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Do As I Say: Ignore What I Do

Terrorism is war not a criminal act

Syria crossed the “red line” and celebrated with a vintage magnum of mock champagne.  Bashar al Hassad is the new reigning hop-scotch champion, jumping red lines and chalk lines with the dexterity and agility of a ballet despot with a hot foot. Barak sticks to his game plan for political expediency unabashed. His is the obnoxious, demeaning adage of “do as I say; ignore what I do”.

I hear tell that America is tired of conflict, that we are “war weary” and disinclined to support another major conflict. We should be. We go to war with self imposed disadvantages that drain our resources, sacrifice our finest warriors and regularly fail to establish clear objectives. We commit our assets and then argue among ourselves over the protocol for declaring war and abide the disgraceful behavior of politicians who lie about their complicity, point accusatory fingers at each other and bemoan the loss of life for public sympathy. All this bickering leads to half hearted prosecution, second guessing and the loss of prestige on what once was called the “field of honor”. At one point we sunk so low as to blame our fighting men for the despicable behavior of our government and refusal to wage war to achieve unqualified victory.

Perhaps if we held our politicians accountable for their words and opinions and became a more informed electorate, our fortunes would change for the better. What has happened to America? Have we abandoned our principles to fight for just causes, end tyranny, free the oppressed and spread democracy? Our aristocracy in Washington no doubt has but I hold that the American people still believe we are an altruistic, true blue, compassionate, undefeatable nation; even while we are losing our country to a cabal still generally unrecognized but very much in power.

Isn’t it incongruous to respond to an act of war on our soil and claim we do not crave revenge? Why do we bother? Before we accept the premise that we are simply war weary why don’t we examine the facts? Would we be war weary if America wasn’t under attack from within? If we set a clear objective and had no qualms about the motive for committing our troops and the confidence that we would seek a speedy and decisive victory wouldn’t we resign ourselves to accept our lot? Wouldn’t we swell with national pride, join the war effort and do our patriotic duty? We did in WW 1 and 2, not so much in Korea and not at all in Vietnam. And now we have a [resident who suggested that our wounded veterans pay for their own medical expenses because they were volunteers and knew what they were getting into.

Are we really war weary or are we becoming confused and disillusioned? Shouldn’t we be more aware of the things that brought us to this nadir of development? I think the country is so divided that we can’t even agree on immigration policy, when that is the most fundamental tenet of sovereignty. How does a country wage war in the Middle East and not admit that Muslims from parts unknown are crossing into our country daily totally unchallenged? How do we wage war when the enemy is not only unidentified but we refuse to believe that the president provides comfort and cover to the most likely causes of our division and consternation? It cannot be coincidence that the Muslim Brotherhood has had a phenomenal rise in power and prestige since openly declaring their animus toward us and taking credit for terrorism on our assets wherever they are vulnerable. It cannot be coincidence that the rise in terrorism corresponds directly to Obama’s rise to prominence. Under obama we have drastically reduced our defenses where Islamic Muslims are concerned.

War weary? No my friends we should be weary of the lies and actions that dominate obama’s results and belie his words. The enemy would not be faring so well in the field if we ended the charade, identified the enemy as the Muslim Brotherhood, acknowledge that all of the terrorist organizations we are dealing with are committed to Jihad with the very same objectives and we may begin to turn the tide. If we were to behave like a country at war, protect our borders, remand our prisoners to military justice, round up non assimilating, undocumented Muslims, interrogate, incarcerate and deport appropriately, declare that America will not tolerate Sharia Law or Sharia endorsed crime, depose a President who will not enforce our laws or defend the Constitution, would prognosticators predict we are headed for Armageddon and terrorism is bound to increase in the months and years ahead? Barak, whether he is the Manchurian candidate or a dupe concentrated on policies that have the opposite effect we anticipate, must go. It no longer matters whether it is intentional, as I believe, or unfortunate. This administration admits to neither; they would have us believe that all is well, just a little slow coming around; or the fault of Republicans and the former administration. Get over it. We’ve been invaded, surrounded and deluded. I am horrified that we could have been invades and not unanimously reject the invader. It embarrasses me that America is not unanimous in calling for the removal of a regime that intends to do us harm, has inflicted perhaps irreparable harm and has told us in advance of his intentions. Total transformation is not a threat to take lightly.

Demand that Obama be removed for cause; we have many. Disarm Obama not me. Believe with your whole heart and mind that restoration doesn’t begin until realization sets in.

God bless Americans.


Know the Culture of Tyranny

Let the chips fall where they may. Call me a heartless old SOB but I
will not deny what my eyes see, my ears hear and my heart tells me. I
have a brain too but this is a no brainer.

I watched the mother of Dzhokhar and Tamerlan wail and moan for the cameras to the point of hysteria gone viral. I listened to her tale of
woe, how America took her children and how we set them up and I
expected her to shred her clothes in anguish. Why am I not moved? What
was missing? Water works, that’s what. No tears; just accusations,
recriminations and denials…and pitched, incessant Jihadist bawling.

This woman followed the Communist playbook which the Muslims have
perfected to an art. Obama started the chorus with his tiring don’t
jump to conclusions and professorial lecture about diversity, as
expected. Uncle Rus was quick to distance himself from his flesh and
blood, Daddy said his kid was a saint, at least one pal ran for the
border and mommy dearest, wanted for shoplifting, denied everything we
already knew without batting an eye and laid the blame on us. Like a
champion trained for the day of the fight Dzhokar, no water boarding
needed, offered up his big bro as the instigator; the brains of the
operation. Ma Barker would be proud. A family that Jihads together
slays together.

How many American mothers have lost their sons and daughters to these
and other heartless terrorist bastards. They cried rivers of tears and
broke our hearts. Their husbands cried with them, unabashed, unashamed
and inconsolable. An Islamic-taught Jihadist doesn’t cry. There is no
untimely end in their ideology. Death, when followed by the murder of
infidels, elevates these pigs to martyrdom and they’re never too young
to partake of the virgins and goats that await them in the hereafter.
Perhaps tears of joy, but no sad songs for Tamerlan.

The pattern is too pat; too familiar and too transparent. They don’t
deviate from the script no matter how incongruous, insincere or
unlikely their rantings. America is the problem. Americans are cruel,
ugly, aggressive, greedy and contemptuous. We jump to conclusions too,
always blaming the innocent Muslims for the harm we bring on ourselves
and of course, we deserve what we get. Our own president has told us
many times we are too —Oh wait…we don’t have a president…We have
a Lecturer in Chief who is sworn to our transformation.

Does it occur to you as it has to me that a president who says “when
push comes to shove I will side with Islam” already does…because he
is one of them. Think about it. Muslims don’t adopt infidels unless
they become slaves. Barak is not a slave. The enemy within will
dissipate our assets, destroy our good name, weaken our military,
devalue our money, defend all things Islamic and hope to be the first
dictator on this continent.

I hope some of what I am saying resonates. Unless we understand the
culture of this enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood, we will never be able
to defend ourselves much less go on the offensive;’ which we must if
we are truly going to restore this nation. Secession comes to mind
whenever I say that so anyone that’s interested in how that’s
accomplished, let’s talk.

For now let’s get the ball rolling by demanding the removal of a cabal
from our midst. Barak is either aiding the enemy or he’s loony as a
jay bird. Either condition is grounds for removal.

Hold into your guns, we may need them.

God Bless America,

The Fight Begins When We Respond in Kind

Discard the distractions…

There are three items that should be foremost in our minds and hearts
at this pivotal moment in history. What we do about those things in the coming weeks and months will affect the lives of all Americans and
millions of people in the Middle East and Europe for the remainder of
our lives and for many generations to come, perhaps hundreds of years.
Our choices and courage will spark the renewal of Judea Christian
based government or we will enter a prolonged period of darkness,
enslavement and heresy, reminiscent of the dark ages and death and
pestilence will be our lot.

The forces of evil have invaded our society with such cunning and
deceit that their exposure is rejected with venom and hatred and truth
and awareness are reviled and held out to be the cause of suffering
and division.

1) Be warned and prepared. To do nothing at this critical time in
history is to accept a fate worse than death. Islam, the good and the
bad of it, will be our undoing. The Muslim brotherhood has condemned
the peaceful and loving followers of Islam to the same fate as all
infidels because only the corrupt and evil forces of Jihad can
prevail. The Muslim Brotherhood, in all of its guises is the enemy.

2) The two headed snake that prepares the way for Islam does so by
deceit, intimidation and corruption to a degree and with such guile
that even the cobra hesitates to lunge. Barak Obama has compromised
the Congress he pretends to be in league with to such an extent that
none dare to defy him even after they realize they have been sold a
bill of goods. Others of that ilk have bought into the philosophy of
benevolent, all caring government and are unable to see at this time
that the path they have chosen leads to their own destruction. Barak
obama is sided with Islam and is committed to our domination.

3) Only an armed electorate, aware of the plot underfoot, can
withstand the crushing weight of regulations, taxes, immorality and
injustice that have just begun to cascade down upon us. This is not a
battle for the weak of heart or timid souls. Without a firm unwavering
faith in our Judea Christian God this is a battle that will be lost.
Evil can only be defeated by its opposite energy. Still, the enemy
does not dare to enrage us until they have disarmed us; they are
outnumbered. The Rights we have hinge on the Second Amendment as
written. The dissolution or dilution of the Second Amendment has been
at the top of obama/holder’s agenda since day one.

Now is the time for men of good will and sound mind to come to the aid
of their country and fellow man and to call on their faith and belief
in God to give them the will and the strength to see this through. Our
enemy knows that without faith or a belief in a Higher Power we are
vulnerable and that is the reason so much capital has been spent to
discredit religion, people of faith and conservative values.

In our favor we have some salient points, important because if we are
true to our heritage we cannot lose. The enemy is a coward. He will
not confront us in the light of day. His work is done behind closed
doors while their chieftain smiles and reassures us that his
intentions are honorable, that he loves our God and that his methods
are what is called for in these troubled times; troubled times he has
brought about but will never take responsibility for. He knows that
troubled people seek leadership and will follow the one with the most
reassuring message who can best lay the blame for their problems on
those they already envy. Why do you think Obama fans the flames of
class warfare?

The enemy is a coward. He will not face us on a field of battle sword
in hand. His is a warfare of fighting in shadows, killing women and
children, beheading prisoners and torturing clergy and spiritual
leaders. His is a warfare of hatred and spite, lies and deceit. Theirs
is a war of attrition where life has no value and death of their own
rewarded while they believe that the death of an infidel condemns that
soul to everlasting ignominy.

This, my dear fellow Americans, is an enemy easily defeated and
discouraged, who fears overwhelming force and in the end, when
confronted with the choice between valor or retreat, will retreat and
cower. They will not confront us until and unless they can dominate us
and hold the power of life and death over us…and they hope to get
that advantage through the failed policies and methods of employing
evil as their master and their weapon of choice. They can be defeated
so readily that it is almost laughable…if only we understand and are
willing to use the power of faith to combat them on that level and the
power of the sword will then not fail us. If only we recognize what
they are up to and how they are plying their advantage, able to move
among us unmolested, thanks to Obama.

Wake up to the fact that if it is politically incorrect it is
tactically correct. We are being programmed to shun the language of
success and victory and accept the lie that we are at fault for our
own demise. Bullcrap. We are the citizens of the greatest nation on
earth and we are the most benevolent, kind and charitable nation on
earth. Believe in yourself and believe in America. This enemy will not
be defeated if we are waiting for him to surrender. If we clean our
house we can definitely clean their clock. If they are once convinced
that we are done with their lies and murder by taking the simple but
difficult steps needed to turn them away, they will fold their tents,
I promise you.

Demand that Obama be removed from office. He is guilty of aiding and
abetting the enemy and is more vulnerable than any president in the
history of America. Hold him accountable.

1) The Muslim Brotherhood is the enemy.
2) Barak Obama and his administration are their advance team.
3) Without the Second Amendment all our rights are at risk.

The Founders were willing to fight, sacrifice all and die if
necessary, for the dream we have been privileged to live. Should we
not be at least as ardent and dedicated to this Republic as the

The fight begins when we respond in kind.

God Bless America.


Terrorists in League With the Devil

What to do, what to do

So there has been a determination that the Boston killers acted alone. That’s a scary deduction. Whoever came to that conclusion needs to retrace their steps and I recommend a few sessions on the couch beforehand. What a dumb ass statement like that proves is that we haven’t learned a damn thing about Islam. Oops…make that radical Islam, we don’t want to offend. Of course if you are so easily offended you are likely to be one of the radicals, in which case I do so want to offend.

Back to simplistic terms for simple minds. Yes; they acted alone. No, they are not independent. An announcement of this nature is obviously planted to create an illogical scenario and the source of this misleading inanity doesn’t give a rat’s rear that we the people don’t believe it. It’s like a line from an old movie when the crook tells the cops, “that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.” It simply means the truth is too incriminating. A soldier in battle fires his rifle when he believes it will be effective. The military command placed him where he will have sufficient opportunities to contribute to the greater cause. He acts alone but not independently. So it is with all terrorists, domestic and foreign. They are not among us to ease our pain.

This is no different than claiming that al Qaeda or the Taliban, or any other Muslim off shoot acts alone. We are not at war with 50 different groups of Muslims. We are at war with the Muslim Brotherhood; they have 50 or 100 different branches. We are not assaulted by 50 different terrorists each with a different motive for killing us or the same motive arrived at by different incentives. They are all linked by a common ideology instilled in them by one controlling force; the Muslim Brotherhood. That is the same Muslim Brotherhood that sponsors, trains and incentivizes Muslim organizations in America and many other countries that work to have Sharia law recognized and enforced in conjunction with the civil laws of each country. Kill the head and the body falls. Focus on the Muslim Brotherhood. Go after their finances, their agents and any act of terror or political artifice that supports, promotes or condones Muslim initiatives that conflict with our traditions, mores, laws and ideals. Period. No more conundrums. When in doubt side with America, Americans and the rule of law; our law..

Barak has the audacity to lecture us on diversity and we are so weak willed that we accept his scolding like school kids with major inferiority complexes. We try to behave but are convinced that we just don’t measure up. Our nation was built on diversity. We are the epitome of diversity. There is no more diverse culture on the face of the earth and we have consistently credited our diversity for our unique accomplishments. We are not only diverse we are unbiased and tolerant. It is beyond morbidly stupid to believe that we might relinquish our championship of diversity belt if we single out a diverse group for being perverse. Let’s agree not to be lectured on diversity, morality, tolerance or anything else America has demonstrated to the world are our trademarks; least of all by a president who has demonstrated none of these qualities in his persona or in this administration.

Try this on for size. Based on his actions regarding enemy combatants, aid and comfort to our enemies, policies that would make us less safe in a dangerous world, statements that are contrary to every known statistic and experience in favor of gun control that contradict his own statements that purport to be pro Second Amendment, etc, etc, etc, the list is unending, Barak is either aiding and abetting the enemy, intentionally weakening our society fiscally, morally, militarily and civilly or he is not in control of his mental faculties. America has provisions in our Constitution for just such occasions.

Some resolutions would call for compassion; a good meal, a blindfold, a cigarette, a firing squad and a coup de gras for certainty and humanity. If there is a persistent belief and dogmatic insistence that order results from induced chaos a padded room and supervised sedation can be prescribed.

The enemy is the Muslim Brotherhood. They have declared war on us and therefore we are at war. Terrorism is their tactic, terrorists are their combatants. The facts that are slowly emerging do not comport with the reporting we are getting or the conclusions this administration would like us to achieve; ergo this administration must be removed by any and every legal option available, so that we can confront the enemy without political correctness, end the reign of terror and restore this nation as a functioning democratic, Constitutional Republic, diverse, proud of it and no longer stupid.



It’s a Matter For The Constitution

The plot thickens

No American should need a prepared text to speak to fellow Americans after a vile attack at an iconic public event involving the loss of fellow citizens, family members and neighbors. Every official except the dog catcher took a turn at the microphone, from the Governor to the mayor, to FBI and local law enforcement. Not one had a prepared speech. Not one referred to notes unless they had to repeat a name they did not want to get wrong.

George Bush was never more eloquent or sincere than when he stood atop a pile of WTC rubble with his arm around a first responder and shared his grief with the American people from his heart at ground zero.

Barak gave us perfunctory lip service, entirely read from a prepared text which included his concerns with no regard for ours. His concerns are that we not “jump to conclusions”…He’s super concerned about our jumps having admonished us just the day before to be careful about that……and that we respect our diversity or some such defensive belly rot. If you took comfort in his words you are indeed a dedicated obama believer. If anyone is interested I have list saved that recounts some of Barak’s lies during in first term, and not the entire first term at that, but it is far too extensive to include here. I’m just saying; for those of you who are indeed dedicated dedicatees of the dedicated devotee of demagoguery and defiler of democratic American defenses, how many bridges do you own? His name was Barry Soetero until he became a politician…or is that a lie too? Or is that when he was indoctrinated?

Why do I use the word defensive to describe the gist of his words? Because if your sympathies are with the enemy and you are caught with your pants down destroying lives, property and morale and don’t want to accept blame, you would ask us to “not jump to conclusions” and to remember we are a diverse society…meaning the Muslims among us represent diversity and not terrorism…did he mention terrorism? The American Muslims among us who are proud Americans don’t need cover or protection; not from me, you or Barak. They side with other Americans who reject Jihad and terrorism.

From the moment they discovered this mutant, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, wallowing in the bilge of a small boat, the conversation turned to whether or not he would be treated as an enemy combatant or whether or not we will read him his rights. This confusion is natural in view of the Barak/Holder attempts to circumvent traditional lawful procedures when dealing with threats to America’s safety and those who have inflicted death and mayhem in acts of aggression on American assets.

We discuss the concept of justice and citizenship vis a vis our options to best serve our purposes as though in every case we must rearrange facts and events in an effort to satisfy all parties. Sometimes frustration is so overwhelming that the air I breathe feels like solid waste. Obama has his own agenda. It does not comport with our laws or reasonable expectations of our military or civilian command. All I ask is that especially while we have to deal with an administration that will not comply with our laws, we as Americans remember the Constitution and decide for ourselves whether the proper course of action is taken in these matters and then hold this administration accountable.

Our understanding of proper protocol would have been much easier if the older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, had lived instead of Dzhokhar (pronounced Joker), since Tamerlin was not a citizen. If America had a real president the ideal situation for security purposes would be that both lived to be questioned…water boarded and sleep deprived, (it’s war you know) until we learned everything there is to know about their motives, connections and plots unrealized. As it is I’m glad at least one is dead and although I have little confidence that the Constitution will provide the guiding formula to deal with this terrorist, perhaps it will work out inadvertently to suit Obama’s purposes.

Lindsay Graham, who has not been on my “A” list for many reasons, has redeemed himself to some extent. Finally he used the words Islam, terrorists and war in the same sentence; something most politicians are loathe to do or don’t yet have the cognition that we are at war with Islam. Perhaps it is too much to ask but the next logical step is to say what many of us have already said and many more are thinking. Barak, who said he will side with Islam, always did.

How we wage war, defend our borders, treat our enemies and respect our Constitution says all that needs to be said about us as a nation. Right now we have a failing grade in all these areas. The American people are beginning to realize that the fish that rots from the head down is the symbol of our deteriorating country. It may be symbolic but it is a matter of life and death for us that we chop off the head. Barak’s words are all we need to condemn him as un-American and indulging in behavior unbecoming an American President. Could it be that he meant what he said? “The Constitution and Bill of Rights are problematic documents that have the order of Authority reversed”. “When push comes to shove I will side with Islam.” If my words are provocative and I’m just an ordinary citizen, how do we characterize the words of the Commander in Chief? HIs words inspire my angst, his deeds raise my ire.

If you see it differently let me add this. America has a Constitution and Bill of Rights. That is the heart and soul of this nation. We are a Constitutional Republic and all that entails. It means that the citizens of this nation are self governed, endowed with free will and self determination as distilled and handed from Judea Christian doctrine and all who oppose the Conservative values we thrive on are off base; not us.

I will not cede my God given attitude or constitutionally provided rights to any usurper.

“A democracy demands an informed electorate”. That was Thomas Jefferson’s admonition to us. Had we listened I dare say we would not have a president with two names, two birth certificates and multiple loyalties, none of which seem to be to our country or religious heritage. It is never too late to start anew. Demand that Bark be removed for cause; we have many. Disarm Barak not me.



Identify, Assess, Attack

I was going to apologize for jumping to conclusions but now I think Barak should apologize for asking me not to. Actually I never jump to conclusions; I arrive at logical conclusions quickly without political correctness or fear of offending to slow my deductive observations. A kick in the groin is all that’s usually required to get my attention and elicit a response in kind.

I don’t need permission from Barak or years of expert analysis to describe for you what my eyes, ears and heart have been telling me since 9/11 and embedded in my consciousness when Barak Obama went on the campaign trail. This is a religious war. The killers who have no regard for human life, ours or theirs, are motivated by a radical religious fervor and are being used for an evil political victory that intends to transfer control of this country to Islamic Fascists. What they hope to accomplish is customarily achieved through military force followed by invasion, which any contemporary enemy would rule out as suicidal, given America’s dominance and geographical advantages.
Students of history and America’s development have long been aware of our weaknesses and the powers that be determined long ago that America could best be brought down from within. Khrushchev banged his shoe on a desk and predicted our fall from grace over 50 years ago. Our forefathers gave us ample warning that we would come to this pass if we followed the pattern of Republics before us; and we did. We are a formidable military presence on the world scene and our system of independent states spreads over almost 4 million square miles of mountains, forests, plains and swamps making us an impossible logistical target.
How do fleas make the biggest dogs miserable and submissive and even die from infections and other side effects from their persistent attacks? Infestation.
Humor me. I have accused Barak Obama, ostensibly the president of the United States, of representing a foreign entity which groomed, financed and catapulted him into our political hierarchy with a meteoric rise from associating with known terrorists and subversives, to radical organizing, to an unremarkable, totally unproductive Senate stint, to substantial wealth and the presidency in less than 20 years, with the wealth accumulation occurring mostly in the years just prior to his presidency. Does that sound like the American dream to you? Remember; the American dream entails hard work, persistence and a well earned reward, not an anointment.
Correlate the rise of Islamic Muslims and increasing terrorism in Europe and an ominous increase in non assimilating Muslims in America with terrorist activity punctuating the administrations of each presidency since Jimmy Carter…and we never called it terrorism. It wasn’t until Barak ordered us not to call it terrorism that we realized the world is populated by terrorists like rats living in the sub cultures of every civilized nation connected by a common economic dependency. In 2008 I wrote an article in which I plainly stated that with Barak’s election we were invaded. Should I have said that we were infested with fleas?
Domestic terrorism is ramping up and we are feeling the pressure. The Communist/Fascist adage of not letting a good crisis go to waste is a theme carried through obama’s administration. The imperative to disarm America has been ongoing and largely unreported but please do not make the mistake of trivializing the truly massive effort that has been underway since the day Barak took office. Barak posed as a proponent of the Second Amendment despite the fact that most Americas saw through the charade. But after the Sandy Hook tragedy the pretext disappeared and a confident and cocky Barak went hammer and tong after the Second Amendment, so far resulting in a narrow, but temporary, 54-46 defeat. That narrow margin indicates how close we really are to being transformed. Does it make you ill at ease to have the President become angered and frustrated when the people stand up for their rights? Is that the reaction an American President would be expected to have? I think not. An American president, no matter what his personal opinion might be, is sworn to represent the will of the people, not fight it.
The president who had the audacity to tell us he sides with Islam while asking us to give him our vote; who established early on that our allies would be given short shrift and our enemies elevated to prominence, as he bowed to Middle East potentates and disrespected English Royalty has campaigned for increased debt, higher taxes and done nothing to stimulate the economy or preserve our sovereignty. While exhorting us not to jump to conclusions when Muslim Terrorists are afoot he has given every murdering terrorist the protection of our civil laws shielding them from military tribunals and almost certain swift retribution. How is he not a terrorist?
If we don’t retaliate against the Muslim Brotherhood no matter where the terrorist of the moment hails from we are doomed to die the death of a thousand paper cuts…or suffer the indignity of death from scratching a flea infestation that has been diagnosed as eczema. We have yet to assume the posture of a country at war. America knows how to rally against an enemy that threatens our liberty. We know how to put a face to the threat in conventional war probably better than any other nation in history. Why do we not grasp the concept that we have been infiltrated when the signs are omnipresent and the infiltrators operate brazenly? Must we ask why we are attacked? Isn’t it sufficient to know we have been attacked and precious American lives have been taken? With at least 29 known Muslim training camps in America why are we still asking where the terrorists are trained? Why do we assume they are all “radicalized” when it should be obvious to all by now that they are simply never assimilated? Blending in is not the same as assimilating and in an open, multicultural society like ours it is possible to blend in while standing out like a sore thumb. It is shear madness to think that in a society with escalating terrorism and a president who is more likely to sympathize with terrorists than with victims, to abide any suggestion that we will be safer without weapons. Are you crazy?
The war is about Islamic Fascism, the Enemy is the Muslim Brotherhood. Drastic measures are called for. Why do we have fully staffed and functional prisons with no occupants yet ensconced? Is that to be our destination if the we allow the Islamic movement to successfully overturn our Republic and turn it into an Islamic autocracy? While we still can let’s consider filling those prisons with Muslim Brotherhood Jihadists.  Demand that Obama be removed and his fate to be determined after we deal with illegal aliens, not necessarily of Mexican heritage, and Islamists who may be citizens but prove to have ties to terrorist organizations. If they are Hamas or al Qaeda, Palestinian…lock em up and let’s not learn to speak Arabic…call them what they are; Muslim Brotherhood Islamic Jihadists…that’s enough of a mouthful. This is America. We are at war. Identify the enemy, assess his capability and wipe him out.
This is a very complicated subject with many facets to be analyzed and threshed…but for God’s sake let’s begin by stating the obvious.
Now do you appreciate our right to bear arms? Think about it.
God Bless America

I Am Armed So That You Are Not Dangerous

“90% of Americans want this legislation.”

No Barak. I’d say it’s closer to 100% of Americans who want our children to be safe. You are a bald faced liar and eventually 90% of us will agree on that.

The Bill you’ve convinced grieving parents will make our children safer is another bait and switch scenario you love so well. It may have failed but the 54 to 46 margin is not a victory for the Constitution. It is a sad testimony to the loss of respect and understanding of the nature of a Constitutional Republic and the inherent right and need for Americans to remain armed and vigilant. I’m not sure which is more despicable; deceiving heartbroken families when they are most vulnerable for political purposes or denying your unrelenting pathetic assault on the Second Amendment with true fascist ardor. The Bill, which was mercifully defeated by a narrow margin, would do nothing to make anyone safer…nothing in the Bill even attempts to address that unattainable goal through legislation. What the Bill does do is infringe…I said infringe…on the Right to Have and Bear Arms. In other words, for those who have difficulty with unvarnished facts, you lied to the families you duped into supporting your initiative and you lied to the American people when you said you are pro gun, pro Second Amendment and you don’t want to take our guns from us. That last gem is the most revealing of all. Under the Constitution the Right to Bear Arms is unconditional. It is very big of you to not want our guns and begging your pardon, you can’t have them anyway.

According to Thomas Jefferson the Second Amendment is not needed until someone comes for our guns; that someone, rest assured, has far more sinister motives than to simply want a gun free zone from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Some of us Barak, admittedly not 90% of us, but enough of us are aware that you have targeted the Second Amendment for extinction with all the influence and alternatives available to the Office you should not hold. Your Attorney General and you have exhausted every legal and illegal ploy to weaken or make the law ineffective and make it eminently more difficult for Americans who choose to own guns to do so uninhibited. I have to admit the United Nations angle for a Small Arms Treaty was even more creative than I gave you credit for and you are still pushing that insult to our intelligence as though the UN might have some appeal to us as some sort of higher authority. Could it be that you regard the United Nations as a higher authority?

So let me come clean for you, since it’s not in your DNA to speak without prevarication. My dear fellow Americans and families of children taken from us in gun related violence. There are meaningful steps that could be taken which would address our legitimate concerns for the safety and well being of our children. None of these precautions involve the banning of fire arms because rational people know with certainty that we are all safer when responsible citizens are armed and capable of defending their families, homes and property. Guns are only a problem to a potential dictator who feels threatened by an armed electorate.

When it was suggested that we have a test for mental stability, which is okay by me and most gun owners, this administration had the temerity to suggest that veterans be banned from owning weapons because they are likely to suffer from PTS; Post Traumatic Stress, to the uninitiated. If I have to draw pictures for you to realize the desperation in that outrageous idea as a bold, unmitigated attempt to ban gun ownership, I am sorry for you. You will sacrifice your true safety for the assumed safety promised by lies and innuendo and put the lives and well being of all Americans at risk because of your lack of understanding.

You’re right about one thing, Barak. We send the wrong people to Washington. We have a self defeating flaw in our chemistry that makes us want to believe…the bigger the lie the more we want to believe it. I’m sure you were well schooled in the art of lying and the weakness inherent in honest people to be a bit too gullible for their own good. Adolph Hitler (who incidentally admired the Muslim Brotherhood as you do), was a great proponent of lying for political gain; something dictators and wannabe dictators have in common. Tell me it’s not so.

As one who is concerned for the will of the people to be heard I’m sure you have ample explanations for these honorable statistics.

90% of all Americans want the facts on Benghazi.

92% of all Americans want to hear the unblemished truth about Fast and Furious.

87 1/2 % of all Americans want to know if the third birth certificate will pass the smell test.

85% of all Americans do not want Obama Care any more than they wanted Hilary Care.

96% of all Americans want to know if you consider them among the 2% of the wealthiest who are not paying their fair share. I have to recheck that statistic but I know it’s a lot…

88% of Americans want to know who ordered Usama’s remains to be treated with the utmost dignity and respect, affording him a Muslim compliant burial at sea and instant martyrdom.

102% of all Americans are asking for the real reason you and Michele surrendered your law licenses.

95% 0f Americans want secure borders and the restoration of American sovereignty.

We have so many more questions but now let’s have a rare display of candidacy. As for the statistics cited above I have resorted to the same scientific process for these polls that Barak used to inform us that 90% of all Americans agree with him on gun control. I lied.

This attempt to enact illegal gun legislation is only the opening volley. There will be arm twisting, blackmail and bribery bandied about in the halls of justice and the bowels of government until we overthrow these infidels or they beat us into submission. We’re Americans…we don’t take kindly to lies, beatings or promises to do us in.

If you do not own a gun I strongly suggest that you get one, learn to use it and keep it handy. Teach your children to respect guns and eliminate their mystery and curiosity and you will have followed in the proud tradition of self reliant Americans…and can proudly boast that you played a major role in discouraging the takeover and dismantling of the greatest nation on earth from within.

The British didn’t get our guns because we were willing to use them. The Japanese didn’t invade because they feared a population with a “gun behind every blade of grass”. Barak won’t get our guns because some lessons are worth remembering.

God bless America. Disarm obama not me.



Ready or Not Here I Procrastinate

Stop the world! I want off!!

Only Congress shall declare war for the United States unless war is declared against us…maybe. Then all Congress has to do is pony up the moolah. Now that’s a job they are eminently qualified for.

When a Muslim shouts Allah Akbar in the process of gunning down as many American servicemen as possible and we coin the phrase “workplace violence”; when that murderer is a card carrying follower of the Qur’an and he is read “his” rights even as the Commander in Sheik cautions Americans “not to jump to conclusions”…When the Muslim murderer is a Major in our military and grows a Muslim beard immediately after he’s detained and refuses to shave for “religious reasons”…When the judge says she won’t hold it against him despite military regulations which prohibit facial hair and then he’s promoted to the rank of Lt. Colonel, hirsute and proud; when the dead and wounded American Military victims are not qualified for Purple Hearts, normal military honors for their sacrifice, it is time to call it a day. By that I mean to end the status quo and take matters into our own hands. Three years and counting; his victims are still dead and he is still drawing down a government paycheck…our government.

Our response to terror attacks is tepid and inconsequential, which in itself is a national disgrace. The reason for this approach to terrorist activity is not a national disgrace, it is proof positive that the occupant in the White House is giving aid and comfort to our enemies and providing cover for their anonymity whenever possible. Military tribunals are reserved for Privates who go AWOL to be with their sweethearts. Usama was reluctantly killed and then given a Muslim burial at sea with all the trimmings and pictures are withheld out of respect. Our shame is that despite irrefutable evidence to the contrary we will not admit we are in a religious war with a ruthless political terrorist organization.

I will be the first to call the terrorist who bombed the Boston Marathon every epithet I have in my vocabulary and I join my fellow Americans who are outraged and grieve for the dead and wounded. But let’s face it. The perpetrator of this vile act is waging war. His job is to kill as many Americans as possible and cause us as much grief and fear as he can. I don’t respect him for doing his job but I can rationalize his purpose. We are their enemy. They have an incredible advantage over us. America has not yet acknowledged that we are at war or even who the enemy is and their repeated deadly attacks are still treated as unrelated indpependent, coincidental events. We are asked to believe that the wars in the Middle East and the various factions that we confront in different theaters are independent of one another and loosely related, if at all, to our “homegrown” variety Jihadist. Nothing could be further from the truth but we are inured to lies and taught to wait until all the evidence is in before we rush to judgement. Baloney; if I jump to the wrong conclusion tough nuggies. If I respond to the wrong enemy for the wrong reason I’m still ahead of the game. They have cleverly infiltrated our borders and have operatives living among us in plain view, waiting for orders to expose their true identities by slitting our throats wantonly and indiscriminately. Our borders welcome all who seek to enter surreptitiously in plain view and by now at least we should stop denying that Muslims may not have developed a taste for Mexican food but they like the way they travel. They can even wave to American Border Patrol guards as they make their way around bramble and tumble weed. It might even be fun to wave an AK47 in the air and let a few rounds fly and watch our border patrol run and hide as they take their first furtive steps on our sovereign (not) soil. After all…their chief operative is masquerading as President of the United States. If you were a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, or any of the dozen or so spin off organizations sworn to Jihad, sworn to our annihilation, wouldn’t that give you courage and confidence to walk on over and wait for further instructions? Not even a life size picture of Janet Napolitano would discourage these Jihadists and that would scare the bejeebers out of me and most red blooded american men. Oh yeah I get it. It scares me because she’s on our side. (Wink-wink)

The enemy among us, worldwide for all intents and purposes, by any other name, is the Muslim Brotherhood. After every terrorist attack on our soil Barak the Sheik makes the same speech, in the same dull monotone voice…we will track down the criminals and they will pay and do not jump to conclusions…the word “terror” is not in the script. Words that indicate anything but an act of war or terrorism are carefully crafted to keep us in suspense. Our bravado elicits scorn when our actions don’t match our rhetoric. P.S. The enemy within is one Barak Hussein Obama. I can’t tell you much more about him but he is the duly elected (not) president of the United States of America formerly known as Barry Soetero.

The solution to our problems is simple. Stop chasing will o’ the wisps. If you do find an unblemished apple in a bushel of rotten apples I assure you it will not taste good. Consider an organized, unified secession. All the rotten apples are left to wither and disintegrate where they fell. A new orchard is planted and the caretakers love trees, apples and fresh air. We will never forget to spray or find we are too busy to tend to the crop. The apples will belong to the pickers and growers and they will assign perimeter guards who will also monitor maintenance. The new Republic will have learned the lessons of Plato and Washington and her citizens will stay informed and involved.

Expect more violence. Nothing is being done to discourage it. (Ricin anyone?) Our enemies are not only bold and undeterred but their activity coordinates with the constant assault by this administration on our economy, religions, national heritage, patriotism and moral compass. We the target are being softened in preparation for the main assault. When they come for our guns the end is in sight…and make no mistake they have come for our guns from every angle and point of view in their arsenal and they are not done by a long shot. (No pun intended). Hold fast. Give up our Right to Bear Arms and kiss the Republic goodbye along with your concept of free will and self determination. Have faith in the things that made us great…and return to those principles, if not nationally, then in your hearts and minds. As long as we are armed their is hope and a likelihood of success. Demand that obama be removed and that America respond to threats and acts of war swiftly, deftly and forcefully; or secede and start anew.

God Bless America, our founders and our founding documents. May they light our way for eternity.



I Know You’re Awake. Now Do Something

The promise that America held out to all who sought to live here was the ability to achieve one’s highest potential with no penalty for failure other than the inconveniences it creates. That promise could be made in good faith because our founding documents hold that freedom, self determination and free will are innate, inalienable and endowed by our creator…with government the creation of the electorate. We could choose to achieve our potential by the sweat of our brow and brawn or the ability to capitalize on ideas and inventions and we were free to acknowledge and give thanks for these gifts in the churches of our choosing. Before long we became a nation of 300,000,000 strong as people from the four corners of the earth sought better lives for themselves and their progeny. They shared one common denominator; the determination to prosper or fail of their own volition. So there is no penalty for failure…but here’s the rub; under obama’s socialist vision there’s a penalty for success. And if things go according his plan there is a reward for failure…So the new immigrants he sponsors no longer share the dream our parents realized…for they have no such lofty ambitions. The unwitting generosity of the American taxpayer is all the success they crave and nothing more is expected of them.

The conditions that gave man free reign over his potential are set forth in the law of the land, The Constitution and Bill of Rights, which promulgates the Judea Christian hypothesis that government serves the people and is limited to very specific responsibilities. It goes so far as to say that any authority not specifically assigned to the federal government must remain the domain of the States. It encourages and relies on productivity. Our founders upheld that the Right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and freedom (self determination) is God given and innate. Common sense laws limit our freedom so that it is not used to demean or harm each other. They warned repeatedly that entitlements are addictive and would be our undoing unless we were careful to resist the pitfalls of redistribution. As a Constitutional Republic we did quite well for 240 years, give or take. We did well because the founders chose to make this place on earth a haven to all people who would pursue those rights peaceably while in pursuit of financial security. In the final analysis the founders had no choice but to trust the people to maintain the Republic, warning us that it would be challenged frequently. Their worst fears were that it would slowly and methodically be dismantled from within by a constant, pervasive and systematic application of incremental politics. They who treasured freedom above all worldly goods, their sacred honor and even their own lives, believed and prayed we would follow in their tradition…and they misjudged us and their worst fears are realized. They underestimated our ability to recognize the forces of evil, even when they were toiling in our political process and appealing to us directly for authority not constitutionally mandated. They could not fathom an electorate that would reward ignorance and greed with reelection and permanence, creating lifetime politicians who prosper from the burdens they place on the electorate. We enjoyed our freedoms so well that we never noticed the tear-stained face on the Lady in the Harbor as our representatives busily created mountains of laws, the most onerous of which they would exempt themselves from. We even exalted presidents and Senators who replaced individual initiative with Federal aid and when we prided ourselves for our generosity and good will toward our fellow man we extended entitlements to every social misfit, under achieving, welfare loving, system abuser on the Continent, with English not a prerequisite for anything in our incentive robbing, tax funded grab bag. Government broke out of the constricting guidelines of the Constitution like a runaway locomotive and never looked back. And we Americans conveniently divided ourselves into two camps; pro government and anti government and incessantly argue to this day and moment over the relevance, the meaning and the value of the Constitution, electing Communists and Socialists who raise their hands and swear to defend and protect the documents they undermine and their philosophy cannot abide. We call  the parties that dominate our political scene Democrats and Republicans regardless of their records which belie their promises; in fact Progressive Left and Progressive Right, programmed to arrive at the same destination along different routes. Our choice at election time has really been, too often, will we take the Express train or the local to ruination. If you bought a ticket to Peace and Prosperity with stops along the way in places like the City of Fiscal Responsibility, Religious Freedom and Free Will, check the conductor of the train…at the moment his name is Barak Obama; he has no experience as a conductor, has no desire to take you to your stated destination and will use the time en route to convince you that you would rather go wherever he’s taking you and that won’t be revealed until you get there. Do you yet realize that we are on a mysterious train hurtling toward a destination our forefathers and ancestors risked their lives and gave their lives to get away from?

We’ve been asleep at the switch for most of our 240 years and followed none of the prerequisite maintenance procedures to maintain a functioning constitutional Republic and we are shocked to learn that the nation has been transformed; at least we should be. The Constitution could be our saving grace. It is completely within our power to stop the train we are on or switch tracks. All we have to do is stop feeding the engine long enough to fire the conductor. The outcome of this struggle depends on our individual concept of man’s true destiny and our communal belief in America’s heritage. Are we truly gifted with self determination and free will and willing to die for that Judea Christian credo? We may be put to that test sooner than you think. Are you ready to put party ties aside and commit to the restoration of this nation as it was intended? It will take Americans who love America and love all Americans enough to demand that foreigners step aside…if you haven’t assimilated by now you never will. Go home at least until we mend our ways. When our government is consigned to its original role in our lives you may not want to come back but if you do and you can put your shoulder behind the cart and not your backside in it, we will welcome you once more.

Demand that Barak be removed for cause; we have many. Disarm Obama. No government agency should have weapons and ammunition other than to defend us and we must demand that they relinquish every hollow point they unconstitutionally have stockpiled. Do not give up your weapons or concede to any reassessment of the Second Amendment at your peril. On the contrary, acquire as many weapons as you can as though you will be called upon to defend your home and property and the lives of your
loved ones from a tyrannical government; for that is precisely why the Second Amendment exists and the only way to reduce the possibility that we will need our weapons for that purpose. That was Thomas Jefferson’s justification for the Second Amendment. A bipartisan agreement to ignore the Constitution is not acceptable just because it is bipartisan; all the more reason to suspect their motives.

The sooner we realize the spot we’re in the sooner we will address the real issues and save the arguments over side issues until someone somehow starts the process of reducing government to its proper Constitutional role and size. Secession from this union is one way of achieving that goal but I am not unaware of the immense obstacles to that option; but it is an option and one that I find more appealing every day… A trip of a million miles starts with the first step. That first step is recognizing what must be done. The second step is to invest whole hearted in the sacrifice that will be demanded of us with or without our consent.

I am focused to preserve, defend and restore this nation as the functioning Constitutional Republic it was intended for. By world standards America has been the custodian of the dignity of man in man’s darkest hours. Today that posture is challenged by a cabal that would transform us from the Republic with entrepreneurship and
Capitalism that was the most generous and charitable nation in history into a model of mediocrity that will relinquish all influence and leadership to a very small clique who seek world domination. The threat is multi faceted. The Muslim Brotherhood feigns indignation that our Judea Christian Laws do not account for Islamic exceptions and barbaric contradictions. They accuse us of intolerance while their uninvited intrusion on our society calls for our annihilation and our government gives them aid and comfort to our consternation. Politically our middle class is under attack and will be forced to surrender any hope of financial security or further opportunity for traditional success and politicians exempt themselves from onerous laws and reward themselves with privileges gained by voting against our greater interest. The cabal has taken full advantage of our weaknesses and uses them against us with skill and deadly accuracy.
The prophesies are upon us yet we speak of fairness and restoration,  oblivious to the predictions and warnings of our fateful end through the ages. Read the Constitution; the answers lie therein and it is within our power to correct our mistakes, reaffirm our dedication to a Higher Power, acknowledge God’s role in our existence and banish false
Gods and ideology from our shores.

For now we are in a fight for our lives, caught in the vice-like grip of a rogue administration that seeks to transform us and must dismantle our fiscal house, diminish expectations and reduce us to a common denominator with bankrupt countries that have already succumbed to the failed policies of Socialist math, and rob us of our identity and righteous heritage in the process. With lowered expectations and the insinuation that our faith in God has not provided for us, we will be susceptible to the government that holds our destiny in its hands. That government presents itself as the champion of the poor and underprivileged…and will increase their numbers to insure its grip on our future. All knowledge, rewards and punishment will flow from the final arbiter of need vs contribution. The order of authority will have been reversed as predicted.

Not one change that has come our way or is coming our way has been for the better. Under Barak America is entering a dark age, an age of government intervention and invention; invention, as in lies. When you are lied to you are not being served, you are being manipulated. No good can come of that. I begged for the electorate to take action against this regime four years ago and warned that as they became more entrenched our task to undo the damage done would become increasingly difficult. It is many times more difficult today but ever so worth it.

Perhaps it is God’s plan to not revive us until we have felt the pangs of depression and deprivation so well that we will be more grateful for our redemption when it happens. And it will happen when there is a consensus among us that our comfort zones are no longer comfortable and the rebellion is more desirable than Fascist rule.

Sometimes life is like a mirage. You have to look at from different angles to see it clearly and then it fades from sight. Do something about our country if not for yourself then for the children who go to school each day and are taught a different tune than we learned. They are being indoctrinated and may never know what we failed to pass on to them; but we know. Do something.

The Best Offense is a Good offense

Take my lunch before I defend myself to your detriment

If I was in the fight game and I lost 3 in a row I’d go back to the gym and work like the devil to figure out what I was doing wrong. When you’re on a losing streak you may tend to get too defensive and that inevitably leads to more losses. Most people know that you don’t win a fight, a game or an argument on defense. Somebody tell the Republicans.

The entire Republican strategy for political battle is based on defense. Not even Pavlov’s dog had such a predilection to flinching. The democrats have no need to mount a winning argument and that is as convenient as it gets since they do not have a winning argument. Their philosophy is flawed but their game plan is spot on. Republicans have winning arguments but they seem to be constrained by political correctness, the Marquis of Queensbury rules, the fear of being misquoted or disliked and groaning ignorance. There is also a terminal pecking order which could not exist if we didn’t have seniority in Congress. In other words term limits would end legacy politicians and some of the brightest new faces would hold sway. That is as it should be. We don’t intentionally elect people to Congress so they can represent us after they get some seniority—or grow some cojones.

On the issue of guns the Second Amendment is unambiguous, emphatic and not subject to interpretation. Statistics support the Founders’ wisdom with startling consistency. There are countless examples from across this nation and from every corner of the world that demonstrate indisputably that bad guys will have guns come what may and the only defense against bad guys with guns are good guys with guns. Of the top seven causes of death in America guns are seventh. No argument can deny that the first line of defense for human beings is an armed citizen. When seconds count the police are just minutes away…is that comforting?

Of course the basic purpose for protecting the Right to Bear Arms goes back to the principle of self government. It is incumbent upon a nation that has a self governing population to protect the Right to Bear Arms above all other priorities. By definition it is ultimately the people’s responsibility to prevent government from reversing the order of authority and to discourage all enemies domestic and foreign from invasion. What better argument can anyone want to counter efforts to infringe on gun ownership?

And that squelches the bickering over how much fire power a citizen should have. The answer is eternal; as much as he can carry.

The Republican Congress, for the most part, leaves those cogent arguments to their constituents while they find ways to appease the savage beast, tiptoe on the head of a pin rather than stand on ethical, lawful, moral and historical evidence that supports the constitutional prerogative…the people will be armed or the Republic will fall; period.

The democrats don’t need an airtight argument; the Republicans wake each day with a conciliatory plan sure to accommodate them more than frustrate them. Only we the people will be frustrated.

What part of “shall not be infringed” needs translation?

In Serbia where gun restrictions meet Obama’s acid test, if you answered your doorbell in one neighborhood yesterday illegal bullets from an illegal gun fired by a deranged visitor ended your curiosity. He didn’t know the gun was illegal.

Yesterday 14 students were stabbed at Texas Community College. Is that not a massacre? Will Barak shed a crocodile tear for the victims’ families? Will Joe Biden suggest that if a housewife is threatened by a knife wielding murderer she go out to her balcony and throw a few daggers into the night? Will Republicans agree that I should register my Swiss Army knife or pay a fine? When will we learn that compromise is what holds a marriage together not a nation.

End the revolution before it begins. Secede to succeed. Disarm Barak not me.