Political Science or Political Suicide

Socialism inflicts pain on those who are coerced into picking up the tab for idle beneficiaries. I use the term “beneficiaries” loosely because the so-called “beneficiaries” pay an even dearer price; upward mobility is their ultimate sacrifice. It is a sad time in America when millions of Americans are forced onto the unemployment rolls, millions more exhausted their benefits and any hope of finding employment as well, millions more have accepted part time jobs, entry level jobs or jobs outside their skill or education and training; millions of them use Government programs in lieu of gainful employment…The employed, productive members in the country are forced to balance the books and the fair share the so-called rich are assessed is the only upward mobility left in America…”fair share” goes up according to government greed. Dead end jobs, like no jobs, do not provide opportunity to improve one’s status via promotion or wealth accumulation. When the ladder of success is just a step stool our options are rather limited, to put it mildly. You can’t move up but you can still fall off.

Economists, journalists and pundits insist on saying we are in an economic “recovery”, albeit the slowest, longest, least encouraging recovery in history. Like it or not they are measuring the dead cat bounce and find some solace in not admitting that the bounce is merely a splat. Five years of malaise, record unemployment and government programs in high gear with no expectation of funding, does not constitute recovery; it constitutes transformation. The stock market is not an indicator of how poorly or well the economy is doing. If you would like a further discussion on the subject I will be glad to respond to any comments sent my way.

Socialism is merely the bitter pill administered for transformation to occur with the least resistance from the population; the more pain the less resistance seems to be the formula. However the economic pain that Socialism inflicts is nothing compared to the pain that results in the loss of freedom Socialism imparts as it gives way to dictatorship, fascism, communism or the authoritarian flavor of the century. Yet we live in high expectation that Barak will be replaced with an American President and we will quickly return to fiscal and political responsibility. If it’s tea leaves you’re reading yours may be Pekoe, mine are kookoo. Is America still capable of holding honest elections? Should we ignore the fraud that was discovered in recent elections and not be concerned that some fraud was not detected?

If only we could point to some other nation or past civilization where these socialist impositions have improved the lot of society. Perhaps if there was even one civilized society in history or in the world today that benefited from any of the policies we are being force fed, we could hold out hope that we will follow that model and somehow change the course of history for the Republic. All we can point to with certainty is that over the centuries, on several occasions man decided he was capable of self government and in those times uniquely, man rose to his highest potential. America is mankind’s finest and latest example of free men reaching untapped potential until barnacles weighed us down in the form of transferred wealth from the earners to the yearners. We can also point out that socialism is the gateway drug of politics and inevitably precedes the arrival of tyrannical government. (And fixed elections) My kookoo tea leaves say we must at least be prepared for the worst so that we may better cope with anything less bad.

The math doesn’t work anyway. There is no amount of money government can extract from the nation’s productivity that will cure the pangs of poverty and no amount of money the government can redistribute to ignite new industry. Barnacles just keep growing until the host is brought down and will continue to grow on a sinking ship and there is no evidence that barnacles know when a ship has sunk; they live on and continue to support the regime that suppressed them with pittance purloined from productive people. Are we anxiously awaiting the outcome as if the butler didn’t exist?

The myth that socialist governments take from the “rich” and Robinhoodenly give to the poor is a myth. “Rich” is always relative and will be redefined and adjusted to suit shrinking revenues and increasing dependency until anyone with a job, no matter how humble, is called on to “pay their fair share” and outright confiscation becomes the order of the day. The inevitable result is more people needing assistance and less people available to pay the fiddler’s monkey. This causes unrest and resentment and a restive population demanding that government keep promises made or remove itself. Socialists morph into communists, fascists or autocrats in the process but history shows that socialism is only a lie used by these dictators to take control of a nation. Transformation has no other destination.

Obamacare is the law that this regime is counting on to fundamentally change America and put those changes beyond reclamation. The lies on top of lies and the seemingly illogical decisions challenging and distorting everything from religion to military service, from sovereignty to international relations, from family values to personal choice, complete the picture. I am not giving you a course in political science; I am seriously attempting to give you a reality check. Every move by this regime for five years has been coordinated to break America’s spirit, punish us into submission and create an entitlement state easily converted to an authoritarian state; in my opinion an Islamic Fascist one. But in any case the Republic and our sacred Constitution will be relegated to the trash heap of history. And our ability to achieve our highest potential will be supplanted with government’s decision on how our potential can best serve the state. This is our country; I don’t bet the odds…I take no chances.

On the bright side the wake up calls are coming with more frequency and more urgency every day from a myriad of concerned citizens and sources, 500 times more than when Obama came to power. The giant is beginning to stir with unease and displeasure. No other president in our history came to power…they were elected to serve and some excelled and some failed miserably…but only Barak Obama came to power with a promise to reward loyalty, punish opponents and transform the nation the oath of office commanded he protect; an oath he could not possibly take in good faith. Now it is time for us to respond.

I reject total transformation and fundamental change with every fiber in my being. I will pass on to my children and yours the land of opportunity as it was passed on to me or die trying.

Rely on no one other than the people. Look no further than the Constitution to resolve all issues. In all of history we have never been so moved to cling to our guns and our religions. It was Barak who used that term as a negative description of America’s natural inclination to preserve our heritage. Take it with pride for our ability to reject transformation may well hinge on our determination to do just that; cling to our guns and religion and rely on the Constitution and Bill of Rights to enable us.

Demand that Barak be removed, held accountable and dealt with accordingly. It is written.


Guido Volante, Author “Treason Among Us: Secrets of the S.E.C.”





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