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I Solemnly Prevaricate

The preponderance of evidence shows Barak to be Muslim, not a Christian as he led us to believe before he captured the White House. 20 years or 100 years in a black supremacist congregation does not make one a Christian no matter how many crucifixes they display in the building. I have neither seen nor heard of any record of his baptism but there is ample proof that he was accepted into the Islamic faith as a youth and his attendance in a Muslim school, uniform and all, is well documented. A church that claims to be Christian but preaches a message of hate and division is heretic. A parishioner who claims he never heard the message in 20 years is a skilled liar conforming to the Koran dictum that condones lying to further a worthy objective. Barak has earned the title of Perfidious and leads the most mendacious administration in the history of politics. His in-house Imam must be very proud. As a Christian I am relieved and happy that Barak is not a Christian.
I assume Barak prays to Allah although I am not certain which Muslim sect or organization he identifies with when no one is listening. Based on his dictates and unilateral acts as President of the United States, I am convinced he is a card carrying member of the Muslim Brotherhood; the organization incorporated in the United States in 1928 as a political organization pledged to Jihad; the conversion of all infidels to Islam and the annihilation of all Jews. In every instance Barak’s policies and actions in the Middle East have favored Muslim Brotherhood political objectives to the detriment of the Jewish State. His advice to Israel is to submit to the demands of the Palestinian terrorist machine and Iranian threats. Barak underestimates Israel’s determination to defend her sovereignty and protect her people and Iran will meet the fate of cowards at the hands of a truly intrepid Israeli military. I doubt if Barak or Iran realize that Jews and Christians pray to the same God. They will be shocked to discover on judgement day that there is only one God.
A Muslim’s oath is a meaningless act even if he places his right hand on a thousand Bibles; he is relying on his exemption from veracity provided in the Koran. Since Barak openly stated his objections to the American Constitution and Bill of Rights as flawed documents he could not take an oath to uphold those documents and is therefore not morally charged with the imperative to enforce our laws. Hence his and the Attorney General’s open disregard for the law and selective enforcement that only serves to demean the rule of law.
Right now Barak is struggling with major affairs of state that if he were a Christian in any sect, would cause his immediate excommunication if he dared make his prayers known publicly. For instance: Lord how do I confiscate their guns without violating (abridging) the Second Amendment? Lord, how do I kill civilians (only when necessary) without committing murder? Lord, I don’t mean to rush you but can you get back to me asap? These gun toting, God fearing, rabble rousing ingrates are beginning to get wise to me!
Support every anti government movement that seeks Constitutional redress. Demand that Barak be removed, prosecuted and held accountable. Remove his guns not mine. Mine are constitutionally prescribed to end tyranny; his are intended to remove them.

A Feint Heart Never Won a Fair Lady…

…and half measures will not restore a fundamentally changed Republic.

We talk about restoring the Republic as though it is a well travelled process. Strip off the old paint, knock out the dents, repaint, replace worn parts, change the oil and you’re good to go. 160,000 square miles of dirt, trees, mountains, streams and purple majesty, over 300 million citizens and perhaps 30 million illegal aliens present a few obstacles for reformers to consider.

First let’s see how we got into this predicament. A serendipitous convergence of uniquely qualified men of character consorted and conspired to free thirteen British colonies from oppression to create a union with government of, by and for the people; Socrates inspired, the Bibles as their guiding light. As a relatively young nation, destined for greatness by virtue of its unique formula for human achievement, the people charged with vigilance soon thought the country was on auto pilot and let representatives assume power and authority in contradiction to the specific instructions handed down from the founders.

Sinister forces recognized the vulnerability of the political process and over many years substituted their ideas for the founders’ blueprint…and when the time was just right, installed their hand-picked representative as the head of the executive branch; president of the United States of America. For many years prior to that coup, operatives or useful idiots that were sympathetic to socialist dogma, were encouraged and assisted to find their way into key grass roots positions, eventually creating liberal power bases in education and every institution and level of government; party to a movement but mainly unaware of their significant roles to fundamentally change a nation. Like a malignant melanoma the movement grew undetected for many decades. The liberal sympathizers found their way onto school boards, got appointed as judges, teachers and professors and worked their way up the political spectrum influencing young minds, changing policy and gradually shifting political sands at town, city, state and federal levels…and we the people hardly noticed or didn’t understand the ramifications of liberal indoctrination and Communist infiltration; after all, we are our brothers’ keepers are we not?

After 100 years of incremental infusion and erosion the citizens who didn’t really behave like the mainstays of a government of, for and by the people, began to sense that the freedom they took for granted might be taken from them; long after the seeds of destruction were sown. Suddenly half the country is crying foul and the other half is finding fault, assigning blame and cursing the darkness, pro and con conservative ideals. The pros ask “how do we restore this once great nation?…and the cons insist the changes are long overdue.

My heart is heavy as I write this, with the realization of what I am about to say. Despite the fact that I have held this opinion for many months, it has a very sobering effect on me. But it is what it is.

You can’t restore a nation after you’ve lost control of the seat of government. Barak and his minions now control the three branches of government and the Office of Attorney General, chiefly responsible to uphold the laws of the land. Not even a contempt citing by Congress has any impact on Holder’s decision to enforce laws selectively. He and Barak continue to create and stir racial tensions by word and deed with no remorse or facts to get in their way.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the most egregious, blatantly unconstitutional law, that impacts the broadest spectrum of society in ways widely divergent from the Health Care aspects the law supposes to address, is Constitutional. We all know it is not. As for health care benefits the law has simply destroyed the foundations of the best health care system in the world and left more people uninsured than it covers. Wake up my fellow travelers, the Trojan horse Bill was never intended to provide medical services to anyone.

The Senate has frozen the law-making process for five years. The Majority Leader claims there is no law mandating that the Senate produce a budget and so they didn’t for over four years and claims the Congress has no fresh ideas. No meaningful bills are brought up to vote on, period, dead on arrival. Harry Reid is complicit in any plot to end the Republic as we knew it and should be severely censured and punished for his contempt of the system and the rule of law.

The “president” openly defies the Congress to curtail or oppose his edicts and willful lawless acts. He has stated the Constitution’s failings according to his opinion and comports himself and his family with imperial detachment. His worker bees never cease challenging the Second Amendment, desperately trying to disarm the populace peacefully, just in case they can’t do it by force. We are now living the existence that Germans experienced before Hitler declared that children were the wards of the state and dressed them all in uniforms.

Can you file a civil rights complaint with the Attorney General of the United States and not expect an IRS audit? Can you invite a dozen acquaintances to a farm-raised feast and not expect the FDA to swoop down and pour Clorox on fresh slaughtered beef or pork? Can you be granted a not for profit political organization if you are to the right of center politically? Others who thought so felt the strong arm of the lawless government. Isolated cases to be sure but lesson given none the less.

I once announced that my company (surface decontamination technology) intended to acquire an environmental testing laboratory and expand into three states. The environmental lab was accused, investigated and sued by the EPA for following State protocols as usual and not Federal, which was not usual, costing them their reputation, many thousands of dollars in defense and the threat of prison…and they were the sub contractor. My company underwent a vicious stock selling raid by sellers who did not own shares and an IRS investigation to boot. The merger/acquisition was impeded and that was almost 5 years ago.

Religious persecution is increasing tenfold. The free market is practically extinct and shared risk is no longer functionally practical in our equity markets. The government lies about all matters concerning the economy (and everything else). Investigations are stonewalled by principals and witnesses. False statements are issued, repeated and sworn to with no consequences…and apologies never uttered. Malfeasance is rewarded, illegal aliens protected, the military is short changed, our heroes denied hard-earned benefits and internationally we have lost all credibility. We are a laughing stock for now but when the curtain comes down on the Republic and a dictatorship rules the roost the laughter will turn to tears around the world. Despite what we are now being told America is beloved almost universally.

Israel’s enemies have been encouraged and emboldened. Our State Department negotiates in vain on ludicrous grounds with the enemy of our ally. If you want to know what the regime in power has in store for us consider Israel’s plight. First you will have to dig through the Internet to get an inkling of the real news. It is pathetic. An ally is now on full alert preparing to defend itself without the United States’ backing or support. Barak has total disdain for Israelis and if you think he has greater respect for American Jews your abacus is missing more than a few beads.

We’ve allowed the time to act to pass us by. That does not infer that action is no longer called for; it simply means that the actions now called for are far more complicated and desperate in nature. Five years ago I pled for action to remove Barak on his biographical record and statements he made that proved to me he could not take the oath of office in good faith. And five years later, when the programs to transform us are a reality, we want solutions. I don’t believe that really constructive thinking on how to be free once more will take place until a show of overwhelming force by government troops removes all doubt that this regime has bad intentions. Barak will live up to his word in this instance…”When push comes to shove I will side with Islam”. How many times has he sided with Islam, in fact with Muslim aggression and we remained politically correct, lest someone accuse us of prejudice? When will we learn that prejudice is a natural emotion when it is justified by the facts? The FBI has had to purge all reference to Muslims in their training manual…Our police are forbidden to use the most effective tool in their arsenal…profiling. Does anyone not profile?

He is now in his mind the ruler; and in fact Obama is closer to that objective than anyone dreamed he could become…except for a few patriots who took every sentence and paragraph he ever muttered seriously. How are dictators removed? Not by popular vote my friends.

“God forbid we should ever be 20 years without such a rebellion.[1]The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. We have had 13 states independent 11 years. There has been one rebellion. That comes to one rebellion in a century and a half for each state. What country ever existed a century and a half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure”. Thomas Jefferson.

When we are ready to take the nation back to reinstate the Constitutional Republic in its original form, I pray it will be by secession in time to save as many lives as possible. The cleanse must include the capture and dissolution of the Federal Reserve and the detention of all politicians who have not proven by word and deed their loyalty to the Republic. It may be the most difficult solution to find consensus for but in the long run it will recreate the Republic with some continuity in the shortest time line.

Somewhere in this great nation there are men who are preparing for all contingencies. I refuse to believe that I am among a rare group of observers who have reached a devastating conclusion when it is so obvious. We are a minority beyond doubt but all rebellions are the work of a few activists. They would by necessity be far more reticent than I. They await an irreconcilable act of tyranny; the declaration of martial law, the suspension of elections, the imprisonment of journalists, the suspension of the Internet, perhaps cell phone service will be cut and be met with citizen force to restore service and it can escalate from there. We must remain calm and purposeful. Wars are fought where opposing armies meet. Most of the country never sees the foe and awaits the outcome. We who are too old or otherwise prohibited from participating must be willing to send our able bodied and our young to do the dirty work and pray that they return unharmed and support their sacrifice until it hurts.

Perhaps we will have an election in 2016 and the threat of an autocracy will be defused. I prefer that event but in my heart of hearts I yearn for the America that I read about in history books and in my time still permitted me to succeed against all odds. A peaceful transition of power is as possible as the scenario I paint but know this; an election that defeats the current despots in 2016 will not reverse the damage this administration has inflicted on our nation, no matter who wins. Eventually we will realize that the America we created is not in the model of liberty it was intended to be and some day men of good heart will be willing to stake their lives, their fortunes and their good names to make it happen; that’s what it takes.

Right now the miracle we must hope for is the removal of this administration from top to bottom. Pray for that and support anyone who can make it happen; that’s how prayers are answered in the affirmative.

Please visit the Save America Foundation site and support Operation American Spring. This is the kind of action that may yet save us from a fate that I envision above. God bless Col. Riley and men of his caliber doing what is necessary.

God bless America.


Don’t Look Now

If you think of Hilary Clinton as a liberal democrat it is like thinking of a vampire as a member of the bat family. (Desmodus rotundus vs Hilarius rotunda). Bats are generally harmless, useful little critters but when they are a nuisance they can be removed by humanitarian methods or in some cases your local exterminator has a less kindly protocol. The formula to eliminate vampires is far more aggressive and lethal, and warrants desperate measures…A wooden stake in the heart before sunup or a wreath of garlic worn around one’s neck or some such measures seem to work best…(In mythology Vampires transmute into bats)
The point being that Conservative patriots cannot mount an effective offense, defense or political campaign if we don’t define the opposition; enemy is not too strong a word. More importantly we will not restore the Republic fighting a conventional war against unknown and unconventional forces. A cabal by any other name is still a cabal but how it conquers is the answer to defeating it.
Obama knows that only too well from his Alinsky lessons and said “don’t call me Hussein” to avoid a proper association at the wrong time…That is why the media and other liberals do not identify terrorists or terrorism; certainly not as Muslim terrorists or terrorism. Hence our retaliation to terrorist attacks is not spontaneous, never vigorous; (“don’t jump to conclusions” bought enough time to invent workplace violence, hence an act of terror, as the perpetrator intended, is still denied for what it is). We cannot achieve decisive victories if we don’t call our adversaries out for what they are, what they represent and hold them accountable for words, deeds and associations, political correctness and benefit of doubt be damned. Even if we win an election here and there we will lose the Republic if our end game is only to win elections and not the hearts and minds of the electorate. The enemy is indoctrinating while we are name calling. The defeat of the enemy within must be our ultimate purpose. After five years we haven’t stood as one and denounced the power grab that can only be a methodical, planned demolition of our heritage to be replaced by an autocracy of some form…Islamic Fascism comes to mind.
Who are the enemies of America that work to undermine our Constitution and re-interpret the Bill of Rights?
If a biographical account of Hilary’s life, associations, private conversations and socialist redistributive views, her aspirations, accomplishments and failures were posted for all to see but it substituted her name with an unknown conservative woman’s, the whole political community, Republicans, conservatives, Independents and democrats would recoil in horror to discredit and declaim their objections to such a person holding public office. Not so of Hilary because she has been overly protective of her true identity, public demeanor, political ideology, etc. Not until the debacle of Ben Ghazi and her rare revelatory words, “what difference does it make” were we afforded a glimpse of the calculating, unemotional persona so well hidden for decades. We don’t know Hilary and we don’t know the forces that are undermining our way of life.
There is a consensus among thoughtful citizens that the Democrat Party of old has been hijacked and bears no resemblance to the party that now controls 2 and 1/2 branches of government. We have, like it or not, a defacto dictatorship at the helm and modern democrats embrace and empower the movement. The Democrats of old had America’s best interests at heart and generally held the notion that government should have the role of benefactor…ideas we call liberal even though they don’t usually conform to the tenets of the Constitution. If there are today any democrats who hold the original party ideals they are mute, perhaps cowed. The prominent party members today are not given to ethical comportment nor prone to embarrassment for demeaning innocent victims, omitting pertinent facts or just issuing outright unrepentant lies. It used to be like that for personal gain, not ideological transmutation of a nation and we don’t seem to know the difference.
Harry Reid’s last contribution to the political discourse was to call all Americans who told their personal unhappy experiences with Obama Care…liars…He is the “statesman” who adopted the phrase “dead on arrival” and made it a House-hold tradition to embarrass and nullify his colleagues in the Congress. He looked America in the eye and stated flatly that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid taxes in ten years. Liberal democrat? Pathological liar? Political noncomformist? or just a short sighted politically motivated micreant doing the unconstitutional bidding of a mandacious president…
Nancy Pelosi has shown utter disregard for the political process, has abused the generosity of the American people with a total lack of appreciation but rather a sense of entitlement and elitist privilege and participated in the most unrestrained, undisciplined, spend, borrow and spend Senate in the history of the country. Her personal use of government air transportation for years is unprecedented, unconstitutional and is no less than theft from American coffers to satisfy her over inflated ego. Her wide eyed flights of fancy are calculated to mislead and deceive no matter what the incentive might be. You have to pass to see what’s in it.
Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd, Chuck Schumer, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Dianne Feinstein are all prime examples of the cold, calculating, deceptive political denizens that cajole, lie, demean and misinterpret for political expediency or avarice to get their way and again to avoid responsibility for the havoc they cause. Harry Truman would have them all horse whipped…JFK would have had Bobby tug their coat tails until they clammed up and Tip O’Neil wouldn’t be seen in a bar with any of them; neither would I.
Barak, their chosen leader, has no loyalty to any American political party. His policies are equally devastating to all Americans, party line irrelevant. The Democrat Party was the horse he rode in on and will be let out to pasture if the grand scheme to rise to an autocracy succeeds. The loyal sycophants will learn the hard way that dictatorship is a lonely job, because access must be restricted to the required few to ensure longevity. You, my miserable political hacks, will be forced to live with the rules you wished on the rest of us and a few more you never dreamed would come down the pike to haunt you. I take little to no comfort in that fact.
The transfer of control of the Internet is an integral piece of the puzzle that we now know as total transformation or fundamental change. The naivety is in the groping for rational excuses and perplexity for this latest act of treason…Along with fundamental change comes the required measures to insure dominance and autocratic control of the populace. It requires control of the liquidity in the economy…Obamacare gives the administrator control of 17-20% of the economy. It requires that crowd control be accomplished by intimidation or edict and force if need be and that is a tall order if the citizens are armed. The Second Amendment is under siege. Barak has begun to assemble his private militia and his authority is tucked away in the Trojan horse called The Affordable Care Act. Establishing one man rule requires that religions are dissuaded from giving solace and comfort or providing a venue for unity through prayer. Reliance on a higher power must be diminished to give the state top priority when seeking sustenance or moral guidance. Religious persecution is a fact of life in the military and our institutions of higher learning are told that separation of Church and state is defined in the Constitution and we mustn’t offend the sacrilegious. Barak is the modern day antidisestablishmentarionist…Religious persecution is near the end of a transformation but critical to the process. Remember…America is not a Christian nation…Islam has a long history of contribution to the America heritage…really?
Fundamental change requires indoctrination and mind control of the nation’s youth from the womb to the tomb. It requires that free speech be eradicated and communication to organize among rebel factions be monitored and censored…punished when needed…The Internet is a major obstacle during a transformation of this kind unless it is used to accomplish the state’s eavesdropping modalities. Transformation requires that any attempts to regenerate upward mobility are discouraged and dissembled. It requires that a militia loyal to the autocracy is the dominant armed force to prevent gathering, rioting and demonstrations forcefully….
Barak hasn’t missed a step though I may have. Control of the Internet will be transferred and the new controlling entity will never be clearly defined.
“Kiss me nobody’s looking” is phrase that will no longer be part of the American experience. Somebody is looking…and listening…and taking names…
Do not be misled. Do not believe that a savior is warming up in the wings and will come to our rescue on election day. This is a job for the people and only the people have the authority to decide the fate of this country. Time to get out of our comfort zones and give our fortunes, our lives and our good names to defeat tyranny…this time it is home grown and twice as capable.
Demand that Barak be removed for cause. We have many. Hold him accountable and begin the healing. I will never be a democrat but I long for the old democrat party that was wrong but righteous.
God Bless America.
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

Outed But Not Ousted

The revelation that Barak lied about Health Care brings into focus the lies he was accused of but was not held accountable for. His birth certificate, social security card, nationality, relationships with his family members, ties to socialists, communists and terrorists, his membership in a black supremacist church, his Islamic Muslim religious preference, his college records, employment records and on and on.

Arguably some of these lies are more important than his blatant lies about health care. It is altogether possible, more than likely, in my view, that he did not meet the basic requirements to allow him to run for the presidency. It is an established fact that Barry, Barak if you prefer, could not have been hired to protect a president, much less be one. He cannot get security clearance if he can’t pass a background check and all that is needed to fail a background check is association with known felons or subversives.

Barak lies about everything and his appointees had better toe the line to protect, deflect and support the lie of the moment. Today Chuck Hagel tried to intimidate Israel and cited our pledge to defend Israel and not allow Iran to develop a nuclear bomb. All the facts on the ground to the contrary, Hagel insists that Israel ignore those and accept his and Barak’s word as gospel.

Aside from the sheer hypocrisy involved the one thing we must take away from this attitude is the dogged assumption that the fundamental transformation Barak is engineering is the new normal. Nothing in Barak’s itinerary or the activity of his subordinates indicates even the slightest concession to the opposition. He continues edict his way through the political morass, pleased to bypass Congress at will.

Yesterday he publicly stated that no American assets are being spared to assist the search for the missing Malaysian 777. Today boots on the ground contradict that statement, complaining that the administration is dragging its feet on the matter. If Barak is lying, and his reputation precedes him big time right now, the purpose escapes all logic. He could say nothing and get credit for any positive news that happens along. But no event or discussion escapes the ideological, probably pathological, liar’s impulse. The regime has become transparent because it is no longer credible…we see through their lies which are now evidenced by moving lips. They say that the truth can sometimes be a bitter pill. If so as long as Barak is en scene we will be subjected to a steady diet of cloying, annoying reportage. The first five years hardly count because we were still trying to discern fact from fiction. It doesn’t matter now because if any facts seep through wall of shame they hardly bear good news; the rest is pure, unadulterated, and preposterous to a fault bull-phoney.

Beyond that Israel can rest assured that if they are obliterated by a nuclear bomb Barak will impose the most stringent economic sanctions in retaliation, especially if his golf game is interrupted by the news. The news however would not delay for one fleeting moment the process of transformation in America. Religious persecution infests our military and permeates our universities but in our grade schools, where children are simply sponges seeking moisture, the curriculum presents one view; evolution, state infallibility and liberal morality and the product will be inured to the new order.

The Bill of Rights was declared by Obama to be a “problematic” document. His strategy is to render as many of them irrelevant or unenforceable as possible and the rest will have no bearing on his ascendancy to grandeur. The Second Amendment is the only one that requires constant and multifaceted attacks…it could upset the most organized and oppressive conversion…it may be the lynch pin that holds our Republic intact.

We are no longer being deceived. It seems to me the program has shifted and the emphasis is now on indoctrination. We are beginning to accept the new rules with resignation. I hear too much anger without indignation over the new taxes, the new medical realities, employment, Putin’s land grab, Syria’s business as usual, new mortgage restrictions, spending as the cure for debt, debt as the cure for fiscal responsibility…I hear a preposterous sigh of relief when Obama postpones draconian laws unconstitutionally, to accommodate political expediency or election strategy. A postponement is not a reprieve. The governor isn’t going to call off the execution. Your taxes are going up, more things will be taxed, less things will be deductible, medical co pays will decimate savings, confiscation will become more aggressive and soon, unless we decide it’s not going to happen, Americans will stop referring to this country as the home of the free and the brave. “The brave” we refer to have yet to face down the enemy and take back the country barak set twisting in the wind.

I do feel the ground shaking and I do believe a day of reckoning is afoot. I grow impatient. We are not Israel. I believe Israel may well be waiting to retaliate rather than silence their enemies with a deadly preemptive strike., bless their brave souls. America has no retaliatory plan and certainly no preemptive notions. It is futile for Barak to worry about other nations building up their defenses and war machines when the goal all along was to reduce America’s capabilities anyway. 

Keep wagging your finger barak…soon Americans will sever it at the third knuckle.

Demand that an American president replace Barak immediately; in every sense of the word.

He’s been outed; now let’s oust him.

God bless America,


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

United Nations: August Body or Subversive Organization?

I am an admitted obsessive compulsive personality. If my house caught fire while I was doing a crossword puzzle I’d probably finish the puzzle before I call the fire department. I could never oil one squeaky door without lubricating the entire building and lint or a thread has an irresistible magnetic pull on me, even on a stranger’s shoulder in a crowded elevator or standing in line at Walmart. I gotta do what I gotta do. I connect dots too. One dot is enough to perk up my ears and the moment the second dot appears, bam! A logical conclusion takes shape. (Some would demur, I’m sure.)

I never liked the United Nations. As a former New Yorker I resented the prime real estate their building occupies but most of all I resent the diplomatic immunity extended to reprobates and ingrates, ignoring parking tickets and escaping arrest for heinous crimes as well as petty larceny, like a virus immune to all vaccines. In Italy they have a saying; “hospitality is like fish; after three days it stinks”. The UN has long overstayed their welcome in my biased, acrimonious, studied opinion and their current mission has become…well, fishy, if you connect dots compulsively or as a measure of self/national preservation. What evil lurks in the hearts and minds of a behemoth institution that started out after WW 2 as an arbiter of good will and common sense among nations and today commands peace keeping troops and military assets greater than some of their members? When an institution has outgrown its original mission I need to know what their vision is right now and going forward. It concerns me that the bias against Israel is palpable before they vote and unconscionable after and more recently it seems that our national opinion is sometimes formed in the National Assembly. Israel is our ally. Palestine was invented in Iran and given life in the UN. Israel was sentenced to death in the UN and America is beginning to act like chief prosecutor and executioner. It’s obvious that the UN has a particular animus toward two countries while they hold themselves out to be equanimous, impartial and dispassionate.

I have seen some of the good works and humanitarian contributions the UN is capable of and I would not deny their usefulness in fact and concept. But when the greatest nation on the face of the earth repeatedly refers to the United Nations to resolve or opine on sovereign matters I have to ask how they see their ultimate role in world governance; more to the point, how does the Obama regime calculate the UN authority in Barak’s perfect world? The UN did not recuse itself, as I believe they have no standing in our Congress, when the brilliant idea of a United Nations Small Arms Treaty was hatched. Was it Moon’s concept, Hilary Clinton’s, Valerie Jarret’s or did barak have an original thought? Did Moon pick up the phone and say, “Barak I see you’re have a little trouble disarming the natives, anything I can do to help?”

And who among us truly understands all of the ramifications, real and implied, of turning over the Internet control to the United Nations? Are we supposed to believe that global control is some diaphanous, undefined benevolence unrelated to the United Nations, China, Russia, Iran and Satan? The First Amendment applies only to Americans but I am certain the United Nations will respect our rights to privacy, freedom of expression and free speech; and I’m sure Barak would never lie to the American people. I’m just wondering if that will matter if the level of betrayal we are experiencing includes our ultimate demise. We are empowering our enemies economically, militarily, psychologically and now in an unprecedented, yet undefined gift of internet control.

I wonder if Ronald Reagan, given the circumstances surrounding today’s political and technical advancements would still say “trust, but verify”. It’s beginning to sound a bit trite and naive. It is time to stop trusting, double and triple down on verification, connect the dots, make some logical assumptions and take back control of our destiny, our privacy and our security; and perhaps the internet. While we don’t see any logic to this decision rest assured it is not done in our best interest.

Remove Barak for cause. Prosecute and hold him and anyone he denies knowing accountable; then throw a tent over the White House with all present occupants present and fumigate.

God bless America.



Not a camel’s hair separates the historic events that changed the political complexion of two nations; proving there’s more than one way to skin a cat…or a Republic.

Unfortunately when Putin walked all over Crimea Barak had his foot caught in a bucket of accommodation…Not to be accused of not uttering a peep over the issue, Barak pipsqueeked a peep and nothing more. Once Putin was well ensconced Kerry peeped all over the place…It worked! Putin saw the error of his ways and immediately called for elections…let the people decide! Lo and behold 97% of the people threw in with Putin! In an historic moment of rare international cooperation (check me if I’m wrong), I believe Kerry and Putin huddled together and counted the votes personally, just to be sure there would be no chicanery. After all; it’s not who votes that counts but who counts the votes that counts. With that sage Russian adage in mind, two courageous leaders took charge. No hanging chads with Kerry on the case.

Our courageous leader, despite having a very sore index finger, (wagging and picking can be exhausting), after a respectful period of mourning for the incidental loss of life by suicide (check me again, I may be off a smidgen here) Barak removed his finger from its healing and resting, dark but warm location and admonished Putin, wagging sternly…peep, peep, peep! Out classed, out bloviated and still smarting from the last cold war lickin’ Putin vowed not to liberate any more Russians for at least a week…six days or so…It’s not his fault…It is impossible to stop the forward momentum of neighborhood organizers and Barak is truly impressed with the size of the neighborhood Putin is organizing…besides, there will be elections and no one knows better than Barak that elections have consequences…I’m sure all the other countries in the Ukraine can’t wait for election day in the good ol’ USSR. That sentimental little rascal is bringing back the good old days!

Barak might as well reinsert his finger where the sun don’t shine and watch the parade going by with the rest of the bloviating world who aren’t about to do anything that makes Putin really mad. (Take that any way you want; Nuts and Angry are interchangeable this month).

And who are we to talk? Sure the poor Crimeans created just enough of a diversion for the local despot, salivating for the right moment to make his move, to revert to character. He took one dismissive look over his shoulder and pounced, unafraid. The world’s policeman was not walking his beat. Barak made it perfectly clear that he had no appetite for confrontation anywhere except in the do-nothing Congress of the United States.

Barak has no reason to be jealous of Putin. Putin went in like a bull in a China closet to devour Crimea and the election was a sham that would earn the scorn of every country in Europe for years to come; weeks, at least… Barak, on the other hand, came to power with an election that no one dares to claim was fixed, exuding charm and transparency. That’s how its done when you have years of real planning and preparation. There are some drawbacks, obviously. Americans continue to cling to their religions and guns; Putin has all the guns and religion doesn’t bug him. If he catches somebody praying for the wrong outcome he knows exactly where the hammer and sickle are hidden and has no compunction over wielding same. Barak wishes he had that kind of clout. Putin makes no bones about his election process; you vote, I count; I win. Barak is wrestling with the concept; the next election will be tricky and his narrow arse may be toast if he calls them off because Putin is sword rattling again or we have another workplace violence incident…Decisions, decisions, decisions. Putin, on the other hand made his decisions long ago…now all he has to do is act and call our bluff…act again, call our bluff again….quite simple when the other guy doesn’t even try to hide his cards and is bluffing with nothing showing.

In a way I envy Crimea. The people there know exactly what is befalling them. Total transformation holds no secrets or mystery for them. They know who Putin is and no one has any false notions on his intentions. Americans are still trying to decide who Barak is and what he’s up to, although our suspicions are growing deeper every day. Here’s the deal.

Barak is the most dangerous man in the room for America and the Middle East. He is ruthless and mendacious. Putin is running a slow third when it comes to raw ambition and ideological fanaticism. Putin knows the lunatic fringe of the Islamic Muslim movement to convert the world to Islam and he wisely realized some time ago that Barak’s ambition lies with that insanity, at least as a partner to bring America down, dominate the Middle East and breathe hatred and death threats on Israel. No love lost. In the end Putin is the undisputed top guy in Russia and his ambitions are centered on his and Russia’s best interests, like it or not, evil or not. Barak’s ambitions for America are contrary to our best interests and he intends to replace our heritage with his stated preferences…He has plainly stated his antithesis with this country and his intentions to transform us…Putin was listening, we were not.

The world is a dangerous place and becoming more so as the two or three major powers in the world are forcing changes. If the three of us were intent on positive growth the danger quotient would be less. When the 800 pound gorilla in the room goes on a diet and clips his own claws his roar becomes the music the other two dances to.

We can’t change world affairs right now. We must first change our own destiny, remove the boot from our neck and take back the mantel of peace through strength. If we don’t act soon the democracy and liberty Americans died for on foreign soil will have to be fought for all over again. As it is we may well have to fight for our own freedom again or the asterisk on the world map will refer to the footnote of history; *formerly the United States of America; a failed experiment in self government. 1776-2016.

We have less than three years to decide what we want to be; a republic of, for and by the people or a has-been, debt-ridden, unproductive nation, robbing from the rich and giving to the oligarchy.

Demand that Barak and his entourage be removed, tried and held accountable. Replace or restore this great nation but let us resolve not to be taken in our sleep.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”


If I’m Lyin’ I’m Dyin”

Like an old familiar tune that keeps repeating in your head, this word came to me the other night and I couldn’t shake it until I used it. I looked it up and this is what it means.

not telling the truth; lying.

“mendacious propaganda”

synonyms: lying, untruthful, dishonest, deceitful, false, dissembling, insincere, disingenuous, hypocritical, fraudulent, double-dealing, two-faced, Janus-faced, two-timing, duplicitous, perjured; More

untrue, fictitious, falsified, fabricated, fallacious, invented, made up;
vulgar slangfull of crap;
“politicians and their mendacious spin doctors”


Some jerk-kneed altruist will always demur if someone (like me) calls Obama a liar. It never fails. We are the disrespectful offenders who do not show proper respect for the office of the presidency. The response is always the same. I (we) respect the office too much to stand by and allow the present occupant to disrespect it without retaliating.
In fact, calling Barak a liar is far too ineffective because the lies are redundant, copious and tactical and the frequency with which we are forced to point out the falsehoods causes malaise, ennui and disinterest…too much same-o, same-o. I have decided, therefor, to label this regime (administration to the altruist overly concerned with offending the occupant in the White House), Mendacious.
A lie uttered by a mendacious individual is never something to take lightly and cannot be interpreted as harmless or unintentional, especially if we identify the leader of the mendacious regime, the fountainhead from which all mendacity springs, Perfidious.
Let me be perfectly clear. Without the unconstrained, willful and tactical and vicious use of intentionally false and misleading statements, the Muslim Brotherhood, Socialism, Communism and Barak Obama or Adolf Hitler, could not find even reluctant acceptance among reasonable people. Reasonable people, unfortunately, tend to be less critical and more accepting of liars, especially when the liars are trained and practiced in the art of deception. It is impossible to lie with the audacity and frequency of this mendacious regime and its perfidious leader without premeditation and malicious intent.
It is practically no contest when mendacity is a tenet, encouraged and rewarded by the dogma or ideology prevaricators are spawned from, intends to cajole and control Christians, Jews and other Americans, (infidels all), who are taught and believe that the truth will set us free and liars will be outed by their own inconsistencies…it might be so if the most mendacious government in recorded history was not so splendidly consistent with their falsehoods and fabrications.
Believe this. The appointments made by Barak obama all have one thing in common; mendacity. Unless they are willing to stand before the American people and aver, even swear under oath to any lies the regime is committed to, they are not hired or they are disenfranchised. (Period; end of story).
Hillary, Holder, Lerner, Morell, Napolitano, Pelosi, Penetta, Petreus, Rice, Reid, Sibelius, MSNBC, are just a few of the names that will go down in the annals of bold faced liars who put their loyalty to the Perfidious One ahead of their integrity, pride and of course us…we the people, and continue to do so till this day.
What difference does it make?
Our circumstances will not improve until we lose our political correctness and naivety, denounce and prosecute, impeach and recall the liars.
Demand that Barry be removed for cause; we have many.  Send his mendacious menagerie packing with him.
God bless America.
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

The Ubiquitous Fork in the Road

I welcome every effort to restore America and lend my support willingly when called for. There are many citizens and organizations working to bring awareness and encourage participation in government to preserve or reinstate our traditional value system and constitutional integrity. We all yearn for the America we took for granted yet enjoyed the benefits of our unique political structure, affording self determination and boundless financial opportunities…The unnatural turn toward socialism with pronounced autocratic dictates is not embraced by mainstream America but imposed on us by an ideological minority, intent on creating a dependency state in America. It is possible and likely we will turn the tide but I’m afraid the forces that seek our destruction will simply return to the sidelines and await their return to power so they can complete the job begun perhaps 100 years ago. Incremental politics is not new to those who cannot gain acceptance of their radical transformational ideas by honest presentation of their intentions. Turning the tide is temporary reparation and perhaps we will only get to stem the tide; tides are not ours to control purposeful activism. We need to drown the forces that seek our demise and ride the seas proudly in a sturdy ship, no matter whether tides are rising, receding or changing the course of history. Our destiny will once again be in our hands.

Survey the state of our economy, international credibility, moral certitude, ethicality, religious persecution, political disingenuousness, education standards and scores, dependency figures, employment problems, rampant unemployment, work force participation, productivity, currency devaluation, etc., etc., and tell me we need to bring the country back from the brink…the brink, my patriotic fellows, sadly has long since passed.

We are in a civilization whirlpool; a political-ideological eddy in which liars are judged on whether the business they are in requires tactical presentation of distorted facts…and we reward the better liars…Atheists are offended by the existence of religious icons and perpetuate the persecution of Christians and Jews with the fabrication of the nonexistent separation of Church and State clause…It is prejudicial and patently unfair to be offended by these bizarre demands. While the left waves the separation of church and state in our faces this regime is sympathetic to and shows a decided preference to Islamic Muslim interests, vis-a-vis a political religious organization that mingles government and religion freely, sworn to Jihad. Morality is left to the conscience of the sinner while behavioral standards are politically incorrect…our political system is corrupt to the point that honest politicians (a bit of an oxymoron) are ostracized and demonized while we idolize and reelect demagogues and pedophiles, allow them to name bridges after themselves and reward them for longevity in office and admire them for enriching themselves at our expense…

America needs to be reborn if the call for restoration is too little too late…Restoration is an herculean undertaking surpassed in difficulty by a secession and rebirth, but that is the cross roads looming before us. Either course is only possible in this era, on this continent, by we the people, only if we accept and implement the leadership role our forefathers bequeathed us.

Bloody my brow and let the battle begin. Oust the incumbents…defeat the cabal and restore the Constitutional Republic, newly formed and wizened by history. The Second Amendment has never, in the history of the Republic, been the constant topic of conversation and the object of heated political debate that it is today; because it is the one right that is not much thought about until it is needed. If we don’t cling to our guns and our religion they will surely be taken from us.

“One of the penalties of not participating in politics is that you will be governed by your inferiors.” Plato

And so it has come to pass.



How Will You Be Judged?

Consider the courage and faith of a nation constantly under mortal threat by its neighbors and now betrayed by her strongest ally, yet continues to hold out an olive branch and call for common sense solutions to intractable demands. The incredible depth of faith of a people who hold out hope that an enemy pledged to Jihad, sworn to destroy Israel and murder all Jews, will one day see the error of their ways and embrace Israel as a neighbor is beyond my grasp.
Jewish tradition, holding peace to be humanity’s highest commandment, deems armed conflict to be a final resort in the preservation of peace. The idea of a preemptive attack, despite the goading and threats of her enemies, is especially onerous in traditional Jewish lore. I am in awe yet deeply concerned for these warm and loving people.
Have you ever heard an Israeli leader remind the Arab world that Israel is a nuclear power? I have not. I dare say some Americans forget that fact and continue to champion a two state solution; it sounds so fair. It gives new meaning to hold your friends close and your enemies closer. Why? So they can more readily lob bombs into school houses and childrens’ play grounds? Israeli citizens live with gas masks at the ready, always prepared to take shelter on a moment’s notice because the enemy at their doorstep can kill Jews with impunity and accuse Israel of aggression. Our solution is for Israel to give the enemy better tactical position. The so-called Palestinians or enemy Arab nations do not live in fear of an Israeli preemptive attack because they know and take advantage of the fact that Israel is a peaceful, productive nation.
At times I have urged Israel to give notice and on a day certain deliver the weapon Iran lusts for, unless Iran desists from developing Nuclear capability and any further mention of “wiping Israel off the map.” I believe in a tooth for a threat and an eye for slander, but I am not Jewish. I’m not in Benjamin Netanyahu’s head either but I have to believe that his religious constraints temper his political rhetoric and may even be at the core of the Jewish philosophy to abide the slings and arrows though many of the arrows find their deadly mark.
This mighty little nation has conceded to every ill considered, prejudiced demand our presidents and diplomats have urged, supposedly to bring peace to the Middle East. Failure, even abject failure and the resultant death of innocent Israeli victims time and again, does not deter our leaders from urging Israel to repeat the mistakes of the past, appease her enemies and agree to her own demise at the hands of anti Semitic, blood thirsty, history inventing murderers. For once Israel politely demurs.
Considering the history of the Jewish people, their pacifism and patience in the face of imminent danger is awe inspiring. If that history did not include their propensity to overcome outrageous and enormous odds, and never for a moment forsaking their faith in G-d, I would not give a Continental for their chances to survive the 21st century. But if you told me America will survive, in large part because Israel stood her ground, I would not be surprised at all. Defeat the Muslim Brotherhood and this cabal in our midst will lose some of its resolve.
Recall John Kerry. Put the lying bum in irons for all I care. One strand of Jewish hair from the most humble Jew who ever lived and died for us is more precious than all who defend or incite genocide. A two state solution is a Muslim Brotherhood, Iranian ploy to reduce Israel’s defenses and sovereignty until the Jihadists would have the courage to follow through on their vaunted threats or lessen their fear of the enemy they outnumber 100 fold…
“When push comes to shove”…where have I heard that phrase before? I do believe it was when Barak told us where his loyalty lies. Islam contributed nothing to the proud heritage this nation has earned; and now that I think about it we earned that heritage by behaving and believing in an exact opposite manner and ideology than the Islamic factions that terrorize and impose themselves on the generosity of others. Why would Barak hold forth with that lie? Recall Barak. Hold him accountable and restore the Republic, rebuild our relationships and reaffirm American excellence.
If Barak leaves office to command the respect afforded ex presidents I will see that as an American embarrassment we may never live down. He has succeeded in transforming this nation to suit his ideology beyond our worst fears. Even if we mend our fences with Israel the damage done by enhancing Muslim prowess in the Middle East will continue to dog Israel for years to come unless we find a way to reverse Obama’s contributions to Muslim influence and newfound prowess.
Support Israel with letters, phone calls and activism. Silence endorses the betrayal this regime stands for including the atrocities that will surely ensue.
If you love America stand for justice and human rights where and when it counts.
Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

It Pays Not…To Be Ignorant

Everyone is entitled to an opinion but those of us who believe our eyes and ears don’t lie, don’t always have the patience to tolerate them. The opinions I can’t tolerate these days are uttered mostly by Americans I love dearly, who have undying faith in America’s stability, the Constitution, the integrity of our legal system and in our military to defend our freedom on foreign soil…no one would dare attack us on our turf. That’s not an opinion or a response to considered warnings that America is under attack…it is an excuse to go about one’s business and not sweat the small stuff; to leave it to our elected officials. We pay taxes so that we don’t have to worry about people like me…In my opinion the sky is falling. This is the time to yell fire in a theater and hope that everyone finds safety.
Our armies have been invincible on foreign soil (with a couple of minor exceptions) for two hundred plus years. Until Barak that statement was indisputable and no nation dared take us on head to head…They feared our army and loved our soldiers. It is now reasonable to assume that the threats our enemies issued in frustration were not idle. They could not defeat us on the field of honor and they could not compete in the cold war. Why then is it difficult to accept the fact that they are having their way with us on our soil, in our political and economic systems and from within are destroying our military capability? Weren’t we told so with shoe banging and Jihad hanging?
To destroy us from within our enemies would necessarily have to have a man on the inside; and he opened the front door and let his associates in as czars, appointees and shadows plying the inner sanctum of our White House, Pentagon, Congress and Judicial system. Can you place an agent in our midst without years of preparation and planning? Would an American president preside over the rapid deterioration of our infrastructure and monetary system without taking some restorative action? Then why doesn’t it occur to Obama?  After five years of consistently following the course he set from his first day in office with not one iota of economic, military, moral, social or diplomatic improvement Barak shows no signs of ameliorating his policies, redacting his rhetoric, to mend a political fence or admit to not admitting his true agenda and past affiliations which are intact and stronger than ever.
Five years is a long time to tolerate a cabal without admitting there is one. The policies we are expected to hold with are not only having the reverse effect promised; they are the same policies that have brought down every nation in history that allowed demagogues the power to control them. George Washington bled to death believing that bloodletting was a sure for what ailed him. Let’s learn from the father of our country that blood letting is not a cure; it is the slow but sure sapping of life from the most healthy patient. The doctor in the Oval Office insists that the cure for what ails us is to bleed us to death.
The cure at this point in the drama is to eliminate the villain before the final curtain. That is not my opinion; it is the obvious conclusion we must come to despite our long held opinion that America is invincible. Demand that Barak be removed and held accountable. Remove his guns not mine; remove his militia…not ours…
Guido — Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”