Are You a Betting Patriot?

A prize fighter sat in his locker room, applying the mandatory tape over his own knuckles before putting on the gloves. He hadn’t really trained and wasn’t familiar with all of the Marques of Queensberry Rules of fair play or other regulations pertaining to the industry. Still he had a look of confidence and determination in his sneer, unbecoming of his record or the disparity in class and career between himself and his opponent. He quietly and purposefully dipped each length of gauze in a loose mixture of plaster of paris before applying to his hands. His manager had a tete-a-tete with one of the judges; his opponent’s corner man will put liniment in the sponge bucket; money well spent. He was preparing for a fight he had no intention of losing.

His opponent had trained rigorously for this upcoming match, sticking to a strict dietary regimen, faithfully putting in the time and effort in the gym, sparring, skipping rope, working on the fast bag and heavy bag and doing roadwork. His was a proud reputation for good sportsmanship, clean fighting and abiding by the rules of the game. He was preparing for a fight he had no intention of losing.

If you were privy to this scenario and could place a bet on the outcome, who would you put your money on?

The regime is preparing for the upcoming election season.

The IRS is proposing regulations that will give them the authority to restrict Conservative organizations’ voter guides, legislative scorecards, get-out-the-vote campaigns and even the voter registration activities of non-profit groups by defining such civic engagement as “candidate-related political activity. “501c 4” is being The FBI has announced they will not pursue criminal charges against the offenders of the IRS targeting. The announcement incensed several leading members of Congress…too bad.

The NY Times declared that after their thorough investigation, lo and behold it was a short film that instigated the riot in Ben Ghazi, darn kids. However the Senate Investigative Committee issued their findings on Ben Ghazi which are more official and definitive and by gosh it is critical of the handling. Turns out the raid could have been avoided and yes it was a terrorist attack…but the blame does not go all the way up the chain of command…Poor communication is the culprit…Hilary received honorable mention…Barak is still in the wings getting to the bottom of things.

Governor Christie however, has feet of clay. No stone is left unturned to get to the top of the food chain on this one; a likely place to find the rotund governor. No smoking gun? The investigation will continue until a link is found that proves Christie was in on the plot to spite-jam traffic for days…G. W. Bridge Gate will run Christie out of office…out of politics, hope-a-hope-a-hopa. Not so much? Well he’s the sole proprietor of the misuse of emergency funds to clean up Sandy scandal. Give the crack inspectors a chance and the tail will land on the donkey…or the elephant to be sure. But damaged goods Christie will run a poor second to Hilary if he chooses to run at all. What difference will that make?

In the Blue corner the Democrats are busy cleaning up loose ends, dipping strips of gauze in plaster of paris, getting ready for a fight they have no intention of losing.

In the Red corner, the Republicans have no stomach for sleazy politics…unless it is among themselves. When they can’t agree on one platform it’s because they have a large tent…plenty of room for disparity unless it is Tea Party disparity…They broke out the plaster of paris but Boehner drank it; two ice cubes and a twist…Hope-a hope-a-hopa the truth will be told; Ben Ghazi is a cover up and Obama Care will implode. They sing “the electorate will love us after all is told”; as they prepare for a fight they don’t intend to lose..

If you were privy to this scenario and could place a bet on the outcome, who would you put your money on? …Exactly…and that’s why we have Obama running things single handed; and that’s dictatorship; and that brings with it corruption, intimidation, lies…the opposite of our credo and American moral certitude…fundamentally changed are we.

Will you pledge allegiance to the Transformed States of America or will you honor the pledge to the United States of America to defend this country against all enemies? If the man in the White House can’t bring himself to name our enemies, presides over the denial of dignity and benefits to our military, stands with the betrayal of Israel and the support of Islam, will not distance himself from his or his wife’s anti American anti Constitution and anti Bill of Rights pronouncements…he is the enemy. We the people are charged with the responsibility to put this country on its proper and original course.

Given this scenario, if you have the ability to place a bet on the outcome…don’t bet against the people. Join the majority conservative Americans and demand that Barak be removed for cause. Remove his guns not mine or yours. Ours will save the Republic.

Restore our faith in the Creator and you will render the Muslim Brotherhood and Jihad helpless.

God bless this great people and this great nation. May we learn to fight fire with fire, expose the enemy and earn back our liberty.



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