The Imperative Case for Impeachment

Impeachment is not an option; it is the Democratic Republic life raft.

The United Nations has enlisted over 50 countries in a convoluted treaty to control the manufacture, distribution and sale of small arms among law abiding people. Criminals will adjust. Even the United States has agreed to this camel nose incursion in domestic affairs, which Clinton’s executive order lent credibility to. Hilary Clinton and John Kerry, in turn, have tried to get Congress to ratify a Small Arms Treaty with the United Nations. Any means to an end would give a foreign entity influence over the Second Amendment the forefathers explicitly worded “shall not be infringed”; not by politicians and certainly not by foreigners.

Arguably only the United States and Israel would be affected by this concession to the UN and fat chance Israel will give the UN time of day on the subject. Whether far fetched or imminent the UN is seen by some as a potential One World Governing body; not of the democratic variety I assure you; we are dealing with the variety that fears an armed population, just as Barack fears the Second Amendment and for the same reasons.

It is not as though Barack’s offenses that warrant impeachment are not flagrant and numerable. Any freshman law student with a C average can cite the case for impeachment eloquently; at least explicitly.

Republicans treat the impeachment word as a toxic subject most of them fear for personal political considerations. Which is exactly why most of them should be recalled, defeated and sent home, to live lives of accountability and consequences like the rest of us. Will one of these denizens of the public trough propose a Bill that eliminates the oath of office for the president and all public servants? Hardly. If not, then why do we, through them, our eminent representatives, not hold all public servants responsible for living to the letter of that oath? Nixon, for all his faults, did have some redeeming qualities as president and as a citizen saved us the embarrassment and expense of an impeachment trial. He found humility.

We all readily agree that no one is above the law. The “we” I refer to doesn’t really have the will or practical authority to insist on that basic concept of civilized society. So much for government by the people. To prove my assertion we need look no further than the men and women we have sent to Washington to represent us. Where was the outrage when Congress exempted its members from the most common offenses men are guilty of?

In my educated opinion Martha Stewart was falsely accused of “insider trading”, found guilty and sentenced to prison. Congress is exempt from that law; insider trading is a special privilege for them and many have enriched themselves substantially from the practice. Poor Martha.

Congress enjoys the version of Social Security George Bush tried to extend to all citizens who pay in. They not only refused to share a good thing, they roundly derided the President for suggesting it.

The Congress did not need to read the Health Care Bill to find out what is in it, they exempted themselves and left it to us to suffer the consequences, whether we read it or not, because they passed it.

This is a deep well and with a few minutes and the Internet we can all discover that Gruber the architect may not have been so far off base. We behave like an electorate that has no reason to distrust and no right to redress and that might qualify us as one dumb bunch of subjects, just like the man said.

Barack has not only breached the threshold for impeachment, he is a multiple, unapologetic offender whose anti-constitutional antics have grown in boldness and frequency in direct proportion to Congress’ inability or unwillingness to hold him accountable. Unless this generation of Americans is given the satisfaction of a Congress that enforces the law at the highest levels of corruption and contemptuous behavior there will be no chance for restoration. Indeed the concept of restoration is rapidly losing popularity with only one change in the guard; a change which will not convene until January one. The new guard’s resolve was immediately challenged by Obama the day after the election results were in and every day since. Republicans blinked without shame on all of the key issues they are expected to back Barack into a corner on. Barack lives in an oval office world; no corners. Immigration talk prompts the Republicans to offer a Bill that Barack will not find totally objectionable. Health Care probably won’t be rescinded; the bad parts will be removed. The government won’t get shut down over the budget, we’ll piece meal the funding again. Politics unusual perhaps but politics as usual no matter how unusual. Total transformation is unusual, even in today’s transformed America.

If the new majority wants the confidence of this electorate for more than two years it is time to admit that the Republic is not functioning and cannot function unless the fundamental changes are undone and the quick change artist is held accountable for crimes against the people, the Republic and our Judea Christian value system. I want to hear the word “restore” echo in the halls of justice. Prove to us that no one is above the law. Impeach and let the chips fall where they may. It will be an education for Americans who refused to be an informed electorate.

If we have no recourse against an arrogant administration that practices selective enforcement of all laws, holds itself above the law and writes laws at will, we are not a lawful nation; just a territory with an awful lot of laws designed to keep law abiding citizens in line.

God bless the concept of self government and give us the will to restore it.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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