The Four E’s

Enforcement, Employment, Education, Enforcement

We reward people for ineptitude, idleness and laziness. We have made just punishment the symbol of unfairness and fairness the symbol of entitlement. We perpetuate and encourage dependency and when we reap the consequences, political correctness prohibits us from accepting responsibility or embracing responsible solutions.

Why not punish those who fail to prepare themselves to be self sufficient, productive contributors to society? Aren’t the productive members of society entitled to increase the load bearers and decrease the dependents? Evidently not, because we have also engendered a political environment that refuses to reduce dependency, for fear of losing votes. It is ironic that the dependent culture has the lowest voter turnout but turns out in significant numbers to demand their fair share of a pie they did not bake. They demand that injustice be legislated to assuage their misguided notions of fairness. The readiness to demonstrate is astounding. The need to be well informed and correct before waving banners and marching for a cause lacks the attraction and excitement of violence and rebellion. There is no lack of irony in ignorance when the protesters are objecting to the institutions that guarantee their right to protest… Don’t stand on formality if the word “peaceful” is lost in the confusion.

The process to unite America starts by recognizing the genesis of societal problems and the having the determination and political will to eliminate them. Solutions that do not include personal responsibility are proven ineffective and enabling to the point of disabling. Generational dependency has made the family unit a hindrance to eligibility for optimal public assistance, which minimizes respect for authority and brings scorn on traditional values. We are now living in a country that has created a growing sub-culture that has become proficient in optimizing public assistance and little else. Self reliance in this community is defined as learning to work the system when you come of age to get as much as possible by meeting the criteria for eligibility; nothing more.

The impression that dependency is most prominent in the black community is disproportionate to their percentage of the general population. Arguably Affirmative Action programs have done more harm than good. Those who took advantage of free education and preferential quotas because they longed to break the stereo typical profiles that disadvantaged them, already understood the value of self determination. They merely took the path of least resistance but still performed to their highest potential and became productive members of society. Many however, used the system to perform only to the minimum required, received a degree by default and went on to demand equal treatment in a competitive environment, regardless of qualifications. The system depresses self esteem and misconstrues fairness because it grants equal results, despite nature’s reality of unequal abilities.

A nation that elects a black man to the highest office in the land, accepts a black man as the highest law enforcement officer in the land, celebrates the achievements of black men and women in every field of endeavor with absolutely no trace of patronizing or social limitations, cannot still be considered racist. We do not deny our past or celebrate it but we have left that chapter in our development where it belongs; in the trash heap of history. We did overcome. We have risen above all that with the help of great men like Martin Luther King, Ghandi and Harry Truman. However, if the president and Attorney General of this great nation are openly racist and have knowingly and overtly exacerbated racial tensions, embraced race baiters and organizations known to foment dissatisfaction and discontent along racial lines, we should not spend our precious time in politically correct exercises searching for some deep seated, psychological, contorted explanations for civil unrest and violent public demonstrations. Have the courage admit the obvious. Place blame squarely where it belongs or live with the ravages of radical behavior without rancor. Obama has entertained Al Sharpton, the worst rabble rouser in America, in the Oval Office countless times. Let us have the courage notice that there can be no reason to consult with a race baiter except for his expertise in that field. Al Sharpton and the Attorney General of the United States, who have coddled and encouraged rioters, orchestrated or enabled this destabilizing phenomenon. Eric Holder states categorically that he will not prosecute Black Panthers or black crime unless the crimes are so egregious that they actually offend him; a very high threshold to cross.

Simultaneous demonstrations in a half dozen major cities are not spontaneous and do not occur without cunning, planning and providing incentives, usually in the form of compensation for key individuals. Al Sharpton was hired to coordinate the unreasonable, unwarranted and wanton demonstrations, coast to coast, as he has bragged he would do in the past. My eyes do not deceive me. I am from the school that believes if it looks like a rat, smells like a rat and scurries like a rat, it is a rat. 2 plus 2 is the eternal code for simple deduction. Two: The IRS is a proven, known co conspirator for liberal, rogue Democrat, invectiveness. Plus Two: Sources imply that Al Sharpton owes seven figures in back taxes…or is that already in the past tense? When you smell a rat have the good sense your mother gave you to call it a rat that smells. The human bobble head is in Ferguson inciting an anxious mob today. He should be arrested but instead he will be hailed for his fight against injustice; instead of celebrating the justice that our system upheld.

Because of Al Sharpton, Barack Obama and Eric Holder the embers of racism threaten to erupt in our cities anew. Theirs is a crime against humanity as well as a crime against the Republic. Old wounds are reopened and not permitted to heal and a significant population that depends on heroic figures for direction accepts the premise that the establishment is their enemy, and the establishment, contrary to current demographics, is white. The unemployed, uneducated and now unaccountable entitlement population accepts that they are victims. They wallow in it. They will not look beyond the agitators who look like them and talk like them, to decide for themselves who has oppressed them and who gains from their misfortune and stagnation. They are drowning in knee deep water and are told not to stand up and they will be cared for. When productive members of society demonstrate that achievement is possible by breaking the cycle of dependency, they are called racists, whether they are white, black or neither.

This trio of racial terrorists play like entertainers who ask the audience to settle down with one hand up and with the other hand lowered, palm up, asks for more, more, more. They speak of justice but direct their sympathy only to those who now see justice as the rejection of the justice system, thanks to thinly veiled calls for mob rule with empty pleas for peace and tolerance.

Laws are now primarily to make law abiding people keep paying into the system. Last night the National Guard, local law enforcement and firefighters were restrained observers of massive destruction. Crowds looted and burned at will. Our glorious America is no more. Fundamental change, total transformation and other phrases that undermine our proud heritage are the ugly truth that hurts to my core.

Remove Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetero, by any and every means available to us. We have cause; where is our righteous indignation when needed? I pray that burning our cities will rouse the sleeping giant. May the sacrifices of the innocent not be in vain. Our guns and our religion will be our salvation. We will not be converted, murdered in our sleep or denied our rightful heritage.

Enforce all laws. Educate every citizen to the level of productivity or their best potential. Anyone who refuses or fails to achieve useful skills should be put into public service until they develop a marketable skill. Provide employment for the good of the country and the welfare of all. It is possible only if it is our highest priority, political considerations be damned.

God bless America.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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