Random Thoughts from the Farther Side

“Noncom” is the military abbreviation for “non commissioned officer” which was Sgt. Hagel’s designation. It can also stand for “non compos mentis” which is our mental acuity quotient if we believe there was any love lost between Barack and his choice for Secretary of Defense from the beginning. Quite a jump in rank and pay scale even for a wounded Vietnam Vet. Apply Peter’s Principle if you think it pertains; I do. As long as the Sgt. followed orders and represented the Commander in Sheik’s anti military formula for disaster he got to keep his new rank. When he dared to speak as though he was actually the Secretary of Defense he earned the Obama Judge and Jury disdain that festered just beneath the surface for two years. If Hagel was a true liberal who simply ran the gamut of his usefulness he would have been promoted to Chief of Staff and allowed to fade away like old soldiers do. As it is Obama would just as soon tear off his epaulets and grind his patriotically earned military decorations under his heal. Obama fires nobody because that would be an admission of his own failure. Write a book Chuck; in the end you spoke out for what you believed and was permitted to resign.

With Barack’s foreign policies coming home to roost, obviously it is time to appoint a Secretary of Defense that will support Barack’s strategy for total capitulation, to the bitter end. Kerry can’t do it alone. A loyal Secretary, someone like Janet Napolitano or Susan Rice, would be eager to make the speech condemning Israel for disagreeing with Kerry, making laws that reaffirm Israel’s purpose for existing, treating Palestinians the way Palestinians treat Israel and G-d forbid consider first striking Iran into oblivion. What a shame if Barack and Kerry were caught in a warm embrace (group hug?) with the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei when a pitzootz goes poof vaporizing Iran’s evil existence on earth. Virgins, virgins everywhere and a not ghost to care.

Barack the scholar asserted, “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation.” Is it a statement of fact or prophetic iteration? The process of Islamization taking place in America supports the latter. America never claimed to be a Christian nation but the majority of Americans are, have been and will continue to be Christian just as our incredibly successful blueprint for human achievement and social responsibility is founded on Judea Christian principles. Our civilization is the antithesis of Sharia complicit Islam. Its stated intention is to change that historic statistic by exercising Jihad; converting or killing all infidels, primarily Christians and Jews, until Barack’s prognostication is a reality would have been met with the outrage it deserves if Barack was dutifully exposed.

Instead Barack draws moral equivalency and doubles down on failed policies which inevitably benefit terrorist organizations. Without an unbiased media, diligently pursuing the responsibility of journalism in a democracy, Barack’s initiatives, fiats, and policies which lend credence and support to Islamic ambitions, would not have prospered our enemies in the Middle East and could not be remotely possible in America. Perhaps we would know who are real friends are, if any, and who are the enemies of civilization, without equivocation. The media should report the facts; the military is being purged of Chaplains in favor of Imams, persecution for Jews and Christians is under reported and not acknowledged by the regime and anti Semitic assaults, defamation and desecration are on the rise. Muslim on Christian atrocities, from murder, to sect displacement, group annihilation, to slavery, kidnapping and wholesale rape in foreign lands do not rise to the threshold of consistent condemnation, if our government is no longer appalled by these inhumane acts, as we once were.

The very things we decry as barbaric and subhuman in Islamic Muslim communities that practice Sharia Law and Jihad are growing problems in America, government sponsored and media insulated. Our disbelief that these atrocities can become commonplace in America protects the burgeoning evil.

The exponential increase in anti Israel and vocal detestable anti Semitism is unchecked and viral since America has demonstrated a reserve in our defense and support of our most valued ally. Our calm acceptance of Iran’s tactics to assure them of Nuclear capability is the final dagger in the heart of Israeli American relations at least as long as Barack holds sway.

Barack does not deserve the dignity of a trial for menial, by comparison, crimes against the state. His tenure is a dark episode for civilization itself.

Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”




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