The Maze That is Our Minds

Everyone knows that smoking stunts your growth. Sooooo, in order to insure that every American has the ability to achieve his or her (or its) full growth potential I will recommend that Congress immediately pass my Bill so that every American receives free cigarettes as soon as they come of age or reaches the age of consent…six.

Barack is not against guns…he told us so…he even likes to do a little skeet shooting from time to time…he told us so….until Rep. Marsha Blackburn challenged him to a Skeet competition…He does not want to take our guns from us…he told us so…No agenda pursued by the Attorney General and Administration lawyers has had greater emphasis than the assault on the Second Amendment. To keep us safe it is best that we are rendered defenseless.

Barack will not allow America to engage in a long, drawn out never ending war. To defeat the unnamed enemy Barack would require a three year plan that will hamstring the next president and never confront the unnamed enemy with overwhelming force; or embarrass them by calling out their name.

We will cut off the enemies’ sources of revenue. Anyone caught contributing anonymously to the Terrorist fund will be severely punished…anonymously. We will not bomb the daylights out of the oil fields because it keeps the enemy up nights worrying that we might. Psychological warfare was outlawed by the UN so the Muslims don’t keep us guessing…they behead without reservation.

America must achieve energy independence. We can achieve that goal in 100 years or more if we switch to alternate fuels and replenishable energy sources before we have the transportation modes and infrastructure that don’t use fossil fuels. If 100% of Americans, including every Democrat, want the Keystone Pipeline, that doesn’t take into account the feelings of illegal aliens…They have feelings too. Barack will veto any pipeline Bill for the good of the country…part time jobs don’t meet government expectations for American workers unless they are part time jobs forced on them by government policies. Barack is looking out for us.

Barack will be the first to tell us that he is not a dictator…What a sense of humor. To prove that dictatorship is un American and un Constitutional Barack will use his mighty pen and phone to stick it to us for the next two years. By that time Americans will know first hand the agony of living under Communism and will vote for Democracy….of course Barack’s pen will make voting futile by then.

The first rule of economic stability is “never a lender nor a borrower be” . To live up to Ben Franklin’s sage advice Barack will pay off America’s boundless debt by unfettered borrowing…you may disagree but this system has not been proven wrong; it simply needs to be carried out to it’s fullest potential. We have never taxed enough or borrowed enough to prove Barack is right but he is correcting that as we speak.

Clinging to Religion and guns is unAmerican. Barack is in the process of supplanting our Judea Christian heritage with a religion that knows what to do with people who pray to the wrong God and worship guns. He’s replacing Chaplains in the military and on our Universities as fast as he can with Imams. Prayer rugs will soon be mandatory military issue. Our soldiers are under orders not to shoot their weapons unless they are first shot at and killed; in which case a prayer rug will be a handy thing to have around.

Barack made a curt, perfunctory speech denouncing the beheading of US Journalist James Foley and then played a round of golf before the sun went down.

In our civilized society we call that insensitive bad taste. In the Muslim world it is called celebrating a victory.

Barack made a hilarious video of selfies, acting the buffoon and demeaning the office of the presidency, by any measure of gravitas the office might warrant. He engaged in that nonsensical frivolity immediately after the notification of the death of aid worker Kayla Meuller.

In our civilized society we call that insensitive bad taste. In the Muslim world it is called celebrating a victory.

We may never know the truth but of the several interpretations on the decision to kill Bin Laden, the one that rings true for me is as follows.

The administration ignored requests for approval to capture or kill Usama until the requests were urgent and could possibly be made public. The first acknowledgement was a request for patience, as were one or two others. Finally Leon Penetta advised Barack that his assignment originally covered the possibility of finding and dealing with Usama Bin Laden and he would act on that authority. Credible sources have been leaked that hold Valerie Jarrett responsible for the indecision and delays.

The entire operation was viewed in the White House by personnel close to the administration, including Hilary Clinton, who was mysteriously left out of the decision making process.

Bin Laden’s room temp remains were secreted aboard the USS Carl Vinson, operating in the Arabic Sea. His body was treated with all of the honors and respect a fallen Muslim hero would be accorded; bathed, swathed in cloths and committed to the open sea in a ceremony befitting high ranking Islamic figures. Except for the personnel needed to assist in the preparations and protection of the rite, all enlisted seamen on duty were ordered below decks and not permitted to witness the Islamic ceremony.

In our civilized society this would be deemed disrespectful to the thousands of deaths this bastard was responsible for and unseemly for a Navy ship to be used for such a distasteful and unpatriotic purpose. His remains should have been interred in an unmarked grave to prevent the potential for aggrandizement.

In the Muslim World this would be considered a celebration of life for a fallen heroic martyr.

What motivates Barack Hussein Obama? If you still don’t know you are clinically incapable of processing facts or recognizing fiction. You may have succumbed to the numbing indoctrination that says if it is wrong it works, if it works it is wrong.

Demand that Barack be removed for cause; we have many. Remove him by any and every means available to us, hold him accountable and punish him accordingly. For God’s sake, our sake and the sake of liberty.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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