What’s Yours is Mine and What’s Mine is Government Property

There’s something to be said for professional prostitution. After all it’s a cash business and politicians should not have a monopoly on the trade. The point is that any form of entrepreneurship redistributes wealth legitimately. Entrepreneurism was the first lynch pin removed unceremoniously by the anti Constitutional Republic movement in America. When government takes from thee to give to me the taking will exceed the giving like water going downstream until it meets a whiskey still; then the crops downstream tend to shrivel up.

Redistribution of wealth takes many forms but it is the antithesis of free will and self determination. The problem is we don’t call it what it is when it stings us. The problem is we should learn to regard government borrowing, spending and lending as confiscatory inducements and reject, but seldom do; at least not before it suffocates us. As long as Socialists can keep us believing that our taxes are for the common good they will tax to the max and spend beyond our means. When the “common good” exceeds the common wealth, desperation leads to bolder confiscation. That’s when socialism gives way to Fascism or other repressive ideologies that repress free speech, self defense, religion and deeded ownership. When the limits of mathematical reality are surpassed governments topple or become oppressive and rebellion hangs over the nation like a pall. Like Cuba, where the country itself is a family business and the citizens are involuntary contributors; disarmed, impoverished and in fear of government. A nation becomes a prison when your mode of transportation is an inner tube.

How much government spending and borrowing do we actually get to approve? or would we approve, if asked politely? In the entire lifetime of your entire family tree, assuming all the leaves are middle class, you could not spend in total what Barack spends on one vacation with his entitled family on one single vacation to his “hometown” state Hawaii, which cannot or will not issue a legitimate birth certificate with his name, his parents’ name and the name of the hospital exactly right. But I digress. The point being that Barack and our money have no limitations; we can’t print fast enough and we certainly can’t add value fast enough to keep pace with dilution. 100,000 unemployed Americans can’t contribute a whole lot to the general fund.

Free Community College? First of all its not just Community college they want to give away, it is total education. Governments like the one we are suppressed by and all Communist, Fascist or Socialist regimes, love to give away education…it makes indoctrination a cinch. Everyone hears the immediate response to give away proposals, that nothing is free, but that tune doesn’t play to a tone deaf dependency generation. If Jose isn’t paying it certainly is free; the details are not his concern.

Paying the bill to provide free stuff, especially education, is the easier part of the hard pill to swallow. The real cost comes later, when government educated robots wave their degrees at employers who by then have few other job candidates in line; socialism is institutionalized and employers hire entitlement babies who believe that they are entitled to the job, a piece of the action and a say in management…even if they have to be heard through a union delegate or government representative. When the indoctrination of the masses is in full swing Democracy becomes a sham; the majority of those who vote share the same opinions or will vote in their own narrow self interest and that’s how dictators get elected. Of course a smart dictator counts the votes anyway, so little is left to chance. The mere fact that people believe the dictator is corrupt is intimidating enough and the “intimidated” vote for the status quo rather than risk losing a job, a family member or a body part. It all starts out rather innocuously. Free education and the concept of free stuff leads to confiscation and confiscation is the hallmark of dictatorships.

One way that government cut out the middleman is by passing a law that gives banks the authority to issue bank shares paid for by the deposits you were counting on to pay some bills. Just a twist from the audacity of government to bail out banks with your money…what the heck; let the banks bail themselves out; they already have our money. Just a small graduation from allowing banks to count deposits as an asset. Basically the bank has a balance sheet entry that says we have an IOU. When you deposit your hard earned money in a bank it becomes the property of the bank, technically, so if they do get in trouble, and the day is coming, it will be a generous act on their part to issue you a few equity shares and make you a partner in their sinking ship fund.

Confiscation, confiscation, confiscation. Let me count the ways…What was Obama’s economics professor thinking when he suggested your IRA could be contributed to the government and paid back in dribs and drabs when you’re too old to enjoy it? You guessed it; confiscation, which is really what Social Security amounts to. First a seed is planted. “The government considered and then rejected the idea of federalizing your IRA.” One night it happens and we are told it will be a great deal for us once we get used to the idea.

It was confiscatory tax policies that led to the American Revolution. It is confiscatory policies that depleted the middle class today. Most people today who still consider themselves “middle class” are talking about their customary social status. The comfort of middle class security once enjoyed by working Americans has been destroyed by socialist confiscatory and redistributive economic policies. Home ownership decline is in direct proportion to the diminishing middle class population; and it has declined as predicted.

America, without a middle class, is like a Bentley with a lawn mower engine that doesn’t even cut grass.

Barack isn’t the architect of mediocrity and lowered expectations for nothing. He has an end game in mind and there is no end game we can aspire to that starts out by dismantling a successful model.

Remove Barack or wait to find out what he has in mind…if you dare.

I remember a painting on velvet of an American Indian with a tear rolling down his cheek. Now I know how he felt.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”




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