Go Forth and Spread the Word

We Will Not be Cowered into Submission.

The message from the White House, if you ignore actions and give weight to words in a vacuum, is taken at face value, favorably compared to Judea Christian principles and repeated in the media, from the pulpits and in our schools; if not verbatim, in spirit, by well meaning clergy, complicit media and indoctrination minded educators. When they preach the Gospel I heed; when they interpret the Gospel I weigh; when they interpret political views, I am skeptical to a fault. Clergy are fallible humans in the business of spreading good works and good words. Media and educators have been corrupted for decades.

We have a problem with our messengers.

When Clergy try to apply the virtues of brotherly love and tolerance when self preservation calls for rejection and retaliation, skepticism trumps consent. A road paved with good intentions should be the road less traveled in a dangerous world where annihilation is more common than honest debate.

At the core of Judea Christian principles is the concept of self determination and free will. The disconnect is the result of the secular imperative to teach whenever they speak, without the benefit of practical experience or volition to delve into the hinter regions of religious political warfare; they are clergy and often see their role as peace keepers at all cost.

Christian and Jewish clergy must enlist their members in the fight against Islamic proselytizing, or Jihad, but first we must enlist their cooperation. Muslims have a systematic process by which they impose their preference, Sharia Law, which is based on the percentage of a population they represent. As the percentage grows so do their demands and their animus toward all other religions manifests itself as Jihad and the pretext of equal rights is exposed for the pretense it is. Muslims believe they have no equals, thus have no tolerance for competition. They praise Allah with every act of terrorism or atrocity they commit and fully expect to be rewarded eternally.

Recently an upstanding Christian Pastor politely and kindly advised me to seek a broader range of sources for my information and not to rely entirely on Fox News. His manner was not intentionally condescending. He was so egalitarian that he assured me he respected Catholics and Jews as much as Islamics but went on to inform me of the many good Muslims he was personally acquainted with and how they bemoaned the fact that a few radicals were giving all Muslims a bad reputation. An explanation so reasonable to the Western thought process that it is accepted out of hand. I offered to provide statistics, current events and historical facts to contest his naive notions, to no avail. The good shepherd was defending the underdogs and was prepared to castigate me and anyone else whose opinion and experience strayed from the message of peace and brotherly love he believes is at the core of his religious dogma. He is sadly misguided.

When “radical” Muslims invade a new territory to pillage, rape and behead the natives on their way to proselytizing, the Muslims among that community are not raped or beheaded; they are exempt with some exceptions. (No one wants to deprive these marauders of a little fun. When there are no infidels to kill, they do kill each other). In that sense there are no peaceful Muslims, just inactive ones. That is the only sensible conclusion I can allow myself if I intend to survive and see my heirs prosper in God’s name. We do not know the hearts and minds of those who do not actively participate in Jihad; they may be too old, infirm, timid or lazy. They may even be uneducated, naive, misinformed or unaware of the travesties the strict interpretation of their “good book” condones; or they may be condoning and quietly complicit. Perhaps most are peace loving as I am and I have no quarrel with men of good will no matter what they believe, Muslims included. When the Pope declares war on Episcopalians or Jews he will get my two minute notice. I know how to worship without the benefit of a conductor.

When there are millions of Muslims designated as radicals under a central organization that has declared war on all infidels, then all infidels must unite to survive. I am a proud infidel.

An ant hill cannot be destroyed by first inquiring which are the ants that bite, which guard the Queen or which work their asses off for the greater good. We spread a ton of Antkill on the mound and hope we get them all; unless they convert to Judaism. Catholics don’t need or understand ex Muslims.

The message from the “Bully Pulpit” must be formally rejected from the pulpits in our parishes and synagogues or they are leading their flocks to certain extinction. The same President who calls for tolerance in the face of Muslim terrorist acts and extols Islamic contributions to American exceptionalism but denies we are exceptional, is leading unprecedented state sponsored religious persecution, targeting Christians in America and Jews world wide while turning a blind eye to escalating Muslim atrocities directed toward Christians, Jews and other infidels, now occurring on a daily basis on at least three Continents. How can our pastors and Rabbis not defend the lives of the faithful and fight to eliminate the threat of extinction of their religions? It is time for the people in a people’s government to be the people who shake their religious leaders into reality.

The same technique and confidence in our stupidity that made the transfer of wealth on a grand scale into law via a health care Trojan horse, is employed here to encroach our religious heritage. Our devotion is offensive to Atheists, Agnostics and now a minority religion called Islam. If we are to survive this assault on freedom we must strive to offend them into submission. Until Barack they were not invited to replace or substitute our Judea Christian heritage.

I, the people, hereby disinvite and condemn those who preach hatred and celebrate deceit and terrorism.
Educate your pastors and Rabbis if need be. The war must be encountered in the pews, pulpits and Shuls of America. We are losing a war we have yet to acknowledge. Allah Akbar my foot.
As for the thousands or more Rabbis and Pastors who are true to our core conservative values and outspoken I beg you to convince your peers that the way of the Lord is not to turn the other cheek after we are beheaded.

God bless Americans.

Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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