Our Flag is Still There

With his popularity plummeting, his signature legislation teetering and loyal minions slip-sliding away, Barack, the paragon of moral equivalence, desperately needed a crisis. Smart as foxes, the dynamic duo of Constitutional misgivings, kept the pot boiling in Ferguson, knowing it would be the perfect calamity after the expected shutout at the polls. Sharpton was the man for the job and Ferguson became the pilgrimage destination for devout rabble-rousers, willing to sell their souls and their country down the Styx for political favor from the dark side. Once the designated mob leaders were selected they were invited to the White House for a pep talk and were told to stand their ground. Ferguson is designated as the official battleground in the power struggle between the Republic and an alternate government. Ferguson may be just the tinder box a sagging Islamic Fascist cabal needs to distract, disrupt and dismay a sharply divided nation into total irreconcilable polarization. Something illegal aliens and terrorists can identify with. Something that can go viral so Barack can come to the rescue with an edict, executive order, Marshall Law…president for life…Ahhh, the sweet smell of crisis from the jaws of defeat…

The neighborhood agitator has organized civil unrest to boost his political ambitions. Ferguson is Obama’s Concorde. He has patiently tried to teach us how to improve ourselves by reversing the order of authority but we are not smart enough to accept the changes he endorses and stronger measures are needed. There has been no attempt or suggestion by the Agitator in Chief or the despicable Attorney General to assuage tempers or quell emotions in Ferguson; quite the opposite. In a community poised to break the law with the full knowledge, consent and encouragement of the highest offices in the land, democracy is at stake. A low milestone in American anthropology which contains rare reference to acts of treason may result. This act by the President of the United States could not be possible without a corrupt, see-no-evil-except-in-church Attorney General, breaches the threshold of treason and overflows with a cry for prosecution and a return to due process, accountability and even- handed justice, without the taint of government interference. Barack knows the odds; treason is not in the cards.

What is about to happen in Missouri and what has been going on behind the scenes and in public view is an event made historic for political expediency and it is not over. A corrupt government sees opportunity in the ingredients for crisis and have inserted their puppet master to make certain the message suits their purpose…whatever the outcome. No matter what the decision of the Grand Jury, the people now inhabiting the streets of a once mundane community are demanding tailor made justice to satisfy their perception of the truth; and that perception has been conjured and nurtured by agitators like Al Sharpton and Eric Holder. Is this the first time in history that a mob is breaking the law and law enforcement is breaking even greater laws by inciting and orchestrating the illegal gathering? If so, who has the authority to arrest and press charges? The military? Top Brass at the Pentagon? Congress? Has it occurred to anyone that every agency has an armed enforcement division but not Congress? Should the Supreme Court be given a military contingent at their disposal to enforce their decisions or arrest dissenting opinion givers? The president of the United States is surrounded by gun toting protection and has command of the military, the CIA and a private militia which may or may not exist. Only the people have the fire power to defend themselves and confront lawlessness and Barack is doing all he can to change that dynamic once and for all; despite the fact that we are hopelessly outgunned.

Mob rule has no conscience and no respect for the law. This mob have deduced, by the actions of Federal government representatives, that the local authorities and police, no matter how intimidating and overpowering they may appear, are on notice to treat miscreants with kid loves and they have no reason to fear serious retribution, no matter how many windows they break. To the victor go the spoils.

We are witnessing the dismantling of the rule of law to accomplish the overthrow of a philosophy of life based on Judea Christian principles; the Constitutional Republic. There will be no vacuum at the top; the transition will go from a blanket challenge of all we stand for to juxtaposition of opposite ideologies and finally evil cannibalizing, to leave one government, one religion and one leader where the Republic once stood. It will not be a government recognizable by any American, Islam will practice Sharia Law and be judged by Islamic Muslims. Christians and Jews may worship when and where the government permits…until the act of worship becomes a dangerous occupation. Fundamental change is less noticeable than total transformation…have you noticed? You should; it happened, is happening and will go on until we take appropriate, long overdo action

We the people are entitled to protection under the law. Right now Eric Holder stands between the American people and justice and he is the top law enforcement officer in the land. Barack Obama will still be circling the Oval Office when Republicans will have the opportunity to behave like one third of the three legged system. Two months to go and already doubt is creeping into our consciousness. Impeach Obama. He will probably have the case dismissed on the grounds that he is not an American citizen and not subject to impeachment. What happens next would depend on the only electorate in the world with the authority and guns to enforce the law. We can’t keep our doctors or our health plans bur we sure as Hades can keep our religions and our guns. You can’t have one without the other in the upcoming series of events.

There is no joy in Mudville when the President who told us the Constitution is a problematic document will now demonstrate how problematic he sees it. There have been many volleys across the bow of this Republic by Barack Obama. Defying two branches of government to establish the Executive Branch as all knowing and all powerful is not a shot across the bow; it is torpedo aimed at our boilers. The divide is unambiguous. Free will and self determination is not spoken here.

No nation has ever survived intact when the forces of evil have pervaded their inner fabric to this extent. Only The United States of America has the backbone and historical strength to shake these shackles and reject the fundamental change that will weaken us and render us submissive. It is not in our DNA. We will revive and strike at the place where a heart should be. We can and will start over and do it right next time.

God bless the Judea Christian heritage that will not allow us to give up the American dream,


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”




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