Shalom Sharon

Today all the hypocrites will come out of their anti Semitic rat holes to give unsolicited eulogies for a great man, Ariel Sharon. There will be no brutal honesty of the Brutus variety; rather those who claim to support Israel on the side of all Jews but send guns and fortitude to her enemies will speak in glowing terms for a man they would not shed a tear for had he died in combat, at the hands of Israel’s mortal enemies. I won’t be listening to any of them unless by chance. Prime Minister Sharon was taken from his people in 2006 and that is ample time for those who loved and respect him to recall his service and pay proper homage. Whether you agreed with his style or his politics is a moot point after 8 years. The rest don’t matter one whit.

What matters is that today a good Jew died of natural causes. General Sharon spent his life as an Israeli dedicated to the prayer that one day all Jews will die of natural causes. Like all good Generals and all good fathers he was a man of peace. Like all patriots he was willing to fight to assure that one day all Jews can expect to die of natural causes; that is one definition of a good Jew.

Israel has been betrayed by Barak and America cannot come to her aide at this time. Rest assured Barak will make a fine speech praising Sharon and probably finding a way to bask in the glory of his own words at the same time; he is no Brutus and no friend of Israel or Jews; for that matter he is no friend of America.

All men of good will must reject the Muslim pact with the Devil to murder Jews and men like Ariel Sharon will not have lived in vein.

Rest in peace brother.




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