In My Name They Will Cast Out Demons

Many months ago, perhaps two years back, I warned Democrats that their idol, leader and role model is not a Democrat. His dream is to rule as an autocrat and there is no room at the top for company. He is using the Democrat Party as a vehicle and Islam as a tool. His role is to force America to accept the concept of change and introduce as much foreign culture to water down our Judea Christian heritage as much as possible. In time Islam will introduce fear and intimidation at the local level across the land and Barack will establish an autocracy on the back of chaos. Neither of these ego maniacal forces is suited to sharing and they will cannibalize each other if their diabolical plan ever gets close to completion. In his mind Democrats are no different than Republicans, Independents or Libertarians…he loves no one but he does detest some more than others…

Barack is not racist as we would ordinarily interpret the meaning; he hates white Americans as much as black Americans and uses race to divide the country. His racial profile is Indonesian black, some call grey. He does not identify with any typical American ethnicity, color or political ideology we are accustomed to. He is an Islamic Fascist caterpillar trying to bust out of his cocoon; something we in America are not familiar with and don’t readily recognize.

This election cycle should give that opinion added credibility; I stand by my observations. Republicans would do well to work across the aisle but only to enlist the help of Democrats to overthrow the despot they threw in with. An impeachment with bipartisan support can actually work and there are several Democrats ready to bolt if the fear factor can be allayed; fear of being ostracized, fear of retaliation, fear of job security and fear of failure. At some point they will rather face the consequences of their actions than live in fear; trust me.

Immigration is a wedge and a hammer for Obama which he sees as the answer to fill the rolls of entitlement and reliance so that killing the HC law would be seen as an unconscionable act by Republicans. Republicans are wary of being tagged with that label but a little bravery will go a long way and would be rather refreshing if a few Republicans put country ahead of personal ambition. Obama’s signature legislation, if you want to call it legislation, considering how it came into being, is still Health Care. He will legitimize as many illegal aliens as possible to put them on the rolls and the Republicans are sleep walking right into his hands. Immigration reform is a trap used by incrementalists to write more law rather than enforce the laws we have, which are more than adequate. That’s how ignorance allowed the camel’s nose under the tent until only his tail is sticking out where his nose came in.

Where are the politicians among the Republicans who are willing and able to verbalize the American Constitutional Republic’s fundamental reliance on free markets? If Republicans waste this opportunity to reestablish the validity of a free market society it will be a loss for democracy that elections may not be able to repair. We can defund, or dismantle the Obama Bill but if we fail to drive the nails into the coffin the pendulum that raises our hopes will revert to the left all too soon.

Do not fall into the trap of trying to replace the HC bill. The free market exists and will fill the need.

Do not fall into the trap of trying to draw a “comprehensive” immigration bill. “Comprehensive” is an Obama word. If we enforce the laws we have that will be comprehensive enough.

If Republicans get into the habit of relying on the Constitution they will find ample cause to impeach Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetero. The forefathers and Americans who believe in this country must have justice to so that future despots will ply their evil ambitions elsewhere. It will give new meaning to the phrase, “Don’t tread on me”.

Barack is still after our guns…If he gets them all bets are off.

God bless America


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”

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