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The Iron Is Hot

I know what to do when an employee is acting against the best interests of the employer. Early in my career I had great difficulty firing even the most incompetent and least effective employees and I always had misgivings and concerns for the individuals days after they were gone; until a dear friend and mentor gave me a very simple piece of advice. If an employee is not performing up to expectations or fulfilling his or her duties, keeping them in the job does them a great disservice. They will never reach their potential if they can’t advance and their continued employment is tantamount to sabotaging the company. Free them to find their niche.

After that lesson management became a much more satisfying task for me. Not only could I end a relationship before bitterness set in or anger took control of the situation but of equal or greater importance I became far more selective in my hiring practices. If you don’t hire people because they need a job but rather because you need their services you are both way ahead of the game. It is a disservice to the employee to hire them when they are not fully qualified to handle the position; on the job training can be too costly for the company and frustrating to the employee if they don’t possess the necessary tools and temperament to begin with.

Barak Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetero, was not qualified by any measure of competence, could not pass a proper back ground check if we cared enough to do one and showed a decided dissatisfaction, indeed dislike, for the country that would employ him. Additionally he refused to tender elementary documents normally provided and took extraordinary steps to keep those records from public view. He continues to withhold those records and pays lawyers handsomely to keep them hidden. In my world he’s gone.

To compound the error, once on the job he showed an amazing disinterest in the basic or traditional duties he could address and his priorities seemed counter intuitive to the needs of the country. In my world he is toast.

After five years in office his demeanor is now openly contentious, arrogant and
supercilious. His policies have diminished us across the board…Every measure of performance of national importance is off kilter and every solution is illogical, nontraditional and controversial. The results are predictable and culpability is denied or passed like a football on last down with no open receivers and no expectation of scoring. In my world he is escorted out of the building.

Our refusal to take stern early measures has dire consequences we knew were inevitable. An Ostrich with its head in the sand is more exposed and vulnerable than an ostrich on the attack. It’s not as though barak hasn’t telegraphed his knockout punch; he has been chipping away at our military and diminishing our defenses from the day he walked into the Oval Office and put his feet on our sacred furniture for the first time. And now we have the upshot revealed in the new budget…hardly a budget designed to bring America into fiscal alignment, but let’s forget the borrowing and spending and talk about the morale of our military and America’s ability to defend itself; to say nothing of maintaining, even half hearted, our traditional role of peace keepers and trade protection in the world.

The military components Chuck Hagel revealed and the Barak budget provides for will guarantee that America, as a third rate power with bountiful assets, will inevitably invite war on our soil for the first time since the American Revolution…a war we will be ill equipped to win. The draconian cuts to our Army, Navy and Marines are unconscionable in a world where our enemies are building their ability to wage war in direct response to our reduction in defenses. Lest we forget; what has become of Barak’s private militia? The one that should be as well funded and strong as our standing army? Should we ask? The dark days of repression and tyranny are closing in rapidly. This budget which punishes our servicemen financially and morally must not stand. While it is a document that surrenders this nation to the next pretender for the throne without contest, it plunges us into economic nether land and destitution, more than likely to bring about an ice age of productivity in which we will all be praying for global warming; spiritual, economic and security wise…In my world the cause of such devastation is removed and severely punished.

At my age I am not interested in preparing for calamity and in truth I wouldn’t be a great source of good advice or comfort in that mode. Preparing for calamity is defeatist, ill advises and un-American. Like the ostrich I know we stand a greater chance of success if we attack and attack we must. Barak must be removed and held accountable.

The solutions to our problems are staring us in the face and have been since 1776. The Constitution and writings of our forefathers take these times into consideration. It is never too late to go home. Redemption is ours for the taking and forgiveness is ours for the asking.

Indeed our greatest fear now should be inaction. When in doubt do something…for doing nothing will result in our greatest fears being realized.

He should never have been hired. He should not have survived his first term. If he survives his second term….we will not.

Only if the people act decisively can we restore the order of authority that this man has all but reversed, single handed. Our first line of defense, the Congress and Supreme Court, for all intents and purposes are now ineffective and impotent. They have been captured like chess pieces in swift preemptive moves along with the press and most of media. We the people lost the initiative and are now the last line of defense but I assure you…united we are invincible and faced with a determined electorate Barak and his minions will fold like a cheap camera. Take back America my friends while there is an America to take back.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”



Advance at Your Peril

Americans took freedom for granted for 240 years. Only since the election of an increasingly shadowy figure who sits in the Oval Office daily defying the rule of law, usurping the role of Congress, trampling the Constitution reversing the order of authority and wielding the power of government agencies to deny our rights, control our activity and impose the whims of a dictatorial presidency, have we begun to show concern that freedom can be denied by a tyrannical government in these United States. Like it or not we have lost a significant chunk of our freedom by presidential fiat.

“You can’t do that!”, not an uncommon response to a zealous government employee, once gave pause to the agent while a citizen contemplated his Constitutional options to preserve personal freedom. Today we have a regime in place rather than an administration and America offers no viable options when the arrogant response to a citizen’s objections might well be “I just did”.

In the beginning we cynics who could not bring ourselves to trust Obama or any of his entourage, knew that when Barak wanted to eliminate or deny us a freedom he would speak favorably for it. “I believe in the Second Amendment. I will not take your shotgun away. I will not take your rifle away. I won’t take your handgun away… But I am not going to take your guns away. So if you want to find an excuse not to vote for me, don’t use that one because it just ain’t true. It ain’t true.” In 2008 we the people had an obligation to call this candidate out because that lie was the most revealing of all his lies…and there are many, many, many. His entire public persona is a lie. The lie about the Second Amendment told us that the man who was asking for our votes would one day deny us the right to vote. If he couldn’t deny us the vote immediately he would corrupt, dilute and pollute the voting process to the extent that our entire system should be brought into question. Concerning the Second Amendment the pretext is dropped and every device at his disposal has been brought into play to nullify our Right to Bear Arms, including several attempts to put our gun ownership under the aegis of the United Nations; there can be no more egregious aegis on earth.

The First Amendment has been discarded by virtue of a not so subtle attack on Christianity, Judaism and traditional religions in our military and institutions of higher learning while our youngest and most impressionable students are simply not asked to pray or stand for prayer as was our custom. Imams and Muslims are the exception. Did you know that Muslims are exempt from participating in the Affordable (lie) Care (lie) Act because they are forbidden to buy insurance? They didn’t even have to ask. Christians are working their way through our courts to reestablish their basic pro life tenet. Chaplains are being replaced by Imams in the military and universities at an alarming rate.

The FCC made a bold overt attempt to regulate speech in the media but retreated uncharacteristically with the first volley of objection from the objects of their oppression. Here is a lesson in incremental politics in action. The other shoe will drop, more subtly, perhaps imperceptibly but the gauntlet is down and every American should now be on notice. The First Amendment and media are in the cross hairs of this cabal because we have elections looming and there are still one or two members in the media that aren’t towing the autocratic line. Three words may one day replace the entire First Amendment; Silence is Golden.

The Fourth Amendment never stood in the way of government agencies intent on persecuting prior to prosecuting but armed SWAT teams showing up unannounced to break up a dinner party dining on home grown products or to shut down an iconic guitar manufacturer suspected of using exotic wood properly imported but perhaps not to the satisfaction of the EPA shout “I just did” even before the victim has a chance to say “You can’t do that”. Transformation is a bitter pill!

You can take comfort in knowing that any hardships or indignities, loss of revenue or privacy will be well worth it once the transition and fundamental changes are complete. Nancy Pelosi will be the first to tell you you’re gonna like it once you know what’s in it. Obstructionist Republicans will not deter Harry Reid from obstructing common sense or Constitutional procedure. I’m sure Barak will reward their stupidity and treasonous inclinations when he informs the rest of the Democrats that he works alone…as far as they’re concerned.

For some reason, sitting here in my little cubicle, trying to stir emotions and evoke some justified outrage in political activists, I sense many of you squirming in your seats, screwing up your faces impatiently, saying “give me a break. Barak will depart in less than three years and America will swing back to our conservative roots and all will be well with the world”. All I can think to answer is “no”. Not this time. The pendulum we once relied on to swing us back to reality is broken; destroyed… The enemy took it out as a prime target in the early stages of this battle. Statistically the enemy has won because we are as promised, fundamentally changed. We’ve crossed the Rubicon. Our main line of defense has been compromised. A handful of republicans are tilting at windmills while the old guard republicans call them names and ponder ways to appease the enemy and still get reelected. “Can’t we all just get along” is not a rallying cry when the ramparts are overrun and the parapets breached. It should never be if two parties are ideologically opposed.

The regime is so confident in our apathy that their agenda is now heralded as a superior approach to governance. The Obama budget is a testimony to socialism with a tip of the hat to fascism and freedom loving Americans are yawning their way to a lost horizon with no utopia in the offing. How do you maintain discipline in a volunteer army if you show your appreciation for their service by making them pay for our fiscal incompetence? By telling them, as Barak suggested years ago, that they will pick up a larger piece of the tab for their own health care? In a few years our military will be dubbed “rag tag” just as some of our revolutionary soldiers were sometimes referred to when the clothes on their backs were the clothes they wore when they volunteered.

Inane solutions to urgent issues are proffered with no embarrassment. Raise the minimum wage to improve the standard of living, borrow more, spend more and print more makes for a wholesome economy, workers leaving their jobs to pursue the arts or smoke dope is good for the economy, higher fuel prices will benefit clean energy, blankets of snow and freezing weather is a global warming phenomenon, reducing benefits to our heroes and reducing the budget to support our armed forces will make us a leaner better fighting force, and on and on…A few windmill tilters tear at the hands smothering their voices to object but we the people try to see some logic in these insults instead responding with the back of our hand.

I am outraged. My school chums who breathed their last breath on foreign soil so that we could live the American dream might just as well have stayed home and lived long lives. The American dream does not belong to any generation, it belongs to every generation and no one has the right to call it a day…not without a fight…not without leaving it all on the field of honor.

Do we not see that this regime is gutless? Our allies fear the worst and our enemies no longer fear us at all. Why are we, the people who will suffer the consequences or the domination of this regime not ready to reject the loss of freedoms, our fortune and our good name with our lives? It may come to that but it needn’t. We are not cattle. If we choose not to be corralled all the lies and edicts in the universe could not fence us in.

We don’t need to take back America if we don’t let it be taken. Demand that Barak Obama be removed from office and held accountable for his actions. We the people have that power. It is in our voice and our feet and most urgently in our knees. We need to get down on them as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Reagan and our forefathers did to implore the Lord’s guidance that our strength not be wasted in banter and idle threats but used in action and deeds to keep what is ours; the Constitutional Republic, founded on Judea Christian principles for men of good will to achieve their highest potential.

God Bless America,


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


My Country Dizzy Me

We conservatives know our own minds and convictions; the hearts and intellect of the founding fathers shaped our character and opinions. We also know what Democrats and liberals want and how they go about achieving their goals and the only role models we can associate with them are communists, Fascists and dictators.

Our icons gave us the American Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, The Federalist Papers, Common Sense and endless reams of writings on freedom, conservative values, human dignity, limited government and moral certitude. You can’t have one without the other…

I implore Democrats and liberals to examine your consciences and the empirical evidence facing this nation economically, militarily, morally and by any statistical measure of progress

and ask yourselves if any bygone or contemporary political figures who employed the tactics and theories of Left Wing ideologies are the icons that history recalls fondly or attributes successful governing to. Do you prefer the legacies of Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Hitler? Is there a George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, Harry Truman or John Kennedy who extolled the human potential for greatness and furthered the cause of liberty and the pursuit of happiness as man’s natural living right on the Left? Did there exist, in the annals of human history, a Socialist civilization or country that succeeded and prospered for others to emulate?

Barak has said that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are “problematical” documents that have the order of authority reversed. He claims to have taught Constitutional Law (for 10 years) although there is considerable doubt shed on his status with the University of Chicago. So is there a conflict in his ability to teach this subject or did he teach the antithesis to our founding documents? With those beliefs is it possible for a president to take the oath of office honestly? There is not a shadow of doubt cast on his immersion in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”; a detailed handbook on the overthrow of democratic government and his career adherence to that ideology. Believe me if Barak could have found a way to deny his Community Organizer role he would have.

I would like to know what it takes to get Obama’s sycophants and liberal idolizers of an image with no substance, to recognize that the assault on the Constitution and Bill of Rights has no redeeming benefit for any American…not the poor the Left claim to redeem, the middle class they claim will not be affected or the rich they exhort to pay their fair share, hire more workers, pay higher wages and contribute handsomely to Left wing causes and candidates. What will it take to at least get them to admit that an assault is in progress? Do any believe, as certain Europeans did when Hitler ranted his way to power, that their lives will be made more meaningful and fulfilling if Obama’s vision for America is fully realized? Surely a broad enough swath of America’s unemployed who once believed that Barak would deliver the jobs he promised should teach the rest of us that lies are never contained or confined to one segment of society; they affect all of us. In this case a promise to transform America turns out to be more than an idle threat; it bodes the loss of our American way of life for all time. Why did the most transforming law ever enacted, the Affordable (lie) Care (lie) Act have to be passed with subterfuge and introduced with lies? It is not as though we don’t all agree that medicine is a good thing but is it possible we can’t agree that not all medicine is good for every illness? We all agreed that a safety net when needed should be there…We should recognize by now that there is no safety net in this law and it disrupts the lives and medical needs of far more families than it was supposedly intended to help. But I digress.

Democrats, liberals and Americans not participating in government do not know or care what motivates patriots who are feeling the pain and rebelling against the change intended to end America as we know her. They are determined to have political victory and don’t see that victory as the loss of freedom for all Americans. They are indeed cutting off their noses to spite our faces; or vice versa. Either way we all lose when the country is not the first concern of all Americans.

Restore or start over but do not accept total transformation, fundamental change and the indignity that accompanies socialist rule. It never ends there.

Keep God in our country whether you believe or not; because if you don’t believe it will make no difference when you are told to embrace Islam. Refusal or hesitance will result in your death just as though you are a believer; and then you will be.

God bless America,



Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


Righteous Though I be, Might is Mine as Well

Righteous Though I be, Might is Mine as Well.

Righteous Though I be, Might is Mine as Well

I’m right; the Founders were Right and stop calling us the Right…we are the epicenter; we are Righteous, not the Right. We conservative, faith-filled Americans have not forgotten what our founders bequeathed us and we are definitely not wrong. What they gave us is might; a people’s government.

Those who claim the Constitution is a “living” document are radical Left, illiterate, effete, self serving and wrong. Being or claiming to be liberal is not an excuse for countermanding the brilliant Founders who sacrificed all for our benefit. They gave us a country that rewarded hard work and required hard work…Communists did not pledge their lives, fortunes and good names to found this country; God fearing, highly educated men of means and accomplishment saw the need and filled it. They were conservatives by any modern definition of the word. Some of them were ordained ministers and others came from various walks of life…but they were all righteous men who knew to a man and without a doubt that man can best achieve greatness when left to his own devices. Self determination is God’s gift to man, confirmed in the Constitution and we are most capable of earning our keep. Who are these ideologues with a counter agenda, who reward failure, sacrifice individuality for equal results and find the presence of our Religious icons offensive? Surely they did not win the day when a Constitutional Republic was decided upon. Why do we tolerate their interference with the tenets of our Republic now? If they hold claim to the heritage we share why do they support Islam over Judea Christian doctrine and rely on illegal aliens to swell their ranks?

The Republican party is Right about half the time and that is not good; hence the term RINO came into being. The rest of the time they join or compromise with the Left and that is why they are not righteous and that is why I feel no loyalty to the Party. I have far more respect for the Libertarian Party and there is probably more common ground between us but we respectfully differ on important issues. At least they believe in their ideology and are consistent when expressing their views.

The inconsistent Republican Party is a cannibalistic organization…They not only eat their young they denigrate the Tea Party which, if the Republican Party were truly conservative, should be the spawning ground for their future candidates. Instead the candidates that emerge with Tea Party endorsement find a contentious attitude in the party they try to elevate. It makes one wonder if the Republican Party has a dark side we the people are not privy to. Note I did not say that all Republicans are not Conservative but I can say that the so-called Tea Party is comprised of average American men and women representing the broadest spectrum of the American public possible, who have finally found their voice; and it scares the Hades out of the effete left, other Democrats and the cabal in our midst. That should be ample reason to lock arms with these patriots, the last vestige of our representative free speech.

When we the people finally elect a representative of the people who behaves in the manner we claim to yearn for…grass roots, independent, outspoken, ethical and fiercely patriotic, the Party finds ways to marginalize him or her and the Republican voters, instead of punishing party hacks, remain mum; then they reelect the old guard that practices safe politics. The electorate is not blameless in the chaos and disparity that exists in Washington within the Party structure; we are guilty as charged.

Any opposing figure that captivates the spirit of the people and can clearly enunciate Conservative issues and values is seen as a political threat to the Left and savagely attacked in a most deliberate and consistent manner by everything and everyone on the Left, from comedians, to news anchors, to program hosts, all media, sitting Congressmen, retired politicians, advocates of social programs and sycophants from all stations in left wing political society. Republicans have an aversion to circling the wagons and are slow or unwilling to stand by their colleagues, lest a little dust should attach itself to their non committal pantywaist skirts. Democrats see an attack on one of theirs, no matter how deserving, as an attack on their party, their ideology and their reelection prospects. They are eagerly willing to circle the wagons for rapists, drunks, embezzlers, perverts, cheats and liars and hold them out to be victims of circumstance, victims of false accusation, victims, victims, victims; but innocent and pure as the driven global warming generated snow.

I’m a registered Republican myself but I don’t brag on it. If a third party ever comes along that can win elections and espouses my ideals and political opinions I will be gone from the Grand Old Party as if shot from a canon and I make no bones about it. My political ideals are not so complicated but not consistently held within the Party. We have a Constitution, a Bill of Rights and a proud heritage. Keep them intact. Compromise is defeatist. The opposing party is the opposition. Oppose them. Teach them and convert them but do not horse trade with rustlers. Have the courage of your convictions…unless you have no convictions; then by God have the decency to find a career that doesn’t require integrity to be productive.

But what am I saying…the horse has left the barn ages ago…Today Republicans like John McCain have the audacity to run for high office as Republicans on the premise that they can reach across the aisle to get things done. The problem with that is they are getting done the business of the left…and we are supposed admire that clever strategy. Compromise is a device for socialists and other demagogues who must use incremental politics to inveigle their way into positions of power because a straight forward presentation of their ideology is roundly rejected. Socialists win when Republicans negotiate because they have an ideological long term agenda and republicans only see as far as the next election. If you need proof of that statement you don’t have a clue as to how the Republic has been compromised and transformed. The proof is that half the country receives some sort of government assistance and some Republican strategists are talking about “fixing” the Affordable Care Act. Outrage over the persecution and discrediting of Christians and Jews at home and abroad is sporadic, half hearted and insincere on the whole. As a nation we support Islam in general, come to the aide of Arabs seeking power, are mute on religious atrocities, abandoned Israel, our strongest ally, to the threats and whims of anti semitic persecutors and have no comment when our Secretary of State puts global warming at the top of our priorities on a par with terrorism and weapons of mass destruction; a slap in the face to Israel and a message of appeasement to her enemies…and of course it is politically incorrect to say so but Iran is as much our enemy as Israel’s…just a greater immediate threat to Israel.

We are a Republic in name only and a democracy not so much. Even certain Republicans, along with “fair minded” democrats, have adopted the warped opinion that our society has become so complex that some socialist programs are necessary to level the playing field for the greater good. That’s right out of the Communist manifesto and it is pure malarkey. The condescending elitists would like us to think that Conservatives are not smart enough to see the big picture, when history has shown the greater good is best served only when people are not deterred from their natural abilities. How shameful is it to rely on the promises and testimony of one man who is totally unprepared and incapable of leadership and keeps his records secret so that the proof of that is not made public? We have defiling our sacred Oval office an Islamic Fascist ideologue who looks up to no one and down on everyone. Our country is practically his country as he satanically keeps the only promise he made sincerely; to fundamentally change and transform this great nation.

That is not my vision and not the vision of any American who loves this country. It is our Constitutional obligation to defend the Republic. The Second Amendment is intended to give us the ability to defend against a tyrannical government because our forefathers knew the day could come when we would be faced with that dilemma. The time has come.

Demand that a president who has no love for our country be removed and held accountable. Remove his guns not mine. His will keep us in check mine will check his unmitigated gall.

God blessed America. Hold our religious heritage sacrosanct.


Revolving Oligarchies

When mammals die flies help the decomposition process. It follows that if the last mammal on earth perishes, whether it be man, animal or bird, flies will still be here. Is it possible then that flies will one day rule the earth?

Socialists believe that they will rule the earth based on the same theory. Since they appear after the work is done to feed on others’ productivity perhaps they have a sense of survival similar to black flies.

In fact flies will never rule the earth because when the warm blooded species are gone their food supply is gone and they will go the way of all parasites with no sites. So does socialism fail when productivity is bled to death to bribe the masses. No wealth to redistribute leaves socialists totally exposed, their promises broken and their usefulness ended. The dependent hordes they created inevitably turn on them demanding their fair share with no sympathy for excuses; a promise is a promise. And the Socialist becomes a dictator rather than cede authority, and the people lose the right to choose along with all of the rights that provide dignity and self determination.

These same hordes at some point had to choose between ideologies; one said I will teach you to fish and you will prosper and feed your families…The other said pull up a chair and eat. If you learn to fish the teacher will exploit you and you will fish for him. Let him fish for you; he will feed your families and I will be your honest broker.

Men of good will and strong faith pledged their lives, fortunes and good names to provide a country for all who are willing to work hard and reap the rewards of what they sow. Many died so that others could live that dream in America. And now an oligarchy is salivating at the possibility of controlling the world’s largest economy.

I am all in favor of Socialists starting a new country and all the people who do not care to work can be their citizens. There is a reason they would prefer to change this nation to suit their ambitions…political ambition. One honest appraisal of the economies around the world that try to survive on wealth redistribution should convince us all that it is a failed ideology. Perhaps it is not so much an ideology as it is a revolving door for successive oligarchy after oligarchy.

The capitalist says I will pay you what you are worth. When you are worth more than I am willing to pay go forth and reach your highest potential. We will both prosper. It follows the precepts of the Old and New Testaments that man is created in God’s image and answerable to G-d’s laws. And the Socialist says that God is a false prophet and government will care for you. He cannot compete with religions that tell people they are self sufficient in nature. And America’s Judea Christian heritage is under attack as never before. Not only are our religions being discredited and persecuted but a substitute religion that teaches hate and reverence to government is favored and extolled.

And it comes down to this; it is about the transfer of great wealth and a religious war is in the forefront. You don’t fight a religious war by turning away from your religion. Only the resurgence of faith in America will be an effective weapon to reject the Muslim Brotherhood and a tyrannical government that follows the precept of deception as a means to an end.

Many of us have strayed from the confines of structured religion only to find later in life that we were empty in that time. America is in a moral and ethical crisis and unless we return to our Judea Christian roots an organization known as the Muslim Brotherhood intends to convert us to their brand of Islam or kill us in the process. There is no salvation in that.

Save America or begin anew but do not deny your faith or the right to self govern. Both are in dire jeopardy. Remove Barak Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood threat to Christianity, Judaism and civilization together. It should be obvious by now that they are joined at the hip. We have the power to deny them access. Demand that Barak be removed for cause and his Muslim defectors will go with him.

Americans prayed and God blessed America. Now we must use the power we were given to vanquish the enemies within and gain the renewed respect of the enemies out of our borders. Restore the nation as it was; a functioning constitutional, democratic Republic with liberty and justice for all.



Dot’s Not Nice

The trouble with connecting dots to ascertain true motives or quantify solutions is that for most of us old dots fade away with time. They are replaced by new dots so frequently that we lose track of our compilation. Dots are the indignities, illegal acts, edicts and the agenda that cumulatively contribute to transform or misinform us while we wrangle with each dot independently.

Laura Ingraham, an outspoken, conservative patriot and talk show host, today asked her audience to select from five major issues, the one each thought was most important for Americans to address. I wish she had offered six, with the last being the cabal that uses all five issues and more, to transform the country. Morality, unemployment, the economy, international relations and I forget the fifth; spending I think. It matters not. What matters is that we stop the generator of these problems from crowding our agenda with serious problems as distractions on the road to perdition. By the time we learn to play the cards we are dealt we may find ourselves dictated to by an Islamic Fascist government that stacked the deck in the first place.

Remember the controversy surrounding the 12,000 sf mosque slated for construction in Murfreesboro, Tenn.? Murfreesboro has a population of around 100,000 residents. All the avowed Muslims in the state couldn’t fill the mosque on Ramadan. Today the mosque is a reality but our attention is focused on more current horrors, unless you live in Murfreesboro.

We are so inundated with transforming abuse that it seems we have lost our capacity for outrage and the will to rebuke the morbidly stupid or dangerously inept acts of politicians or the politicians themselves. John Kerry doesn’t seem to care that no sane person believes that climate change ranks with terrorism and weapons of mass destruction as a threat to our security. Since he doesn’t believe it either, should we be concerned for his political motives and eagerness to lead us down a primrose path to reduced production, increased taxation and higher prices for commodities? He makes that assertion with a straight face and condescending manner of teacher to unreceptive students, much in the style of his benefactor and role model, Barak Insane Obama.

As the self appointed Chief Dot Connector and Truth Monger at large, here’s a hot dot to connect while the connect is begging. The Environmental Protection Agency, desperately protecting the environment for the good of the country, just issued a new regulation that makes coal a dirty word in America. If you don’t get the sense that an EPA Regulation with this implication is really a presidential mandate you have failed the Dot Connector Associate Midterm exam and are consigned to rely on me to tell you what each dot represents.

Ben Ghazi isn’t going away but we can measure our search for accountability with a micrometer…The IRS is unrepentant, anything but forthcoming and continues to expand its role to intimidate, punish and emasculate perceived enemies of the Obama administration…The most transparent administration in history hasn’t a smidgen of scandal…a lie so outlandish that the mere utterance of that statement is a scandal. Barak sees, hears or speaks no evil; as evil personified is apt to claim.

The Affordable Care Act was never intended to improve the delivery of medical services in America, nor is our health and well being of any import to its authors. It is the single most transforming law ever enacted anywhere, designed to tip the balance in America irreversibly toward Socialism, effect the second largest transfer of wealth next to the creation of the Federal Reserve, confiscate wealth on a mass scale, provide powers to the executive branch and its agencies heretofore unimaginable and provide the impetus for the final transformation of America into an autocracy; the Supreme Court and the Senate went all in when Barak raised the stakes. Connect the dots.

If we don’t face reality we will lose our country before we know someone is in the process of taking it and there are always those who defend the indefensible and enable the invaders.

If we can step back and connect all of Obama’s edicts, willful acts, statements, speeches, appointments, associations, mentors and behaviorisms… for me the obvious cannot be denied. Barak is the representative of a cabal that installed him as president after long preparation and planning. His first election was fraudulent as was the re election and although it is mainly conjecture on my part I don’t arrive at these conclusions without the long held adage that if it looks like a rat, smells like a rat and acts like a rat the chances are it is a rat. What it is not…is a duly elected patriotic president of the republic with respect for the office, the oath to enforce laws and the obligation to defend the nation against all enemies. Barak is glaringly deficient in these core elements of the job. Dot, dot, dot.

The fraud that was revealed in recent national elections cannot be viewed as isolated cases. We discovered some fraud; therefore it is pure idiocy to think there was none we did not detect. Barak has arrogantly refused to make public the sources and denominations of campaign contributions just as he continues to withhold his educational and documents commonly provided by all who seek or win the presidency; dot, dot, dot.

When we are willing to admit to and accept responsibility for allowing this cabal to take control we will be ready to take the necessary steps to remove them. Believe me we are still eminently capable of cleaning house when we put our hearts and minds to it.

The last hope of a people to repel tyrannical government is the people’s right to bear arms. It is no coincidence; that while all of the above and countless more indignities and unconstitutional edicts are imposed, the Second Amendment is one of the constants that this administration, fearful of the people with good cause, works feverishly to invalidate. Similar priority and constant attention is paid to undermine our Judea Christian heritage, while actively supporting the elevation of Islam in our military, our schools, universities and communities.

Deny this cabal ultimate victory. Demand that Barak be removed for cause and held accountable for his anti American campaign. Uphold our right to self govern; restore, rebuild or start over but never give in to transformation. Our Constitution is the finest blue print for civilized existence ever produced. It is worth fighting for and dying for…so that others may live in liberty. That is how we came to be.


‘Till the End of time

I saw a faded bumper sticker today…A picture of Barak with the words “I’ve Got His Back” under it. My subconscious answered…”And he’s got your wallet”…

What are the five most misplaced things? 1) Keys. Everyone spends at least 10 hours a year looking for car keys. 2) Eye glasses. It’s almost preordained we will misplace our eyeglasses at least once a day…and find them on our heads twice a week…3) Wallets…Stray from your normal routine of where you empty your pockets at night and you will spend 20 minutes looking for your wallet in the morning. 4) Important phone number…the better you save it the more certain you will not find it when you need it…How many times have you opened an overdue phone conversation with “sorry, I misplaced your number”…Contrary to popular belief it happens to us all and age has little or nothing to do with it…its OK. Last but not least, 5) Loyalty. Misplaced loyalty is the cause of regret, recrimination and restiveness and the only loss that matters in the long run.

Don’t misunderstand. Loyalty can be one of our most treasured attributes but for that very reason we sometimes are loyal to a fault long after the train has left the station. We don’t want to be accused of disloyalty or suffer pangs of guilt if we falter in our loyalty to a friend, loved one or associate but too often we pay a price when that loyalty is not reciprocated, appreciated or respected and we suffer the chagrin of misplaced loyalty.

So let’s state the obvious because that is often where we lose our purpose. There are appropriate degrees of loyalty called for in polite, honorable circles. There are times when choices are thrust upon us and we are forced to choose between two dearly held loyalties. If we choose family over friendship the friend is expected to understand and our integrity remains intact. Loyalty always has its limitations because there is an unspoken reciprocal appreciation required to deserve loyalty; hence loyalty is earned. If we can’t balance that quotient we may end up following when we should be leading; or trusting our destiny to undeserving or poorly considered recipients or misguided ventures.

If we award unwavering loyalty to a politician in a democratic Republic, we are ceding our responsibility to hold our public servants to a gold standard and accountability is likely to be overlooked. That’s why we do not owe loyalty to politicians and loyalty should not be a bonding rite among politicians. They should have term limits and not be in service long enough to earn loyalty; gratitude would be more in keeping for service well done, if that is the case. In America political loyalty must be reserved for the country and politicians should have the exact same priority. Your country deserves unconditional loyalty, exclusive of the

representatives, just as family comes before friendship. God comes before clergy and even the religion you practice, in my view. Do not misplace such a prized commodity or assign it without thoughtful consideration..

In my opinion George W. Bush was guilty of misplacing loyalty and his legacy will suffer the consequences…but not as much as we the people will suffer as a result. Loyalty was perhaps his most endearing quality and his Achilles Heel at once. Democrats gleefully point to his record every time we criticize Obama’s despotic spending and borrowing false imperatives. G.W. will not be afforded any leniency or sympathy for his misplaced loyalty to two renegades, Paulson and Cox, who contrived a Democrat-pleasing prescription for “saving the economy”…a massive Bailout. G.W. blinked. No self respecting Conservative who truly understands a free market economy would ever condone dilution and redistribution as a cure for anything…unless you are looking to “cure” Capitalism…and Cox is retired to a $5 million bungalow and Paulson is husbanding 2.9 billion out of 13 billion end around he engineered for his former and soon to be re-employer.

Goldman Sachs took down 13 in the bailout and mourned the loss of Lehman with crocodile tears awash, skipping and laughing down betrayal trail. Cox and Paulson have not wavered in their loyalty to disloyalty. G.W is still a fiercely loyal kind of guy.

Probably the greatest example of unwavering loyalty in the history of the world is Barak Obama’s loyalty to his personal ideology and the cabal that trusts him to remain so. No measure of American travail or suffering will deter him from his appointed rounds…the total transformation and fundamental change of the nation he was raised to despise.

The greatest example of misplaced loyalty in the history of the world is in the persistence of liberals and sycophants who continue to support the most hideous America bashing figure in American politics.

Be loyal to the Constitution and the United States of America. Reject rule by presidential decree. Demand that Barak be removed for disarming our military, attempting to disarm the people and taking the oath of office under false pretext.

Rebuild or restart or be resigned to the new order…rule by fiat.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


How Deep My Devotion?

Are we able to peel back the film that clouds our vision and our reason? We are told so many things that are inane, nonsensical and illogical but still dictate our behavior that we should conclude that a certain amount of indoctrination affects us all. All our detractors and opposers needed to do was to establish as fact that political correctness matters. The first inane, nonsensical and illogical directive is that most of these behavioral admonitions apply only to Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians etc; in other words everyone except the Alinskyan, effete left wing indoctrinators and sycophants.

We have lost our will to draw conclusions. We have to check our reflexes at the door lest we offend an offensive person or take offense when we are indeed offended.

Somehow it is unfair to profile when the only way we have of recognizing strangers is to have an image of who we want in our minds. Police are taught to profile and then told not to; it offends innocent people who look like criminals. Inane? Nonsensical and illogical?

To borrow a book we need picture ID, to board a plane or enter an office building, cash a check or enter a gated community we need picture ID’s but it is offensive and unfairly burdensome to ask for ID at the Polls just because a voter doesn’t speak English and looks like a foreigner; oops! I profiled, ask any Democrat.

Barak and his minions all agree that the country needs “comprehensive” immigration “reform” but not border control; not even border patrol. In Donkey talk comprehensive means deregulate but we are told it means improving our management of immigration. Is it illogical to suspend the law of the land for countless millions who knowingly and with knowledge and forethought broke our laws to participate in our give away program? Is it sensible to let our borders remain porous while we decide how to deal with illegal entrants?

Comprehensive can mean anything the Left wants it to mean but we the indoctrinated are to take it to mean intelligent, coherent and fair.

The president who told us he favors the Second Amendment is also in favor of comprehensive gun control measures to end mass murder and then supports laws that only disarm law abiding citizens. The professor who taught Constitutional Law thinks “shall not be infringed” was a typo when quills painstakingly recorded the Founders’ intentions and typos wouldn’t be a factor for another century. It is politically incorrect to conclude or assume that a government that seeks to disarm the electorate has reason to fear them. Is it politically incorrect for the electorate to fear the government? or just not to admit it?

A constitutional professor disparages then contramands the Constitution and we are told it is commonplace for presidents to exceed their limited powers. Is it common place for the other two branches to concede? If that isn’t inane George Washington wanted to be King.

Lies to pass a law, lies to gain acceptance after it is passed and lies to keep it from being repealed followed by lies about the lies gave us a law that will stand the test of time but will not be enforced until the perpetrators leave the scene of the crime. That is unless you count the taxes, loss of jobs, loss of coverage and loss of dignity, loss of freedom and more taxes as Health Care. And it is mean spirited and prejudiced to speak out against Obama Care. Inane, nonsensical and illogical but true.

It is disrespectful to the office of the presidency to say the president disrespects the office. It is radical and confrontational to conclude that all of the above and much more, too lengthy to list, constitute betrayal of the country, despite the fact that we were told the primary objective of this president is to totally transform and fundamentally change the nation. Who told us? Barak himself but it is disrespectful to say so.

It is our God given natural inclination to observe and conclude. It is our Constitutional obligation to observe and reach conclusions, demand accountability and take reciprocal action when the republic is threatened, whether the threat comes from within our government or from outside our borders. We seem to be hesitant or reluctant to take any of these self preserving measures; inane, nonsensical and illogical as it may be.

Speak out, pray and be armed to acknowledge the conclusion we are charged to reject. Tyranny is the suppression of free speech, religion and the right to bear arms and it goes downhill from there rapidly.

Demand that Barak be removed for cause; we have many. Demand that he and his militia be disarmed not me and the standing army, navy and marines. Restore the Republic or start over but do not sit still while we are transformed.

How deep our devotion?

Who Loves You?

I see no reason to put my personal feelings and politics aside. Hilary Clinton is a danger to America and civilized society. Perhaps not as dangerous as Barak Obama but no better. Of course our politics are at opposite ends of the spectrum but are not defined within the democrat or republican dogma. We moral and fiscal conservatives yearn for a Constitutionally correct nation which is the political center of our republic. Hilary, like Barak, has attempted to define us as “right wing extremists” which is the radical left device regularly used to make their own views less offensive. Therein lays a tacit admission that their vision for America is in direct opposition to that expressed in our founding documents and not readily accepted by free people. Hilary is prominent among those who pretend to love America but have as their unstated goal the total transformation of the nation. They cannot cite the benefits or advantages of their autocratic ideology so they are forced to advance their cause by demeaning, misdirection, discrediting and demagoguery; lies to you and me.

When her husband was caught with his pants down in the Oval Office our outrage was a “vast right wing conspiracy” in her view. A morally reprehensible position, considering we did not provide Ms. Lewinsky’s services as a presidential perk and Bill was infamous as a serial offender of this base obsession his entire life.

When she was caught with her pants down in the most egregious dereliction of duty any public servant could possibly commit, her total lack of remorse for the lives she failed to protect or defend as Secretary of State was expressed in one dismaying phrase; “With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk last night who decided to kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, Senator.”

No Hilary; you know it was a planned military attack by highly trained terrorists on a strategic United States asset, that makes all the difference in the world. It is the job of the Senate Committee to find out what happened; it was Hilary’s job to provide that committee with her full cooperation and respect; the very least that could be expected of her. Had she a modicum of respect for America, the post she held or the lives she condemned her investigation would have preceded the Senate’s; but we all know now that would require a confession.

I am asking any of her supporters for a list of Hilary Clinton’s accomplishments since she left college. There are none. If anyone would like to correct the record have at it. As a matter of fact if we would take the time to learn what Hilary Clinton is really like, her character, integrity quotient and political ideology, a sane person would be hard pressed to explain her attraction to American voters…much less to vote for her. Her identity, behavior in private and public utterances not fit for print are dutifully not reported and neither is the truth. Even 90% or more of her photos are doctored or if beyond reparation never make the light of day in print. Instead we are the victims of a public relations campaign and cover up operation of such magnitude that even when the truth leaks out ignoramuses will defend her spontaneously, with no regard for fact or conscience or consequence.

Since we are being bombarded on a regular basis, three years before it matters, that she is the Democrats’ front runner for the nomination for the presidency, I think we should all be factually informed as follows. We have an obligation to our ancestors, fellow Americans and future Americans to defend and preserve the Republic; that was stipulated in our inheritance. We have failed miserably thus far. If we elect another unfit, unqualified president with a disdain for our Judea Christian heritage and Constitutionally endowed people’s government, no power on earth can restore our liberty in the foreseeable future. Hilary Clinton is a fully indoctrinated communist dedicated to a philosophy that our forefathers sought to exclude to insure we would be a people guided by self determination for all time.

You would think that all politicians, regardless of party affiliation, should meet some standard of integrity and character but for some reason we have elected and reelect with astonishing regularity the dregs of society; people like Hilary, devoid of conscience, overcome with self importance and irrational ambition, imbued with foreign ideologies. They have assumed status unbecoming a humble citizen and incompatible with the demands and responsibilities they are sworn to accept.

If it is not too late we must mature as an electorate charged with the preservation of the Republic. A mature voter and responsible citizen must learn that voting for one’s narrow self interest for expediency sacrifices the entire concept of self government and plays into the hands of interlopers. Perhaps the advent of Obama as president and Hilary lusting for the office will demonstrate our reckless stewardship and inspire us to restore the responsibility we ceded to self serving representatives; perhaps not. Let’s take Hilary’s words and apply them where they have meaning. “It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again”. Perhaps a clear unedited picture of Hilary and others who seek to dominate us and not lead us, will help us to do that.

Demand that Barak be removed and vow to accept and respect the stewardship that was entrusted to us. Support candidates who are educated, qualified and dedicated to the perpetuation of a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Get past the rhetoric and put God back in our lives.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”