11 11 14 Folks, Don’t Fix It: Give it Back

The tip of the iceberg is radio active and laden with blossoming seeds of destruction and disaster; bearing disease in its wake and emitting death in its path. Absolute power will not submit to redeeming influence but glories in maleficence.

If you consider the source this knock is not a boost but stops short of obvious conclusions that his associations, dating from his formative years and surrounding him now, tell a far more foreboding story. This was not a candidate corrupted by power; this was a corrupt candidate seeking power to spread discontent.

Barack Obama: Corrupt enough to fear our guns and disruptive enough hate our military.

The enemy within is a cancer that has not and will not respond to treatment. If early detection would have made a difference we failed to acknowledge the signs, even when we recognized them. Barack’s total transformation campaign reaches into every facet of our existence like a metastases willed and celebrated by a force that insists it has a formula for our well being.

Barack has removed his mask to expose an image far worse than the hideous mask he wore to cheat us of free will and self determination. Now we are told that the end justifies the means and we are not smart enough to choose the end we prefer.

As a veteran I chose not to celebrate or commemorate this day. We have homeless veterans by the thousands braving the elements to survive; their health care needs are half met if at all, their service and sacrifice measured by an opinion as to what constitutes line of duty or work place violence. Work place violence nullifies their recognition, status and benefits whether they are killed or wounded.

We have thousands being sent into harm’s way with no definitive mission. They may be deployed to fight a disease they have no defense against or a mortal enemy they cannot shoot unless they are fired on first, in a war we will not declare or acknowledge, disguised as advisers to those whose motives are subject to change mid stream or mid battle.

While the Commander in Chief cannot define the battle, respect the troops or honor the Constitution I reserve my right not to participate. It is time to demand some accountability from the White House absent concerns for p[olitical fall out.


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