The Day After Before the Year After

I breathed a sigh of relief when the magic number 6 seats gave the Republicans a chance to get their dignity back. The 7th was icing on the cupcake. Some might think of the win as a home run for Republicans but I see it more like a ground rule double. They have a man in scoring position but no big bats in the lineup.

To their half credit Republicans are still responsive to the electorate about half the time. The other half have more to gain when they stray and will be forgiven before election time anyway. Yes, Republicans are politicians too. Our most senior and highly regarded John McCain, the Compromiser in Grief, hasn’t been held accountable for his forays to the far side yet. I have the utmost respect for his time in captivity and extraordinary heroism but dare I mention that until he was captured he was a one man wrecking ball in the US Navy? Unless he is captured now he will continue to be a one man wrecking ball in our political system.

The rest of the pack was all over the airwaves yesterday and today hoping the president that nullified their authority with stolid finality would cede the victory and allow Republicans to roll back sick years of regressive pen-manship as a concession to their superior sense of patriotism. Their list of priorities when the gavel is passed is impressive. I’m sure Barack will be impressed as Republicans trip over one another like a chorus line in an oil slick, presenting veto inspiring bills that make fundamental sense out of fundamental change. How many John McCain clones will we have to suffer before 2016 is the distraction that takes center stage?

When Father Time goes back into his time capsule for another year, Republicans are expected to hit the ground running. Illegal aliens will get on the bus and forget about us, free market doctors will make house calls, rogue agencies hand in their weapons and entrepreneurs will dance in the streets, creating jobs, innovation and opportunity and the forefathers, cheering from cloud nine, will be taking bets on 2016.

If I could have my druthers I’d put country above politics and commit political suicide…or maybe CPR is just what the doctor ordered. I call for defunding and withholding of funds for any program the pen and a handful of democrats stuffed down our throats. Impeach Holder and his boss and as many judges as possible who said it’s a tax, no it’s a fee, no, it’s a feetax until Barack says different. If we are to believe that we are entering a new era of cooperation and brotherly love we might as well believe that virgins are Muslim perks in glorious death so they are not pro life.

How would you like to be a fly on the wall when Barack is cornered by Valerie, two Imams and a covey of ambitious political traitors asking him, “How now brown cow..ard?” Can you picture Michelle telling the kids to stay clear of the man in the house until he gets a grip? Do you think the democrats who voted just for the fried chicken are lined up outside the kitchen door, waiting for Michelle to pass the bucket?

I don’t know whether to gloat (I am) or worry that the new game in town will get their signals crossed, suffer the blame for Obama’s free fall economy and lose the election in 2016 for being hapless. A free fall economy is not avoidable by the legislative branch if it is already in the cards and the lame ducker executive has no reason to avoid it himself. The immediate future has been shaped by the immediate past. Whatever goes wrong in the next two years will be hung around the Republican neck, right or wrong. I say use the currency now to punish the traitors and double agents to maybe deliver a clean White House to the next occupant. If Republicans do that the next occupant will be a Conservative able to rebuild America from the inside out. Start by adding a constitutional amendment that makes it possible to remove a president post haste who embarks on a mission to transform America fundamentally.

If the last six years hasn’t taught us anything then we will not use this new political currency to restore America as a functioning Constitutional Republic; a herculean task by any measure of difficulty. The Republican Congress is still only one third of the government and if all we want to do is put a bubble gum patch on an old worn out inner tube then go ahead and celebrate while you can. One third can reform the two thirds that left the reservation if that is their priority.

Do I really expect the Republican Congress to commit political suicide? Not really, all though I believe that Muslims historically retreat or stand down in the face of overwhelming force. Barack is no different and he, like the Muslim Brotherhood he has enabled world wide, is emboldened and encouraged by a submissive or fearful enemy. So be it.

But if you really want to put this political power base to the test ask them to pass a term limits bill, then hold your breath.
God bless America.

Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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