

Kevin Kryzda, Special Investigations Detective/ S.W.A.T Operator at the Martin County Sheriff’s Office

Linda Wiggins, family friend

Billy Vaughn Jr., Aaron Vaughn’s father

Kimberly Vaughn, Aaron’s widow

Tara Vaughn Baldwin, Aaron’s sister