Horse Shoes Anyone?

What is wrong in a nation when the dissatisfaction level of the current administration is 70% but the elections to slow the transition to radical socialism is razor-thin close?

A couple of things come to mind.

One: The electorate is uninformed and unaware of the relationship between the Executive Branch of government and the Legislative Branch, now degraded and antagonistic.

Two: The electorate is uninformed and unaware of their responsibility to preserve the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the Constitutional Republic as it were, and aren’t cognizant of the political deceptions that take advantage of that fact.

Three: The electorate is uninformed and unaware that their awareness factor is heavily influenced by message control designed to corrupt traditional social, moral and political standards.

Four: The electorate is uninformed and unaware that our institutions have been staffed by anti American ideologists, concentrated on indoctrination of impressionable minds to distrust conservative values and traditional thinking.

Five: The electorate is uninformed and unaware.

An informed electorate, if they were cognizant of the reasons our founders settled on the idea of self government, would not have tolerated a candidate with no credentials and an agenda to change our fundamental concept of self determination and free will. The idea was to discredit traditional values and the Judea Christian basis for our body of laws, introducing an illogical elevation of Islamic political/religious tenets. That is solid confirmation that the movement to transform America was well underway long before Barack Obama promised to tame the oceans or some such nonsense. First they convinced the masses that change is good even if it is for the sake of change with no enunciated options; then they promised to deliver. The uninformed and unaware electorate, rich, poor, famous and ignominious chanted kumbaya and sandbagged the majority Conservative American populace and helped elect the quick change artist we have come to distrust but not understand.

In appreciation Barack wasted no time employing his skills to tear down the national morale, the economy and our military establishment. Bailouts changed the way financial institutions react to public demand…government had a say. Crisis after crisis proved that most of Barack’s formal education centered on Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Stimulus after stimulus rewarded the wrong sector or punished productivity. Cash for clunkers rewarded China, even providing the iron to build bridges American companies never had a chance to do. The Gulf oil spill deprived millions of Americans of their livelihoods and Obama paid foreign companies to pick up the leases. The oil they produced goes to China. Government agencies work for the party machine and punish individuals and small business with draconian regulations and impose penalties avoiding or ignoring due process. Military objectives and operations in the Middle East gave new military and political power to the Muslim Brotherhood with never an apology or admission of failure…but our failures in the field of honor are abysmal.

The polls are still open. The election will be close and doubtless in some close cases results will be contested. Do you recall how Minnesotan Al Franken got elected? Franken got more recounts than a census taker in a village of Penguins in mating season. They counted and recounted until they got the result the wanted. We now have a liberal, ideological, party sycophant, mean-spirited comedian making law and the joke’s on us.

The voter pool has been contaminated by open borders and the process itself has been corrupted. How is voter I.D. up for discussion in a real democracy? AG Holder is monitoring polls to insure blacks and minorities are not discriminated against; unless you believe he has found another use for his office besides race baiting and illegal alien protection. In some districts you can vote if you can get one hand freed from a straight jacket. One activist reporter voted 20 times using 20 aliases and it’s not even newsworthy. Despite all that I hope and pray Republicans will take back the Senate and hold the Congress. What troubles me more than anything from the last sick years is how close the polling is. The electorate is truly uninformed and unaware. God have mercy.

Think secession; Republicans are politicians without a unified message. Democrats are unified to dismantle the Republic. A third party would probably never raise the astronomical funds needed to compete.

The great experiment of 1776 is teetering on the edge. We are at the far end of the predicted longevity. My life, fortune and good name would gladly be offered to see victory pulled from the jaws of defeat and I know many patriots who have the very same sentiment. This election…and if we hold the line now, the 2016 election, may give us a reprieve or signal the end of the people’s government; at least for now. We are so close but this is not horse shoes.

Prayer helps only if we are willing to do the work.

God bless Americans.

Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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