Odds and Ends Add Up

I worry that some pundits who don’t seem to understand at this late date what motivates and drives Barak Obama may know more than they let on. When one after another they repeat that Barak hasn’t been able to work across the aisle to get things done, do they realize that Barak has got more done in 5 years than every Democrat before ever dreamed of? Not even FDR could conceive of a plan to ignore the Republican dominated Congress, co opt the Senate, rule by decree and get the majority of Americans to agree that Congress is to blame for doing nothing. We are essentially transformed as forewarned. The Alynski-student-dictator in Barak considers working with Congress an admission of weakness and in a police state the main guy never lets his guard down. Barak’s claim that he has tried to work with Congress but they have no fresh ideas is just part of the tactical strategy to inure the public to an all powerful executive branch. Once that is generally accepted who will notice that there are no branches in a Barak empire?

Eventually the Democrats and effete liberal elitists who do his bidding will realize that in the political scheme of things their role is to make Barak look omnipotent; not to think or opine without first getting the party slant on what to think and how to opine. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed that when commanded or given the opportunity to speak they all use the exact same phrases. When commanded not to speak they answer all questions with a party line statement. Dictators have no party loyalty; the party must be loyal to them. If a Democrat breaks ranks with the regime he can expect the same maltreatment any Republican who poses even a mild threat gets. More often than not a wayward democrat is given several chances to restate his faux pas or as many as it takes to get back in line. A Republican has one shot and then the media will expand, expound and grind his ideas into pulp fiction or just pulp; and the impression the left wishes you to take away is all that is left.

Recently Barak invited the Vice President to a photo op to prove that dumbass Joe was still in good graces around the Oval Office. Pathetic Joe has been missing in action for several months when it comes to restating Obama’s statements; a job most VP’s relish as their moment in the sun. In Fascist double speak the public exposure was a signal that Old Joe was all but pronounced DOA; but we dasn’t notice. I’m sure Joe noticed long ago that there are several unelected, mostly undetected denizens who have Barak’s prime attention and influence public policy more than Joe ever could, more than any elected official expects to. Joe still handles the ceremonial stuff where the insiders figure he can’t do much damage. PS: Joe has a nasty side that few citizens have ever been privy to and I’ll bet dollars to rupees that Joe is tame as a kitten around Barak and every one of his Tsars because he knows what’s good for him.

Here’s a flash the average American isn’t on to. The Reverend Martin Luther King was a Republican. The Democrats eschew the Reverend title and refer to him as Dr. Martin Luther King because they would strip this great man of his deeply embedded, religiously imparted traditional Conservative values. We are supposed to see their Doctor King as a one dimensional man whose only concern was equal rights for black Americans, in sync with the Democrat myth that they are the champions for black equality. Nothing could be further from reality.

The Reverend Dr. King was for all humans’ rights and answered his calling to elevate the black society to eliminate injustice, with dignity, political savvy and compassion. That is where injustice in America was most visible and prominent. I believe that if in his time there was no racial tension or racial inequality in America the Reverend Dr. King would be as prominent and revered for his contributions to Social Justice as he is today.

Our State Department must have been warned of a potential reaction to some real or imagined slight to some local radicals in Russia. Not on Obama’s watch. Our Naval presence is intended to give second thoughts to anyone who would attempt to harm our Ambassadors of good will and American individualism. We will do whatever it takes to be sure our athletes are adequately protected and safe from hot heads bent on violence for no apparent reason or some utube film…Too bad Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty couldn’t or wouldn’t play ball or jump high enough. Perhaps had they demonstrated some level of athleticism Hilary and Barak would have realized the importance of their protection and survival and sent a couple of our warships to intimidate the delinquents…or let the military handle terrorists without political interference. For my money this show of concern for our Olympic athletes is touching but underscores the absence of command in Benghazi and what appears to have been intentional betrayal of the men on duty…hence the betrayal of America.

Family values. I admit that since Barak revealed his true nature, (that would be five years ago), I have adopted a certain Alynski tactic. Specifically I have no qualms about repeating a rumor that shows Barak consistent with my opinion of him or I feel he is capable of based on that opinion. Notably you may recall that Harry Reid accused Romney of tax evasion right on the Senate floor. That was knowingly telling a lie hoping it would go viral and do permanent damage to the reputation of the candidate. It is not what I do or subscribe to. I merely pass on rumors, I don’t initiate. I believe that Barak could dispel such rumors by doing something he is proven ideologically adverse to; tell the truth.

Now the Enquirer and some British rag reported that the Obamas have agreed to go their separate ways after the next election. Divorce is in the offing. It seems that it has come to the attention of the First Lady that the Secret Service has been doing for Barak what they have famously done for JFK and Willy Clinton; cover up. If Danish pastry PM Halle or Thai PM Yingluck, Pu to you, is an indication of Barak’s taste he’s doing better than Willy Boy by a long shot and even JFK if we leave Marilyn out of the equation and don’t mention Barak’s Larry Sinclaire.

Well Barak has contributed his fair share of firewood to the dismantling of family values in America and this (if true) is of course a direct deposit. (If there is a pun worth taking credit for in there I accept). The venerable Enquirer account claims that Michelle is the Plaintiff but I can’t help wondering if Barak didn’t just take the Muslim option; walk around the bride three times saying I divorce you and you are in splitsville. The paper went on to say that Michelle will hang on to the kids and stay in Washington and Barak will reside in lonesome bachelorhood in Hawaii, of all places. Perhaps Kailu Beach? Perhaps when the charade passes by Barak will take up residence in his $35,000,000 gift worthy of a Potentate, get away. Or will Michelle demand halfies? Or will a gift to the president of the United States of America, while defiling the Oval Office, belong to the people he betrayed?

Fodder for the grist.

For 50, 60, 70 years or more there has been a clandestine movement to defeat America economically and morally from the inside. Barak brought that movement into the open and challenged us directly for the ideological future of America. We will likely end up as an Islamic Fascist-ruled nation unless we the people restore our Judea Christian principles, preserve our religious heritage and reject the liar in the White House for his treachery.

There will be a march on Washington in May. If you can participate it is your patriotic duty to do so. Go to Save America Foundation: Patriots in Action for particulars. It looks as though we may be taking back our country.

God bless America.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”





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